Saturday, July 14, 2012

Luxury problems with transit Venus

An emergency call and I was summoned to my mother's house. She felt very very sick for 10 hours after a mistake made by the drugstore. She had been given wrong medication. So instead of in the office,  I was in her apartment, making phone calls, leading her to and from bed, toilet or chair and arranging for more help to come. She is OK now. I am sure, because she is complaining about the extra assistance (she is a Moon conjunct Saturn on Ascendant,you know:).

That was Thursday (transit Sun square Neptune). And then came Friday (transit Venus inconjunct my Sun/Moon and quindecile my Venus). Venus! I got new glasses. Rosy red. Wow! You see them before you see me. I was very enthusiastic first, and then, this morning, I suddenly realized that they reminded me of  Sybill Trelawney , the psychic teacher in Harry Potter. Same size glasses, I mean, or almost same size glasses. I am not so happy with them anymore. Is that because of that inconjunct? Let me read it:
I was focussed (sic…) on (Venus quindecile) and motivated (Sun/Moon for style and beauty (transit Venus), and than suddenly the pleasure had gone (inconjunct). And that is in a disproportional way (inconjunct).
Well, I still have the old pair and they suddenly look better than before…

Taking care of my mother takes a lot of time and energy. That is why I didn't write that much, lately. It is certainly not because of summer time. Outside autumn has started too early with wind, rain and temperatures of about 13 degrees celcius (55 degrees Fahrenheit), an absolute minimum this 'summer'. Last summer it didn't stop raining. Now, again, the barbecue remains not used, surrounded by bunches of wet green and flowers.

So, you might say that today is not a day to celebrate summer, fun and pleasure. But it is just a luxury problem and I am aware of that. Luxury, that is Venus, too.  And no, Venus didn't wear glasses! Even though she rules the eyes...

PS Have a nice and sunny weekend!

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