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Chart of Jacques Chirac and transit Neptune

Two years ago I wrote about the chart of Jacques Chirac and in the title was ‘ ...heavy times ahead... '
and here is the link to the post...

Now it has become clear that mr. Chirac will have to face the judge. Transit Neptune is on his progressed Midheaven to mirror the negative effect on his position. Here is the chart with transits and progressions. TimePassages uses Solar Arc Midheaven instead of progressed (secondary) Midheaven in the 24th degree of Aquarius.


Chart of possible President of Europe: Jan Peter Balkenende

Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende might be a serious candidate for the 'Presidency' of Europe, the chairman of the counsel. If you don't know who he is, see his prophile here. President Obama invited him to join the G20 in Pittsburgh last September, because of his international expertise (and because of the international importance of the Dutch economy). His chart confirms that he is a serious candidate. That doesn’t mean that he is the one, because being an MP is also an important job. He is the head of the government (the Queen is the head of state). It is an honour to be considered a good candidate.

At present, there is an interesting composition of Saturn and his natal Midheaven.Transit Saturn is inconjunct his natal MC. In his natal chart Saturn is also inconjunct Midheaven. So the present transit is confirming the existing inconjunction of Saturn and Midheaven. Transit Saturn is sextile natal Saturn. There is sort of a closed Yod pointing at Midheaven, which means that THIS might be one of the most important periods in his career. Is it good to have an inconjunction of Saturn with Midheaven? What kind of charts, transits and progressions do other (maybe secret) candidates have? We will know next week. But we already know that he is made for the job. Why?

1. The Sun is on top of the chart, square Ascendant. He is above all a leading figure, drawing attention, being in the centre.Mr. Balkenende has the Sun opposition Mars/Jupiter and that is a midpoint yod pointing at successful leadership.

2. Jupiter is the planet of the international and of the positive and optimistic nature. Jupiter is in the first house, close to the Ascendant, on the midpoint Pluto/Ascendant, semi square Sun/Pluto, half semi square Venus/Pluto, square Mars/Pluto and sesquisemisquare Uranus/MC. Jupiter is the key to to combinations with Pluto. These are successful combination. Jupiter is also 112.5 degrees from Midheaven (square + half semi square), connecting 'travelling' and 'progression' to the career. Jupiter was on his Descendant at the time of the first rumors about his candidacy. That means that he had support (from form example Mrs. Merkel).

3. Mars is conjunct Descendant (Dear Brutus'keyword is 'steadfast').

So there are reasons why his name is on everybody's lips these days.

Neptune is on the IC (Nadir: Dear Brutus says that is means being hopeful): I think it is reflecting the ideology or relgion that is related to his career.
Jan Peter Balkenende's political party is the Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA) and he is a devoted member of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. A prominent Neptune is great in the charts of artists and popes. It might cause an unsatisfying position in real life. Sun/Moon is opposition Neptune: he is motivated by his faith, visions and beliefs rather than by more 'earthbound' motivations. He is an idealist. Mrs. Merkel and President Obama also have an important Neptune (square their Sun). It seems that now is a good moment for religious or ideological political leaders.

Uranus is also important in the chart of Mr. Balkenende. Sun/Moon is square Uranus. He might be the kind of person who 'goes his own way' and causes upheavel from time to time. He is likely to want to ' make a change' , just like Obama. The international European setting might be a perfect playground.
The present Dutch government carries the name 'Balkenende IV' and that is because this is the fourth time that he is MP. The other three periods were never completed because of the fall of the government. That is not just because The Netherlands are in a period of political change (the political parties joined in Balkenende IV only have the support of 1/3 of the population left, right now). If Balkenende will become the European Chairman this will be the fourth uncompleted episode and Uranus (symbol of the flashlight) flashed him away again.

His chances seem to be growing (at least: in the eyes of the Dutch presss☺) . There are transits pointing at departure or decay or delay, like transit Saturn inconjunct his natal Midheaven. That is exactly what is happening. The name of the chairman of Europe would be known today, but there is a delay and it will be known next week now. Inconjunctions always have a ' nasty side' . At best this transit means that you get respect, but...that there are considerable disadvantages related to your social position. Does that mean that he is giving up on the job of MP in the Netherlands and will have to say goodbye to his present living conditions? Or does it mean that he will not be the first European President? I don't know. I don't know all of the charts involved and I don't even know when the decission will be made or will be announced. If you think that you have a clue, and why (in astrological terms) please post your comment or use the poll!

