Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shocking drama for Jennifer Hudson with Transit Uranus

Jennifer Hudson is born on September 12. That means that her Sun receives a transit of Saturn, soon, that transit Uranus is opposition her Sun and that transit Pluto is inconjunct her Node. She lost her mother, brother (October 24) and cousin (October 27). Family (Node) death (Pluto) and shock (Uranus): a disaster (Uranus and Pluto).

Jennifer Hudson started her performances on television in 2004 (P Sun semi square Uranus), was casted in 2005 (P Sun conjunct P Saturn and P Venus conjunct Uranus). In 2006 her P Sun was conjunct Mercury and Jupiter, during the making of 'Dreamgirls'. With Ceres opposition Ceres she became the best supporting actress (Feb 25, 2007. Recently, September 30, her debut album was released 'Depreciate'. Again Uranus is of importance (opposition Sun) and Jupiter is square Mercury and Jupiter.

In her natal chart Mars is oriental and calling, just like Venus is calling in the final degree of Libra. A chart full of passion! Venus is septile Neptune (for artistic talents). Mercury conjunct Jupiter is the tightest aspect (for success in communications). That is easy to see, even without HOB. There is a potential for the artist and as it happens, these days, potential drama in her chart, dated September 12, 1981. Transit Uranus often causes upheavel, unexpected changes and a hectic time in life (for good or for worse). Conform the position of Uranus in our planetary system, Uranus sometimes turns your world upside down.

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