Thursday, June 30, 2011

One of those days with Uranus

Early this morning the Sun was exactly conjunct my natal Uranus. Last year I accidently dropped my car key between the console and the seat, but I didn't know and couldn't see it because of the colour. This year Uranus surprised me with a complete packet of inconvenience. First, yesterday, I managed to destroy the video card of my MacBook, simply by cleaning the screen too hard. This morning I couldn't find my car key (not surprising when you know that my husband had put it on a table and later dropped some papers on the same spot). It took me 15 desperate minutes, but there I went. I pushed the button to open the car door and instead the alarm went off. Hello, neighbours, did I wake you? When I finally drove off, I noticed that my navigation system changed language (how!?) but this time I smiled (I know that language). In the office a surprise again: it is a hectic day with schedules changing because of ill people. But because of the alarming start of this morning, I have enough adrenaline to deal with it.
It is a Uranus day every year. And I learn to love it.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding in Monaco and Sun-Neptune synastry

Prince Albert of Monaco has been a long time most wanted bachelor, but now Charlene 'got him' and the wedding will take place on July 2 and July 3. However, there seems to be a leak in the palace who told the press that Albert managed to become the father of a 3rd child out of wedlock, during the time with Charlene. The wedding was almost cancelled, the source said.
Albert has a hard chart to get married, and he already pays for 2 children (after the mothers proved that he was the father). Now I happened to read the article of Sun-Neptune synastry and not trusting your partner, written by Ruby Slipper (for the link, continue....) and I know that there is a Sun-Neptune synastry between Albert and Charlene. This kind of stories does not help her to trust him more, I guess. Challenging aspects between Sun and Neptune are often about being seen (Sun) in a negative light (Neptune). Negative press is also part of the picture when there is a Sun-Neptune conflict and you are a VIP. So, in a relationship this aspect is very confusing at least.

In 2008, when I first looked at the chart, I was not using Pholus , the asteroid with the name of the centaur who shot himself in the foot. But now I see that transit Pholus (in the 16th degree of Sagittarius) is inconjunct his Progressed Sun in the 16th of Taurus. This is reflecting a  risk of getting hurt by what you do at a turning point in life. And yes, it is quite a turning point in life when you marry at that age and for the first time. BTW, the Sun is also quindecile (165d) Jupiter and Jupiter rules the seventh house of marriage. It means that there is a strong focus on getting married. In fact, the whole world seems to be focussed on this marriage now.
PS I would like to write more, but I am using a mini computer now. Today I had progressed Moon trine Pluto, Sun and Midheaven (means feeling strong and manifesting it). So I rubbed the screen of my MacBook and bang! The screen seems to have been broken in two behind the glass....that is how strong I was, I guess:)

About the rumours (even in Jakarta):

Blog of Ruby Slipper about Sun-Neptune synastry and her experience that one partner doesn't trust the other one:
For more about Albert and Charlene, see the next links.
- There is a party in his chart anyway (and all royals have been invited for July 3) so perhaps he is really really getting married at last:
- Here is more about the chart and the synastry with Charlene, including the Sun-Neptune aspect:

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Chart with a time of birth for Casey Anthony

On May 29 I wrote about the Casey and Caylee Anthony Case. I mentioned the assumed birth data of the mother (Casey Anthony). Today someone informed me about the hour of birth and the place of birth of Casey Anthony. So I again had a look at the charts. I’m glad that I don’t have to judge this. It seems to be a very complicated case. Luckily, I am just a blogger about astrology, so I simply present the chart and tell you what I see. 

The most interesting thing is that transit Saturn keeps coming back in this story. In short: what I found was that Casey Anthony has a birth chart with Saturn inconjunct Midheaven (reflecting a bad position including lost of respect) and involved in a Yod (Moon-Saturn-MC). Saturn is at the apex of the Yod with Moon and Midheaven. A finger pointing at Saturn is a finger pointing at (for example) parenthood, responsibility, criticism and depression.

