Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jupiter and the wheel of fortune

The case of a woman (born April 26, 1964) who escaped from prison by digging a tunnel to freedom made me think about Jupiter, again, because of her prominent Jupiter and progressed Sun opposition Jupiter right now. (Her chart is below).
Is Jupiter always right and righteous? Well, who am I to judge that, but I can ask questions, can't I? In my opinion, Jupiter is reflecting the wheel of fortune, more than just pure luck. I have several examples to support that.

A transit or progression of Jupiter might help, but sometimes 'being positive' means the end of an athlete's career and sometimes you get a positive identification that is false. Criminals profit from the benefits of Jupiter and good people gracefully die during Jupiter's transits and progressions. So let us face it: Jupiter is NOT always right or seems not be right always. And what is good for one can be bad for another one and vice versa. Jupiter is the helper, the doctor, the judge and the wise man/woman, but they all can make mistakes and misjudge situations. Jupiter is the symbol of horses and horsepower, too, and of exaggeration, arrogance and doing things your way (without considerations for the rest), so that Jupiter has a part in the astrological picture of accidents, too. Sagittarius is the sign of Jupiter and accidents happen more often in Sagittarius, see the post about the investigations of an insurance company. With progressed Sun square Progressed Jupiter Sagittarian Richard Hammond survived a crash: in his case Jupiter helped...(see that post). Everybody said that he was lucky to survive, but would he have considered himself lucky when he crashed? I doubt it.

Yes, sometimes Jupiter makes you happy or hopeful and scream "YES I CAN" when you should be careful and pessimistic and calculate your chances. That is in particular so when you don't have the chart and the circumstances to be happy anyway.
So: beware of Jupiter? Yes, the benefits of Saturn can be more positive in the long term. But that is another story.

About the importance of Jupiter in the chart of a priest who is been accused of sexual assaults and still has important fans.

Genarlow Wilson had to spend many months in jail for voluntarily sex with a girl of his age (but not 18 yet). Jupiter was trine his Sun when he was free again (together with Saturn-Uranus indications).

Transit Jupiter conjunct Sun, transit Sun square Jupiter, natal chart with Sun opposition Jupiter...on the day of his arrest, later he was hanged and recently found not guilty: Colin Campbell...

Marc Dutroux, the serial killer, was found not guilty and/or released several times, with the help of Jupiter. See Astromarkt for the timeline.

And now a perfect example of how Jupiter (and Pluto) were reflecting successes in the life of Bill Gates (article on Astromarkt) to keep the good spirit about Jupiter:)

More Jupiter examples on this

For more about the mythology of Jupiter and another message about the prominence of Jupiter in the charts of criminals, see Skyscript
Her progressed Sun is opposition Jupiter in this period of time and Jupiter is the first planet rising before Sun and inner planets Venus and Mercury in her chart. Also, Jupiter is sesquisquare Uranus and in aspect with Mercury (for being inventive). There were also transits of Saturn and Uranus with Mars to accompany her moment of breaking free (and perhaps even more reflections of that moment in a chart with hour of birth), but still...Jupiter is very important in her chart and Jupiter is very important right now. So it the issue of the danger of death (Mars, Saturn and Pluto combination).

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