Friday, October 31, 2008

'Manuelgate': Mars, Saturn and the winner Pluto

With Pluto trine progressed Ascendant and Jupiter square his natal Sun success is evident in the chart of Andrew Sachs ('Manuel' in Fawlty Towers). He was the victim of a sick joke in the Russell Brand show (BBC). Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand left a message for Andrew Sachs on the telephone answering machine, singing about sexual acts with his granddaughter. Jonathan Ross has been suspended for 12 weeks without pay now (costs him millions). Russell Brand resigned. Manuelgate, they called this upheavel.

I looked at the charts of Ross and Sachs and my conclusion is: never joke with a person who has Sun square Pluto! And certainly not when he has Mars trine Pluto, too. And in particular not when it is not on stage. You might loose the game when they get mad. Sachs not only has Pluto trine his P ASC, his Pluto is conjunct the Saturn of Brand and the Mars of Ross! Ross's Mars (work!) is conjunct the Saturn of Brand. The composition ot this triangle: Mars-Saturn-Pluto = dead end street. And the winner is...Pluto. Don't mess around with Andrew Sachs. You are not Basil Fawlty! If you are interested in the astrological background, read on...

SHOCKING FUN (Venus-Uranus)
OK, maybe the natal Venus of Ross opposition the Ascendant of Sachs means 'having a bit of fun', but the Uranus of Ross opposition the MC of Sachs speaks of 'upheavel' and 'shock'.

COMEDY: Mercury-Uranus-Neptune?
- Ross has Mercury conjunct Neptune (oriental) and both are quintile Uranus. He is a film critic. I don't have his HOB, but Mercury-Neptune seems perfect to me for a film critic.

- Sachs has Mercury calling, Neptune angular and Uranus oriental, (tightly square Saturn in Capricorn). He is an artist with a call for communications.

They seem to have something in common: Mercury-Neptune-Uranus. And they have, of course. They are the main characters in Manuelgate:)!

Ross has a tight square Sun-Uranus. He is rather unconventional and rebellious (even controversial).

Sach's Sun is connected to the tight trine of Mars and Pluto in his chart.

RUSSELL BRAND (born June 4, 1975)
Russell Brand has Jupiter oriental, Mercury calling and Mars opposition Pluto. His tightest aspects are Jupiter square Saturn and Mars trine Neptune. His Saturn is conjunct the Pluto of Sachs.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chart of Paganini with signature of the artist

I may be a little late, since he was born on October 27th, but...It is so nice to see Niccolo Paganini's chart, with Neptune on the Midheaven ruled by Venus and Venus oriental...Venus and Neptune: signature of the artist. This composer's chart is a stimulating picture of the heavens for an astrologer. I leave it with that and sigh...

BTW John Cleese was also born on October 27th, just like Paganini. You can read his chart here...

Shocking drama for Jennifer Hudson with Transit Uranus

Jennifer Hudson is born on September 12. That means that her Sun receives a transit of Saturn, soon, that transit Uranus is opposition her Sun and that transit Pluto is inconjunct her Node. She lost her mother, brother (October 24) and cousin (October 27). Family (Node) death (Pluto) and shock (Uranus): a disaster (Uranus and Pluto).

Jennifer Hudson started her performances on television in 2004 (P Sun semi square Uranus), was casted in 2005 (P Sun conjunct P Saturn and P Venus conjunct Uranus). In 2006 her P Sun was conjunct Mercury and Jupiter, during the making of 'Dreamgirls'. With Ceres opposition Ceres she became the best supporting actress (Feb 25, 2007. Recently, September 30, her debut album was released 'Depreciate'. Again Uranus is of importance (opposition Sun) and Jupiter is square Mercury and Jupiter.

In her natal chart Mars is oriental and calling, just like Venus is calling in the final degree of Libra. A chart full of passion! Venus is septile Neptune (for artistic talents). Mercury conjunct Jupiter is the tightest aspect (for success in communications). That is easy to see, even without HOB. There is a potential for the artist and as it happens, these days, potential drama in her chart, dated September 12, 1981. Transit Uranus often causes upheavel, unexpected changes and a hectic time in life (for good or for worse). Conform the position of Uranus in our planetary system, Uranus sometimes turns your world upside down.

When the ladies smile...
like in the chart of François Mitterand

92 years ago on October 26 François Mitterand, the late French president, was born. He was married, had a sort of an official mistress (see the portrait of her and their daughter at his funeral) and several lovers, too. Does it surprise you that Pluto was conjunct his natal MC*)? And that Uranus in the fifth house was related to Aries Point***)? And that the Moon was oriental (for an orientation on females, perhaps:) with Venus - the goddess of beauty and love - calling! We see Moon, Venus, Pluto and Uranus prominent and we get a picture of falling in love (Moon-Venus) again and again (Uranus) in an intense way (Pluto).

This reminds me again of the famous song of the Golden Earring (When the lady smiles, you cannot resist her call...**) Mitterand had the money and the power to impress several calling ladies. And the chart to have difficulties in resisting the call!

It is amazing that his wife tolerated this, but yes: he had Mars biquintile Uranus for being creative in his 'special efforts'. He also had Venus semi square Neptune and could have faced a divorce with the two aspect. Jupiter in the equal 7th house surely ment that he had more than one partner and that he expanded his relationship. It would be interesting to see mrs. Mitterand's chart. What made her stay?

Mitterand was above all a politician, an influencial man*). His own needs (Moon) were followed (Moon rising before the Sun) and he had a vocation for diplomacy and charm. That is how he did it. He also had Venus in Virgo (and so he liked young women and was just as cool as other charming persons are). And there was a connection between his powerful position (Pluto-MC) and the amount of women in his life (Venus sesquisquare Pluto). That explains, doesn't it?

*) Pluto symbolizes power, politics, money, challenges and danger When Pluto is conjunct the Midheaven or on top of the chart (square Ascendant) we may expect one of the mentioned words to be important in the life of the nativity. Princess Diana had Pluto on top in the 7th degree of Virgo, a degree for a Cinderella complex. Not only was her death (Pluto) of importance to many, sexual affairs and money was also importance in the chart of that influencial (...) lady.
BTW Barry Hay, singer of Golden Earring was born on August 16, 1948 with an oriental Pluto!:)
**) Hillary Clinton used this song in the pre-elections, but when people allerted her about the nun being molested in this video, she stopped using it.
***)Uranus with Aries Point: he was known for being controversial and was a socialist politician.

