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Sun/Mars/Uranus midpoint combinations (and Pholus again)

Pholus inconjunct your progressed Sun and square natal Venus is a turning point in your love life (with the risk to get hurt). In April 2011 while promoting her new book, “I'm Over All That”, Shirley MacLaine told Oprah Winfrey that she had an open relationship with her husband. in the old days. Shirley MacLaine's revelation about her former sex life (mentioning that she once ' had' three men in a day) was big news. It is not the first time that a transit of Pholus is reflecting public discussions about a person's sex life.

There have been more examples of transit Pholus with Sun related to sex in the charts of men and it is good to see that Pholus doesn't make a difference. Men and women are equal:) See her chart with more transits and progressions above.

In the natal chart she has Mars rising before the Sun, between Sun and Uranus. Mars is on the midpoint Sun/Uranus. This position in a woman's chart doesn't make it easy for her to stick to one person. Another explanation of the Sun,Mars and Uranus combination could be 'upheaval about her sex life'.

Sun/Mars/Uranus is an explosive combination, reflecting impulse and energy. An explosive nature and sudden speed or a short fuse characterize the lives of people with Sun/Mars/Uranus combinations. There is much more on Astromarkt! Use this link...

Watch this post... where you can read that Mars is the symbol of fire....and of men in the charts of women*) 

More about Pholus on Astromarkt or use the labels.

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This link goes to an article about Pholus and aspects with Pholus

*) Think of Kate Middleton with P Sun trine Mars now that she is officially sharing her life with a man).
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Chart of Pope John Paul II

The beatification of late Pope John Paul II toay, is a good reason for a look a his chart. Does his chart compare with those of other popes? And are there transits and progressions of importance right now? The answer is two times yes. But there are less indications for papacy than usual. However, the most important one is there: Jupiter-Neptune, high up in the chart and apex of a Golden Yod.

Jupiter-Neptune is the religious component in the chart, reflecting the devoted audience (see Astromarkt about Jupiter-Neptune). Both are elevated and MC/Jupiter=Neptune. There is also a connection between Jupiter and Neptune trough the Sun and Mars. Sun is biquintile Mars, quintile Jupiter and quintile Neptune. Mars is quintile Jupiter, too. In fact, there is a 'Golden Yod' and Jupiter/Neptune is the elevated apex.

ASTRO ID (special marks of the chart)

1. Sun is 'calling' (no major aspects within sign) and that is for drawing attention/performing/being a leader.

2. Mars is 'calling' (no major aspects) and angular, in the 12th house. When Mars is calling there is energy at any possible level.

3. Uranus is the planet rising before the Sun and inner planets. Such a placements is frequent in the charts of those who get rather old. He died at age 84 and was one of the longest serving popes because he started rather young, at age 58, when transit Jupiter was on his Midheaven and sextile progressed Midheaven. See

Sun, Mars and Uranus: that is the Astro ID of an impatient man who wants to make swift changes, a revolutionary pope. We all know that he was of great influence in ending the communist regime in Poland. He started with a clandestine study to become priest.

Here is the natal chart with progressions and transits for today. 

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Friday, April 29, 2011

The bride today: Kate Middleton

Yesterday I wrote about Sun/Moon and Mars-combinations and the Sun/Moon-Mars synastry between couples. Mars is often the symbol of the man in your life. I met my husband with Midheaven conjunct the midpoint Sun/Mars, for example. 

Today, April 29, 2011 Prince William marries Kate Middleton and see: there is a Mars-Sun connection. Her progressed Sun is trine progressed Mars and her Progressed Mars is also square the natal Sun. 
There is more (there always is:): Transit Jupiter is semi square natal Venus for having a party (Venus+Jupiter=more fun). And transit Pluto sextile natal Jupiter mirrors the rise in status.  The complete astrological picture is that of a woman who could now share her life (sun) with that of a man (Mars) and have great success. And there is a celebration now, too. 

For more about the charts of the wedding and the match, see Astromarkt. For more posts about the subjects of this post, see the labels. And meanwhile: enjoy the event!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sun/Moon midpoint combinations with Mars

Sun/Moon is quite often in hard aspect with Mars. Maybe also in your chart? Around midnight in the night of 29 to 30 April 2011, Sun/Moon will be conjunct Mars. Sun is in the 10th of Taurus, Moon in the 4th of Aries and right in the middle is Mars in the 22nd degree of Aries. The babies born that (mid)night have a Sun/Moon midpoint combination with Mars!

