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Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence

Karl Rove wrote a book: 'Courage and Consequence'. Read the review in the Washington Post...It is time to have a quick look at the present position of his chart. There are a few interesting combinations of transits and progressions now:

I. The spotlight on Jupiter inconjunct Saturn, the combination for ups and downs and the disadvantages of success.
II. Progressed Sun quindecile progressed Pluto, reflecting stress and an obsessive urge to come back and get even.
III. The effect of Mercury-Pluto. The Mercury-Pluto inconjunction of the natal chart resonates in the progressed opposition between Mercury and Pluto: he wrote a strategic book. The title is very appropiate for Mercury-Pluto: it is about the price that you pay for making decissions. And Mercury-Pluto is also about what you get payed for writing a book:)...

There is a combination of pro's and contras in his chart these days.
He has transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Sun this year and that is supposed to make life harder in combination with giving up on something. Karl Rove has Sun square Saturn in the natal chart (he managed to be in charge - see the post about Sun and Saturn), so there is resonation. His father left the family and the question has always been if he was perhaps a homosexual.
The progressed Sun is conjunct Jupiter at the same time, after progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn. After a period of being alone and 'wrong', he is now more confident and justifying himself. With Sun-Jupiter there is success and life is getting better.
There is a spotlight on his better side, but at the same time there are restrictions. In the natal chart he has Jupiter inconjunct Saturn. That aspect is reflecting the benefits of patience and age or hierarchy. And it is also reflecting the disadvantages of success and prosperity with a tendency of giving up or losing confidence.

A quindecile refers to a strong focuss, an obsession or an obsessive connection. The quindecile between Sun and Pluto is a strong combination of strategy, power, influence and politics an obsession that exists because there is a problem, challenge or difficulty. When someone is getting things back from the past, like with writing memoirs, it is good to have a strong focuss and to be declined to excavate what is in your mind. This might also cause a lot of pressure and stress. It might even be dangerous, especially for a politician who has to be careful not to harm others. And with this aspect you may face resistance and (political) enemies.

In an older post (March 2009, link) about Karl Rove, when his hour of birth seemed to be 4:14 (now Astrodatabank says: time unknown), you can read this (valid for unknown hour):
In his progressed chart Mercury is opposition Pluto. In December Mercury will be opposition natal Pluto. Mercury-Pluto is mirroring 'change of mind', possibly under pressure. The progressed aspect is activating the natal Mercury inconjunct Pluto (disproportional power of communications). Pluto sometimes means a treasure and other times Pluto means 'the price you pay'. With Mercury inconjunct Pluto there is the treat that there is a price to pay for what you say or said (influencing others).

Pluto is the symbol of the come back and of all things that are being 'excavated' from the past (in an investigation, for example). Memoirs force you to think back and in this case the book is being used as a defense (Pluto), too. In the post about Mercury and lies I wrote:
Mercury-Pluto's effect is that in order to impress the audience facts are being manipulated (for the stronger effect), a sort of communication strategy that makes the receiver of the message feel uneasy. Often the information is 'inside' information, by an expert or a politician. In few cases this aspect reflects the possibility of the power of words and knowledge (dangerous information). Example?
The author of James Bond..., Ian Fleming*), who was the personal assistant of the Director of Naval Intelligence of the Royal Navy in World War II. He was telling 'strong stories' with inside information.
In the natal chart Mercury in Capricorn is inconjunct Pluto and 75 degrees from Saturn. That is a fine combination for the politician (strategic restriction of telling facts:). This combination is frequent in the charts of American Presidents and politicians all over the world.
Mercury semi square Jupiter and inconjunct Pluto give the combination of the man with many words and success in communicating. Writing a well sold book is one of the ways to show that.

Of course, the transits and progressions are connected with what happened before and with the complicated character and position of Karl Rove. He was George Bush's advisor and stepped back in August 2007. That was when his progressed Sun sign changed and the fist important

He resigned in August 2007. That was
- with Neptune quindecile the Midheaven of the chart of 4:14,
- with AC square Saturn/Neptune in the progressed 4:14 chart,
- progressed Sun was in the first degree of Pisces, indicating a changed life style
- the inconjunction with progressed Saturn was the first aspect coming uup in the new sign,
- it was just before the opposition of Saturn with his progressed Sun.

His natal Sun is square Saturn, so these aspects with Saturn are resonating and have a lot of effect. Saturn is often involved with stepping back. Neptune is often involved with retirement (giving up). And inconjunctions are about lost and what you give up, too.
Also, the progressed midpoint Sun/Moon was sesquisquare Uranus and that means that his motivation changed.

Here are the 4:14 chart with today's transits and the related links.

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*) Ian Fleming had Mercury conjunct Pluto.


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