Monday, April 27, 2015

Bruce Jenner, Uranus and the Porphyry house system

This morning I was studying the chart of a man who's in the news: Bruce Jenner, an athlete who is about to change gender.

In 'The Chart and Sexuality' I compared the charts of 5 transsexuals. I noted that:
1. all had the Sun strongly related to both Venus and Mars
Bruce Jenner's chart has Sun semi square Venus and sextile Mars.
2. 3 out of 5 had Venus in aspect with Pluto or in Scorpio and the 4th had Venus exactly trine Pholus
Bruce Jenner's chart has Venus trine Pluto and semi quintile Pholus.
3. MC or the midpoint AC/MC was in strong aspect with Sedna always
Bruce Jenner's chart has Sedna/MC midpoint sesquisquare Ascendant instead.
3. Pholus was either conjunct or inconjunct or semi sextile MC or midpoint AC/MC
Bruce Jenner's chart has Pholus/MC square the Ascendant instead.
I also wrote that a number of 5 transsexuals is not enough for statistics and that the aspects refer to problems and change more than to transsexuality.
There is also the fact that every change of gender has it's own specific story and chart. Bradley Manning (December 17, 1987) has Sun semi sextile Venus and novile Mars (with Venus half semi square Mars) AND Sun conjunct Uranus. Somehow, a Sun-Uranus aspects almost always mirrors estrangement, alienation, and being 'different' one way or another.

This is not 'just' the reading of the chart of Bruce Jenner. His chart and the position of Uranus reminded me of the years of experimenting with house systems (and deciding to avoid houses if possible:).

I read that this process started at age 60 and noticed that:
a. his natal chart has a perfect trine between Sun and Uranus (symbol of controversy, 'the news maker',  independence and change)
b. his progressed Sun was opposition Uranus at age 60
c. Uranus was in Placidus 9th house
and then I decided to change house system.
In the Porphyry house system Uranus is in the 8th house of sexuality. Right now, the progressed Moon of Bruce Jenner is in the 8th house, too.

 I like the Porphyry house system because this system also puts the Mars in Scorpio of Bill Cosby in the 8th house instead of in 7 (nothing wrong with that 'an sich': Barack Obama's Mars in Virgo also moves to the 8th house in Porphyry's house system).

Wikipedia mentions about this system:
"Each quadrant of the ecliptic is divided into three equal parts between the four angles. This is the oldest system of quadrant style house division. Although it is attributed to Porphyry of Tyros, this system was first described by the 2nd-century astrologer Vettius Valens, in the 3rd book of his astrological compendium known as The Anthology.[ci"

In my own chart there are 6 moves! Moon from 12 to 11. Mercury from 11 to 10, Mars from 12 to 11. Juno from 8 to 9. Neptune from 7 to 8. And Uranus from 5 to 4. This system also changes house rulerships. 

The fact that there are so many house systems makes me think that there is no perfect one.  But for a number of reasons, I like this one.

Question: have you ever experimented with house systems? What about Porphyry?


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Resonance of Sun-Saturn: when Saturn comes back

Today there is a very old ex-Nazi on trial. His name is Oskar Groening. He was a sort of a bookkeeper in Auschwitz, where he counted the money in the pockets and bags of the victims and sent it to the SS-top. Astrologically, he is a good example of my theory that when the planets involved in natal aspects are making an aspect by transit or progression, these transits and progressions have a strong meaning, stronger than usual. They mirror important moments in life. I name that natal aspect being repeated: resonance. It is in the story of the train robber (see ), it is in the story of Britt McHenry (see links) and it this happens in Groenings' life/chart, too.

Born June 10, 1921 in Nienburg, Germany with natal Sun square Saturn
Transit Saturn on Sun and progrssed Sun in his Auschwitz days and later, fighting.
Now with Progressed Sun conjunct Saturn, and on trial

Saturn often mirrors a fault, guilt or blame, criticism and 'life is hard'. When you did something bad or wrong or when you made a mistake during Saturn Time, you might be confronted when it is Saturn Time again.
Gröning sort of confronted himself first by opening up on his past in answer to holocaust denial. Maybe it is, with Sun-Saturn, a matter of self respect, facing the facts of your own life. He doesn't think he is a criminal, still, but he worked with them. Many others did, too. Maybe they don't have a Sun-Saturn issue in the chart.

