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The controversial transit Uranus of Betancourt

Jupiter inconjunct Pluto reflects the disproportional price to pay (Pluto) for success (Jupiter) and the danger (Pluto) of confidence (Jupiter). This inconjunction is a symbol of success, but... Read about the aspect with the meaning of 'but...' in the post about inconjunctions. Jupiter inconjunct Pluto is in the natal chart of Ingrid Betancourt. And it is activated now that transit Pluto is conjunct her natal Sun and transit Jupiter is square Ascendant.

Ingrid Betancourt payed the price after she went to a dangerous place in spite of advices. She was there together with other prisoners of FARC, like her friend Carla. Carla is no longer her friend now and neither are other co-prisoners, like for example the Americans who wrote a book about their period in the jungle. They say that Ingrid Betancourt behaved like a queen. How else can one behave with Moon in Leo?:) On I write about Moon in Leo:

"Those with Moon in Leo have a sense for status and sometimes they walk around showing off where there in fact is nothing to be shown but fake. It is a position for pretensions. They just have a need to draw attention and look royal (dressed up with 'jewels', 'furs' etc.).
Evita Perron, Margareth Thatcher, Nancy Reagan, Raisa Gorbatsjov and Queen Elisabeth have such a moon in their chart."

So perhaps they experienced her behaviour like that. More serious is the accusation that she endangered the lives of the Americans by saying that they could be FBI-agents. As to be expected with transit Jupiter aspecting the Ascendant, there is support too, and it is coming from other captives.

This controversy goes with a transit of Uranus semi square her natal Midheaven and the negative review of the past is reflected by the inconjunction of transit Neptune with her progressed IC. The press and the papers are reflected by Uranus and Neptune. See the news in Euronews

Learn more about the basics of astrology (sunsigns, moonsigns, ascendant...) on my site Astromarkt:

About the crucial importance of spirituality
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Moon-Pluto in the charts of Homolka and Bernardo (Ken and Barbie)

They had a nice nick name but were not nice at all: Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo. They were a good looking couple that murdered young girls for pleasure. Karla even poisoned her own sister wit Halcion (and said the fact that she died was an accident). The intention was to present her sister as a gift to her lover.
What kind of charts do the Ken and Barbie murderers have? In short: they shared Moon-Pluto and Venus-Mars.

Karla HomolkaKarla Homolka was born 4 May 1970 in Mississauga, Canada. She has the combination of dramatic change (often an arrest), Uranus and Pluto, on top of her chart. Jupiter on Midheaven represents progress and prosperity in a degree that Janduz interpreted as a degree of ‘lack of judgement’.

Paul BernardoSee the interview on You Tube

Paul Bernardo was born 27 Augustus 1964 at 8:51 in Toronto. Passion comes first in his chart. And as there are no placements in air signs sometimes you just cannot reason with this man*) He has Venus trine Neptune, Neptune on Asc/MC. It is easy for a man with Venus trine Neptune to seduce women and Neptune’s crucial position refers to art or fantasy as an important issue. Another observation to make is the Moon sesquisquare Pluto.

There is a tight inconjunction of the angular Moon and Pluto in the chart of Karla Homolka. Her partner has Moon sesquisquare Pluto. Both have an aspect between Moon and Pluto. Sharing Moon-Pluto aspects in a relationship means (see Astromarkt):

Moon in aspect with Pluto shared, is a challenge for daily life. Two little tyrants wanting to have it their way, to eat their favorite food! But they are a closed front when in trouble. A bit like the Bundies! If one of the two has a soft and easy aspect for this person it is a lot easier to have it his or her way then for the one with the hard aspect. The result of that is that the other person shows a lot of anger.

So they shared intense needs (reflected by Moon-Pluto) and in Karla’s chart there is a disproportional price to pay for the experience.

In Dutch astrologer Martin Boot’s book ‘Van Ram tot Vissen’ the inconjunction of Moon and Pluto is referred to as ‘seeing submission as a a way to express love’. Moon rules the 7th house of partners, Pluto rules Midheaven (position in life). The tightest aspect in her chart shows what probably will be the most intense experience in her life. The Moon inconjunct Pluto also shows the disproportional intensity of her needs. Her Moon is 112.5 degrees (square + half semi square) from the Ascendant, reflecting the chance of to be considered abnormal behaviour.

There is another thing they shared: Venus conjunct Mars (passion). Now we already see a pattern of extreme passionate needs. It drove them to crime. Notice that the Moon is in Aries and that is rather selfish sign (me first! My needs are the most important of them all), of course in particular when there are afflictions and when the Moon is in bad aspect with the Ascendant (for difficulties in ‘behaving’). The Moon symbolizes psychological effects. The outside world (Ascendant) did not accept (affliction) this kind of behaviour (Moon) in the end.

They found each other because they had the same kind of needs. Their Moons are in Aries (conjunction within 3 degrees) and both afflicted by Pluto.

I think this Moon-Pluto connection between the two and in his chart is of vital importance.
The intensity of their needs together with the passion they had, the submission of Karla and the talent to ‘romance’ women of Paul lead to a dangerous combination. He sort of made her his slave and his influence on her life is reflected by his Pluto trine her Sun.

When he started to beat her up (his Mars-Uranus septile, his Uranus square her Mars), she turned him in. Her Uranus and Pluto on top are on either side of his Ascendant and so she dramatically changed his circumstances and her own position.

Their victims were born 1 July 1976 and 10 May 1976.

The first victim has Sun semi square Mars and square Pluto with Saturn square Mars/Pluto, reflecting the theme of unnatural death. She also had Venus square Pluto.

The second one had Mars conjunct Saturn and biquintile Pluto with Venus inconjunct Pluto. Perhaps they were taking (sexual) risks that caused their early death. Of course, not everybody with these kind of aspects suffers the same death. But it is strange that both victims had these aspects.

Paul Bernardo has Sun in 12 opposition Saturn. More than once a twelfth house position of Sun or Saturn with an affliction between the two (and Uranus related to it) refers to imprisionment of any kind.

*) see Astromarkt, conspicuous in absence: on not aspected planets and missing elements.

….More about Mars-Pluto and Venus-Pluto on


Chart of Commandeur Dustin Hoffman

Jupiter and Pluto are the planets that refer to success as they combine growth or prosperity and money or influence. With Jupiter and Pluto prominent in your chart, success is almost inevitable. Dustin Hoffman has Jupiter exactly on the Ascendant and Pluto (ruler Midheaven) is rising before his Sun and is not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign. Also see the indications for fame in the midpoint combinations in his natal chart (scroll down): there are many.

Yesterday Dustin Hoffman was mentioned in the newspapers because he had a specific success. The midpoint Jupiter/Pluto is conjunct his Sun, semi square the Northern Node and opposition Ascendant in the progressed chart right now, and transit Venus square progressed Midheaven now that he was awarded by the French. Venus-Midheaven is often reflecting a moment when a wish comes true. He is now 'Commandeur de l'Ordre de l'Art et des Lettres'. See for the pictures... Jupiter/Pluto opposition Progressed Ascendant is a midpoint yod pointing at the Ascendant (symbol of circumstances, presentations and ...the name). He can now add 'Commandeur' to his name.

On my blog Art&Astrology I show the astrological pattern of artistic talents in the charts of dozens of artists. This pattern relates Moon, Venus, Neptune and Midheaven and often one of those are in the signs ruled by Moon, Venus and Neptune. These signs are Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Pisces.

