Thursday, April 7, 2011

Neptune in Pisces in 1193, 1029, 866 and 702

In 1193 Neptune entered Pisces, just like Neptune did on April 4, 2011 and in 1848 (Year of the Revolts and Communist Manifesto), 1648 (Holy League against the Ottoman Empire), 1521 (Martin Luther banned and Bible translated from Latin) and 1357 (Paris revolt, end of feudal society). But what happened when Neptune changed sign from Aquarius to Pisces in 1193, 1029, 866 and 702? 

In 1193 the main events were not in Europe, but in Mexico (start of the Aztek civilization) and in the Middle East. It was the year of the death of Saladin. Saladin lead the troops against the Crusaders and won Jerusalem. When he died he was too poor to have a mausoleum (he gave away all of his money). Saladin was a well respected gentleman. Even his enemies respected him. Did his death change the world? I wonder...It was an important period in the fight between religions, and I guess that the beginning of the Aztek civilization included a religious concept. 

But now I am in 1029/1030. For the first time on March 9, 1029 and again in the first months of 1030, Neptune entered Pisces. And I don't see change in religion or revolts (except for a French King fighting his father). Romanus III invaded Syria and there are pagans in Norway who don't want to be a Christian like their King (simply put...) but that is really all there is. 

So what happened? Why is Neptune's move to Pisces suddenly not a marking stone in history? 

I tried one earlier year, 866, when Louis II beated the Saracen invaders and a Viking army captured York. Meanwhile Pope Nicholas I forbids the use of torture in prosecutions for witchcraft (very modern, this Pope. Wiki mentions: To a spiritually exhausted and politically uncertain Western Europe beset by Muslim and Norse incursions, Pope Nicholas appeared as a conscientious representative of the Roman primacy in the Church). 

So in 866 Europe was beset by incursions (Muslim and Norse). And when Neptune entered Pisces they were perhaps on their way to fight back? Later Louis II continued his efforts, with the help of allies.

It is been a rather disappointing study, I am afraid. There is little history in those days. But I tried another year: 702. There is a large scale Armenian rebellion against Muslim rules in that year. Finally, rebellion again. 

This completes my search for the events in the year of Neptune entering Pisces. A lot of the events in those years are related to battles between religions and ideologies. Perhaps history is all battle about ideologies, but in some of those years the events started a new period in convictions (like Protestantism and Communism). Neptune entering Pisces is like a ship at sea in the misty morning. Of course, I could go further back in history to see what happened around 538 or the year 64 or before Christ, but it is getting harder and harder to see the impact of an event without knowing more about the history of those days and in Asia or the Americas...There is a continuing story of revolts, civilizations and beliefs. Interesting ,but after all, we want to know 'what is in it for us', don't we? So, also visit for more about Sun-Neptune transits...follow the link:
But if you do have some news about the earlier years with Neptune in Pisces, please tell me. I'll complete the story of Neptune in Pisces later and put the articles on Astromarkt.

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