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Neptune in Pisces in 1848

Neptune will enter Pisces on April 4/5 2011, but of course, Neptune was in Pisces before. That was before the discovery of Neptune. You may notice that it was a year to remember, just like this year is. The Astrodatabank Ephemeris shows that Neptune moved to Pisces on February 18, 1848. That was three days before the publication of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, introducing a new ideology.

Wikipedia says about 1848: 'Year of the Revolutions' 'Spring of the Nations' and that is because there were revolts, constitutional changes and revolutions all over Europe:
- France (February 24, abdication of the King),
- Austria and Hungary (March 3 and revolt in Vienna on March 12),
- Berlin (March 19),
- Stockholm (March 18 and 19, 30 persons died) and
- even in the still very rural Netherlands there was a new constitution on November 3, 1848, against the wishes of the King.
- Switzerland is also on the list (Federal Constitution of November 1848). In 1846 the uprising in Galacia had been suppressed, but in 1848 the authorities gave in, more and more.

Right now we see revolts all over Northern Africa and in some of the Arab countries.

When sunsigns change, lifestyles change. Pisces is not Aquarius: there is difference between those signs. Now why is Neptune's transfer from Aquarius to the first degrees of Pisces resonated by revolts, revolutions and changes in constitutions?  I think that part of the explanation is that Pisces is the sign of the 'media' and mediums, transporting messages that concern us all.

Mass media bring us the news and influence our state of mind. Just before Neptune went to Pisces the media had become more and more of influence. I read that after 1830 there was a sort of an explosive growth of newspapers, suddenly available for the people. And 1848 was the year of the foundation of Associated Press. When Neptune changed sign, ideologies and beliefs and ideas changed, starting with chaos and the news was distributed faster than ever in history.

Today, you see that the new media (Facebook, Twitter) were used to gather the people...The media were the vehicle for ideas today and then. I am just thinking out loud...

What new idea will be brought into the world with Neptune in Pisces now? Neptune in Pisces introduced communism in 1848: Working men of all nations, unite! It was a new ideology, a new belief, a new -ism with 10 points*). The situation of the members of the working class has improved since then, in Europe, out of fear for communism. In Eastern Europe the Communist Party ruled for many years.

So, what else happened in 1848? Mr. Tiffany was born. In 1848 there was a Womens' Rights convention in the USA, too.

About the charts of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

About Neptune in Pisces, Tiffany and more art in glass...
About Associated Press

*)I quote:
1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. 
2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
3. Abolition of all right of inheritance. 
4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
5. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
6. Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.
7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
8. Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.
10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, &c., &c.

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Transit Neptune conjunct Ascendant
(like Christina Aguilera)

Welcome - Christina AguileraNeptune crossed the Ascendant of Christina Aguilera when she started a relationship with a movie assistent and left her husband. That is what might happen when Transit Neptune is conjunct your Ascendant, because when Neptune is conjunct the Ascendant, Neptune is opposition the Descendant (the starting point of the house of marriage) and might drift you apart. Neptune conjunct the Ascendant introduces romance, affairs and the risk of addiction and changes your situation. You might be surrounded by frauds, liars, spies and gossip. With transits of Neptune it is very important to walk the right way and not get lost in the mist. Because only when the mist vanishes, you see where you went wrong. Is Neptune ever funny or making a person happy? Perhaps, if you need inspiration for a drama or a poem or if you want to escape from reality and every day dull life: take some Neptune!:) The transits of Neptune are very confusing and sometimes dissolving, however. Christina Aguilera just found out. For the second time in a few months time, someone published 'hot' pictures of her; stolen private pictures. And see what an amount of transits and progressions is accompanying this incident. I won't mention them all here (see bottom line).  I just like to mention that  Progressed Venus conjunct progressed Midheaven tells us that in the course of her life and career (progressions) Venus (the planet of love) is above all of importance for her destiny.

Neptune is rising before and conjunct the Sun of Christina Aguilera (see the chart of Christina Aguilera above). That means that she is first of all interested in art, fantasy, romance, dreams, religion, movies, fiction and ideals: the complete Neptune vocabulary. Now that Neptune is in her first house this part of her personality has 'come out' and with that: her secrets, her pictures, her movies. And they are not common pictures, or else they were not worth that much:).

Astrologer Corn. Gorter said in ' Astrologische Chronologie' that too much sensitivity and a conflict between real life and fantasy is too be expected. That is too bad, but perhaps there is another way to see Neptune here. 

Neptune is not just weak. Neptune is strong in sacrifices and voluntary jobs and Neptune is part of the artistic pattern (consisting of Moon, Venus, Neptune, their signs and Midheaven). That is because there is no art without inspiration, fantasy and dreams. That pattern is also visible in Christina Alguilera's chart:

- Neptune is half semisquare Venus and 
- Neptune is (wide) biquintile Moon,
- Venus is quindecile Moon. 

Venus is the bridge between Moon and Neptune, Venus rules the Taurus Moon and Venus is ' calling' (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees; the conjunction with Uranus is out of sign). Venus is even more 'calling' now that her position is on Midheaven in the progressed chart! Venus is the symbol of beauty, talent, entertainment and style. Venus is also the symbol of preferences, sympathies and love.

