Sunday, July 29, 2012

Guess what happened in 1958

This is the chart of a Iranian woman (high society) and the transits and progressions of a day in her life. The question is: what sort of an event were mirrored by those transits and progressions? The answer can be found easily. But if you google 'Wikipedia April 6, 1958' it will be too easy if you want to study charts to learn astrology.

First ask yourself: what does it mean that Venus is inconjunct her MC and that Neptune is square MC? What does Venus-Neptune mean, generally spoken?  Don't forget to include the house positions!

Here is the chart:

It certainly won't be easy to guess WHAT exactly happened and why, but I am sure that you won't fail to the nature of the event! That is because of the exact aspect with Saturn (as if an astrologer planned it). But as always: it is easier when you know it:)!

Inconjunctions and their meaning:

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saturn conjunct Saturn: sorry, it's memento mori

Saturn returns remind you of your age and responsibilities. Everybody 'ages' at about age 30 and at about age 60 and 90 when Transit Saturn hits your natal Saturn. But what happens when your Progressed Saturn is retrograding and gets back to the natal starting point (a progressed Saturn return)? Progressed Saturn returns are rare and are rarely discussed. I wrote about it a few months ago, when I approached my progressed Saturn return (see that post: ). It is Saturn time for me now! And I know it. In my situation it is obvious: it is about the responsibility of organizing care and taking care of my mother.

In the building where she lives is an institution for the elderly, too. Yesterday I was in the elevator with an old shrieking lady who apparently didn't make it to the toilet and who didn't know where she was or went until I asked her: 'Where do you live' and she said: 'The third floor'.  It is depressing (and I really wonder how the people who work there are able to deal with the astonishing picture of what might happen to all of us one day). I hope that I die before I get THAT old or that it will get that bad for my mother. One generation...There is so little time left. That is the pressure (or say: the kick in the ass) that is being reflected by transits of Saturn. It litteraly makes me feel sick.

Saturn conjunct Saturn is a memento mori, reminding you not to waste time. 

Saturn is for depressing things and the Moon is for the mood. Saturn is for parents or parenthood and the Moon is for care.

I am happy to see Venus on my IC today (that is when I'll have my hair done and I intend to buy a new perfume - maybe Sun, Moon and Stars:), starting a few days off. But I won't be off for long. Saturn on Saturn is double duties! Or at least: it feels that way. Now I wonder: am I wasting time?

All about getting old and aging on this blog
Progressed Saturn is exactly conjunct my natal Saturn today, while progressed Moon is square my natal Moon. You know about my Moon trine Saturn (feelings of responsibility and duty) and my family's Moon-Saturn (see the Moon-Saturn post)? Perhaps that is why these progressions join to hit me harder than other persons' progressed Saturns do?

BTW When transit Saturn is back to square my Mars, transit Saturn will be on my mother's Midheaven (after begin square her Sun, again). That makes me think that there is more to come... and more to be done.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mars-Saturn and overcoming difficulties

What is Mars-Saturn about? Quoting myself:
 inevitable, obligatory action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution. Sometimes Mars-Saturn refers to a healt problem.

Heroes have Mars-Saturn aspects. Soldiers have it. I wrote about Mars and Saturn before (see the label or go to Astromarkt to read it). But what does Mars-Saturn do in the charts of musicians? I have two examples.

In this blog I wonder if Mars-Saturn conflicts mirror a  flirtation with death or 'walking on the edges'.   I wonder if Peter Doherty*) is an example of that. And I worry a bit about the Mars-Saturn aspects in the chart of David Bowie.

Peter Doherty is an example of a conflict between an important Mars and an important Saturn. (Saturn is the apex of a Yod with Venus and Mercury; Mars rises before his Sun). Mars is also opposition Saturn. That means that the theme of Mars-Saturn (the end of all energy or the discipline of how to use it)  is the main issue in his life. I found another famous example of an important Mars-Saturn aspect: David Bowie with Mars quatronovile (160d) Saturn. Both artists have Mars rising before the sun. They are do-ers.

Now watch the chart of David Bowie. He sings that we could be heroes, just for one day. I remember 'Merry  Christmas, mr. Lawrence' where he acted as a hero. For many of his fans, he IS a hero. And yes,  there is a minor aspect between an important Mars and an important Saturn in his chart, too.  It is a quatronovile, for cheerfully coping with difficulties and setbacks.

