Sunday, June 29, 2008


Spain has won the European Championships Football 2008! And so did astrology, because the system worked again!:)

Please see for the prognosis! Aragonès definitely had the best chances in the final moments of the game and he had the best day in general.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

and the present changes in his life

Bill Gates left Microsoft (well, he left the management, he still has the stocks). It must be quite a change in his life, because it IS in his chart.

First of all, the progressed (secondary) Sun is now in the 29th degree of Sagittarius, about to change sign. The two to three years before and after the change of the sun sign is a transformationale period.

Second, transit Uranus has crossed his Midheaven. The MC is pointing at the planet of changes...

And 3: transit Pluto is sesquisquare the progressed MC for a transtormation with frustrations.

There is even a number 4: The progressed Sun (sextile Neptune and) trine Pluto and progressed Pluto for giving up and make an easy and swift change in lifestyle.

Notice that the progressed Pluto is returning to the position of birth.

Of course there is even more to see in his chart, but I like to stop here. Uranus-Pluto is the combination of a revolution, the Sun is pointing at another way of living and the Pluto trine is just about enough.

If you want to read more about Bill Gates, his chart and the progressions that lead him to being rich and famous, follow this link to the reading of Bill Gates' chart on my site

Friday, June 27, 2008


I told you about Koko, the 'talking' gorilla with Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto as an example of how astrology works in the charts of animals, too. But there are more VIP animals..

F.ex. look at the chart of a top horse, Okidoki, born April 16, 1999 in Oudehaske (Netherlands) with an oriental Mars square Jupiter and sesquisquare Pluto (for a lot of energy and succes). He is called 'careful' and look: he has a prominent Saturn! There is a sensible side on the horse, says his rider and we notice Sun square Neptune and the calling Venus!
On the day that there was a special item about the horse on television, he had transit Pluto trine Sun and transit Saturn trine progressed Sun: a statement for deserved respect.

Or what about Bonito, the biting gorilla? He severely hurt an adoring female fan after jumping over the water barrier. I mentioned him on May 18, 2007 like this:
"BOKITO, the gorilla that escaped on May 18th in the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam and bit one of his female admirers over a 100 times, is world news. In his chart you might immediatelly notice the prominent position of Mars, being oriental and conjunct the Sun. Such a position gives enterprise and whit difficult aspects: agression. In his chart Mars is conjunct Saturn, so that the energy and drive is being limited and blocked. That might make angry. Dogs with this aspect sometimes bite out of fear."
Bokito was born March 14, 1996 in Berlin.

Notice the difference between the 3 charts.
Two animals famous for doing the right thing (being great in communications or sports) and one notorious for his attack. The first two have a significant and even prominent planet (Mercury for messages or Mars for competition) and in aspect with Jupiter and Pluto, the combination of succes.
The last one hs a prominent Mars afflicted by Saturn. Astrology works, even with animals.
...It is just that it takes a look at the special marks in the chart (the prominent planets) and the most tight aspects.


I have studied the charts of animals before (and published about it on my Dutch blog) and I found it surprising...For example.
What to expect of the chart of a gorilla nicknamed 'the Einstein gorilla', a gorilla that understands 2000 words and uses 1000 signs to communicate? Koko, the gorilla, has an IC between 70 and 95! So I would have expected what I found.

Mercury on July 4, 1971, birthday of Koko is trine Jupter and sextile Pluto (see chart). Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto is the combination of succesful communications! And Just as tight as these aspects are, are the next: Sun sesquisquare Jupiter and quindecile (75d) Pluto for succes in life (enormous self confidence). It must have been the perfect day for a communicator to be born. But..

It also was a day with a 'calling' Mars, without Ptolomeic aspects in sign and orb 5degree, to call the sportsmen and enterpreneurs. With Mars biquintile Pluto you might think of a creative way to realiser the drive to win or dominate. So the VIP's of that day are men only:
- born in Sydney: Ned Zelic (football player),
- Andy Creeggan (baseball player in Canada),
- Brendan Donnelly (baseball player in the USA) and
- Andrew Murray, English entrepeneur.

The theme of the calling Mars biquintile Pluto is the creative use and abuse of influence, power, money or force. It did not miss it's effect in the life of Koko.
Koko was involved in sexual harassment lawsuits. Former female employees claimed that they were pressured into showing their breasts to Koko by Dr. Patterson. Koko grabs both male and female nipples without warning or provocation!

What do the charts tell us?

Somewhere between 22h30 and 22h38 on June 29, the European Championship is finished and we all will know who the winner is. I like to do an experiment again and try to see beforehand which team will likely be the winner. It is complicated because of the varying final moment and it is complicated anyway, like predicting the weather.

I think Spain has the best chances. Why? It is not just a 50% chance and a favourite, it is based upon astrology and a certain method that I used before.
I think Spain will probalby win, based on the chart of the final moment and the tightest synergie between the cross of that chart and the positions of the trainers/coaches. It worked before, and it might work again, but we will only be sure on June 29.

Joachim Löw has Neptune in 9d07 Scorpio. That is square the Ascendant of the final moment! I know that Venus-Neptune is important in his chart and was activated in the winning match against Turkey, but then Neptune was not crucially on top of the chart. Also, his Pluto is square Midheaven! There are 'bad' transits as well: Venus opposition his Saturn, Mars sesquisquare Saturn and Pluto semi square Sun (just like in the chart of Guus Hiddink). Although he has good prospects in general (progressed Sun square Jupiter), on June 29th he will not have his best day.

Luis Aragonès (28th July 1938, born near Madrid) also has good prospects (progressed Sun sesquisquare Jupiter). Transit Jupiter is trine his Uranus, for positive changes, and square Saturn for late succes. He managed to get a contract in Turkye (Fenerbahçe), btw.

On the final moment the Ascendant is in the 10th degree of Aquarius and the Midheaven in 5d05 Sagittarius (trine his Sun, for a sunny moment:). Transit Jupiter is trine Ceres (good harvest).

Warning: this preview or prognosis is experimental! I started the experiment during the World Championships and I like to continue to see if it works. I publish this for verification reasons. The reader of this blog is a witness that I did not alter the findings after the game. I also publish this because it might be useful for the results of examns, elections, meetings etc. And if it does not work, I tried...Up to now, it goes fine, but you never know. Statistics sometimes do not work the other way around...