In Christina's chart we see, apart from the pattern of talent, a Golden Yod. Moon-Chiron, Neptune, Mercury, and Jupiter-Saturn are connected by quintiles and biquintiles, concentrating on the Taurus Moon, ruler of the 7th house of partnership and opposition Quaoar, symbol of creations and 'new realities'. The Moon is quindecile Venus for a strong focus on what people like. There is a strong creative pattern, and there is also Sun conjunct Neptune, rising just before the Sun. I wrote about Sun-Neptune before (here, and on Astromarkt) and one of the problems of this aspect combination is ' identity unsafe' (who am I, am I who they say I am?). Some actors and idols loose their true self and actually become the person they play in the movie or on stage. Being an idol, the ' double life' or 'double identity' and the conflict between your angel eyes and your true you often pop up with this aspect.There is more about Sun-Neptune (like empathy and idealism); just use the link below,

Neptune-Ascendant is frequent in the charts of divorced women (not necessarily their ' fault') , the charts of addicts and of those who hide something about their relationship. I know someone with Neptune-Ascendant who kept it a secret that her husband had an affair, just to keep up appearances (Capricorn, yeS!:). That means that you have to make up stories to explain all sort of strange things around you.Anyway, Neptune-Ascendant is also part of the charts of people who work in charity or who do voluntary jobs (and are being used by someone, in a way). And I watched Neptune-Ascendant in the charts of artists, of course. Maybe Neptune is also angular in the charts of sailors, but I don't have examples...;( Let's say that Neptune on the Ascendant brings empathy, fantasy, addiction and/or romance and sometimes arts and that the common factor is imagination. When you feel the pain of a victim, you imagine the pain (it is not yours) and when you help a person you do it because of something that you can't see or feel (and maybe even not smell): ideals. One of the personifications of Neptune is the romantic lover, your 'dream person'. 

Her transit Neptune on the Ascendant resonated an affair, with movies (Neptune!) and pictures (Neptune) and later the theft of secrets (Neptune!). It is the perfect description of the Neptune-effect. Secrets ' coming out' with Neptune on the Ascendant...Relationships gone, too...I am not looking forward to my transit Neptune in 2013!

But of course, it takes more than one transit to turn your world upside down.  In Aguilera's natal chart there are indications for divorce already. The elevated Venus conjunct Uranus (out of sign), for example…that is the aspect of sense of rhythm and pleasure in adventures. For women it is one of the 4 aspects that ‘help’ you on your way to divorce. Uranus is exactly square Ascendant, for upheavel and flashlight relationships. She also has Jupiter in the 7th house of marriage (and Jupiter is the symbol of more…). And of course, she is rich and famous, a beauty and in the company of many persons like her. It takes a very strong love and marriage to stick together when Neptune comes to drift you apart. And there was no strong marriage. The Sun signs didn't match, her Mars square his and Venus offered no compensation.

Chart of the relationship between Christina and Jordan Bratman (positions = green transits):
They share a Sun-Neptune aspect. Quote:

Sun and Neptune shared in aspect gives you shared ideals, dreams and faith or even a shared idol! But with hard aspects you might share the same disillusions as well or this relationship is disillusive. Cooperating could work out best in an asylum or in a non-profit organization where they can help others, and each other.
Another possible combination is between enemies and with Sun in hard aspect with Neptune shared. Ideology stand between you as was the case with the murderer of director Theo van Gogh who shared Sun square Neptune. 

Mind if I add here: or an affair stands between you and that might happen with transit Neptune conjunct Ascendant?

About transit Neptune
About Sun-Neptune aspects, progressions and transits

For more transits and progressions, continue...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spiderman Alain Robert's chart

Aranya (Wiki Commons)
The chart of Spiderman Alain Robert (born August 7, 1962 in Valence, France, no hour of birth) shows exactly what he is doing: taking risks before an audience...
First his Astro ID:
1. Mars, the symbol of action, aggression, energy and males, is rising before his sun. 
2. Venus is 'calling'(for entertainment, beauty and style at any possible level).
1+2=The prominence of Venus and Mars points at passion.
The two tightest aspects are:
1. Sun opposition Pholus (turning points in life, with the risk of 'shooting your own feet')
2. Jupiter trine Neptune (the devoted audience)
Add the possibility of the Moon in Scorpio (the sign that dares...) and the Sun in Leo (the sign that loves a good show) and there is the picture of Alain Robert, Spiderman!

See chart of his day of birth
See Alain Robert's site:
Also visit: for example about Jupiter-Neptune combinations...or see the labels for more background info

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All you need is Venus

To finish the month about relationships and love*), I want to point at Venus, now in the romantic sign of Pisces and right now in my Ascendant's degree. So I just have to mention her...
Venus is the remedy for all that doesn't fit, doesn't match and doesn't seem appropiate. Venus is the symbol of sympathy and love. A famous couple with a long lasting marriage and no matching signs at all is Meryl Streep & Don Gummer. Her Venus is exactly trine his Venus: love is all you need, so all you need is VENUS!