Any transit with Saturn will be important because of the position of Saturn in the natal chart. The transits do mark the most important periods in her life:

1. She had transit Saturn square natal Sun in June 2008 (when Caylee was reported missing). 
2. She had Transit Saturn exactly inconjunct progressed Sun when the dead body of her daughter was found. 
3. And transit Saturn will again be inconjunct her natal MC, as it was in the past few months.
Here are the chart for the given data, thanks to the person who mailed me, some more observations about the natal chart,  more also about the transits and the progressions  of 2008 and of course the synastry with Caylee. 

natal transit and progression of the chart of Casey Anthony in June 2008
Continue for the details...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chart and progressions of Julia Child

Julia Child was a cook, but she was not a cook from the start. She 'progressed' to be a cook and a writer like Barack Obama progressed to be a President (see about Obama's Progressed the blog about progressed charts and how one grows into a position). Her progressions are a pleasure for astrology!

STARTS COOKING with Sun conjunct Ceres in progressed chart...
In the movie Julie & Julia they mention that it took her 8 years to write and publish her first book in 1961, so she started in 1953, when she was 41 and met two women while already training to be a French cook.  Here is the chart with transits and progressions, or else you wouldn't believe me! 

In 1951 the Progressed Sun had just changed sign (the marriage) and in the Progressed chart the Sun was conjunct Ceres, the symbol of nutrition and important in the charts of famous chef cooks (see this post about Ceres and TV chefs). What a statement for starting (conjunction) to live as a cook... 1951 is the year that she started to teach cooking! See Wikipedia. This shows how important progressed charts are! (Boy, I love those kind of charts!:)

PUBLISHING A BOOK FOR FIRST TIME (Sun conjunct Mercury in Progression)

Then it is 1961 and in the progressed chart the Sun is conjunct Mercury (her book saw the light!. The same Sun-Mercury progression pops up in the chart of Julie Powell when her book was published! Mercury is the symbol of the messenger.
(Really, Julia's life is in line with her progressions!)


She appeared on tele with Progressed Sun conjunct Moon. People get Progressed Sun conjunct Moon when they start doing what they always wanted. On February 11, 1963 she had her first show on tele. Neptune's square with natal MC had past and gone. Transit Jupiter is exactly opposition her Sun/Moon midpoint! And Pholus is already on her Midheaven and getting closer: a turning point in status and career. 
(I can't help it: her chart is splendid!)

But I always say that it takes a birth chart, too, so let's see about that.

Neptune is rising before the calling Sun (NA, drawing attention at any possible level) and Quaoar. She is first of all creating a new kind of media personality: the famous TV cook! 
There you are: the creation of the TV chef Julia Child. There is (obviously) more, like the Moon without aspects in the fifth house (she had no children and wanted them so much), the late but happy marriage (Saturn-Jupiter square Venus) and the writing (Mercury conjunct Venus) but most of all Pholus square Midheaven, the combination of an important turning point in status and career. (Susan Boyle has Pholus on Midheaven, too).

BTW and if you take a 2 degree orb, her Jupiter is quintile MC...

See yesterday's post about Julie Powell and Julia Child on this blog

See the post about famous TV chefs and Ceres in their charts:

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Julie & Julia, synastry and Julie Powell's 2009

Julie & Julia is a nice feel good movie (release August 7, 2009) based on real events. Julie Powell had a great idea. She cooked all the recipes of famous chef Julia Child in one year (starting August of 2002) and blogged about it. That is what the movie is about. Two things caught my attention: the fact that Julia Child was dismissive about the blog - and Julie-. And the fact that the blogging community 'turned against' Julie Powell in 2009 (after the movie). 

Julie's life changed in the period that her progressed Sun sign was changing. Transit Pluto was trine her natal Sun (intense living) when the movie was released and that was soon followed by Sun opposition Neptune in the progressed chart. That is a statement for negative press, being seen in a negative light, gossip and media attention (especially when you are famous). That explains the anti-Julie bloggers. But what explains the negative reaction of Julia in 2002? A quick look at the synastry of Julie and Julia learned that Julie's Saturn is square Julia's Mars, exactly. And that happens to be the most tricky synastry aspect of all (and I know it!). See the blog about it...
When the Saturn of one person is in hard aspect with the Mars of the other person it is hard not to become enemies. It is a confronting, painfull and sometimes even deadly synastry. Enemies often have this Mars-Saturn combination in synastry. 
Here is the chart of Julia Child with the transits of the day of birth of Julie Powell. There is no hour of birth, but one thing is certain: Mars is trine Saturn in her chart. In the chart of Julia Child Mars is in minor aspect with Saturn (105d). They share discipline (and being disciplined). And the disciplinary act of Child hit Julie (who admired the chef).