In the chart of Dustin Hoffman, Venus is in Cancer. The pattern is as follows:

Venus in Cancer, ruled by Moon
Venus quintile Moon
Moon conjunct Neptune
Venus quintile Nepune
Venus trine MC
Venus in aspect with Sun/Moon
Moon releated to ASC/MC

Mercury, dispositor of 'Lettres' and symbol of the messenger (using the voice or the pen) rules the fifth house of games, plays and (pro-)creativity and is final dispositor of the Midheaven. The Moon and Neptune are trine Jupiter (sensitivity harmoniously linked to success and popularity going together with art; having a lot of fans).
I also like to point at the position of Pallas, on the Ascendant. Pallas, symbol of patterns, is often angular in the charts of artists.

BTW The quintile aspect has the meaning of 'creativily linked to'. So Venus quintile Neptune says that talents are creativily linked to empathy, arts and ...movies. Neptune symbolizes the world of the amorph and the movies are part of that world.


Wikipedia tells in all languages about the period right after his study (1957/1958) when he had several ‘odd’ jobs (like coat checking in a restaurant). That was when he had the progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn. That is a statement of having a period of disproportional disadvantages and bad luck. Notice that Venus is tightly square Saturn in his chart, so that there were certain obstacles to overcome.


He married twice. In the chart of a male the indications for not marrying or a divorce (or more) are afflictions of the Moon and/or Venus with Neptune (for the romantic touch) and afflictions of Moon with Saturn or Mars with Uranus. Dustin Hoffman has almost all of them! Moon conjunct Neptune and quindecile Saturn. Mars is quindecile Uranus. Venus is quintile Neptune and that is not supposed to be a difficult aspect, but I think that creative romance in the movies CAN be a challenging thing for a marriage sometimes.

In general, hard aspects between the first and seventh house are reflecting difficulties in cooperation, like in marriage. There is a quindecile between ruler one and seven. Moon ruler 7 trine Jupiter in the first house prohibited that he should not marry at all. It is a strong aspect that promises happiness (prosperous family life). He has six children.

In his natal chart the Sun is 67.5 degrees (semi square + half semi square) Jupiter/Pluto. Other indications for his world wide recognisition are: Moon semi square Sun/Jupiter and 157.5 Venus/JUpiter, opposition Jupiter/Uranus. Mercury 67.5 Jupiter/Neptune (= success in telling tales) and Moon/Jupiter, square ASC/MC (for the crucial impact of communications). Venus is 157.5 degrees from ASC/MC (for talent), related to Jupiter/Neptune (for the fans and followers) and also to Jupiter/Midheaven (for success). Jupiter is 112.5 degrees from Sun/MC and sesquisquare Venus/MC, 157.5 Venus/Neptune (for success - Jupiter - in art -Venus+Neptune). Neptune is semisquare Sun/Jupiter and conjunct Pluto/Midheaven (art goes together with authority).

Pluto is sesquisquare Jupiter/MC and ASC/MC...this again means that he is a great authority in his field.
See the labels for more specific information....


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chart of Darwin and transit Neptune

Exactly this year, now that the world is celebrating that it was 200 years ago that he was born, Neptune is making hard aspects with the natal Sun and Midheaven of Charles Darwin. The negative light has already been shining in the publicatons about a poll in my country. The results, according to the press, was that 19% of the Dutch don't believe in the theory of evolution and 22% believes in design by a God. Interesting, so, that still 72% of all interviewed persons says to believe in the theory of evolution. That is a large majority. The reports in the papers however mention the non-believers only. That is reflected by Neptune.

Mercury trine Uranus is the tightest aspect in the chart of Darwin. It means that he is a 'free thinker' or a person with an independent mind, someone to invent (Uranus) a theory (Mercury).


Turkish Boeying crashes at Schiphol

At about 10h31 (earlier, like in the link above, 10:40 was mentioned) a Turkish air plane crashed just before landing on Schiphol. There are many injuries (50 wounded) and up to now nine persons are reported dead, including 3 members of the crew. The plane has broken into pieces, but luckily there was no fire and the plane landed in a meadow instead of on the houses or on the highway. Rumours say that there was no fire because the plane crashed due to a lack of fuel (kerosine).

The moment is pictured by the next astrological keywords:

Mars half semi square Sun/Moon
Mars - Uranus; semi quintile
And an important Neptune without major aspects on top and rising before the Sun.

Strongly related to the right time and place:
Mars/Uranus square ASC
Mars 15 degrees from MC
ASC 105 degrees from Saturn

See the labels for explanations and other examples. For more information about Mars and Uranus-combinations, see Astromarkt (the link leads to an article about Mars-Uranus, with examples).


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joaquin and River Phoenix' charts

Joaquin and River Phoenix are brothers. Both have Mars rising before the Sun and afflicted by Uranus. Their charts share the issue of the hot temper, the impulsive act and the risk to be involved in an accident that you can read about on Astromarkt.

Joaquin Phoenix was with his brother River Phoenix when he died due to an overdose. On that day (31 October 1993) Mars was conjunct Pluto and square Saturn. This combination reflects deathly danger, hard political struggle and/or unnatural death causes.
The 3 planets made hard, very hard transits with his progressed chart:

Transit Mars conjunct progressed Sun
Transit Saturn square progressed Sun
Transit Pluto conjunct progressed Sun
Transit Neptune opposition progressed Saturn
Transit Uranus opposition progressed Saturn

The chart of his brother River also responded to the transits of Mars, Saturn and Pluto. They aspected his natal Mars and Saturn. The combination of Mars and Saturn means 'blocked energy'. Pluto is the planet of life and death, danger, and transformation. The combination of Mars-Saturn-Pluto with Mars-Saturn links deathly danger to blocked energy or death or to a mistake.

Transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Sun
Transit Saturn opposition natal Mars
Transit Mars opposition progressed and natal Saturn.
Transit Pluto exactly conjunct progressed ASC

River Phoenix had progressed Sun trine Saturn in the year of his death (for being respected) and also progressed Saturn conjunct natal Saturn. That is a rather rare progressed aspect that signals a hard time.
He had stopped using drugs since a few month, but on that night he took drugs and as he was not used to them any more, they were fatal. He had a heart attack and died outside a night club.
Joaquin was 19 at the time.
The transits of Mars, Saturn and Pluto with Mars, Saturn and Ascendant of River and Sun of Joaquin link the dramatic death (Mars-Saturn-Pluto) to the condition of blocked energy of River and to this all to the life and well being of Joaquin. It is a very complex but clear picture of a tragedy.

Ben Stiller and Joaquin Phoenix: Sun conjunct progressed Sun

Ben Stiller imitated Joaquin Phoenix's appearance (in the David Letterman show, 2 weeks ago) during the Oscar-night. As it happens, the progressed Sun of Joaquin is conjunct the natal Sun of Ben Stiller and square his Saturn. That is because Stiller has a Sun square Saturn in his chart. What does it mean?

To keep it simple: Joaquin Phoenix progressed Sun is conjunct Ben Stiller's natal Sun. That means that they will share the same transits for a while. The transit that they share is a minor difficult aspect with Neptune. Ben and Joaquim are linked by the media and in a frustration way.

The Sun conjunct progressed Sun of another person links your life and well being to the life of the other person. I have experienced a Sun conjunct progressed Sun with a transit of Pluto (conjunction) and this linked two lives in danger and transformation. The other person died of the same illness that I had and had that not been so, I would not have been warned and had a check up. So our lives got intwined.