There is also a Mars-Saturn activity in progressions and transits now. There have been rumors about his health on the internet and on twitter. His wife says that he is OK. His chart says that Transit Saturn is sesquisquare his progressed Mars and inconjunct Progressed Sun right now. Progressed Mars and Progressed Saturn are getting closer to an inconjunct in the next years. The issue of discipline gets stronger as he gets older.
All that doesn't mean that there has to be clear and present danger right now. I have experienced a few transits of Saturn square my Mars and I didn't feel OK, but I didn't die, either. This transit ' only ' blocked my energy and activity and I felt that. In the chart of Bowie Mars-Saturn (discipline, restricted energy) is a theme, so the present transit and progression might be of importance. If only because his fans worry about him. But, there are also rumors that David Bowie will be singing at the Olympics! And that the biographies about him will be good for selling songs. Maybe he is just gathering some discipline to be able to perform? We'll hope that he overcomes the Mars-Saturn limitations and hopefully see the act!
I searched the internet to find news about Bowie and found Mick Jagger, again (he has a conflict with transit Pholus and his sex life is being highlighted all the time). They appear to have had a long lasting love affair when they were young (see: )
Transit Uranus is now square Bowie's Ascendant/MC midpoint. He is news!

*) Peter Doherty spent time in prison, and the latest news reports imply that it didn't help much to stop the addictions. He spent a few weeks in a clinic in Thailand in vain. With Mars-Saturn discipline and dealing with limitations and barriers is a big deal. However, he managed to work in those years, to produce albums and to write. That requires at least some discipline.
BTW Isn't it interesting that his first real job was digging graves? And that his father was an army officer? It is very Mars-Saturn (the army and work related to endings).

On my site Astromarkt, all about Mars-Saturn...

David Bowie's pattern of artistic talents (he has more than one) on Art&Astrology

I wrote about Doherty before, here on Astropost. In this blog I show examples of the issue of slapping and Mars-Saturn
Bobby Brown has Mars inconjunct Saturn. He is addicted to drugs, too and was the husband of Whitney Houston. She left him because of violence.
Mr. Brown and Mr. Blair didn't like each other much. Is the Mars-inconjunct- Saturn- synastry to blame?

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mars-Uranus-Pluto + Neptune!

When I studied the charts of the moment of the deathly shooting incident in Aurora, Denver and the positions of the day of birth of the shooter (December 13, 1987). I noticed that in both charts there is a narrow aspect combination of Mars-Uranus-Pluto. Also, in both charts Neptune is 'calling'*)! This coincidental correspondence happens to reflect what happened.

1. There is a tight Mars-Uranus-Pluto aspect combination in both charts

On July 20 2012 Mars in Libra was square Pluto and opposition Uranus, highly.
On December 13 1987 Mars was conjunct Pluto and both were semi square Uranus.

The combination of Mars, Uranus and Pluto is the combination of terror. Anders Breivik (the Norwegian terrorist, see the post) also has a Mars, Uranus, Pluto aspect combination in the natal chart.
There are several examples on this blog (see labels). In 1940 Reinhold Ebertin (click for his chart) wrote about this stellar combination. I quote 'The combination of stellar influences":
"Fanatism, act of violence, mania of destruction".
He was right.

The Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination doesn't mean that such an incident has to happen. Astrology doesn't work vice versa!

2. There is a 'calling' Neptune in both charts.
The incident took place in the cinema (Neptune), where people were being dressed up or were wearing masks (Neptune).

The prominence of Neptune refers to the prominence of all things related to Neptune (fantasy, fiction, wearing masks, being dressed up as if..., the movies, and the influence of violent computer games - just like with Anders Breivik -). Next came: television teams following the parents, interviews with the neighbors...the media is all around.

In this sad story we have television, video games and movies. And possibly also drugs (drugs are part of Neptune's vocabulary, too).
The transits of the day of the incident have a pattern corresponding with the pattern on the day of birth of the shooter. I don't know if that is just coincidence. As it happens, the Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination is 'astrological' for the danger of shooting incidents. Explosions and terrorism happen every day.  Mars-Uranus-Pluto combinations are frequent, too. For example: on September 24, November 4 and especially in the weekend of November 24 there is a Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination, again. Sometimes nothing happens. Sometimes it mirrors a tragedy.

*) When a planet doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees, I name that a 'calling' planet. The influence of that planet will be evident, somehow, anyhow, at any possible level and is often related to the profession.

