Monday, July 27, 2015

Hulk Hogan: Saturn, Pluto and Pholus

Suppose that you are Hulk Hogan, a tough, strong and rich guy. Suppose that you have Mercury ‘calling’ and Mars, too. Mars is also rising before your Sun. That is the picture of the kind of guy who ‘calls’ and says things while working and fighting and fast…and all this at any kind of level, somehow, anyhow. Mercury and Mars prominent lead to discussions. There is a lot of discussion around Hulk Hogan today. People want him out after his racist 10 year old rant appeared on the internet. His name is no longer on the WWE Wall of Fame. Exit Hulk Hogan even not after saying sorry. 

He said it. Now what does his chart say? 

1.    Astrothème gives him Pluto conjunct Ascendant. That means that the present square of transit Pluto with his progressed Ascendant is twice as heavy as the usual Pluto (who is rather nice, with that big heart but also icy cold). Pluto means crisis, challenges and problems, often, just like Pluto means strength, power, influence and value. Pluto has two sides.

2.    Another painful point is transit Pholus sesquisquare his Mars (how about hurtfully shooting your own feet?).

3.    On top of this, transit Saturn square his midpoint Sun/Moon is depressing and demotivating.

4.    And there you have Pluto again: sesquisquare Sun/Moon to complicate things. You can’t have them all, but Hulk Hogan sure has a lot.

He was hit by Pluto, Saturn and Pholus at the same time: that is like a hard boomerang point of no return. 

Here is the chart with transits and progressions. These bad transits wouldn't hurt anyone born at another time and place on that day, even though they also have Mercury and Mars 'calling'. 

See the labels for more examples of Mercury ‘calling’ and opinions or remarks that cause trouble. And see for the data.

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Krissie Brown dies

When Krissie Brown was found in a bathroom, unconscious, just like her late mother Whitney Houston before, transit Neptune was on her MC. In the natal chart of Krissie Brown Neptune rules Midheaven and is in the 8th house of life and desth, just like Uranus. Now, with transit Uranus exactly square Nepune,  she died. Conflicts Uranus-Neptune are conflicts between wake and sleep.

This Uranus-Neptune conflict also pops up when there is a hoax or a hype (false news, a flash of gossip). There have been a few false announcements of death in her case lately. This time it seems to be real. In accordance with the symbols of Neptune and Uranus in 8 she suddenly passed away softly in her sleep.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Declinations (parallel/contra parallel)

This is a sort of a follow up on declinations. I wrote about Out of Bounds positions earlier ( ). There I explained what declination and OOB is. Now I want to brainstorm a bit about parallel and contra parallel aspects. How to find these aspects? Well, go to, select the Additional Tables. Every Sun, Moon, MC, Ascendant and planet has a declination degree, minute and second and a position S (South) or N (North). Use a 16' orb and try to find those positions that come close (for example 23d50m10sN and 24d02m06sN) or those positions in contra parallel (like 23d50m10sS and 24d02m06sN). Is there any contra parallel in your chart, than ask yourself: am I aware that this aspect is important for me? I think that contra parallels are not so obvious as parallels are, just like they are not so obvious from the point of view of one of the objects. But first I want to show you some examples.
On August 4, 1961 POTUS Barack Obama was born. On the same day, in my country, two persons were born who make their living by means of communications. That day, there was a beautiful parallel combination in the sky: Mercury 20gr41m48s N, Jupiter 20gr35m24N and Pluto 20gr34m1sN. Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto made 'common aspects, too: Mercury opposite Jupiter and quintile Pluto. So, there is a double combination to indicate a big amount of words, success by communications and the possibility of earning money singing, writing, negotiating or speaking. The declination aspects support the usual aspects. Obama, as an extra, has Moon parallel Descendant AND trine Jupiter for popularity. That made me think about other American top politicians. Did they have such parallel, too? And how about others?
  1. Hillary Clinton’s probable Descendant is parallel Mars 
  1. Bill Clinton has Mars parallel Ascendant (Hillary and Bill mirroring each other!) and a parallel conjunction of Uranus, Pluto and MC. Jupiter is parallel Chiron.
  1. George W. Bush: Uranus parallel Node.
  1. John F. Kennedy had Venus parallel Southern Node and MC parallel Saturn (plus Saturn conjunct MC). 
  1. Amanda Knox: Sun contra parallel Neptune in the 8th house of life and death
  1. Bill Cosby: Sun contra parallel Jupiter 
  2. Dominique Strauss Kahn: Jupiter parallel Descendant; Sun, Mars and Saturn parallel 
  1. Tour de France biker Joop Zoetemelk: Jupiter parallel MC and Uranus + Pluto parallel Ascendant. Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus have key positions in the chart, too.
This mix makes you see that it is not easy to find the meaning of parallel and contraparallel aspects in a way that it shows you the person's life or career. Cafe Astrology tried to interpret the parallels (and contra parallels as well) ( ). Most sites and books say that a parallel is like a conjunction and a contra parallel is like an opposition. Is it? I think that the parallel and contra parallel (not conscious) aspects support the existing most important aspects and placements, for good or bad. And I keep thinking. For example about my own Sun/MC trine Pluto, with Sun parallel Midheaven and both contra parallel Pluto, in combination with Moon contra parallel Uranus. Usually Pluto is considered to be a difficult symbol. But now that we know that icy Pluto has a big heart, could we see Pluto as a courageous, brave and defending symbol too? That is according the sign that Pluto 'rules': Scorpio, a water sign. Pluto has fluid, Pluto has ice, Pluto is warm inside... Maybe after the progressed Mars inconjunct Pluto that is exact in my chart next week, I will let you know...