The important Uranus and Neptune (remember, they are connected to Sun/Moon in the natal chart) are both afflicting the progressed Ascendant. Transit Neptune is inconjunct progressed Ascendant. There is a lot of commotion in the press about the possible new job and he keeps denying that he wants to leave the Netherlands and go to Brussels. Perhaps that is just it.

There are also nice transits and progressions like transit Jupiter trine progressed Mercury final dispositor of the MC (on the 8th of November) and Venus trine progressed Venus ruler 10, on the 5th. Other positive sign: Jupiter is conjunct Midheaven in the Solar Return chart for this year. However, Saturn's position is reason for concern. Would he consider to be a vice president (if that is possible), I wonder? You see, I wonder about the ' but' related to this inconjunction. It might just be the fact that his personal life would change (moving, his daughter to another school, other routines)...It takes the chart of the moment of decission and the charts of the other candidates and I won't speculate.

There are more positions is fire and air signs than in earth and water signs in his chart. He is expressive and talkative. He is a communicator (Mercury is strong in Gemini and final dispositor of Midheaven). And look at the position of the Moon in Aries, rising before the Sun. It is a well known fact that mr. Balkende has a strong relationship with his mother. He calls her every day! Moon in Aries oriental and sextile a strong Mercury…

His chart shows that he is a leading figure and transits tell us about a strong focus on his position today, with maybe an overload of responsibilities. With Sun quindecile Saturn and Saturn inconjunct MC there is no doubt about his desire to manage and be in control. Just like most of the American Presidents he has an aspect between Moon and Jupiter (a sesquisquare). Another thing that he shares with famous politicians is a midpoint combination of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto (Saturn semi square Mercury/Pluto) that gives strategic and political communications and thinking abilities. If the time of birth is correct there might be concern about Saturn's inconjunction with Midheaven, if it was not so that he has stepped back 3 times before and still became the next PM.

PS How about the three wheel drawings? Like them?


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jupiter in the chart of Agassi

André Agassi, top level tennis player, wrote about his life and confessed to have used hard drugs. When I read that, I had to think about Marion Jones (read the post about the chart of Marion Joneshere...) and other cases of doping. Jupiter had an important role to play in those cases. The latest example on my Dutch blog Astrokrant is Dutch gymnast Youri van Gelder. He was born April 23, 1983. He confessed using cocaine this year and was immediately fired (he was a sergeant in the army). His punishment is also that he cannot play in the Olympics. At the time of his confession transit Jupiter was square his progressed Sun. Agassi has transit Jupiter trine progressed Sun today. There is indeed a Sun-Jupiter connection with doping or with confessions to use doping. Read more about this on this blog...

In the chart of Agassi there is a wide square between Sun and Jupiter. It is almost a binovile. Jupiter is an important planet on the day that he was born. Jupiter doesn't make major aspects and is 'calling'. This tells us that he is successful, optimistic and positive (...sic) at any possible level. Agassi is an international, too and Jupiter is the planet of the wide wide world. His father was born in Iran and his wife is German. Jupiter is prominent.

Today transit Jupiter is exactly trine his progressed Sun. The difference between Marion Jones, a lot of cyclists and Agassi is, that Agassi didn't have to pay for using drugs and that he manages to earn money with the confession. It is in his memoirs!

The revelation is reflected by the actual positions of Uranus and Neptune, semi sextile and in mutual reception. They both make hard minor aspects with the natal Sun of Agassi. Uranus is semi square. Transit Neptune is 75 degrees from the Sun. Transit Neptune is also square his progressed Mercury. One might wonder why he wanted to confess this now. Maybe because he is religious (the prominent Jupiter is semi sextile Neptune)?


The natal chart of Agassi is unknown. What you see here are the positions on his day of birth. He shares those positions with others born on the same day. What special characteristics made him a famous tennis player using doping? On the day of his birth there were not just conditions for a successful person. There are also indications for a ‘die hard’

Ambition (Sun conjunct Saturn) and (sesquisquare Pluto) an almost frustrating will to win made him a 'die hard': someone who will be confronted with 'enemies' or pain (and we know that it is true). Perhaps the aspects with the Sun are also mirroring the image of his father, who was a boxing champion (used to be hurt) and who trained his son at the beginning.