For more of such Sun-Saturn stories: see the links.

1. Transit Saturn square Sun ended the life of a young man who was found guilty by the resistance (and was innocent): He didn't have a narrow Sun-Saturn aspect, but Saturn rises before his Sun, increasing the importance of the planet. It was not a 'what comes around' in thAt case...It was bad luck.

2. On Britt McHenry's Saturn in
Britt McHenry was born on May 28, 1986 in Mount Holly NJ... Last week she had transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Sun, which symbolizes a good moment to fall off your pedestal. As in her natal chart the Sun is opposition Saturn, this transit worked harder than in the charts of other persons*). Saturn happens to have the meaning of 'to criticize and be criticized'...

You could see 'bad luck' in the fact that there was a video tape:).

3. News about the trial:

4. More examples of how 'resonance' increases the importance of a transit or progression

5. All posts labelled Sun-Saturn


Monday, April 20, 2015

The Flexible Astrologer (or JK Rowling’s chart)

I have 3 planets in mutable signs: Sun, Venus, Jupiter. And: Ascendant and Midheaven, too. That makes me rather flexible.

 I’ve had problems with the method of boiling an egg when I was sharing an appartment with a co-student. The first day I boiled the water first and let the egg down in the water. When asked, I said that this was my way. The second day, I boiled the egg starting with cold water and when asked, I said: my way is the flexible way. I like this one today. You can imagine the face of the co-student? Why would I have to boil an egg the same way every day if it could be done both ways? So, can you imagine that it  was hard for me to find ‘my way’ in astrology and not make changes on the way and find ‘bypasses’. Well, just as eggs can be boiled using different methods, so can a chart be read using different methods and still produce an eatable product. Nevertheless, as it takes water and an egg and heat to get an eatable boiled egg it takes some basics to get a chart reading that is in line with expectations.

Because of the fact that a chart needs to be seen in the light of social/economic status, gender, genes and culture, there is a lot of flexibility already. 

I had a question this week about the planet of orientation (the planet that rises before the Sun) and the question if Mercury and Venus (inner planets) were to be skipped always. Well, when they are important: not. But if they are not: skip them. But include them in your reading in another way! When Mercury rises before your Sun you have an orientation on communications and perhaps you even have oratory skills, but…it very much depends on your status and other qualities if you’ll ever become a star singer, a famous author or a speech writer. You might have to use your communicative abilities in a shop, selling your merchandise. Or you use your voice on the market. It all depends on the world outside and who you know and where you are. Only if your orientational Mercury is on the Ascendant or MC or ‘calling’ (not making major aspects), then you may find one way or another to USE your capability to communicate in a professional manner, as an author, perhaps. Even then you may not find a public or an editor, because you are not in the situation. In those case it depends on other skills like will power, for example, or persistence. And if you are a woman, it helps to look good.

So, it takes a flexible mind to read a chart. Say that you met J.K. Rowling before 1997. Here is her chart for 3:50 pm (why that hour?? I'll explain later) with transits and progressions for the day of release of Harry Potter number one.

Click and open in new window for better view

You’d see Jupiter rising before the Sun. You’d see Sun, Mercury and Venus all three ‘calling’!  This girl has a positive attitude, wants to succeed and travel. She will draw attention, communicate and find a way to make the world a nicer place somehow, anyhow. So will all those born on her day of birth. But only Joanne managed to become one of the richest authors in the world today.
If you hadn’t know that, you could have pointed at ‘abroad, travel, international’ orientations. In fact, her first marriage was with a Portugese man and for a period of time she lived in Portugal! There you’re right. She FIRST became an international, but how could she resist the CALL to write in an entertaining way? But, there must be important angular positions. That (and transit Jupiter on MC in 1997) lead to a supposed hour of birth of 1:48:49 by Isaac Starkman. Jupiter would be on her Ascendant then. It would be nice, but there is also Sun/Moon –Mercury around midday and Quaoar (creator of new worlds) to be on her Ascendant then. So we don’t really know. What we know is that she apparently had the opportunity to write, she was educated and she had children.

