Sunday, October 27, 2013

Transit Saturn, Transit Neptune, NSA and Obama

Here is the chart (natal, transits and progressions) of Barack Obama and what do you see?

Transit Saturn is square his Sun. 
Transit Saturn is in the ninth house (the house of 'abroad')
Saturn rules the 12th and is in the 12th house of secrets and the media
Sun rules the 7th house of 'them' and allies.

Perfect description of the present situation (given the circumstances). Allies like Angela Merkel are angry about the NSA spying on them. Obama said that he didn't know. Now the papers say he did ( ) Transit Saturn square Sun makes you face mistakes.

Transit Neptune inconjunct Mercury adds confusion.
Transit Neptune inconjunct his Mercury is a bad sign if you want others to believe what you say. Mistaken words, unclear statements, gossip and hiding facts work against you when Neptune comes along. Neptune is the symbol of mist, fantasy and all that is hidden and fake. It seems that those who work in or with the NSA can't stop leaking. And leakage is Neptune, the in conjunction is lack of balance and possible loss, Mercury is about KNOWING.

Is that enough to illustrate the situation? There is more if you want it. The progressed Moon conjunct cusp III, entering the 3rd house of communications, on her way to a quindecile with transit Saturn, promises worries ahead and a focus on communications. There is a lot of repairing to do in the next days and weeks.

It would be very bad if the progressed Sun didn't trine the Moon and if progressed Venus didn't square natal Moon. The moon is the symbol of popularity and Venus-Moon represents the need to be loved and all that eases feelings. Germany and the USA aren't enemies.

The NSA-revelations in a period of Saturn-Sun and Mercury-Neptune are difficult to deal with. Barack Obama is still an ally and a friend. Maybe this bad moment has a feel-good-ending, anyway? But not after a dramatic change in Angela's opinions, I guess, because transit Pluto and transit Uranus (the combination of revolutionary change, revolt and nervous stress) are making hard aspects with her Mercury.

Barack Obama and Angela Merkel ( Hamburg, 17 juli 1954 ) share an aspect (more on sharing...). Both have a difficult connection between Sun and Neptune. Being an idol and having to deal with the media isn't always easy and they both know it. They also share idealism or beliefs. Nevertheless: sharing Sun-Neptune doesn't mean everlasting sympathy. Both have a square between Sun and Neptune. This hard aspect, in the end, mirrors disappointment.

Sun and Neptune shared in aspect gives you shared ideals, dreams and faith or even a shared idol! But with hard aspects you might share the same disillusions as well or this relationship is disillusive. Cooperating could work out best in an asylum or in a non-profit organization where they can help others, and each other.
Another possible combination is between enemies and with Sun in hard aspect with Neptune shared. Ideology stand between you as was the case with the murderer of director Theo van Gogh who shared Sun square Neptune. 

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Scorpio's best days in 2014

It is Scorpio time! 

Those born in the astrological sign Scorpio will soon celebrate their birthday and some of them (in particular those born between November 3 and 9) start the new solar year with Saturn conjunct Sun in their solar return (birthday chart). That sounds harder than it is. You need at least 3 indications for important changes and I experienced Saturn conjunct my Sun as a beneficial kick (and I won't tell you where, but it is part of the Scorpio symbols).  I was confronted with the end of a period in life and facing the facts, my age, my responsibilities. That is what Saturn does and it isn't always easy to say goodbye, especially when people are involved. I almost forgot to mention that my social position improved as a result of the hard times reflected by Saturn, because of the kick... but I agree that that was much later. Saturn ends and Saturn stops and sometimes it is better that way. If you want to know more about transit Saturn, click the label or here and you get a few examples, or click here for transit Saturn and the Sun.

There is more on Scorpio in 2014 on Astromarkt

As Jupiter is in a trine with Scorpio, those born between November 8 and 22 may need some rest in this time of ups and downs. They could try to get some in the days that Venus is on the side of Scorpio. 