The charts of some shooting incidents had Mars elevated or related to Midheaven (see the post). If my calculation was correct, that is not so this time.

Wiki Astro about Ebertin

Astropost about Mars-Uranus , Mars-Pluto and the history of Uranus-Pluto

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Neptune and media

A medium is a communication channel. There are all kinds of media. Psychics, data carriers, and news media. I made the promise to explain why Neptune is about (for example) fiction AND about (news) media.

It is not surprising that Neptune is connected with news media, when you know that Neptune is the symbol of all that is unreal, like photographs (we see a picture, not the real persons), like on television (we can't touch these people), on Facebook (is that profile real?). Neptune is there where fantasy, imagination, empathy, vision or belief is required. Or a good 'nose' (like with perfume or gasses).

When pictures and music compose a drama around a fact, Neptune is around. Today's media are full of Neptune. And we consume it and add are own ideology, emotions or beliefs to what we see.
Neptune is also there, when there is gossip. There is a fact (10 people died) and there is the gossip. (Neighbours say that the driver was an alcoholic, but his family says that he certainly was not). You remember the alcohol. (You won't be surprised to see Mercury in conflict with Neptune in the charts of those who mix facts with 'stories' ).

Associated Press and Neptune in Pisces
Neptune recently moved to Pisces and is strong now in own sign, just like in 1848 when Associated Press started. Now we use more and more mass media. We are being absorbed by a sea of colors and by pictures and music, working together to produce a fantasy or a message that you can believe in. They sort of shape our picture of the world outside. Some people try to look like the illusionary persons that they watch on television, but they will fail to be as good looking as they are, because these persons are fake (a composition of the best parts of a variety of persons).

Negative press (or creating idols) and Neptune
When there is negative press about a celebrity, and we study the chart, we often see the transits or progressions with Neptune. The other side is the creation of an idol (sometimes with the purpose to make us fans or followers). An idol is a bit 'unreal', too. Gossip and worship have the same basic unreality and tend to end in bitter disappointment and disaster. The potential of Neptune to shape a world of fantasy and make us dream that we are part of it, can also be abused to destroy a person's reputation or to create a fake superman or superwoman.

For examples of the effect of Neptune in an individual's chart, see the links below, for example  to Astromarkt about Sun-Neptune aspect and the question: Am I who they say that I am?).

Examples of scandal and bad press with transits of Neptune:

About Neptune in Pisces in history:

Scandal in the Vatican and Uranus-Neptune

Two artists and Neptune - gossip - in between:



Also visit: , for example about Sun-Neptune aspects in natal, transit and progressions

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mars, Pholus and Phallus: male supremacy

This blog is about Mars and Pholus, the symbol Phallus and male supremacy or dominance. I found that the controversy American nuns-Pope,  Jonah Falcon's problems at the airport and Mick Jagger's 'size' have the same component: Mars-Pholus. And that is why I think that:
Mars - Pholus can mirror the issue of of (male) supremacy. And maybe even: hurt or challenged male supremacy.

I am interested in Pholus (and maybe that is because of the position of this object in my chart).  Here is the ancient Pholus, (preparing his venomous arrows?):

You know Pholus?
If you are wondering about Pholus, or if you need more info first, please read the article on my site Astromarkt and don't forget to use the links in that article:

If you are in a hurry: Pholus is an asteroid, a small object that pops up in a chart as the catalyst. Transit Pholus often reflects the small and insignificant but irrevocable  trigger point. But what starts as a tiny thing can grow out of proportions, like the sudden rise of an X-factory star. Susan Boyle, for example, has Pholus on MC. Her career certainly has a point of no return. (Sex had nothing much to do with that).

Do you know Phallus? It is a symbol. Related to Phallus we have Priapus (whose image was found in Roman gardens) and …the garden gnome (a powerful little man). (Pholus is also small and insignificant in the beginning.) The phallus and the stiff middle finger; both are symbols of dominance.

The appearance of Pholus in the charts of men (males) accents the importance, the issue or the problem of sexual achievement or better said: male dominance. In the article on Astropost I mentioned the spotlights on sex, corresponding with transits Pholus. Of course, Mars is already the symbol of the drive, reproduction and testosterone. You need Mars to get into action. When Mars and Pholus get together, this activates the issue of male supremacy and the importance of the male sexual organ.  And maybe that is because Pholus is actually uh... not a giant. This giant Polish gnome is an exception:

Here are a few examples of Mars-Pholus.