Venus is there when you meet a loved one. With someone's Venus on your Ascendant you just sense sympathy and love. And when someone's Venus is on your progressed Sun when you meet, that doesn't mean that you will stop loving this person (and vice versa) when the progressed Sun moves on to the next degrees. A very sweet dog of mine was born with her Venus on my progressed Sun and she choose me at first sight and didn't keep her eyes of me. And I really loved this dog and remember her with a smile. Of course, she was a dog and dogs don't live longer than about 10 years...:) So I don't know if love is everlasting when you meet a sweet husband with Venus on your Sun or Ascendant. Life is too complicated to guarantee that. But in the end, when it comes to realtionships, with animals, with partners, with people around you...Venus helps you to accept, agree with and comfort the one you love or like. And that is logic!:)

More about (progressed) Venus on this blog:

*) use the label ' love' or 'relationships' to view all posts

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Uranus rising before the Sun

I found another example of Uranus rising before Sun and inner planets (Mercury and Venus). Earlier I found  Uranus in that position in many charts of people who get real old and eventually become ' exceptional'  enough to be news. The latest example is of a Dutch twin (brother and sister) born March 23, 1920 was in the local papers because the mayor visited them for their 91st birthday. This happens now that transit Uranus (the symbol of 'newsmaking') is square their progressed Sun. They already had an important Uranus. And at last, they are news!:)

See the article about Age and Astrology on Astromarkt. I quote:

We see oriental (rising before the Sun):

Mars 7 x (active, do-er, action first)
Uranus 9x (alertness, independancy, freedom first)
Jupiter 9x (being developed and positive, succes first)
Saturn 8x (serious and carefull, security first)
Neptune 2x (idealistic and romantic, a dreamer)
Pluto 1x (strategic and courageous, power first)

In Astro I.D. (my book, now sold out) I mention on page 37 that out of the first 10 people I checked in my files 4 have Jupiter oriental and another 4 Uranus. And out of the 20 persons in my files who died before the age of 40 NO ONE has Uranus oriental (Saturn 3 times, Jupiter 6 times). Jupiter oriental is not a proper indication for getting very old and neither is Saturn, though Jupiter is an optimist and Saturn is cautious. It seems rather significant that Mars is oriental in twice as much charts in the group of people who died young. Mars is related to fever, speed, accidents and aggression.
But who would expect Uranus, specifically Uranus oriental, as important in the charts of the very old?

I wonder if Uranus is adding some adrenaline that keeps them going:). Here is the chart with the positions at noon for their day of birth, the transits and the progressions.

Of course, having Uranus orientational (rising before the Sun) doesn't mean you have to get old:). Much depends on genes, gender and a doctor in the neighbourhood. It also helps to be carefull. And it seems that Scorpio's live longer.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vesta, in time for my fireplace

This weekend I have been busy moving around the house. Now I have my own special little room, a study filled with my own books and documents, my laptops, my music and some special objects. My room is a rooom with a view, on the sunniest side of the house (maybe that is the interpretation of transit Quaoar on my progressed Descendant?:). From my window I can see the bridge across the river and I look down at the trees and flowers of the neighbours gardens. When it is hot (and it will be hot this spring, they say) there is a balcony. I will write my blog in this room instead of 'on the kitchen table' from now on. But, more on topic: for my comfort (I like it hot:) there is a ' fireplace'. Did you know that Vesta is the symbol of the fireplace? I thought of that when I was thinking about this blog and I looked at the position of Vesta when I started to decorate the study and the fireplace arrived. It was with transit Vesta conjunct my Mars (the symbol of fire) and the AC/MC midpoint.
Sometimes that is (apparently) simply what happens: you buy something warm and do something in the house.
For more about Vesta, see the label.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Portugese PM Socrates' Pholus


You know, I just love Pholus. Since I 'discovered' this object, I see it everywhere, whenever there is a vital turning point with a risk of shooting your feet. (Pholus isn't always 'nice'). Jose Socrates was the Prime Minister of Portugal. Yesterday the Portugese PM quit his job. Portugal's economy is at worst and the parliament refuses to accept the measures. Socrates is now trying to find other political partners. If this doesn't work, there will be elections within 2 months. 
When you say goodbye and announce new elections, there is a big chance that the opposition will win, especially when they make promisses about wages and pensions. Anyway, back to astrology: Sun-Pholus is in his progressed chart and in the natal chart. That natal aspect shows the importance of the present progression.
natal, transits and progressions

In the natal chart there is 144d difference between Sun and Pholus. That is Sun biquintile Pholus (the chart drawing doesn't show this, but 307 minus 164 = 143=bq). The existence of this aspect adds to the importance of the progressed aspect. It means that mr. Socrates is able to create turning points in live and capable of dealing with them. Now he has a chance to show it!:) 
progressions and transits

In Jose Socrates progressed chart the Sun is now exactly square Pholus. Pholus is the symbol of the risk of getting hurt when your life or lifestyle is at risk. During a transit or progressions of Pholus something relatively small might afterwards have been of crucial importance for the start of a range of events, like the first bubble of a waterfall. Pholus often is the catalyst. 