I personally would like her hour of birth to be around 3:50 p.m. with the Moon (children’s books!) in Virgo on MC, transit Jupiter inconjunct her natal MC and trine progressed MC in 1997 for double success with transit Uranus inconjunct Sun for the unexpected change in lifestyle. Sun/Moon midpoint conjunct Mercury makes the planet of the author even more important at 15:50. She'd also have Jupiter/Uranus midpoint square Midheaven. Though she wasn't very kind about astrologers in 'Harry Potter', the story goes that she actually made a chart reading for a friend many years ago. So I'd like 3:50 pm, but it is just a guess chart!

Now, where was I? It was about flexibility and flexible signs. I’d almost switch subject via planets of orientation! But in fact, I didn’t. J.K. Rowling has 5 positions in flexible signs.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Venus is Out of Bounds

Today, Venus is Out of Bounds. Out of Bounds planets (or Moon) have a declination more than 23d25m16s, that is the latitude of the tropic of Cancer. The southern latitude is 23d25m14.4s. That's the highest point of the Sun on either side. Sometimes the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus and Pluto or on a degree of declination where the Sun will never be. That is when they are out of bounds. It is like being 'offside'. When a planet or the Moon is Out of Bounds, they become more important and 'out of the box'. Read about it here: 
Today Venus has a declination of 23d39m37s: Out of Bounds!

Don't expect an OOB Venus to have a special meaning on her own. Venus is the symbol of whatever pleases the senses, like beauty, sweetness or style. It is the most esthetic planet of them all. That is why artistic and diplomatic persons need an important Venus**). On the other hand: having such a Venus doesn't make you an artist or a diplomat or a beauty. It always takes more...(Beauties, BTW, often have a Venus-Uranus aspect related to the Ascendant. Examples are Tatjana Simic - June 9, 1963 in Zagreb - and Angelina Jolie). 
I am good example of having an OOB Venus (23d54m) without being a model, a diplomat or an artist. Maybe that is because my Mercury at 25d12m is much more OOB than Venus is? 

Here is an example of a good looking woman who manages to not even be nice or kind with an OOB Venus.

An American TV personality named Britt McHenry was born on May 28, 1986 in Mount Holly NJ. That was on a day with Venus Out of Bounds. What she did last week shows that having a certain eye for esthetics doesn't necessarily make you a kind person, too. Last week she had transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Sun, which symbolizes a good moment to fall off your pedestal. As in her natal chart the Sun is opposition Saturn, this transit worked harder than in the charts of other persons*). Saturn happens to have the meaning of 'to criticize and be criticized', and that proofs to be quite correct, because Britt was suspended after verbally abusing and ridiculing an employee, re her appearance and education level. The video of it went viral...

Apparently she had no eye for the beauty of Willendorf's Venus (above).

So what to expect now that Venus is Out of Bounds? I hope that it means a beautiful spring and out of the box peace in the world. Have a nice Sunday!


**) More ways to become an important planet: to be on an angle (angularity), to make no major aspects within 5 degrees orb or in sign (='calling') or to rise before the Sun (as Moon or outer planet).

(daily Out of Bounds in 2015)

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Marine Le Pen, Jean-Marie Le Pen: it is all about Uranus

Uranus is the symbol of independence and all that is new, like introductions. Sun-Uranus aspects often signal the outsider or the ‘black sheep’. Uranus is also the symbol of nervous change and controversy. With that in mind, it is no surprise that French politician Marine Le Pen now wants her father (founder of the party) to leave after his controversial remarks about the holocaust. Their charts are hit by Uranus right now.

Marine Le Pen has Sun semi square Uranus, to be interpreted as  a rather frustrated will to be free and independent AND being controversial (as a leader of Front National, a right wing party). Often, Sun-Uranus is reflecting separation, from the father, or the husband. She divorced twice.

Why now?
Her progressed Sun was conjunct her natal Uranus 2.5 years ago, when the confrontations with her father started to emerge. Her progressed Sun was also square his natal Sun then, so that he was ‘in the picture’.