PLEASE DO THE POLL about declinations (on the right, till August 1)! Thank you in avance!

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Color horoscope for Bill Cosby and Prince Philip

I like the color horoscope (free try out version of and I want to tell you about it. I added the picture of a kaleidoscope. Just like with computer horoscopes, you may wonder what the REAL picture is. Computer horoscopes are (sometimes free) compositions of signs, positions and aspects in a row. They seem to fit, but often fail when you do it for another person and another one. With so many possible notions the computer horoscope is often a 'one size fits all' and one size doesn't really fit, always. The color horoscope of is one that I like. At least: I like the short free version (I haven't tried the complete one). It is because of the 'Roles you play' and 'Background' part. I'll show you why and I'll also show you why it doesn't fit all. Computer horoscopes sometimes help you to 'see the picture' and sometimes they just give a bunch of contradicting texts. This part, if you are ready to include the context (social circumstances, gender, genes, the whole picture), helps to see a character.

Today is Bill Cosby's birthday. Transit Uranus is square his Sun now that he is in the news in a negative way and Transit Uranus will be back in 2016. In his solar return chart, Sun square Uranus tells us about a hectic and nervous year. Here is the natal chart with transits and progressions for July 8.

I used 11:54 a.m. (Progressed Venus conjunct MC at marriage in 1964). That gives Ixion a special place. Ixion is also on the midpoint Venus/Pluto. Soon after 1964 the abuse began and progressed Sun was semi square Ixion. Right now, progressed Sun is almost exactly conjunct Saturn (a time to face the facts). I had to use A time because you can't try out the color horoscope without hour of birth. I didn't use the times mentioned on Astro. com, because they come from 1 source and don't give any appropriate data for 1964. So this is a guess chart. The color horoscope mention for 'Roles you play' and 'Background':
  • Desirous
  • Looking for support
  • Searching for pleasure
  • Interested
  • Lack of self-confidence
2x desire/pleasure, 2x seeking contact, 1x lack of self confidence. It sounds like a person who is eager for pleasure and good in communications, but who doesn't believe in the results and perhaps that is why he used drugs to 'conquer' the women he abused. But (#kaleidoscope) you can also get the picture of a very nice social person, like the father in the TV series.
They say that you can have it your way with any computer horoscope, but this one at least doesn't 'sound' like the chart of a violent or super cool and controlled person. I did my chart and those of others and yes: you see (part of a) character, but what you do with that character ... nobody knows. It depends on the rest of the chart and ... on the background. Bill Cosby couldn't do what he did if he wasn't famous, powerful and popular. We wouldn't even look at his chart:). 

Now how about the chart of Prins Philip. If he wasn't the husband of the Queen of England,we wouldn't mind what he says or does, but we do. 
Prins Philip, we know, is rather rude. There is a whole list of unwanted and political incorrect public communication on the net. He always knows how to hurt someone. But when you use the color horoscope, you get 'sensitive' twice! That is because the computer horoscope didn't include the fact that both Mercury and Mars are Out of Bounds and that Mercury is angular. That is how the computer missed the sharp (Mars) tongue (Mercury)! The color horoscope also mentions 'Center of attention' and 'Manipulation' ...Anyway, try yours and see!
Why try it? Well, I like that color horoscope. It is fun. I realize that the try out version is not the complete version and that computer horoscopes (as 'they' are afraid of skipping something important) mention too much always and forget about the 'main picture). Still, there is something about it...And no, they don't pay me to tell you this.