I also don't know the right final moment (at 22h44 it will be Löw's Sun shining on the Ascendant, for example). And results in the past do not necessarily predict those of the future. This is an experiment. So: a very carefully whispered...Spain is my favorite. Keep it a secret:) And come back for the evaluation.

the WC football predictions in Dutch only...
Basics of astrology


I use:
- the right final moment of the match
- the tightest and growing aspects of the positions of the coaches with the corners of the chart
and with that in mind I look at the match Russia-Spain and the positions of the coaches on the outside.

It is a clear picture at that moment and at that place: Sun of Aragonès conjunct the Descendant; Saturn and Mars are crucial in Guus Hiddink's case with a crucial Ceres on the Ascendant inconjunct his Sun. Inconjunct = for losing and giving up. Saturn is not the right planet to win a game with and Mars-Saturn in combination is 'end of fight, disadvantage of sports, dead end of energy'.
BTW I like the special role Ceres has in this chart. Ceres of Hiddink (the coach of Russia) is on the Ascendant of the final moment and... inconjunct his Sun. Ceres symbolises a.o. 'harvest'. And the 'harvest' had a mismatch (inconjunct) with his Sun.

It is obvious, provided that you know when the match finishes and up to now that might be up to 8 minutes after the official moment (and up to 38 minutes after prolongation).

With all that in mind I hesitate to look ahead at the final game on June 29, 20h45 - ??

I think Spain might be the winner. That is because at 22h34 Aragonès has his Sun trine the Midheaven of the final whistle (that I plan at 22:34:00:)
He also has Jupiter trine both progressed Mars AND Uranus. That 'shapes'a large trine of the combination Mars-Jupiter-Uranus, a combination that I consider to be the sign of a succesful operation or ...match.
His opponent Joachim Löw has Neptune on top at that moment, square Ascendant. I have been considering the effect of Venus-Neptune in the last game, but...Neptune is crucial now (tightly square Ascendant) and his Pluto is tightly square Midheaven! That combined with the positions of the Spanish coach makes me think that Spain will win instead of Germany. Also, transit Mars is afflicting his Saturn...
But I might be wrong this time, of course. Astrologers have the same difficulties in predicting as the weather forcast teams have. Statistics usually fail to work the other way around. So the fact that the methode works, does not mean that it will always work.

I will be back about the final match Germany-Spain later, with the charts.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


It is interesting that the Germans won in the final minute of a match that ended at 22h38m40s, instead of at the official moment: 22h30. It must not have been a relaxing 10 minutes for the players, fans and coaches! As I was unable to find a birth date of the Turkish coach on Internet at all (which is very strange) there are only two charts to look at: the chart of the match in Basel, June 25, and the chart of Joachim Löw, the German coach. I see music (Venus and Neptune) in the combination!

Joachim Löw was a technical assistent before he became the trainer of the national team. An oriental Mars for a focus on sports, conjunct Saturn, tells us that he might be somewhat rigid in his methods. Jupiter is calling (no Ptolemeic aspects in sign or orb 5d) and that makes Mars and Jupiter the most prominent planets in the chart. Mars-Jupiter happens to be the combination of the sports international, a succesful combination that points at a lot of energy and doing great.

Now there were a few very tight transits at 22h38m40s with the birth chart of Joachim Löw, the trainer, born February 3, 1960 in Schönau im Schwarzwald. And there is a Venus-Neptune connection that I like to point at.

I use to take the MC as the most important angle, pointing at results. The actual MC of the final moment was 23d58m47s Scorpio. Venus of Löw is between 8d14 and 9d30 (as his birth time is unknown, I cannot be certain). So that is Venus semi square the MC and opposition natal Venus. The MC is also conjunct his midpoint Sun/Pluto. And the MC is quindecile Neptune (14d51).

So called minor aspects within less than one degree of orb, aspects with Ceres and Chiron etc., complete the picture:
Transit Mars opposition Chiron, Uranus sextile Ceres. Sun sesquisquare Mercury, Sun semisquare Uranus (for tension), Mercury biquintile Neptune, Mars quintile Neptune, Saturn quindecile Mercury, Neptune semi square Venus and quindecile (105) Neptune, Pluto quindecile (15d) Mars, Chiron quindecile (165) Pluto...

A whole world of emotions! And that is not all for the day: Sun sextile Pluto (for stress and the will to win), Venus trine Neptune, Mars trine Jupiter...
I focus on the MC and the Ascendant, where I find Ascendant quindecile (75d)Neptune and 15d Venus, but more of importance for the results: MC septile Mars and quindecile Neptune (14d51).

Every time Venus and Neptune come back.

1. The MC of the final moment is 23d58m47 Scorpio, Venus 9d12 Cancer and Neptune 24d04m40s Aquarius.

2. The German coach Joachim Löw has a tight Venus sextile Neptune aspect in his chart, no birth time, February 2, 1960 Schönau im Schwarzwald. (Venus about 8d52 Cap, Neptune 9d05m35 Scorpio).

3. His Venus-Neptune is in aspect with the transit Venus, Neptune and MC of the moment that his team won the game.

4. In the year of the EC 2008 his progressed Venus is trine Neptune and sextile Sun, while the progressed Sun is biquintile Neptune.

5. So that his progressed Venus and Neptune are 105 and 15 degrees away from the Midheaven of the final moment.

Maybe I should read that as: there was music in the moment?:) On the Internet I found that Löw is popular and 'Young Germans' called him 'a charming strategist'. I guess winning the match mad him even more popular. And as the finale of the EC 2008 occurs on a day that the solar transit is opposition his Venus and trine his Neptune, with transit Neptune semi square his Venus there might be music in the finales, too. But it also depends on who will be the other finalist, Russia or Spain. I am curious!

Nihat Khaveci, the Turkish player, was not playing as he needs surgery. On the final moment of the game his Uranus is conjunct the midheaven. But Ugur Boral (14th April 1982 in Tokat) scored. As a matter of facts, he has Venus quintile Neptune in his chart...At the final decepting moment his Ceres is conjunct the Midheaven. On the 25th transit Neptune was sextile his Sun and Saturn square Uranus (tightly!). For the results I point at MC inconjunct Sun...The quincunx shows a mismatch between the moment and his vitality. In general inconjunctions symbolise lost.

Astrodatabank about Venus-Neptune

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 REEVES, 2 CHARTS, 2 I.D.'s

In my files are two Reeves: Christopher Reeve and Keanu Reeves. They are no family, not related. But they share things. When you ask a person what comes to mind first when he hears the name, he might say: Actor! The other thing they share is having experienced a crash that left scars. Keanu recovered after a crasch with his motor bike; Christoper ended paralised after falling off his horse, and later died too soon.