PS When the blog turned into a book Julie Powell's Progressed Sun was conjunct Mercury: she became a real writer! 

Tomorrow: more about the chart of Julia Child


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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time rectification and correction

When someone asked me about rectification of the time of birth and the answer was more than one page (...), I decided to blog about what I think of it. Students in astrology often spend months to find the ultimate minute and second of their birth time to erect their horoscope with proper Ascendant and Midheaven. The goal is to be precise in future, too. It is a nice way to learn more about astrology, but, can it be done, really? Is it possible to find the ultimate minute and second of birth? I think not. Because, if it could be done, why are there so many systems, why does Bernadette Brady say in her book ‘Predictive astrology’ that she experienced that there is a substantial group of people who's lives don’t seem to correspond with the transits and progressions? Why was there an astrologer who invented a system named ‘Minus one’ (one year!). Why weren't the guess charts for Obama the right charts? And why did I stop searching for my 'correct' birth time? I found that my official time of birth was right in the middle of the possible corrected birth times with a difference of 10 minutes to either side. What is the purpose of the amount of work to find the ‘correct’ time, when there is so much to consider?

Coming events cast their shadows before
You don’t get married all of the sudden and surgery is the next step in a disease or after an accident.

Major events are complex (mind the rule of 3!)
You are not going to die and you will not get a better job because of one single aspect. There are more than 2 important indications in the chart for important times (short term and longer term). My advice: analyse the combination of these indications (see the midpoint range on this blog).

It is a good thing that we can’t know it all…
Some things just happen and we don’t know why, yet. Think of the story of the butterfly and the storm…
Too many things to consider…
Take Pholus…Who had heard about Pholus a few years ago. Now I see the transits of Pholus related to the start of turning points in life. And how about midpoint combinations? Or the minor aspects? 
You need to have a helicopter view of the situation and consider the progressions and transits before and after a certain moment in time (how did you get at this point and how might it continue).

Sometimes nothing happens
(like when transit Jupiter was in my 12th house).
One single transit mostly doesn’t mean a lot.
It takes more to tango…

The charts of influential people might be ‘leading’.
- Coaches’ charts and the results of the team…
- Chart of your husband (in particular when you depend on his job!)
- Chart and position of the leading politician in times of war and the effects in your daily life.

So, if you (still) wish to spend a lot of time to find your ‘true’ birth time, don’t spend too much time on it. I did what you did and after many many hours, weeks and months my conclusion was that I was born at the official time and that the corrected times were up to 10 minutes before and after that official time. The thruth was in the middle…

!There are many examples of transits and progressions in practice on this blog. What you see is that they are seldom exact and often sketch a situation creating the conditions for further events. It is the combination that ‘does it’ and that makes it difficult if not impossible to find the exact second of your first breath. Also, when you want to have a look into the future, you can’t. Future changes. Times change. Right now, when I write this, things have again changed forever and my view of the future will have to change, too. Times flows...Your idea of what happened many years ago, may have changed to. You now see them in the light of today....


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Ahmadinejad, Khamenei and Eris (discord)

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has problems with Khamenei, supreme leader and former President of Iran. Ahmadinejad is a chosen politician, the official President in a strictly ruled theocracy in hostile relations with most countries. This post is about Mars-Neptune, Transit Saturn inconjunct Mars, signs of changing times for Ahmadinejad and about Jupiter-Sun and Eris in synastry. The news (link to Inside Iran) and the charts are corresponding. 
The Eris of Khameini is exactly inconjunct the natal Sun of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei's progressed Sun is opposition his Eris and semi sextile the natal Sun of Ahmadinejad. Time for some discord between them?

Politics is complicated. The interaction between two persons is a complicated matter. There is much much more (international issues, family matters...) and a chart should always been seen in the light of circumstances and changing situations. With that in mind, continue for the charts, the transits and progressions and links to more about Ahmadinejad.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The bankruptcy in the chart of Patricia Kluge-Rose

Patricia Kluge divorced John Kluge 20 years ago and had a lot of money, but now she filed for bankruptcy. Millions (and some say billions) have gone...What does the chart say? 

