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CERES-JUPITER: too much food?

There are two types of diabetes. Diabetes 1 starts at an early age. Lots of people have Diabetes 2 (starting later in life). The sugar level (hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia) is a problem with both types.
This post is about the chart mirroring a specific problem: the problem of being high (Jupiter) on sugar (Ceres-Venus). This aspect combination also signals an overdose of delicacies and food. I have a few examples for you.

Usually I expect good things to happen when Venus and/or Jupiter come in. They are the 'benefics' of astrology. It is fun when these planets join your (wedding) party. But are their natal aspects, transits and progressions always as nice and sweet as they appear to be? I am afraid not. Sometimes a lot of (Jupiter) fun, pleasure, sweetness and delicacy (Venus) is just too much for the body's food system (Ceres).  Also, Ceres-Jupiter doesn't mean 'benefits of nutrition', apparently. Ceres-Jupiter means: too much food.

Now why do I think that this problem correlates with Jupiter-Ceres in the chart, supported by Libra, Taurus or Venus? For a couple of reasons... I have two charts with data, a link for more charts to study and a few anonymous cases:

1. I happen to know someone with Ceres in the first of Libra exactly square Jupiter in Cancer (both in hard aspect with Aries Point).  She loves chocolate and cookies and generally eats too much. The result is being high on sugar: diabetes2.

2. Robert E. Ferguson died of complications of diabetes2. He was born August 29, 1939 in Troy (Miami) OH at 17.00 hours with Moon inconjunct Ceres and opposition Venus while Jupiter was trine Ceres.  Here is his chart. Just click for a larger picture.

3. I also found the Venus-Ceres-Jupiter combination in the chart of someone who was diagnosed with Diabetes1 at the age of 20.

His Venus (first degree Cancer) is -out of sign - square Ceres (359.96 = 30 Pisces) and Ceres is biquintile Jupiter (orb 1.8d). Venus is septile Jupiter. This, in combination with Ceres inconjunct Midheaven and square Ascendant, shows how important nutrition and insulin was.
Just as Jupiter is considered to be a 'good' planet, the biquintile is considered to be a nice aspect...

4. Someone was diagnosed during transit Ceres opposition Jupiter (both important in the natal chart) ,  2 two years after Venus conjunct Jupiter in the progressed chart (sextile natal Ceres). That is when 'the good life' started.

5. Richard Harris was diagnosed with diabetes in 1982 (transit Jupiter sextile Ceres). Here is the chart for that year:
Click for enlargemen

6. One of the examples had Sun/Moon semi square Ceres (and Ceres sextile Jupiter). Diagnosed in 1953, with transit Jupiter conjunct natal and progressed Ceres. Here is the chart:

7. There seems to be reason to believe that Henry VIII had untreated diabetes. See:

His Sun/Moon midpoint is in hard aspect with Jupiter,  Ceres is ' calling' (no major aspects) and Venus is the most elevated planet and conjunct MC in his natal chart that you can see here:

CERES is an important player in the charts of cooks:
 If you would translate Venus-Jupiter-Ceres to daily life you could see the pleasure in cooking, too.  And maybe the tendency to show love by means of distributing candy:)


!Attention! Astrologers are no doctors. A chart only draws a picture that is relevant for the chart owner. So, not all charts of people with Diabetes have this combination. Others with this combination don't have Diabetes. Why not?

It also takes more than one aspect combination to be diagnosed with a (more or less serious) illness or ailment. Ceres or Venus or Jupiter (or even all three) must be of importance in the natal or progressed chart. And it is like always with statistics: it is the percentage, and never 100%.

As far as I know there has never been research on the charts of a few thousands of people with the data of the moment that they heard about having diabetes. The data may not be available. As a chart also should be read with the genes, gender, culture, social/economic situation in mind, it may be hard to come to conclusions. But there are some charts on in the files for those who want to 'dive' into the subject:

PS The post on the Boston Molasses Disaster has a title with Venus Ceres:

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Pholus and the point of no return in chart al-Assad

This is on the importance of Pholus in natal, transits and progressions of the chart of the day of birth of Bashar al-Assad. There is a suspicion that his army crossed a red line and used (uses still) chemical weapons against the population, regardless who.
Click for larger picture
His natal chart has Pluto on Sun/Uranus. Pluto and Uranus rose before the sun on his day of birth. Uranus and Pluto = revolt and radicalism. As Pluto is the first to rise, there is a spotlight on politics, strategy and power. It is also important who your friends are, when Pluto rises before the sun.

1. In an earlier post I mentioned the transit of Pholus semi square al-Assad's progressed Sun. That was when the revolt started and will be repeated once that transit Pholus stops retrograding and goes direct.

2. Now there is a specific turning point and transit Pholus is square natal Sun. This transit also happened before and will be repeated when Pholus goes direct.

3. It is good to know that in the natal chart the Sun is inconjunct Pholus.
That inconjunct with Pholus is a risky aspect (check the label). Pholus is the centaur who shot himself in the foot with a poisoned arrow.
The inconjunct is a symbol of lack of balance and loss. It seems that it's Pholus' time now, for al-Assad.