A passport tells us name, date of birth, place of birth, gender and 'special marks', like scars, different colour of eyes etc.. The special marks in the astrological passport of the Reeves show Jupiter in a top position (but Christopher Reeve has the destroying Vulcanus conjunct MC). Pluto is on the ascendant of both (but it is the oriental planet in the chart of Christoper). Both have Sun conjunct Mercury, tightly connected.
So they share a prominent Jupiter and Pluto on crucial spots of the chart. But Keanu Reeves has Saturn calling (caution at any possible level!), Christopher has Vulcanus on the Midheaven.
This tells us that they probably will experience the results of a positive attitude towards winning, gaining money and influence or power. And that Keanu might have ambitions of various kinds and that Christopher might show a destructive condition or postion.

Keanu Reeves rides bikes in the dark and he had a rather serious accident years ago. Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto tell us that he might act on impulse or experience sudden dramatic changes in life. Midpoint like Mars and Neptune connected to Saturn/Pluto confirm that there is a certain dainger for bad injuries. And BTW look at MC = 67.5 away from Jupiter/Neptune...the sign of the person with succes in the immaterial field

Indications for dangers like that are also present in the chart of Christoper Reeve: Neptune conjunct Mars/Pluto, Mars square Saturn/Pluto, Sun 0.0 orb semi square Mars/Saturn.

The tightest aspects in the chart of Christopher Reeves are Jupiter inconjunct Neptune, ruler 8 (orb 7 minutes) - he luckily survived but that didnot match with hapiness - and Mars inconjunct Uranus (orb 7 minutes) - for the impact of an accident-.

The tightest aspects in the chart of Keanu Reeves is Moon sesquisquare Saturn (orb 17 minutes). His younger years were sad and so are his memories and experiences. He has a sad look, too. He might be overly introverted with only placements in earth-and watersigns. Without placements in fire or air, he not only lacks 'spirit for life' and 'reason' sometimes. Fire is calling and so taking risks, being overly agressive and sportive (like ADHD children) might show as a result of that. It might explain why he likes driving bikes in the dark,without light and at full speed. The lack of placements in air signs point at communicating at any level.

About Pluto conjunct the Ascendant: I wondered about their role (in the movies or in real) of anti-heroe,but also about Pluto as the symbol of money, sex, life and death. It is clear in the life of Christopher Reeves, but did you know that Keanu lost a dear friend (River Phoenix) a sister (leukemia), a baby and an ex wife? Pluto is on one site of his horizon, Chiron is on the other side.

Of course Pluto does not always show up as the vivid death! Pluto is also there in the charts of those with (sex)power and influence, when the people around are impressed by the strenght and force of the person involved. In the study of Ken Gilmore (see Astrodatabank) the majority of the children with Pluto on the Ascendant managed to survive a violent attack at their school. He contributed that to 'being invisible'. I think that when you have Pluto on the ascendant a certain experience impressed you so much that it changes the way you look at people, for good. And the fact that they survived: strategy, being vigilant always and knowing how to defend yourself.

About accidents (and the study of C.E.O. Carter)
About Mars and Uranus conneced
Sharing aspects

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Actress, stand-up comedian and talk show presenter Ellen DeGeneres (January 26, 1958 Merairie, USA) is going to get married to Portia de Rossi (January 31, 1973, Geelong, Australia, time unknown), now that homosexual weddings are no longer illegal.

In the chart of Ellen we see indications for not getting married to a male (or at all): Sun in Aquarius opposition Uranus, Venus tightly opposition Uranus, Mars conjunct Saturn...These are 3 out of the 4 indications (the fourth is Sun conjunct or afflicted by Mars). Those indications were noticed in the 1930's, that was long, long aga, before homosexuals could get married, of course.

Her partner Portia has Venus conjunct Jupiter and both tightly square Uranus. So, Ellen and Portia share Venus square Uranus, so that both are gifted with artistic aspirations, sense of rythm and repeated new sensational feelings or loves that gives an impulse to get married immediately (sometimes too soon). It is fascinating that there Venus and Uranus are connected by quindeciles (15, 75, 105 or 165 degrees), minor aspects, but apparently important in this relationship. One of the indications for not getting married (Venus-Uranus) is the connection between the two and the connection is a sign of 'obsession'. Maybe they are obsessively in love:), I don't know, but I thought it was interesting to mention the link between the ladies. They share an aspect of Venus and Uranus and that aspect is srongly interacting between the charts. Venus-Uranus can also be read as 'free love' or 'controversial love/marriage' or 'extraordinary sympathy'. It is not a sign of homosexuality (hetero sexuals can have this combination as well), but it points at sensation related to love (just like a divorce in 'the old days' could be sensational, well, in fact in modern times divorce is still 'news'!).

Venus of Ellen is conjunct Sun of Portia (she loves her).
Mars is conjunct Mars (within orb 3 degrees) and that could be worrysome once that the romance would be over, because it shows competition as well as attraction and sometimes these synergies lead to fighting.
The upcoming year however, both have signs of celebrations in their charts. Ellen has Sun semisquare Venus, Portia had Sun semisquare progressed Jupiter, so together they can have a party (Venus-Jupiter).

Of course Ellen has a talkshow!:) She has Mercury calling (not making Ptolemeic aspects in sign), rising before the Sun (orientation on communications) AND opposition Ascendant. That is 3 times prominence for Mercury, the messenger. I wonder what to think of the position of the Black Moon Lilith (read about it) tightly on the Midheaven of this chart. The link leads you to an explanation of the myth of Lilith, a woman EQUAL to Adam (not like Eve, subjective to Adam). Rather interesting idea that this symbol is crucial in the chart of Ellen. I understand that her 'coming out' drew a lot of attention and that for a period of time she sort of was forced to become an activist for the rights of homosexuals. The solar return chart of that year (1997) had Pluto conjunct the Ascendant. Pluto is the symbol of (a.o.!) sex and the Ascendant for (re)presentation. This year's solar return has Mercury on the Descendant (tightly now) and Black Moon Lilith conjunct the IC.

PS Last Friday (Jupiter conjunct her MC) Ellen got a Daytime Emmy Award for her talkshow.


Guus Hiddink, the Dutchman who coaches Russia, had very good prospect for the game Netherlands - Russia. At about 22h35 in Basel the local MC was opposition his Jupiter. It was 1-1 and the game was prolonged. At 23:10 his Venus was conjunct the MC, the game ended and he had won.

