Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Abdication of Beatrix for new King Willem Alexander

Dutch Queen Beatrix said that she will abdicate in 2013, on April 30. She announced this within 24 hours after my column on Astromarkt (link: ) where I mentioned three signs of change in position:
- Moon opposition Midheaven in the solar return chart for this year
- Pholus square Moon and MC in the solar return chart
- Transit Saturn square progressed Sun (announcing the end of a period of time, or a goodbye)
Her birthday is tomorrow. Here is the solar return of 2013.

I also noticed that the solar return chart of the king to be (Willem Alexander) shows dramatic change while transit Saturn will be on his Ascendant on the day that he will be installed. In the Netherlands there is no coronation. The crown doesn't fit any head. There is no one good enough to place the crown on anyone's head. The crown will be on a table, symbol of kingdom but not used. Here is the solar return chart of Willem Alexander (birthday April 27).

I wrote about possible abdication in 2013 before (and I made the choice only to bet a chocolate bar on it, but who is to give me one?:)
Reasons to opt for 2013 were:
2013 might be a better choice, because transit Neptune is still on his midpoint Sun/Moon this year (though I noticed that Neptune was 'there' whenever there was a coronation). His mother will have a solar return with Sun square Saturn and Moon on IC in 2013. So I'd guess that 2013 might be 'the' year, but I wouldn't bet my money on it (maybe a chocolate bar:).

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Astrology and the death of children

One of the most tragic things in a human life is the loss of a child. Today it is 10 years after the death of my sister. When my sister died (now 10 years ago), my mother had hard transits to deal with:

  •  transit Saturn opposition Moon and 
  • transit Saturn opposition Ascendant (hard experience related to what happens to others)
  • immediately followed by transit Venus (comfort) and 
  • a quindecile (165d aspect) between Sun (natal ruler 8th house of life and death) and transit Neptune (Neptune is in the 8th house in the natal chart). The same quindecile turns up in the chart of the time of the death of the son of Sylvester Stallone. The meaning of Sun quindecile Neptune (and 8th house) is a strong focus on a sad definitive change. 

John Travolta and Sylvester Stallone live longer than one of their children, just like my mother does. In 2009 was the death of a son of John Travolta (see that post: On the 13th of July 2012, this tragedy happened to Sylvester Stallone.
At the moment of the death of their sons both men had an inconjonct between Venus in the eight house and the Ascendant.
- In John Travolta's case its was transit Venus in the 8th house of life and death conjunct Sun and inconjunct natal Ascendant.
- Sylvester Stallone's progressed Ascendant was exactly inconjunct natal Venus in the 8th house.
Both lost a loved one with an inconjunct of Venus coming from the 8th house. There were, of course, more hard aspects at the same time (see list below).

Venus is a beneficial symbol. In times of death, Venus illustrates the comfort that surround a mourning person. In times of death, most families comes together to help each other deal with the pain. Venus in times of strong and many conflicts or other kind of aspects with the 8th house, doesn't make things right. Venus mirrors all that eases and softens...
When Jacqueline Kennedy lost Patrick, transit Saturn was quindecile transit Mercury (ruler 8) and quindecile her natal Sun, AFTER Venus transit (joy first, grieve later).

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lost 4 of his 6 children. In his days the death of children was not as unusual as in our days. I wrote about that (quote):
Mozart was successful, but he had problems with money due to the high standard of living. Also he suffered from the death of four (!) of his six children between 1783 and 1789.  Saturn joins Sun and Mercury in the fifth house of (pro-)creation. At the time of the death of his little son, transit Pluto was in aspect with the 5th house Sun and Mercury. When his little daughter died in 1789 progressed Moon squared Pluto and transit Saturn was on the Moon. 
Continue for the list of transits of Sylvester Stallone...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mercury inconjunct Uranus in the chart of Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is a very successful spiritual author.  His book 'Spiritual Solutions' has been elected Best Spiritual Book this week (in the Netherlands) and that is only one of the many awards.  He writes best sellers. This drew my attention. So I searched on the internet and found out that he first was a medical doctor and now is a spiritual authority. That, of course, is food for controversy. See Wikipedia for more information on that. This post is about the controversy mirrored by the natal chart by means of Uranus (inconjunct Mercury and opposition Midheaven).