I won’t start with the transits of Pholus and Saturn (nasty turning point). I start where it starts: with the natal chart.  And with her marriage with John Kluge. That is when her lifestyle changed in a dramatic way. Here is her chart with the transits for now:

Her name was Patricia Rose and she was a pauper before she was a belly dancer and porn star. Then she met a rich man who fell in love with her. Her 'Midas' was John Kluge. He was married and she had a relationship, too, when they met. 

I like to point at Pholus in the 7th house of marriage. Her marriage (7th house) was a turning point in life (Pholus)! John Kluge turned her life into gold in a fairy tale marriage - in the eyes of the public - (Venus/Neptune square Jupiter). And when he died, the economic crises was repainting her life again…Both times Pluto was there! Continue for the synastrie with John Kluge, the repeating pattern of Pluto and Orcus and the list of indications for bad financial times.

The relief of Geert Wilders

Dutch astrologer Nico van den Bos tried to find an hour of birth for the controversial politician*) Geert Wilders for a couple of years and estimated that the birth was at 2:50 a.m. Yesterday Wilders was acquitted for hate speech (see Reuters). His first reaction was relief. This is the chart with estimated hour of birth. Transit Jupiter and Uranus are on either side of Midheaven. The midpoint Jupiter-Uranus is conjunct Midheaven. Jupiter-Uranus is the midpoint of relief (the 'Thank-God'-combination, said Ebertin). 

As long as the hour of birth of Geert Wilders is a well kept secret, the chart is speculation. But I like the Jupiter-Uranus 'match'! 

BTW, notice that Mercury doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees: Mercury is 'calling!' and that is a statement for communications at any level, somehow, anyhow. 

*) Very convenient for astrology: Uranus (controversy) and Pluto (politics) rise before the Sun of Wilders. 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Orcus, Saturn and Obama

This blog is about Saturn afflicting Orcus or vice versa. Example: Barack Obama.

President Obama is running for president again. Sometimes the polls are good (during transit Jupiter inconjunct progressed Sun, for example), but there is also a negative tendency reflected by the quincunx of Neptune with his progressed Sun. That transit comes back more often than Jupiter does and will still be active in November 2012, election time. There is little balance in the positive and negative view of the to be expected results. And there is more...Right now Saturn is square his progressed and natal Orcus. The final 'hit' is July 7. It doesn't 'sound' like a happy transit and this transit is important for Obama for a few reasons:

1. In the natal chart of Obama Saturn happens to be quindecile (that is a 165d aspect) Orcus...and
2. his Orcus is conjunct the midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven
3. Saturn is elevated in his progressed chart
4. He has a responsible (Saturnal) position

This all makes Saturn-Orcus quite important. And that means that the actual transit will resonate louder than in the charts of other people, who were not born with a Saturn-Orcus minor or major aspect.

When President Obama was elected, he promised change (yes, we can). More than 3 years later the people think that things changed the bad way and they blame him. Over 40% think that the economy was better off before he became the President of the USA. That is heavy and Saturn is the symbol of what is heavy.

Orcus, a transneptunian, is the mythical symbol of broken promises, contracts and oaths. Saturn is the symbol of blame, criticism, endings, restrictions and responsibilities. A square is a problem to overcome. A quindecile is the symbol of an obsession or strong focus. I think that Saturn-Orcus is reflecting being blamed or being held responsible for an oath or broken promise. 

Here is the chart for now:

See more about Orcus... on this blog. Read about the reflection of Orcus in the charts of divorced couples (like Charles and Diana, Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, Tiger and Ellen Woods, John Lennon/Yoko Ono) and the Saturn-Orcus-Sun-combination in the chart of Mussert. In 1941 he swoar to follow Hitler (and this oath was kept a secret, even to the members of his movement). After the war he was executed. His Orcus is sesquisquare Saturn, Saturn is inconjunct Sun and Orcus is 75 degrees from the Sun. 
A less dramatic Orcus is showing up in a chart when contracts need to be signed (for example, a mortgage). See:
A specific case is the relationship between John Edwards and Andrew Young. I quote my blog about them:
...the Orcus of Edwards is exactly square the Mercury of Young. Orcus is the deity noted for punishing those who break oaths. The Orcus of Young is conjunct the Ascendant of Edwards, who has Mars conjunct Orcus. In fact, both of them broke oaths...