PS Of course there was more, like Mars quintile Uranus for a creative ' short fuse' and making a quick change (at the right moment), or the transits of Jupiter and Saturn with his natal Sun (ups and downs) and Mars inconjunct Nessus (in the progressed chart that you above). Nessus, that is the ' guy' who took revenge after death. The new government will have to deal with big problems...

`LINK to 72 posts about/with Pholus or read about the retrospective impact of the death of JFK (when this President became an idol) for the development of Barack Obama, whose progressed Sun received an opposition of Pholus when he was only a todler  on November 22, 1963. 

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor died

With progressed Sun sesquisquare Midheaven, and transit Chiron sextile progressed Mars, transit Pluto oppostiion progressed Venus and transit Pholus trine natal Venus Elizabeth Taylor died, age 79. 
She very much loved Michael Jackson. 

A year before his death, in August of 2008, she was taken to hospital with rather dramatic transits and progressions, but medical treatment provided her with another 19 months... Quote:

- transit Saturn square Ascendant
- transit Saturn opposition Sun and Mercury
- transit Neptune square her progressed Sun
- tranti Neptune square progressive Midheaven
- transit Saturn opposition progressed Ascendant
- transit Uranus squares the progressed Midheaven
- her progressed chart Neptune is in the 6th house and close to the Descendant

Liz Taylor is a myth. And she was mysterious (Sun Pisces and Moon Scorpio). Moon in Scorpio is frequent in the charts of women 'who made it'. And Liz made it! She had a very important Neptune in her chart (elevated, square Ascendant) to illustrate the life of movies, imagination, romance and more. Sun opposition Neptune tells us that she was an idol.
The effect of the aspect between Sun and Neptune in the natal chart, in progression or transit Neptune in aspect with Sun relates your life and lifestyle to uncontrolable and invisible issues like the media, fantasy, ideals and dreams or gossip, nightmares, deceit, desillusions and all that is fake. Even you might not be the real you...
Actors are living our fantasies.
Natal and transits for today

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Chart of the death of Knut, a polar bear

Even a polar bear has astrological positions and even a polar bear's transits and progressions are mirroring his situation. Knut, the popular icebear of the Berlin Zoo, died yesterday. He jumped into the water with what appeared to be spasm and died suddenly. It was a heart attack, they think.
People loved him, but ice bears did not, not even his own mother. That is why he was raised by humans. He was born with Sun square Uranus and Jupiter was rising before the Sun. Sun square Uranus is for enstrangement (being different or independent, sometimes you are 'not part of it' with this aspect). Jupiter orientational is for the international:). Not many bears are famous all over the world...Knut was. His Sun was not only conjunct the midpoint Jupiter/Pluto, but also on the midpoint Venus/Jupiter! That is an astrological statement for lots of love and sympathy and that is what he got. From people....There is no hour of birth, so this is a limited overview of his transits and progressions.

progressed Sun is sextile natal Neptune
- transit Jupiter opposition the midpoint Mars/Saturn (a nice way to die)
- transit Pholus is conjunct progressed Sun for a turning point in life or lifestyle

and there were more aspects:- Mercury conjunct Venus in the progressed chart are afflicted by Chiron.
- Progressed Mars is conjunct natal Jupiter,
- but natal Mars receives a square of transit Neptune, too
- transit Node is conjunct progressed Venus.
More animals? See the label 'animals'...

About Sun-Uranus and alienation, all posts...

•Transit Neptune with Mars confuses your drives and energies (sometimes you get ill with this transit).

All post mentioning Pholus are here...

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Happy New Year!

It is astrological New Year this Sunday (UT 23:20:50). In most of the time zones it will be March 21 when the Sun leaves the astrological sign of Pisces. Then the Sun will be in the first degree of Aries, the first sign of the astrological zodiac and right above the equator, on his way up to the tropic of Cancer (midsummer). Springtime!

We long for warmth and blooming flowers and we are still in the middle of global unrest and tension. The chart is mirroring that. The chart of springtime has the Sun between Mars and Uranus, with the Sun conjunct Uranus. The combination of Sun, Mars and Uranus is the combination of the short fuse, incidents and techniques (or unconventional struggle) at work. We are in an explosive situation in many ways. There is military action in Libya, there is the problem with the nuclear plants in Japan...Here are the charts of springtime in Tokyo and Tripoli and a chart related to the flowers and the bees: the Keukenhof chart. As to be expected, the last one is the most pleasant one.

When the astrological new year starts and people are on their way to the office on Monday, the midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven for Tokyo is exactly semi square Uranus at Zero Aries, resonating the hectic and nervous situation.
Spring in Tokyo

There is a lot to do in the world, but it is springtime, too. And with Mars rising before the Sun I expect temperatures to rise soon (isn't Mars the 'hot' planet?:) One of my country's big attractions is Keukenhof, often visited by tourist from Japan, who now remain in their troubled country. Here is the chart of this attraction, with Jupiter rising before the Sun (indication of the international orientation), conjunct Venus and opposition Pluto on the axis AC/DC...there is a lot of many to earn and a lot of success was promissed from the start. The tightest aspect is Moon trine Venus, for sense of style and beauty. Isn't that the kind of springtime chart we would like to see now? 

