Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gelila's chart

Would it make a difference to have an excellent or difficult chart in certain circumstances? I am convinced that it does and I already shared several examples here with you. This chart is that of a little girl born at 36d38m11s North and 014d37m45s East, at sea aboard the Dutch navy vessel Zr Ms Van Amstel on June 16, 2016 at 19h30 local time. As my program’s don’t do charts for longitude and latitudes, I had to choose a village nearby. Because of the name of the baby (Gelila) my choice was Gela, Italy.

It was a day and hour with a number of conflicts:

1.    Saturn conjunct Ascendant., symbol of litmitations and borders and the square with Neptune (for isolation, maybe illness).
2.    Mars is the Apex of a closed Yod with Sun and Uranus. This combination is frequent in charts of terrorists and accidents. See the article about Mars and Uranus on my site Astromarkt.
3.    Sun opposite Pholus (and Pholus trine Uranus and sextile Mars) makes me thing of action connected to acute change).
4.    It is Uranus conjunct Eris now (war incidents).

The chart doesn’t seem to be a chart of an easy child. Moon in Scorpio and Sun Gemini… tough communications are to be expected. She may be hard to educate and on the other hand it may be hard for her in between the domestic culture and the place where she is going to be.

I think that it will take very good aspects to be happy or even survive in enemy situations and woman-unfriendly cultures. This especially when you are poor. Still, her parents thought it was a good idea or even best, to step into an ancient ship with over 400 others at a time that the mother would give birth. They say that the migrants are told that it helps to have a baby when you want to enter Europe. But I saw a documentary tonight, and I heard about the lots of African girls and women who end their voyage to the promised nation as a prostitute. There is no control in the EU. Europe even wants to give millions to Eritrea in spite of the bad conditions of human rights. It is the economy, stupid…Always…Leaving a nation that is almost always in a state of war, with over 10 years of military duty, and stories of torture …it must not be as difficult as it seems to me. The invitation of Mrs Merkel helped tens of thousands of migrants to take that step. Neptune in Pisces was there when the big migration of the 4th century changed Europe. At that time, people had the chance to move on, at least more than today. I wouldn’t know where to go. It ends up here. But not no today, I hope.

Let me end the sad migrant's story with good news: her ruler 1 is Jupiter and Jupiter is elevated and well aspected by the Moon and Pluto. She was saved, wasn't she?


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Monday, June 13, 2016

Inconjunct = loss involved

Gordon Ramsay was expecting a baby in 4 months but sadly he and hia wife were confronted with a shocking misscariage. Transit Uranus inconjunct Moon-Uranus in the 5th house of children pictures this.

Mars-Uranus and the terrorism in Omar Mateen's chart

A lot of killed and injured visitors of a gay bar in Orlando are  the vicims of Omar Mateen, sun of Afghan parents and born in the USA.The perpatrator of the Orlando massacre was, like his father, a fanatic moslim. The call of any imam to kill infidels fell in fertile soil with him. His chart shows a fiery character while transits and progressions repeated *) the fiery combinations:
  • Sun is square Mars, transit Mars is almost exactly conjunct Sun.
  • Mars is sextile Uranus, transit Uranus is now sextile natal Mars and 
  • transit Uranus is almost exactly inconjunct (150d) his natal Sun and trine progressed Sun.

Again, the pattern of Sun-Mars-Uranus is clear. 
Click for a better view This is the chart of the day of birth with transits

Earlier I connected Sun-Mars-Uranus to terrorism. See the article:
Now there is such a connection, again. 

There is also Mars square Saturn in the progressed chart above. This aspect often relates to death. It is a terrible pattern. And again someone who was already a suspect managed to act before he could be arrested. I feel so sorry for the victims, their family and friends,

More persons were born on the day that this murderer was born, of course. The difference with them is that they weren’t born amid hate against those who believe or live differently or against homosexuals or women, like this man, who was known for his homophobia and who used to beat his ex-wife. They may also have nice aspects with the Moon, Ascendant or MC. These aspects are only known when the hour of birth is know. Still, those persons should be carefull now, because the transits and progressions show a risk connected with surgery, knives, guns and violence in general. Take care!

*) When a transit or progressed aspect connects two planets in aspect in the natal chart, there is a strong effect! I call that 'resonance'. 


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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: perfect match?

On Kim Kardashian tells us how astrology helped her realize that Kanye West is her perfect match. She mentions a thorough study of sun signs Libra (hers) and Gemini (his) to come to that conclusion. It is not exactly a secret that the air signs do match, but it take a bit more to be a perfect match. Unfortunately there are no verified hours of birth for Kim or Kanye and the charts produced by have a low rating. The means that I can't use the Ascendant, MC or Moon position to see how perfect the match might be. The C-rated chart of Kanye is based on an hour of birth given by Matthew Currie, no source mentioned. I'll use that one,. Here is the chart of Kanye West with transits of the day of birth of his wife Kim Kardashian.

She doesn't seem to have an indication of divorce, but he does. The Moon square Neptune isn't a solid aspect for long lasting relationships in the chart of a man. Because it is only 1 aspect, perhaps that is not enough to create a divorce. If the time of birth is right, the Saturn of Kim is on the Descendant of her husband.  Saturn sticks like glue! Or like a stamp to a letter... There are not many aspects in synastry.Venus in Taurus matches with Venus in Virgo, but there is no narrow trine. Mars in Taurus doesn't match with Mars in Sagittarius. And yes, Libra Sun is a perfect partner for Gemini Sun, even without an aspects between them. The charts are not perfectly matching, but as long as that Saturn-glue keeps sticking, they will be together. It doesn't take a long study to see that. It is basic knowledge. BTW I know couples who had a perfect sun sign match and didn't stay together because of other influences. But it helps when your sun sign matches.