Transit Uranus is on her Descendant now (freedom from others, liberation).

So, it is time to become independent now. How about her father?

His Progressed Sun is now exactly quindecile (165d) Uranus, mirroring a strong focus on independence and freedom as well as an obsessive way to show indepence. There is also a conjunction with natal Ixion, so that there is spotlight on issues of being grateful and guests and ‘bad guys’ (or being seen as one).

Why does this happen between the two of them?
The Sun of father Jean-Marie is exactly square her Uranus.
In her eyes (Sun) he is unpredictable. So even though he introduced her in the party, she may find it time to be free.

So it is all about Uranus, the controversial, the outsider, the liberation, the independent and the free. He wants to be independent and express his ideas. She wants to be liberated from a father whose ideas are not just controversial but also limit the possible amount of voters. Again, Uranus is the master of chaos, alienation (estrangement) and a lot of nervous fuss.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Multiple murder in charts of Lubitz and Enwazi

Charts must be seen in the light of what we know about a person (gender, genes, social circumstances, culture and historical episode etc.). Then we look at the natal chart to see 'what it is in it'). The transits and progressions show us 'what happens'. The combination of all that is sometimes enough to create 'monsters'. 

Here are two examples: the pilot who was responsible for the death of dozens of innocent people and the jihadi executioner. A quick glance shows that they share a Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination and Saturn-Uranus. The lenght of this post already tells you that it is not just one sign or aspect that explains their acts. 

I hesitated about publishing the charts, because of the complexity and cruelty of the facts. It is the fact that astrology charts of these cases are just as complicated (and cruel) as the events, that made me decide that it is important to show the many facets that color the picture: in dark shades...

Here is the chart of Andreas Lubitz (18 December 1987 – 24 March 2015). Lubitz was born in Montaubar. He was 27 years old, unmarried and it rumors that he had problems with his pregnant fiancée. His mental and fysical condition actually disabled him to be a pilot, but it was his dream and- as all pilots- he had a considerable debt. Maybe all that was enough to want to die, but it doesn’t explain why he wanted innocent passengers and crew members to share the horror of his final flight. There are ideas about it, like medication and the sort of depression, but what does the chart say? I think that it was in that chart, if you include the fact that he wasn't mentally healthy and that he had a plane in control. 

The natal chart shows a rather fanatical, ambitious, silent (if needed), not very reasonable dreamer with a health issue and the tendency to act in a radical way and/or shoot his own feet.
The transits and progressions draw a dark picture of the situation at the time of his death. Circumstances (t&p) activated existing issues and characteristics. As always,mit is a combinations of things.
But above all: if he hadn’t been a pilot, he couldn’t have done this.

I Natal chart
1.    Saturn rises before the Sun. That means that his official status was number 1 and so were his parents. This also gives a rather pessimistic view.

2.    Mercury conjunct Saturn: see Astromarkt ( ). I quote: ‘You just don’t tell it all…’

3.    Mars conjunct Pluto and novile Uranus is the combination of radical acts on impulse, sudden use or abuse of power

4.    Sun, Saturn and Uranus opposition Chiron shows the possible need to heal issues of breaking free and limited freedom

5.    Possible Moon NA (in the morning) could add ‘emotions at any kind of level’

6.    Calling Neptune (NA); see Astromarkt. I quote:’ dreams without limits ending in a world of dreams’

7.    Sun inconjunct Pholus for the risk to shoot your own feet at any point in life (self destruction?)

The ingredients for being silent (Mercury-Saturn) about a health issue (Sun-Chiron) and eventually losing grip on reality (Neptune) were there, and they were triggered.
When the planets involved in natal aspects are being brought together by means of a transit or progression, they ‘sound’ harder. I named that ‘resonance’.

Andreas Lubitz was a Sagittarius with Scorpio Moon. This combination contributes to a person’s confidence and minimizes objectivity (see: ). There are no placements in air signs in this chart. That is a sign of ‘not to be reasoned with’ ( )
Take that in mind, together with the 7 observatoins.