Above is the chart of Deepak Chopra with Mercury inconjunct Uranus. Mercury inconjunct Uranus mirrors an overload of upheaval related to communications (what you say, write or sing). As Uranus is the most important planet in Deepak Chopra's natal chart, this aspect is also important in his life.

Why is Uranus important in his chart?
Deepak Chopra's natal chart has 4 'calling' positions:

  • Sun (for drawing attention and for being the star), 
  • Venus (for diplomacy, talent, popularity and comfort), 
  • Pluto (for authority and strategy), and
  • Uranus (for change, renewal and independence/ alienation)
Sun, Venus, Pluto and Uranus don't make narrow aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees.
Uranus is also in a tight opposition with Midheaven. This angularity turns Uranus into the most important planet of the chart. The opposition with Midheaven is the key to the change from medical doctor to spiritual coach. The fact is that there is an inconjunct (150 degree aspect or quincunx) between Mercury and Uranus. Inconjuncts mirror problems.

SYNASTRY WITH MAHARISHI: Uranus inconjunct Sun
I read that Deepak Chopra drew the attention of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. His Uranus is inconjunct the Sun of the Maharishi. Deepak Chopra eventually did it 'his way'. Again, his Uranus (symbol of independence) proved to be important.

Mercury in conflict with Uranus
Mercury inconjunct Uranus is the concept of new or shocking ideas or words. But Mercury-Uranus can also reflect mental disruption. In traffic Mercury-Uranus is a risk. Gloria Estefan, August Busch IV and Laura Bush are examples in the post about this side of Mercury-Uranus:

Controversial ideas are only shocking when you are part of a community or 'world' with different ideas than yours. That is why many astrologers have a Mercury-Uranus aspect in their charts (often accompanied by Jupiter). Mercury-Uranus changes minds or provokes 'words' and discussions. Mercury-Uranus kind of ideas may be considered wrong in the eyes of others and sometimes they are.

The person with a hard Mercury-Uranus aspect often has to learn not to mention those 'different' ideas, especially in countries without freedom (Uranus) of speech (Mercury). It is because with Mercury-Uranus you tend to say (Mercury) what you think (Mercury) instantly (Uranus), too soon, before others are ready (Uranus) or when it is not political correct (Uranus).  Mercury-Uranus is for the free thinker.

This aspect between Mercury and Uranus doesn't answer the question if a person is correct or not. Mercury-Uranus simply makes the audience think and wonder or laugh or ... protest.

PS for those with a Mercury-Uranus conflict in their charts: Mercury-Uranus also tends to interrupt in a discussion. That is because they want to communicate their ideas immediately. (You can avoid this impulse by writing it down while counting to ten...)

Silvio Berlusconi has an important Mercury square Uranus. You read about it in

More Mercury aspects on Astromarkt:
like Mercury-Uranus (quote):

"Mercury-Uranus' effect is 'hectic' as the combination means 'information on impulse' (re: Mars-Uranus for acting on impulse) and provocative information (just a little different from what the others think). Uranus is the planet of change and Mercury of info, so lies of the Mercury-Uranus-kind are quick lies and often communication techniques like changing subject when it comes to telling the truth or at worst by twisting words and facts to end up with a completely different story. With the planet of inventions linked to the planet of words, you can make your own vocabulary, too. Sarah Palin has Mercury quintile Uranus: to creatively invent words…like ‘refudiating’."
(see: )

Brutus view on angularity:

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How Sun and Jupiter called a Salvation Army soldier

This blog is about a Salvation Army worker, who couldn't resist the call of Sun and Jupiter.  Or should I say: it is about a Sun and Jupiter who had to be seen and heard in the life of a modest 'soldier'.

On Astropost and on Astromarkt (here is the link) I wrote about the special position of the aspected planet, Sun or Moon without Ptolemaic aspect within 5 degrees orb and/or within sign: they are 'calling'! They manifest at any possible level, somehow, anyhow. They can't be denied.