More about Venus and Pluto

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sick and ill: Saturn-Uranus and Uranus-Neptune

Transit Uranus inconjunct natal Neptune, that is what I got right now and probably some of my 'contemporaries' as well: a hypersensitive situation, maybe produced by the bad news about the economical crisis.
The difference for me is that Neptune rules my vulnerable Pisces Ascendant and is sesquisquare the natal Ascendant. That sort of invites all kind of viruses and flues, whenever Saturn is involved, like today. Saturn is opposition Uranus and squares my progressed Ascendant. (Saturn-Uranus on the progressed IC-MC and Uranus inconjunct Neptune).

It is a combination of the remains of a light concussion (I hit a wall) and of a virus. This situation is limiting my freedom and movements now for more than a week, even though I like my viruses hot, fast and light! And I guess this situation won't stop until the Uranus-Neptune quincunx has completed (Wednesday). And it will be back in December, bah!

So that is why there is so little post these days, dear reader. When I hit the wall of my hotel room in Lisbon (with T Uranus square MC) I hit the wall. I was told to take more breaks, the hard way:). And since I did not listen (due to circumstances) now I was forced to rest by means of a virus. At least, that is the positive idea.@#$%!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Being ill and the chart, progressions and transits of Severiano Ballesteros

Neither Pluto nor Jupiter makes Ptolemaic aspects in the chart of Severiano Ballesteros, the famous golf player and that is one of the signs for success. Severiano Ballesteros has 60% of the placements in fire signs. That is an indication for energy and dare. Unfortunately a few weeks ago the news about Ballesteros was that he had been taken to hospital. He has a brain tumour.

For his condition we see that in the last year, the progressed Midheaven was inconjunct Neptune (placed down under in the chart). Transit Saturn is disposing of the 6th house and about to make an inconjunction with the natal Sun, after being square to Mars (ruler of the Sun). It is easy to see the present pattern of illness(Saturn-Neptune).

Today the Hospital La Paz in Madrid said that the 3rd operation was a success.

Relevant information:
About elements
Source of birth data: Escuela Huber

Saturn's awards...
and the chart of Kirk Douglas

A difficult transit coming from Saturn does not seem to mean difficulties, always. The awarded Televizier Ring of Paul de Leeuw and the public recognition of the good work that Kirk Douglas does, however, seem to come late in both cases. De Leeuw wanted the Ring for long, Douglas is 91 years old. High time! Should that be the meaning of the tight, exact, transit of Saturn (a square in both cases)? Maybe that is a comfort to all of those who deal with Saturn soon and fear this transit: sometimes Saturn comes to award you.

Saturn is a symbol, not a person. Of course Saturn himself doesn't exist as a person, just like Santa Claus doesn't. The position of Saturn in the sky simply goes together with experiences on earth. Santa Claus is a symbol, too. In my country the symbol of Sinterklaas is the severe edition of Santa Claus. And I think Saturn and Sinterklaas have much in common. He gives presents, but only if you do well (and he takes notes of that!:). And when you are 'bad' you will be punished.

Of course, a chart doesn't judge and neither do transits. Those transits were 'planned' even before a person could act or not. They just happen. So it truly depends on your situation, condition, age and status, and of your own free will to use every opportunity you got (!) if Saturn will award you - finally, at last - or if Saturn will 'drop you' - in the end-. And when you had a bad start with a difficult chart, you have to work twice as hard to, because Saturn gives more present to those who are already rich, just like Sinterklaas drops the most precious toys in the chimney of the wealthy. Perhaps you worked hard to care for your old neighbour, but there will never be a message in the worldwide web. In that case, the award will be the gratitude of the neighbour, perhaps. This, to avoid high expectations:)

You don't expect to be praised at all, with transit Saturn square Sun, do you? But this actualy happened to Kirk Douglas, 91 years old. Fellow artists mentioned that he raised 400 play grounds at his costs and the world wide web spread the good words. Another person who was praised with a tight square of Saturn (with the progressed MC in this case) is the Dutch TV-personality Paul de Leeuw. He was awarded the 'Televizier ring' yesterday. It might be that they have a problem at the same time (I don't know), but the fact that the transit was tight and exact tells me that this transit means 'being awarded', being 'respected'.

Aspects with Saturn, however, don't seem to be fortunate in the life of Kirk Douglas. His Saturn is angular and seems to be crucial in his life. There were several hard and nasty events. He experienced a severe accident and he lost one of his sons later. That was on July 6, 2004, with transit Saturn exactly inconjunct Uranus and inconjunct Sun; Saturn was the apex of a yod made by transit and pointed at separation and sudden farewells.
He also suffers from the effect of a stroke (since 1996 with the progressed conjunction of Sun and Mars).

Soon transit Saturn will be opposition progressed Sun and inconjunct progressed Midheaven, with transit Uranus following in Saturn's footsteps, and these transits will be repeated in 2009. Life is not always easy at age 92...

Kirk Douglas was born December 9, 1916 at 10h15 EST in Amsterdam NY.
Kirk Douglas has an artist's chart. Just look at the calling Neptune (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) and at Venus on top! See Jupiter on a crucial spot way down in the chart and you see the combination of a man who will have success in art and will be celebrated (Venus/Jupiter) in the world of the movies (Neptune).

Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain: new chart, new chances?

Astrological Musings reported about John McCain's certificate. The new chart (with a surprising HOB) doesn't seem to make a difference when the chances for this election are concerned. Here it is:

And here you see the chart of a successful man with a lot of energy and enterprise, and the interaction with Election Day, showing (IMO) disappointment. Even when you try to look at it with pink glasses on, you can only see a status (Saturn-MC) and on the background dreaming (Neptune). The polls indicate that Obama is on the winning hand and only a miracle can help McCain into the White House now.

I have considered the final moment of Election Day, because I found that in international (WC and EC) final football matches, the final moment related to the charts of the coaches gave useful information about winning or losing a game. See more about that under the label 'soccer'.

In the final moments of Election Day, the meridian of Washington is conjunct the opposition of Saturn and Neptune in McCain's chart. Both planets are considered to be negative for those who want to win a battle.
Remember that Obama's Jupiter is conjunct Moon (ruler 1) of the chart of the Elections, 20:00 hours Washington. And Jupiter is a positive answer to the question: will I win...At least, that is what Jupiter uses to mean.

The last presidential election was a disaster for most predicting astrologers, partly because the HOB of Kerry was wrong and partly because we always have to take a look at the birth chart first. Kerry had an important Neptune and so has Obama. And fact is, this time too, that the birth chart of McCain (if that is the chart you see below) is the chart of a man who makes it, more than the chart of Obama is.

No, astrology does not give me the final answer. I don't know, I am just thinking aloud. I think voting is needed!:)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The shared idol

Sharing a man, sharing an aspect...The charts of rivals in love often have much in common. It may not be much of a surprise, when you are living with the same man or woman for a while and your names seem to be linked forever. But it is surprising that it is so clearly visible in the love triangle Pitt-Jolie-Aniston.
The famous three are united in their -past- love for each other. Angelina Jolie married Brad Pitt, but Jennifer Aniston was his first wife. This love triangle was in the news today. Jolie now says that she and Brad Pitt fell in love when he was still married with Jennifer Aniston.

