Thursday, June 9, 2016

Erdogan and Sun- Mars

A blogger/journalist in my country couldn't leave Turkey. If you want to know why, read this: She is one of the many persons who got arrested for insulting the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan. Because he has the key in hands to allow migrants to enter Europe or not, the EU permits him to prosecute anyone who doesn't agree with him. Mr Erdogan is in the news often these days. Recently he ordered that members of the parliament are no longer immune for prosecution (see the Guardian: ) and a few weeks ago the Turkish' PM had to quit because of disagreement with this President. who lives in a a palace like a sultan in the Ottoman days (it is a palace 50 times larger than the White House, see the picture).

Anyway, the question is why doesn't he want to be offended thAt much?

First of all, he is a Sun-Saturn man. Many dictators have a Sun-Saturn aspect. Dictators use to demand respect. They also want to rule alone, without being disturbed by those with other opinions. It seems to me that people who want to rule others don't like others to tell them that they are or do wrong at all, as if any disagreement nibs a bit of their amount of respect. The way people on the internet use to offend others these days is rather rude, and without much respect and so even more offensive to those who have high opinions of themselves or of their leader.

Second: he is a Sun-Mars conflict man. With Sun-Mars you tend to get angry easily and when you do, your enemies have to start worrying about getting hurt, as you respond immediately.

Third: he has progressed Sun inconjunct Mars now. It is not a good aspect for health because many with such a progression get injured, suffer from heart attacks or have to endure some kind of surgery. In such days you are more irritable than ever. So if you have the intention to say something bad about Recep Erdogan...don't do it now.

He was born with an OOB Moon. Can we predict what an OOB Moon will do? The OOB Moon rolls the dice and doesn't play by the rules (see: ) With this OOB Moon conjunct Mars emotions join anger.

When you try the color horoscope for Erdogan (see, you may see the list 'Roles you play' ending in 'Sensitivity' (easily hurt by others). This sensitivity is now highlighted and with such a power, you can pay back all those evil creatures that make nasty comments or draw dirty pictures to show how angry they are about the lack of free press (even for 16 year old teenagers). Of course, no one wants to be offended publicly and of course, it is a bit foolish to do that just before you decide to go to a nation that apparently allows the President to be in charge for the full 100% and arrest anyone who is 'against' you. Right now his Sun inconjunct Mars may cause outbursts of anger.  Warrior planets Mars is so very important in his chart already! Mars is rising before the Sun. People with Mars before the Sun are active and often are activist. They are do-ers or use their energy to play sports. Recep Erdogan used to play football and that s a good sport for someone with a prominent Mars. But now that he reached the highest position in the nation, I doubt that he will ever play these kind of games again. He is very very serious and getting more serious every day. The progressed Sun will be opposition Saturn within a year.  As he took over the control over the army and gets more and more power every day, I wonder what kind of opposition Saturn will bring. Maybe bad elections? Here is the chart with transits and progressions for May 5 2016.
His Progressed Moon is now at the lowest level, ready to climb again.
Maybe you can predict the next steps in his career? I choose to wait a while until Mars moves on...:) And I remind you that the charts of the leader in many ways is the chart of a nation. Sun inconjunct Mars in the leader's chart isn't a peaceful aspect.


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