When he started to win important games, his progressed Sun was conjunct Venus in Gemini, the sign of the arms and the hands. It seems that Brooke Shields had a stimulating role in becoming a professional, 15 years and 15 degrees ago. But in 1997 their relationship became troubled and that is when he started to use crystal methamphetamine, not for doping, but to feel better.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Chart, progressions and transits of Lloyd Webber

It is not unusual that transit Pluto is there, where health problems occur. Transit Pluto is now square the natal Sun and inconjunct the progressed Sun of Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Pluto is always there where it takes courage and strength, in periods of stress and intense feelings of being alive. Fortunately, transit Jupiter is square natal Midheaven and opposition natal Mars. That is a positive sign for a treatment with results, and for the support of many. This is in particular so, since Jupiter is in the lucky 5th house, ruling the 5th house, while Mars rules the ninth house (another pleasant house!). Let us hope that he enjoys this positive effect soon.

For an overview of the pattern of artistic talents of Andrew Lloyd Webber, see Art&Astrology for the same date as this post...Here I like to point at the position of Ceres on Midheaven, symbolizing the importance of genes and roots, together with talents (Ceres is conjunct Venus in Taurus). Andrew Lloyd Webber was born into an artistic family.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

March 1, 1971: Robert Freegard, master conman born

I am reading a book about a master conman, Robert Freegard, who managed to control and exploit a group of students by pretending to be a spy. For over 10 years !!! They were manipulated by him, giving him all of their money. Of course, there is no hour of birth. It is only known that he is Pisces born March 1, 1971. He was only 21 when he started his 'game'.

On March 1, 1971 the Sun doesn't make major aspects within 5 degrees orb. That means that the Sun is very prominent and you can read that as the reflection of a leader, someone in the centre of it all, drawing attention. Uranus doesn't make major aspect. Neither does Saturn. Here we have the Sun-Saturn-Uranus prominence that is so frequent in the charts of those who deal with restricted liberty. First Robert Freegard stole the lives of young students. Later he was sent to jail. Now he is free again. Read the book ('Deceived' by Kate Snell), see the pictures in the book and beware!

The most important planet is Mars. Mars also doesn't make aspects and Mars is the first outer planet rising before the Sun. (You know: Mercury and Venus are inner planets, moving between earth and Sun. The other planets are outer planets). The creative Fire-Earth combination in his chart contributes to the other signs of creativity.

So, he could talk and he was creative in telling stories. But, how did he manage to make people believe his incredible stories? Mercury is in Pisces, square Jupiter and Neptune and that is the combination for a big story teller. He could have written novels! There is also a golden Yod on March 1, 1971 with Mercury as the Apex, connecting Mars and Saturn (combination of death) by quintile. Mars is biquintile Saturn. With this 'golden' combination he sure knew how to tell stories.

The master conman started with the group a few years after the change of the progressed Sun sign and the story culminated when the progressed Sun was trine Natal Neptune. The Sun-Neptune combination is the combination of the vivid imagination. You read more about the Sun-Neptune effect on my site Astromarkt, here is the link. About the progressed (or Solar Arc) harmonious aspect I wrote this:

The more harmonious aspects of Sun and Neptune make it easy for you to dream on or relax. Don’t expect this to be a fortunate aspect, always. Sometimes this aspect releases you from your identity as an individual and turns you into ‘one of the guys’, like in prison or you may have enough time available for fantasies and dreaming because you no longer have a job. Progressed Sun trine or sextile Neptune only makes it easy to hide away from reality, society or life as it is.
This seems to fit this person!

Not every person born March 1, 1971 is a conman, of course. But they will know how to tell or sell, and they are probably creative thinkers. Wikipedia tells me that three famous sportsmen were born on that day (and Mars - energy and drive - is important in this chart). One of them is Tyler Hamilton, a cyclist who was recently banned for 9 years after a failing out-of-competition check for performance enhancing drugs. He retired last April. I suppose that crucial placements in the chart of Freegard will explain why it was so important for him to be in control, living like a parasite and ruining the lives of others.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

2012 Exit Mundi or Age of Aquarius?

Scary movies and scary predictions have a function: they make you feel alive and kicking. Your heart is pounding, you breath deeper. Your senses have been awakened, it is Red Alert! And the kick makes you feel good, when you don't overdo it...That is why we love to do bungee jumping, see 'Scary Movie', or read about disasters in other places than ours. Afterwards we thank God that we are alive and well, sigh...:)

Maybe that effect is the reason why there is so much attention for 2012. What a relief it will be when in 2013 most of us are still around! Or will some followers of the idea of destruction be disappointed? Now that there is a disaster movie about the year 2012, hysteria might grow.

I read that in the USA teenagers plan to commit suicide because they are afraid to die (yes, it is true...). And I found an astrology site with the chart of December 21, 2012 and a tight Yod of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter (the Apex):

The Mayas seem to have been very accurate in calculating the position of the stars. They were correct about this one (though they didn't know about Uranus, Neptune or Pluto!!!). So the Yod in the drawing is a Yod that they could not forsee.