Good times for Scorpio: 
-  in March 2014 (after the 6th),
-  from July 18 till August 11 and 
- from October 24 till November 17 2014. 
- Also, the December 2014 days could be fun. 

But the best thing for most Scorpios is that Saturn is leaving their sign in 2015, right from the start. Often, when Saturn  leaves a sign or a house, it is with giving a present (a bit like Santa or Sinterklaas). You were worried, you did the best you could, you were brave and in the end you get some candy:) or a real present. It is always afterwards.

Jupiter helps, always, and sooner, especially those who celebrate their birthday on November 11, 12 or 13, with Sun trine Jupiter in their birthday chart. Jupiter is the planet of the international traveler, the successful person, the succeeding student and the arrogant know-it-all or cheating winner. The last two are, of course, never born under Scorpio!:) All those who celebrate their birthday between November 2 and November 22 and is planning a big trip: do it in 2014. It is a perfect year, especially in the first half. Later in 2014 Jupiter might overdo it a bit. 

Were you born between November 15 and 22, than you have to wait for a second round of Jupiter, starting in 2015 in July. But the person born around November 8 gets several chances to sail away to the end of the rainbow, because Jupiter hits his natal Sun several times. 

Lucky times in the second half of 2014 for Scorpio's aged between 30 and 60 because Jupiter makes life better, somehow. 

Of course, your own individual chart would give much more insight in how the astrological weather is in 2014. But, apart from the fact that the serious side of life is demanding attention, there is a positive tendency 
for most of you, Scorpio, in 2014.

Please remember that a sun sign is not a person and vice versa. Also think of your progressed Sun sign. Add as many days as your age to the date of your birth and you know what sign that is. Hillary Clinton, for example, is 66 years old. October 26 + 66 days is December 31, around the 10th degree of Capricorn. Her solar return chart has (transit) Uranus and Pluto in a hard aspect with her Progressed Sun. That means a hectic time, nervous stress and change in the way that her life goes on. These transits were there all the way in 2013 already, right now they have a special meaning. Whatever she intents to do, it there might be unexpected problems or umm...challenges. Like bears on the road. It depends on where YOU are, how to deal with that...:)

There are a lot of post about Scorpio here... The latest is in Scorpio's defense

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Scorpio's defense

In defense of the sign that is most unwanted in China, here is something about Scorpio, the sign of the brave defenders. Raymond Domenech uses to avoid Scorpio's in his team and that is a pity.  Every sign contributes to the whole of the circle and the circle wouldn't be complete without Scorpio. We need Scorpio to investigate, defend and challenge, like we need Libra for the perfect (lack of) balance and making choices. Virgo is sharp in details and good at seeing the faults and mistakes. Scorpio is sharp at larger scale, vigilant. The stick of the pointing finger nail of Virgo is nothing compared to the sharpness of the eagle or the venom that can be produced by Scorpio. That is why Scorpio is not the most beloved sign:). But what if they use their influence and strength to protect you...

 I wrote about Scorpio before (see that post), but now that it is Scorpio time, let me tell you something about the good things of Scorpio. We need Scorpio to stand firm, to offer resistance. The sign Scorpio is for being strong, vigilant, protective and strong willed. It depends on you how nice you find that! But that is just telling you about the SIGN Scorpio.
This is the portrait of the body guard of a Sheikh of Borneo
A person is not a sign. So, you don't have to take Scorpio pure and for 100%. Most of the time Scorpio's have the Moon and a Sun/Moon midpoint in one of the other signs. Those who were born under Scorpio may have a nice and sweet Ascendant, to ease the intensity and make you feel comfortable. The Sun may have major or minor aspects, too. Some Scorpio's are even stronger than the average 100% Scorpio is supposed to be! And some of them are self destructive. But, as Scorpio (in general) lives longer, they can't ALL be like that. Scorpio lives longer (really, see: ), but not all of them, I'm afraid.