When transits or progressions repeat a natal aspect combination, those transits and progressions show that it is time for the theme of the aspect combination to see the light. It means that the transit or progression is very important. The Syrian president wasn't meant to be the leader of the nation when he was born. He was studying to be an eye doctor, but didn't finish this study. Circumstances turned him into a leader. It turned out this way...

 It is terrible that innocent and not political involved persons and children have to suffer. Often the charts of leaders (and coaches) tell us about the situation of the community depending on their decisions. Transit Jupiter is now sesquisquare Barack Obama's midheaven. In October, transit Uranus will be square Obama's Eris. Let us hope that it will not be followed by new discord. Here is his chart with transits and progressions for now:

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Mercury square Mercury

It had a longer title for this post, before (Progressed Mercury square Mercury in conflict with Uranus) and it is exactly what this post is about: transit or progressed Mercury square Mercury. And an example of someone who had transit Uranus afflicting both.

Only those who get very old will ever have a progressed Mercury square Mercury. Transit Mercury square Mercury happens more often. That is the moment when your brain has problems with information coming in and when your way of communicating isn't very informative or not understood. At least that is what I noticed today.

An old lady was in pain and they wonder why. So there was an Xray in hospital and later they administered a morphine based pain killer. Within a few hours she got very sick and confused. Now she doesn't know what day it is and what happened. This happened with Transit Uranus square her natal Mercury and opposition progressed Mercury.

A sudden mental conflict at old age... I won't live long enough for my progressed Mercury square Mercury.  When that happens it's 96 years after birth. Transit Mercury square Mercury happens quite often. I 'had it' on April 20 and wrote nothing. Transit Mercury opposition Mercury was on June 6 2013 (when I wrote about D-Day and Dwight D. Eisenhower's DD-rated chart). There were a lot of DD's in that post!

On Sunday 15th September it will be transit Mercury square my Mercury, again. I promise that I won't tell any stories then!

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Interpreting houses and rulers in transits

On July 20, 2013 I wrote about making difficult decisions with transit Pluto conjunct Mercury. How can houses and rulers contribute to 'predicting' what could happen and what the result would be? Here is an attempt to unlock the doors of the houses and their rulers by means of the method that Bernadette Brady gives in 'Predictive Astrology'. I am fond of structures and methods as a guide line and I like to test them:).

In 'Predictive Astrology' Bernadette Brady describes a method of how to read transits, using rulerships and houses. The natal house is translated as 'source', the transit house describes the situation and the effect/result of it all will be found in rulerships (the houses ruled by the planets involved in the transit).  If you have no planets in a natal house, that house will never be a source or cause for an event in life, with this method. How to deal with that, I wonder? But let me give some examples of the method. Two of the transits already happened. The third one will happen soon and will be a test case of how to use this method.

Pluto rules Scorpio (8th house for me) and is in the 6th natal.
Mercury rulers Gemini AND Virgo (3, 4 AND 7 for me) and is in the 11th natal.
  • source, cause  in 6th house and in the 11th house (where Pluto and Mercury are in natal chart)
  • situation in 11th house (where transit Pluto is right now)
  • result in the 8th and 3,4,7th house (ruler 8 and ruler 3,4,7)
How to interpret that? Give it a try before you read any further...

a. Some difficult decision (my interpretation of Mercury-Pluto) and mental stress related to work/daily pattern/health (6)
b. causes a transformation in my network (11th house)
c. and the result of all that is that nothing will be the same after this (8th and 4th = end) and I learned something or got to know someone or there is intens communication with other people (3/7).

Does including the houses and their rulers give much more information? I wonder... I could have mistaken the 6th for illness and the 8th for death (of myself or of one of my co-workers, relations, sisters/brother, partner or friends. The main issue IS mental stress, work/health related and it seems that Pluto in 6 in the natal house describes more of this transit in the 11th than Mercury does.

When I had transit Mars and transit Pluto in 11 opposition natal Uranus in 5, I knew that I needed dental surgery because of repeating pain. Something had to be done (Mars-Pluto) asap (Uranus), but there was a question mark (opposition).
Let's repeat the procedure:

a. Source (the natal house position): Immediate action with a question mark (opposition) related to things you can't help (12), health (6) and pleasures (5). You see, the dental surgery was scheduled on my birthday! Opposition: the dentist fell and hurt his teeth badly, so that he couldn't help me on the given date.

b. How was the community involved? I had scheduled days off for this surgery and after all this wasn't necessary. We also could have that birthday dinner:)

c. result: rulers 8 and co-rulers 1 and 12 were involved in this opposition. The question (opposition) was if there was a final (8) solution (12) for my fysical condition (1).
(The answer was yes, eventually...:)

Sounds OK, but I still have my doubts on the 11th house. It is the 6th of 6 (health service?).

On September 1, transit Venus will hit my Neptune (and the Neptune of many of my generation). My Neptune rules the Ascendant and is in the 7th. Venus is ruler 2 and co-ruler 7 (or equal house ruler 8) and in the natal 10th house.