It is not such an exceptional chart as it appears. The position of the Sun is the same as it was 25.800 years ago and another 25.800 years ago etc. The earth counts millions and millions of years!

Another thing is that the Mayas didn't mean that the earth or our solar system would die. They meant that a new circle of life would start with a new calender, just like 25.800 years ago! Here is the December 21, 2012 chart for Greenwich. Funny, the Ascendant and Midheaven are exactly conjunct mine! That is scary!;o(( but: it happens every day!:)

Jupiter happens to be the protector of earth, so when a finger in a Yod points at Jupiter, I tend not to worry (if I ever did). I don't worry much about proclaimed ends of the world, because I have heard of so many before and we are still here! I remember 1962, when there was supposed to be an atomic bomb attack by the Russians, and the Jehavah's Witnesses (1975, 1904, 2014 etc),Ice Age, the Club of Rome, Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center and now the Mayan calender ending December 21, 2012. (Mine ends December 31 every year!) But let us get back to the topic '2012 chart!.Let us consider that:

1. There has never been a disaster that has been predicted by means of astrology
This includes the Tsunami, September 11, death of Kennedy, start of World Wars etc. Why not? Simply because there is no such thing as the chart of the world since we don't know when exactly at what hour the world was born. A chart is related to time AND place on earth...

2. Yod's are frequent

3. If it is a matter of numbers (21-12 than 2112 would be a better moment:)

4. Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception and sextile: they interact. It is a dangerous composition, but...there is an inconjunction with Jupiter. Jupiter is a fortunate symbol.

5. How about the Age of Aquarius? Why would the world end with starting that (read the post of Gene Ray about the March 2012, Age of Aquarius)

Every day, somewhere, someone is involved in a tragedy, a disaster. Sometimes it is groupwise, a war, an accident, a flood. We can only try to be carefull and be alert and do the best we can. Why spend energy on a fictious idea, while there are dozens of disasters around us and we don't care? The fear for 2012 seems to be a selfish fear to get hurt or to die. It is the same sort of fear that thrills us when we see a scary movie. It is exciting, non productive and useless, unless you know what to do next. But it is thrilling. It is a bit like astrology. You see something coming up, there is not much you can do except being prepared to do the best you can or simply hold your breath and NOT be afraid too much. Because just like proclaimed disasters and falling asteroids, some transits and progression pass bye without any impact. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe they were only meant to keep you alert and to feel alive or maybe the idea of the brain is to make your blood flow!
Exit this story!

One of the funiest sites (IMO) is Exit Mundi. Here you see a collection of end-of-world scenarios. There are so many that you can't help to start laughing!:)
Read Exit Mundi and you will notice again that you are here, alive and well. Whenever an 'end of the world's story comes up, I see that site! There is also a site of Exit Mundi about 2012....Have a nice Sunday-evening!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chart of Erich Honecker, 20 years since resign

On the 18th of October it will be 20 years ago that Erich Honecker was forced to resign and was replaced by another leader of East Germany. He never had to pay for his political errors.
Just like other dictators, there is a hard aspect between Sun and Saturn in his chart. It is the proposition for the man who manages to be in charge and preferably: alone. There is a post on this blog with more examples of the effect of Sun-Saturn.

We might wonder why he was never on trial. He is responsible for the death of people who wanted to escape to West Germany, for example. He is responsible for 'the wall'. The issue of limited freedom is prominent in his chart. Saturn on IC, Uranus on the Ascendant and both are in aspect with the Sun. Maybe he was in fact the prisoner of his own system. When he was forced to resign, transit Uranus was trine his Sun and that means: liberation! There is a trine between Saturn and Uranus in his chart. A trine between the planets of limited freedom AND the resistance against it, makes it easy to break free.

There is a Yod of Sun, Uranus and Pluto pointing at the Sun (leadership in a dramatic change). In the end he had to leave his home country and he died in Chile. In a way he had his punishment but it was not the usual prison cell. So what 'lucky star' helped him? He could have been arrested, but...there was an inconjnction!
Uranus inconjunct Pluto is the combination for a dramatic and sudden change (such as an arrest). The inconjunction might work as a positive 'but' when it is an inconjunction between difficult symbols and in difficult times.
For more about the effect of the inconjunction, click the label.