Here you see the link between their charts and their divorce. In short:
1. their charts are connected by Sun-Neptune aspects
2. their charts are connected by Sun-Uranus aspects
3. Aniston and Pitt shared Venus-Jupiter (and her Venus is opposition Jupiter)
4. Jolie and Pitt share Venus-Uranus (both have Venus-Uranus conflicts)
Continue for more specifications and for links to other post/articles about matching, sharing aspects and relationships. See also on the left (labels).

Angelina's Sun is quindecile (165 degrees) Jennifer's Neptune. Jennifer's Sun is quintile (72d) Angelina's Sun. Aniston's Sun is square Neptune; Jolie's Sun is opposition Neptune. They share an aspect that is not uncommon in the charts of actors: the aspect of a sort of a double life. They are not what you think you see. In my article on Astromarkt about sharing aspects I wrote this about sharing Sun-Neptune:

Sun and Neptune shared in aspect gives you shared ideals, dreams and faith or even a shared idol! But with hard aspects you might share the same disillusions as well or this relationship is disillusive. Cooperating could work out best in an asylum or in a non-profit organization where they can help others, and each other.

Another possible combination is between enemies and with Sun in hard aspect with Neptune shared. Ideology stand between you as was the case with the murderer of director Theo van Gogh who shared Sun square Neptune.

BTW: Brad Pitt has an unaspected Sun and Neptune rises before the Sun. So his Sun and Neptune are prominent.

That is what Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston share: Brad Pitt and Sun in a hard aspect with Uranus. Pitt has Sun quindecile 105 degrees Uranus. A perfect match! He is the wrong man and they want him:).

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did not match much. Their sun signs matched, but their moons did not and though his Venus was sextile her Mars, his Mars was square her Venus. There was passion. But Jennifer Aniston has Sun square Mars and Mars inconjunct Saturn in her chart and those are two of the four indications for a divorce in the chart of a female (the others are Sun-Uranus and Venus-Uranus). As it was her first marriage, it was likely that there would be a divorce, in particular in her social environment. Also notice Saturn on the descendant of Aniston's chart and the sesquisquare between rulers 1 and 7: Venus and Mars. Those are exactly the planets of importance in their synastry!

What he shares with Jennifer Aniston is Venus-Jupiter. She has the opposition (expecting too much of marriage and love) and he has the quindecile 75 degree aspect.

This marriage was a passionate one, but as both expected too much of it, and both could have more than one marriage (and this was their first...) ended.

Aniston and Jolie share Sun-Neptune and see: Sun opposition Neptune of Jolie is on the horizon of Brad Pitt's chart. There is a link, as to be expected.
Jolie and Pitt do not match much. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are in conflicting signs. And the tightest conflict is that of Mars square Mars. I have seen that before: McCartney-Mills, Mars inconjunct Mars. And Van Basten-Van Nistelrooij: Mars square Mars. Fire! And it is only to be wished that they keep it in control.

What Jolie and Pitt share is Venus-Uranus. She has the square, he has the sesquisquare. They will love excitement and changes. Probably that is why they are moving around the world so much. As long as they keep moving and keep the fire in control, this relationship will continue. But will it last forever? With so many children, let us hope so...

The subject of their adoration and love is Brad Pitt. He is the guy with Moon conjunct Venus (attractive for women) and he is the guy with Gemini on cusp 7: for more than one relationship, maybe at the same time. Mars-Uranus-conflicts are not helpful in marriage, in the chart of a male, but Pitt has Mars trine Uranus. Maybe that makes him good at switching. Notice the cool Moon and Venus and the conflict between Jupiter ruler ASC and Mercury ruler DESC (translated light by Mars and Pluto) and you see that there is a potential for divorce.

About Paul McCartney and Heather Mills and Mars inconjunct Mars
About Jennifer Anistons latest relationship and how even matching signs can collide...
About sharing aspects and what these aspects mean...
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Friday, October 17, 2008



True or false? Do the test and find out if you know what astrology is and can do. There are 20 questions. Move the mouse over ANSWER and you see if you were right or wrong.

1. Astrologie is a religion. 1. ANSWER

2. Insurancecompanies can tell if you are accident prone if they know your sun sign 2. ANSWER

3. An astrologer is a clearvoyant. 3. ANSWER

4. Astrology is purely ‘working with intuition’. 4. ANSWER

5. A chart shows if someone will be successful or not.5 ANSWER

6. Ambition and ‘drive’ is visible in a natal chart. 6 ANSWER

7. Calculating a chart must be done by an expert7. ANSWER

8. Geminis are busier than Scorpios are 8. ANSWER

9. Without a time of birth you can erect a chart. 9. ANSWER

10. Even without hour of birth there is something to say about the characteristics. 10. ANSWER

11. A natal chart for a dog? Can be done! 11. ANSWER

12. Some signs just don’t match! 12. ANSWER .

13. Astrology is a mess. The star signs have changed position! 13. ANSWER.

14. The Moon in a chart tells us about emotion and behaviour 14. ANSWER

15. Astrology can influence you and you might start following a ‘guru’15. ANSWER

16. There is a chart for every moment and place, even for buildings 16. ANSWER

17. The chart contains all knowledge. 17. ANSWER

18. The time of death is a fixed time, visible in the chart. 18. ANSWER

19. You can tell from a chart if a person is gay.19. ANSWER

20. There is a relationship between the charts of parents and children.20. ANSWER

For some reason the rest of the answer does not show up. If you still have a question with the answer: just ask me (see left side of this blog).


When Mars makes a hard aspect with your Sun, you might get hurt. The French president Sarkozy has transit Mars square natal Sun now and that makes him the target of a lot of accusations.

There is even more pain in his chart. The progressed Moon is inconjunct his progressed Pluto. And in his solar return for 2008 Neptune was on the descendant. That might promise romance, but often this is a sign for discredit, just like in the chart of President Johnson at the time of the documentary about USS Liberty (2005).

More about the chart ofSarkozy ...and Bruni
Meer over de Moon (and diet)

PS I seem to have choosen the right picture for this message. Somebody is now selling voodoo-dolls looking like Sarkozy...

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Gotthard Lerch is a German engineer who sold secrets to Libya for 3,5 million euro. With the knowledge Libya could be able to produce atomic bombs now. Lerch had been on trial before (in 1990-1992) but this time he was found guilty. And this time transit Pluto was conjunct his Sun and progressed Sun inconjunct Pluto. There is certainly a transformation in his life going on and his lifestyle will be intensified. His life might even be in danger. There is a lot of stress and a strategy is needed. Pluto is also the symbol of politics.