Let us try to predict this:
a. Source (natal house positions) 10 and 7: a public financial or romantic desillusion caused by a partner or any other 'someone else', feeling confused
b. This causes some kind of situation in my relationship
c. Result: my income or what I have will be the victim

There are two complications regarding this transit:

1. I know that it is not a big event
Of course, as Venus moves fast, this transit happened before! I happens every year. I had this on November 13, 2012 and on September 30, 2011 and on August 27, 2010. In fact, this happens every year and I can't remember a good or bad thing about it. But now that I pay attention on T Venus conjunct Neptune, let us see if there is a financial disappointment. It seems that I may be able to get over it and: I promise that I won't check my bank account that day:)! Check the comments after September 1 to see what happened! I will wait a few more days, because it just might be that I am happy about an illusion on September 1 and I the disappointment comes later...

2. The day after Venus will be sextile Sun and Midheaven and trine Pluto.

Do your transits follow the rules and the rulers of the houses? I love to see an example!

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Saturn and Pholus in charts of Johnny Depp and Steve Ballmer

When you decide to retire, watch the positions of Saturn and Pholus, that is what I wrote before. When Saturn and Pholus join in, you may think that it is time (Saturn) for a turning point (Pholus). The picture above shows how I see it. There are two sides on the decision. One side seems to weigh more than the other does.

Fresh examples this week: Johnny Depp and Steve Ballmer.

 Johnny Depp announced to retire from acting and see: transit Saturn square Progressed Sun (soon after T Saturn opposition MC) and transit Pholus opposition Sun. But he didn't stop immediately and they say that more 'Pirates' are to come. He is also 50 (rather young to stop) and rich (rich enough to stop). So when you see important transits and progressions of Saturn and Pholus, to retire may be on your mind, but it takes more to actually quit and say goodbye.

Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer announced - last week - that he will retire within 12 months.

There are a few indications in his chart for this. Maybe progressed Ceres conjunct natal Sun might maybe wants to take better care of himself?  And how about Saturn and Pholus?

1. Saturn was inconjunct natal Sun this year (lame duck transit) and
2. Saturn will be square Pholus in a few weeks time (time for a turning point)
3. Pholus is inconjunct natal Venus (selecting a turning point involving giving up)
4. Saturn is about to trine progressed Venus and
5. Saturn was inconjunct progressed Mercury (bye bye with a loss involved)

The first aspect that the progressed Sun (change of life style) will make is an opposition with Saturn.

Here is the chart, transits and progressions.

More on the chart of Johnny Depp Quote:
" A successful (Jupiter) movie (Neptune) star (Sun). Sometimes astrology is easy!:) "

PS Have I told you yet about the pattern of artistic talent in his chart? Here it is:

Moon sextile Neptune
Taurus Midheaven
Venus in Taurus

And then it stops, sorry! It seems that the famous exception in the range of examples of the astrological pattern of professional artistic talent has been found:)!


I also quit my job recently in a period of Transit Pholus conjunct and transit Saturn exactly semi square Sun and MC (together with this Pluto-Mercury transit and Neptune crossing my horizon). There were even more transits and progressions. See 

III Also visit: on Pholus:

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The chart of the crash and death of Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads was born to be a rock star. The 'calling' Sun was biquintile his Ascendant. He played the guitar and had just begun to play in Ozzy Osbourne's band. On March 19, 1982 he was in a small plane that crashed into flames. The pilot had crashed before and was under the influence of cocaine.

Here is the chart, with transits and progressions for the fatal day:

- Transit Saturn exactly square the natal Ascendant (bad luck, ends)
- Transit Pholus exactly conjunct Midheaven (he was on a turning point in life)
- Transit Pholus trine ruler 8 Uranus in 1
- Transit Mars was opposition natal Mars

click for a larger picture

See,_Randy and

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Fiery car accidents and charts, re Michael Hastings and Dick van Dyke

On special request I pay attention to the chart of Michael Mahon Hasting, born January 28, 1980. He died in a fiery single car accident in LA, on June 18, 2013, only 33 years old. There are questions around that accident, that astrology can't answer. Here is what the charts of Michael Hasting and Dick van Dyke tell us about fiery car accidents..

Michael Hastings was a reporter.  He worked during the war in Iraq, where he lost his fiancé in 2007. He wrote a book about that (title: I lost my love in Baghdad, a modern war story).  I noticed some correspondence in the horoscopes of the day when he lost his love and the day that he lost his life.

Here is the chart of the moment of the crash (around 4:30 am) and here is the link to the video on YouTube, from a surveillance camera.

In green you see the positions of the day of birth of Michael Hastings. There is no hour of birth, so this story could be completed with transits and progressions of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven. Nevertheless, there are indications for what happened in his life, or rather: for what his chart did when there were important events in his life and when he died.
Click the chart for larger picture...

A reporter in a war zone is a special person. In the natal chart the Sun is quintile Uranus, biquintile Mars and inconjunct the ' calling' Jupiter (for the international and the importance of travel, at any possible level, including horse power). Mercury is also 'calling'. Mercury + Jupiter increases communications and transportations. He travelled and wrote a lot.

The quintiles and biquintiles and especially the quintile between Mars and Uranus tell us about the creative short fuse, and creative acceleration of speed. The inconjunct  of Sun and Jupiter warn for the negative side of success and horse power. On the day of the fatal crash, the Sun was conjunct Jupiter.  Read about 'resonance': transits and progressions like in the natal chart, are more important.