Sun/Moon midpoint uncovers your motivation. With Mercury, the symbol of the messenger, in hard aspect with Sun/Moon you are motivated to communicate or deliver messages. With Sun/Moon in hard aspect with Venus, the beautiful goddess of love, you need harmony, beauty and style to feel good. Imagine what happens when Mars is in hard aspect with Sun/Moon…Impatience, action, promotion, drives and energy are being highlighted, sometimes people with this combination actually are ‘in sports’ or activists. In the chart of a female this midpoint combination often highlights the importance of the opposite sex. Anyone with Sun/Moon/Mars-combinations wants marriage and family life to be productive and sees marriage as a sort of a joint venture. They need speed and action to feel alive. 


1.  Margareth Thatcher has Moon semi square Sun/Mars
2.  Bill Clinton has Mars square Sun/Moon
3.  Betty Friedan: Sun conjunct Moon/Mars
4.  Biker Leontien van Moorsel: Mars semi square Sun/Moon
5.  Late Theo van Gogh: Sun semi square Sun/Mars
6. Prince William: Sun/Mars semi square Moon

On Astromarkt you may read about Sun/Moon and Mars:

Motivated for production, fighting and action. The need to use energy and to work or take action. This midpoint combination hightlights drives and stimulates motivations.

In the article on Astromarkt about Sun/Moon and synastry there is a part about Sun/Moon of the male and Mars of the female in a relationship. I quote:
              Her Mars square his Sun/Moon (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)
              Her Mars square his Sun/Moon (Eva Braun and Hitler)
Sometimes a ladies’ Mars is indicating the man in her life and sometimes his Sun/Moon midpoint mirrors family life.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sun/Moon/Venus midpoint combinations

Sun/Moon is the midpoint of heart and soul, right in between Sun and Moon*). It is the midpoint of motives. What is motivating you can be seen by the aspects of Sun/Moon. If it is Mercury, being the messenger might be your motive, see:
What if it is Venus?

Venus is the symbol of grace, beauty, charm, peace, sweetness, style and diplomacy. You can imagine what happens when Venus is in hard aspect with Sun/Moon. It is the combination of the art of living, the desire to live in peace and being charming in heart and soul (because you want to be loved and probably ARE). To a Sun/Moon/Venus-person love is very important. With such a combination you are likely someone who is esthetic and maybe even an artist. Venus is a nice, sweet planet. Here only mistake is vanity and wanting clean hands. Do I have examples? Yes!

Umberto Eco: Sun conjunct Moon/Venus
Monica Lewinsky: Sun conjunct Moon/Venus
Casanova: Venus semi square Sun/Moon
Jean-Claude van Damme: Venus semi square Sun/Moon
Princess Diana: Sun square Moon/Venus
Queen Fabiola of Belgium: Sun semi square Moon/Venus

*) For more about calculating and interpreting midpoints, use this link to Astromarkt, the site with background info for this blog. In short:
The Sun/Moon midpoint is the equavalent of (Sun + Moon)/2. Of course, to calculate this you need to use the degrees of the 360 degree circle. A Sun in the 10th degree of Taurus is at 40 degrees, a Moon in the 20th degree of Libra is in the 200th degree. The midpoint Sun/Moon of this example combination is at 120 degree (zero Leo). If Venus is in the 1st degree of Taurus there is Sun/Moon square Venus. (Don't use more than 2 degrees orb). 

Of course there is more in your chart than just Sun/Moon. But it is an important midpoint, because if you do have an aspect with Sun/Moon you won't be motivated if that aspect is missing. A Sun/Moon/Venus person won't be motivated much in a dirty, untidy or ugly environment or if there is no harmony at all, for example. And perhaps you, with Sun/Moon/Venus, tend to take care that things look nice and people are polite and everybody's happy and comfortable...When you look for a job, consider that. Sun/Moon/Mercury wants to have contact, wants to talk and wants to tell people about 'it'. Sun/Moon/Venus wants to have fun or wants to see style, all depending on the situation, conditions, character, and the rest of the chart. It seems to be strange to see a man like Jean-Claude van Damme (karate movies) in the list, but his mother was a florist and he (says ADB) married 5 times. Venus (beauty and women, entertainment and being an artist) in hard aspect with Sun/Moon apparently highlights all that is in the astrological vocabulary on V of Venus. And he looks good, too!:) 'Muscles from Brussels' of course has Mars (planet of manhood and muscles) elevated...