2010, transits, your Sun and progressed Sun

When you know which transits will be of influence in 2010, you can start finding out (googling) what the effect might be. It is a bit early perhaps, but for those who can't wait (like me!:) I have published the horoscopes of 2010 on Astromarkt. For those who like to find out for themselves and who don't have the tools to see the transits, I post the positions of the slow planets in 2010 and a list of 'hot birthdays'. When you were born on one of those days, there will be a 'hit'. A slow moving planet will make a hard aspect with your Sun. What does it mean?
Sometimes it helps to have a look at the last time that you had a transit with the planet involved to see what kind of an effect you may expect. I did so with my progressed Sun opposition Pluto. Pluto is also the symbol of the revival and comeback. Well, here I am with the horoscopes, again, just like last year when I said it would be the last time:)! These are the hot birthdays:

January 1 – 7 (square transit Saturn)
February 13- 28 (transits of Neptune and/or Jupiter)
March 14- 31 (opposition Saturn, square Pluto or conjunction Uranus)
April 1-7 opposition Saturn
May 14 – 31 (square Jupiter and/or Neptune)
June 14-22 AND 25/26 (Uranus AND Pluto square)
July 1 – 9 Square Saturn
August 17 -22 Opposition Neptune
September 16 – 30 (opposition Uranus, conjunct Saturn and/or square Pluto)
October 1 – 10 Conjunct Saturn
November 16-21 square Neptune 19-30 square Jupiter
December 0-31 square Jupiter, 20 – 31 square Saturn, square Uranus and/or conjunct Pluto

Transit Jupiter, 27 Aquarius – 3 Aries
Transit Saturn , 29 Virgo – 17 Libra
Transit Uranus , 24 Pices – 1 Aries
Transit Neptune , 25-29 Aquarius
Transit Pluto, 4-6 Capricorn

Now what will occur?
Consider this before you see the possible effects of the transits:
- For dramatic changes you mostly need 3 or more indications in the same direction at the time.
- When your natal Sun already made an aspect with the transiting planet, the effect will be felt more than when that is not so!
- Your social and economic position are of great influence!

JUPITER will usually let you grow, give you support, help you on the way or grant you successes
SATURN will usually make you aware of responsibilities, mistakes and restrictions (like coming from parents or law) and age, time to settle down, too
URANUS is the planet that wakes you up if you were sleeping or wake up the others to when you wanted them to be asleep. It is a planet that causes upheaval and changes, but sometimes it is just a surprise…
NEPTUNE is the planet of illusions and disillusions, isolation and seclusion (sometimes welcome with artists or mediums)
PLUTO is the planet of re- (revitalization, reformation, return) and stress sometimes. When Pluto is there life is more intense and stressy than ever. That is not always bad! Sometimes Pluto is reflecting a revival!


You can also have a transit with the progressed position of the Sun ☼
How? Calculate your birthday and add one day , for every year to see your progressed birthday.
Example: born January 3 and now 70 years old? You will have a transit of Uranus over the progressed Sun in 2010.
Example 2: born February 1 and 25 years old? Jupiter will be conjunct your Sun in 2010.
Example 3: born March 22 and 34 years old? Than transit Pluto will be square your progressed Sun in 2010.


Progressed Sun opposition Pluto

A few days ago the opposition of progressed (Solar Arc) Sun and natal Pluto in my chart perfected. I held my breath for a few days to be able to tell a great story, but...

There was nothing dramatic, no change, noone died (well, some died, but it didn't hurt me because I didn't know them) and I didn't become a grandmother, either. No serieus money problems, a smooth and painless reorganization on the job, health OK...or should the effect have been that the doctor adviced not to be vaccinated against Mexican Flu because of an allergy that I have? My oh my!!!:) She added that the Flu is less scary than the allergy.

OK time is up for Pluto! Perhaps there is something coming (by post, at the office on Monday), but I guess that this opposition simply got bye without effecting me. There are several reasons why I should not feel an effect.

1. It is a progression
That means that I slowly moved on to reach this station and there was a development.
2. The secondary Moon made no aspect, it can stil happen when she does.
3. There was no transit.
That should transfer the moment to November 22/23 when transit Jupiter is conjunct progressed Sun and opposition Pluto.

What could have happened? Brady says that a progressive opposition of Sun with a radix position is indicating that you will be motivated by others to decide. The progressive aspect (progressed Sun opposition progressed Pluto) would show a moment of decission that was more 'by heart'. That moment was a year ago. It didn't change a thing, but...I decided to put more energy in my official job and less in astrology. By the numbers of posts you can see that I managed to lessen the amount by 50%.