Here is the post on the chart, life and death of Princess Gracia of Monaco (Grace Kelly, the movie star):  The combination of Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon made her mysterious...

Another woman with Sun Scorpio on this blog is Valerie Jarrett:

Or read about Marie Antoinette and her Louis (she a Scorpio Sun, he a Scorpio Moon):

And last but not least: Hilary Clinton has a 'calling' Sun in Scorpio. See the post on the leadership in her chart: With Sun in Scorpio quintile Saturn she has a combination for the die hard and for a creative lasting strategy.

Scorpio is not the warrior, like Mars is, but the defender; not the musles but the force; not fast but strong and sometimes both. See the post on Sem Schilt (Sun and Moon in Scorpio, K1 fighter).

Sometimes Scorpio doesn't fight at all, like Prince Charles (born November 14) or Bill Gates or Pablo Picasso. I can show you the chart of Scorpio Billy Graham, too. If that is not enough, try and Google 'Astropost' and the name of the Scorpio of your choice. Maybe there is a post about that chart, maybe not, so why not ask.

Just like in any sign there are criminals born under Scorpio. I have a few examples for you:
Charles Manson:
Marc Dutroux:

See all posts on Scorpio: including Saturn in Scorpio. Maybe when you have read all posts and all books on Scorpio, you will know what it means.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The healing that you need with Chiron

If you are a hypochondriac, skip this post. It is about Chiron as ONE OF THE indications for ailments in a chart. I use capitals, because it always takes more than one indication and because genes, gender, age and social circumstances make such a big difference.

I used not to be interested too much in Chiron. That is strange, because I implemented Pholus and Ceres asap. Perhaps, it is just that there is something about this interpretation of Chiron - healer - that raises my eye brows. If there is healing, there must be something wrong or sick. Painful realizations is another interpretation of Chiron, one that seems more in line with what happens. This pain can also happen on a physical level. As I said, I just recently started to wonder about Chiron. This is what I found up to now. I look at Chiron now that my progressed Sun is sextile Chiron.

1. Chiron is the planet of ailments, I said in an earlier post, re my personal transit Chiron-Ascendant experience.
2. In another post, transit Chiron was part of a complexed composition of progressions and transits in the chart of someone who suffered from cardiac issues (she recovered, by the way):
3. I noticed Sun square Chiron (orb less than 1 degree) in the chart of Dutch Prince Bernhard (born December 25 1969). He has a delicate health and is fighting his illness right now.
4. One of my family members (blood related) has Sun inconjunct Chiron (tightly) and she fights illnesses from TBC to cancer and muscular dystrophia. She is also trying to heal herself or ease the pain by means of alternative treatments, not because it is her choice (well, not always), but also because her ailments and age don't allow more conservative treatments.
5. A sad situation in the family of my husband drew my attention back to Chiron again, last month. His natal chart has Sun and Moon exactly square Chiron. He heard that he is a terminal patient, just before he was about to leave for a holiday. It is not just painful realization. He is pain.
6. A sixth example is that of my own late sister who could have celebrated her 60th birthday today if she hadn't died in January 2003. She had metastasis of invasive breast cancer and died within 4 months after becoming aware of that. It is breast cancer month. It is her birthday today.*)

Of course, I don't have ALL of the charts of those who were born on the same days and I don't have ALL of the charts of people fighting long term ailments. So I don't know if Chiron ALLways accompanies health issues this way and I don't know if it  is a necessity that Chiron is either calling in 6 or in a tight and hard aspect with the Sun. It is in the above charts, without any doubt, however. Why? Why relate this to 'healing'? Healing is impossible for the numbers 4 and 5 and number 6 died.

 I think that Chiron is about ailments, illnesses and the need of someone easing or stopping the pain. Chiron is the doctor. Chirion doesn't 'say' what happens next. Apparently you don't have to die when a serious ailment or disease comes your way. I have Sun conjunct Chiron (orb 4d) and I live.