Also see Astromarkt, for example about Sun/Moon and AC/MC midpoint combinations. There you can read this about Sun/Moon and Venus:
Motivated for esthetics, luxury or entertainment (or love). The need to have fun and loving company...
If you are more interested in Sun/Moon in synastry, go here...

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

October 21, 1844 and May 21, 2011: end of the world again

4 Riders of the Apocalyps by Duerer...

Mr. Harold Camping says that Jesus will return on May 21 this year and that should mean that the end of the world is near on October 21, 2012. He said this in 1994, too, and he was wrong. William Miller said it for October 22 1844 and the world hasn't ceased turning. His followers were so disappointed that this day (October 22, 1944) is remembered ast the Great Disappointment. Does the chart of that day show disappointment? And how about May 21? I searched and I found Uranus in the 4th of Aries in both charts. Here is the chart of the final minute of the Day of Great Disappointment with the transits for May 21, 2011.

On May 21 this year the Sun is exactly square the planet of illusions and desillusions (Neptune). That might just be coincidence, because on the day of the Great Desillusion there is no such square. There is one thing that both charts have: Uranus in the 4th degree of Aries. Apparently, when Uranus is in the 4th degree of Aries, somebody announced the end of the world. I received a mail about a man who thinks that the end is near on May 8, because (in Indian astrology) 5 positions change sign in the first 2 weeks of May. On the 8th of May Uranus is in the same position as on October 22, 1844 and May 21, 2011: in the fourth of Aries. Don't ask me why, but if you know the answer, please send your comment. 

There are a lot of theories about the end of the world. See Astropost about Exit Mundi, 2012 and the Age of Aquarius here.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sun/Moon/Mercury midpoint combinations

Sun/Moon is the midpoint of heart and soul, right in the middle of the Sun and the Moon in your chart*). The midpoint defines what is motivating you. Writers are often motivated by Mercury, the symbol of communications, the messenger. And Mercury is often connected with Sun and Moon in their charts.

Here are a few examples of midpoint combinations:

J.K. Rowling (she wrote Harry Potter): Mercury conjunct her Sun/Moon
Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland): Sun semi square Moon/Mercury
Martin Luther King: Moon semi square Sun/Mercury
Belgian author Hugo Claus: Moon semi square Sun/Mercury
Maigret: Sun square Moon/Mercury
Agatha Christie: Moon conjunct Sun/Mercury
Jean Auel: Mercury conjunct Sun/Moon

When Mercury is in hard aspect with your Sun/Moon midpoint you will be especially motivated by discussions, writing, speaking and communicating in general. When there is another combination of Sun/Moon/Mercury in your chart, you will communicate with heart and soul.


*) For more about calculating and interpreting midpoints, use this link to Astromarkt, the site with background info for this blog. In short:
The Sun/Moon midpoint is the equavalent of (Sun + Moon)/2. Of course, to calculate this you need to use the degrees of the 360 degree circle. A Sun in the 10th degree of Taurus is at 40 degrees, a Moon in the 20th degree of Libra is in the 200th degree. The midpoint Sun/Moon of this example combination is at 120 degree (zero Leo). If Mercury is in the 1st degree of Taurus there is Sun/Moon square Mercury. (Don't use more than 2 degrees orb). Now that I write this Sun/Moon is almost square Northern Node (at midnight GT). That means that motivation comes from a group of people (family, nation, tribe or community), like 'the people' or 'clients' or 'fans'. 