II Transits and progressions
Transits (exact,within 1 degree of orb) and progressions (ditto):

1.    Transit Saturnus sesquisquare Mars (dead end)
2.    Transit Saturn conjunct Progressed Mars (dead end)
3.    Transit Uranus inconjunct Mars (accelerated drive, resonates Mars novile Uranus in the natal chart)
4.    Transit Pluto sextile Mars (easy way out using force)
a.    Together Mars, Uranus and Pluto activate the Mars, Uranus and Pluto combination in the birth chart. It is the trio of radical act of importance

5.    Transit Pholus conjunct Sun indicates an important point of no return (turning point with a risk), resonating the Sun inconjunct Pholus natal aspect
6.    Progressed Sun was trine progressed Pholus, this enable a turning point that is important (because of the natal aspect)
7.    Progressed Sun near inconjunct Progressed Chiron, resonating Sun-Chiron opposition in the natal chart and symbol of the important need to be cured with a loss involved (mirrored by the inconjunction)
8.    Transit Neptune semi square Sun for confusion
9.    More subtile aspects like Progressed Sun semi sextile Saturn (end of a period) and
10. transit Uranus conjunct Eris (sudden discord)

Two times dead end, two times point of no return, confusion and need to be cured with end of period and sudden discord: there is nothing light or bright about the transits and progressions. It is all deep darkness.

Could we have foreseen that?
Even that wouldn’t have to lead to a crashing plane on a mountain top and the death of so many people, if Andreas Lubitz had been a healthy person. But he wasn’t. He had psychiatric problems 6 years ago, already. So we have to see this load of heavy transits and progressions as a load of problems for an already troubled person who was given a responsibility that he abused to be ‘known’ forever and ever because after all he was ambitious first of all (Saturn rising before the Sun).
If we knew his hour of birth, perhaps we could add even more indications in the birth chart and more transits and progressions.  Maybe these data give us more insight in the answer to the question why he wanted to kill so many people. Or maybe that is the byproduct of medication?

If he had to be seen by an astrologer before being allowed to fly, if the astrologer only used major aspects and the classical planets, he’d only see transit Saturn conjunct Progressed Mars (if he used progressions…).  But it is as with any major incident, a matter of 3 or more heavy indications in one direction that does it at a specific moment.

Here you see 10 major and minor indications. Four of them are with Chiron, Pholus and Eris. There are 5 minor aspects involved, including 2 inconjunctions. Together they give you a picture of a nasty period for a not so reasonable person who is first of all ambitious, who doesn’t tell it all, who lives in a world of dreams and who has some kind of illness and wants to break free. Once you know what comes next, you see it. Otherwise it is just a troubled dark colored shady picture, like that of the remains of the plane on the mountaintop. If we could only go back in time and stop this man…


One of the most wanted persons today is Jihadi John, the British young man who slaughtered Islamic State victims in the name of his religion. He was born on August 17, 1988 in Kuwait (see link to Sky News), a rather ordinary day. This post is about the chart of his day of birth as a reminder of what I always say: charts mirror life, not vice versa. And: charts should be seen, related to genes, gender, culture, history, and circumstances.

Emotions like love and hate, being lonely or in danger cAn trigger the worst aspects of personalities, even when a person always looked so ordinary and 'normal'. Situations, like war, make any difficult aspect harder (see example).  I read an article in a newspaper about 'radicalizing' jihadists. The author said that (given the data) it seems sort of coincidental when and why persons radicalize. One of his examples 'did it' when he was sad after an ended romance...

Nobody can 'predict' wether a person will or will not become a jihadist. A chart also doesn't dictate anything.We can 'blame' certain aspects when we want to find an explanation for a person's life but let's keep in mind that there are also psychological defects that can make any chart tricky. Trines and sextiles are abundant in the charts of criminals, because they help you find the 'easy way out' and some find it easier to rob their neighbors than to work for their money. Jupiter's happy transits helped Marc Dutroux and Michelle Martin several times. There seems to be no justice 'above'.