Marco van Basten, the coach of The Netherlands, had Neptune conjunct MC at 22:35. Although the Netherlands performed very well before, the fact that in the solar return of Van Basten for this year Saturn was conjunct IC made me wonder about the victories.

For myself this is a moment that I value astrology even more than I did before (and that was already a high value:)

Friday, June 20, 2008


I am just thinking aloud in this message, about Saturn quincunx Uranus and Obama.

Saturn is inconjunct Uranus in the chart of Obama, and we could consider it to be a 'generational' aspect, if Uranus had not been that important in his chart. Uranus is 'calling': the only aspect that Uranus make is the quincunx with Saturn and a wide biquintile with Neptune. As these are not Ptolemeic aspects, Uranus is 'drifting' and we could expect 'reforming' at any level once that he is in charge. But...Saturn is inconjunct this Uranus and what could that mean? Saturn is strong in sign and ruling the 12th house of privacy and secrets. Saturn usually means 'restrictions, barriers, disadvantages' when Saturn is afflicted.

I have seen Saturn-Uranus having a role in the birth charts of civil girls marrying royalty. They have to give up some of their freedom (of speech for example) because they are subjective to protocol, government and traditions. The free press (Uranus) also tries to limit their action radius.

The Saturn-Uranus inconjunct of Obama is strongly connected to the Sun of his wife Michelle Obama. It might be that she in person 'shows him' the disadvantages of democracy and the limitations of status and carreer in his life.

Saturn and Uranus in combination symbolize the theme of limited freedom. Look at the labels on the left and choose Uranus to find examples of it (f.ex. the Fritzl-story, Natasha Kampusch). On a more political level I found Joseph McCarthy, a.o. and a few Dutch executed resistance men during WWII. Because the symbol of Saturn- Uranus is not just limitations of freedom, but also the rebellion against limitations. As usual the combination does not show right or wrong, actor or victim, only the fact that Saturn-Uranus -items will be important in a life.

Barack Obama will probably win the elections. The polls are in his favour. He is in the news more often than McCain is and McCain at present has Saturn semi square his Ascendant. That will not contribute to getting more voters. But somehow I wonder if Saturn inconjunct Uranus could really represant an election failure (again, sigh) or another blockade. However, now that Hillary Clinton stopped her campaign, what else could stop him to be the next president of the USA?

Want to know more about the effect of the unaspected planet or the missing element? Click for the article about Abscence or have a look at the chart of Obama??

Thursday, June 19, 2008

She got the spirits!

!See also the guess chart for Michelle Obama on this blog, here...

I like the combination of the charts of Obama and his wife Michelle (born 17th January 1964 in Chicago). Her Jupiter is tightly trine his Sun (she is a great support to him), her Mars tightly trine his Moon (they are attracted...:).

His Mars is inconjunct her Saturn and his Saturn conjunct her Sun, with his Uranus inconjunct her Sun. The 'limitations of freedom'- combination of Saturn and Uranus are linked to her life. So maybe his carreer obliges her to limitations. She certainly won't be able to say what she thinks and feels any more! She has already found out what impact her words might have from now on. As the interaction is very tight, I am afraid that protocol and restrictions will be hard to deal with.

Michelle is an idealist and a believer (Neptune oriental) with a calling Sun and dito Jupiter. Jupiter is biquintile Neptune. You see the combination of the 'believing audience'. It could also have been the birthday of a spiritual leader! And she might be her husbands'fan!:)
Michelle is a performer and she probably loves to travel around. I suppose that her personal chart, with hob, will reveal the choice for laws (though Jupiter is a good indication, too).

It might be revealing to have a look at her chart to see if she will move into the White House. But it takes an hob to be certain, so I won't speculate about it, since there is not much to see in her transits. But her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint is related to the Sun of November 4...

The combination of the silent force...

Neptune and the combination Neptune-Pluto have the starring role in the birth charts of illusionist, magicians, occultist, detectives and writers of detectives. Dutch writer Louis Couperus wrote about magic in colonial Indonesia, a.o. and he is one of my examples, together with Agatha Christie, Houdin, David Copperfield (now on my site with another birth time and a better profile:), Helena Blavatsky, Chris Angel and Hans Klok. Hans Klok is in the tabloids now because of his lovelife. You will read about that, too.

The combination of Neptune and Pluto, connected to the Midheaven is according to Noel Tyl*) present in the birth charts of detectives and of people who work in the paranormal field. Neptune and Pluto are also cooperating in the birth charts of those who write detectives, like f.ex. Agatha Christie, with Neptune and Pluto on top of her chart!

The named professions are connected with discretion and secrety. Also 'people' consider these jobs 'scary', dangerous or even threatening. What it takes to do those jobs is strong empathy and sensitivity. These words made me think of 'silent (Neptune) force (Pluto)'. Louis Couperus wrote about magic and called it 'silent force'. In his chart Neptune and Pluto are prominent, because they do not make Ptolemeic aspects in orb or sign and because Pluto is rising before the Sun.

Here you see the chart of Helena Blavatsky.

Reinhold Ebertin, in his famous Combinations of Stellar Influences, said in 1979 that Neptune/Pluto is the combination of 'the supernatural'and he connected the combination to mysticians, mediums, occultists and parapsychologiers. A good example of that is the birth chart of Helena Blavatsky, the woman who introduced karma and reincarnation in the western world. Neptune and Pluto are prominent in her chart. Neptune is 'calling' (not aspected by major aspects in orb 5d or in sign) and Pluto is positioned on top and rising before the sun for an orientation on the field of Pluto.

But, with the combination of Neptune and Pluto you could also make shows full of magic!")

The very first illusionist, Robert Houdin, amazed everyone. He was born December 6, 1805. On that day Neptune was rising before the Sun.

Criss Angel (December 19 1967, close to New York) is another example of an oriental Neptune.

David Copperfield was born September 16, 1956 at 7h02 a.m. in Metuchen NJ, says My calculation program said 6:32 in NY, but given the observations I prefere the 7:02 in NJ. That time gives Neptune and Pluto connected to the MC and the crucial and most individual midpoint Ascendant/MC in the 13th degree of Leo semisquare Neptune/Pluto! He also has Mars in Pisces and Jupiter oriental for the international.