You know that I use to end posts telling you that it takes more (and better: 3) indications in the same direction (like illnesses) and that genes, gender, situation and condition or age can't be left out when you read charts. This is about just ONE aspect: Sun afflicting or conjunct Chiron or Chiron NA in 6, that I happened to see in these few charts of people who have or had to deal with a fragile health.


Who is Chiron in the myths? A teacher and astrologer, too...

See the examples (use the label Chiron or illnesses).

*) Her solar return for the year of death had Saturn on Ascendant and Chiron exactly square Mars and trine natal ruler 1 (the Moon). Chiron was in her natal 6th house, 'calling' (NA) and quindecile her natal Ascendant.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fitness with Schwarzenegger

They say that Arnold Schwarzenegger practices fitness by means of sexual activity at least 5 times a day, with different women. Can we see that in the chart, considering that he is wealthy, that women love to be with him and that he CAN? Does his chart support this?
Well, here is the chart and something about the sex in it.

First of all, there is the first outer planets rising before the Sun: MARS AND URANUS. Mars gives energy, drive and muscles. That is what it takes, together with Uranus (Mars is conjunct Uranus) for excitement, a hot temper and acceleration. It is not the kind of aspects for yoga sex, I mean. Also, Mars is the ancient ruler of the house of sex (8) and Uranus is his natal ruler 8!
(Does it matter that Mars and Uranus are in 12, I wonder?)

Then we have Jupiter in V. That increases the number of kids and the number of lovers, if you CAN and if the culture permits it. The fifth house is the house of the opposite sex and Jupiter is very tolerant and very umm... let us say permissive. It is a Scorpio Jupiter and that counts!

Sun semi square Mars is also part of the deal. I AM A MAN, yes I am and I can't help I love you, not! And how about that 'calling' Venus in the first house? He is charming!

There is a difference between Schwarzenegger and attractive movie stars I mentioned before: no Virgo. Food for thought!:)


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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Neptune and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

There is a lot of media (Neptune) attention (Sun) for the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann right now. It is still a mystery what happened to the little girl. Mysteries are often accompanied by transits and progressions of Neptune. In this case there is a lot of Neptune and that is confusing. Neptune is the god of the sea who loved to make it uneasy by means of storm and mist! In the mist, spotlights may be blinding. What happened to Madeleine? It must me horrific for the family not to know the answer and never to be able to end the search. Let us hope that the attention for the case provides an answer.

You know Neptune? Neptune is the symbol of all that disappears, is fake, immaterial, fantasy, mystery, dream, beliefs and media/mediums. It means that whenever Neptune appears, there is a mist. It is like watching a movie or television: you sort of imagine yourself to be part of the play, but you are not. With Neptune, you can never be sure. Rumors: it is one of the words in the astrological vocabulary under the N of Neptune! So is gossip and bad press. Is there anything Nice about Neptune? Not much, except for romance, sweet dreams and illusions or visions that help create art. That is why Neptune is part of the astrological pattern of artistic talent that I found in so many charts of artists (see Art&Astrology). Neptune is not fit for daily life and sometimes unreal. What you see may not be what you get. When dreams turn into nightmares, a tricky Neptune may be confusing those around you and... you.

Neptune is abundantly present in the charts of Maddie and her father. Her mother's day of birth is not known. Perhaps there is a lot of Neptune in her chart, natal, transits and progressions, too. As you may see in the links, there are more of such cases with Neptune and/or intense synastry. The lives of parents, family members, partners, friends and those involved in the case are of course changed or influenced by such a case and media circus. This shows in the related aspects.

See how many times Neptune pops up:

A. Maddie McCann (born May 12, 2003 in Leicester, time unknown; disappearance May 3, 2007)
There is at least 4 times Neptune. See the links below and you will find a 5th.