Noel TYl writes in Solar ARcs that SA Sun - Pluto's effect is like this: "Illumination of power needs; the need to control; new perspectives confirmed in life." My Midheaven is conjunct Sun, and adding this you get: 'striving for power and control; vocational upset and change to adopt new perspectives; power games with important consequences'. P/MC met Zon geeft volgens hem o.a. 'wanting to spread one's wings and fly', Maybe I don't have wings to fly!:) And maybe MY Pluto has another way to express himself.

Pluto is in my 6th house and rules the ninth house in an equal house chart and the eight house in Placidus. There have been contacts with Pluto before, of course. I rectified what I did wrong with P Sun sesquisquare Pluto, when I wanted to quit school ASAP (and I did one year later, as soon as I was allowed to). With P Sun quindecile Pluto I finished my study to be a teacher. With Sun inconjunct Pluto I got my driver's licence. With Sun biquintile Pluto I got a lovely dog (and started training her). With P Sun opposition P Pluto I did a workshop with Noel Tyl in Lisbon (in fact, this was 2 weeks later than the moment that the aspect was tight, so perhaps in two weeks time, something happens:)

So in my chart, Pluto is related to studies, school and workshops. WOW! I AM doing a workshop at the office right now. Perhaps it is more important than I think...?

Other persons have more important Sun-Pluto progressions. That is when they are important. For example, Hitler. He had Progressed Sun opposition radix Pluto and wrote Mein Kampf. I wrote a short story, just for fun and finished it last week. It is not the same, but Agatha Christie was also writing when she had progressed Sun opposition radix and progressive Pluto. She wrote her autobiography. Pluto is her ruler 3 in 10 in the natal chart and ruler 1 in 8 in the progressed chart. Perhaps she thougth that she had not much more to live (she was already 77) and it seems that she suffered from dementia. I have another example: Tina Turner's progressed Sun oposition radix and progressive Pluto between September 1996 and September 1997. That was during her come back toour after a period of rest for four years. Pluto really intensified life. Marshall Tito was about 4 to 5 when he had Sun conjunct Pluto and was living with his grandfather for no mentioned reason. Seems rather intense to me! In 1934/1935 Salvador DalĂ­ had P Sun conjunct Pluto. That is when he married Gala. They say that he never had sex with a woman before. The conjunction is the symbol of initiating things and Pluto is also the symbol of sex. In some person's charts, it is. In mine it is a training!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Prince William, charity and Venus-Neptune

Prince William has been a military man up to now and he wants to start a career in charity (like his father Charles) while waiting for the moment in the far future when he will be the King of England. It is not surprising, this wish. You see, Neptune is positioned on the Ascendant and that is an important position that I found in charts of sensitive and empathic persons who don't care too much about money and more about 'being good and doing well'. Neptune is a rather romantic idealistic symbol. In Prince William's chart Neptune is inconjunct Venus, the final dispositor of Midheaven. His father has Venus and Neptune opposition Midheaven. Charity might have something to do with Venus-Neptune. In the case of Prince Charles there is also artistic talent (see Art&Astrology) about Charles, the water colour artist. Perhaps William inherited some of that, too. No need to explain to astrologers why Venus-Neptune is a difficult combination for love in the charts of males...

Prince William will be a king one day, so will Willem (William) Alexander in the Netherlands. They both have the Sun on the Descendant, reflecting the leading role and they share their first name. Here are their charts next to each other. Jupiter on the Midheaven of William signifies being perspicacious.. according to Dear Brutus.

For more about angularity, see Dear Brutus'site with interesting views...


Chart of John Wooden (99)

The LA Times has 99 things about John Wooden, famous basketball coach, on his 99th birthday, things that you can read here...

From time to time I like to add charts to the list of other examples that I have of indications for getting old. John Wooden has a lot of positions in air signs. That is in favour of getting old (just like earth signs). On his day of birth Uranus was square Sun/Jupiter. He has Sun conjunct Jupiter and square Uranus for being inventive. The Sun-Jupiter-Uranus combination has a good influence on age. For more about aging, see the article on my site Astromarkt...

The Sun/Jupiter combination is square Pluto for successes. Lots of coaches have an aspect between Sun and Pluto. He has a wide trine, with Jupiter as the bridge between Sun and Pluto. They often also have an important Venus, because they need to be diplomats even though they are authorities. Wooden had an orientation on sports (Mars is rising before his Sun to show that). Activity, energy and being driven is prominent in his chart, also because of the lack of placements in fire signs.