In the birth chart of Hans Klok Neptune is conjunct Mars and both are oriental. That points at working with the immaterial, illusionary etc. Pluto iin his chart, does not make Ptolemeic aspects in sign or orb 5 degree and that is what I call 'calling'! Pluto symbolises power and influence. Very often that leads into politics or 'the big money' is an issue. Hans Klok also has Jupiter conjunct Uranus for being inventive and having the ability to look ahead and surprise doing that. The calling Moon might point at the major role of habits, education, past, personal needs and desires in his life. Well, see his shows!

Hans Klok was born February 22, 1969, in Purmerend, The Netherlands. To line towards magic is drawn by the combination of illusions and influence. Unfortunately the time of birth is unknown, so I do not know the position of the Midheaven. But Neptune (illusion) and Pluto (influence), the magic combination, are prominent in his Astro I.D.

Neptune is also the planet of dreams and romance. Maybe that is because the distance of 'real life' and you, once you fall in love:) Love is the field of turbulance right now, for Hans Klok. This year his progressed Venus joins Saturn, planet of limitations and farewells. So ended a very long relationship and he is predicting the sad end of his new love already! Maybe he had a look in his chart and saw the opposition of Saturn with natal Sun? That is an transit that might indicate a depression caused by others. .

Basics of astrology

PS dated February 27, 2009: I wrote about the chart of Ruth Rendell on Art&Astrology. See how Neptune and Pluto are connected to Sun/Moon and ASC/MC in her chart, reflecting the reigning need for mystery and the crucial importance of mystery in her life. Click the link...

PS Also see the birth chart of Deborah Jeane Palfrey (Yod of Sun, Neptune and Pluto)

Jupiter on his side...

In the chart below (progressed and transits) you see Jupiter close to the progressed Ascendant in the first hous of the chart of Dutch football coach Marco van Basten (born 31101964 102500 MET Utrecht 0050700 E 520600 N). As you can see, Jupiter, the lucky planet, is on his side!

(c)Marga Bervoets

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Guus Hiddink is a very good Dutch football coach. He manages Russia to the European Championships and even got them in the quarter finales! Now, on the 21st of June, Russia plays against The Netherlands (coach is Van Basten). I wonder about that game...

You know that I try to preview the final score of football matches by looking at the positions of the planets in the natal chart of the coach and the actual Midheaven. The nasty thing is that the whistle on the end of the game is often NOT in time (in the cases below 22h30) but up to 8 minutes later! And sometimes even more, when there are penalties to be taken. So don't bet on it, I don't either:) This is an experiment! An experiment that will fail anyway. It might be confusing for you, but as you see in the above chart, my Neptune is right on top of the chart of the final moment and so it seems that I will be all wrong:)

If you are still interested in the charts and my reading, please continue:)

Here you see 3 charts of final moments with the positions of the coach on the outside. Sun and Jupiter are for celebrations, agreed? And Neptune is more contemplating, at least, ok? Now look at the charts...

a. Russia - Sweden in Innsbruck incl. ca. 5 minutes 'injurytime', positions of Hiddink on the outside. Results: Hiddink wins!
And his Sun and Jupiter are on the actual MC

b. Final moment Holland - Russia in Basel with positions of Hiddink.
Clearly the same Sun and Jupiter on the MC!

c. Same moment, now with the positions of VAn Basten, the coach of the Netherlands.
Do I see Neptune?:( So, eh...

It is unbelievable and I dare hardly say so, but according to these charts, Russia might even win. But, because of the fact that both Hiddink and Van Basten have a Solar transit - Venusday, I guess they will end up equal. But in that case, there will be penalties and if the real end of the game would be 22h50, 'Orange' will win the game.

You know what? I will be back when the game is over:)

Earlier message about Guus Hiddink

(c)Marga Bervoets

by Gene Ray

We all know the song, but do we know when the age of Aquarius will be? This article, written by Gene Ray, founder of The Astrologers' Forum, is very clear about it. The age of Aquarius will start on March 20, 2012.

2012 marks the official end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Whether the Mayan calendar or the position of Regulus marks this change matters little, or even if it is the alignment with the center of the Universe that does so. They are all three very close in the same measure. I prefer Regulus and the most simple and accurate indicator. After all, the name infers royalty, the king and more exactly the regulator of the heavens and thus the regulator of the ages.

Regulus and the 1st of Aries are the only two positions that are required. The 1st of Aries is the position of the Sun and the Spring Equinox. In Astrology and in Astronomy this always happens in 1st degree of the sign Aries, thus the name. Signs do not precess for if they did for more then the last two thousand years we would be calling this the 1st of Pisces. What does precess are those 30 degree arcs of space that were originally named after the constellations, and so on March 20, 2012 the 30 degree space called Aquarius will occupy the position at the Spring Equinox. Since these 30 degree arcs of space move backwards it will actually be the 30th degree of what is known as Aquarius that occupies the worlds Ascendant on that soon coming day. We should forget trying to relate the constellations to the 30 degrees arcs of space. Constellations change over time. The Stars within them change in relation to each other. Constellations were used as general reference points and those who try to judge an Age by what they perceive to be the beginning and end of a Constellation are misguided.

Regulus resides almost exactly at the border of the signs Leo and Virgo, though technically speaking; this star is still within the sign Leo until March 2012. Even though Regulus belongs to the constellation Leo, Regulus passes through all the signs of the zodiac in about 25, 714.285 years. It is very important to realize that Regulus, whatever sign of the Zodiac it is in is in truth the marker for the beginning of a thirty degree section of space that is called Leo. By moving in successive 30 degree arcs you can determine where these 30 degree sections are located. We can call them by the constellation names if we wish and as Astrologers this may be the easiest way to relate. But we must remember that the constellations were merely general markers in the sky and the stars contained within them have no real use in Age measurement because they change within themselves and in relation to each other. The constellations themselves are of no importance. It is only the relationship between Regulus and the 1st of Aries that has significance in judging an Age, and remember that what we call the 1st of Aries has been located in the arc of space called Pisces for the last 2138 + years. In 2012 this 1st of Aries will actually happen in the space called Aquarius and will take approximately 2,142 years to move on to Capricorn. This of course depends on the idea that there will be no change in motion direction from precession to direct. We can not be sure of this. Remember we are also having a 25,714 year cycle happening at the same time.

For instance the Age of Pisces began about 131 BCE. It was this year that the Jews were freed from the Syrian yoke. The beginning of the Age of Pisces can be determined by subtracting 2,142.857 years from 2012.
Smyth wrote of it" "The longitude of Regulus has, through successive Ages been made a datum-step by the best astronomers of all nations"

By my calculations an Age is about 2,142.857 years long.
For all the 12 Ages to complete the time is about 25, 714.285 years.
Quoting Professor Harding, the noted Astronomer and Mathematician," the signs of the Zodiac coincided about 300 BCE and before that about 26,000 BCE."