1. Now: transit Neptune square Progressed Sun
2. Then: transit Neptune square Natal Sun
3. Her Neptune is trine her father's natal Sun

B.  Father (born June 5, 1968 in Glasgow, Scotland at 7:45 a.m.)
1. His Sun is quatronovile Neptune in the natal chart
2. When his daughter vanished, he had transit Neptune inconjunct Progressed Sun
3. Right now his Progressed Ascendant is square natal Neptune

C. Synastry
Her Pluto is opposition his Sun.
Her Neptune is trine his Sun.
Her Progressed Sun was opposition his natal Neptune in 2007(when she disappeared)

There are a number of transits and progressions that relate people in a case (see the link and the quotes). When Madeleine McCann vanished with transit Neptune square Sun, her father had transit Neptune inconjunct Progressed Sun. Her progressed Sun was opposition his Neptune.

Unclarity and suspicion is part of the deal when Neptune is around. HER disappearance (Neptune) turned him into a suspect (Neptune). Right now there is media(Neptune)attention(Sun) for Madeleine again. Progressed Ascendant of Gerry McCann is square Neptune. There is a negative tendency coming with Neptune and sometimes Neptune means a bad press.

Neptune: you can see it coming. But what is it? And when will we know?

Here are some of the charts:

The pictures are clearer when you click for the larger picture...

On Sun-Neptune aspects, read my site Astromarkt:

In one of the posts about the case, there is also Neptune...
Today the Portugese police closed the case of the missing Madeleine McCann. I don't know the time of birth of Maddy McCann, so this chart is for 12 noon on the day that she was born. In that chart Neptune was retrograding, but...Neptune started going direct after the year that she vanished. In 2007 Neptune was stationary. Right now, in this year, Neptune returned to the place of birth. 
Neptune symbolises among others: mist, mysteries and up.
No, he didn't, even though he had rather suspicious aspects/synastry aspects (well, he WAS a suspect).  They said that DNA of Madeleine was found in his house (which doesn't seem to be true after  all). He has been compensated by the tabloids for the accusations and is not a suspect any more now.
One day a so called killer shows up: John Mark Karr (11th December 1964 in Hamilton), a man with Mars partile conjunct Pluto. He and the victim share the aspect of Mars and Pluto. His Uranus is inconjunct her Moon (zero orb). His Venus trines hers. His Mars trines hers. He could have done it and so he was arrested. John Mark Karr has the same connection between Sun, Mars and Uranus as John Ramsey. But...his DNA does not match and though the man is a pedophile, he did not seem to be the murderer and was released on October 5, 2006. Karr was just obsessed by Jonbenet... 

On the final day of her life Jonbenet had an appropiate transit of Neptune inconjunct the MC. She was missing for a few hours and her death has remained a mystery. She is sharing the Neptune-MC aspect with her father, that day. 

The baby of Lindy Chamberlain (born March 4, 1948) is supposed to have been killed by a dingo and taken away on August 17, 1980. But nobody at the time believed what the mother told them (dingo's were supposed to be nice doggies). The press was against her. In her birth chart the Sun is inconjunct Neptune.
When he confessed a murder that he never committed, a man had transit Neptune square Sun (being seen in a negative light). In the natal chart Mercury is in conflict with Neptune.

Here is the link to a documentary about a Swedish couple falsely accused of sexual exploitation of their little girls:
(I wonder how much Neptune there was in their charts!)

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Kensington Palace house warming party

Like Prince William I am fond of the music of Bon Jovi, the band with the positive sound:). Bon Jovi will play in the garden of Kensington Palace on November 26, 2013. That is when the house warming party of William and Kate takes place.  I have been there in the Orangery, with my husband and had afternoon tea with Debby, an American astrology friend and her husband. Recommended!

I have written about the talent in the chart of Jon Bon Jovi on Art&Astrology.

