Monday, June 13, 2016

Mars-Uranus and the terrorism in Omar Mateen's chart

A lot of killed and injured visitors of a gay bar in Orlando are  the vicims of Omar Mateen, sun of Afghan parents and born in the USA.The perpatrator of the Orlando massacre was, like his father, a fanatic moslim. The call of any imam to kill infidels fell in fertile soil with him. His chart shows a fiery character while transits and progressions repeated *) the fiery combinations:
  • Sun is square Mars, transit Mars is almost exactly conjunct Sun.
  • Mars is sextile Uranus, transit Uranus is now sextile natal Mars and 
  • transit Uranus is almost exactly inconjunct (150d) his natal Sun and trine progressed Sun.

Again, the pattern of Sun-Mars-Uranus is clear. 
Click for a better view This is the chart of the day of birth with transits

Earlier I connected Sun-Mars-Uranus to terrorism. See the article:
Now there is such a connection, again. 

There is also Mars square Saturn in the progressed chart above. This aspect often relates to death. It is a terrible pattern. And again someone who was already a suspect managed to act before he could be arrested. I feel so sorry for the victims, their family and friends,

More persons were born on the day that this murderer was born, of course. The difference with them is that they weren’t born amid hate against those who believe or live differently or against homosexuals or women, like this man, who was known for his homophobia and who used to beat his ex-wife. They may also have nice aspects with the Moon, Ascendant or MC. These aspects are only known when the hour of birth is know. Still, those persons should be carefull now, because the transits and progressions show a risk connected with surgery, knives, guns and violence in general. Take care!

*) When a transit or progressed aspect connects two planets in aspect in the natal chart, there is a strong effect! I call that 'resonance'. 


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