When using (Mars) machinery or techniques (Uranus) there is always the risk of accidents. I read that he had a computer controlled car. Maybe something was wrong with the engine. Mars-Uranus also happens to be the symbol of explosions. This aspect combination in your chart warns you for speed, fire and getting hurt in general.*)

I read in the article on the NY Times, that he lost his fiancé, who was born on a June 16, on January 17, 2007. Progressed Mercury inconjunct Pluto and Neptune with transit Saturn quindecile Sun to accompany this. He shared a Mars quintile Uranus aspect with her (creative short fuse, taking risks).
There is a lot of sadness, fear, bad luck and Saturn in that moment.

1. The moment of the crash (see chart above)
The Ascendant of the moment of the crash is square Hastings Jupiter. Transit Midheaven quindecile his Mars represents the accident, hurting him.

a. In the day before his death, transit Sun was conjunct his Saturn. It was the night of the day after the birthday of Andrea Parhamovich, his late fiancé. Maybe he thought of her, then.
b. There is another coincidence: the Sun of the day of the accident is exactly opposition the Pluto of the day of the death of his fiancé, Andrea Parhamovich.

There are 4 progressions, all with Saturn:
3. There is a progressed inconjunct between Venus and Saturn.  It is an aspect that often reflects depression with a loss involved. The importance of this progression depends on the angular or not position of Saturn or Venus in the natal or progressed chart.

4. There is a double Pholus-Saturn Progression: P Saturn opposition Pholus and Progressed Pholus opposition Saturn. How to define Saturn-Pholus? I'd say that it mirrors a depressing turning point, reaching a nasty point of no return. The importance of this progression depends on the angular or not position of Saturn or Pholus in the natal or progressed chart.

5. I already mentioned Sun-Jupiter in the chart of the crash and Sun inconjunct Jupiter in the natal chart of Michael Hasting.

6. Last but not least: Progressed Sun quindecile (165d) Saturn. Saturn sometimes ends.  A quindecile reflects a strong focus or even obsession. The combination mirrors a strong focus on the nasty sides of life. 

All in all there is no sign of success or happy times in the progressed chart.  The days around the accident weren't lucky days, either (Sun-Saturn, Sun-Jupiter). It might be that his Midheaven and Ascendant or P Moon had significant aspect, but without hour of birth that remains a mystery.

There are conspiracy theories around the death of Michael Hastings (see: ) because he wrote an email saying that he needed to go 'of radar' for a while. 
The family says that they have no reason to have doubts about a sad accident.
And we only know what we are told and we only see the outside. Why he was on the road riding fast at this time of the night, nobody knows and nobody likes to talk about it. 

Astrologers aren't detectives.
Astrology is no tool to tell right from wrong, point fingers or give an answer about causes of death. Even not, when there is an hour of birth. That is because charts should be seen in the light of gender, genes, situations and cultures. Numbers of people were born on the same day as Michael Hastings.

They didn't die this way. They are even alive and kicking right now.

The circumstances of the death of Michael Hastings raise questions, apparently, and what has been made public doesn't seem to satisfy a lot of people. There remain questions... Can cars catch fire so easily? They can, think of that long vehicle in LA -caused by a mechanical problem-and of the recent fire in the car of Dick van Dyke -see video- the other day!

Here is the chart of his day of birth with transits and progressions for the day of the burning car. Watch the progressed Sun-Mars reciprocal aspects, T Uranus-Venus and P Mars-Uranus (resonating Mars trine Uranus in the natal chart). Dick van Dyke (87) didn't die. Michael Hasting (33) died.

It is hard to believe it, when young people die. Recently there was a hoax about Princess Diana (see post on chart and accident) being murdered by 'the army', maybe just to pay attention to the movie that is about to be released.

Could the accident of Michael Hastings indeed be an accident, just like the accident of Dick van Dyke was? The family and the officials say it was an accident. If it was not, this chart of his day of birth doesn't say it.

*) I have Mars quatronovile Uranus and I love speedy cars:)


On August 19 a car catched fire after crashing (against a tree).


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The Fukushima disaster chart and progressions

When I studied the progressed chart of the Fukushima disaster, I noticed how speedy Mercury was in those days. See the chart, and you know what I mean. There was an applying Mercury-Pluto square (nearly 5d orb) that perfected almost 2,5 days = 2,5 years after March 11, 2013. That is now, now that they communicated (Mercury) about a problem (Pluto) and danger (Pluto), that was 'born' on March 11, 2011.

I will have a special eye for applying aspects from now on to see if they have more impact later, than separating aspects have. 

Here is the chart with transits and progressions.

The Astro ID of the chart is:
- Sun in Pisces in 8th house is 'calling' (separating quintile with Pluto)
- Mars in Pisces in 8th house is 'calling' and rising before the Sun
- Neptune ruler 8 + ruler Sun and Mars is 'calling'
Sun/Neptune=Mars (Mars between Sun and Neptune)
The important Sun, Mars and Neptune sort of scream about a day when the god of the seas was at war, a day for a disaster. But the chart doesn't scream 'disaster'.