Also see Astromarkt, for example about Sun/Moon and AC/MC midpoint combinations. If you are more interested in Sun/Moon in synastry, go here...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Pope, the Queen, Uranus and the wedding

Today Pope Benedict blesses the world, like every spring. Here are the transits and progressions of today:

The difficult transits of last year are not completely gone yet or are being repeated. Here is the chart and you may notice:
- transit Neptune sesquisquare Progressed Sun
- Saturn will be square progressed Sun in September and from November 2011 till September 2012 Saturn will be square natal Sun. 
- transit Neptune is opposition Progressed Venus this year and was square natal Venus last year

Those are not easy transits (Saturn/Neptune and aspects related to the 6th and 8th house). This is especially so for a man of 84 on top of one of the most challenging hierarchical systems in the world. It is not that strange that he is still doing his job. I found rather a lot of people who became very old and had Uranus rising before the Sun, just like the Pope has (see chart above). He is not the only old leader. The British Queen just celebrated her 85th birthday. She was born with Uranus rising before the Sun, too, see her chart:
The transits and progressions are for the day of the wedding of her beloved grandson William (see the post about the interaction of their charts). The planet of prosperity is exactly square her progressed Sun on the April 29. She might feel just as blessed as the people on Saint Peter's Square today.

Astromarkt about the Wedding...and the couple...

Last year's post about the Pope...

And see the label 'religion'

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Transit Orcus: contracts and oaths?

Orcus motion
When transit Orcus (now in in the 2nd degree of Virgo) is conjunct, square or opposition in your Midheaven, you might have to deal with broken promises in your career or be publicly punished as a result of breaking your word. That is because Orcus is the ancient punisher of broken oaths. It sounds creepy. In modern times, I think, contracts are part of the words that are related to the astrological symbol Orcus, too. I also noticed Orcus conjunct someone's Sun and later MC in the years of a change of location (while the new house was being built). Should that be because of contracts with builders, mortgages and deals, I wonder? 

 In relationships the promise to be true forever and ever is a difficult oath to keep and when oath (or broken oaths) are part of the deal, Orcus often holds a prominent position in the (progressed) chart.  

There is still little known about the resonation of Orcus. I have written about Orcus before (see links). And here you see the ephemeris of Orcus ( At the moment Orcus is at 1.1 degree Virgo, and that is about opposition Neptune in Pisces. The next period seems to be a perfect to observe what happens in the lives of people with their Sun, Midheaven, Ascendant or prominent planet in the 2nd degree of Virgo. 

Was Orcus conjunct your Sun or Midheaven or Ascendant when there was an important matter of contracts, oaths or promises? Or did the transit of Orcus perhaps introduce a hairy, bearded giant?:) Or, and that seems to happen all the time, didn't anything happen at all?

See the Ephemeris and check it.

For more messages about Orcus, see the label!


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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Neptune and wax figures

Neptune is the symbol of what is imagination, unreal and ' just an idea', like in pictures and movies.  Wax figures appear to be real at first sight, but they are not living creatures. Nevertheless the wax figures get the attention of the public and the public gets an idea about the person in wax, who is being watched and discussed and who is not able to respond or even hear what is being said. Wax figures are part of the Neptune vocabulary. Example:

Susan Boyle's spitting image can be watched in Madame Tussauds London, since yesterday and that is with transit Neptune exactly square her Progressed Sun in 0.1 Gemini. Here is the chart of Susan Boyle with transits and progressions for now.

Neptune is the astrological symbol of 'negative', 'fake' and 'idols' and negatives are part of the process to make a picture or movie. It takes an image (in the mind) to create a picture. But what if the image doesn't do you right? 
(It seems that Robert Pattinson has wax figures in almost all of the Madame Tussauds and his figure is most kissed, - and that was before Justin Bieber had a wax sculpture!:)- but some think that it is not a perfect look alike...). 
With Neptune's transit confusion is 'in the picture' (the chart). Very often Neptune's transit resonate a negative view on a person (by gossip, slander, bad press). Recently I had the opportunity to see Neptune's transit mirrored. This person had transit Neptune quindecile (165 d) Progressed Sun, close to an opposition with natal Midheaven. It is very hard to clear yourself of accusations during Neptune's transits. And even harder when the transits are accompanied by Saturn square Saturn and Uranus transit inconjunct Midheaven (rule of three). A bad hype, indeed...

It is just like with wax figures: you are being seen, kissed or mocked but it is not the real you. 

Recently Justin Bieber had a wax sculpture, too, with transit Neptune quindecile Midheaven. Here is his chart (B-rated by Astrodatabank). 

