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Trying to explain Fred and Shirley Phelps

It is hard to explain why a person loves to hate, but some people just do, like Fred and his daughter Shirley Phelps. Here above is the chart of the day of birth of Fred Phelps with the transits for the day that his daughter was born. The minor hard aspects with the extraordinary objects Vesta and Eris and the quindecile between Mars and Chiron could be the explanation for the extreme expression of sexual and political hate.

Father, daughter, family and followers are members of the Westboro Baptist Church, founded by Fred himself. He and his followers use to wish everybody else to hell and they expect the world to allow so because of the First Amendment. They appear at funerals of homosexuals and soldiers and shout that the deceased are hated. You'd say that the law would protect the families of the deceased against this kind of disturbance but instead the father of a killed soldier now has to pay the church. I can't understand the idea behind that, maybe you can. Here is the story...

Often the leaders of an institution are an example to the followers. They follow Phelps in his outbursts of anger and love of discord. The tightest aspects in his chart with the often unnoticed Chiron, Vesta and Eris are not explaining why he chooses to do so, but they are reflecting hidden frustration, pain and anger in the man who is the catalyst in persona for group events filled with hate.

Trying to explain the extreme personality of Fred Phelps by means of a chart without hour of birth is not easy. I guess that his indiviual chart with hour of birth wold explain a lot. On the day of his birth there were several indications for successful comminciations and though the contents are controversial and filled with hate, he managed to get a group of fans and followers united in his 'church'. (His orientation is mirrored by Neptune, the symbol of beliefs, fantasy, art, visions and the immaterial field.)

It is also clear that the combination of Sun Scorpio and Moon in Aries with Sun trine Pluto and conjunct Mars (resonating the Scorpio-Aries combination) is the recipe for a person with a fanatic and strong drive. Mercury has minor afflictions, for example the inconjunct with the 'calling' Jupiter, semi square with Saturn and biquintile with Uranus. This could be read as overstating his point of view of what freedom of speech is. He is creative in provoking discussions.

A lot of the issue of hurting people is in Mars quindecile Chiron. When Phelps was five years old, his mother died (with progressed Sun conjunct natal
Mars and quindecile Chiron). Perhaps that is when he got hurt inside and never found a cure. There is an obsession with pain and sex and a problem with expressing anger (see Cafe Astrology:

His Saturn is sesquisquare Vesta and that is the tightest aspect that I can find in his chart. It is reflecting a sort of a dedication that meets disapproval . Bob Marks refers to sexual hang-ups (repression and denial) and that seems to fit the man (marrying at age 52, fulminating against homosexuals).
The explanations of this tight sesquisquare between Saturn and Vesta combine the hate speeches and sexual problems (again).

Venus is inconjunct Eris (goddess of discord) and I think that this is an interesting aspect considering the man who just loves to make amok wherever he goes. He enjoys (Venus) discord (Eris) in a disproportional way (inconjunction). Maybe he just feels bad and wants to express his feelings:).

If I didn't know about the hate speeches, how would I see this chart (without bias, I mean and without using Chiron, Vesta and Eris)? What you see is an idealist (Neptune oriental) with a very strong drive (Scorpio-Aries, Sun-Mars-Pluto) and an inventive but somewhat narrow mind (Mercury with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn) in opposition with 'the community'(Node), argumentive at any possible level. Only when you go deeper, you see the hidden and extraordinary problems*).

With an hour of birth this could be more specific, of course. But without taking a look at Chiron,Vesta and Eris and the importance of the event at age 5 (death of mother with P Sun conjunct Mars and quindecile Chiron) the matter of hurt and hurting and sexual hang-ups would not immediately come to mind, unless you consider his background. He is a believer and he apparently likes to believe in a God hating all those who don't try to be like Fred Phelps and his followers appear to be.

In the summer of 1946 he (and his friend) got religious with progressed Sun trine Uranus and transit Uranus inconjunct natal Sun, and progressed Venus (there was a conjunction of progressed Venus and natal Sun). It looks like the same kind of aspects as 'falling in love'. (Maybe that explains the excitement that is on the faces of new believers? or was it because of the cooperation with his friend John Capron). Maybe Uranus is in the 9th house to reflect conversion and controversy because of convictions?

He married in 1952, very late, with progressed Sun opposition Jupiter in Gemini and trine Vesta in Leo, no more than a year after the progressed conjunction of Sun and Mars.

In 1955 he founded the Westboro Baptist Church with Progressed Sun opposition natal Ceres and trine progressed Vesta (the same sort of combination as in 1952, when he married). That is when Saturn was getting closer to Pholus in the progressed chart.

On October 31, 1957 his daughter Shirley was born. She is also devoted to hate speeches and as controversial as her father is. She has Mercury square Uranus (he the biquintile) and they share the oriental Neptune for an idealistic orientation. Both are Scorpio’s, btw.

With Mars quintile Uranus she will have a creative short fuse to add some fuel and she is the kind of person with a passion (Venus sextile Mars). Vesta is inconjunct her Sun.That is for being devoted to a higher cause, but to much and getting out of balance. Her hour of birth might give a clue to why she follows into her father's footsteps like that.

PS I was surprised to see on Wikipedia that Phelps is a Democrat (a member? Do they know that?:)

*) Minor aspects often refer to what is not immediately visible (the hidden things) and the 'extraordinary' is related to asteroids and all other objects that are not the 'usual kind of tools to read charts'.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Berlusconi's winning chart

I have been reading Berlusconi's chart before , so I just refer to that today, now that he won the regional elections in spite of what the media predicted (maybe wishful thinking?). How come?

BTW Astrodatabank changed the hour of birth of Berlusconi from 6:01 to 5:40 a.m. since my earlier reading!

Transit Uranus is in the 28th degree of Pisces and that is square his MC and Ascendant for 5:40 a.m.

Transit Venus inconjunct Ascendant and sextile MC
Extravagant joy! A wish coming true.

Neptune is trine his MC and inconjunct his Ascendant.
Taking it easy at the office and a lost in a relationship.

Pluto is square his Sun (a growing aspect)
Enemies and danger or challenges…

Jupiter quindecile his natal Mars
Obsessed by successes

Saturn is trine his progressed Venus
Consistent sympathies

Pholus sextile his progressed Mars on AC/MC
Easy twist of faith in a battle, but with the danger of shooting own feet.

It seems that easy aspects of Pholus help you win the polls.