His progressive Sun is changing sign, so his life style is or has already been changing (what is to be expected at a certain age) and because of the square between Sun and Saturn in the progressed chart, this might have been hard. It is exciting perhaps to be in the (positive) news today, with transit Sun square natal Uranus...The daily motion of the Sun over your natal position is reflecting the 'style' of the day. And Uranus is the planet of the news and excitement!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chart of Harvey Milk

The 22nd May will be Harvey Milk-day in California from now on. Harvey Milk was a politician and a homosexual, He was murdered and is now an icon in San Francisco. When you read Wikipedia you may notice the terms 'martyr' 'imagined a righteous world' and 'ideological conflicts'. Astrologers then start thinking about 'Neptune'. Harvey Milk had a tight square between Sun and Neptune in his natal chart. Transit Pluto (the symbol of the price/prize, politics, influence, and and death) is now inconjunct his natal Sun and trine natal Neptune. That is intensifying the myth. Transit Jupiter is inconjunct Pluto and trine progressed Mars. That is a combination for successs (but with a price).

Here you see his natal chart according to with the progressions and transits of the day that he died and the chart with transits and progressions for today. For an explanation and more examples of the effect of Neptune or the inconjunction, see this blog Astropost (click the labels).


Friday, October 9, 2009

Pluto and the chart of Ralph Lauren

Sometimes astrology is amazingly accurate. Pluto is the symbol of life and death, sex, money, influence and politics: everything that is challenging. A transit of Pluto often creates transformation. The Sun changing sign is a signal of a changing life, lifestyle or style. The two signs of changing times together might mirror a dramatic or impressive change.

Ralph Lauren, the famous designer, has transit Pluto now conjunct his progressed Sun and sextile natal Venus. Maybe the transit of Pluto will be reflecting a changing policy towards the image of women, now that there has been a controversy about a photo shopped very thin model. It would be welcomed in order to prevent and stop anorexia and to be more realistic about the shapes of women in general. But of course the change in his chart might be related to a change in personal life, too.

In his natal chart Pluto rules his Moon and Venus and Venus is square Pluto.
So, the sextile (often mirroring a moment of 'going with the flow' and 'the easy way out') has a strong effect. Venus is inconjunct Jupiter and Jupiter is trine Pluto. The combination of Venus-Jupiter-Pluto often goes together with 'big money'. He is among the first 225 richest people in the world.

Ralph Lauren was born October 14, 1939 in NY (Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio). The combination of Libra/Scorpio is ruled by Venus in Scorpio and Pluto in Leo. The money axis is important in various ways and visible even without hour of birth.

Ralph Lauren is the CEO of a big company. Leaders and those who draw attention often have a Sun without major aspects and so has Ralph Lauren. For the management there was also an unaspected Saturn on his day of birth. Knowing how to earn money and being able to be a manager from the start: that is a good basis for the Ralph Lauren concern. Perhaps the Moon has a crucial position in the natal chart to indicate feeling for what the public needs and wants. But to be sure, it takes an hour of birth!


Chart of President Obama and the Nobel Prize

Surprise! The Nobel Prize for Peace 2009 goes to Barack Obama, for his efforts for international diplomacy. The news is spreading with transit Jupiter on his natal Ascendant and transit Mercury on his progressed Sun and the Ascendant of his solar return. Transit Pluto is semi sextile natal Jupiter.

Pluto is the planet of winning, influence, politics, money and prices/prizes. Jupiter is the happy planet.
Mercury is the symbol of communications.
BTW In his solar return Uranus (planet of surprises and news) is opposition the Midheaven.

When you are a President, the price and the prize is always higher than for 'oridary folks' but, in general, the combination of transits of Mercury , Jupiter and Pluto is a guarantee for a successful moment:).

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saint Damien (Damiaan) and his chart

Today there is a holy mess in Tremelo to celebrate the fact that Father Damien or Damiaan (who was born there) is to become a Saint on October 11. This change happens with the SA (progressed) Sun of Damien changing sign.

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Death of Shoichi Nakagawa

In February this year I wrote about Shoichi Nakagawa, a Japanese politician and his (time unknown) chart. That was with transit Saturn conjunct his progressed Sun (he was stepping back) after misbehaviour. In his natal chart the Sun is square Saturn, so the transit had a strong effect. Now that he has been found dead (just like his father before him) the prominent combination of Mars, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in his natal chart is being activated by transit. At present transit Mars is conjunct his natal Mars and square progressed Neptune, transit Uranus is trine his natal Mars and transit Neptune is inconjunct his natal Mars. The natal aspects are being activated. Unnatural death is often reflected by the Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination. In Nakagawa's chart Mars is square Saturn and semi sextile Pluto. In Japan it is not uncommon to commit suicide in order to save the honour of the family. Still there is an astrological indication reflecting the possibility.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Astrology chart David Letterman and the confession