If you want to learn a quick and not computerized way to read your chart, read this: How to read a chart...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

When Ringo Starr became a Beatle...

When Ringo Starr became a Beatle, on August 16, 1962, what exactly did his chart 'say'? Here is the chart:

This was after a period of highlighted contacts (Progressed Sun-Mercury) and hard works and efforts (Mars-AC in progressed chart):

1. transit Jupiter sesquisquare midpoint Sun/Moon
2. transit Pluto sesquisquare Sun/Moon midpoint
! notice that Jupiter and Pluto (and Chiron, too) were in aspect with midpoint Sun/Moon. Jupiter/Pluto can bring success. Sun/Moon-Jupiter/Pluto shows very strong motivation and confidence (and therefore more chance of success).
3. transit Pholus inconjunct Sun (strong transit because Sun is opposite Pholus in the natal chart); this signals a turning point in life that got him (and his former life style) 'out of balance'
Three minor aspects showing the major impact of that day in 1962...

As the progressed Sun got closer and closer to midpoint Jupiter/Pluto (for success!) it was to be expected that joining the Beatles would bring him luck. As both progressed Sun with midpoint Jupiter/Pluto AND the midpoint Sun/Moon with transit Jupiter and Pluto were indications of confidence and success, the transit of Pholus could only mean a 'but...' when considering a successful change in life. Wikipedia quote:
He commented on the nature of his lifestyle after having achieved success with the Beatles: "I lived in nightclubs for three years. It used to be a non-stop party.

His pattern of talent doesn't exactly follow 'the rules' (see my blog Art&Astrology) but IS there. Venus conjunct MC and Midheaven biquintile Moon and square Neptune tells us that his career and position could be related to artistic talents. Progressed Venus was retrograde and that is how the opposition Venus-MC got exact in later life.

BTW the Pluto of John Lennon's day of birth is conjunct the Moon of Ringo Starr. That might indicate the strong influence that Lennon had...

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Magic Mike XXL in Channing Tatum's chart

Actor Channing Tatum’s chart has Venus Out of Bounds (27d19m20s N). This perfectly demonstrates how important his looks are. There is more in his chart that helped him to become a model. His astrological profile is in line with other attractive males. 

Attractive males often have Venus in Virgo or Capricorn and Saturn in aspect with Venus or Ascendant and placements in Taurus and Libra, too. That is what I said and you see the examples in the article :
 Channing Tatum’s hour of birth is unknown. That means that the position of his Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven are unknown. But at least we know that Magic Mike XXL has:

Sun in Taurus!
Venus exactly square Saturn!
Moon in either Virgo or Libra

Male sex symbols have this…

It is not enough to be a good looking, 'cool' guy. This male sex symbol also drew attention. On the day of his birth, Sun in Taurus didn’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That is a ‘calling’ Sun! When Sun's are not aspected in a chart, this person will somehow (anyhow) seek attention. 

You also need to be on the right place at the right moment and have a nice progressed chart. In 2005/2006 (debute and break through) his progressed Sun changed sign to make a square with Jupiter. A progressed Sun changes sign when your life style changes. Jupiter is the symbol of success, progression and growth. When the progressed Sun makes an aspect with Jupiter you progress in life. Or grow XXLJ:)

Right now, his progressed chart has Sun square Mars, to highlight his male energy. With Sun square Mars you are likely to be driven, energetic and (if your gender allows it) purely male. 

Perhaps his chart with hour of birth reveals more  about his career. Here is his chart without DOB. It is the chart of the day of birth (in the USA). 

In England, Marlon King (see Wikipedia) was born on the same day. He is in jail now (for reckless driving) and his football contract has been cancelled following accusations of sexual assault. In 2005 (Progressed Sun square Jupiter, for success, like Chaning) he was top scorer. There is a Mars square Uranus aspect for speeding in this chart, too. You see, it is up to you (and your situation/circumstances) what you do with life. Perhaps it is also in the hour and place of birth and the placement of Mars. And in the fact that OOB Venus lacks control. 

An OOB Venus is like a 'calling' Venus (Venus without major aspects): somehow, anyhow you want to enjoy yourself, look good and have fun. It can be done on a high level of esthetics or in the world of entertainment. Or you just want to please yourself. 

PS In this chart there is also a Mercury-Pluto-Saturn combination in the chart of April 26, 1980. That is for strategy in communications (and almost in every politician's chart). There are multiple choices to be made and of course they are limited by social circumstances and the hour/place of birth with crucial placements. 


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