26,000 BCE minus 300 BCE = 25,700 years. So in all those thousands of years his approximate calculation is only 14 years off of my calculation.
The Aquarian Age will begin March 20, 2012 when the longitude of Regulus will be 150 degrees 0 minutes and approximately 4 seconds of arc and then the 30th degree of Aquarius will be on the Earths Ascendant or what will be termed the 1st of Aries. If we wish to know the approximate time of the change of Age of Aries to the Age of Pisces we simply have to doing the subtraction.
2012 - 2,143 (rounded up) = 131 BCE (If the movement of Regulus is constant and of this we are not sure).
Now this is the year that the Jew's became free from the rule of the Syrians and a coin was issued to reflect that happening. If you just Google that date you will find some interesting information.

In 1998 the Sun was exactly aligned with the Center of the Universe, something that happens on once in about 25,714 years. Still the Sun takes thirty years to move over that degree so it is still in effect or in orb if your will. So the coming Aquarian Age almost certainly has more significance then the normal Age change. Some think that this point might signify a change in the Earths Magnetic Pole, but Magnetic Pole changes usually occur at far greater periods of years then this. It has happened that the Magnetic Poles have changed twice in a period of about 50.000 years, but this is unusual.
If there is to be a magnetic pole change some of the things to look for are sea creatures that use the magnetic field to navigate by. Whales, Dolphins and other sea creatures use this field to navigate by and even Salmon use it to find the river they were born in. It may be that Bees also use this field. Birds of all kinds do as well. Perhaps we should keep an eye on the swallows of Capistrano and see if they keep to their normal schedule.
One of the prime theories of why the Poles change is the movement of the molten center of the Earth. If this is true then we should expect the Earths crust to have great pressure and such things as Earthquakes and Tsunamis will occur more often and be more severe.
So be on the lookout for these effects. We might expect other severe weather changes.

We will just have to wait and see exactly what will happen. Still the clock and calendar of the 1st of Aries and Regulus gives us the correct timing: March 20, 2012.
June 17. 2008, ©GENE RAY

Thanks to Gene Ray for this publication!

Nasa tells us that Regulus is part of a multiple star system, with a close companion double star visible to the upper right of the young main sequence star. Leo I is a dwarf spheroidal galaxy in the Local Group of galaxies dominated by our Milky Way Galaxy and M31. Leo I is thought to be the most distant of the several known small satellite galaxies orbiting our Milky Way Galaxy. Regulus is located about 75 light years away, in contrast to Leo 1 which is located about 800,000 light years away. See the beautiful picture of this bright star on Nasa

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008



In September 2007 I saw a documentary about prince Andrew. An astrologer, Penny Thomton, told the television maker that Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew had consulted her because they wanted to know if there was a match between their charts (if they matched...). Penny Thornton says that she did not know for sure, even though Sarah's positoins were connected to that of the royal family.

It made me think about the fact that it is often so, that people in love just do not want to hear what others say. I suppose Penny Thornton wanted to be nice to the lovers. Because any astrologer can see the tight aspect in the composite chart: Venus square Uranus. It is the aspect of marrying too soon and of falling in love instantly. Uranus is also the symbol of the astrologer. In this case: love in spite of the astrologer:(

Andrew and Sarah share asepcts between Venus and Pluto, so money might be the issue and so is intense desire. They also share an affliction between Sun and Pluto. That sort of 'handicaps' them with a strong will. I guess this was/is an absolute strong love with all of the problems that belang to a relationship that is too intense.

But there is more....Look at Sun Pisces and Sun Libra with Moon Scorpio and Moon Aries. It is not an easy combination to live and share a family life together. She is full of passion and independant. He is far more secretive and intense and from time to time unreasonable. With his crucial Uranus on the Ascendant he is actually the 'batchelor', doing things his own special way, wanting to be free and independant. In September 2007 he was part of the party scene (look at Jupiter in the 5th house of pleasures!). Before he was a tough marine officer, 90% of the time away from home.

Ex-wife Sarah has a crucial Venus and Pluto on the MC. Her reputation involves money, pleasure and strong sympathies and antipathies. Uranus is on top of the chart, for rebellion and liberty. It was not modern that she promissed Andrew to 'obey him' when she married him and even that is controversial enough to be inspired by Uranus!

So, maybe, according to 'the rules', they did not fit and match. But...on the other hand this marriage was perfect to keep both of them in the position that they preferred. They wanted to be free and independant! And they wanted children (Jupiter for Andrew and Moon for Sarah in the 5th).

Back to where I started: sometimes people just don't want to know. You might try to prepare a couple with a not perfect match, but those who are in love don't seem to have ears. So eventually there is a relationship anyway. And it seems that in the chart of Sarah Fergusson a dramatic fairy tale marriage is written in capitals: Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo on the MC, square Jupiter and sextile Neptune (the price - Pluto - you pay for a romantic marriage that you always had been dreaming of...). It is THAT aspect of the marriage that matches his chart. He has Venus semisextiel Jupiter and biquintlle Pluto for spending lots of money and for being the party tiger with all of those girls that fancy him. Venus-Jupiter-Pluto could be the combination of being loved and for progress in love. But clearly it did not mean that he would remain married.

I think they were a perfect match, after all...When a person has such indications in the chart, what can you do to stop him or her to marry the wrong person first? Maybe the wrong person is the link to a better way of living, later, that could not have been lived without the first experience. Who knows?

Marga Bervoets

Venus and Pluto


I watched the 'Trooping of the colours' on BBC and saw Prince William asking the Queen (his grandmother) permission to leave. That is when I noticed how sweetly she smiled at him:) I never saw her smile like that before. So, today, when she turned William into a knight, I like to take a look at the interaction (the synergy) of their charts. And I find: Venus and Jupiter, the planets of love and trust.

I found Sun sextile Sun (tighly!), his Moon semi quintile her Moon, his Ascendant square her Uranus, his NNode trine her Venus, his Jupiter opposition her Sun
and his Vertex conjunct her Moon, all in narrow orbs. His Venus is conjunct her IC! I think the IC-Node-Venus connections and the Jupiter-Sun link 'do it'. They can get along, she loves him because he is her 'next of kin' (and vice versa) and he is very supportive of her, he has her trust. It is nice to see, anyway.