Keukenhof, start
On April 2, 2011 there will be a conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the first degrees of Aries. For those born on the 21st, 22nd or 23th of December, March, June or September that is an alert. The Japanese Emperor Akihito (see his chart) was born with the Sun in the first degree of Capricorn and the earthquake was with transit Uranus square his Sun and more difficult transits and progressions. 

It takes more than just this transit, but still it is a warning not to drive too fast, for example. The conjunction of Mars and Uranus might be a 'perfect' moment for surgery, for acting on impulse, incidents and accidents. It is the combination of a shock or surprise (something that makes you nervous or 'wakes you up') and action, getting hurt or starting something new, like your response to the alarm in the fresh new morning. Astrology has a large vocabulary, but Mars-Uranus is supposed to accelerate whatever you do...It is a matter of circumstances, genes, gender and situation (+ the rule of 3) in what way your chart will resonate the present positions of Mars and Uranus. However, the orientational Mars is the symbol of sports, soldiers and activists or activism. It might be a 'hot' spring in many ways. April 2 is a chance for astrology to see if Mars conjunct Uranus has a more than individual effect.
Spring in Tripoli
 In fact, it already is 'hot', because allied forces are attacking the army of Kadafi.
The Spring Chart for Libya, where springtime starts at 2:20:50 a.m. has three prominent positions: Sun and Uranus opposition Midheaven and Pholus on the Ascendant. The angular Sun, Uranus and Pholus together show a crucial flashing change and a turning point on the horizon. Add this to the orientational Mars and you may notice that the most prominent positions in this chart are for Sun,Mars, Uranus and Pholus: turning point (Pholus) and an unconventional (Uranus) war (Mars) going on (techniques and a struggle, like in Japan). Let us hope that Sun conjunct Uranus will free the people (represented by the IC).

The Ascendant of the chart of spring in Libya is opposition the Sun of Kadafi.His desperate attempt to keep his position is reflected by the transit Pluto quindecile progressed Sun. The quindecile is the aspect of obsession and fanatism (the strong focus) and Pluto is the symbol of power, force, money, influence and strategy. Also transit Nessus is opposition his progressed Sun (see Quote:

(about Nessus:Nessus is a quite recent object in the astrological chart. The myth of Nessus is that of a centaur who assaulted the wife of Hercules. Hercules shot him, but when he was dying Nessus gave his shirt (and blood) to Hercules'wife saying that if she gave it to Heracles, he would never be untrue to her. He wouldn't, because he died.) 
Of course there is more that is reflecting problems, like  transit Pluto quindecile progressed Sun (obsessed survival? danger), for example and progressed Mercury conjunct natal Saturn (that is a symbol of departure of final decission/separation and of hard decissions, too). Unfortunately the hour of birth is unknown and that is limiting the observations.
But let us get back to Nessus.

Quadhafi became Libia's leader on January 15, 1970.That was with transit Jupiter exactly square his natal Pluto (a sign of success) and... opposition Nessus. There he is again: Nessus. Just a quick observation...

About war and Mars rising before the Sun, see Astropost, 'Mars at War' 

Springtime starts with the first degree of Aries. More about Aries here...

Those born with Mars rising before the Sun happen to be more assertive, aggressive, active and driven than others are. Women with this position are more likely to 'cheat' than other women will, because of their orientation. At least, my examples show that Mars rising before the Sun is frequent in their charts. See the post about 

More on Mars-Uranus on Astromarkt...

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Astropost: The Saturn in Pisces!!! of Perelman

On the last day of Pisces:), time for a man who definitely shows the effect of an unaspected (calling!) Saturn in Pisces after transit Pluto inconjunct Sun. Grigori Perelman, who won a $ 1 million dollar price for solving a mathematical problem, didn't want to collect the price and lives like a hermit. Few politicians have Saturn in Pisces (but the Dalai Lama has). And even fewer have Saturn in Pisces in the last degree, on Scheat, like Perelman has.

See Astropost: The Saturn in Pisces!!! of Perelman

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flashback: Love and Venus and astrology

Time for a flashback and reflection about Venus in the month of relations on Astropost.

1. When is it (a) time for love? That is when Venus is 'around'. See this blog Astropost: Love and Venus in the progressed chart and see Astromarkt about the example of the year 2011: Prince William. His progressed Venus is conjunct the Sun and transit Neptune is trine Venus and Sun. That is a romantic combination on the royal wedding day! (Link to 'William, Kate, the Wedding and the chart on Astromarkt).
And PS: it is definitely time for a (wedding) party for all of us, with Venus and Jupiter in a chart. Transits of 'only Venus' may make chear you up, but don't necessarily indicate love or a lover.