He was born 21st December 1942, just like Hin Jintao, the Chinese president. Lerch was born in Ostschlesien (former part of Poland). He has the profile of a man who wants to be successful in life.. And his chart shows the possibility to become a ‘die hard’ when ethics are concerned.*)

His Astro I.D.: Mars is oriental (opposition Saturn and Uranus); Sun is square Aries Point and 'calling' (without major aspects); the tightest aspect is a Yod of Venus inconjunct Saturn and Pluto.
The picture that you get is that of an activist who risks limited freedom, a leading figure who is a 'die hard' when it comes to sympathies and loyalty. Mars for the enterprise and dare, Sun for drawing attention (not good for a spy, BTW) and the Yod for the finger pointing at the issue of ethics. I almost forget Jupiter. Jupiter doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects and is retrograding and quindecile Venus and Pluto (165 and 15d) for an obsession to obtain more and more money. With Venus inconjunct Pluto there is a misbalanced issue of money. It is a combination that promises success when it comes to earning more, but the inconjunction is so often indicating lost...The prominence of Sun, Mars and Jupiter made him important and rich, but I suppose that the chart with his hour of birth will show us some tricky positions in the chart.

In October 2004, with progressed Sun inconjunct Neptune, he was arrested, in the year following progressed Sun square Uranus. In 1990 he had Sun inconjunct Jupiter and the most fortunate progressive aspect of all: Moon trine natal Jupiter. Those days are gone...

About Venus and Pluto
Or about Saturn and Pluto

*)He shares this profile with the Chinese president, a few singers and probably thousands of others. It takes an hour of birth to be more specific. And please note that any chart should be read knowing the social circumstances, the gender and the political situation... What I mention are potentials in the chart.

with transit Jupiter trine his Sun

A revival for Karl Marx: since the financial crisis there have been sold 3x as much of his book 'The Capital' (Das Kapital), in former Eastern Germany. Here you see his natal chart and transits. Jupiter is the planet of successes. Today transit Jupiter is trine his Sun.

Of course, Karl Marx does not live anymore. But I noticed that when a person's name, reputation or life's work is being mentioned, there are important and significant transits with the natal chart.

About the chart of Karl Marx and the Jupiter of his guardian angel Friedrich Engels
About father Pio and the progressed chart after death

Another example of an effect after death: in May 2005 I wrote about the Liberty (it is still in my Dutch files). I had seen a documentary about how Israelian planes fired an American ship in the days of Lyndon B. Johnson (27th August 1908,Stonewall at 4:52 a.m.). It was suggested that it was a case of faul play by the American president. In May 2005 transit Neptune (the planet of gossip, negative approach, the media + scandal) was conjunct his descendant.

New case: Bernhard Kohl
And about the 22.5 degree aspect range..

Sun-Jupiter connections: that is what I use to find in the charts of winning athletes and bikers who used doping. I have several examples (see below). And I like to add another one: Bernhard Kohl.

Bernhard Kohl, born in Wien (Austria) on January 4, 1982 (no birth hour available) is in the news today because he admitted that he used Cera, a sort of EPO. He has a minor Sun-Jupiter aspect in the natal chart, had progressed Sun square Jupiter for long and recently had transit Jupiter conjunct Sun. But today it is a sad day for him. Bernhard Kohl has Transit Sun conjunct Saturn and he lost his contract for the next 3 years to come today.

Jupiter is the symbol of support, confidence, coaches,doctors, advisors and coaches. Jupiter symbolizes growth, progress and everything that 'helps you on the way' (horses, cars, and sponsors). A conflict with Jupiter makes it difficult to be happy as you are. In some cases it leads to wanting to be prosperous no matter how.

This Sun-Jupiter connection of Kohl is being activated by progressions (from 2004 to now) and by the present transit of Jupiter with his Sun(transit Jupiter conjunct Sun). In his progressed chart there has been an almost constant square between progressed Sun, natal and progressed Jupiter, starting in 2004, up to 1.5 years ago. It means that he has been lucky and successful, but that successes didn't come easy.

Is that enough Sun-Jupiter?

MORE EXAMPLES (the link leads to the post about their charts):
Marion Jones, born October 12, 1975 in Los Angeles: Sun opposition Jupiter

: Sun square Jupiter and opposition Neptune
Beltran: Sun opposition Jupiter
Floyd Landis*): Sun opposition Jupiter

*) in my files I found this about Floyd Landis

“His Sun opposition Jupiter says that he wants success and it IS a success aspect, but in some cases the opposition might work out as not being honest”And - with the statement of Kohl 'I am only human' in mind - I repeat how I endid the story:
It seems you cannot win such a heavy Tour de France without some help...Should the Tour become more 'human' now? The answer is clear. Money and performing is still more important than health is.

His Sun-Jupiter connection is 67.5 degrees. It is a mini minor aspect that I 'discovered' working with midpoints in the 22.5 degree range. Some midpoints were related to the same planets and the distance between these planets was 22.5 degrees or 67.5 or 157.5 or 112.5. I have for example Mars 158 degrees from Pluto, so that Mars = ASC/MC and Pluto is 157.5 degrees from ASC/MC.
I value the half semi square and the other distances in the 22.5 dial. I name them half semisquare (22.5), and sesquisemisquare (67.5) but I have not found more names yet and I am still searching the net. It is complicated to read these aspects, but on a certain level they contribute to the complete picture. Of course, the planets need to be significant in the chart or in the progressions in order to take them into account. I suppose that in the chart of Kohl Sun or Jupiter are angular or else this issue could not have been thát important.

Alfred Witte used the 22.5 degree dial for the first time. It is a frustrating distance. For example, when you want to have success (Jupiter) in life (Sun) and have to (hard aspect) perform (Sun) more and more (Jupiter).

In midpoint combinations in the range of 22.5 degrees, the Sun and Jupiter of Kohl are related to the same midpoints (in this case: Mars/Uranus and Mars/Saturn...). This combination can be read as: the frustrating will to perform even better is related to hard work (Mars + Saturn) and the drive Mars) to be fast or faster (Uranus).


A short message about Madonna, because I have written about Madonna and her marriage in July of this year. Now the marriage of Madonna seems to be definitely over and they might be divorcing before Xmas. On the 25th/26th of October she will have Transit Uranus square Saturn and trine progressed Midheaven shows the issue of 'breaking free/limited freedom'.

See the earlier post...

PS and I almost forgot this one: about the match between Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

tolling bells and mene tekel
the sign or the warning?