If the chart showed us 'fate' and 'predicted' radicalizing or becoming an executioner, more persons born on that day would have walked the same road. On Wikipedia I found 4 names of people born that day:

    – Aidan Coleman, Irish jockey
    – Bianca Collins, American actress
    – Brady Corbet, American actor
    – Erika Toda, Japanese actress

They all have the same proud Sun in Leo, the stylish and polite Moon in Libra, the same will to break free (Sun trine (Saturn conjunct Uranus)) and the same romantic drive (Venus opposition Neptune and square Mars). They all have Mercury sextile Venus and trine Neptune and Pluto for mystic ideas (about love, too).  Venus and Jupiter rise before their sun and that is a good and social sign. 
And they don't use violence, as far as I know.

So I can’t blame the chart of the day of birth even if they all have Mars inconjunct Pluto:).  How do they deal with Mars inconjunct Pluto? I don't know. Maybe they are extremely angry sometimes, more than average, but I can'd be sure. I only know that Jihadi John has a problem with anger and violence and that Mars inconjunct Pluto mirrors this.

Jihadi John had choices to make out of the potentials in his chart, but certain circumstances and ideas may have guided him to the road of destruction and this was related to his religious background, his age/gender and the existence of IS. Because…well, here is the chart:

I read about him that the most amazing thing about his life story is, that he is such an ordinary boy. People of the past are shocked that he is now a merciless sadist. As a kid he was such a nice boy, they say, but at a particular moment in time (about 5 years ago) someone persuaded him to become a jihadist and he went to the Middle East to start killing. Well, everybody knows the story and if not, you can find lots of info on the Internet.

At first sight the chart of the day is such an ordinary chart, too. Not per se the chart of a brutal killer. It is like in the chart of OJ Simpson, the smiling movie star who used to hit his wife and ended in jail not for killing her and her lover, but for violently robbing a store later. At first sight he was so kind and so was his chart, but...there WAS a potential for the nasty side. See the article about 'the chart behind the chart' here... Minor aspects CAN have major impact.

Even the chart of very ordinary day may have a hidden dangerous potential. So had August 17, 1988.
This not so obvious potential can be mirrored by minor aspects and prominent midpoint combinations. In the chart of Jihadi John it is a minor aspect combination that can be destructive in the hands of someone who is not sane or under the influence of drugs and (in this case) in a war zone. As I said before, circumstances trigger certain aspects. When you are in love or celebrating your marriage or playing with your dog, you are in a better mood than among fanatics in a war zone. 

The combination that I want to show is: Pluto semi square Saturn and inconjunct Mars (the combination of untimely death). This combinations is connected to the Sun by means of a sesquisquare. It is a tight combination. This bitter and hard potential didn’t ever have to be used like he uses it now. (OK: Maybe it comes forward because of angular placement of Mars, Saturn or pluto in the natal chart, but that remains the question.)

The signal of deathly danger (Mars-Saturn-Pluto) is also a warning signal for himself. It seems that there is a hunt for Jihad John and it depends on who catches him first, how his life will end. When Saturn will be in the 10th degree of Sagittarius, next year, he might have to look over his shoulder more frequently. And as his hour of birth is missing, there may be other moments sooner.

I use to read charts from the point of view that the person involved is a normal person, who wants to live a good life and be happy. But what if a person is not normal and who’s idea of ‘feel good’ is to kill, murder and rape? In that case charts and aspects may contribute to the vile acts. Only when a person is psychologically ill or in extreme situations, it is time for the worst meanings of aspects.

There is Saturn conjunct Uranus, both trine the Sun. Those are major aspects. It is the aspect combination of breaking free and/or limited freedom (see links)
The trine made it easy to leave the country and his family and join rebels abroad.  In a few years time the progressed Sun will hit this conjunction with a very hard square. Maybe that square ends his freedom? 

Also there is a strong connection between Mercury, Neptune and Pluto by means of aspects and midpoint combinations. This combination of the ‘silent force’ and spirituality linked to the planet of communications, ideas and schooling might be the key to vulnerability for fanatic ideological ideas under certain conditions.

The (aspect or midpoint) combination of the short fuse and eagerness for immediate change is frequent in the charts of terrorist as you can see in the article on Astromarkt. His Sun is sesquisquare Mars and trine Uranus.