FARC release of Pablo Emilio Moncayo

Pablo Emilio Moncayo was 18 years old when the FARC captured him and they kept him for 12 years. Now he is free again. I found his day of birth on and on that site they give the following information:
- DOB:' el 26 de febrero 1978 en Sandona, una población en las cercanías de Pasto, capital de Nariño.'
- Captured: ' secuestrado el 21 de diciembre de 1997'

What kind of transits and progressions accompany the main moments in his life? Of course there is no hour of birth, so that there is a limited amount of astrological info. And there are very special conditions. He was in military service and the FARC was around.

In December of 1997 we see:

- (strange enough) Progressed Jupiter square progressed Sun. Maybe that is not so strange after reading the story - in Spanish- in El Mundo, where they describe him as an unusual optimist and when we consider the fact that he survived a battle that day.
- Transit Uranus/Pluto square Node: sudden dramatic change in a group of people
- Progressed Vesta, symbol of the hearth of the home and of dedication - was in the 16th degree of Sagittarius. That is where transit Pholus is today…

Now that he is free (but I don’t know in what condition):
- Progressed Sun trine Vesta
- Progressed Sun sesquisquare progressed Saturn
- And what I mentioned before: transit Pholus at the point where Progressed Vesta was 12 years ago.
Earlier there was transit Uranus square Jupiter and inconjunct Saturn for the relief and the end of captivity.

Now he is reunited with his family: see the video

Ingrid Betancourt is one of the most famous persons held by FARC. Here is more about her and her chart...


Maradonna's dog bite

I don’t want to ' blame' Pholus for everything, now that I recently ‘ discovered’ this object. Fixed star Sirius also was important in the incident with Diego Maradonna's dog. Neptune contributed, too. And there were supporting transits avoiding worse than bitten lips. But still, transit Pholus is exactly inconjunct the natal Mars of Maradonna, now that he has been bitten by one of his own dogs. I think that bite might change the way that he plays (or fights) with his dogs form now on..
Other indications for getting hurt and animals are transit Neptune almost and transit Chiron exactly square the DD-rated Ascendant given by Astrodatabank.
Lucky besides: progressed Venus is conjunct natal Pholus, maybe that helped and so did transit Jupiter conjunct the Moon in Pisces (and square Mercury). Maradonna had some lucky stars on his side (though it might feel bad:(

With Sun conjunct Neptune there might be a tendency to be too close to animals in general, especially in times when progressed Mars is conjunct Sirius, like here. Sirius is one of the fixed stars related to dog bites (see

For more about the incident, see The Hindu.


Chart of Ricky Martin's coming out

Ricky Martin’s coming out is reflected by Pholus and Quaoar (now at 21d35m Sagittarius) on either side of the Descendant, both symbols of new realities and turning points like coming outs/breaking trough, things that come out of the closet, or ... important changes in general. Pholus is semi square AC/MC: there is a vital turning point. Progresses Sun/Moon is semi square transit Pluto for being motivated to transform (and for the stress that this change brings, too). There were at least 3 signs of changing times.

Ricky Martin is 38, so he waited a long time to make this announcement. Should the amount of easy aspects (twelve narrow sextiles and trines!) mean that he ‘ took it easy’ to do so?:) There is another indication for keeping his sexual orientation a secret: ruler 8 Saturn is in Gemini in the 12th house. Also Venus and Mars are in aspect with the combination of discretion (Neptune and Pluto).

Ricky’s astrological pattern of artistic talent*) is as follows:

Moon in Pisces
Moon at Aries Point
Moon sextile Venus (out of sign)
Venus sextile Neptune
Moon trine Neptune (out of Sign)
Neptune ruler of Midheaven
AC/MC square Venus

You can see that he is a singer (Mercury – voice – square MC; Venus/Uranus – sense of rhythm - square MC).

*) The pattern of artistic talents is made by Moon, Venus, Neptune and the signs that they rule with Midheaven. More examples of this pattern on


CERN, chart of first result

Geneva, Switzerland was today: beams collided at 7 TeV in the LHC at 13:06 CEST, when beams collided. And here above is the chart ot the moment. There is a very tight combination of Quaoar (symbol of new realities and creations) square Jupiter/Uranus (the sudden success). It is one of the better combinations in this chart. There are worse (Saturn opposition Midheaven, Neptune and Chiron on AC/MC and Sun/Moon) but perhaps they just show the fear. And how about the oriental, calling Uranus? This position might just as well mirror the experiment as the controversy or the news.

It is just a moment in time and place for a scientific experiment that a lot of people find extraordinary expensive, useless and dangerous. Here is a funny way to have a look at black holes:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pholus and Susan Boyle

I am a Pholus-fan these days, so I post a lot about this astroid, without getting bored or tired, sorry!:) It is because I find so many examples that convince me of the effect: a turning point, starting change.
Today I had another look at the chart of Susan Boyle, who is moving out of the house that she has always been living in (with transit Uranus on top of her chart and Pholus sextile Midheaven. She is almost celebrating her birthday.

Here it is: Pholus on Midheaven.

Has there been a better example of a turning point like in the life of Susan Boyle, yet? Pholus is also quintile Venus: the turning point was related to talent in a creative way. And it was! In line with Pholus' meaning, it was like if the cork dropped off a bottle of champagne. Well here is more about Pholus on Small World Stories.

More Susan Boyle:
About the effect of Sun inconjunct Neptune
About her remarkable chart


Aquarians: Sarah Palin and Queen Beatrix

In the sphinx the three fixed signs come together: human mind, royal Leo body and the wings of the eagle and a serpent headed tail (symbols of Scorpio). The human head (a female head, btw) is part of the combination, like the signs are part of the combination of fixed signs. There is no sphinx without the head, or without the body or without the tail. They are a unity and Aquarius is just one part of it. Aquarius is on the head, because Aquarius is an air sign, the sign of the mind.

Aquarius is supposed to be the sign of liberty, equality and brotherhood. That is why Aquarius is often seen as the sign of socialism and communism*). Aquarius is the sign that is facing the royal and loyal Leo. Leo is the sign of showing off. Aquarius – in the opposition – was often related to Mao’s jacket and the word ‘ comrade’ or the French revolution and abolishing nobility. The French Revolution and the Statue of Liberty are often supposed to be one of the first signs of a new age of Aquarius, a humanitarian and emancipated age without royal privaleges (but I guess it is more about equal chances and indepence). We all know the hopeful song...(scroll down for the video)
Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!
And we all know how it was in socialist Rumania when Nicolae Ceauşescu was the leader with absolute power.
So please, no so called equality! But then what will the new age bring us? Perhaps nothing new, but a lot of conservative technocracy and independence in unity. I think so because I have two great examples of how Aquarius is NOT about socialism and equality: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Sarah Palin of the Tea Party. They share a lot of placements in Aquarius and a tight conjunction between Mars and Saturn. They do what used to be a man's job. And they may be modern and different, but they are also conservative. In a way they stick to old concepts.