Can planets kill? Of course they cannot. They don't have hands:) But seriously: should we consider a hard aspect coming from a 'malefic'*) as a 'sign' or as a 'warning'? Are we, astrologers, fortunate to see the 'signs of the times'? Or is fear a killer and should we present 'bad signs' with a smile, even to ourselves? Sometimes being an astrologer is confusing:) That is what this post is about.
! Sometimes charts are killingly frightening! But these days we are supposed to see challenges, new perspectives, transformations and interesting opportunities, while in the old days they started digging your grave with the same combination of transits and progressions! With Saturn on your Midheaven you could be thrown before the lions if you were a slave in Rome. Being FIREd, where does that expression come from, you think?:) So let us be happy that the times changed and enjoy Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. They help us get rid of issues that we no longer need, such as a steady job, a clear head, a happy home etc. I am cynical, I know.
Astrology and astrologers, aren't they like the 'tolling' bells, allowing the people to see the difficulties in their characteristics and the difficult times coming up? Astrologers see the bad times (the malefics) coming! The 'malefics' warn us. They (the malefics and the astrologers) are there to give a signal to take better care. The planets are not murderous at all, they are the sign on the wall! Malefics are OK! Sigh...
Yes, it is nice to be warned, is not it? It is just that you get scared, when you are being warned. And when you are scared you have a greater chance to catch a cold and a virus, because fear undermines the body's resistance. You get tense and nervous and start making mistakes. So that, either way, you will experience whatever the malefic symbolizes. Some people call that fate.

I don't want to sound pessimistic...Of course, astrologers see the good times coming, too. They are just less frequent. Count them: there are more malefics than benefics! Benefics (from 'bene' = 'good') need not to be announced, anyway, they are welcome by surprise. And still the signs are up there, to warn us that there will be better times. Confused? So am I. I have a concussion (Uranus square MC hit me, by surprise, as expected:).

Take care!

*) Malefics are Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. An affliction is a hard aspect (= distance of 0, 45, 90, 135, 180 degrees between planets)


Actor Guillaume Depardieu, son of the French actor Gerard Depardieu, died yesterday. He had pneumonia. Guillaume (French for William) was an actor, just like his father. He was in Rumania making a movie and was transferred to France, but it was too late and the doctors couldn't help him.

Guillaume was born April 7, 1971 and has a daughter. Guillaume used to have a wild life, crashed with his motor bike in 1996, the same year that he won a Cesar as most promising young actor. That year his progressed Sun was inconjunct Uranus and I think that is perfectly drawing the picture of a rebel without a cause. Due to the accident (part of) his leg was amputated in 2003, after years of surgery, alcohol, and drugs. In 2003 he also broke up with his father.


These are the positions on his day of birth. Mars is oriental, Saturn is calling and so is Mercury. If you are interested in combinations of planets, read the footnote 1)

He died when the transit Sun was inconjunct Saturn and transit Saturn was inconjunct his Natal Sun. That is a double statement for a bad day and bad health. The inconjunction shows the risk of losing your life. Also there is transit Mars square progressed Mars (fever or infection). Mars is disposing of his natal Sun and Mars is the oriental planet in his chart.
On his dying day, the most important planets at birth were 'hit' by the dangerous combination of Mars and Saturn (limiting energy). In his chart Saturn is 'calling' (not making Ptolemaic aspects).

He also had an unaspected (calling) Mercury in his natal chart. Mercury is the planet of transportations and communication. Mercury is inconjunct Neptune. And that is the aspect that he shares with his father. It may be a good aspect for actors, but in real life it easily leads to miscommunications*).

Father and son did not get along very well. The aspects between the charts show us a lot of difficulties. There is an intense and difficult interaction with the positions in his father's chart (Sun-Neptune, Mars-Neptune and Jupiter-Saturn and Pluto-Uranus etc.). And there is the issue of how to be a father (or a son): Sun-Saturn.

Saturn in a chart symbolizes the parent or you as a parent. Saturn is important in the chart of Guillaume, Saturn is calling. With that parenthood, responsibilities and barriers are 'calling'. The Saturn of Guillaume is sesquisquare the natal Sun of Gerard, who has Sun tightly trine Saturn. Today, in his father's chart, we see the progressed Sun opposition Saturn. Is a trine harmonious? I wonder. A trine in a natal chart is an opposition in the progressed chart one day. And progressed Sun opposition Saturn means that the disadvantages of life will be highlighted. It is very hard to survive a child, whatever relationship there may have been.

What we see is that father and son share an aspect that might cause miscommunications (Mercury-Neptune) and is also pointing at the ability faking facts (like actors do). They also share the issue of the life as a parent or with a parent.

Gerard Depardieu was born 27th December 1948 at 8:00 a.m. in Chateauroux. This is his natal chart.

Notice Neptune on top and Uranus angular (on the descendant) and calling (no major aspects!) with the Moon in Scorpio, ruler of the 8th equal house, oriental and you get the picture of a disastrous family life. Gerard left school at age 12 and also left his parental home to start living in an environment of prostitutes. It seems family life does not become the Depardieus.

Sun trine Saturn, Mercury inconjunct Neptune and Jupiter biquintile Pluto are the tightest aspects. The aspects point at the importance of the life of a parent, communicating fantasies or illusions and earning a lot the creative way. But the tightest aspect is between the prominent Moon inconjunct the most prominent planet: Uranus. This aspect tells us about a strong desire to be independent and different from the rest. And that there is an unbalanced need for freedom. It seems to be important in his life.

I think the actor in the chart of Gerard Depardieu is in Neptune (art, imagination and empathy) on top, in the oriental Moon (to 'pretend' and 'imitate' and to keep memories alive or educate). The Moon is conjunct the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune, the midpoint of success in the immaterial field.

Guillaume Depardieu had Mars square Uranus in his chart. In the year 1996 his progressed Mars changed sign to Aquarius.

*) Neptune makes communications (Mercury) misty. See the article on my site Astromarkt for more examples:
1)Mars/Saturn = Mercury can be read in various ways. For example: death at young age, transportation or lungs killing you, severe infection of lungs, etc. And we read discussions (Mercury/Mars) with a parent (Saturn) or hard -Saturn - and hurtful - Mars - words - Mercury-.

Sharing aspects


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The most beautiful or the sexiest man in the world today

Did you happen to see the most beautiful man in the world? It is Johnny Depp, born June 9, 1963, 8h44 CST Owensboro KY, according to the readers of the British Cosmopolitan. The pirate was born with Jupiter oriental, the Sun without Ptolemaic aspects within 5d of orb, and Neptune square Ascendant. That is a sort of a guarantee for success when you are in the movies. Why? Because, when an important planet rises before the Sun, this planet is prominent. And the placement square the ASC is a crucial placement in the chart. The Sun making no aspects is a 'calling' Sun and the Sun is a star* (he had a vocation to be a star). Jupiter = success and Neptune = movies. Jupiter is inconjunct Neptune. Jupiter is ruler 5 = play, games and show. Neptune = ruler 8 = sex, power, money and influence. Jupiter + Neptune = the issue of the devoted public (in the movies, or in religion or we talk about: fans and believers)...A successful (Jupiter) movie (Neptune) star (Sun). Sometimes astrology is easy!:)

And BTW: Jupiter and Neptune are linked to the Moon and the Ascendant.