An example is Pope Benedict. Pholus is the most elevated object of the natal chart  and in Sagittarius, opposition Mars. This opposition is on either side of Midheaven. How to read this?
- The scandal of sexual abuse is an important issue in the RC church in the past decade.
- The abstinence of sex is important for him as a person and being discussed (Gemini/Sagittarius) a lot.  The Mars-Pholus opposition on the meridian places the issue of sexual abuse and the question if celibacy should remain obligatory for priest, on the agenda.
- The controversy about an American nun (Elizabeth Johnson) who dared to write about God in a book with the title 'SHE WHO IS' shows how important male dominance is in world religions, even today. This male dominance is the cross line in the chart of Pope Benedict. Mars and Pholus are aspects of his profession and position. No woman can become a pope or a priest. You need to be male. That is male dominance.
- Transit Pholus is now inconjunct the Pope's Progressed Sun and square his Progressed Midheaven. It seems that this is a year of a turning point for him but it also shows us the issue of dominance and supremacy.

Jonah Falcon was seriously offended by questions to empty his pockets (at the airport). They thought he had something in them. But, as a matter of facts, he has the world's largest penis. And that fact was being highlighted and mirrored by Pholus last week. He has Transit Pholus square P Sun now. See Wiki about him. And his Mars is 157.5 degrees from Pholus (sesquisquare and half semi square)! The size matters in his case (he earns a lot of money with it).

Pholus keeps going on these days! See this story... on In short: Peter Townsend (writing his memoirs) now  remembers all about Jagger's penis. That is with transit Pholus sesquisquare Mick's  natal Sun! In the natal chart of the singer of the Rolling Stone (who had more sex than Casanova!) the midpoint Mars/Pholus is semi square Sun, to introduce the issue of male dominance. Now, with transit Pholus, his sexual organ is in the spotlights, in a frustrating way (after Keith Richards mocked the size of his penis, see this article... ) And guess what transit is in hard aspect with Keith's Sun/Moon midpoint these days? Right: it is Pholus.

Pholus is with Mars when (male) supremacy and sexuality are being challenged
Pholus is also with Mars in times of war. Winston Churchill's Mars trine Pholus shows the importance of supremacy in his life. The trine is the kind of aspect that makes it easy for Mars-Pholus to dominate.

Pholus is now in the 17th  degree of Sagittarius. Tomorrow transit Phallus will be opposition transit Venus. Male dominance facing the symbol of female attraction…

The phallus is the symbol of power and dominance. Pholus shows up when polls are important (see that story about Obama's polls, one of the posts about Obama ) ( BTW How many K+ did you get with Transit Pholus? )

Chart Jagger

More about the garden gnome...

I also think that Pholus means Phallus because of the events in British' football and the part that Pholus played in the charts of the player involved in cheating his best friend with his wife.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The 'guess what' chart of a nobleman

This 'guess what' chart (without hour of birth) shows a pattern and tells us about the resonation of planets that we haven't even discovered, yet. The patterns: Saturn-Uranus and Uranus-Pluto and Mars-Neptune. Neptune, Uranus and Pluto were unknown to the 16th century astrologer or astronomer. But as you will see, they were there...Here is the chart.

The event date is June 15, 1568, at the beginning of the so called '80 years of war' of protestant Holland against catholic Spain..
The story is well known in my country (well, not everybody knows, but it is part of history). It is the story of two noblemen (Counts of towns in Holland). They were Roman Catholics and devoted to their religion. What do you think that happened on the specific day in the life of this Count?

A. As always, it is important to have a look at the natal chart first. This man was born with Sun in Scorpio. Mars was rising before the Sun. That is typical for someone with a drive, someone who acts (first).
B. Watch the Saturn-Uranus combination and in particular Sun square Saturn! On this blog you find a lot of input about Saturn-Uranus combinations. The extent of it is on Astromarkt now:
C. Think of the 16th century in Europe (or think of the Tudors ). Combine this with the nature of the natal chart and the transits and progressions.
D. Don't forget to have a look at the Uranus-Pluto story on Astromarkt to see what this combination means: or read about the astrological signs of changing times:
E. In the natal chart below you see Mars opposite Neptune. In the progressed chart of the event date, you see transit Neptune opposition progressed Mars. Followers of this blog know that I like to point at the special effect of the transit that is sort of repeating the natal aspect. It is not a faint resonation at all. The effect of such a transit or progression is stronger than all other transits or progressions.
F. I almost forgot to mention transit Saturn inconjunct Saturn. They say that it is a generational aspect, but this person has a tight Sun-Saturn square.