I payed attention to Queen Elizabeth before, when she and Prince Philip celebrated their 60 years of marriage. Another relevant item is about Princess Dianan.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Torero José Tomás met a stronger bull on the 15th, but according to El Pais he will be OK in 5 days. That is amazing if you see the picture of the attack. The attack was not surprising, since transit Mars was square his Saturn as a warning for a possible painful injuruy.

José Martin was born August 20, 1975 in Madrid. His Sun in Leo is tightly square Vulcanus*) in Taurus, but that could be just coincidence, couldnot it:)?

Click for more about accidents... on my site Astromarkt...

*)Vulcanus is the intruiging spot that I found in the charts drawn by my computerprogram (Astrolab) and that is frequently present and prominent in moment of public violence,like f.ex. the political murders in Holland in the past years. When JFK was murdered progressed Mercury was square progressed Vulcanus while Mercury and Vulcanus were on the descendant of the solar return chart of 1963. Also, Vulcanus was exactly square the midpoint of Saturn and MC. This added with transit Uranus conjunct progressed MC and Uranus sesquisquare Vulcanus shows a moment of surprise and unexpected violence.

Vulcanus is in 15d12 Gemini right now. And I am aware of the fact that it is very strange. There is no Vulcanus (most possibly) but there is this spot and it's effect and I think it is good to let you know.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This post was written before his hour of birth was known. Many posts have followed since. Please click the label 'Obama' below to see the latest info, now that his hour of birth is known (19:24).

I am thinking aloud in this message about the chart of Obama. Is this the next president's chart? Possibly.

On Election day, his Jupiter is conjunct the Moon when the polls close their doors in Washington. And btw the Moon of the USA Gemini Rising chart (4th July 1776 2h13m36s Philadelphia) is conjunct his natal Ascendant. What can I do to see if this is a presidential chart? I can compare his with the charts of other presidents and candidates. I can read his chart as if I did not know he was a candidate (in which case I find an artist more than a president and start wondering if the HOB is REALLY REALLY his). I can look at his progressed chart and than I see a more political profle than in his birth chart (Pluto rising before the Sun, for example). But:

At first sight, Barack Obama is quite different than other presidents of the USA. The majority of them have an important Jupiter and Pluto for self confidence. F.ex.:

Jimmy Carter (October 1, 1924 7a.m. Plains Georgia) has Jupiter inconjunct MC and Pluto crucially placed on top of the Midheaven! Moon is semi sextile Jupiter in own sign.

Dwight D. Eisenhower (October 14, 1890, 17h45 Denison) who was above all a general, had Mars conjunct MC, Jupiter (3rd degree of Aquarius) in the 10th house, tighly square the Moon and Pluto 'calling' (not making Ptolemeic aspects in orb 5d and in sign).

J.F. Kennedy had Jupiter oriental (first important planet rising before the 'Sun) and Pluto calling! His Moon was widely trine Jupiter (orb almost 6 degrees, Mercury 'transferring the light').

Richard Nixon had Pluto high in the chart, Jupiter oriental...but the Moon did not contact Jupiter (9th January 1913, 21h30 Yorba Linda). Maybe Jupiter in the house ruled by the Moon (the 4th) compensated this.
His tightest aspect is Mars opposition Pluto (Hillary Clinton has Mars-Pluto too).

Gerald Ford (14th July 1913 0h43 CST Omaha) had Pluto oriental, Neptune on the IC, the Moon in the 4th degree of Sagittarius (sort of a Moon-Jupiter connection:) and Jupiter calling.

McCain (29th August 1935 9 a.m. Cocosolo) has Pluto on top, Mars oriental (first of all a soldier), Jupiter inconjunct MC and Moon in the 4th house, but not connected with Jupiter. The profile is not complete.

Hillary Clinton (26th October 1947, maybe 20 hours, Chicago) has Neptune oriental, Moon trine Jupiter out of sign, Sun calling and Pluto sesquisquare Aries Point. Jupiter does not make Ptolemeic aspects in sign or orb (and is of course trine Moon out of sign, I know), but using my own rules Jupiter is calling in her chart. So she had the profile, she was a good candidate.

Obama (4th August 1961 at 19h24 AHT Honolulu) has the Moon trine Jupiter, Pluto?, Jupiter? and instead Neptune on top, Moon on IC. He has a different profile! Does that mean that he won't become a president? His progressed chart shows Pluto rising before the Sun and the retrograding Jupiter in the 10th house. Maybe he was not a born president, but he might BE one. Or a different kind of a president. Let us take a look at the chart of Al Gore, the one who didnot make it.

Al Gore (born 31st March 1948 at 12h53 EST Washington) has a 'calling' Mercury and Jupiter (conjunct with the Moon, though out of sign), Pluto is the first planet in the first house, but not conjunct the Ascendant (using a tight orb). Why did not he make it? Sun is opposition Neptune, while Sun and Mars are in mutual reception ruling the Midheaven. Neptune is the blame. Notice that unclear and misty results of the elections ended his ambitions. Neptune was opposition his Ascendant in 2000. At closure time on election day George W. Bush's Sun was conjunct the Ascendant. No signs in the chart of Al Gore.

OK, one of them has got to be the president, either McCain or Obama, even though their profile is different from other presidents. Abraham Lincoln had a different profile, too. His Sun is rising, Neptune conjunct the MC. Moon is sextile Jupiter. Still, he is an important president in history. George Washington (22 February 1732, 10h05 am Westmoreland) had an important Moon rising before the Sun, Mars on the Descendant and much self confidence (Sun biquintile Jupiter and sesquisquare Pluto), but he didnot have an important Pluto or Jupiter.

So maybe Obama does not have it all and neither has McCain, but only time can tell who will win if you consider their charts to be important. And time says:

McCain's solar return has Saturn on the Descendant. McCain's solar arc Saturn is semi square the natal MC on the 14th of November. Transit Saturn and Uranus in harmonious aspect with the progressed Sun and progressed Saturn conjunct and Neptune opposition the final moment of election day in Washington (20th degree of Pisces MC).

Obama however has transit Moon conjunct his natal Jupiter on that moment and transit Jupiter square his progressed Ascendant.

And BTW, George W. Bush's Sun is on the Ascendant of the final moment again:).