The pattern of artistic talent*) is: 

  • Moon in Libra
  • Venus in Pisces
  • Moon is square Neptune
  • Venus is sextile Neptune
  • Venus is opposition Midheaven

The confusing transits of Neptune

Sun inconjunct Neptune (like in Susan Boyle's natal chart)

About the talent in Susan Boyle's chart

Susan Boyle's Midheaven is conjunct Pholus, symbol of the turning point in a career. Pholus is also quintile Venus (a creative turning point in style). See:

Also visit: for example about Sun-Neptune (living a fantasy)

*) The pattern of artistic talent consists of aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune and Ascendant (and placements in the signs ruled by Moon, Venus and Neptune: Cancer, Libra, Taurus and Pisces). Many examples on Art&Astrology

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jayne Mansfield's chart

Jayne Mansfield was born April 19, 1933 and she died too young, after a car accident on June 29, 1967. In those 34 years she managed to marry three times, have 5 children and maintain a perfect body. For the number of divorces I 'blame' Venus conjunct Uranus, the situation/circumstances (the artistic scene) and her money.Venus-Uranus falls in love easily. She also has Sun conjunct Uranus (for being independent and finding the wrong guy) and trine Mars (out of sign, man are important), with Venus in Aries (love at first sight, fast marriage). But first of all there is Venus-Uranus, rising before the Sun and making adventures in love and special beauty the focus of her life. Venus-Uranus is quite frequently in an important position and related to the Ascendant/first house in the charts of models.
In Jayne Mansfield's chart, the feminine Cancer Ascendant is quintile Uranus and sesquisemisquare (67.d) Venus. That contributes to her appearance (special beauty - breasts are important- etc.)
natal and progressed chart

When she died, transit Mars was square natal and progressed Pluto and transit Mercury was conjunct natal and progressed Pluto. Transit Pluto is also quindecile Progressed Eris and Mars is very close to an opposition with Progressed Midheaven.Progressed Sun/Moon is conjunct progressed Chiron and trasnit Chiron is conjunct the natal midpoint Sun/Moon. Progressed Ceres is exactly conjunct the natal Ascendant and progressed Jupiter is exactly opposition natal Midheaven. 

 I like to point at Jupiter's important position opposition Midheaven. Jupiter is also ' calling' (not making major aspects). That is reflecting (relative) successes and the importance of...travelling (and horse power). 

BTW Saturn is also without any aspect in the eight house, ruling the 8th house. The 8th house is the house of life and death. Saturn is the symbol of time (untimely, late or too soon). 

And notice Moon conjunct Pallas for the female = moon pattern = pallas :)


About Venus-Uranus:

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prince Harry promoted and Venus-Jupiter

The Telegraph reports that Prince Harry has been promoted from Lieutenant to Captain last week.  This is his chart with progressions and transits.

We all know what to look for now, don't we? We look for Jupiter and Venus and Midheaven. Jupiter for the success, Venus for the joy and together they make a great party (see the label Venus-Jupiter for examples). In a short while transsit Jupiter will be opposition the progressed Sun, but last week (when he was promoted) Jupiter was opposition Venus and inconjunct Midheaven. They are playing by the book!:)

Today, now that it is has been made public and the news is in the papers, we see transit Uranus sesquisquare Midheaven. Uranus is the newsmaker of the planets. 

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ante Gotovina's Sun-Pluto

Ante Gotovina was sentenced today: 24 years in prison. See Astropost: ASTROLOGY CHART OF DOUGLAS MACARTHUR and the secret mistake in Korea:

"2. Croatia: Ante Gotovina.
He was arrested for war crimes December 8, 2005 and born October 12, 1955. During the war he had Progressed Sun square Pluto. At the time of his arrest he has Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Sun. And in his birth chart you see Sun septile Pluto. A sort of a vicious circle."

Pluto is the symbol of strategy, politics, power, influence, force and authority or authorities. With Sun - Pluto you are likely in a period of stress, challenges and danger. You will have enemies and perhaps you are (or your body is) your own enemy. For more about Sun-Pluto aspect see here:

Walter Breuning and the astrology of aging

Walter Breuning in the 7th grade
Centenarian Walter Breuning died. He was the world's oldest man. He was born in Minnesota on September 21, 1896. See the chart for noon on that day (maybe the angular positions and Ascendant would tell more, but time of birth is unknown). It is the combination that counts and it's the combination that tells us that he was a very positive and social kind of person with a helicopter view. He was not the kind of person to seek problems. The first 45 years of his life he had only harmonious progressions of the Sun (while life was hard in those days). Walter Breuning said that his recipe for getting old was taking only 2 meals a day and working as long as you can. Here is the chart.