Mars opposition Neptune....Cafe Astrology says a true thing about this aspect, as you will see when you find out what happened. 
"Your imagination is so powerful that it can be hard to trust your instincts. You easily imagine things going wrong, just as you easily fantasize about good things!" 

What did this count do or what happened in the time that he had Progressed Sun conjunct Pluto and sesquisquare Uranus with transit Neptune opposition Progressed Mars? 

You think it was pleasant or not? What is your idea about this combination in those days?
Here are a few possible solutions:
1. He chopped of the head of a rebel against Spain and he shouldn't have done that. Later he was found guilty of murder and he spent the rest of his life in his own prison.
2. He was arrested by the Duque de Alba and beheaded in spite of his loyalty to the church and the king of Spain.
3. He lost his freedom when he was forced to marry a Spanish Countess, Margarita de Alba.
4. He was asked to come to Brussel to see the Prince of Orange (William). William had him on trial for his loyalty to the Spanish king.
5. The Duque of Alba confiscated his property and he was forced to leave the country.

You probably will have a problem to select the exact answer, but I am sure that you will have a pretty good idea! You choose. Or you read the answer here on Wikipedia. This is the statue of the man:

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Chart of Mick Jagger

The chart of Mick Jagger is an A-rated chart of Astrodienst. Here it is, with transits and progressions for  July 12, 1962, the first day of the Rolling Stones.

If I didn't know whose natal chart this was, I'd start with the Astro ID and see the importance of ambition (Saturn), drawing attention (Sun) and...the importance of artistic talents (Moon, Venus, Neptune). Because:

  • Moon in Taurus ('calling' and semi square AC/MC midpoint), 
  • Neptune ('calling' for vision at any possible level) and
  • Venus (exactly square Ascendant and making the tightest aspect, a trine with Mars)
  • As the Sun rules all the planets AND because the Sun is the final dispositor of the Midheaven I'd think of performance, show, being a leader or a star. 
  • Saturn (rising before the Sun, 'calling' for ambition, no matter what), 
In the autumn of 1963 Mick Jagger stopped Economy school (Progressed Sun sextile Saturn), because at that moment the Rolling Stones were already very popular. He became a professional artist.
I could tell a lot more about his transits and progressions during the years of his life, but who would be interested? There are more interesting objects of study. For example: Mick Jagger is also known for the amount of women that he shared his bed with. Among them: Marianne Faithfull, Margaret Trudeau, Mackenzie Phillips, Carla Bruni and Angelina Jolie. He has 7 children of 4 women and married twice. Where are all those women in his chart?
  1. He is cool (Venus Virgo) attractive (Venus square Ascendant) and passionate (Venus trine Mars).
  2. Saturn is ruler 8 and ruler 8 (of life and death and sex) is rising before his sun
  3. Mars semi square Sun/Moon and in Taurus gives a sort of a need for action and production. Or …. reproduction
  4. Venus and Neptune are of importance and they are situated in the 5th house of the opposite sex. Venus and Neptune are important for talents. They are also romantic and tend to have affairs. In the chart of Mick Jagger Neptune (romance!) is calling! It means that because of the lack of narrow major aspects in sign there is romance at any possible level, somehow, anyhow, always...
  5. Let's not forget that Mick Jagger is a worshipped star. The Sun is of vital importance in the chart, ruling all planets. As there are 50% placements in fire and in fixed signs, the sign Leo (and the ruler: Sun) is prominent. The Sun is the star in the chart. It is much easier for a star to get a lot of fans and beautiful mistresses.
  6. Think of the situation: Mick's star was rising in the 'free' 60s, his status (Saturn!) and his drive (Mars=Sun/Moon) came together and the result was the king bee.  

Now and in the next period of time, the transit of Uranus and Pluto will hit the progressed Sun, Midheaven/IC and natal Moon of Mick Jagger and probably cause upheaval. In fact, it has already begun.  He is under pressure and there are a lot of speculations (Transit Neptune inconjunct his natal Sun) about a final tour. It is a hype that causes stress, mixed emotions and nerves.
Stage fright? Still?