In the charts of good looking males, Saturn or Capricorn is important always. Depp has Moon in Capricorn and Venus square Saturn makes him just about 'cool' enough. And there is the 'calling' Sun for drawing attention.

Venus rules the Midheaven and is conjunct Mercury: a talent for communicating! The tightest aspect is Moon square Jupiter: the need for success, growth and support. Well, the Cosmopolitan ladies support him! Of course they do. He has Jupiter trine Ascendant and that is a fortunate position. It sure helps to present yourself the best possible way. And shall we say that Mars trine MC is for sexy?

I wrote about Depp before (see the files of Astromarkt):

12th January 2007
Keith Richards will be part of the cast of the 3rd volume of Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny Depp (born 9th June 1963 at 8:44 in Owensboro, KY, USA) once said that he was inspired by Keith Richards for the way he acted as Captain Jack Sparrow. Pluto of Johnny Depp is EXACTLY on the MC (= imago) of Keith Richards and Pluto is among other things: the planet of influence.

But there is another remarkable connection between the two. Johnny Depp was born with Neptune right on the lowest spot in the charts (and that is a prominent place). Jupiter is oriental. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune prominent is indicative for (for example) actors.

Keith Richards (18th December 1943 at about 6 in Dartford, UK) has Jupiter on top and Neptune is oriental (sort of a reverse of Depp!). Now that he finally can be and actor Keith has both Mars and Pluto trine Jupiter (a combination of success).

For music we see in the chart of Richards: Venus and Uranus both in aspect with the MC. And as astrologers we are immediately struck by the combination of Moon, Jupiter and Pluto on top: indication for an enormous popularity!

David Beckham
David Beckham and George Clooney
Brad Pitt
Justin Timberlake
And why not:
Prince William

Monday, October 13, 2008

and the unbearable accusation

Milan Kundera, the famous writer of 'The unbearable lightness of being', has been accused today of denouncing a fellow student to the communist secret police in 1950. The student is said to have been a western agent. Later, in the 80’s, Kundera critisized the communist government. His books were not allowed by the censor. The issue of limitations in freedom of speech is prominent in his chart. And he had a strong vocation for writing and communicating*). Today there is a lot of stress coming from Pluto, the planet of politics, opposition his progressed Sun...

Kundera was born April 1, 1929 in Brnö. I don't know at what hour. All I know is that today transit Pluto is opposition his progressed Sun. This means that he may be forced to face a challenge. Astrology-X-Files mentions 'you may have to defend yourself'. Power struggles and fundamental changes are mentioned all over the internet. I think that a transit of Pluto intensifies living dangerously: Pluto means stress.
Those stressful conditions might activate the natal aspect of Sun square Pluto.

Where is the writer in the positions of April 1, 1929?
Answer: there are no placements in air signs! Mercury does not make aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees, so Mercury is 'calling'! Look at the article on my site Astromarkt (see link below). No aspects with Mercury or no placements in air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) means a focus on contacts and seeking ways to communicate (= speaking and writing). And Milan Kundera has both (no aspects with Mercury and no placements in air).
Of course there are more clues and if we knew his hour of birth, we might find others.

Uranus rises before the Sun on April 1, 1929. Kundera is a reformer, someone special, a rebel perhaps. I have seen Uranus oriental in the charts of those who became very old, so that they had more 'orientation on a future' than others might have.
Saturn is square Aries Point on April 1, 1929 and strong in Capricorn.
Saturn might be conjunct the Moon, but that is not certain.
We see the combination of limited freedom. With Mercury, Saturn and Uranus prominent, the combination of limitations in the freedom of communicating is highlighted.
In 1950 that combination was activated by transit.

And what made him denounce a co-student (who was arrested and spent 14 years of his life in prison)? In 1950 his Sun had changed sign (I think because of the life as a student in another town). Progressed Venus was trine Neptune for unlimited sympathies and romantic love. Who knows? And transit Uranus was opposition his prominent Saturn in that year. Here we get a key! It means that there was an issue of limited freedom**) in that year that became important. And this issue was already highlighted in the natal chart!

Pluto is the planet of diving deep. In case of illnesses Pluto is the surgeon who cuts away what is no longer needed or what is dangerous for your health. But sometimes Pluto means trouble, a problem to be solved, politics making life difficult and a lot of stress. Kundera's progressed Sun (29th of Gemini) will change sign again. He is in a period of transformation. Pluto adds problems and challenges. Within 2 years his progressed Sun will be opposition Saturn and the quality of life might be less than it is now.

The movie based on the book is a masterpiece and so it the book. He wrote it in 1982 and it was published in 1984 with progressed Moon trine Jupiter (the best progressed aspect one can get), right after Moon trine Venus.

PS in 1975 he fled to the West with progressed Moon trine Jupiter and transit Jupiter conjunct the natal Sun.

Conspicuous by absense, article about missing elements and unaspected planets on my site Astromarkt

*)Passing through messages is part of the job of Mercury (prominent in Kundera's chart). Read how important Mercury is f.ex. in the chart of Archbishop Wielgus, the man who worked as a spy for the communist...Just like Kundera he had Mercury calling and a prominent Saturn. Maybe that Saturn indicates fear...

**)Tady maji nezvratny dukaz, ze to Kundera udelal, that is what I read on the internet. As an astrologer, however, I am not able to make judgements. Sometimes even criminals, detectives and judges seem to share the same kind of aspects (ast they share the same issue in life: crime). I only show you the astrological picture!

More insight might be offered by this interesting site with information about the subject:

PS October 14: Milan Kundera denies the story. The investigator, Adam Hradilek, claims to have a police report of the denounciation dated March 14, 1950, with name and date of birth of Kundera. Read the story in the Times.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Clara Meadmore, 105

Happy birthday, Clara Meadmore, the happy (Venus square Jupiter) virgin (in Virgo).
Clara Meadmore, born in Scotland on October 11, 1903, said she managed to be 105 today because she never had sex, she says (and she is not lesbian, she says). She travelled around a lot, instead.*)
Her hour of birth is unknown, and I bet that many of the persons born on her day of birth married and got children. Still, there are some clues. Moon, Venus and Mars are in conflicting signs. Venus is square Pluto. And when she decided never to get married, her progressed Sun was in conflict with Mars. Add this with the social-cultural soup of hundred years ago and what you get is a happy Venus in Virgo!**)

Saturn is 105 degrees away from the Sun. Venus is semi sextile Sun. Sun-Venus-Saturn is another indication of either divorce or remaining on your own. Saturn is opposition Venus/Pluto, a midpoint yod for a 'die hard in love'. Because there is also a square with Jupiter, there is also a lot of happiness related to not getting married (read it like this: Venus-Saturn with Jupiter-Pluto).