2. How about Venus in your natal chart? What if Venus is angular, like in the chart of Whoopi Goldberg (one of the 'cheating women'). Or what about a 'calling' Venus, like in the chart of Laura Bush? It makes you look good, be polite and tastefull, having manners and ...that contributes to being attractive,too, at any possible level. Click on the label 'Venus' for more about the planet of love or see 'Astromarkt, love and astrology'...(synastry,matching, and more...).

3. What if you are already married or 'too old for romance' or too young and Venus is 'around'? Well, Venus is the symbol of beauty (specialists:), wishes coming true, nice people and sweet things. This weekend transit Venus in Aquarius will be conjunct my progressed Sun. I hope you too will have a good weekend":)

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How long will this love be going on?

How long will this last?
One of the first posts on is about this question and the effect of the elements on the length of a relationship. The composition of elements in your natal chart is one of the indications of how long you and a partner will be together. Of course there are other indications, too*). But the elements certainly have a big role to play.

Earth signs are the signs of realism and the wish to be respected. They are contributing to the length of relationships. Air signs are the signs of communications (and flirtations:). The fire signs are full of passion and the water signs are to be seduced (even though they like to belong to someone). The elements don't indicate if you will be faithful and true!:)

Capital signs take the initiative. The fixed signs hold on to what they have got. And the movable signs? They are not very stable.

Mel Gibson has 60% in fixed signs and that might be the reason why his marriage lasted more than 20 years.

Rihanna (20 February 1988) has Moon, Venus and Mars in fire signs, the signs of passion.
Chris Brown (5 May 1989) doesn't have any position in fire signs. He has Sun, Moon and Venus in Taurus, 60% in earth signs all together.
See my blog
Art&Astrology for more about their relationship.
Dr. Robert Schuller (the television minister) has Moon, Venus and Mars in earth signs and that contributes to the length of his marriage.

Dutch Prince Bernhard (two daughters with two mistresses) had Venus and Mars in passionate fire signs. He did not divorce. He was a Cancer with 40% in watersigns.

His wife, Queen Juliana, had Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars in fixed signs. She knew about her husband's affairs and didn't divorce him after all.

John Kerry has Sun in Sagittarius, Moon and Mars in Gemini and Venus in Scorpio square Pluto. That is 3 times a flexible sign. He divorced and remarried a rich woman.

J.W. Jones, had Moon Venus and Mars in fire signs. Perhaps that explains the need for a lot of women.

John F. Kennedy had Sun and Venus in Gemini, Moon in Virgo (three times flexible signs) and he had Mars in Taurus. One woman was not enough for him. See the post about John and Jackie Kennedy.

Camille Parker Bowles waited all her life for the moment of her marriage (6 April 2005). She was the mistress of Prince Charles when they both were married. She has 50% in water signs. (See the post about Charles and Camilla).

Elisabeth Taylor (see link to Art&Astrology) has 50% in watersigns. She also has Gemini on the cusp of the 7th house of marriage. Gemini is an air sign and a double bodied sign. But that is another story. Read about that in the earlier post on this blog about
multiple marriages and double bodied signs.

*) Strong indications for divorce are in the aspects between the 1st and 7th house and:
- for women, afflictions between Sun-Mars, Sun-Uranus, Venus-Uranus or Mars-Saturn
- nfor men, afflictions between Moon-Saturn, Moon-Neptune, Venus-Neptune or Mars-Uranus
When there are more 3 or more of these indications it is hard to get or stay married, especially when it is the first relationship...

PS This is of course not all...
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scorpio lives longer

The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports about the results of a German study about getting old related to the month of birth. November children have a longer life than those born in May, they say (difference is 7-11 months). That is completely in line with what I found and published on Astromarkt. I quote:

Sunsigns and Moonsigns offer some insights. It seems that the sign of Gemini is not represented in this study at all. Only Betje Comijs -Cicero might have Sun in Gemini. Odd is, that Moon in Scorpio appears only once, but Sun in Scorpio was seen often (6 times). There are more very old people in this study with Sun in Aquarius, Pisces or Libra (5 times each) than in Aries, Taurus or Virgo. Moon in Sagittarius is 7 times present and 4 times each the Moon is placed in Aquarius or Pisces. 

See the study: or use the label 'old'.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Disaster Japan and the Emperor's chart

The leader's chart (that of a president or coach) often, if not always, resonates what happens to the nation, club or group of people that he or she is responsible for or taking care of.
The chart of the Japanese Emperor Akihito is also mirroring the nation's situation and of course: his own concern. He was born with the Sun in the first degree of Capricorn. That is exactly square the position of Uranus at Zero Aries, now.
Watch the transits and progressions for March 11, the day of the earthquake and tsunami. 

1. Transit Uranus is square with natal Sun and quindecile Midheaven
2. Progressed Varuna is getting closer to an opposition with Midheaven
3. Transit Saturn is on natal Midheaven and 75d Sun, and opposition  Varuna.
4. Transit Quaoar is square progressed Ascendant.
5. In the progressed chart Mars is sesquisquare Midheaven.
Mars, Saturn, Uranus with Varuna and Quaoar...