Mars is inconjunct Pluto. That is also so in the chars of Hugh Hefner, Catherine the Great (both have/had an excessive number of sex partners; she had her husband murdered),  Tina Turner (had a violent relationship), Hannie Schaft (WW2 resistance, shot) and Luis Suarez (the famous biting football player). This aspect mirrors the issue of the use and abuse of power, sex and violence, with lack of balance and loss involved. Even this difficult aspect is rather neutral and how it works depends on position, gender, profession and situation. It doesn’t demand anyone to use force or to get into a situation where you have to defend yourself at any cost. But in a worse case scenario this aspects means excessive abuse of violence and the danger of injuries.

As Mars is also square Neptune, this might be stimulated by the use and abuse of alcohol or drugs or his acts are driven by ideals/ideology. 

And have you noticed the narrow quintile Sun-Pholus for creating a point of no return with a risk to shoot his own feet?

Again, this is a look at the astrological position on the day of birth of Mohammed Emwasi (and others). Everyone born on that day has the same aspects. The place and hour of their birth creates differences between them, but the major aspects are alike. So:
Charts don’t show a fate, charts show potential choices to make and the most likely way of life in certain circumstances. 
And sometimes charts show us the hidden nasty aspects that come out only in hell and only when someone freely chooses to act as one of the devil’s helpers.

If we knew at what time he was born, we could see the aspects of the Moon, the Ascendant, the MC and the position of Sun/Moon midpoint. That would allow us to see the whole astrological picture and the key positions at the angles of the chart. Maybe that explains, or a bit...

I guessed that there is something wrong with the psyche of this man (from birth or after using drugs). Or better: I hoped so. The consequence of the idea that it only took words and a certain belief/ideology to make Mohammed Emwasi 'Jihadi John' (digging up the darkest aspects of his personality), is too scary.

And to my relief I read that the executioner's past is less innocent than we were supposed to believe and that his family isn't 'well to do' but living in a mansion payed for by British welfare. In England they feel that poor people ought to have the right to live as if they were not, so that they get payed to live in mansions. The government (and tax papers) contributed many pounds to the way of life and study of the family and in fact: they still do. The father lives abroad.

Here again, the minor aspects make the chart. We all first heard the story of the common student who suddenly became a murderer and now we know that it was a process and that he wasn't so 'common' after all. The difficult Mars inconjunct Pluto pops up one day.


SOURCE including Univerity academic record with date of birth

Also visit: for example about minor aspects: or about Mars-Pluto aspects.

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Death of a preacher man: Robert Schuller

Yesterday the man who always ended his preaches with a kind 'God loves you and so do I', died. The man who founded the Crystal Cathedral (now a Roman Catholic church), the man who was seen on TV by millions every week, had the kind of final years that he didn't deserve when you consider how much hope and comfort he gave to the millions. I am not a believer, but I liked his way of bringing hope and faith: a positive kind of christianity. 

Preachers, generally, have Mars-Jupiter aspects, tightly. They show the drive to convince and tell the world about what they believe. Robert Schuller had that aspect, too. With Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in earth signs it was obvious that he would want a building (some kind of materialization) to manifest his belief. Neptune is the first outer planet rising before his Sun and that is a signal: people like that want something more in life, an ideal, a belief, an ideology or something that they 'feel' that needs to be done. With Jupiter in Aquarius (for the helicopter view) he was able to give new air and light.

Why were his final years so bad, you wonder? Maybe you find the answer in this story:  Or maybe it is in the chart? In 2006 the problems started, this story says. That was with transit Uranus square Progressed Sun (unwelcome change; an important moment because in the natal chart there is a Sun-Uranus opposition*) and transit Saturn square Progressed Mars (blocked energy; an important moment because in the natal chart there is a Mars-Saturn opposition!*).

Unfortunately, there is no hour of birth for the man of Hour of Power. So there is little more to add than RIP, Robert Schuller.

*) When aspect combinations of the natal chart are being repeated by transits or progressions, the transit or progression involved is of major importance. Read about resonance:

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