The fact that Clara Meadmore did not want to get married is an issue in the newspapers, even today. People use to find a partner, and maybe even have a family. Family life is linked to the Moon. In her youth Clara moved a lot and her parents emigrated to different countries. That did not make it easy for her to get attached to other persons. It may have been a nice youth and she started to like to have contacts with a lot of people, but not for long (I am just speculating now).

The Moon is afflicted. That means that the 'normal' ways to get attached to another person are difficult ways even thought there is a connection with Jupiter and it may not have been unpleasant. She says she was attractive and men asked her to marry them, but she didn't feel she should. Moon, Venus and Mars in conflicting signs tell the astrologer that it will not be easy to find a partner who matches with her needs and habits, her taste and her sexual attraction. One hundred years later she probably would not have remained a virgin because of that. But in 'her' days, there was no alternative if you did not have the need to get children and a partner.

The same chart, another gender and another social class or country would have produced another kind of life. Circumstances and conditions, together with the astrological I.D. mentioned above, shaped the special life story of Clara.

Maybe Uranus was angular to give her the independant approach. We don't know. Anyway, Clara was happy alone and independent and she still is. A happy Venus in Virgo, celebrating her birthday.

BTW: there is an article on my site Astromarkt about aging and the effect of elements. Having 50% in air signs is a good sign for getting old (though not a garantee, I am afraid). You can read all about it:HERE

*)(Moon is in Gemini for the need to be young and communicating. Gemini is opposition the sign of Mars (in Sagittarius). Gemini and Sagittarius are related to travelling.)
**) The nickname of Queen Elizabeth I was the Virgin Queen, because she didn't marry (yet, she had lovers). This hypocrisy fascinated me at grammar school. Maybe that is why this story fascinates me now:)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Need an astrologer say more? Uranus is inconjunct the Ascendant of Palin and square her progressed MC yesterday and today, EXACTLY now that an investigation team concluded that she abused her power as a governor to get rid of an ex brother in law. That makes me think that 16:40 is indeed her hour of birth. Uranus afflicted symbolizes controversy, bad news, shocks and revelations: something that 'shakes you'. Click on the label 'Uranus' to read more about this planet.


and his diplomatic chart

Martti Ahtisaari, a politician born in Finland, is the Nobel Prize for Peace winner of 2008. The Russians don't agree with the Nobel Prize Committee, however, because of Ahtisaari's role in the conflict about Kosovo. Maybe that is why we see transit Saturn conjunct Neptune, in spite of the honour and the amount of the prize (10 million!)?
As his hour of birth is unknown, it is possible that we are unaware of a transit made by Sun, Jupiter or Pluto with his Midheaven or progressed Midheaven. But even without an hour of birth it is clear that on the day that Ahtisaari was born, a diplomat was born. The prominence of the combination of Sun, Venus and Moon in Sagittarius tell us about a dipomatic leader with a special need to travel and be abroad.

Ahtisaari was born on June 23, 1937. On that specific day Venus was semi square Aries Point and in the sign of Taurus. That is why I consider Venus to be the oriental (Venus rises before the Sun). Venus is the symbol of ethics, diplomacy and/or style. In this case, diplomacy is the issue.

Another prominent place is destined for the Moon. The Moon is in Sagittarius, the sign of foreign countries, traveling and publicity. As the Moon does not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees, the Moon is 'calling'. Ahtisaari*) has a special need to travel and learn from it at any level, because his Moon in Sagittarius is calling.

Last but not least: his Sun is square Aries Point.

Is not the combination of that Moon in Sagittarius with Sun and Venus related to Zero Aries, the perfect combination for a leading diplomat?

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*) Funny, check your English with 'Ahtisaari' in Word and what you get is 'Antiwar'!:)
PS I read that his CV starts with being a teacher: Moon for telling others what to do (educating) is calling in this chart!

PPS I found a combination for success for today: transit Jupiter opposition the midpoint Sun/Pluto!

An accident ended his life

Joerg Haider, the controversial right wing Austrian politican, has died. Yesterday his car got off the road when he lost control over his car. See CNN.
Astrodatabank tells us that he was born January 26, 1950 at 14h25 in Bad Goisem. Mars and Uranus are important in his chart. Mars and Uranus in combination might easily cause accidents*).

Here is a list of the transits and progressions that marked his death:
- Transit Neptune (dispositor eight progressed house)opposition Ascendant
- Progressed Ascendant quindecile (165 graden) Sun (dispositor progr. Ascendant)
- Ceres conjunct Ascendant
- Mercury (dispositor IC) conjunct Mars
- Transit Sun conjunct Neptune, square Mercury and sextile Pluto

Notice that transit Neptune is afflicting both the Sun (ruling the progressed ASC) and the progressed Ascendant. The combination of Sun, Neptune and ASC is what I call in my book AstroTrio: being the victim of circumstances. Neptune disposes of the eight house. The eight house is the house of life and death. Neptune, in traffic, symbolizes misty situations, getting off the road and all things that are related to mistakes.

Transit Sun with Mercury, Neptune and Pluto symbolizes 'demanding much of the brains' (AstroTrio).
Mercury is the planet of communications and transport. Mars rules among other things, injury. The combination can indicate all kind of things, varying form 'the sharp tongue' til driving too fast.
What you see is a combination of circumstances, conditions and a situation leading to an accident (because it happenend on the road).

The Astro I.D. of Haider is marked by a 'calling' Uranus (wanting changes, being controversial or a rebel at any level). And there is a crucial Mars (down under in the chart). As you may have noticed in this blog or on my site Astromarkt, the combination of Mars and Uranus symbolizes impatience and 'making changes'. Mars-Uranus can lead us to the chart of a freedom fighter, a terrorist or to the chart of someone who acts in an abrupt way, making unexpected moves. That is how he lost control.

Mars and Uranus...PS At the moment of the accident (1:15 a.m.) Mars was 135d away from Uranus...
Accidents (about the study of C.E.O. Carter)

*) To avoid misunderstandings (see comments):
This blog is ment for students in astrology with some knowledge of the astrological vocabulary. When I say that Mars and Uranus 'easily cause accidents', I mean to say that the astrological picture of Mars and Uranus in combination often symbolizes the possibility of accidents. Planets don't act, they are symbols. Astrologers explain those symbols. And they don't predict death.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

and the relationship with the charts of Yoko Ono, Cynthia and his killer

Yesterday it was 68 years ago that John Lennon, one of the Beatles, was born at 18h30 CET in Liverpool. I want to have a look at his chart and that of Yoko and Cynthia, the women in his life. And I take a look at the interaction between the charts of John Lennon and his murderer. It is a long story. Too long for a blog perhaps, but long enough for a long weekend...