In my article about basic astrology on my site Astromarkt you find a (rather rude) characterisation of Aquarius:

You show having Sun in Aquarius by:
- being just a little different from the rest (of the family or neighbourhood)
- openly having another opinions than the group has
- revolt against suppression
- hearing, seeing and smiling (silence is not your style); being observant
- not showing emotions soon or trying to prevent it
- having to change everything every time

Moon in Aquarius: You have an independent soul and you sure do not like being obligated to have family meetings and so on. You may know a lot of people, but you keep a certain distance when it comes to emotions. Sometimes you have the nasty feeling that you can laugh about your own misery. As a mother you are more of a friend and sometimes distant, too. You seem to care more about situations far away or abroad than about those close to you.

Of course, the sign is just part of ' you' , but this post is about the sign and the effect of placements in Aquarius.

When Queen Beatrix started her period of reign (now 30 years ago) she immediately changed rules and methods and (unlike her mother Juliana) wanted to be named ‘ Your majesty’ (not ‘Madame’). Efficiently she appointed her own folks at court. She is modern, yes, but she also very much the Queen.

Sarah Palin also has a lot of Aquarius in her chart and she is ultra conservative. The majority of voters wanted a president who promised change and she is ready to turn back time. She may be a different kind of Republican and a mother who manages to be seen as a possible president of the USA by many, but she is also the spitting image of a conservative Republican and ambitious enough to aim at the presidency.

Aquarius seems to be the sign of antique shops, too, of revival of classical concepts. And perhaps that is what Queen Beatrix and Sarah Palin have in common, besides a certain drive to work (too) hard: they will do it differently than their predecessors and as independent women on top.

Here are the charts (Beatrix with transits and progression for the day that she became Queen; Sarah Palin's guess chart for yesterday when she started her Tea Party Tour). For more about Sarah Palin on this blog, click here. And for more about Aquarius, see the Basics of Astrology on Astromarkt or this post about Exit Mundi 2012. And here is the link to ' Age of Aquarius' by Gene Ray (about Royal Regulus and the start of the new age).

*)Socialism is in fact (like all ideologies) one of the Pisces-ways.
Besides: I think that Aquarius is the sign of controversy, doing it differently, drawing attention with change and upheavel and a very technocratic style of leadership. Equality, OK, but some are more equal than others are. That is because there is that fine line between Aquarius and Leo, like there is a line between Pisces (Roman Catholic Christianity and monestries, for example) and Virgo (the Virgin, celebicay). Now that we get closer to the age of Aquarius, in the period of transformation of changing signs, we see the decay of the concept of Pisces: sacrifice, seclusion, silence and the counterpart Virgo: service, celibacy and purity.
*)Socialism is in fact (like all ideologies) one of the Pisces-ways. Technology, technocracy and efficiency will rule the Age of Aquarius, IMHO, and the other side will be Leo-like: noble leadership, autocracy and centralism. There will be more and more unions of nations and though they will distinguish themselves and perhaps there will even be a revival of classical and antique habits and protocals, but together they will operate as one.

(says a progressed Aquarian with Moon in Aquarius;)

Here is the song: let the Leo sun shine in:)


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Chart of d.o.b. Angie Sanclemente

Suspects often have a Mercury-Neptune combination, just like Angie Sanclemente, a beauty queen(Reina del Café) who is on the most wanted list for drug traffic. Neptune is now in the 28th degree of Aquarius, exactly inconjunct her progressed Mercury and square natal Mercury.

There is another reason why the chart of her day of birth is such a good example of the possible real life events and issues and how they are reflected in the positions at birth, by transit and progression: the Saturn-Uranus combination.
Later this year transit Saturn will be square her progressed Sun and trine natal Sun. Progressed Sun is also sesquisquare Uranus, reflecting the upheaval. Together Saturn and Uranus are the issue of limited freedom. She is on the run now, trying to break free. Why do this transit and that progression fit so perfectly to the situation, or should I say: have such a dramatic effect? It is because this combination is resonating the existing combination in the natal chart (Sun square Saturn and quindecile Uranus).

This is the chart of her day of birth.

Here is the CNN story:

Amanda Knox case (Mercury-Neptune and Sun-Saturn)

Mercury’s aspects and lies

Jihad Jane (Colleen laRose), another woman behind bars now


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El Presidente Johan Cruijff

El Financiero reports that Dutch football legend and present coach of Catalunya , Johan Cruijff is now honorary President of FC Barcelona. Here is the chart with progressions and transits. His chart shows why narrow aspects and prominent placements are so important:

Mars is rising before the Sun and inner planet Mercury. That means that Mars is the planet of orientation. Mars is the symbol of sport, drive, energy and activism. In Aries, Mars is strong. Mars is even stronger because of the very narrow trine with Pluto. Mars-Pluto combinations represent the drive to win and intense energy.

When you see that you know enough. This is the chart of a strong man with a lot of energy and drive and he can easily (trine) dominate (Pluto) a fight (Mars). The easy thing in this chart is, that Mars is also the final dispositor of the Midheaven vocational routing and that Pluto is square Midheaven, so that we know that this drive to win is related to a function, a position in socieity, a career perhaps. Need we know more? Well, I’d like to know how he feels now that he is El Presidente. I see that party time is almost there (transit Jupiter square progressed Venus). But what is transit Saturn doing opposition his Venus? Well, let me quote Cruijff:

Every disadvantage has an advantage...
or was it contrary?:)


A 108 year old man's birthday

Tomorrow Jos Wijnant will be 108 years old and that is an age that no man has in Holland today. He must have perfect genes. Four of his five children are still alive, too. If you want to send a gift: he loves to have a glass of wine with dinner (and wine = ‘ wijn’ in Dutch like in his name☺. What on the day of his birth is reflecting his age today?

1. Saturn isn’t making major aspects in sign or 5 degree orb; he is cautious and solid at any possible level (he has been a civil servant all of his life).
2. Jupiter is rising before his sun: he is an optimist. (And an international: born in Belgium, living in the Netherlands:).
3. Jupiter is in Aqarius and Uranus is in Sagittarius; this is mutual reception between Jupiter and Uranus. (Consider that Uranus oriental is frequent in the charts of those who became very old and that Jupiter-Uranus is the innovative combination).
4. Positions are in all kinds of signs with 4 planets in air signs and 4 in movable signs. ThE air-movable sign is Gemini, the sign of youth.
5. Ceres is the symbol of genes and Ceres is semi square Sun, tightly, but also ‘ calling’ (without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). That means that genes are important at any possible level.
6. Moon in Scorpio is a strong moon

All the rest is a mystery, since we don’t know the hour of birth.

