Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Donald Trump for President? About Pluto in his chart.

Donald Trump wants to be the next President, he said today. See post of  November 2010: Astropost: Donald Trump for president? About Pluto in his chart. Quote:

Trump has Uranus rising before the Sun and a 'calling' Pluto in the natal chart. The combinaton of Uranus and Pluto as eye catchers of the chart shows the radical, revolutionary and ...the politician who wants to change the world into a better place (at least: in his own eyes). When Pluto is 'calling' there is a vocation for all sorts of careers with money, values, power, influence, strategy and issues of life and death involved, at any possible level. His Pluto is square Midheaven. And in the progressed chart the combination Mercury, Saturn and Pluto (for the politician’s mind and the strategy of communications) is risig before his sun. So he might be serious and not kidding about his ambition to be the next President. 

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