They say that Mick Jagger even had more women than Casanova had. Casanova was a completely different kind of person. If you want to see his chart and read about him, just click.

About Keith Richard on this blog

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Luxury problems with transit Venus

An emergency call and I was summoned to my mother's house. She felt very very sick for 10 hours after a mistake made by the drugstore. She had been given wrong medication. So instead of in the office,  I was in her apartment, making phone calls, leading her to and from bed, toilet or chair and arranging for more help to come. She is OK now. I am sure, because she is complaining about the extra assistance (she is a Moon conjunct Saturn on Ascendant,you know:).

That was Thursday (transit Sun square Neptune). And then came Friday (transit Venus inconjunct my Sun/Moon and quindecile my Venus). Venus! I got new glasses. Rosy red. Wow! You see them before you see me. I was very enthusiastic first, and then, this morning, I suddenly realized that they reminded me of  Sybill Trelawney , the psychic teacher in Harry Potter. Same size glasses, I mean, or almost same size glasses. I am not so happy with them anymore. Is that because of that inconjunct? Let me read it:
I was focussed (sic…) on (Venus quindecile) and motivated (Sun/Moon for style and beauty (transit Venus), and than suddenly the pleasure had gone (inconjunct). And that is in a disproportional way (inconjunct).
Well, I still have the old pair and they suddenly look better than before…

Taking care of my mother takes a lot of time and energy. That is why I didn't write that much, lately. It is certainly not because of summer time. Outside autumn has started too early with wind, rain and temperatures of about 13 degrees celcius (55 degrees Fahrenheit), an absolute minimum this 'summer'. Last summer it didn't stop raining. Now, again, the barbecue remains not used, surrounded by bunches of wet green and flowers.

So, you might say that today is not a day to celebrate summer, fun and pleasure. But it is just a luxury problem and I am aware of that. Luxury, that is Venus, too.  And no, Venus didn't wear glasses! Even though she rules the eyes...

PS Have a nice and sunny weekend!

About Moon-Saturn natal aspects on Astropost....

Venus, Lakshmi and Freya have much in common. I found an interesting site (Together with Divine Love) about that.

On Astropost you find more about transits of Venus...

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another lottery winner's chart (t&p's)

Many millions can be won in the lottery, but only a few lucky guys have a chance to win. I have one more lucky date of birth to add to the list. It is June 25, 1946. Someone born on that day bought a lucky number. Above is the chart of the lottery moment. The green positions (transits) are for the day of birth of the winner.

Just like the other examples of winners of the lottery (see link), this man has a Jupiter-Uranus connection in the natal chart.
a. Jupiter is almost exactly trine Uranus.
b. The Sun is semi square Jupiter/Uranus midpoint.
More of us have such nice combinations (especially astrologers). Still we don't all win millions. Some of us because we don't even try. Most of us, because there can only be one.  It takes a lot of luck on the specific day. This guy had:

Moon in Taurus (maybe that is a help?:)

Jupiter trine Uranus
Sun semi square Jupiter/Uranus
Jupiter semi sesquisquare Pluto (67.5d) (This aspect combination will be repeated in transit and means: lot of money or great value/success)

Uranus is important (rises before the Sun). (Transit Uranus was just past square Sun in March)

He has Mars semi square Jupiter.

That is in line with the other winners (see Astromarkt). They use to have a Jupiter-Uranus combination AND a Mercury-Jupiter or Mars-Jupiter aspect.

PROGRESSIONS (chart of 1 day after birth, valid for 1 year after birth)
Progressed Mercury sextile Progressed Venus means ' good notice'.

1. Transit Jupiter square Progressed Pluto (resonating the natal Jupiter-Pluto semi sesquisquare)
When a natal combination is being repeated by transit and/or progression, this transit or progression is more important than usual! Jupiter-Pluto is the combination of success.

2. Transit Venus inconjunct Progressed Jupiter (Venus-Jupiter is a party with a loss or getting out of balance involved; too much, too much)

  • Transit Saturn square Mercury (he was rather late with his announcement. Saturn-Mercury apparently doesn't frustrate the chance to win, just communicating or getting to know it).
  • Transit Venus and Transit Mercury were sextile Saturn; cautious and careful…late, but in time
  • Transit Ceres square Saturn and transit Jupiter square Ceres: the ups and downs of harvest, dynasty…
  • It was on a Transit Sun trine Pluto day (a day to be a winner, the easy way)
  • Transit Pluto was inconjunct Venus: hey! That is the theme of earning or gaining money (Venus-Pluto) with an inconjunct (out of balance, a loss involved). Maybe he had to start donating and supporting from the moment that he had to make public that he won such a lot of millions. 