They shared a moment of media (Neptune) attention (Sun). You knew that already, of course, but did you know that there was an astrological link between the two persons?

For more information about the astrology of meeting each other, sharing a period for a while or longer, see the article on my site Astromarkt.


Monday, February 23, 2009

David Boyle , Saturn and the chart of his day of birth

Often transits of Saturn force a person to face the facts, take responsibility, step back even...But sometimes Saturn comes as a blessing. That is when you worked very hard to earn it.
It happened to Danny Boyle today. Transit Saturn square Progressed Sun. And...transit Pluto square progressed Mars, for competition and winning it. Those are not easy aspects. But they come at the moment of winning an Oscar. Perhaps Jupiter or Venus was in contact with natal or progressed Midheaven, but we don't know without hour of birth.

On the day that movie director Danny Boyle was born, the Sun did not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. I name that a 'calling' Sun (a Sun that reflects a vocation to lead and draw attention). The conjunction with Neptune is just out of sign, but reflects that he lives in a imaginary or empathic world (the world of the movies). When he was a boy, he wanted to be a priest (note that Neptune is the symbol of the amorphous worlds...).
Mercury is rising before the Sun and does not make any major aspects at all. Communication is prominent in this chart. An unaspected sun is perfect for a director, because it means that he is in the center of attention. An unaspected Mercury is a good thing for people with a message.

We see Moon oppposition Neptune (for sensitivity) with Venus semi square Neptune (for artistic talent)...that is an artistic pattern like the ones in the charts of artists (on my blog Art&Astrology). There is more...Notice the combination of Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus, both ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and style! And the tight semi square between Jupiter and Uranus is telling us that a pleasant surprise and change in life would sometimes happen. And yesterday it happened to him.

Let us not forget that he has midpoint combinations for success, like Sun semi square Jupiter/Pluto, Mercury conjunct Jupiter/Neptune and 67.56 Mars/Jupiter, 22.5 Venus/Jupiter. Venus is half semi square Sun/Jupiter and square Mars/Jupiter, 22.5 Jupiter/Neptune. Here we have 7 indications and we don't even know the positions of Moon, ASC and MC!

David Boyle is the only famous person born on October 20, 1956, as far as I know. The road to fame is carved by genes, circumstances, social position, education and fortunate meetings. I find it interesting that in the year of his first awarded movie ('Shallow Grave') progressed Saturn was conjunct progressed Sun. And that the present great success goes together with Transit Saturn square Sun. Saturn sometimes gives a present and to Boyle he gives awards.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Astrology chart George Washington (born 22 February)

George Washington was born 22nd February 1732 at 10:05 LMT in Westmoreland, according to my files (but others say 10 sharp). It is a perfect birthday for a leader who will be remembered. The prominence of Sun and Venus tells us that he is a leader and a diplomat. He has a political mind and self confidence. And ambition, of course. Seven important reasons together helped him to be a president.

1. Prominence of the Sun
The Sun symbolizes leadership or at least: to draw attention. The Sun in Washington's chart does not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees, so the Sun is prominent (what I name 'calling' for a call for leadership or performance). The Sun is half semi square the midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven, confirming the crucial importance of 'being in the center of it all'.

2. Prominence of Venus
Venus symbolizes art, skill and diplomacy. Washington's Venus is in the final degree of Pisces, conjunct Aries Point. The conjunction with Saturn is a conjunction 'out of sign'. So Venus does not make Ptolemaic aspect IN sign or orb 5 degrees and that is why I name Venus 'calling' in this chart. When your Venus is calling, you are likely to be loved or liked and that is a good thing for a president in a democracy (or he would not be choosen). Choices btw are related to Venus, too.

3. Combination of confidence
The combination of minor aspects of Sun biquintile Jupiter and sesquisquare Pluto reflects great self confidence and is a sign of success.

4. Combination of enterprise (and the military)
Mars (on the descendant) is exactly semi square Jupiter for successful enterprise. Mars crucial position on an angle shows the importance of the military (energy, muscles and drives). George Washington was a successful officer in the army before he became a president.

5. Need to be in control
The Moon in Capricorn is rising before the Sun (Moon is 'oriental') and square Pluto, 75 degrees Saturn. That is the combination for a 'die hard' administrator, a strategical servant of the state with keen ambition (and the need to be in control, too:). The orientation on the Moon reflects an orientation on the nation (Moon), emotional involvement (with a group of persons).

6. Political mind (strategy)
Saturn is 112.5 degrees from Mercury/Pluto. Pluto is 135 degrees from Mercury/Saturn.The combination Mercury, Saturn, Pluto is frequent in the charts of American presidents (and in fact of politicians in general). It shows the strategic political mind (telling what they want to be known and no more). See the article about USA presidents on my site Astromarkt.

7. Pluto for politics
Pluto is exactly 112.5 dg from Sun/Moon and 157.5 dg from ASC/Midheaven. That means that he was a politician in heart and soul and that power/money/politics were of crucial importance in his life.
The midpoint ASC/MC is the exact point where meridian and horizon are crossing the place of birth. Any aspect with this cross of angles reflects what is of crucial and vital influence.
The midpoint Sun/Moon is the crosspoint of who you are and how you were raised and symbolizes will and desire. With Sun/Moon = Pluto there will be a reigning need to be in control.
The Moon is also involved in an aspect with ASC/MC. So: Sun, Moon and Pluto are related to ASC/MC. The reigning need to be in control is of crucial importance in this chart. And that is how he became a president.

Sun trine Neptune, dogs, rescues and Presley

More than once I have seen Sun trine Neptune in the charts of people who are very close to their dogs. One personal example: my grandfather had Sun trine Neptune. One night he stepped out of bed. When he got back, the dog had taken his place. He didn't mind, he took a chair!

Neptune is the symbol of empathy. The trine between Sun and Neptune had his effect in the chart of Paul Rusesabagina, born 15th June 1954. As the manager of the hotel Rwanda he saved about 1200 people (Hutu and Tutsi) out of the hands of cruel criminals during the civil war. He has Sun/Jupiter and Sun/Mars on Aries Point (symbolizing success) and Sun trine Neptune is the tightest aspect in his chart (for being idealistic or helpfull). I wrote in the post 'Mars at War':
"It seems Sun trine Neptune (empathy!) was showing the right way...". Heroic actions often are based upon empathy.

I know of another person with Sun trine Neptune in his chart. He just cannot imagine life without having a dog around. He also says that the dog helps him when he is sad and strongly feels with him.

Maybe you have your own examples of the effect of Sun trine Neptune related to animals. I have one for you: Elvis Presley. This site 'Elvis' Pets' quotes Elvis Presley saying that Dog is God spelled backwards. Isn't that a fabulous way to explain Neptune's effect, as Neptune is related to the love for animals and to religion?

READ ALSO: About the artistic talent in the chart of Elvis Presley (on my site Art&Astrology)
Reading of Elvis Presley's chart on this blog
Neptune's efffect is various. You can read about that in the posts labelled Neptune ...
There is a post about more effects of Sun-Neptune aspects, too.
Just click 'Neptune' in the labels for more information about Neptune's effect.