  • Venus in Pisces
  • Cancer Midheaven
  • Libra Ascendant
  • Moon sextile Venus and quintile Neptune
  • Venus exactly trine Midheaven
  • Moon opposition Midheaven
 That is a complete pattern.

Here is his chart for November 26, 2013. That is when Jon Bon Jovi's Ascendant is hit by nice Venus. Jon Bon Jovi's Jupiter is square Prince William's Venus. Venus-Jupiter: such a synastry is OK for a party!


What more can I say? Just listen to the music:

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dietician time with Transit Ceres-Jupiter inconjunct

This afternoon I see a dietician for the second time in my life. The first time was when I was far too skinny at age 18. I had to eat two more slices of bread, but I couldn't. Instead, I used not to eat one day per week (just an orange and a glass of milk)! I was 33 when I quit smoking and gained 12 kilograms. Well, I  am bit older now and if I am not careful I will reach a fatal BMI point.

I already wrote about Ceres-Jupiter and too much food. Today I have - exactly!-  transit Ceres inconjunct Progressed Midheaven. Transit Jupiter was there (inconjunct P MC) last week. The perfect combination for a diet and thinking about a balance (inconjunct)! Also, transit Jupiter is spot on square my ruler 1 in the sign of the balance (Neptune in Libra)! So maybe I have too many illusions about the effect of it. I read here that it might also be the case, that I (I???) make a false promise. Like eating less and moving more, perhaps?

Anyway, it is Ceres-Jupiter, when you need advice (Jupiter) on nutrition (Ceres).


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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Saturn inconjunct Uranus shut down

Saturn inconjunct Uranus is one of the aspects in the chart of President Obama. Today Saturn is inconjunct Uranus, too, now that the President's budget plans have been completely blocked by the Republicans. Blocked (Saturn) by Republicans (Uranus), is that what it means?:) Probably.

I mentioned the 'calling' Uranus of John Boehner and overlooked the 'calling' Uranus in the chart of the President. Now I see an interesting confrontation between two rather stubborn characters, working on either side of the political spectrum.

Saturn inconjunct Uranus issues barriers on the way to independence and freedom. Saturn-Uranus often appears in the charts of people who were either locked up or locking up others. Use the label Saturn-uranus for the examples and see Astromarkt.

Can we see the shut down as a Saturn-Uranus conflict? The Uranus of Obama is square the Sun of Boehner. Transit Uranus is sesquisquare the Sun of Boehner now. The midpoint of transit Saturn/Uranus is opposition the Saturn of Obama now. Transit Uranus is sesquisquare his natal Uranus. And the quincunx between Saturn and Uranus (mundane) repeats the natal inconjunct. I think that this republican blockade mirrors Saturn-Uranus.


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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Difficult Barack Obama - John Boehner synastry

I just wrote about the charts of Barack Obama and John Boehner today (shut down day).
Above is the chart of Obama (click for larger view) with the natal positions of John Boehner to study their synastry. 

Their sun signs don't match (Leo vs Scorpio) and the Uranus of the President is square the natal Sun of the Republican speaker. Let us think about sun-uranus synastry...
If they were lovers, there would be an Aurora-effect, but they are not. Uranus can be very exciting AND alarming in a relationship. With Uranus there is often a certain distance or later alienation, interrupted partnership and the risk of controversy, even when people love each other. When they are political enemies, and they are!, Uranus won't exactly help to come to agreements.
Boehner's 'calling Uranus' makes him a man who wants to stir things up. Right now he has a frustrating moment to do so (transit Uranus sesquisquare Sun). The man who challenges him is the man whose Uranus is square his Sun: a man who is so much different than him.
I know a person whose Uranus is exactly square my Sun and Midheaven. All Uranus' issues join the party: alienation, flashlight relationship, differences, friendship, independence (I see her as a symbol of it) and unpredictability (now I see her, then I don't). She always knows how to surprise and shock me. We live in different kind of worlds and meet on the edges:). It is a sort of an exciting meeting between aliens sometimes. Perhaps that is what we like to experience:) but not always...
If we would have to deal with a nations' problems, I think that we would disagree too much...
There is a more complicating aspect between Obama and Boehner. That is the Pluto of the Republican exactly opposition the Ascendant of the President. That is like seeing the power, strength, influence, force and strategy of Boehner on Obama's horizon. Pluto impresses, angers, challenges, pressure and influences. It is the recipe for an intense and dramatic relationship. Pluto-Ascendant is a stressy thing to deal with!