What can you learn of this?
A. That it would be nice to see the hour of birth, of course:)
B. That it helps to have a Jupiter-Uranus natal and a Jupiter-Pluto transit combination
C. That you need not worry too much about transit Saturn with Mercury. You can even win the lotto on such a day!
D. That the transit Venus-Pluto inconjuncts aren't that bad when you win too many millions and your financial situation gets an overly positive balance:)
E. It is important to have at least 3 lucky transits and/or progressions.

Astrology doesn't work the other way. Even if you would have all the lucky aspects, there is a small chance to become a multi millionaire just like that.
For your comfort: too much money is worse than too little, says this site...

Lottery portal

Source of data is board of Elsa Elsa:

Also visit: about Lottery winners or about Jupiter-Uranus

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No Mercury aspect, sometimes no contact

When Mercury is 'calling', it is hard to answer. You see, a prominent Mercury is talking, writing, tweeting, but rarely listening. Prominent Mercury is the messenger and YOU are the receiver of the message. It is a one way direction in communications. There is little interaction. 
Mercury 'calls' writers and speech writers. There is little interaction. Examples: 
  • The author of Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling) almost never gives interviews. She has Mercury 'calling'. 
  • Adolf Hitler never listened to his generals and we all know about his speeches. He had Mercury 'calling' (the opposition with Uranus is wider than 5 degrees). 
  • Dutch controversial politician Geert Wilders doesn't communicate with his people in parliament and he rarely gives interviews. But he writes and sometimes he tweets. He has Mercury 'calling'. 

Mercury without Ptolemaic aspects in sign (orb 5 degrees) is good for writing instructions and speeches, for press bulletins and for twitter (a lot of tweets, little interaction). But if your Mercury is 'calling' you might 'just' be instructive, always hanging on the phone, the messenger of the family, communicating with the neighbors and yet: not a writer. Mercury has to contact Midheaven somehow. 

I wrote about Mercury 'calling' before: And I have to tell you now, that any not aspected part of the chart does what the symbol says that it does, at any possible level, somehow, anyhow. At any possible level: that means that there is a zero level, too. With Mars 'calling' you may be a workaholic, but one day you wake up without energy. With Venus 'calling' you may be charming and funny, but one day you are not nice or popular at all. If Saturn calls you, you start climbing, but you might find yourself back down in the valley when you fall. Calling planets tend to extremes. Most of the time the not aspected planet functions at a very high level. Mercury 'calling' is an excellent communicator. But sometimes it is hard to reason with them, if only because you don't get any contact... 

Mercury is the symbol of the messenger. Mercury is also the symbol of transport. Transport might be an issue when Mercury is highlighted in your chart or ... when transit Mercury is 'calling'.

Early August 2012 Mercury will be 'calling' in Leo, except for the morning of the 2nd of August (when there is an opposition with the Aquarian Moon). On August 4, 2012 many French workers start their holidays and will try to reach their summer location. It might be even harder to get there in time, than usual. The 'calling' Mercury will make an issue of 'transportation', complicated by an inconjunct of Neptune. So if you go: prepare for traffic jams until the weekend of the 18th of August or use the flow of Monday 6 or Saturday 11 (when the Moon is trine or sextile Mercury or Jupiter).  If you can't avoid the traffic jam, see where Mercury is in your individual chart. Perhaps your car is the lucky car that arrives in time:).

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See Wikipedia about the mythical Mercury (also God of commerce and... thieves)
Now I wonder: can a 'calling' Mercury tell lies and tales, at any possible level, too? I'll be back on this subject.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Guess what happened...a more complicated number two

This is the second 'guess what happened' chart on this blog, for those who like to solve a mystery. My advice: remember to always start with the natal chart, to include circumstances and situation and only then to consider what might have happened on a certain day, when there were 3 or more indications of an event, like in this case.

Here are some of those important keys.

  • WHO A business woman and mother of two, divorced. Her father is rich. 
  • WHAT Her friend is away for business.The person is the daughter of a rich business man and she also owns her own company in a Western country. There are no servants. A phone is ringing.
  • WHEN It is in the evening. 
  • WHERE She is in her own house. 