I posted about the mediocre charts of main disasters before ( ) and commented lated that there was a Pholus/Quaoar/Varuna midpoint combination in the charts of the Laki*) and Krakatau disaster. There is no such combination in the Fukushima chart, but there is a different and more complicated 'link'. There are minor and major aspects between Pholus, Quaoar and Varanu, created by Sun, Saturn and Pluto:
- In the Fukushima chart there is an inconjunct aspect of Quaoar (22d52 Sagittarius) and Varuna (21d10 Cancer), while Pholus is at 17d54 Sagittarius.
- Saturn is biquintile Quaoar and 157.5 d MC.
- Midpoint Quaoar/Varuna is square Pluto and Pluto is quintile Sun.
- The Sun is square Pholus/Quaoar and trine Varuna.
(Nessus and Sedna are also involved in this picture.)

An event chart requires narrow orbs, especially the orbs with MC and Ascendant. This is the chart of a special moment in time and place that had it's consequences. The minor aspects and the 'unusual' guys seem to make a difference in this chart.

The Moon is in the very first minutes of Gemini. There is an applying sesquisquare with Saturn, and that is a nasty aspect to look forward to, perfecting within a few hours on that day and within a few months in the progressed chart.
There is also a trine with Pallas, even closer.

Saturn is biquintile Quaoar. This mirrors the creation of a finale. Saturn is 157.5 d MC and that is a sesquisquare + half semi square.

The strongest aspect is that of Quaoar sesquisquare Midheaven.

In total the MC gives the tightest and strongest message.
Midheaven is trine Pluto, sesquisquare Quaoar and Juno, quintile Varuna, 75d Nessus, quintile Ceres, novile Lillith, half semi square Moon and there is the mentioned 157.5 d aspect with Saturn. The IC is quindecile Eris.

If you'd only consider the major aspect of MC trine Pluto you'd only notice an intense, challenging and dangerous moment THERE, causing stress and pressure. Such a moment happens every day, everywhere.  Here is was a moment for an earth quake, relieving stress and pressure. It takes more information to qualify the event. That shows that one single aspect doesn't tell the story...

The aspects of charts are valid for more hours and minutes, some even for a major part of the day. Charts should be read in their context. When you were born with the above chart, you are probably someone who knows how to be in the center of attention, who can be very productive and/or very lazy (depending on what you do) and who knows how to deal with challenges and danger (simply by choosing an easy way out). It doesn't mean that you are 'a disaster':).

*) The Laki disaster 1783 chart also has Mars rising before the Sun.

Uranus was in the last degree of Pisces when the Fukushima disaster happened. You might consider this position as 'Uranus = Zero Aries'. What happened in history? See

Sun/Mars/Neptune combinations can be bad. See

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Glory of a hole-in-1 and the chart

A successful moment in life shows in the chart and it doesn't have to be a world wide success or a career advancement. You may have transit Jupiter on your side on a golf course.

My husband learns to play golf since 1 year. After 2 'birdies' in the past half year, he now had a 'hole-in-1'. There was excitement, a publication and a lot of congratulations! His chart joined the party, in many ways.

Jupiter is an important key to success. Transits of Jupiter sometimes do nothing at all. I think that is also, because it takes more than 2 (say 3:) indications for success in a chart to really reflect something memorable. On the hole-in-one day, my husband had:

- transit Jupiter square Sun (new success)
- transit Jupiter trine Moon (happy moment to remember)
- transit Venus (ruler 5th house, house of plays and games) on Progressed Midheaven (wish coming true)
- transit Pluto conjunct Progressed Mars (winning strike:)
- transit Mercury conjunct natal Pluto
- transit Venus conjunct Uranus (ruler 5)

There is always an important Pallas in the charts of those who play these games. You must have an eye for patterns, for 'how things swing'. He has. He has Sun/Moon semi square Pallas.

It seems that there are insurances for the risk of a hole-in-one, as there are tournaments with the rule that you must buy all members a drink when you hit that. He was just playing with another member, so the fact that Jupiter is his ruler 2 in 2 will only lead to a big pie party in the club house. I think...

In a chart, success never comes alone. And when you have a success, many want to be part of it. Even my chart joines in it! Transit Jupiter is opposition my Sun/Moon midpoint. The opposition often refers to 'others'. Spotlights (sun/moon) on the success (Jupiter) of others (opposition).  This post is one of those spotlight:).

So, if you have 2 Jupiter transits AND one of Venus, you may have a lucky day. And that is the lesson of this:)

Unfortunately, there is no video of the fortunate swing. But you can see Tiger Woods' hole-in-one:  More on Tiger Woods on this blog:

PS You may notice that his Sun must be square my Sun/Moon midpoint. The Sun/Moon midpoint of a woman is often related to the Sun  of her husband, like with Victoria and Albert, Onassis and Jackie, or other planets in the husband's chart... or vice versa. See (Also visit other articles on )

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jupiter when you die

If a chart, calculated for a time of birth, would give us the time of death, precisely, we wouldn't be happy but scared.  We are lucky that there aren't such charts. Being born on the same day, place and hour doesn't mean you will die on the same day (see that post: on time twins).