Varuna is the symbol of floods (the ancient God of the Waters). This symbol is angular in the natal cart of the Emperor, reflecting the importance of the theme.
Uranus is the symbol of shocks.. And Saturn is the symbol of anything that breaks. With Saturn on Midheaven there is concern and there are obligations/duties. With Uranus square Sun there is a nervous situation. Quaoar-Ascendant refers to perspectives.

Here is the progressed chart with transits:

See the post about Emperor Akihito and his wife Michik, with the natal chart
See 'Breaking news' above for more about the earthquake 

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Uranus, Uranium and the arrow of time

The chemical element Uranium, discovered in 1789 by the German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth, was named after the newly discovered planet Uranus...That is on Wikipedia. Uranium is the fuel of the nuclear plant. Right now there is a lot of attention for radiation levels, following the earthquake in Japan. Right now Uranus is in the first degree of Aries. 

Earlier I studied the historic events during Uranus in Aries (in the first degree) and I found few Historic Events, except for the invention of the first accelerator. There were no nuclear plants in those days. That is a new situation. 

A week ago I watched Professor Brian Cox about the Second Law of Thermodynamics related to the universe. If I understood him well, he said:
- entropy increases
- from order to disorder
- past will change
- future won't return to past 
That is the arrow of time. Everything must eventually end. And when it ends, we can't get things back as they used to be. Change is all around.

Picture this: a piece of ice falling of a gletscher will never get out of the water again and manage to stick to that wall like before. (The idea about the universe is, that in the end there will be nothing left but a minuscule dark spot.)

That is what happens with history and the positions of planets, too. Nothing is the same as it was before. 

When Uranus was named 'Uranus' (a few years after Herschel spotted the planet), there was shortage of food in Europe (because of dust of the vulcano Laki). The French Revolution followed, a few years later than the outburst of Laki. There was no Uranus-Pluto or Uranus at Aries Point. And there was no nuclear plant.

That is what crossed my mind...

Cheating women and their charts

Anthonis van Dyck 052
When Venus is calling in a man's chart, he often can't resist the call. When Mars is 'calling' in a woman's chart, she might not be able to resist 'men' and she might have more 'sex drive' than other women have.  
There is an example on this blog of a wealthy German woman with a gigolo with Mars 'calling' (no aspects in sign/5 d orb) and rising before the Sun (orientation on men at any possible level) and an anonymous comment about the ladies body temperature. OK, Mars is the symbol of fire, too:).

There are few famous examples of cheating ladies. The cheating lady that I know happens to have a 'calling' Mars , too, with Venus square Neptune (and no artistic talent that I know of:). She married too young and started cheating. Eventually she found another man and divorced. Venus is in a wide conjunction with Uranus, too. And in her 7th house: Jupiter! (for more than one relationship).

Catherina the Great is of course a great cheat. Her husband happened to die just one week after she took over power. Just like cheating men she had Moon conjunct Venus. In a woman's chart: a need to be loved...Mars was rising before the Sun (another prominent Mars!) and Venus inconjunct Uranus did the rest (it expresses the desire for alteration and adventure and the tendency to fall in love repeatedly in an exaggerated way - because of the inconjunction). 

Whoopi Goldberg, Meg Ryan (for revenge) and Madonna cheated, too. 
Whoopi's Mars in Libra in the 8th house is 'calling' and so is her Venus in Sagittarius on the MC. Her Moon is rising before the Sun (needs first?). And just like my earlier example: Jupiter is in the 7th house.   
Meg Ryan is an exception. No prominent Mars for her, but she has indications for divorce (Venus quintile and Sun square Uranus, square between rulers of 1 and 7) and she had a reason:). And a Mars-Uranus aspect, just like Madonna. 
(Just Google 'Astrodatabank' and the name and you find the charts).
Princess Diana also cheated out of revenge. In her chart. Sun semi square Venus and Uranus (and Venus square Uranus) tells the same story as in the chart of Meg Ryan. 

Women (still) don't have as much 'chance' to cheat as men have and in some countries they are executed even if they were raped. Being true or not depends on the quality of the relationship (and sexlife) but it is also a matter of hormones. 

I think that the 'calling' Venus in the chart of men and the 'calling' Mars in the chart of women indicate that the attraction to the opposite sex can reach any level. 

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bachelors, cheats and their charts

Johan Tobias Sergel (source: Svenska Turistföreningens årsskrift 1967)
Any man with two or more (hard) aspects like between Mars and Uranus, Moon and Saturn, Moon and Neptune or Venus and Neptune has a hard time to find mrs. Right. When they get married, they don't stop liking the other girls or they find out that they didn't marry the true love of their life...That is because such an ideal woman doesn't exist (for them). They will have to compromise and some manage to do so when they get older. Perhaps they can control themselves, but for some it is very hard. Of course, there are unfaithful women, too. There will be a post about them next time. This post is about men who cheat (they are supposed to be the number one cheaters:).