When the Sun is 'calling' it is like the Sun is shining in a special way. Those who have a 'calling' Sun in their chart will always draw attention. Many of them are leaders. Some of them are 'stars'. When the Sun is 'calling' you can't resist to shine.

People who were born with Jupiter 'calling' will be (I quote myself) "an international, a traveller, someone with a strong conviction, showing the way (sometimes as a coach, sometimes on a trip: a guide). Jupiter is seeking for a conviction or religion and wants development. Jupiter folks like to guide others. Calling Jupiters know best, always. That is sometimes hard for the rest of us!:)"

Sun and Jupiter in aspect is great for self confidence and therefore for being successful. When both planets are 'calling', you may expect a person to become greater than great, drawing a lot of attention.

Here is an example of a modestly but greatly shining Sun-Jupiter 'calling': Major Bosshardt. She was a Salvation Army soldier for all of her life, since she was 18. She mostly worked among prostitutes. In 2004, Yad Vashem recognized Bosshardt as a Righteous Among the Nations, for her work in the Second World War. There are statues of her. There is a book about her life (title: 'So very special ordinary'). In Amsterdam they will name a bridge after her. And her story is on Wikipedia ( ). She was a very popular woman, even among those who don't believe in God or Jesus. She didn't judge people.

She has an interesting chart, even without hour of birth. Saturn rises before the Sun (duty first, responsibilities, ambition). And the Sun and Jupiter were 'calling' when she was born. The Sun and Jupiter manifested fully in her life. She was a modest worker who became famous. The inconjunct between Sun and Jupiter shows that she had to give up on something because of that. She gave up family life and intimacy. I also like the Leo Moon. People with a Leo Moon have a need to be in the spotlights. Major Bosshardt was in the spotlights because of her dedication and her joyful approach.

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for the day of her death (P Sun inconjunct Vesta, Transit Pluto opposition Progressed Mars, Transit Node inconjunct Venus, Transit Pholus inconjunct Venus and this after Transit Uranus square Sun)

Continue if you want to see why she never married.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The unnoticed Pholus effect

It is a bit funny to speak of an unnoticed effect, for how should you know? But with Pholus, that is exactly what happens. I asked my readers if they noticed any change during a transit of Pholus and the majority did not. Pholus is not often noticed as a turning point when you are at the silent beginning of change. Pholus, they say,  is like the butterfly's wing causing a hurricane thousands of miles away. That makes it hard to test Pholus, even though I found a number of interesting examples that you can see by using the label or the links. So I am sure that there IS an effect. I see it in the charts. I mentioned the examples on Astromarkt and here. Now I like to mention three new examples of transits of Pholus. This transit didn't come alone.

I can add the transit of Pholus semi square the progressed Suns of Bashar al-Assad and Lance Armstrong to the list. Both men are at a turning point in life. In their charts, there is also a transit of Uranus, an inonjunct. With Uranus-Pholus the turning point in life gets a nervous and controversial color. Here are their charts (time unknown).
Al-Assad natal, progression, transit
Armstrong's natal, tansits and progression

I can also add the sad example of a Russian man, who killed himself after being denied entrance to The Netherlands. Uranus and Pholus transited his chart, too.

His name was Aleksander Dolmatov and he was born on September 13, 1976, near Smolensk.  He used to design rockets.  He had asked for political asylum after having fled his country. He took part in a protest against President Putin, was arrested and was convinced that the secret service followed him. The officials say that they hadn't decided about the asylum, yet. His friend says that he sent her an SMS before his death and told her that he was denied asylum. It is too late for correction, now. A turning point turned into a point of no return.

Here is the chart of his day of birth with transits and progressions.

When a natal aspect is 'repeated' by progression or transit, the effect of the transit or progression is stronger than in the lives of people who don't have a minor or major aspect between Sun and Uranus. The alienation is obvious in the chart of a man who rebels against the authorities in his own country, than leaves his homeland and again is being confronted with 'not being part of it' (true or not). People with a Sun-Uranus aspect rarely fit into groups or families. They are 'different'. (See:
In the natal chart the Sun is semi square Uranus. When he died, on January 17, 2013 transit Uranus was quindecile his natal Sun and transit Pholus was square his natal Sun. Progressed Sun  semi square Neptune completes the picture of being lonely or confused and in a period of high tension change.

