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How Sun and Jupiter called a Salvation Army soldier

This blog is about a Salvation Army worker, who couldn't resist the call of Sun and Jupiter.  Or should I say: it is about a Sun and Jupiter who had to be seen and heard in the life of a modest 'soldier'.

On Astropost and on Astromarkt (here is the link) I wrote about the special position of the aspected planet, Sun or Moon without Ptolemaic aspect within 5 degrees orb and/or within sign: they are 'calling'! They manifest at any possible level, somehow, anyhow. They can't be denied.

When the Sun is 'calling' it is like the Sun is shining in a special way. Those who have a 'calling' Sun in their chart will always draw attention. Many of them are leaders. Some of them are 'stars'. When the Sun is 'calling' you can't resist to shine.

People who were born with Jupiter 'calling' will be (I quote myself) "an international, a traveller, someone with a strong conviction, showing the way (sometimes as a coach, sometimes on a trip: a guide). Jupiter is seeking for a conviction or religion and wants development. Jupiter folks like to guide others. Calling Jupiters know best, always. That is sometimes hard for the rest of us!:)"

Sun and Jupiter in aspect is great for self confidence and therefore for being successful. When both planets are 'calling', you may expect a person to become greater than great, drawing a lot of attention.

Here is an example of a modestly but greatly shining Sun-Jupiter 'calling': Major Bosshardt. She was a Salvation Army soldier for all of her life, since she was 18. She mostly worked among prostitutes. In 2004, Yad Vashem recognized Bosshardt as a Righteous Among the Nations, for her work in the Second World War. There are statues of her. There is a book about her life (title: 'So very special ordinary'). In Amsterdam they will name a bridge after her. And her story is on Wikipedia ( ). She was a very popular woman, even among those who don't believe in God or Jesus. She didn't judge people.

She has an interesting chart, even without hour of birth. Saturn rises before the Sun (duty first, responsibilities, ambition). And the Sun and Jupiter were 'calling' when she was born. The Sun and Jupiter manifested fully in her life. She was a modest worker who became famous. The inconjunct between Sun and Jupiter shows that she had to give up on something because of that. She gave up family life and intimacy. I also like the Leo Moon. People with a Leo Moon have a need to be in the spotlights. Major Bosshardt was in the spotlights because of her dedication and her joyful approach.

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for the day of her death (P Sun inconjunct Vesta, Transit Pluto opposition Progressed Mars, Transit Node inconjunct Venus, Transit Pholus inconjunct Venus and this after Transit Uranus square Sun)

Continue if you want to see why she never married.

After her death there was a radio program about the question if she was a lesbian. When asked once, she said that it could be, but that she never tried it:). On the day of her birth there were already 2 indications for divorce or not getting married at all:
Venus square Uranus
Mars semi square Saturn
Perhaps her 7th house and aspects between the rulers of house 1 and 7 added some more.*)

She was born with the Sun exactly trine Vesta. And Vesta, as you may know, had a temple filled with dedicated virgins who had to keep the fire burning...

How did others who were born on June 8, 1913 find a way to be a glorious example of dedication, I wonder?
*) Indications for not getting married or for divorce in a lady's chart are:
Conflicts between Sun and Mars, Sun and Uranus, Venus and Uranus and/or Mars and Saturn.
In a man's chart:
Conflicts between Moon and Saturn, Moon and Neptune, Venus and Neptune and/or Mars and Uranus.
(Two or more make it difficult to keep a relationship going).
For both genders: conflicts between rulers of Ascendant and Descendant or planets in the 1st and 7th house.

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