Charts can be read only in the context of culture, gender, genes, age and condition/situation. Changing the context helps a lot when a chart receives hard transits. That's, by the way,  an encouragement to make the world a better place and to try to have some peace.*)

We expect hard and nasty aspects for a day of death, but the truth is, that there is often a transit of Venus (to make things easier) or Jupiter (to improve a situation). When people say 'it was better for him (or her)…' there is often a Jupiter transit. Jupiter helps. Jupiter is the symbol of the doctor. But Jupiter is also the symbol of a passage, a voyage, moving on…

Yesterday Prince Friso, King Willem Alexander's brother died, age 44, while transit Jupiter was trine his natal Moon (11th Scorpio) and in the 8th progressed house (where the progressed Moon was, too). Jupiter trine Moon is one of the best aspects a person can get. And sometimes Jupiter simply accompanies death. Prince Friso was in coma for 1,5 years following a ski accident.

Here is the progressed (!) chart of Prince Friso, with transits and progression of yesterday.
Click to enlarge...
*) See about Sun-Saturn square in time of war:

I like to see Jupiter in the charts of moments of death as the symbol of the assistance (comfort, guiding) of those around and as the symbol of passing away/on.  There are several posts on this subject (

There were a lot of heavy transits and progressions on the day of the ski accident. See that post:
It is a long list of unfortunate transits and progressions for a man who went out in the snow when there was a high risk of avalanches. An accident never comes alone...'

In 'The reflection of difficulties' you read about the transits and progressions with the chart of Princess Mabel, now Prince Friso's widow:
Her birthday was on August 11, one day before her husband died. Her solar return chart has Neptune on the Ascendant and this Neptune is inconjunct ruler 7. This goes together, among other indications, with Progressed Mars inconjunct natal Moon and Progressed Moon + P Ceres square Sun.

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Maduro, Venus-Neptune-Pluto and Chavez

He sleeps in the mausoleum of Chavez, he beliefs that Chavez comes to him in the shape of a little bird...
The President of Venezuela remains close to Chavez, even after death (see news: )

It is a Venus, Neptune, Pluto thing... 
Maduro is an ideologist who has Venus conjunct Neptune, both sextile Pluto. I found that aspect combinations and midpoint combinations generally tell the same story. I'd read a Venus-Neptune-Pluto combination like secret love, intense romance and idealistic values. That combination can lead to all kind of things in practice. One of the possible ways is to have a spiritual love*).

It is not surprising that the way that he 'communicates' with the dead Chavez is a topic in the news today. Transit Uranus is inconjunct Maduro's Pluto and that means a whole lot of (unbalanced) turbulence. As the progressed chart has Sun inconjunct Mars this year ' being assertive' is an issue, with problems involved (see on Progressed Mars...).
In COSI Ebertin says about Neptune/Pluto with Venus: "...loyalty in spirit to those who have passed away, ....mysticism".

Neptune and Pluto, the combination of the silent force

Wiki on Nicolas Maduro:ás_Maduro

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Update: solar return with Uranus and Pluto angular

On December 10, two days before my birthday in 2012, I published about my solar return for 2013 with Uranus square Midheaven (on Ascendant) and Pluto (near Midheaven) square Ascendant. This is a first update. I also added the experiences of persons with Uranus and Pluto or midpoint Uranus/Pluto hitting their natal Sun.

Now, what happened so far?

This: my position in society is about to change completely and two women that I know closely had health issues following change in social status reflected by Uranus and Pluto.

For those who didn't read the post about the angular Uranus and Pluto in the solar return, here is my solar return for 2013,  with Uranus (close to the Ascendant) square MC and Pluto (near MC) square Ascendant. 
There is an interesting mix of midpoints that I may not have mentioned before:

1. Ascendant/Midheaven (AC/MC) is 141.6 degrees (22nd of Leo)
2. Uranus/Pluto midpoint is 321.6 (22nd of Aquarius)
Thus, AC/MC is exactly opposition Uranus/Pluto (AC/MC=Uranus/Pluto). 
That is a confirmation of the aspect pattern.

You know that AC/MC is the most individual and personal midpoint of them all. It is the crosspoint of meridian and horizon. It is where heaven and earth, time and place meet, right where you were born. Aspects with this midpoint (see link) tell us about what is of cardinal importance. Reinhold Ebertin says (in COSI) that transits and progressions with the AC/MC midpoint signify important periods in life, defined by other factors. 

The solar return is not alone when it comes to Uranus and Pluto. Transit Uranus and transit Pluto hit my Sun/Moon midpoint in Capricorn in 2013/2014.

I am more than half way now and something substantial changed: I quit my job. That is a revolution in my life:).
I decided to retire, exactly on the day that Transit Pluto was conjunct Mercury (see post). It was one of the many transits and progression mid July (click the link to see the other ones).

Nobody died so far, but 2 women in my family, had a sudden health issue following important changes in their situation (divorce, retirement).*)
One had transit Uranus/Pluto exactly opposite Sun at the time of a TIA.

The other one had a number of transits of Pluto when she had a stent in a year of turbulance in the family and a difficult divorce. This all was mirrored by transit Uranus and transit Pluto repeatedly aspecting her Sun and Moon and Sun/Moon.

Up to now, I seem to be lucky compared to them.
(They don't have Uranus/Pluto with Ascendant/MC, by the way).