The Green Duck provided a handy selection of ephemeredes so that you can find out where your Orcus is…and where Orcus is today.

MORE ABOUT ORCUS on Wikipedia (about the object) and about the myth...

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

102 year old informal carer

Driving in my car I heard an interview on the radio today. A 102-year old, celebrating her birthday today, was being congratulated and honored for the fact that...she takes care of her 72 year old and ill daughter, since two years. She cooks, washes and cleans. She does this almost always alone. That is very special. It drew my attention and I had a look at the chart of the d.o.b. of this very old lady, who also emigrated and returned (in 1972). What of all that can be found in the chart?

There is a balanced placement of planets and light in all elements. 50% of the placements are in movable signs (so I guess she is a busy person). I was curious about Jupiter/Uranus (often found in the charts of very old persons) and yes: Sun is semi square the midpoint Jupiter/Uranus
For more about astrology and aging, see my site Astromarkt about getting old.
There is a limited ability to read this chart, without hour of birth, but here are some more observations:

I am happy to see the trine between Mars and Neptune in her chart. Her voluntary job to help her daughter seems to be in line with this aspect: driven by empathy.

Family and tradition calls when the Moon is calling (not making major aspects). That is mirroring the living with her daughter, having a niece who helps to clean the house once a week and getting back to her home land after emigration.

Mrs K is an international (Jupiter is 'calling'. There are no major aspects within 5 degrees of orb). One daughter  lived in Australia until her death. Another daughter came over from South Africa, the country where she lived for many years until she and her husband returned to the Netherlands in 1972 (that is when she was 63!). There were three indications for this return. 

1. The progressed Sunsing changed from Leo to Virgo, with Progressed Venus square natal Sun. The first aspect in the new sign was Progressed Sun semi square Neptune. 
The changing sign of the sun mirrors the changing lifestyle. Sun-Neptune is reflecting a negative period in life. Soon after the return her husband became ill and died. 

2. Transit Pluto was square natal Sun in 1972 and Pluto is the symbol of transformation of life and issues of life and death.

3. Transit Ceres was conjunct natal Sun in 1972 (Ceres is the symbol of the roots)

4. Transit Uranus semi square Progressed Sun is another sign of changing times

BTW Notice the quatronovile between Sun (90d) and Uranus (290d). This 160d aspect symbolizes rejoicing independence and freedom. If the novile (binovile and quatronovile) represent the ninth harmonic and if the ninth harmonic is the symbol of the 'fruit of life' (where the birth chart is the 'tree'), the fruit of life of Sun-Uranus might be 'being independent'. Few people of her age managed to be as independent as she is now... 

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Mars (changing sign to Gemini) square Neptune

Canals on Mars?
In the blog about Mars in the progressed chart I wrote that nothing much changed when my progressed Mars changed sign, just another kind of activities. Today, Mars changes sign from Taurus to Gemini. That must be quite a change, from the lazy cow (not easily to offend) to the busy double-active always doing-two-things-at-the-same-time Gemini. Mars in Gemini is good with hands and so this position is perfect for Wimbledon: competition using hands and a lot of 'doubles'. However, the square with Neptune will immediately confuse the double-tasking promoter so that he makes mistakes or swings to the wrong side. I wonder in what way and if it will be at Wimbledon. It would be very astrological if there was something wrong, misunderstood or simply cancelled right at the very moment of Mars in Gemini square Neptune. It would also be very naive to believe that the rain will stop Wimbledon like last year, just because of the square between Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces. It takes more than just one aspect, always...

So it probably won't happen, and the aspect will only be significant for the babies born on June 21 and June 22, whose Mars or Neptune have a prominent place (on an angle, for example). But what IS Mars-Neptune?

Sun-Neptune is about double lives (and the question: who am I really?). Mars-Neptune is about double drives and activities (and the question: what am I doing?) The pink glasses on when playing tennis, perhaps that is the picture of a Mars Gemini square Neptune. Or double tasking with an overdose of sleep. Or an infection in something double in the body, like with pneumonia. At best: making a dream come true by working twice as hard. I might be affected by Mars in Gemini square Neptune already, because I am wondering if the picture above (a double Mars - in Gemini!- with canals = Neptune) wouldn't be the perfect image for this combination.