Mr. Dolmatov unexpectedly ended his life during a transit of Pholus and Uranus. The chart mirrors confusion, nerves with a strong focus if not obsession about changes in life; and a turning point in life. It turned out to be the end of his life. *)

Maybe transits of Pholus go bye unnoticed, most of the time, or not until much later, looking back (see this post: )
But in stressy times and accompanied by difficult transits and progressions, there is always the risk of the other side of Pholus (that of the warrior who shoots himself with an arrow dripping of venom). And the scary thing is, that you -you yourself - might be the one who prepared the poison and shot the arrow. You might only notice it when it is too late.

I had transit Pholus on my Sun for the first time. The transit will be back twice this year. On a transit Sun =Pholus day I went to see the pedicurist and now I have an infected heel. Might be coincidence...



*) Watch Mars conjunct Pluto and sextile Saturn... The combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto is frequent among those who experience unnatural death as a victim, as the killer or as the relative or partner who finds it hard to deal with. (Use the labels for more info). It is the combination of the issue of violent or otherwise unnatural death.

In an interview in a Belgian paper ( )  he had said that he wanted to be a Dutchman very much.

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Astropost: Ailments: Transit Chiron conjunct Ascendant

Astropost: Ailments: Transit Chiron conjunct Ascendant is one of the frequently read posts. In that post I ask myself (and YOU) if Chiron has to do with ailments.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mars conjunct Saturn: unstoppable

There is a neurosurgeon in my country who is not allowed to work anymore, but he found a job in Germany. He made big mistake, used fake photos, performed brain surgery on healthy people and told them that they had Alzheimer. One person committed suicide after visiting him. The neurosurgeon started to fail and make up stories after an accident and later use of drugs. He could go on like this for over 20 years! He was famous after a television performance about the mental illness of late Prince Claus, in 1992. Television seems to have that effect (see Jimmy Saville).

Just like all others born on October 24, 1945 (among them are a union leader and an artist) he has:
a. 'calling' Sun (he was 'a star' or a leader in the eyes of many)
b. Jupiter rising before the Sun (promising person, international)
c. Venus-Neptune for the romantic person with fine taste.
d. Mars tightly conjunct Saturn

Mars conjunct Saturn works like a pinch bar or a sledge hammer. Mars is fuel for the ambition of Saturn and together they go on and on and on, no matter what. There are famous persons with Mars conjunct Saturn. Paris Jackson, Ellen Degeneres and Al Gore are among them. So is Dutch Queen Beatrix, almost 75 and still doing her duty.

The neurosurgeon was forced to stop in my country. He went to Germany. He is 68 and hundreds of patients complained about him. But apparently it is important not to stop working. Mars conjunct Saturn  is obligated to work on the career, whatever happens. And whoever gets hurt? The combination of the two pictures in this story is the combination of fine work performed with a brutal instrument, just like the delicate work of a neurosurgeon was done.

Soon the progressed Sun of the surgeon will be quindecile his Saturn. Let's hope that he finally retires.


Also visit: There is an article about Mars and Saturn:

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Richard Nixon's accurate chart

The chart of President Richard Nixon, provided by, has an AA rating. That means that the time of birth is amazingly accurate:). I can see that. On the day that he had to resign there were 6 exact transits:
1. Transit Saturn exactly inconjunct IC and semi sextile Midheaven
Saturn and Midheaven together symbolize an end (Saturn) with a loss involved (inconjunct). Sometimes people fall during a transit of Saturn or break a bone.

2. Transit Jupiter square Midheaven
Jupiter helps, always. Nixon was not prosecuted for Watergate (he received a pardon by his successor Ford). Jupiter-MC is a classical aspect for retirement.

Saturn and Jupiter together reflect ups and downs. Often a combination of Saturn and Jupiter can be seen in the chart during a removal, especially in combination with the IC (house 4: domestic situation). He had to leave the White House.