He was born with a prominent calling ‘starry’Sun on the Descendant. Venus was also calling and Mars was the oriental planet (energy, aggression, the activist*). Pallas is rising before the Sun and conjunct the Sun and Descendant. Pallas is the symbol of patterns. Just like in the chart of Le Corbusier we see the prominence of Venus and Mars with Pallas for a passion for patterns. John Lennon did not only compose and produce music, he also created art.

It is a chart that barely shows the importance of Lennon for the world of pop music, at first sight. But there is that very tight aspect of Moon inconjunct Venus with Moon on top in the 10th equal house and Venus disposing of the MC and calling in the 5th. He must have had a need to be different and change the world (in a fanatic way: opposition Pluto) and there was that misbalance with 'art' at any level, art that kept coming back. I can understand the pattern. The need to change the world somehow become more and more obvious to the public but he also was an artist. He had a passion for patterns but also for show. He was an artist but also an activist. He donated to the IRA! He preached love and piece and abused his women.

It is all there in the chart. Just like the > 7 midpoint combinations for success.

It is clear that John Lennon's chart did not promises everlasting marriages and being a devoted husband.
There are 3 indications for difficulties in relationships. He has Mercury in the 7th house of partners in opposition with Jupiter and Saturn in one. Affliction between the 1st and 7th house are indications for possible divorces. He also had Moon inconjunct Venus (for a misbalanced need for love) and Mars in Libra. Mars, the symbol of war, is very misplaced in the sign of diplomacy and peaceful relationship. Both Cynthia and Yoko mention that he slapped them.

His first wife Cynthia (born September 10, 1939 in Liverpool) has Venus conjunct Neptune in her chart and that is apart from loving idols a romantic theme in a chart. Romance is at best when tears are falling...:)
They married rather young (Mercury in 7th!) and as John has indications for multiple relationships, there is even more chance for a divorce. Their moon signs were in conflict (he Aquarius, she Leo). They share the same taste (Venus in Virgo). But his Mars in Libra is fighting her Mars in Capricorn (symbol for fighting each other in the end).
In the combine chart Venus is conjunct Uranus for a too early marriage. They sort of rushed into marriage. They also shared an aspect between Mars and Neptune (I mean that both have such an aspect). It is like in the charts of the royal couple of Belgium (Albert and Paola), who also share Mars-Neptune and both had affairs.

Yoko Ono became his widow. When Lennon was with her, he abused her and he left her a couple of times for someone else. Yoko Ono has Uranus in the 7th house of marriage and that is an indication for a flashlight relationship (a 'free' marriage, or a 'capricious' partner). That Uranus of Yoko is exactly conjunct the Ascendant of John Lennon. The concept of the betrayed woman is Moon-Neptune (see Cynthia with Venus-Neptune), for the need for romance (and romance, I said it before, is more romantic when tears are falling). With John Lennon she had the right guy: his Neptune 75 degrees from her Moon for a sort of a compulsive link. Venus conjunct Saturn is a key to a marriage that will last till the end of one of the partners (the woman on her own).

John's mother died at an early age (Moon ruler IC in 10, opposition Pluto, ruler 8 in 4), when John was about 18 years old. Yoko Ono is older than John Lennon. The age of Yoko was important in their relationship. We can see that from Saturn in conflict with his Saturn and because his Saturn is in hard aspect with her Venus. The capricious relationship with an older woman offered him a certain freedom. In the combine chart the Moon is inconjunct Pluto, and Uranus is tightly conjunct Vulcanus. This could be read as the threatening and unexpected violence in their shared lives.
They share quintile aspects between Sun and Pluto. Sun and Pluto connections show us the importance of matters of life and death (and money, power, authority, influence or sex). Both have a creative way to live intensely and they shared a life of living to the max. They also both have aspects between Moon and Mars and between Mercury and Pluto. That is for sharing domestic aggression (Moon-Mars; but also notice Pluto in the 4th house) and intense discussions (Mercury-Pluto).

Peace was about the contrary of what John Lennon created in his domestic life. The Sun in Libra looks for compromise and peace, but Mars in Libra tends to be the spark that starts the conflict, whenever there is the slightest misbalance. His public life (10th house, Moon in Aquarius; changing the world, the humanistic and reasonable attitude) was the opposite of his domestic life (Pluto in the 4th house, ruler of the 8th...problems).

In the solar return chart of 1980 John Lennon had Mars and Uranus on the Ascendant if he celebrated his birthday in Liverpool and Saturn was on the Ascendant if the birthday party was in New York.

Saturn was 15 degrees away from Pluto on his dying day. Transit Saturn (and Jupiter) was square the MC of Lennon. The midpoint Saturn/Pluto was conjunct the natal Sun.

Transit Neptune was conjunct the progressed Descendant. Transit Saturn (ruler of the progressed eight house) was conjunct the progressed Node and inconjunct progressed Jupiter and Vulcanus (the V in this chart, symbol for public Violence).

There are more interesting aspects, like with Pallas.
Transit Saturn was exactly conjunct the Ascendant of Yoko Ono at the moment of the gunshot. It would be the start of being alone again. The moment of death seems to have been right after a good moment for Yoko and John (transits of Venus and Jupiter).

The murderer, a man who wanted his name in the papers has just like John Lennon had, Sun conjunct Descendant. He also wanted to be a star.
His Venus was conjunct the Ascendant of Lennon; he used to be a fan of Lennon, but somehow got obsessed by the Beatle. But on the final day, John Lennon’s progressed Neptune happened to be exactly conjunct the progressed Midheaven of the killer. Sometimes people meet at the wrong moment…

Chapman was born May 10th, 1955 at 19h30 Fort Worth. The V of Vulcanus is rising before his Sun. The Moon is oriental (skipping the not important Venus) in Capricorn for the need to be noticed (in the 2nd house). Like in the case of many inmates, Chapman has Sun opposition Saturn in the 12th house. Pluto on top tells us about money, influence, sexuality and power above all. The composition can easily lead to the life of a fanatic (Sun and Pluto prominent) who wants to teach persons a lesson (Moon is for teaching) and whose needs come first.


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About John Lennon, see Wikipedia:

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*) Notice the contradiction in the word 'peace-activist' (or in 'fighting for peace') and you see the contradiction in 'Mars in Libra'.