I mention Elvis' ex-wife Priscilla and Alicia Silverstond (a tight Sun sextile Neptune-example):
- Priscilla Presley adopts horses and is mad about dogs (see ).
She also has Sun in a tight trine with Neptune (born 24 May 1945 NY).
- Alicia Silverstone was born 4 October 1976 with a tight Sun sextile Neptune and all of her 5 dogs are rescued dogs. See
- Chris Brown has Sun trine Neptune, too (orb about 2,5 degrees). I found out that he has a pitbull called Diamond. Data: 05051989 Tappahannock.

About the astrological interaction of Chris Brown and Rihanna, see Art&Astrology



Saturday, February 21, 2009

The changes in the chart of Sir Stanford

It is not easy to have transit Pluto square Sun and your life changes the hard way. It is even more difficult when your progressed Sun changed sign. That makes two indications for life in a transformational period. It is perhaps harder when you used to be a success, rich and famous. Can life even get better? Possibly it could not. Sir Robert Allen Stanford has been caught and the charge is fraude, with transit Pluto opposition progressed Uranus and 4 transit inconjunctions with the progressed chart. Notice that transit Pluto is in aspect with Sun and progressed Uranus. The combination of Uranus and Pluto reflects a dramatic change.

In Stanford's natal chart the tightest aspect combination is Sun opposition Mars and square Uranus, the same combination as in the chart of the Japanese minister (see earlier post) who had to step back because of inappropiate behaviour. Stanford also has Mars semi square Pluto. Mars, Uranus and Pluto together often produce impatient and impulsive acts and not seldom are related to arrests and sudden and unexpected other kind of changes in life. Stanford has been arrested. For his financial problems, see Venus opposition Pluto.

For more about Venus-Pluto or Mars-Uranus, see my site Astromarkt or click the labels below.


Saint Damian, Ceres and Moon

This year the progressive sun sign of Blessed Father Damien changes sign. This is reflecting the change in 'being'. He will be a saint on October 11, 2009. Father Damien is 'blessed' since 4 June 1995 (when his progressed Sun was opposition Saturn). He was born as Jozef de Veuster on 3 January 1940 in Tremelo (Belgium) and went to Honolulu in 1863. There he took care of people with leprosy. Now he will also be the saint for those who suffer from aids.
Greatest person of Belgium/becoming a Saint
On 2 december 2005 Father Damien was proclaimed the Greatest Belgian ever. That was with Transit Saturn semi square Sun and progressed Sun sesquisquare Neptune.

In September 2007 the procedure to become a saint started. That was when transit Pluto was conjunct his progressed Sun and with progressed Sun sesquisquare Jupiter. Jupiter, Pluto and Sun together reflect success.
Ceres and the Moon are symbols of nutrition and care and that is what Father Damien did in Honolulu. Ceres and the Moon are prominent in his chart. They are rising before his natal Sun.
More info:


Shoichi Nakagawa, chart and transits

Mr. Shoichi Nakagawa, Japanese minister (see the link to Wikipedia) had to step back because he looked like drunk at a conference and because he behaved badly in the Vatican Museum. Stepping back = Saturn in the astrological vocabulary (Saturn = for taking your responsibility). And transit Saturn is now conjunct his progressed Sun. This reflects the mistake and the consequences.
In the progressed chart Uranus is conjunct Neptune, tightly, also. But how about the natal chart?
We see Sun square Saturn in the natal chart, being activated by transit right now!

By translation of light there is also Sun conjunct Uranus and Mars is conjunct Uranus and square Neptune. This month transit Uranus is inconjunct his natal Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. Uranus is the symbol of upheavel. The inconjunction reflects lost and so do the degrees of the planets. As the planets are in aspect in the natal char, any transit with them activates these aspects. And start to act..

There is another example of how natal aspects in his chart were activated by transit.When he was 30 (with Saturn's return) his father committed suicide. This also activated Sun square Saturn in the natal chart. His father had been a prominent local politician and soon after his death Mr. Nakagawa started a campaign to replace him and he succeeded in it. Saturn's return activated the Sun square Saturn aspect. And what happened in the end? It seems it had all been too much responsiblities and hard work. The effect of Sun square Saturn can be that you are too ambitious and fail (or fall). Several of the indications for this are given by Mars.

Mr. Nakagawa has a prominent Mars (rising before the Sun).Mars is conjunt Uranus, square Saturn and Neptune. This combination of Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune offers opportunities and shows risks. Saturn-Uranus (for breaking free) can also mean 'being limited in freedom' (perhaps by the protocol). Mars-Saturn is for making mistakes (acts against the low or status quo) and Mars-Neptune's affliction unfortunately often reflects mistakes, too, possibly related to drugs and alcohol, medications or simply weaknesses. Saturn conjunct Neptune is the tighest aspect of them all and related to the prominent Mars. An addiction (Neptune) that caused a bad mistake (Mars-Saturn) is one of the possible ways to demonstrate the effect of the mixture of these planets.

As he has no placements in earth signs, he will be a materialist (trying to make a career, and
he did!). Saturn is the symbol of materialism and careermaking. And this Saturn is afflicted in his chart.

Of course, the moment of birth makes a difference and shows more. But even without that information it is clear that when you are an official and Saturn is your planet because of that, it is better not to have an afflicted Saturn or if you have one, to be very cautious and almost perfect.
According to mr. Nakagawa women are ment to arrange flowers, cook and sew. He didn't mention blogging. So this is it for today:) Click on the labels to get more information about the effect of Saturn, the inconjunction or to read orther posts about politicians. BTW, he has Mercury semi square Saturn/Pluto (Mercury 75 d from Saturn and 15d from Pluto) and that combiation of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto is often present in the charts of political strategic minds.


Friday, February 20, 2009

All about Neptune

This post is the free translation of my article on Astromarkt (in Dutch) about Neptune's effect.

In an earlier Astropost I wrote about Sun trine Neptune in the charts of Mickey Rourky and Elvis Presley and how they love dogs. Hard aspects from or with Neptune often have another kind of effect (bites, rats, ants, and other kinds of vermin; leakage (watch your cellar and sewer). And when you are famous enough you might be mentioned in a tabloid and your secrets are being revealed. Neptune comes with the sense of perfume sometimes, but unfortunately Neptune also symbolizes less pleasant fragrances! And when the tears keep streaming or the bladder is weak: Neptune!

NEPtune also might dilute friendships and undermine positions or foundations. Neptune's first 3 letters are NEP and in Dutch 'nep' means 'fake'. Neptune is the great pretender. That is why Neptune is related to the movies, pictures and tricks.
Neptune is the boundless planet. Neptune is important in the chart of idealists, dreamers, addicted persons, 'rolling stones', and animal lovers. Perhaps being shy or disappointment in relating to human beings drives Sun-Neptune people into the loving 'arms' of their dogs?
Anyway, there are no limits for love when Neptune is around. Neptune IS romance. Romance can make you do anything for love's sake. Everything that goes beyond daily life and that is hidden (because revealing it can hurt you) is Neptune.

Neptune is the god of the dangerous sea, where you can get isolated, drown, get lost or disappear forever. Neptune is also related to dancing halls, alcohol and the places involved, space and closets (where you hide things). Whatever it is that you want to cover up: Neptune! Whoever you want to protect and help (even if they do not deserve it): Neptune! Neptune is important also in the charts of those who work without payment and voluntarily to help others. But of course, you can use Neptune in a more professional way, and take care of people who are ill and need to be helped.