What makes a man cheat? It is hard to be true when Venus is calling*) you and you are a charming person:)! It is hard to be true when you love some 'alternation' or when you keep falling in love! It is also hard to be true when you are stuck in a marriage with a mortgage and a few children (Venus-Saturn) and when you are a boy who wants to have fun (Mars in the 5th, for example). There are so much difficulties on the way to eternal true love!

Of course, it depends on culture and time in history how a man deals with those 'problems'. I guess Mr. Neanderthal didn't worry too much about it. Henry VIII divorced several times. He had the chance and the position. Picture this: he had Moon quintile Saturn and semisquare Neptune, Venus opposition Neptune (and inconjunct Uranus), Mars 105d Uranus, all four of the 'difficulties' in his progressed chart when he married! Poor man:). There were only harmonious distances when he was born! His position changed and that made him a candidate for marriages with women who could never meet his standards.

In Europe people don't marry too soon, so there is fewer risk of divorce (their relationships 'just' end). For example, I know a good looking man of 50, still a batchelor, lots of lovers and friends, good  job, with Sun conjunct Uranus (rising before the Sun), Mars biquintile Uranus and Moon inconjunct Saturn. Had he married, he would have divorced, too. Now he doesn't have to deal with money issues following a divorce.

Some guys are lucky and marry a woman who don't mind if they have others. Some queens and Jacqie Kennedy and other women prefer wealth over true love. The official wife and the lover attended the funeral of Mr. Mitterand (Moon in Libra rising before the Sun, Venus 'calling', Mars quintile Uranus, Jupiter in the 8th house.., see the link).

Some guys were less fortunate and their affairs got lots of attention.Tiger Woods, for example. His Moon, Venus and Neptune are in the 3rd house, rising before the Sun. Maybe that is an addition to the 4 'classical' indications given by the astrologer Ram...

1. I know of another person whose wife is as tolerant as Mrs.Mitterand was has Mars sesquisquare Uranus and Venus (calling!) semi square Saturn with Moon quatronovile Neptune. Those three aspects are in line with what I mentioned before. Venus is also semi square Pluto (for intense desires). All in all: a charming man with a short fuse and intense desires whose chart tells me that it will be hard to continue this marriage.

2. The chart of a cheat who didn't divorce but lives with his lover has Jupiter in the 8th, a prominent Moon on the IC, Venus on the Descendant and 'calling'(no major aspects), Moon opposition Neptune and sextile Venus (with Venus trine Neptune), Venus inconjunct Saturn (for staying married, but...not true). This man also has Venus conjunct Orcus (in the 7th house). Orcus is the symbol of (broken) promisses.

From those examples you learn that the 4 basic 'trouble makers' are almost always there. But, to be able to cheat, first of all you need to see and contact women. What makes it easier to connect to women?

- Moon in Taurus or Venus in Libra helps to look nice:)
- Venus in the 3rd house helps you to connect with women, too.
- Aspects between Moon and Venus show the need for love and the love for women (all of them...).
- Venus-Uranus is for adventures with women or just for dancing:).
- Venus-Neptune is for romancing...
- Jupiter in the 8th house contributes to your potential. You have to be strong to have more than one woman:)
You see these indications in the examples above. Many of those indications are part of the pattern of artistic talents (see Art&Astrology), too. So if your man is not an artist and he has more than 2 of those indications, and you want your husband to be true, beware!:)

How do I know? I studied the charts of Mick Jager, John F. Kennedy (see Astrology&Love) and Bill Clinton, who has Moon in Taurus and Venus in Libra, both in hard aspect with Neptune. I also have the chart of manager with Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in the 8th house, Moon septile Venus and Venus trine Neptune who cheated on his wife more than once.
 Why is this study not complete? I don't know if the others were true, always!:)

Continue for the natal chart of  Henry VIII:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Venus-Nessus in Scorpio (Berlusconi-Ruby)

 Photo by Kremlin found on Wikipedia Commons
It seems that two Italians made an attempt to alter the year on the birth certificate of Ruby - nickname of Karima, the underaged 'call girl' of Berlusconi -  (read the Telegraph and see her photo, day of birth and the story there). Time to see the interaction between their charts. 

Silvio Berlusconi's Venus is in the first degree of Scorpio, sextile Mars and opposition Uranus. Let us see it as the resonation of the passion for adventures in love and sex. One of his adventures was with one Ruby, a Northern African girl aged 16 at the time. She was born November 1, 1992. On that day, Nessus (her Nessus) was exactly conjunct the Venus of Silvio. 

You know the myth? I see Nessus as a sort of a person that you'd better avoid if you don't want them to keep coming back from the past. Like a boomerang. Or like Schwarzenegger in his movies?:)

It is the month of relations on Astropost, so: here is the chart of Berlusconi. The 'transits' are for the day of birth of Ruby. See her Saturn sesquisquare his MC and AC and his Uranus opposition her Sun. The interaction between the charts show the possibility of strong interaction between them...

More Nessus (now opposition the progressed Sun of Moammar al Quadhafi of Libya)

More Berlusconi on this blog? Click here for what Google found.. or use this link to find out more about the match between Silvio and Veronica Berlusconi.

More about the myth of Nessus...

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