Turbulence seems to be the right word for the combination of Uranus and Pluto, when they transit Sun, MC, Ascendant, and/or Ascendant/MC or Sun/Moon midpoint. Maybe you can't help it when your world turns upside down. Maybe you impulsively did it yourself. But the result is revolutionary always. And when I see this picture mocking the French Revolution, I know that revolution involves destruction. Well, I happen to be destroying all that is useless, broken, dirty, old fashioned and over complete, following the 'instructions' in 'Coach yourself to success' by Talane Miedaner. I bought the book on a sales market (3 for 1) and I am glad that I did, cause it feels good:). Making room for something new requires turbulence. Preferably not like this:
Will that be all? With Uranus and Pluto you never really know, do you? So I will update this one or two more time...


*) PS Sometimes change starts before you realize that your life will never be the same again. This is  my tweet on August 31, 2012:
"Transit Uranus exactly semisquare progressed sun and I had an alarming call today: mother broke hip."
That moment certainly changed my way of life. She never recovered completely...Since then I do her bills, exercise with her, help keeping her closets and room tidy, visit her more frequently than ever before and organize a lot...

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Resonance and the odd man out in chart Ronnie Biggs

In this post I like to show you the pattern of repeating aspect combinations (resonance) in important times in the life of Ronnie Biggs. Ronnie Biggs is one of the robbers in the Great Train Robbery of July 8, 1963,  about 50 years ago.

The natal chart has Sun-Jupiter and Sun-Uranus aspects. In 1963 (robbery) and in 2001(return to England) there were progressed aspects and transits between Sun, Jupiter and Uranus. The 'echoed' the natal chart's aspects. With Pluto, they mirrored the important events and changes in the life of Biggs.

Jupiter-Uranus often 'assists' to create positive change or allows to see the bright sides. With Jupiter-Uranus transits and progressions there is often 'good luck'.  In 1965 Ronnie Biggs escaped. In 2001 he was taken care of (in prison).
As Jupiter is sextile Uranus, there is a Sun-Jupiter-Uranus combination of the helicopter view, sudden windfall, being inventive and for the successful use of intuition. Jupiter sextile Uranus happens to be one of the tightest aspect in his chart.
When transit Uranus and transit Jupiter hit his Sun and progressed Sun, his life changed in a positive way, again. He came back for health reasons.
Here is his chart (time unknown) with transits and progressions for the day of the robbery, his 34th birthday.
Natal, transits and progressions for day of the robbery (click to enlarge!)
In the year of his escape, 1965, progressed Venus was conjunct his Sun

When Ronnie Biggs returned to England, there were happy (?)  trines in his chart.
Natal, transits and progressions for day of return to England (click for better view)

Alienation is easy when the Sun is trine Uranus. You can imagine how much independence you need when you move from country to country, unable to return to your family back home, because than he would be sent to prison.  He went back to England, straight to prison and spent 8 of the 30 years of his sentence there until he was allowed to leave because of his age. When he came back, transit Uranus was trine his progressed Sun. 
Again, you see the resonance of Sun trine Uranus natal <> transit Uranus trine P Sun. He was a  'foreigner' most of his life. His final statement was made in the book 'Odd man out' ...

Uranus was accompanied by Jupiter, just like in the natal chart. When he came back to England  transit Jupiter was sextile natal Sun, echoing the natal chart's Jupiter sextile Uranus.
Ronnie Biggs has always been regarded as the most lucky robber, because he seemingly had a pleasant life in Brazil and because he never regretted what he did, until he was unable to say it in his own words. Yet, when he came back, he was happy, again even though he lost his freedom. He wanted to be with his family at old age. In a way, he got it his way.

There is no Sun-Pluto natal aspect, but the fact that Pluto rises before the Sun creates a Sun-Pluto combination. Pluto's position in front of the sun contributes to seeing the importance of values, money, power and strategy.  At the important moments of his life, Sun-Pluto combinations popped up to show the stress of transformation time.

His progressed Sun was sextile Pluto, which seems to be an appropriate astrological statement for transformation in life, using the posibilities. He also underwent plastic surgery soon after the robbery (a transformation, again). He left England and via Paris moved to Australia and later to Brazil and back again. That was with transit Pluto trine Sun, in 2001.

Jupiter and Uranus are in aspect with Vesta (home sweet home Vesta) in the natal chart. In 2001, progressed Sun was quindecile (165d) Vesta, which says: a period of strong focus on domestic issues. Vesta is the symbol of the fireplace, of dedication and of 'home' (where the hearth is).


1. When, in August 2009, Ron Biggs left jail and went to hospital, I wrote about his chart in 'Ronnie Biggs: no more jail'. I found some of astrological circumstances corresponding with his life:
- Pluto rises before the Sun
and money was important!
- Four sextiles and two trines
leading him to the 'easy way' to make a fortune

2. When the combination of planets in a natal aspect is being sort of repeated by transits or progressions, this transit or progression is very important! See the post on Resonance...

3. For those interested in the tight Mercury trine Saturn aspect, see Astromarkt

4. My fireplace and Vesta:

EXTERNAL LINK (BBC On this day in history: July 8 1965 escape of Biggs)

Also visit: for example about Sun-Uranus, natal, transits and progressions.