When he became 106 years old he said that being old is not as much fun as getting older is. But there is some fun this weekend: transit Jupiter square progressed Venus is promising a party and that is what he gets. The transit of Pholus square this Venus-Jupiter connection and Saturn is 165d from Jupiter, 105 from progressed Venus and 75 d from Pholus so that we know that he reaches and celebrates an important turning point in age.

To see more about getting old and astrology, see Astromarkt…


Father Lawrence Murphy's passions

Astrology and statistics never work the other way around. Here is an example of a priest who abused hundreds of boys without a Venus-Pluto aspect in the natal chart, like in the cases mentioned in an earlier post. However, Father Murphy (not the television character) had progressed Venus quindecile Pluto at age 25, when he became a priest. And he had Venus and Mars calling; that is for passion at any possible level, somehow and anyhow.

Father Lawrence Murphy, the man who abused about 200 (!) deaf young boys, was born November 11, 1925 and died in 1998, age 72. There is no hour of birth. There is also no aspect between Venus or Mars and Pluto in his chart, except for a minor 105 degree*) Mars-Pluto aspect. The time of his birth is unknown, so we don’t know if perhaps Pluto was angular, making Venus and Pluto prominent planets. But when he became a priest in 1950, progressed Venus was quindecile (165d) Pluto: there was a strong focus on problems or intense obsessions about love, preferences or women. That is even more important because Father Murphy was a man with a lot of passion.

His Venus, Mars and Neptune don’t make major (Ptolemaic) aspects in sign or 5 degrees orb. That is illustrating a man of passion at any possible level, somehow, anyhow (Venus and Mars are ‘ calling’ ) and the man of illusions, ideals and beliefs (Neptune). Those two things apparently didn’t go together. Mercury in Sagittarius is also ‘ calling’ and biquintile Pluto, so that he was a creative communicator with authority and it must have been easy to convince the boys and the therapists.

Now we have the portrait of a priest who is forbidden to have sex, a priest with passion at any possible level. With so much passion and drive, perhaps with homosexual fantasies he became the father (Saturn rising before the Sun, conjunct Saturn) of many poor boys with the restriction that he shouldn’t marry, during a transit of Saturn square natal Sun in 1950 and progressed Sun inconjunct natal Pluto. That was also with transit Pholus conjunct his progressed Venus: a turning point in love, preferences, and in the way that he dealt with women. Transit Pluto was square progressed Mars in that year, too. Who knows what happened? The two forces of his passion (preference/desire and drive) came together with the two forces of change (Pholus and Pluto) in the year that he was down or being restricted while his life (progressed Sun) changed (Pluto) in a disproportionate way (inconjunction).

In July 1980 he was assisting again in three parishes after several years of leave and that was with progressed Sun opposition Pluto: a come back.

In 1952 he started the abuse, he said. That was when progressed Mars reached the Sun-Saturn conjunction and sex (Mars) came into his life as a father. In 1952 Progressed Mercury was conjunct Pholus and transit Pholus was semi square the natal Sun: there was a twist of mind and a frustrating turning point in life and sex was being highlighted after efforts to control the drive.

CONCLUSION: there was no Venus-Pluto aspect in the natal chart. But in the year before he became a priest, progressed Venus was quindecile Pluto and that is moment for a strong focus on or obsession with manipulating love and challenging desires. Perhaps that is where his preferences became a serious problem.

There is a lot more to see in the chart (like Mars biquintile Uranus, for example) and with an hour of birth there would have been even more info. For example, a 9:40 a.m. birth would place the Moon on top and Pholus on the Ascendant with Neptune in the 8th house and that would bring the importance of the issue of children and education to the light. The time of birth remains a secret, but one thing is certain:
the combination of character, social situation and circumstances together with a helpful and tight Sun sextile Jupiter allowed a man with frustrated strong desire to become a sick memory for many deaf boys who were supposed to be taken care of. He could have stopped being a priest, but he didn't. Why should he? He told a boy that God sent him to do this.

See the Lawrence Murphy Chronology of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee here…

*) see the discussion on Tribes.tribe net about the 105 degree aspect...

The post about Venus-Pluto and abuse is here....

A bishop got married in England, openly gay: Venus square Pluto in his chart.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Venus, Pluto and abuse

Abuse is a hot item today now that there have been so many revelations about criminal sexual behaviour behind the walls of catholic instituations. In the charts of people who are involved in abuse cases, Venus-Pluto and/or Mars-Pluto have an important role to play, as you can see in the list of links below. Why, I wondered? In this post I try to answer the question why these aspects are so frequent in these charts. Venus-Pluto or Mars-Pluto don't necessarily mean abuse. But abuse between adults and children is often related to Venus-Pluto and sometimes to Mars-Pluto, too. In difficult circumstances (when preferences are a problem) Venus-Pluto apparently can reflect manipulation with affection and candy (Venus' accesories) or other precious values and then Venus-Pluto is also about authority, force or pressure being abused by greedy persons. Abuse is a complicated problem and now we know that it always has been a major problem in the Roman Catholic Church.

1. Venus-Pluto
Venus and Pluto conflicts are not always related to financial problems or earning money, even though Venus-Pluto is the loved and rewarded. money axis. The aspect is about the issue of values in general and the price that you pay for being rewarded. The aspect is found in the chart of a victim and in the chart of Pope Benedict (who has Venus semi square Pluto) that you see in an earlier post about the present difficult transits in his chart, now that the world found out that he tried to cover up abuse when he could have protected the children instead. (!Transit Pholus is now square progressed Midheaven: this introduces the catalyst, the turning point and the uncontrolable situation...)
Venus-Pluto makes a problem of love or turns affection into a problem if there is no (self) control and if there is a challenging situation (like in orphanies, for example).

2. Mars-Pluto
A Mars-Pluto conflict introduces the danger of violence and force or (in combination with Venus) the problemous passion (and is also there in the charts of the victims). In fact, the aspect reveals an important issue and the chart doesn’t ‘ judge’ . It takes circumstances and more info to separate the guilty grown-up form the innocent (child).

My idea about the aspects related to the events is, that Pluto always intensifies, challenges, makes ' it ' a problem or makes things strong (will - Sun-, emotions and needs - Moon, ideas and words - Mercury, and desires - Venus - or drives - Mars-).

Pluto's force can be used in various ways and doesn't need to lead to complications but ...Pluto can be a problem in certain circumstances, when the force turns into a destructive problem.
Antes de hundirme en el infierno
los lictores del dios me permitieron que mirara una rosa.