NEptune symbolizes NEgativity, too. Your negative attitude or approach is stimulated by Neptune. Deceit and neglect is part of the vocabulary of Neptune. Drugs are Neptunic (they produce visions). All that ties you and addicts you and makes you a slave (of a person or a thing): Neptune. Romantic love is a way to become another person's slave:)
In times that you are seen in a negative light (just or unjust), there will be a transit or progression of Neptune to reflect this period.

Neptune is a great seducer and uses candlelight, perfumes and music. When there is a mutual understanding (chemistry), Neptune is around. And Í almost forgot to mention that mediums (those persons who sense it all) are symbolized by Neptune as Neptune is the symbol of spirits and spirituality (all of those things that you cannot really touch or get a grip on).
Illusions and desillusions after seeing through pink glasses are also due to the influence of Neptune.

Every environment, gender, time, place and culture has a different way to express s the influence of Neptune. Gossip, shame, sacrifice...Recently I found that two commando's who received an award for heroic actions had Mars trine Neptune (self sacrifice). See where Neptune is in your chart to see where or what you sacrificed.
When you translate 'Neptune' , try to keep in mind all of the circumstances. People aren't being sacrificed for the sake of a god any more. Scandals can be survived. And there is help for the addicted. Whenever the negative sides of Neptune show up, try to send help using the positive side of Neptune. Send compassion, listen to music, use nice fragrances, see art (Neptune is the symbol of art! See Art & Astrology...). Or perhaps you should buy a dog when you have Sun in a close sextile or trine with Neptune.

CLICK THE LABEL 'NEPTUNE' to see more about Neptune's effect in other posts of Astropost.



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gemini on Midheaven (Tom Hanks)

On Art&Astrology I wrote about the artistic pattern in the chart of Tom Hanks. Yesterday I posted an article on this blog, about Venus in mutable signs and multiple marriages (Double bodied signs). Gemini is a double bodied sign*).

Tom Hanks has Venus in Gemini on top of his chart and a Gemini Midheaven. So he is supposed to have more than one marriage (and he has). He also should have two 'look-a-like' carreers, simultaneously or one by one.

Tom Hanks is an actor. But lately he started directing. He is also an investor in electric vehicles. And a voice-over. He has two (...) Oscars. So he has more than one way to make a career. Tom Hanks' Gemini Midheaven produced multiple chances.

*) Double bodied signs (and >1 marriages)


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Multiple marriages, double bodied signs and Jupiter in 7

This Astropost is about Jupiter in the 7th house and about Venus in double bodied signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. They are seen as an indication for multiple marriages or serious relationships. I explain what a double bodied sign is and I give some famous (controlable) examples (Ira von Fürstenberg, Jacqueline and John Kennedy, Hugh Hefner, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Tina Turner, Barbara Streisand and more...).

The mutable or movable signs are double bodied signs. Two of them are related to twins or look-a-likes: Gemini (the twins) and Pisces(2 fishes). Two of them figure a human being and an animal: Virgo (maiden and bird) and Sagittarius (man and horse). I suppose we should expect a difference in the effect of these double bodied signs. Dualism (Virgo and Sagittarius) or 'two of a kind' (Gemini and Pisces), that is the difference. But there are more differences, related to the element of the sign.

Gemini is an air sign, a sign that belongs to the trine of communications, relationships and communities (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). Virgo is an earth sign, a sign that belongs to the trine of materialism, efficiency and realism (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). Sagittarius is a fire sign, a sign that belongs to the trine of energy, vitality and spirit (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). Pisces is a water sign in the trine of Cancer (emotions and memories), Scorpio (processing, continuation) and release (Pisces). Of course other words can be used in the astrological vocabulary. What difference could there be between having Venus in Gemini or Pisces or a Venus in Virgo or Sagittarius. And how can these double bodied signs be related to marrying more than once? I will give some examples of men and women with Venus in double bodied signs. These examples will also show the flexibility (...sic) of charts. One placement in one sign does not tell it all...It remains possible, for example, to get married and divorced several times even when Venus is not in a double bodied sign or with Saturn in the 7th house instead of Jupiter! More about that at the end of this post.

Venus in Gemini is Venus in an air sign and in a flexible sign. Gemini reflects youth (the first contacts). Venus in Gemini has a preference (Venus) for what is young and for the period of youth in general. When you marry young or when you marry the person you loved when you were young, the chance of marrying again was great in the Middle Ages. Women died young (having a baby, for example). In the chart of males Venus in Gemini would start seeking a replacement, someone just like the lost person, someone young. In the chart of women Venus in Gemini would prefer to marry young and to look young. But there would always be the chance of marrying twice. They are the young woman and you look younger when you marry an older man.
BTW You don't need to divorce to have multiple partners. How about dancing?

Think of Jacqueline Kennedy. She married John F. Kennedy when she was 24 and that is not extremely young. When he died, she married an older man (Onassis). Her Venus is in Gemini and opposition Saturn. Jupiter is in her 7th house. There are two indications for marrying more than once (Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in the 7th). The usual indications for divorce are not found (they are: Sun afflicting or conjunct Mars or Uranus, Venus afflicting or conjunct Uranus and/or Mars afflicting or conjunct Saturn and/or afflictions between the 1st and 7th house). We see Venus (ruler 7) in the 8th house and in the 22nd degree.

So maybe Jaqueline Kennedy's Jupiter and Venus are bad examples. But although her second husband was older, he looked like Kennedy in one way: he was just as rich and enabled her to travel (Jupiter in the 7th house).

( has a site to release stress coming from the 22nd degree.

John F. Kennedy married only once but he had several 'relationships' while married. It is said that he hired a dozen of prostitutes once and a while. Moon square Venus in double bodied signs reflect the need for women. And Jupiter is in his 8th house (of sex) and not in the 7th (of marriage). Had he still lived and stopped being a president, he would likely have had a divorce. There are two out of four indications for a divorce: Mars is square Uranus, Venus is semi square Neptune.

Socialite and actress Ira von Fürstenberg has Venus in Gemini and she married twice. She also has Jupiter in the 7th house. Again we see two indications for 2 marriages. However, this lady also has Saturn in the 7th house. Fortunately for her, Jupiter is more important in her chart as Jupiter is rising before the Sun.

Ira von Fürstenberg married when she was only 15 and her husband was 31! (Venus conjunct Mars often makes a quick start!). The marriage ended in divorce after 5 years and was annuled 9 years later. The second time she married an even older man (24 years older) and divorced less than 3 years later.

There are little indications for divorce in her chart, except for the half semi square between Venus and Uranus. So this Venus in Gemini might be a good example of marrying young and twice. The presence of Sun, Saturn and Jupiter in the 7th house is also pointing at the importance of partnership.

Different kind of relationships are to be expected with Venus in Virgo. Ingrid Bergmann, John Lennon, Roger Moore and François Mitterand had Venus in this flexible earth sign. Practical art and a cool look are other ways to express Venus in Virgo.

INGRID BERGMANN (Venus in Virgo)
Ingrid Bergmann (29 August 1915 at3h30 CET Stockholm) was born with Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in the 8th house. She married twice and in between she had a nine year affair that caused a scandle in those days. There are no indications for a divorce in her natal chart. So the position of Venus seems to be a good example for this post.