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Solar return with Uranus-Pluto angular

Imagine! My solar return chart has Uranus (close to the Ascendant) square MC and Pluto (near MC) square Ascendant. The angularity of Uranus and Pluto is rather disturbing, IMO, because I found two precedents:

1. Pim Fortuyn was a controversial Dutch politian with non conformistic and non political correct ideas. He was shot and killed by an environmental activist. If he had lived, he would have won the elections, a few days later.
His solar return chart for 2002 had Uranus and Pluto on the angles, related to the 8th house.

2. Prince Charles had transit Uranus on Ascendant when he heard about the accidental death of his ex-wife. In his solar return for that year, Uranus and Pluto were angular, not related to the eight house. It happened in the year after the divorce.

Both solar return charts indicated controversy, very busy days, shocking change in life. But of course, the progressions and transits also mirrored change! The solar return was not a stand alone. Neither is mine....

Transit Pholus will be on my Sun and MC a few times. And transit Uranus and Transit Pluto will hit my midpoint Sun/Moon a few times next year. Also, the 8th house is involved.
Family members join this " plot". Transit Uranus and transit Pluto will hit their Sun or, like in my SR, they are angular, too. Looks like a very transforming family year!

It looks as if I can't escape change.
So I asked the I-Ching (sorry! Off topic, but I-Ching happens to be the Book of Changes) and the answer was number 49: Revolution! Looks like "they" mean it!

My solar return starts with an appointment with a sort of a dentist (very Pluto ennerving Uransu)
And unlike other years we won't celebrate my birthday in a restaurant due to circumstances.
It starts with intense tension, my new solar year. And maybe that is just all, because I had line 5 and so the I Ching added number 55: abundance!


1. Any experiences with a solar return chart and angular Uranus-Pluto?
2. Is Uranus-Pluto important for you, in 2013? or was it, in 2012?
3. How to be prepared for unespected change and pressure?

The lady in the picture at least has nasty stuff to throw on her enemies down the wall.
Expecting the unespected seems to be the only solution.
I'll keep in touch and will transform the meaning of Uranus-Pluto in "astrological research" with myself as an object of study. Next year, same time, if I am still around, you will have the answers!

PS sorry for the typo's! This was written on IPhone...

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Resonance of Uranus-Pluto and Jupiter-Pluto

When a transit repeats a natal aspect combination, this transit resonates the natal aspect. It sounds and resounds. It sounds harder on fruitful ground. When you just bought a new car, you see your brand everywhere. When you are pregnant, the world is full of pretty babies. And when you know what being poor is, you have a special eye for poverty, wherever you go. So, when you have an important natal Mars - Saturn aspect and  transit Saturn is square your Mars, or the mundane aspect is Mars conjunct Saturn, you respond.

Now what to expect when there is a certain aspect in the air (like now: mundane Uranus square Pluto) and the same planets form an aspect in your natal chart (like Uranus conjunct Pluto in the 1964-1966 generation)? When Uranus and Pluto are connected to important planets or to the angels, you will likely experience the extreme tension of change and what happens in society might touch you more than it touches others.

I recently wrote about Anthony Weiner's chart. He was born in 1964, in September and Uranus hits his chart by transit now. (See: ) He is in the news...again and again. And probably bloody nervous.

Jupiter in Cancer will soon be opposite Pluto in Capricorn. The Jupiter-Pluto aspect or midpoint combination is about success, intense confidence and growing values. The opposition adds some question marks. Gaining confidence and support is an issue.

The resonation of this aspect will be stronger when there is a similar combination of aspect with or in your natal chart. For example: when transit Pluto hits your Jupiter or vice versa. Or when you have a Jupiter-Pluto aspect in the natal chart.

Here are two examples of
a. Uranus conjunct Pluto in the natal chart and Uranus in aspect with progressed Sun,
b. AND transit Pluto now opposition natal Jupiter..
They are both in the news. One tries to find support (and buyers of his book). One already found support of his comrades.

Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn is the ex husband of Princess Margarita of the Netherlands and he is fighting the royals (as they are him: he accuses them of social murder). He is 45 now and there is not one company willing to give him a job. He is poor (his family supports him), lives somewhere in a deserted landscape of southern Europe on a simple farm, only accompanied by his dog Pablo. He is writing a book about his experiences with the royal family (in particular 'uncle Bernhard'). He was on television in the same week that there was (again) a trial against him. There is a whole lot of legal cases against him since his divorce…
Now that he is prominently in the news (even though there are holidays and less public),  transit Uranus is now trine his progressed Sun. Transit Pluto is now opposition his Jupiter. See the chart of the day of birth, transits and progressions.

BTW The Sun of Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn is exactly conjunct Prince Bernhard's Pluto. It is evident that the Prince used the secret service to 'control' his daughter Irene's son-in-law.

Kristin Beck was born Christopher Beck and a navy seal. She recently had her coming out on the internet. She was born in 1966 with Uranus conjunct Pluto, both square the importance Mars (rising before the Sun). Transit Pluto is now opposition her Jupiter, just like in the case of De Roy van Zuydewijn. Here is the chart of the day of birth, with transits and progressions.


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