Some of the natal positions:

  • Jupiter rises before the Sun, without making major aspects for the optimist at any possible level

  • Sun opposition Ceres refers to genes. He may have had perfect genes, but he didn't have children.

  • Uranus doesn't make any major aspect within 5 degrees if he was born after noon. In that case, Jupiter AND Uranus are 'calling'! Jupiter-Uranus is part of the picture that I see in the chart of those who become very old. The midpoint Jupiter/Uranus related to Pholus and Nodes

  • A lot trines (6) is for easy going.

  • 50% of the planets and lights in air signs is for sociability and humor

The first 30 years of his life he had very easy progressions (trines with Venus and Mars, conjunction with Mercury and sextile with Jupiter, first trine was with Pluto). Only at age 45 we see Progressed Sun conjunct Saturn. That means that he could grow and progress easily (even though there could be external events with fewer harmony). 

Together the positions indicate that he was a very moderate and calm person with a positive (helicopter) view. Jupiter-Uranus allows people to overlook things and be contemplative. That is in line with being secretary  in an office of Freemansonry until he was 99 and Progressed Sun was semi square Pholus (meaning a frustrating turning point). 

When he died there were the next transits and progressions:

T Saturn trine Pluto (the die hard combination)
T Pholus opposition Progressed Neptune
Progressed Sun trine Pholus (easy turning point)
Transit Ceres conjunct Progressed Venus (?)
Transit Mars inconjunct Progressed Jupiter 
Progressed Node square Saturn (goodbye)

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Post about Supercentenarian Besse Berry Cooper...

And here is a post about the woman who lived longer than any woman before (and after): Jeanne Calment....

Wiki about Centenarians: The article mentions factors that may contribute to reaching old age. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Astropost: The Pholus files

One year ago on Astropost: The Pholus files

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Raymond Domenech: no agreement

Domenech- by Safia Otokore (Wiki Commons)
Raymond Domenech didn't come to an agreement with the French Football Federation today. Raymond Domenech is a French coach. He was fired after the bad results of the World Championships. He has been on this blog before, because they say that he bases his teams on astrology (...oh my...with what results) and I found that 'they' mean that he composes his teams by using sunsigns and in a particular way (no Scorpio for him, for example). In the first post about him I wrote:

"Raymond Domenech, the coach of France in the EC Football 2008 was born January 24 1952 in Lyon and he is an astrologer, too. It seems he uses astrology in his work. Now that he lost, this fact is used in the media to put him down even more and to laugh about astrologers, of course. 
I don't know how much he knows about astrology. What he knows is, that he is an Aquarius and that is why he avoids Scorpios and Leos in his team. Not the finest choice, since in the Dutch team (that defeated his) Marco van Basten is a Scorpio and so is the keeper (Van der Sar)."

Let us see what kind of transits and progressions accompany the event. Astrotheme provided an hour of birth (21.00 hours) and this is the chart with a mix of nice and difficult aspects. They show that with the Moon is in aspect with Venus there is a need to agree but there is no need to come to an agreement:). Should transit Saturn inconjunct the Descendant be stronger? Here is the chart:

Next chance is January 13, 2012, with Saturn on his Ascendant. Sigh...So maybe try to make a deal before?


See news:

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oprah, Obama and Neptune

End of April, President Barack Obama will be on Oprah's couch again. There are many speculations about the involvement or influence of Oprah on Obama running for the Presidency. Speculations and gossip are part of the Neptunic vocabulary. So it is interesting to see that Oprah's natal Sun and Venus are exactly square the Neptune of Barack Obama. And Barack Obama's progressed Sun is inconjunct transit Neptune...resonating his natal Sun-Neptune square. Neptune is the symbol of idols and of the media. Two idols come together when Obama meets Oprah on television. And of course, Neptune is with them:).