I have a bad example of a count in Holland who was naive enough to believe that he would be spared, but he wasn't. Natal Mars-Neptune opposition. Soon after transit Neptune conjunct Sun (being seen in a negative light, gossip) he was convicted and sentenced to death. Those were the days...a mistake, literally loosing your head... Don't I have a nice Mars-Neptune example? Yes, the chart of Rod Stewart (on Art&Astrology). He has Mars square Neptune and they didn't chop his head off!

Maybe you have some more? If you have Mars square Neptune, what is your experience? I read about a man who kept losing his job because of not matching with the expectations. I have seen examples of people working in or with crime (as a lawyer, for example, fighting crime). It seems that Mars-Neptune makes you 'do it' in another world, the world of imagination or the world that the common people don't see. Perhaps they work with animals, in hospitals, as a volunteer, for their ideals? It is a complicated aspect, very confusing (...).

Somehow you would expect the aspect to be valid when it occurs, too, not just in a natal chart, for a character, but real action at the right moment. That is why I keep my eyes on Wimbledon...Meanwhile, please   do the poll...

Examples of Mars-Neptune:

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Monday, June 20, 2011

More Pluto and babies...

This is a PS.
' Pluto when a child is born', my blog of yesterday, needs an addition! Mariah Carey (born on 'a' 27th March) had her twins Transit Pluto square Sun and guess what: she said that her babies completely changed her view of herself and of women. The symbol of transformation worked again. But she also had Transit Mars and transit Jupiter conjunct Venus and that is a traditional combination for giving birth. On my site Astromarkt (Venus in midpoint and aspect) you read this about Venus/Mars/Jupiter combinations: 

Venus/Mars/Jupiter = Productive lover or artist
Having a twin seems to correspond with that!:)

See the news: 
See the Pluto-baby blog:

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Sun sign changing

Within 24 hours the Sun will change sign from Gemini to Cancer. It happens every 30 days (approximately) and it will happen every 30 years starting from year X in every persons life. When your progressed Sun sign changes, you life style changes.

One of the most popular posts on is the one about the Progressed Sunsign changing. I wonder if the amount of visitors is due to the upheaval about the so called discovery of the fact that astrological sun signs don't equal constellations of stars with the same name. But perhaps some of the readers  are really interested in the progressed sun sign changing. They might read for an explanation.

In the previous blog I didn't mention the nature of the sign: life style, health issues and life in general change when the progressed sun sign changes, but HOW does it change? Often the first aspect in the new sign reveals some of it. When the first aspect is a trine with Jupiter (and that is what President Obama is going to experience very soon) we may expect a successful start of the new era, for example. His new life style is colored by Libra, the sign of style and diplomacy, the style of balance and cooperation. It is also the sign of relationship and marriage. We will all be able to witness the transformation from a distance:)...

When my progressed Sun sign changed to Aquarius my life style certainly changed (from house wife to full time working modern woman), earning my own money (again). I didn't see it as independence and freedom at the time, because I had to spend over 50 hours a week in the office or traveling instead of spending my time studying astrology and Spanish, reading and taking it easy (and searching for a job). The first aspect was with Jupiter (semi sextile) and the second with Saturn (trine). That was when the new life style became structured (a steady job).

Others are not as lucky as I was when my progressed sunsign was changing. It was my wish to find a job. Maybe next time (in about 10 years) I won't be as lucky again. What good change can one expect at age 70, when the progressed Sun is conjunct Jupiter (nice!) and inconjunct Saturn (bad). I will inform you when times comes...and when I found a new job:).

For the examples of people during the change of the progressed Sun, just use the label 'changing sun sign'. The Sun changing sign in progression is one of the signs of changing times.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pluto when a child is born

The reason why it is so difficult to foresee events is that we all respond in a different way to change. Take for example the moment when your first child is born. You are supposed to be happy, full of joy, grateful, shed some tears, perhaps…But many fathers and mothers have different kind of feelings. They feel a heavy load of responsibilities, a nervous change in the schedule, stress or incertainty. Such feelings may happen when transits of Saturn, Uranus, Pluto or Neptune pass bye in the period just before or after the birth of the new family member. I have written about Saturn when a baby is born (link), before. I quote:

 ‘On the day that Queen Elizabeth was born, Transit Saturn was conjunct  the Moon of King George VI (see post about his chart) perhaps illustrating that he worried about the event.”

