Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No Mercury aspect, sometimes no contact

When Mercury is 'calling', it is hard to answer. You see, a prominent Mercury is talking, writing, tweeting, but rarely listening. Prominent Mercury is the messenger and YOU are the receiver of the message. It is a one way direction in communications. There is little interaction. 
Mercury 'calls' writers and speech writers. There is little interaction. Examples: 
  • The author of Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling) almost never gives interviews. She has Mercury 'calling'. 
  • Adolf Hitler never listened to his generals and we all know about his speeches. He had Mercury 'calling' (the opposition with Uranus is wider than 5 degrees). 
  • Dutch controversial politician Geert Wilders doesn't communicate with his people in parliament and he rarely gives interviews. But he writes and sometimes he tweets. He has Mercury 'calling'. 

Mercury without Ptolemaic aspects in sign (orb 5 degrees) is good for writing instructions and speeches, for press bulletins and for twitter (a lot of tweets, little interaction). But if your Mercury is 'calling' you might 'just' be instructive, always hanging on the phone, the messenger of the family, communicating with the neighbors and yet: not a writer. Mercury has to contact Midheaven somehow. 

I wrote about Mercury 'calling' before: And I have to tell you now, that any not aspected part of the chart does what the symbol says that it does, at any possible level, somehow, anyhow. At any possible level: that means that there is a zero level, too. With Mars 'calling' you may be a workaholic, but one day you wake up without energy. With Venus 'calling' you may be charming and funny, but one day you are not nice or popular at all. If Saturn calls you, you start climbing, but you might find yourself back down in the valley when you fall. Calling planets tend to extremes. Most of the time the not aspected planet functions at a very high level. Mercury 'calling' is an excellent communicator. But sometimes it is hard to reason with them, if only because you don't get any contact... 

Mercury is the symbol of the messenger. Mercury is also the symbol of transport. Transport might be an issue when Mercury is highlighted in your chart or ... when transit Mercury is 'calling'.

Early August 2012 Mercury will be 'calling' in Leo, except for the morning of the 2nd of August (when there is an opposition with the Aquarian Moon). On August 4, 2012 many French workers start their holidays and will try to reach their summer location. It might be even harder to get there in time, than usual. The 'calling' Mercury will make an issue of 'transportation', complicated by an inconjunct of Neptune. So if you go: prepare for traffic jams until the weekend of the 18th of August or use the flow of Monday 6 or Saturday 11 (when the Moon is trine or sextile Mercury or Jupiter).  If you can't avoid the traffic jam, see where Mercury is in your individual chart. Perhaps your car is the lucky car that arrives in time:).

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Now I wonder: can a 'calling' Mercury tell lies and tales, at any possible level, too? I'll be back on this subject.

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