JOHN LENNON (Venus in Virgo)
John Lennon married twice. Once when he was young (Mercury in the 7th house), divorced and married someone older than him. In a period of this marriage he left her for a very young girl. His chart shows a disproportional need for love and women (Moon inconjunct Venus). Mars in Libra is (IMO) related to divorces because Mars is not in the right place in Libra and 'fighting each other' might be the effect when cooperation ends.

He had Venus in Virgo, a flexible earth sign. Venus did not make any Ptolemaic aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees, so Venus was 'calling'. His Venus was inconjunct Moon in Aquarius and 22.5 degrees (half semi square) Saturn. Venus (ruler 7) and Mars (ruler 1) are semi sextile. There is an opposition of Mercury in the 7th with Saturn and Jupiter in the 1st house. That is the indication for possible divorce.

John Lennon was an artist. Artist tend to divorce more often than others (and they can afford it:). He could not find a balance between his preferences and his needs. Venus in Virgo is reflecting two DIFFERENT kinds of marriages.
About John Lennon and his relationships, see an earlier post:

ROGER MOORE (Venus in Virgo)
Roger Moore married four times. He has Venus in Virgo and ruler 7 is Uranus at Aries Point. Moon opposition Saturn is an indicaton for getting divorced, but it is only one. So Venus in Virgo seems to be a good example for this post about double bodied Venus-signs related to several marriages. BTW, Moon is in Gemini on top of his chart.

Roger Moore is one of the James Bonds in my article on Astromarkt about the astrological pattern that James Bond shares with James Bond:

François Mitterand (26 October 1916 at 4 GMT in Jamac France) had his own way to have several relationships. He even had them at the same time. His Venus is in Virgo AND Jupiter is in the 7th house.
See for more about Mitterand:

As Venus is in a flexible fire sign, the second marriage partner should be different or there would be a completely different kind of relationship the second time. You can see that in the charts of Tina Turner, Jeanne Moreau and Albert Mol.

Tina Turner married once. She never married again but...She is living with EMI record executive Erwin Bach since 1986.

She had multiple indications for divorce (Sun ruler 1 tightly square Mars and quindecile Uranus ruler 7, Venus biquintile Uranus and Mars septile Saturn) in her chart when she was born. This amount of indications in the chart of a woman usually point at being self sufficient and independent enough to be able not to marry. See Uranus ruler 7 on top of her chart, too. With Mars in the 7th house inconjunct Pluto and 75 degrees from Uranus the chart is reflecting the abuse in her first marriage.

Venus ruler Midheaven AND 5th house of pleasures, entertainment and the other gender, is in Sagittarius. Venus is square the oriental Neptune. This is a statement for an artist and for sensitivity. Sagittarius is a flexible fire sign (and she moves enthusiastic, doesn't she?:). Her Venus is also square Jupiter. The combination of Venus-Jupiter and Neptune is telling us that she has a devoted audience (Jupiter-Neptune) related to beauty or arts (Venus). See Art & Astrology...
Venus in Sagittarius made her relate to a different kind of person in a different kind of relationship (not officially married, but in a long lasting relationship; Venus trines Saturn).

Jeanne Moreau, the French actress, married twice (briefly) and had several spouses. She has a Sagittarian Venus, ruling her Ascendant. An indication for possible divorce is the aspect of the Sun semi sextile the oriental Mars. And how about the independent Moon in Aquarius on top of the chart? She is rich and famous enough to be able to divorce when needed and wanted. Perhaps that is why it takes no more than a double bodied Venus to marry more than once.
See her chart on Art&Astrology:

Dutch comedy actor Albert Mol had Venus in Sagittarius. He was homosexual but married a woman and had children with her. Mol (born 3 January 1917 at 3 AMT in Amsterdam) also had Moon in Taurus. Perhaps having children was a reason to get married at the time. Indications for divorce are Moon in the 7th at 75 degrees from Saturn and the half semi square between Mars and Uranus.

Venus in Pisces is a flexible Venus in a double look-a-like sign. But Venus is also very sensitive, empathic and romantic in Pisces. That is why so many artists have Venus in Pisces or Venus related to the ruler of Pisces. Examples? See my other blog: Art&Astrology.

Richard Nixon (9 January 1913, 21h30 PST Yorba Linda) had Venus in Pisces. He never divorced, but often left his wife Pat alone in the White House while he spent his days with his friends. Is it surprising that Neptune, the ruler of the house of marriage (the 7th) is in the 11th of friends? Also notice that the Moon is in Aquarius, not making Ptolemaic aspects within 5 degrees. That is an indication for a very strong need to be in the company of friends and equals. It also illustrates a need to be independent and free. There are no indications for divorce in his chart. And he seems to have appraciated his wife and his marriage.
There is an article on Astromarkt about the chart of Richard Nixon, that I wrote in 2005:

Barbara Streisand has Venus in Pisces, the last of the flexible signs. Venus in Pisces is not uncommon in the charts of artists. Venus rules her 7th house and is square Jupiter, sesquisquare Pluto and biquintile Uranus. Notice the combiation of Venus, Jupiter and Pluto for the great success as an artist.

There are little indications for possible divorce in her natal chart. Mars (ruler 1) is semi sextile Saturn. And that is it. So in this case, Venus in the double bodied sign is a good example. Of course, in this chart Venus disposes of the 7th house of partnership and that might be the reason for having two marriages.

See more about her chart on Art & Astrology:

Is there a better example than Hugh Hefner? He has Venus in Pisces and as Venus does not make any major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees, Venus is 'calling'. We can clearly see that. See the post about his chart:

JUPITER IN THE 7th HOUSE (for more than one marriage)
Jupiter symbolizes multitude, 'more and more' and growth. Either you grow in marriage or your partner does, sometimes you both get fat:) That is one way to express the influence of Jupiter. There are more. For example: getting married more than once. The reason that Jupiter symbolizes successes and overload is that Jupiter is the biggest planet of them all.

Marilyn Monroe was born with Jupiter in the 7th house. She married a few times. The first time she was only 16 years old and she married asap. The second time was for 9 months only. And the third time her husband (Arthur Miller) left her for someone else. She has Sun (ruler 1) quintile Uranus (ruler 7) for a creative way to be independent and free through relating. She married instead of going to an orphany! She has Jupiter in the 7th opposition Neptune in the 1st and that is an indication for possible divorce. So is the Moon in 7 opposition Neptune. Mars is trine Saturn in the 22nd degree of Scorpio at the bottom of the chart. And Venus is in Aries (like in the chart of Elisabeth Taylor).

François Mitterand had Jupiter in the 7th house and Venus in Virgo (see there). He had several partners while he was married.

J.W. Jones, the notorious sect leader (13 May 1931, 22 hours in Lynn IN) had Jupiter and Pluto in the 7th house with Venus in Aries square Saturn in the first house.

In the charts of less famous people Jupiter in the 7th house may have the same meaning. But there is also the possibility that you marry to progress or travel together. Let us face it: with Jupiter in the 7th house you may be lucky to get married and there is an advantage if you do. So why wouldn't you do it twice?