More about the chart of Kim Kardashian here:

Interview with Kim Kardashian in DNAIndia:

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Erdogan and Sun- Mars

A blogger/journalist in my country couldn't leave Turkey. If you want to know why, read this: She is one of the many persons who got arrested for insulting the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan. Because he has the key in hands to allow migrants to enter Europe or not, the EU permits him to prosecute anyone who doesn't agree with him. Mr Erdogan is in the news often these days. Recently he ordered that members of the parliament are no longer immune for prosecution (see the Guardian: ) and a few weeks ago the Turkish' PM had to quit because of disagreement with this President. who lives in a a palace like a sultan in the Ottoman days (it is a palace 50 times larger than the White House, see the picture).

Anyway, the question is why doesn't he want to be offended thAt much?

First of all, he is a Sun-Saturn man. Many dictators have a Sun-Saturn aspect. Dictators use to demand respect. They also want to rule alone, without being disturbed by those with other opinions. It seems to me that people who want to rule others don't like others to tell them that they are or do wrong at all, as if any disagreement nibs a bit of their amount of respect. The way people on the internet use to offend others these days is rather rude, and without much respect and so even more offensive to those who have high opinions of themselves or of their leader.

Second: he is a Sun-Mars conflict man. With Sun-Mars you tend to get angry easily and when you do, your enemies have to start worrying about getting hurt, as you respond immediately.

Third: he has progressed Sun inconjunct Mars now. It is not a good aspect for health because many with such a progression get injured, suffer from heart attacks or have to endure some kind of surgery. In such days you are more irritable than ever. So if you have the intention to say something bad about Recep Erdogan...don't do it now.

He was born with an OOB Moon. Can we predict what an OOB Moon will do? The OOB Moon rolls the dice and doesn't play by the rules (see: ) With this OOB Moon conjunct Mars emotions join anger.

When you try the color horoscope for Erdogan (see, you may see the list 'Roles you play' ending in 'Sensitivity' (easily hurt by others). This sensitivity is now highlighted and with such a power, you can pay back all those evil creatures that make nasty comments or draw dirty pictures to show how angry they are about the lack of free press (even for 16 year old teenagers). Of course, no one wants to be offended publicly and of course, it is a bit foolish to do that just before you decide to go to a nation that apparently allows the President to be in charge for the full 100% and arrest anyone who is 'against' you. Right now his Sun inconjunct Mars may cause outbursts of anger.  Warrior planets Mars is so very important in his chart already! Mars is rising before the Sun. People with Mars before the Sun are active and often are activist. They are do-ers or use their energy to play sports. Recep Erdogan used to play football and that s a good sport for someone with a prominent Mars. But now that he reached the highest position in the nation, I doubt that he will ever play these kind of games again. He is very very serious and getting more serious every day. The progressed Sun will be opposition Saturn within a year.  As he took over the control over the army and gets more and more power every day, I wonder what kind of opposition Saturn will bring. Maybe bad elections? Here is the chart with transits and progressions for May 5 2016.
His Progressed Moon is now at the lowest level, ready to climb again.
Maybe you can predict the next steps in his career? I choose to wait a while until Mars moves on...:) And I remind you that the charts of the leader in many ways is the chart of a nation. Sun inconjunct Mars in the leader's chart isn't a peaceful aspect.


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Hillary Clinton's Progressed Moon declination and going up

The declination degree of the progressed Moon seems to indicate the level of your personal position, especially when the progressed Moon is Out of Bounds (what is that? See it here: ).

In January 2016 the progressed Moon of Donald Trump reached her highest degree in declination. From then on, the Moon descended. An earlier study of mine showed that your most popular years are the 4 years before the progressed Moon’s highest position in declination and that the year after that highest point usually is the most difficult one. It is like descending steep stairs and knowing that it will take a long time to reach that level again.
Hillary Rodham Clinton’s progressed Moon, however, is at a rather low level, but going upwards. Husband Bill’s progressed Moon is about to reach top level this year. The lowest position of the progressed Moon is reserved for retirement, stepping back and taking a brake, sometimes to prepare yourself for ‘climbing’, like Hillary Rodham Clinton did when she didn't show herself as much as to be expected in the first weeks and months after her nomination.

I am going down, unfortunately, since early this year and that is fully understandable if you knew my situation. Earlier, my health seemed to be improving and I was looking forward to a nice couple of years with husband, family and dog. Now I know that any hope for those years was in vain and I hope to spend the few years (?) left as good as I can.

Her announcement was on April 12, 2015, with the progressed Moon in the 8th degree North, opposition her natal Moon declination degree. Then it is June 6, with the progressed Moon in the 1st degree South. Wikipedia writes:

“By June 6, 2016, she had earned enough pledged delegates and supportive superdelegates for the media to consider her the presumptive nominee.[428] The next day, Clinton became the first woman to claim the status of presumptive nominee for a major American political party."

Her progressed Moon was rising again!

More about the chart of Hillary Clinton:

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