Esa rosa es ahora mi tormento
en el oscuro reino.*)

Often, what you can't have is what you want most.
The Venus-Pluto aspect in a priests chart might be reflecting the price that he pays for the choices that he made when he agreed to live in celibacy, the problems that this caused and the question if it is or was worth it. Maybe intense desire and problems with social values explain the number of Venus-Pluto afflictions in all of the abuse cases. In the charts of the victims Venus-Pluto is the mirroring reflection of the problem. Another thought is that a large number of these priest already had problems with their sexual preferences when they decided to start a life in celibacy.
(BTW When two people share a Venus-Pluto aspect they might end up sharing a painful problem with -social or financial - values and feelings of self worth, even if it is ' just' about earning money. That is what might happen if an abuse adult meets a child with Venus-Pluto afflictions and there is authority over the child, resulting in a life long problem for the kid.)

BTW Pluto is the symbol of therapy, too. It cost time, money and efforts but eventually Pluto can become the planet of total control. It is a pity that the RC church forgot to control, forgot therapy and most of all: forgot to care about the children. Now, they paid the price.
Here is list of more posts with info and examples about the subject:

Mars in aspect with Pluto

The Venus-Pluto aspects according to Cafe Astrology (recommended)

Venus in aspect with Pluto

Scott Ritter case: Venus square Pluto and Mars

Philp Garrido and Josef Fritzl both have an aspect between Venus and Pluto. Josef Fritzl and his daughter both have Mars afflicted by Pluto.

Christopher-Paul Neil is a child abuser with Mars oriental, afflicted by Saturn and Pluto, with Venus inconjunct Pluto

Little Jonbenet Ramsey had Mars opposition Pluto

John Philips and his daughter Mackenzie have Mars square Pluto in the combine chart (she has Mars 67.5 Pluto, a sesquisemisquare, and he had Mars 112.5 Pluto, a square + half semi square)

Pope Benedict XVI has Venus semi square Pluto

An acccused priest with Venus opposition Pluto

Results of the study of charts of popes on Astromarkt.

And here is the chart with time unknown of one of the German victims of abuse by a priest of the Roman Catholic Church with Venus in conflict with Pluto.

Venus-Pluto doesn't mean abuse. But abuse is often related to Venus-Pluto, the combination of intense desire and the price that you have to pay for getting what you want.

*) El mejor poema de Borges: El desierto:
Translation: Before the lictores of God threw me into hell they allowed me to watch a rose. Today, that rose is my torment in the dark realm.


Chart of Louise Slaughter

Louise McIntosh (now Slaughter) is a Democratic Congress woman and she is 80 years old. Her bio on Vote Louise says that she was born at midnight and I suppose that that is for 0 hours. Gemini, the sign of 'eternal youth', was rising at that hour and at that place and that seems to be very appropiate for a woman of her age, still working full time!

Why is she a politician? Pluto,symbol of power, influence and stragegy, without major aspects within 5 degrees, rising before her Sun. That is qualifying her as a true politican in the first place, at any possible level. With the Moon opposition Jupiter and biquintile Pluto there is a lot of popularity, too, so that she was elected.

She started her political activities in the early 70s, soon after progressed Sun square Pholus and inconjunct transit Pholus (indicating the turning point in life). With transit Jupuiter square Moon and Uranus, Node and Chiron in soft aspect with natal Sun, she was elected in the Congress on November 4, 1986.

She is in the news today (see the because some person threatened to harm her and her family because of her 'yes' for the Health Bill. This happens with a lot of transits at the same time:
- transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Ascendant
- transit Uranus inconjunct natal IC,
- transit Neptune conjunct Midheaven
- progressed Mars trine natal Pluto and
- progressed Mars exactly inconjunct the Ascendant on March 19.

Uranus' inconjunctions are alarming and causing upheaval. As Uranus is afflicting the horizon and the meridian, this is reflecting a phase of alarm that has an effect on the situation and position of Mrs. Slaughter, including her private life (IC).

Mars inconjunct Ascendant is reflecting getting out of balance because of being struck, hit or hurt. (They actually threw a brick through her office window two days before the voting that took place on March 21. Mrs. Slaughter earlier had proposed a procedure to pass the bill.) The number of inconjunctions makes it difficult to remain in balance during this alarming (Uranus) attack (Mars).

Transit Neptune (ruler of Midheaven) is on her Midheaven now and that is often the moment to withdraw or 'give up' on a position. In this case it might refer to isolation (for her safety), too.

Sometimes, being a politician is tricky (and dangerous) business. I don't think that Mrs. Slaughter had such treaths before, even though there is an aspect in her chart referring to the issue of having to fight or work (too) hard and meeting enemies: Mars square Saturn (ruler 8), perhaps quite natural in politics. But as it seems, it also is the kind of aspect mirroring the energy to keep going on, even in your 80s. Or, should I credit the aspect ‘Sun trine Saturn’ for that fact?

Bart Stupack is one of the other senators who have been threatened. The time of his birth on February 29, 1952 is unknown so that the information is limited. But, he has transit Pholus semi sextile Mars and in the natal chart Mars is semi sextile Saturn. Mars-Saturn seems to be the kind of aspect that requires or demands 'guts', sometimes, because someone or the law is trying to cut off your energy, stop your advancement and limit your drive. There is no way to see right or wrong in an aspect, it is just telling us that there is a wall (or a brick) on your way one day.

For more examples of the possible reflection of Mars-Saturn, Sun-Saturn (managing to be in charge), Gemini or Pholus, click the label under this post.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pholus, Quaoar and The Beatles

The Beatles were a turning point in the history of music and they shaped a new reality in the business of entertainment. Maybe that is why Pholus and Quaoar are so important in the charts of the main songwriters of the group.

Pholus seems to be the symbol of the turning point, a moment in life to remember. John Lennon and Paul McCartney both lost their mother when they were teenagers. That is something that they share. Their charts have an A-rating in Astrodatank and that is not an AA-rated chart, but if they are correct, these are the similarities related to Pholus, the lost of their mother and the impact of their careers in music.
Pholus is in the 4th house (also a house related to a parent) of Paul McCartney.
Pholus is on top of John Lennon’s chart (in the 10th house, a parental house), semi square AC/MC and square natal Sun: his life is strongly and possibly in a challenging way, connected to the symbol of Pholus and what this asteroid is representing.

Progressed ruler 1 and 10 (Mercury) was inconjunct Pholus when Lennon’s mother died.
Transit Pholus was sesquisqare progressed AC/MC of McCartney when his mother died.
This is marking a crucial turning point.