Finally, to prove stats wrong, I like to mention the chart of Elisabeth Taylor, the woman who married 7 times with Venus in Aries (not a double bodied sign at all). Uhm...wrong, I said? The cusp of her 7th house of partnership is in the double bodied sign Gemini...A better example perhaps is the chart of Johnny Depp (see my blog Art&Astrology). He married once and had several domestic spouses. He has Saturn (!)in the seventh house.
And how about the chart of Zsa Zsa Gabor (6 February 1915, 20:08 CET Budapest), who married 8 times has Venus in Capricorn square Aries Point, but she has Pisces on the cusp of the 7th house and the ruler of Pisces (Neptune) is 'calling', biquintile Mercury ruler 1. Picture it: ruler 1 Mercury biquintile the 'calling' Neptune ruler 7 for a creative (biquintile) way to relate at any kind of level...
Joseph Smith (23 December 1805, 18:15 in Sharon), founder of the polygamous Mormones had an unaspected Moon in the 7th house in Aquarius and perhaps other reasons to marry more than one woman (having a family with children, for example).

An explanation about the indications for a divorce..
In a man's chart they are:
Hard aspects between Moon and Saturn or Neptune, Venus and Neptune, Mars and Uranus.
In a female's chart they are:
Hard aspects between Sun and Mars or Uranus, Venus and Uranus, Mars and Saturn.
And in the charts of both genders:
Afflictions between the 1st and 7th house (rulers)

I found that Venus in Aries or Mars in Libra do not make relationships easy. Neither does the placement of Neptune on the horizon in the charts of females. Hard aspects between Moon, Venus and/or Mars illustrate that it may be hard to find a match (and so the nativity needs to compromise).

Every chart is unique. And there are many ways to express Venus in mutable signs. Actors have 'movie partners'. You can have dance partners. You can even have partners in crime! But when it is about love: Venus in mutable signs is flexible. And when things aren't going, they just move on. Swifter than other signs do, they adapt to new situations in love. And with Jupiter in the 7th there is an advantage to get married, so why not...I know persons with Venus in Gemini who love to dance, but only with one special partner. The language of astrology is as multi interpretable as the flexibility of the movable signs is.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

King Albert I and the mystery of his death

King Albert I of Belgium died when he fell of a rock on 17 February 1934 in Marche-Les-Dames. There has been a lot of speculations about this death, as he was a perfect climber. Perhaps it was suicide, because he sent most of his servants away on that day. What a mystery! And how convinient for the astrologer that the combination of mystery (Neptune and Pluto) is in his 8th house, the house of life and death. This mysterious death is important. The chart has Mars (ruler of the 8th house) opposition Midheaven.

The chart will not give the answer. But the chart is perfectly reflecting the mystery and the diffuse circumstances. He could be very moody and depressed, says the chart. He also had a bad moment, reflected by the progressed chart. But how about the 'pointing finger'?

Albert I had Saturn rising before his Sun. Saturn was square the Moon and Pluto, both in the 8th house. It may not have been usual in his family to be depressed, but this combination surely reflects depression. The emotions are strong and restricted. Duty, obligations and the heavy side of life came first. He liked to be alone and he like to climb. Saturn was in the fifh house of pleasures when he was born.

This Saturn was opposition his Midheaven in the progressed chart, when he died. The heavy load of Saturn hung at the lowest point of the chart, where Mars is in the natal (Mars-Saturn = death). Does it reflect falling or does it reflect depression?

Picture that Saturn and notice that in his solar return chart Uranus was conjunct the Placidus 8th house cusp and was ruling the fifth house of pleasure, with Saturn in the fifth, just like in his natal chart. Perhaps this reflects dying doing what he liked most...

He always had intense moods and most of the time not pleasant ones. And he had Mars sextile Saturn and biquintile Pluto to find a creative way to die if he wanted to. Mars (ruler of the eight house of life and death) has a crucial spot opposition Midheaven. Was it an accident, maybe a mistake?

As it happens, I see a midpoint yod of Sun opposition Mars/Uranus. Should it be a finger pointing at 'accident' (Mars-Uranus)?

Effect of Mars-Uranus, Mars-Uranus often is present in the charts of sudden deaths (and of those who take risks).

Neptune and Pluto


Astrology chart of 'Duch' (Cambodjan torturer)

He faces the judge today, finally, with transit Neptune square Natal Sun. This transit means that he is in a period of being seen in a negative light. He is being confronted with what he wanted to reveal or forget. And the media (Neptune) is not on his hand. His name is Kang Kek leu or Kaing Geuk Eav, but in any case 'Duch' . He tortured people in the Pol Pot period of Cambodja. He was born 17th November 1942. In 2007/2008 his progressed Sun changed sign. And that was when he was arrested and his life style changed subsequently. It seems that he became a christian a few years ago, that he is sorry and that he cried when he visited the place where so many Cambodjans were tortured to death. Moon in Pisces...

There is no hour of birth available, so we do not know wether there are crucial placements on the cross of the birth chart. What we know are the positions on the day, valid for many. Still, this composition of planets should show some possible entries into the world of a man who killed fanatically, in certain circumstances, times and cultures, like in the days of the fanatic Pol Pot.

See how Mars in Scorpio, rising before the Sun, is inconjunct Saturn and square Pluto. The combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto introduces the theme of unnatural death. The inconjunction of Mars and Saturn reflects the disproportional hard measures that he took to serve his master.

Notice how the Sun conjunct Venus and trine Jupiter allowed him to live on as if nothing happened between 1975 and 1979 (the years of the killing fields). It is alwasy a pleasure to have nice aspects, even if you are not nice...

Notice that in 1978 his progressed sun sign also changed - into Capricorn - and that in 1979/1980 the progressed Sun squared Neptune(and was inconjunct Uranus. That tells us about hiding (Neptune) and about liberty (Uranus) being unbalanced, hard to get or lost (inconjunct). The progressed Sun square Neptune of those days come back in memory now that transit Neptune is square the Sun. What goes around, comes around.

BIAS (a partisian)
I would like to point at Moon in Pisces. I have noticed before that the Moon in Cancer or Pisces were involved in the charts of those who misbehaved in war times. For example, I have the birth data of 3 women who abused and beated jewish prisoners in WW2 and they have these placements, too. See the article about bias (link below).

The 17th of November of 1942 was a day that would likely 'produce' individuals who are very committed to their family or group or party. And this man was one of them. It was also a day for people who were willing to gain either way, possibly very fanatic in sports and politics and maybe, in certain conditions, these characteristics would work out the wrong way. Most of all, because Mars is oriental (rising before the sun and not being limited by a more prominent Mercury - for sense - or Venus - for kindness and sympathy)...Mars is often oriental in the charts of the war criminals in Ruanda, too. Yet, it could be the sign for an entrepeneur, someone who was very energetic or active instead of being a war criminal. That said,
. the combination of a Moon in the 'bias' signs,
. the strong drive to use any means to win and
. the luck he had to be supported enough to stay out of prison until he was 65,
. together with the fact that he became a christian at the right moment (so that it is mentioned in all newspapers, very helpful for his case)...

The issue of unnatural death (and danger) together with the possibility of being a fanatic partisian in a period of extraordinary violence and power...This all fits the life of Duch. He had the right components to become violent in scary times. And possibly he had significant placements on the angles to be a prominent war criminal. But without hour of birth thAt remains speculation.

More about the effect of Mars in the charts of war criminals...(c)

About bias and water signs
About Mars and Pluto

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Hugo Chávez for ever?

Hugo Chávez won. He is allowed to be the president of Venezuela until he dies. He didn't get all of the votes (there is still a large minority of voters against 'Chavez forever'). But he won. He won with Neptune opposition his Pluto and inconjunct his Uranus, so perhaps he wanted to have won more than he did now. In 2013 there will be new elections. As his progressed Sun sign is changing sign, perhaps there will be a democratic reason to step back. If not, he might be a president for a very long time, since Uranus is the first outer planet rising before his Sun. And that is often so in the charts of people who get very very old...

