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Transit Jupiter in Taurus

Don't look back, or freeze! In the story in the bible Lot's wife looks back and the punishment is cruel. This is what happened to her:
Picture of 'Lot and wife' on Mount Sodom by Andrew Neaum
I am old enough to be able to look back at a few identical transits and see if they really brought me what the books tell me. I have written about Transit Jupiter (when nothing happened) before (see the links). There is a personal reason why I post about Transit Jupiter in Taurus. It is because this transit will hit my Jupiter, Moon and Ascendant/Descendant axis 3 times between mid June and February 2012. Then (in February/March) Jupiter will be sextile Uranus and trine Mercury.Transit Jupiter will be in the second (Placidus) house in Taurus. Those are a lot of 'hits'.  This will happen to you, too, when you have placements around first 3-4 degrees of any sign or when you were born between 20 and 24 April (with transit Jupiter on your Sun between mid of June and next February. Usually transits of Jupiter are reflecting prosperity and positive feelings. Sometimes being positive can be negative (fraud, doping) and sometimes too much is no good. But generally, we all welcome a transit of Jupiter more than we look forward to a transit of Saturn...But what really happens, then?

As a strong supporter of the 'rule of 3' I believe that 3 indications are strong indications, so I value this transit more than the transits of 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 and 2000 and I expect more of it. But if transit Jupiter didn't reflect any kind of progress, development or growth before, how should I rate this 3x nothing? So I did look back and I didn't freeze, though I am not as enthusiastic as I could have been with these transits coming up, without knowing that one transit of Jupiter doesn't make a fortune or everlasting happiness. Yep, that is what happens when you look back!:) 

BTW: I also had a look at the progressed chart and found that the position of the progressed Moon during the transit of Jupiter and the Progressed position of Jupiter were of major importance.

Here are the 3 (...) results: for 1976, 1988 and 2000.

1. April 1976: we bought a house. It was ready in December and we lived in it for one year only. I did a grammatical study. 

Transit Jupiter rules the 9th (Placidus) house in the natal and in the 1976 progressed chart. Transit Jupiter was conjunct the Progressed Ascendant when transit Jupiter was also in aspect with natal Jupiter, natal Ascendant and (later) natal Moon. 

2. March 1988 was between buying and selling a house.
Jupiter now ruled the 8th house in the Progressed chart and Progressed Moon was in the first house. The buyer of the house entered with Jupiter sextile Uranus. 

3. March 2000: I got a bonus for the past period, had a new manager and learned and travelled a lot for business in those days. We spent a lot and earned a lot. I did have to work hard for it, though. Progressed Moon in Progressed 6th house and natal 8. On the 8th of March a family member died. That was after the transits with Jupiter, Moon and Ascendant and before Jupiter sextile Uranus (no recollection of what happened then).

Now what is the common factor? Progress (3 out of 3)? Selling and buying houses (2 out of 3)? So what to expect now?

We won't move, buy or sell houses (I hope). It is a 11th house story now. That didn't happen before.
  • Progressed Moon is in the 11th Progressed house and in the first house of the natal chart. In June this Moon will hit the small trine between Sun conjunct MC, Neptune in 7 and Pluto in 6. 
  • Progressed Jupiter rules the 7th and is in the 10th of the progressed chart. The final hit will be when Jupiter just enters the 11th house of the progressed chart. 
  • In February of 2012 (final hit) Progressed Moon will be trine natal Venus in 10. (In April there will be a progressed conjunction of Venus and Jupiter with Progressed Mercury conjunct Natal Moon, btw).
How sweet it is to look forward to nice progressions and transits, especially when they happen 3 times! I'll have to wait and see what really happens and/or start scheduling now. How about 2012 April Fool's day for a big party? 

Time will tell and I will tell you!

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