3.   Transit Node square Ascendant
A difficulty between the community or family and the personal situation...

4.  Progressed chart: Jupiter inconjunct Midheaven
He was blessed, but...he had to give up his position.

5. Progressed chart: Pluto semisquare Midheaven (challenges in public)

6. Transit Mars opposite Chiron (hurt)

Those where only the six exact transits for that day, August 9, 1974. There were more indications at the time, like transit Uranus square Neptune (a hype), Progressed MC semi square Pluto (frustrating challenges and stress) and Transit Pluto inconjunct Progressed Venus (loss of money or value, difficult choices to make with a loss involved). When there is an important moment in life, there are usually more than 3 important transits or progressions.

Here is the chart with transits and progressions:

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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Russian in the chart of Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu is a Russian now. The Frenchman first moved to Belgium, as a sort of a tax refugee. Then he asked for the Russian nationality and he got it. He was invited to become minister of Culture in one of the Russian republics, too. Here is the news: The move causes controversy. When there is controversy, we see Uranus.
Natal, transits and progressions Depardieu

Progressed chart with transits Depardieu

The transits and progressions in his chart tell us about:

1. Change and controversy (Progressed Uranus conjunct progressed Midheaven)
2. Emotional change of position (Progressed Moon square progressed MC)
3. New worlds (transit Quaoar conjunct progressed MC)
4. Domestic situation in the spotlights (Transit Vesta square progressed Sun)

In the natal chart Uranus is in an important position, on the Descendant, inconjunct the Moon and 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). Uranus is the symbol of change, controversy, rebellion and being different.

With Moon inconjunct Uranus the need to make a difference and be 'special' involves a loss. offers a complete article about the emotional detachment mirrored by Moon-Uranus. It is a long way from Chateauroux to Saransk.
With Moon-Uranus you are sort of used to be an emotional outsider. I see this aspect in the charts of observers. Example: dr. Phil and... mr. Putin. I am curious about the relationship between Putin and Depardieu, sharing a Moon-Uranus aspect! From what I write on Astromarkt I should advice mr. Depardieu not to move to Russia. They are better friends when they are apart:).

1. I wrote about Gerard and  the death of his son: and mentioned that the 'actor in the chart' can be found in:

a. Moon rising before the Sun without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees.
A calling and orientational Moon tells us how important it is to have a good memory and how important it is to pretend.
b. Moon conjunct Jupiter/Neptune contributes to having success in the immaterial world of fantasy. This midpoint combination also tells us that he needs fans and followers and will likely be popular.

Unlike the other examples of charts of artists, actors and musicians on there is no minor or major aspect combination of Moon, Venus and Neptune.

2. Sasstrology about Moon-Uranus 

3. Sharing aspects, like Moon-Uranus
Moon in aspect with Uranus in both of the charts tells us about surprises. The relationship can be a flashing one or there are tensions at home all the time. Both of the partners have a desire to be different than the other and share a desire for sensation. Maybe they are both psychic and possibly they can have a special 'supernatural' contact.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hugo Chavez' astrological situation

The chart of the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, shows the health problems that he is dealing with for a substantial period of time now. The change of the sign of the progressed sun was parallel with the change in life style. Now, negative tendencies are reflected by transit Neptune and inconjunctions, transits of ruler 8 and Chiron. Here is a list:

1. Transit Neptune inconjunct Progressed Sun
2. Transit Neptune inconjunct Progressed Ascendant/Midheaven
3. Transit Uranus (ruling the 8th house of life crisis) is elevated now and trine natal Sun. Uranus is a prominent planet in his natal chart. Uranus rises before his sun and is on the midpoint Sun/Moon. Hugo Chavez is a man who was born to change his world.
4. Transit Chiron is trine the natal Ascendant (for cures?)
5. Progressed Midheaven is on the way to a hard aspect with natal Saturn, a third quincunx.