For the reading of Chávez chart, see
Ook in het Nederlands ...y para la carta astral de Chávez en mi mejor Castellano, haga clique aquí. Dijo que 'Su éxito contribue a la prosperidad de gran grupo de personas y que este grupo le suporta a ello (y que es populista). Hay otro lado: los que no 'forman parte' de su grupo van a ser totalmente excluido.'

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Astrology chart Jaya Prada and the escaped attack

The car of Jaya Prada, leader of the Samajwadi Party in India and Bollywood actress, has been attacked but she escaped unhurt. This happens to her on a hectic day with solar transit opposition Uranus, and with Venus and Mars both inconjunct her Pluto. That is reflecting disproportional (inconjunction) passions (Venus and Mars) in politics (Pluto). The lucky escape is shown by transit Jupiter conjunct Saturn (an advantage going together with a disadvantage) and by the solar transit trine progressed Venus.

What in her chart shows the actrice and the politician? As her hour of birth is unknown, we will have to use the chart of the day of her birth (April 3, 1962) and see if there is any important placement or aspect. This is what you see:

Mercury is on Aries Point, reflecting the importance of communications

Moon is in the artistic sign of Pisces

Moon rises before the Sun, for emotions and senses first

Venus is quindecile Neptune to show the focus on artistic talents

Venus is 'rushing into Taurus' (in the final degrees of Aries). Taurus is a good sign for artists

Jupiter does not make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. A 'calling' Jupiter tells us that there will be development and successes and that travelling around is important

Pluto does not make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. A 'calling' Pluto tells us about the importance of money, sex, power, influence, danger and politics.

The combination of Jupiter and Pluto promisses great success. Beauty helps (she has Venus trine Uranus).

Any person born on April 3 1962 has this promissing profile, but it depends on where you were born and how you were raised, too. The profilel will be stronger when there are important angular placements and/or when the midpoints Sun/Moon or Ascendant/MC confirm what has been found in the chart of the day of birth. For your information: Jaya Prada was born in a middle class family. Her father was a film financier and her mother thought her how to dance. When she was 14 years old she performed a dance at school and was 'discovered'. That was with progressed Sun trine Uranus and progressed Mercury conjunct Venus.


The astrology of Maria Callas and Aristoteles Onassis

Maria Callas loved Onassis, but he preferred to wed Jacqueline Kennedy. She never got over it. It was a love drama.
That romantic drama was reflected in the inconjunction of his Neptune with her Sun and Ascendant. But...their natal charts (personalities) were difficult enough to make long lasting relationships a serious problem.

Her chart shows:
Venus square Aries Point and in Capricorn quintile Uranus.
Mars exactly conjunct Saturn
Sun in a 4.5 degree orb square Uranus
And double bodied Gemini on the Descendant

Mars-Saturn, Venus-Uranus and Sun-Uranus are 3 of the 4 combinations indicating divorce in a woman's chart. Three out of four is a lot. (The fourth is Sun-Mars affliction). It must have been difficult for her to find a match who respected her independence.
Maria Callas had been married before, but she divorced. Note that her Sun and Ascendant are conjunct the fixed star Antares (heart of Scorpio) that (according to reflects honours, sudden los and several marriages.

In his chart we see:
- Venus quindecile Neptune,
- Moon square Saturn,
- ruler 1 oppositoin ruler 7,
- Moon biquintile Neptune and
- Mars quintile Uranus.
He has all of the possible indications for divorce in a male's chart!

So let us face it: they were not really made for longlasting relationships. There were also two important indications that this specific relationship would not last:

1. The inconjunction of his Neptune and her Sun/Ascendant almost promises romance (Neptune) without balance (inconjunction) and loss (inconjunction) with grieve (Neptune). And that he would disproportionally disappoint her in her dreams about him. And Aristoteles had Venus and Moon in minor aspect with Neptune. He was a womanizer. He had been married before, too.

2. Her Mars-Saturn conjunction (indication for separating from a man) was inconjunct his Ascendant.

Conclusion: they were made to not get together (for long).

About the artist Maria Callas

The inconjunction is the aspect of 150 degrees. More about the effect of inconjunctions...

Celine Dion is a fan of Maria Callas. Read about it on Art&Astrology.


Chart of the day of birth of Miep Gies (100 today)

Miep Gies is known in connection to Anne Frank. She was Otto Frank's secretary in the house where the family Frank was hiding. She provided them with food. Later she hid the notes of Anne Frank until her father returned (as the only survivor). The notes were published as the diary of Anne Frank. Miep Gies was honoured with the Yad Vashem award.

Today Miep Gies became 100. On the day of her birth Uranus was the first outer planet rising before the Sun (the oriental planet). That is not uncommon in the charts of aged people.

Miep Gies has a tight Mars opposition Pluto. Mars and Pluto are in harmonious aspect with the Sun. The theme of use and abuse of (political) power is strongly related to her life and lifestyle. She has given many lectures about Anne Frank and her diary. Notice that the Sun is biquintile Jupiter, creating successful combinations of Sun, Mars and Jupiter and of Sun, Jupiter and Pluto.

Uranus on top or in aspect with Midheaven

Uranus on the MC in the birth charts of people often 'cause' news, shriek, people talking, changes at any level. For example: Karl Marx, Gerard Reve (Dutch homosexual author once on trial for blasphemy) and Dutch princess Margarita (who has Uranus square Ascendant, on top). She accused her aunt, the Queen, of actions against her ex-husband at the time.

Everything that happens and that is shocking (at any possible level or degree) has to do with Uranus. Transit Uranus conjunct the MC is most of the time repeating itself and signifies a hectic period in a changing life. The progressed MC conjunct Uranus is sometimes related to a the position of an outcast (liberating yourself from the past and the family destiny, voluntarily or not). And that, too, might not happen without tumultuous or even embarrassing events. Let me give some examples:

The progressed conjunction of Uranus and Midheaven in today’s chart of Prince Harry of England. He makes controversial and shocking remarks and has to do a training.

Transit Uranus opposition the Midheaven of Mata Hari when she was convicted to death, to her surprise and astonishment

Transit Uranus afflicting progressed Ascendant and Midheaven in Sarah Palin’s chart (starting the investigation of abuse of power)

Transit Uranus opposition Midheaven in the chart of Joe Biden (when his mother in law died and his son went to Iraq in the middle of election time)

Transit Uranus inconjunct Midheaven in Jesse Jackson’s chart (when he spoke of Obama’s balls)

The transit Midheaven quindecile Beenhakker’s Uranus when he lost the match Austria-Poland

More examples (about mice and Morales)


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beth Ditto's Sun square Uranus shows

Beth Ditto (born 19 February 1981 in Arkansas) is on the front page of a magazine, nude. The heavy weight feminist has Sun square Uranus and that explanes a lot. Sun-Uranus wants to be different from the rest. Often the intention is to change the world or to cause controversies. And there is a strong will to be and remain independent.

Yes, Ditto does it. Ditto dares. And she does it with the Sun changing sign to Aries Point. That seems good timing to me. With Sun on Aries Point you are 'in the picture' and the changing sun sing reflects that she is on the move. Here is the picture:

I read that Beth Ditto recently started designing clothes.

Sorry, no hour of birth...