David Letterman (April 12, 1947, 6:00 AM according to Astrodatabank) confessed to have had sex with female employees. Three transit and progression by Uranus, planet of sensation within a few months mark a period of ‘being in the news’, The married producer,comedian and late night television talk show host (The Late Show) had been blackmailed (for 2 million dollars) but the person in question is under arrest now. Yes, David Letterman is in the news these days: see

The planet of news and excitement is Uranus. There are three important connections with Uranus right now!
1. His progressed Uranus is now inconjunct his natal Midheaven. That means that there is a disproportional upheaval related to his career.
2. Transit Uranus is also conjunct his progressed Midheaven.
3. Late July there was a conjunction of progressed Sun and progressed Uranus.
For a VIP this usually means that you are the topic of conversation and mostly because something is being revealed about you. The amount of Uranus might turn his world upside down!

Why is he so successful? With Sun biquintile Jupiter and sextile Uranus he is inventive in a creative way. The Moon's aspects (semi square Jupiter and inconjunct Pluto) might reflect difficult behavior**) but they also show successes with women and the public in general: he is a popular guy! Mercury trine Jupiter and sesquisquare Pluto provides him with a great vocabulary. The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter make aspects with Midheaven: that is reflecting success, too. There are many midpoint combinations indicating success, but the most important one is Jupiter opposition Venus/Pluto for a lot of money and ... a lot of success with women. Perhaps in a man's chart the effect of the money always goes together with success with the 'ladies'...:) He is a successful man earning lots of money and that is attractive for a lot of women, and for criminals!

Why is he so vulnerable for blackmail?
David Letterman is a married man. He divorced before. There are four important aspects reflecting possible divorce in a male's chart, according to the astrologer Ram. They are:
- Moon afflicted by Saturn
- Moon afflicted by Neptune
- Venus afflicted by Neptune
- Mars afflicted by Uranus
Conflicts between the houses 1 and 7 are indications for both genders. When there are 2 or more of such indications the chance of a broken marriage is rather high. David Letterman has Moon square Neptune and 157.5 degrees (sesquisquare + half semi square) Saturn. The same minor aspect is between Venus and Neptune. So, David Letterman has 3 of such indications and Jupiter (symbol of 'more or many') in the 7th house of marriage.
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PROMINENT MARS (Symbol of male sexuality)
Why did he DO it?
He has a very important Mars (symbol of males). He is 'sharp as a knife' by nature. In the progressed chart Mars is being accentuated and enforced by holding a position related to Sun/Moon (motivation) and AC/MC (crucial importance)!

Pluto also holds an important position in the natal chart of Letterman (square Ascendant and 'at the bottom' of the chart). But the most prominent planet is Mars. Mars is the planet of energy and drive. That is why Mars is so often important in the charts of entrepeneurs and soldiers, athletes and of men with a typical 'manlike' job.
Transit Mars was square natal Sun a few days ago and also opposition Midheaven. Transit Pluto (ruler of the 7th house of marriage…) was square natal Mars yesterday, challenging his marriage.

Mars, the planet of males, is very strong in the Astor I.D. of David Letterman because:

1. Mars is rising before his Sun and

2. Mars is conjunct Aries Point (Zero Aries)*).

3. Mars is also the final dispositor of Midheaven.

4. Mars rules his Sun in Aries

5. Mars is trine the ruler of Midheaven

In the progressed chart Mars (the chart progressed till today) Mars is also very important. Mars is conjunct AC/MC and Sun/Moon. That means that the qualities of the prominent natal Mars are being highlighted and are of crucial importance in this period of his life.

Apart from Mars and Pluto, there is also an important position for Mercury (half semi square Sun/Moon, reflecting motivation by communication) and for Saturn (sesquisquare AC/MC, reflecting ambition and management).


*) The image that Janduz had for this degree was that of a man with a bat and dressed up in a fur, let us say: the first idea of what a man used to be (a hunter, strong, etc.: the male prototype). One of the other interpretations is 'A woman has risen from the water & a seal has emerged also and is embracing her.' And that is rather the contrary, but when you combine the text with the picture you get something about the relationship between men and women and that is how humanity started producing itself:).

(I found another way to interpret the degrees: the Kozminsky Symbol (on Astrology Weekly) and that gives 'A ball of fire bursting across a rainbow'. Picture Mars in that bursting ball of fire and what you get is an explosion of energy. I like that picture of Mars on Zero Aries.)

**)A very difficult aspect in his chart is Moon inconjunct Pluto. More about that aspect in an earlier post..

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