It is the end of Father’s day, so why not post about another possible transit or progression: the one with Pluto.

Recently I read an interview with Bermuda born Heather Nova (9th July 1967). She said that the birth of her son Sebastian (January 26, 2004) changed her perspective. It was a period of thinking about life and death and life (of her son) after her death. I immediately thought of Pluto (the symbol of transformation, life and death), when I read that. And yes, Transit Pluto was trine her progressed Sun (and Progressed Sun was opposition natal Neptune).

The birth of a baby changes a lot and often causes stress.  In this case, I read that she continued a tour (eight months pregnant) and quickly followed the birth of her son with a new record (see Wikipedia). Because of the fact that the transit was with Progressed Sun, Pluto will not be part of the synastry between her and her son. If it had been a transit of Pluto with natal Sun, the relationship with her son should have been 'colored' by the nature of Pluto at best (encouragement and appreciation are some of the best things that Pluto has to offer).

When Barack Obama's first child was born on July 4 (!) 1998, transit Uranus and Chiron were square his natal Sun, illustrating change and starting a new surprising if not alarming:) period in life; busy days. When his second daughter was born (June 10, 2001) transit Pluto was trine natal Sun. 
Pluto and Uranus make a change...and when children are born, something definitely changes...

Progressions and transits of Pluto with the Sun are often challenging. See:
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Three times transit Jupiter in Taurus

It is a fact: benefics move quicker than malefics do and transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto last much longer than transits of Venus or Jupiter. Most of the time...Because the next couple of months there is an exception. Transit Jupiter moves through the first 10 degrees of Taurus, slowly, goes back and moves forward again. That means that if you have the Sun, Moon, a planet, Ascendant or MC or a progressed position in the first 10 degrees of Taurus, you will have Transit Jupiter conjunct your position three (3) times! Jupiter promises that you will travel, succeed, be content and happy and that you will get support. Isn't that great? Mind that word...*) follow the star...

Jupiter keeps moving between 1d18 (June 10, December 2 and January 18) and 10d20 Taurus (August 27, September 2 and March 17). In December 2011 Jupiter will go direct and only on March 2012 Jupiter will pass the 11th degree of Taurus. That is a blessing (even in hard times) for who is born:
- between April 21 and April 28, 
- between August 23 and September 2 or 
- between December 22 and December 31. 
Maybe even Scorpio (born October 23 to November 2) will benefit from the transit (but only if Scorpio plays by the rules!). It sounds as if Santa Claus comes bye in summer time, but beware: it all depends on the other transits and progressions. Also, there is a nasty side of Jupiter: *) growth (and I don't mean getting taller). Sometimes even if you eat almost only grass, you grow:).

Wrote about the history of my transit Jupiter in Taurus:
I moved, bought furniture and houses and moved again, but I don't have any plans now...

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Friday, June 17, 2011


Three years ago I posted on Astropost: AGE OF AQUARIUS by Gene Ray
The author, founder of The Astrologers' Forum, was very clear about it: the age of Aquarius will start on March 20, 2012. the clock and calendar of the 1st of Aries and Regulus give us the correct timing.

PS Gene Ray, how are you now?

Best seller writers' charts

How to be a best seller writer like for example J.K. Rowling, now in the news with Pottermore? It takes more than the chart (the right time and place and editor, for example), but what chart is the best? You are to late to change your time and place of birth but you are still in time to see if at least your chart has the same qualities as the three million selling authors Agatha Christie, Barbara Cartland and J.K. Rowling. Today it is Mercury trine Neptune and that is good for story telling (mixing facts and fantasy or communicating fiction). Those who were born today won't have problems with inventing tales. Here is a story about 3 writers and what their charts tell us.