Quaoar is the symbol of shaping and creating new worlds and realities. It is a creative force in the world of arts. Paul is more the Quaoar-guy☺ His Sun is exactly square Quaoar. In this chart, his Quaoar is conjunct the Ascendant and square Midheaven and Sun. The concept of creations is vital in this chart.  Another chart of Paul (for 2.00 a.m.) connects the Moon with Neptune and Midheaven.
(In the chart of John Lennon, Quaoar is conjunct Neptune and half semi square Venus, adding the concept of ‘ new’ and ‘ change’ to his artistic capabilities).

For the astrological pattern of artistic talent in the charts of Paul and John, see Art&Astrology for the date of this post.

Paul and John cooperated with George and Ringo and they were the major stars of the group. Both have an important Sun (symbol of the star) and perhaps that worked as having two captains on a ship. Did they match?

The Suns match, but the Moonsigns don’t. There is a quindecile (165 degree) beteen the Moons, reflecting a strong focus on each other’s experiences, youth, mothers and habits. They were strongly attracted to each other but there was a problem, perhaps because of the intensity of the relationship, perhaps because it looked like being family, too much. There is a 105-degree difference between their Venus, so even though the signs matched, there might have been some frustrating differences in tastes and preferences. In fact: the symbols of the female influence and sense of style and beauty (Moon and Venus) have tense aspects. That is perhaps illustrating the later conflict about Yoko Ono and the style of the band.

However: they worked well together. Mars in 3 Leo is sextile Mars in 3 Libra: they cooperated. But, the Leo Mars of Paul is in opposition with the Aquarian Moon of John, so here is a chance for ‘domestic quarrels’.

John’s Neptune is square the natal Sun of Paul. That is illustrating that someone didn’t see the other, as he really was, a sort of mistaken identity, like with an idol.

So even though the Sun signs matched, and though they cooperated well, there were enough artistic reasons to split, in spite of the strong focus on each other as a person. It is been said that Yoko Ono was the one who stood between John and Paul and the conflicts between the Moons and Venus indicate that women were indeed a problem in their relationship.
It doesn’t surprise me much that Yoko Ono’s Pholus is exactly on the IC, square the Ascendant in the 9th degree of Capricorn (same pattern as John has), quindecile the Midheaven of Paul McCartney and less than 2 degrees from the MC of John Lennon. Pholus, the issue of the turning point, joined their lives.

For the pattern of artistic talent in their charts, see Art&Astrology.


Monday, March 22, 2010

John Boehner's Pholus

Hell, no! John Boehner, leader of the Republicans, yesterday. But there was a yes…That happens with his progressed Sun conjunct natal Pholus, reflecting that he is on a turning point in life. And it happened with transit Uranus quindecile Mars (for rather obsessed short fused anger).

Just like Pelosi, Boehner has the Moon rising before Sun and inner planet. That is the sign of a partisian and of course he is. He is man with a passion (Venus exactly trine Mars) and he surely expressed that.
Uranus is ‘calling’ in his chart, so he wants to change the world and rebel, somehow, anyhow. He will rebel against the Health Bill, too, I suppose . With transit Uranus sextile progressed Sun he got the chance to show it.


Sacha Baron Cohen's secret marriage

Sacha Baren Cohen married ‘secretely’ last week. His progressed Venus is now sextile the natal Sun,, so that is good timing!:) There is also a progressed conjunction of Mercury and Venus, so maybe one of the two is ruling or placed in the seventh house of marriage. Sacha and his wife Isla Fisher already have a daughter together, so their relationship is certainly not top secret.

His chart has Uranus (and Pluto) rising before the Sun and that is always an indiction for being first of all a ‘radical’ (or should I say: explicit) person (see the post about Uranus and Pluto)
The fact that it is for fun is being mirrored by the ‘calling’ Venus, planet of pleasure and entertainment. It is also the planet of love. He married ‘in secret’, uh? Venus is right in the middle of the combination of discretion, conjunct the midpoint Neptune/Pluto. More about Neptune/Pluto here… Maybe that is also why he loves to be in disguise?


Chart of d.o.b Nancy Pelosi

Even without hour of birth it is obvious that Nancy Pelosi is made for the job; a true communicator (no air signs) , convincing (Jupiter ‘calling’) and a die hard (Saturn square Pluto). Her strong Moon in Scorpio rises before Sun and Venus and that is the sign of the partisian, someone whose orientation is ‘on her own folks’.

CNN writes that she is the best person to keep the Democrats together since J.F. Kennedy, now that she helped Obama get his Health Bill through the Senate. It is also the first time in history that NO republican voted ‘yes’, so the republicans must have their own Pelosi

Transit Jupiter had already been conjunct her progressed Sun in the week before. Transit Node square Jupiter did the rest. Transit Pluto is now square her natal Sun. And we see Pholus and the progressed Sun get closer and closer until they will reach the turning point. I wonder what that will be, but considering her age and what she achieved now…she might consider a goodbye. Progressed Mercury is about to changing sign and the first aspect in the new sign is with the planet of endings: Saturn.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Introducing hot items

Just a message about another way to find hot items: above you see a few new buttons (home, vocabulary and...HOT ITEMS). Check them on a regular basis to find links to post of interest for the news of today! One of the links leads you to the all the posts about Obama.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Elephant's Saturn

It is almost Astrological New Year, so time for light stuff: the story of an elephant. Yu Zin is a female elephant born February 19, 1979 in Myanmar. She has to move out of the Zoo in Emmen, because she is a burden. She is bigger than the rest and not very nice, scaring the other elephants. The astrological positions on February 19, 1979 are completely in line with that story.
As you see in the chart, Mars is rising before the Sun and square Uranus. Mars-Uranus is the combination of the short fuse. Mars oriental is frequent in the chart of entrepeneurs, soldiers, activists and (in certain conditions) aggressive people. Let us say that she can suddenly be very assertive...

Her Moon is in Scorpio, afflicted, uhm...Many of the women on top have a Moon in Scorpio, reflecting the need to win or be dominating (the female way). Maybe that is because you have to be brave to be a woman on top.

She is big, Yu Zin, too big. And she has Sun inconjunct Jupiter to reflect that. Sun and Jupiter aren't making major aspects, so they are 'calling' (doing their job at any possible level, anyhow, somehow). The inconjunction symbolizes lack of balance. That must be why she eats it all, including the food of her group members.

The last two to three years there was a period of transformation. Two important females in the group died and that is when Yu Zin started to become a problem. She also wasn't good at educating her difficult son, so it is in the family. They separated her from her son. And now she must go to another zoo, it is the end. And you won't believe it...the symbol of endings (Saturn) is exactly opposition her progressed Sun now.