It seems that such an aspect points at being charmed and disappointment later. I wonder in what way Oprah is disappointed in her political hero (or if Neptune is still standing!:) 
I know that Obama has Sun square Neptune in his natal chart and that he is being confused with the myth that has been created in the media. Not long ago he had transit Neptune opposition natal Sun and inconjunct Progressed Sun: the combination of the 'fallen angel' and disappointments for himself. Could the media circus lift him back to the clouds again? It is with transit Neptune inconjunct the Progressed Sun of the President, again. (In Oprah's Progressed chart the Sun is square Moon.  The best interpretation of Sun inconjunct Neptune is that you get rid of some wrong ideas about you.

There is a lot of Sun-Neptune info on this blog and on Astromarkt (see links) that is clear (sic...) about one thing: when Neptune is in aspect with the Sun, it means confusion and unclarity. Part of the given examples were about double lives, others about mistaken identity or being an idol/fallen angel. For some reason it is easy for Sun-Neptune to live a fantasy or live in an unreal world. Movie stars are the sort of idols and heroes related to Sun-Neptune.  Some Presidents and PM's are idols and worshipped by millions and they have a Sun-Neptune aspect, too. German Mrs. Merkel has Sun square Neptune, just like Obama. And she is in charge since November 22, 2005. Mr. Obama was the first ' black' President in the USA. Angela Merkel was the first female Chancellor of Germany. That is why both are role models, like it or not. 

Even more difficult is the Venus-Neptune adoration aspect. It is a very romantic dream, even if it is not in a love relation. When Venus meets Neptune there is a lot of confusion about desires and wishes and the hero who is supposed to realize it all...Here is Obama's chart with the transits of the day of birth of Oprah.

In Obama's chart it doesn't stop raining transits of Neptune inconjunct the progressed Sun in 2012. Neptune is strong in the last and first degrees of a sign, too...However, there is also progressed Sun trine Jupiter, in just a few months time. And that might be just too soon for election time. Best for him is to celebrate his 2012 birthday in Washington DC. That is the best astrological place to be on August 4, 2012. You see, the Solar return chart for that location has Jupiter firmly on top of the chart! And that means Success!


Sun-Neptune aspects in natal, transits and progressions on Astromarkt

For all about Obama, see the label ' Obama' ! For more about Oprah's chart in 2011:


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Donald Trump for President? About Pluto in his chart.

Donald Trump wants to be the next President, he said today. See post of  November 2010: Astropost: Donald Trump for president? About Pluto in his chart. Quote:

Trump has Uranus rising before the Sun and a 'calling' Pluto in the natal chart. The combinaton of Uranus and Pluto as eye catchers of the chart shows the radical, revolutionary and ...the politician who wants to change the world into a better place (at least: in his own eyes). When Pluto is 'calling' there is a vocation for all sorts of careers with money, values, power, influence, strategy and issues of life and death involved, at any possible level. His Pluto is square Midheaven. And in the progressed chart the combination Mercury, Saturn and Pluto (for the politician’s mind and the strategy of communications) is risig before his sun. So he might be serious and not kidding about his ambition to be the next President. 

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First shot Civil War (Mars-Eris, Neptune Pisces)

The very first shot in the American Civil War was fired at 4:30 a.m. on April 12, 1861, aimed at Fort Sumter by the Confederates. The war that followed cost the lives of about 600.000 Americans. That was 150 years ago today. This is the chart of that moment with Neptune changing sign to Aries and the Sun semi square Mars and Eris.

It has Neptune, in the very last minutes of Pisces, about to enter Aries, at Zero Aries. Chiron had recently entered Pisces. This important Neptune is rising before the Sun and Venus and on the Ascendant. Another important place is for Ceres (the roots, the genes) opposition Midheaven. In an earlier post about Pearl Harbor I pointed at Mars and Eris. In the chart of the first fire in the Civil War, Mars is square Eris, with the Sun semisquare Mars and Eris. 

The combination of Mars and Eris means war (aggression/fire with the symbol of discord). See the post about Mars and Eris and the post about Pearl Harbor.
A recent violent suicide act occured with the killer's progressed Mars square Eris and transit Mars exactly square Mars. This person was dressed like a soldier. 

Mars is conjunct Eris end of April/starting May this year and of course: there is more than one aspect between Mars and Eris every year. Like with all aspects and signs, it depends on the rest of the chart, circumstances, situations, genes and culture in what way Mars will join Eris now. 

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