Lots of people want to be a famous writer and trillions of concepts and scripts are never to be published or sold. Apparently it takes more than the ability to write to become a million selling writer like JK Rowling! Unlike singers you need not to be beautiful. But you need fantasy, sense of 'what people want to read', the right publisher (who takes time to read your book), a great idea, originality, education (...) and writing skills and if you have all that: LUCK. That is why you need a good Jupiter (for luck), Mercury (for writing), Venus (for style), Neptune (for fantasy)... You also need to be patient, waiting for the right moment to launch your script. It is rather complicated...The qualities (communicating skills, style and more) can be used in many other professions, too. So Neptune, the planet of fiction, must be very important in the charts of people with such an overwhelming fantasy.

Charts of writers are not alike at all. They are as different as their books and the examples on this blog were not born in the same generation. But maybe there are some things that those famous writers have in common...even if they write about different things. I found this:

- a prominent Mercury (for example 'calling' = no aspects within orb 5 degrees or within sign; for example conjunct Sun/Moon or both)
- pattern of professional artistic talent (aspects between Moon, Venus, Neptune, the signs Taurus, Libra, Cancer and Pisces, with direct or indirect connection to Midheaven
- keys to success (aspect-and midpoint combinations with Jupiter, prominence of Jupiter) and possibly important: Moon with Pholus and Jupiter
Neptune, of course
- ...and a surprise: Moon with Jupiter and Pholus 

Of course I have examples.  

1. AGATHA CHRISTIE was born on September 15, 1890 in Torquay at 4:30 a.m. At that moment Saturn (ruler 5th house) was rising, Neptune and Pluto were elevated and Mercury didn't make any aspect at all. She wrote (Mercury!!!) about solving mysteries (Neptune/Pluto). But let's stick to the pattern of the million selling writer:

- Mercury is calling (and biquintile Midheaven)
- Full pattern of artistic talent (Neptune conjunct MC, trine Moon in Libra and inconjunct Venus)
- Moon tightly trine Jupiter and opposition Pholus

Neptune is elevated in her chart (conjunct Midheaven).

Another million seller of quite a different kind of books (romance) is Barbara Cartland.

- Mercury is also calling in her chart! Sun/Moon is semi square Mercury (motivated to write, at any possible level.
- Neptune is sextile Moon and semi quintile Venus (but I don't see the direct connection with MC....though there is Venus/Neptune(romance) is in hard aspect with AC/MC (the crosspoint of time and place) and Jupiter conjunct Midheaven is in in aspect with Moon, Venus and Neptune)
- Moon 112.5 d Jupiter (=square+ half semi square) and square Pholus

Neptune rises before Barbara Carland’s sun…

An Astro ID tells us about the most prominent and interesting placements and positions. In the chart of JK Rowling they are for Merucy, Venus, Sun (all three 'calling') and Jupiter (the planet rising before the Sun). You see:

- Mercury calling! Mercury doesn't make any aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees: communications at any possible level (Venus NA (the conjunction with Uranus is >5d): style at any possible level and Sun is 'calling', too...:drawing attention at any possible level)

- There is also Neptune biquintile Jupiter and quintile Venus with Venus 75d Jupiter,  indication for possible success in art or love

- Jupiter rises before the Sun and is semi square Sun, pointing at positivism, the international, being convincing and self confidence.

- Moon square Jupiter and inconjunct Pholus
The time of birth of JKR is unknown, but it would be great if she was born at 10:55 a.m. with Sun/Moon conjunct Mercury, Moon with Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter/Pluto, A/M with Neptune and the Midheaven in Cancer sextile Venus, sesquisquare Neptune and in minor aspect with the Moon.

Earlier JKR revealed that she had a period of depression and I contributed that to Moon opposition Saturn and conjunct Pluto.(see that blog:

Lately, JK Rowling started a new site with Progressed Sun about to square Jupiter. Whatever she will do, it may be great...In the natal chart there is also a Sun-Jupiter combination, so this progression is resonating the natal aspect and having greater 'effect'. It will increase her confidence.

If she was born at 10:55 am Neptune would be of crucial importance (square AC/MC) and the ‘force’ that motivates her (Sun/Moon/Neptune combination:

4. Three examples is not enough for statistics. For some more writers (like Celine, Stephen King, Jorge Luis Borges, Vaclav Havel (playwright):

Also visit: for example about 'calling' (unaspected) planets and elements without placements of lights or planets (Conspicuous by absence):