What does it mean?
- Transit of Neptune are confusing and often mirror a period of gossip. Newspapers are speculating about the near death of the man who has lung problems since his last cancer surgery. It is still a mystery where the cancer was located.Neptune is also the symbol of medication.
- Inconjunctions (quincunxes) aren't good for health. They mean lack of balance and a risk of loss. More inconjunctions, more risk of health issues. The transits are a burden for persons who are already ill, old or in trouble.

Hugo Chavez had transit Pluto opposition Ascendant last year when his sun sign changed. He also dealt with transit Saturn square Sun. This transit is resonating the natal Sun-Saturn conflict and therefore of strong influence. Barriers, limitations, restrictions and matters of age and time were blocking the vitality last year. The life of Chavez seems to have been a constant struggle with barriers and mountains to climb. The aspect of Moon conjunct Jupiter contributed to his popularity. (Many of the American Presidents benefitted of a Moon-Jupiter aspect in the race for the Presidency. It is the kind of aspect that brings support.)

Even though there is less support than in earlier years, Hugo Chavez still has followers. And they are anxious about his health. We will have to wait and see what medication and doctors can do.

If you want to compare and study astrology, try today's post about King Juan Carlos, who also deals with transit Neptune and a recently changed progressed Sun.

Sun-Saturn people in politics tend to dictatorship (see the post).

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Chart of Juan Carlos: annus horribilis

Last year was a an 'annus horribilis' for the Spanish royal family. They were confronted with bad press and less popularity after the Botswana affair (Juan Carlos' elephant hunt with German lady) and the involvement of a son in law in a corruption scandall. There was a wedding aniversary, but there were no public celebrations. The situation was mirrored by the King's progressed chart (P Sun conjunct Saturn, see the post about his broken leg and crashing marriage ) It was the end of 'dulce decorum'.

Today is his 75th birthday. Is there anything in his chart to be happy about now? 

I think there is not much. There is not much fun in the chart, except for transit Jupiter inconjunct Venus (an aspect, indicating a moment for a party, but - inconjunct!- with a loss involved or something out of balance).  Transits of Neptune don't help to clear the air.

King Juan Carlos recently had Progressed Mars sesquisquare Neptune, debilitating his energy level and drive. Last year his progressed sun sign changed, in line with the more or less forced upon change of life style after the protests about the elephant hunt. 

Negative press is often the resonance of transit Neptune in the charts of famous people. Secrets (Neptune) are revealed. Scandal (Neptune) and gossip (Neptune) is part of the deal. Transit Neptune hits the chart of the King of Spain.

1. Transit Neptune, the confusing transit  is inconjunct the progressed Ascendant of Juan Carlos now. 2. Transit Neptune is also inconjunct his Progressed Sun/Moon. 
Neptune inconjunct Ascendant could be read as a negative perspective. Neptune inconjunct Sun/Moon demotivates. Inconjunctions aren't beneficial for health. Two of them are heavy. Three is a crowd.
3. There is company for the symbol of disillusion! There is also transit Pholus semi square Sun/Moon, reflecting the period of a turning point in the family and ... in motivation.
4. His solar return chart has an elevated Uranus, so I expect that nerves, 'surprises' and more change are on the way.
It seems that troubles aren't over yet, for Juan Carlos. 

Just like the charts of football coaches mirror the state of their team, the charts of kings or presidents may reflect the state of the nation, too. A good example of that is the chart of the Emperor of Japan in the days of the tsunami disaster (see post). The transits and progressions of King Juan Carlos' chart seem to represent the nasty economical situation in Spain, where too many young men and woman are jobless. In that situation it doesn't help, apparently, that the royal leader of Spain has a chart with a prominent Jupiter and Pluto on the meridian. The natal chart promised success and he certainly had it. But right now there is a crisis in his chart. With so many quincunxes and so much of the negative influence of Neptune any self esteem tends to be reduced, even when a person is rich, powerful, full of confidence, and positive in heart and soul (Sun/Moon semi square Jupiter in natal chart).

Nevertheless, with Venus-Jupiter, in spite of all that, it might still be a happy birthday party today...

LINKSSee my blog Astrology&Love about the astrology of Juan Carlos and Sofia:

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