To end this story in a positive way: she is a lucky elephant. her Sun and Jupiter are prominent, so she draws attention and she might succeed everywhere, if she doesn't grow too much and doesn't become arrogant. Even though she is not the most sympathic and friendly elephant, there is a potential for success. But not right now. Elephants have a strong memory and I wonder how it is for an elephant to be separated from members of their group or family.

PS Happy Astrological New Year! The ingress chart has Moon in aspect with Uranus, so we will remain in the mood for astrology!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Spirits, Neptune and PM Azarov

The Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov had a problem with the spirit of the former PM. He could hardly breathe, so he hired an orthodox priest. Now the spirit has been driven out of the office and Azarov feels much better. And then they say that he is the most boring official in the country!:)

Below is the chart with progressions and transits for the day that Azarov was born. The planet of the spirits and beliefs is Neptune. Transit Neptune is conjunct the progressed Sun and opposition the progressed Mars of Azarov right now. In the natal chart the Sun is quintile Neptune, for creative fantasy and …for being spiritual in a creative way. (The transit of Neptune is often causing a negative publicity and gossip. So perhaps the story is a bit different than presented in the media. He wrote over one hundred scientific books and didn't accidently become a PM, I suppose.)

Azarov was born in Russia and that makes him a stranger in Ukrania, even though they elected him. His natal Sun is opposition Uranus, exactly. That is reflecting ‘ being different’. Mercury 112.5 (square + half semisquare) Saturn and trine Pluto is reflecting strategic communications (a very common combination in the charts of politicians). Jupiter rising before Sun and Mercury is for the international. Well he is. He doesn’t live in the country of birth any more.

For an explanation of the glyphes (the symbols), see Wikipedia.... For more info about Neptune, see the label below this post on:

RELATED: famous mediums...

The Pholus of John J. Sheehan

With Pholus in the air it seems to be easy sometimes to shoot in your own foot, like Pholus did...
Pholus' name looks a bit like phallus. I read somewhere that Pholus works like a strong shot of Pluto. Perhaps that is why this is the second example of sex as the catalyst of a lot of fuss. The first one was John Terry's transit Pholus conjunct natal Sun. John Terry's Pholus transit highlighted his personal sex life. Former general John Sheehan's Venus opposition Pholus was triggered by a Pholus transit(not a conjunction) yesterday. He spoke of the sex life of others. Opposition often deal with 'others' and their effect on you.

Former general John J. Sheehan (with Sun conjunct Mars, Pluto rising before Sun and Venus and Mars semi-sextile Pluto) is a real macho and has his preferences. He is strongly against homosexuals in the army. And he bases that on experience, he said. He attributes the fall of Sebrenica to homosexuals in the Dutch army. Yesterday he told the Senate Armed Services Comity that ‘the Dutch’ also told him so and named one “Hankman Berman" as his source. The former chief of staff Henk van Breemen, denies to have said so. You can see Sheehan and what he said on this video:

Now: was this Pholus (again)? Yes indeed.

Pholus has a prominent position on the day of birth of Sheehan: all alone against all others
…and in strong opposition with the planet of love and preferences: Venus!

Right now transit Pholus is making aspects with 4 positions in his natal chart.
Transit Pholus is now in the 16th degree of Sagittarius (15+) and that is inconjunct the natal Pholus and progressed Pholus and …transit Pholus is the Apex of a Yod with the radix Venus and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of Sheehan. In the natal chart of Sheehan Pholus is sesquisquare the Sun, opposition Venus and trine Jupiter and Saturn within less than 1 degree orb. So this transit of Pholus hits the Sun (105d), too.

There is an interesting page on Wikipedia dedicated to Pholus (click here). And click the label to see more posts and links about Pholus. Up to now Pholus has been linked to:
- the small start of a major event (like the butterfly and the huricane)
- a turning point (like the first domino stone in a range)
- a situation involving three generations at the time (grandparents, parents, children)
- curing addictions
- something happens that you can't get a hold on and that is escalating (like the first stone in a revolution)
- the catalyst (something that triggers a lot of events)\
I like to add another one, referring to the myth: to shoot yourself in the foot! Sounds good in the military...

As you can see here Pholus is very very small and orbs should be taken equally small.

BTW The (Christian) Dutch Minister of Defense Van Middelkoop said that Sheehan’s words were disgraceful and unworthy of a general. Sheehan said more about homosexuals. For background info, see the article in Army Times


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chart Sandra Bullock and the transits

When I think of Sandra Bullock, I think of ups and downs. Recently she was awarded and received a Razzy and an Oscar on the same day. She is the only performer ever to have been named both "Best" and "Worst" for the same year. In November 2009 she and her partner Jesse James won full custody of the 5 year old daughter of Jesse and now Michelle McGee says that she had an affair with Jesse James for months until she found out that he was still married to Sandra. He made her think that he was divorcing her, Michelle says. The affair ended months ago, but for some reason Michelle McGee thought that it was time for a revelation. That is the same idea that Sandra'chart shows.

See the transits in the chart of Sandra: they are in line with that news. Two difficult transits are in hard aspect with her (progressed and natal) Ascendant and they at least symbolise hard times and 'news'. . The inconjunction of transit Saturn - deep down under in the natal chart - with progressed Ascendant, together with the shared affliction between Sun and Saturn in the charts of the couple is reflecting a moment to test the stability of the marriage. Unfortunately transit Uranus doesn't make it easy to stay cool.Transit Uranus is exactly square her horizon explains the upheaval about the interview in Touch with her husband's mistress. If the Astrotheme time is right, this is the perfect moment to break free. She left home last Monday, they say.

For more about the match (OK, apart from the Moonsigns) and shared aspects (Sun-Saturn) of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, see Astrology&Love...

- How long will your relationship last?

- Multiple marriages, double bodied signs and Jupiter in 7


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dennis Kucinich changes his mind: Pholus?

Now that I am in the mood for Pholus, I see Pholus everywhere. I see Pholus in the chart of Dennis Kucinich now that transit Pholus is sextile his Sun and trine his Ascendant, now that he changed his mind about the Health Care Bill, not because it is the best bill there is, but because he doesn't want to stand in the way of progress. See The Huffington Post.... That is substantial change during the transit of Pholus. Robert von Heeren mentions 'a turning point in life' for this transit and in this case he is certainly right.

This of course made me very curious about Pholus and I started calculating. Pholus is one the additional objects that you can choose on when you make a chart there.

When my progressed Sun was conjunct natal Pluto there was a turning point, because I moved back to the city where I was born. Eventually, that changed the way that I lived.
In the second half of February 2012 transit Pholus will be conjunct my Sun and Midheaven, for another switch. I'll have to wait and see what happens...But one thing is for sure: I can add Pholus to the list of signs of changing times!See the Kentauren info page about Pholus.