??? And then what happens? See the chart (natal, transits and progressions).

Time of birth is unknown. More people were born on her day of birth, of course. She was born on the same day as a footballer who later managed Ipswich (starting in...2006).  Watch the natal chart and notice the importance of Saturn in that chart. Management is part of what Saturn means. Saturn is also the symbol of business, ambition and the importance of parents/parenthood. Mercury is also important, because Mercury is 'calling'.

There were 5 aspects:
1. The Progressed Moon is conjunct Sun and sesquisquare Uranus.
2. Transit Neptune is square Progressed Moon and sesquisquare Uranus
3. Transit Neptune is also square natal Sun
4. Transit Pholus is sesquisquare Venus
5. Transit Jupiter is trine Progressed Sun

Something important happened that night. But what? It was one of the next 5 events:

a She left the house without giving notice, forever.
b. She was told that her father had died.
c. She was abducted for a while (without the children)
d. She tried to set the house and factory on fire after she was told that she was bankrupt.
e. Her ex-husband killed her and hid her body.

What would your idea be, considering the chart? For those who can't wait for the answer, use the link at the bottom of this article (and for those who don't want to know the answer before they found it by deduction: don't cross over the link or you will see...)

It is a complicated picture and an interesting mix. You might find the right answer by having a look at the natal chart. It is there were you see a 'theme'.  You could start to eliminate those events that don't seem to be reflected by the chart.

Astrology doesn't work 'the other way around', so that it is very hard to be specific about events. So don't worry if you don't know what happened...

For the solution...

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Duchess and astrology

Yesterday evening I watched "The Duchess" , the movie. It is the story of the love life of Georgiana Cavendish, born June 7, 1757. Her life is so much in line with her chart, that I have to tell you about it! Here is the picture of the ancestor of Lady Diana Spencer.

She was born with Sun exactly conjunct Venus. Sun and Venus were biquintile Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are there were the party is? This is the combination for the popular socialite, on her way to the next party. With Venus opposition Pluto you get the picture of the big spender. When she died, age only 49, she left today's value of almost 4 million pound in debts!

SUN INCONJUNCT CERES: giving up on a child
But her life wasn't only drinks, gambling and dancing. She lived in the age of the French Revolution, when there weren't equal rights for women, even not for those with an Aquarian Moon. She was married on her 17th birthday. She was supposed to give the Duke a son, an heir, and it took her until 1790 to give birth to the next Duke. In 1792 she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter. The father was the later Prime Minister Charles Grey. His family raised the child, because Georgiana was forced to give the girl up. (She has Sun inconjunct Ceres in the natal chart. The inconjunct (quincunx) is the symbol of loss. Ceres is the symbol of dynasties, motherly love and genes.

When she married she was only 17 and her husband was 8 years older. Her progressed Venus was conjunct progressed Juno in the year of her marriage. His Saturn was inconjunct her Sun and hers sextile his. Her Uranus was square his Sun. ((Saturn and Uranus: the combination of limited freesom... And protocol) Saturn refers to obligations, duties and distance, something standing between them. There was no match between them. He was born December 14, 1748, a Sagittarius (she was a Gemini). Their Mercury,Venus and Mars failed to make pleasant aspects,too. 

Her Uranus square her husband's Sun and ... her Uranus conjunct her lover's Sun! Her husband was her first sexual partner. Her lover was the first man she fell in love with*).

His Venus is square her Neptune. The Venus-Neptune combination is the combination of love affairs. They both had them. Society in those days didn't mind much about the menage a trois that they had with his later second wife, who was the friend of Georgiana first. It was a different case for women...

Her lover Charles Grey (think of Earlgrey tea!) was younger than she was. Her Uranus was conjunct his Sun. And  her Mars was inconjunct his. They also didn't match much, but there was a whole lot of fire between them, until William forced her to give him up,threathening to keep her away from her children, forever, and to destroy grey's reputation so that he would never reach his goal: being the PM. 

She found out later that she was pregnant. She had to turn the child over to the family Grey. That was with progressed Sun inconjunct her natal Pluto, a tragic moment of lost self esteem and being overwhelmed by authorities, like her husband. She stayed with him and his lover Bess, until she died. Her death was also related to Pluto. It was with Sun sesquisquare Pluto in progression. She died age 49 .  Just before, she gave Bess and William her blessing. 

Had she been born in our days, she would have divorced and got a few millions to continue her lifestyle...


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