For the sake of a compromise it would be better to find others to discuss the nation's budget. Because Nerves and stress define the synastry (relationship charts) of Obama and Boehner 

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John Boehner's chart at shut down

The Republican speaker John Boehner doesn't have a known hour of birth, but it is obvious that the shutdown is exciting, making him nervous and that this moment in history is going to change his CV.  Uranus is a perfect symbol to show such a moment.  Transit Uranus is for tension.
Transit Uranus is now in the 11th degree of Aries. That is 135 degrees from his Sun in Scorpio (26th degree), a sesquisquare. Transits of Uranus are amazing and perhaps he amazes himself, his party and the nation right now. Uranus is 'calling' in his chart. Quoting my site Astromarkt:


Uranus is seeking for sensation, new items and news. That is why the unaspected Uranus will likely be driven to gadgets, the latest findings, technology, inventions and Journalists, inventors, engineers, computer freaks and technocrats are among those with an unaspected Uranus. Sometimes it is the signature of the outsider or rebel. You just need to stir things up and cause a scene when Uranus calls you to change atmospheres.

The combination of the Scorpio Sun and Moon in Libra makes me think of money issues and a state's budget is a big money issue. Venus biquintile Pluto mirrors the creative way to earn money.

Here is the X-rated chart with transits and progressions. Watch the Progressed Sun changing sign, reflecting a period of changing life style! Also, in the past year the Uranus-Pluto square hit his progressed Mars. That is a combination for the opposition...

Also visit: about unaspected planets and missing elements

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Obama's chart at shutdown

USA Sagittarius rising, transits and progressions of today
Charts of leaders often reflect a nation's status. That is true for Barack Obama, now the government 'shut down'. It is transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Sun time for Obama and for the nation. Neptune confuses and is the symbol of ideology, beliefs and ideals. Inconjuncts mirror the loss (or loss of balance), a sliding horizon and giving up. I wrote about this aspect of deception in 'Heroes, angels and Sun inconjunct Neptune' in 2009. There is a lot of Sun-Neptune in Obama's chart, transits and progressions.

Natal, transits and progressions of Obama today
1. His natal Sun is square Neptune (just like in the chart of Angela Merkel). He is an idol.
2. His Neptune is inconjunct the natal Sun of John F Kennedy, his idol
3. Because of the fact that people expected an awful lot of their idol, he is likely to disappoint many. This happened before during Neptune's transits with his Sun. There was an inconjunct between Neptune and natal Sun mid 2010.
4. Right now transit Neptune inconjunct Sun doesn't only disappoint him. It has an effect on his ideal of Obamacare. And what happens next? Neptune creates mist.
5. Huffington Post reports about drinking and 'smelling it'. Neptune is the symbol of alcohol!

Today it is Mercury square Mercury day for Obama and that means a lot of talking and thinking to do. Meanwhile there is a 17x a lot of zero's debt and transit Pluto is about to enter the USA Sagittarius rising's second house. Transit Saturn will be square Obama's Sun, later. Hard times and this inconjunct of Neptune, ruler of the President's second house, won't help much to lift the fallen angel. Here are the charts.
Progressed chart and transits of Obama today


The progressed chart of the USA (Sagittarius rising) has Venus opposition Midheaven now, maybe mirroring the chance of peace with Iran.


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On boozing congressmen: Congressmen Still Boozing As Government Shuts Down 

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