Dresden, Pholus and Varuna

Not more than 200.000 but 25.000 people of different nationalities (Germans and prisoners) were killed during the bombings of Dresden on February 13, 14 and 15 1945, an investigation team found out and published in an official report. It happened decades ago and Dresden has been restored, but at the time it must have been like living hell. Many of the bombs were incendiaries and they created a fire storm. The bombing has always been controversial, because of the number of lost lives of civilians. Pholus, Varuna and Uranus were in tight aspect with the meridian of that moment in wartime, reflecting destruction.

The first bomb was dropped at 22:13 CET. The chart of that moment has Uranus semi square Midheaven. Pholus is exactly opposition Midheaven and square Varuna.
- Varuna appeared on an angle in the chart of the earthquake in Chili. I found an interesting article about Varuna (‘Angel or Demon’), by Denis Kutalyov (link)…
- I mentioned Pholus (here on the IC) in an earlier post and referred to an article about the meaning of Pholus, that you can see on Kentauren info

Together, in that time of war, supported by Uranus and in tight aspect with the angles they are reflecting times of destruction here.


John Terry (again): Pholus?

John Terry is in the news again, see Times online ...He was breathalysed after coliding with the car of a Chelsea security staff memeber, leaving the man with a broken leg. He went on driving and later went to the police. Should it be the effect of transit Pholus on the natal Sun? Pholus*) seems to have the effect of Pluto, but harder. Transit Uranus is now 75 degrees from Mars and in the natal chart Mars is semi square the prominent Uranus. That explains speed - but he wasn't driving fast - and/or impatience (or a short fuse). Maybe it is the same 'drive' as the energy that he shows in the field. A conflict between Mars and Uranus is one of the indications in male's charts for possible divorce.

Less than 3 weeks ago I wrote about the past friendship between John Terry and Wayne Bridge, following the affair of (married) Terry with Bridge's (untrue) partner)- click to see that post. I like to add that in the progressed chart Terry's Venus is conjunct Neptune and that that is the perfect description of a love affair.

*) 'unusual and thoughtless action', that is what I read in the interesting article about Pholus (one of the Centaurs) on

About Mars and Uranus (on Astromarkt, background information)


Nuances, astrology and the helicopter view

On the web and in the bookshops you can find many interpretations for transits, natal positions and progressions. They are a great help for your reading or prognosis, especially when you start to study astrology. They can can help you understand the how’s and why’s of past and present. But apart from each other they’re always just part of the story. There are many influences and nuances. What you need to take into consideration when you interprete an aspect is a lot:

- the complete picture of the natal chart
- other contemporary transits and progressions
- the interaction between both
- and last but not least: the situation, condition, moment in time, gender, history and more...

There is a difference in the effects of transits between two persons, always. Those differences are related to character (chart), situations (progressions, transits, and the facts of the life), age and gender. The chart is not a complete picture, and the chart doesn't offer conclusions about a person's destiny or fate. It is just part of it.

There is another conclusion. It makes a difference where you were born and where you live, because situations and conditions are so different. That is perhaps why some eastern astrologers have such 'rude' explanations of aspects and why a great astrologer as Reinhold Ebertin interpretes the midpoint combinations in a scary way sometimes (seen in the eyes of people who live in solid conditions). They might well be true in difficult times and situations, however. He wrote the book in Nazi-time. Nuances, nuances...

For example, when the chart holder has a strong will and character, nothing will stop him/her from trying to get back, even after the worst ordeal of transits and progressions. Those who take it easy are more likely to accept things ‘as they are’ instead of fighting back. Persons who like to take chances and risks live more intensely and that will influence their experiences.

In times of war, a difficult transit or progression is of greater risk than in a peaceful environment. When the nativity is born in a group or culture that is rather individualistic, the personal chart will have greater influence than in a less independent situation.

Only a small privileged part of the female gender is allowed to make choices in this world. No wonder that it is important to know what is the gender of the owner of the chart. There is also a difference in effect of transits and progressions between the ages. A heavy transit by Saturn will be felt harder when you are poor or old or in bad conditions already. A wonderful opportunity offered by Jupiter could mean death as a comfort in some cases (see the posts about Jupiter, click the label). It all depends on situations, age and gender. A 6 year old with a progressed Sun conjunct Venus might meet the love of his life, but it would be too soon (unless he lives in a country where children are to become related at an early age).

Imagine that you live in a glass bowl: how could the rain touch you? You would be subject to other influences. Every person is subject to other influences, some more than others, however. It takes a stronger character and chart to be YOU when you have to deal with social/cultural/economic bad circumstance.

The interaction between chart and circumstances explains why people born on the same day, on the same hour, at the same place, are different. The time and place is not enough. There is another dimension that is not seen in the chart and that is SPACE (let us say: the room that you get). The same hard aspects that are reflecting a criminal event can be the hard aspect that is reflecting the fight to win in a World Championship. The same fortunate easy going temperament that helps a woman to settle in a marriage and adept to whatever happens next is the fundamental layer for the crook that tries to adept to the gangs in the neighbourhood and become a member of the gang. That is why a chart doesn’t judge. It is just the reflection of a character. At least, that is how I see it.

The examples that you find on this blog are examples of the combination of incidents and reflections in the sky and chart in the sense that they illustrate a possible effect for a certain person or moment. These examples might help your study of astrology (if you learned the basics) and that is all. Astrology (most of the time) doesn’t work ‘the other way around’, just like statistics don’t. It takes a helicopter view to read complete charts as a whole.*) But examples, interpretations on the net and in book, are still valuable, because they show us the similarities and correspondence and the value of astrology. And there are many many examples (almost 1.000) on this blog that show the nuances of astrological aspects, positions and placements in the effect in different starting positions and in different conditions, cultures and times and .. from different points of views.

*) The helicopter view is mirrored by the Jupiter-Uranus combination in the charts of astrologers, astronauts and all persons who are supposed to see things from a 'higher perspective'. See the post about Jupiter and Uranus (click the label).

- Victims (f) and killers often share the same kind of aspect combination reflecting the use of violence and being forced to defend yourself (Mars-Pluto). Like in the Natalee Holloway case.

- There is also a slight difference in the effect of Jupiter’s transits that made me think about ‘the wheel of fortune’ instead of ‘good luck’. When you are considered to be lucky, you might not feel like that. And when you are lucky, it might not be OK for others. You can see the post about that here…

- A Sun on Midheaven without major aspects can reflect fame that you are famous or notorious, depending on the circumstances (see the post about the effect of a ‘calling’ Sun conjunct Midheaven in the charts of Schapelle Corby, Martin Luther King and Tsar Nicolas II here….)