I think Obama does not have the confidence that most of the others had or have. And he might be a dreamer with problemous ideals that do not easily come true (Sun square Neptune on top), and he might promise too much (Mercury opposition Jupiter). With this chart he could have been an actor as well (Moon crucial, Neptune on top...) because there is little in the chart that refers to power. I am not sure about the winner, but given the Neptune effect in the chart of McCain at the final moment of the elections, I very much doubt that he can be sure about being the winner on the 4th of November. In the past it took the USA weeks to find a winner, so maybe that moment does not reveal it all. The birth chart of Obama makes me ask questions. But when you read like if you did not know who he was you would probably say with me:

I see the chart of an idealist, a person who might be hiding behind the picture of an ideal person. He is a leader,ok, he is good with children or 'the people', he knows how to be nice and he could have been an artist playing the role of the president of the USA. And that thought reminded me of Ronald Reagan, born February 6, 1911, at 3h30 CST in Tampico, Illinois with Uranus rising before his Sun (he got old, did not he?) and with no crucial placement at all. His Sun and Jupiter semi square/sesquisquare Aries Point and Pluto calling, however, pointed at the same profile that I mentioned above.

I have 5 months to consider and ponder left. Am I lucky?:)One thing I am happy about is that I don't have to choose and vote. In fact, neither do the Americans. They can simply select the program instead of the man, because governments are teamwork in a democratic country. Somewhere on this blog, in the Label Elections, you find a link to a way to vote if you are not American:)

(c)Marga Bervoets
PS Always click Elections below to find the latest news, changes and HOB's:)


Raymond Domenech, the coach of France in the EC Football 2008 was born January 24 1952 in Lyon and he is an astrologer, too. It seems he uses astrology in his work. Now that he lost, this fact is used in the media to put him down even more and to laugh about astrologers, of course.

I don't know how much he knows about astrology. What he knows is, that he is an Aquarius and that is why he avoids Scorpios and Leos in his team. Not the finest choice, since in the Dutch team (that defeated his) Marco van Basten is a Scorpio and so is the keeper (Van der Sar). If you want to know more about sunsigns, click here or see the article about the basics of astrology, (sunsigns, elements, aspects etc.).

In Sportwereld the link with astrology is called 'silly'. Well, we astrologers ARE, arenot we?:) The article says that Domenech said beforehand that up till June 11 'the stars' would not be on his side, but that it would be better after that day (but the article does not mention why).
I wonder if Domenech was aware that he has transit Saturn inconjunct the Sun right now. And if he knew what the impact of the chart of the coach is for the whole team. (Imagine, when a team fails, most of the time the coach is dismissed afterwards! So the positions of the coach's chart is of importance.)

The interest in astrology often goes together with Jupiter-Uranus connections. Domenech has Sun in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) with Moon in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter). Jupiter is square Uranus. And Uranus is linked to the midpoint Mercury/Jupiter.

I wonder, would his knowledge of astrology have been limited to starsigns only? Or did not he say much more to avoid being called a looney? The article in 'Sportwereld' and moreover, the reactions of the readers, demonstrate what the general opinion is (certainly in The Netherlands) when astrology is concerned. One of the opinions of the reader is that sport or football has nothing at all to do with astrology. But as you may have noticed on this blog, astrologers can have a look at the prospects, the coaches and the football players:)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

And here is the birth chart of Obama, with this hour of birth

Obama launched his birth certificate on the official Obama site 'Fight the smears'.

My comments at first sight: it is a disappointment in my astrologer's eyes. I see a popular leader, rather controversial (Uranus square MC), who wants to make changes - just like he uses to say - and is highly idealistic (Neptune high, square Sun). But I miss crucial placements that point at power, force, succes and 'government', at least: at first sight. Where is the president in this chart? *)
Somehow this chart arouses the same questions as a lot of people have about Obama: who is he, what sort of a president will he be (if he will be a president)? It takes a deep dive into the chart to see the man behind it.

Also: the aspect that gave him a boost (progressed Sun trine progressed Jupiter) was perfecting LAST YEAR and on November 9 or 10 I see progressed Mercury square progressed Saturn (the sign for a goodbye), though there is hope for the Democrats with his Jupiter square the progressed Ascendant, too.

Does anyone know the hour on November 6 when the offices close down and you cannot vote any more? I like to study thAt moment to see what it does with the charts of Obama or McCain.

PS on second thought:
The chart of McCain shows a strong man who is not too popular. The chart of Obama shows a popular man who is not too strong. As it is not CLEAR who will win in November, I guess the results will be as misty as they were at the beginning of the second term of George W. Bush. So the Democrats migth have better chosen for Hillary Clinton, who has Moon trine Jupiter AND a 'calling'Sun AND Pluto semi square Aries Point (so that she has Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in the same range of importance as GWB and JFK) ....and who's true hour of birth is still unknown...It might be very important in these elections to make the right choice for the second 'man', the vice-president to be. I wonder who that will be...

*) Click on the label 'Obama'(below) to see more posts about Obama and how the president was 'found' in his progressed chart!

Friday, June 13, 2008

and the explosion of Beenhakker

Click on the chart drawing for a better view of the final moment of the match Austria-Poland. On the outside of the chart you see the birth chart positions of Leo Beenhakker (born August 2, 1942 in Rotterdam at 16h50 MEST). He is the coach of Poland. Poland lost the game.

French coach and chances Netherlands-France

Football, the EC2008 and the match an astrologers' blog. I try to make a prognosis. Who will win, who will not? I think having a look at the chart of the final moment of the game, compared with the chart of the trainer or coach, will reveal a lot.

Raymond Domenech is the French coach, born January 24, 1952 in Lyon. He practises astrology, is not that nice!? The confirmation of this fact is to be seen in Sun Aquarius/Moon Sagittarius with Jupiter square Uranus (and sesquisquare Mercury/Jupiter). But...will the stars be on his side tomorrow? en hij doet aan astrologie! Leuk gegeven, dat je bevestigd vindt in de combinati

Transit Jupiter will be square the Ascendant on the final moment, provided that that moment is 22h30 and not 5 minutes later like in the game Switzerland - Turkye (with fatal results for Switzerland...and pleasant ones for Turkey). Because every minute more makes the actual descendant come closer to Uranus and makes the Saturn of Domenech get higher and higher in the chart. Notice that transit Saturn is inconjunct the natal Sun of Domenech these days and that the progressed Sun is about to change sign.

To be certain I checked the chart of Thierry Henry, born 17th of August 1977 at 18h45 in Poitiers. In his chart Uranus is conjunct MC and at the final moment his Uranus is conjunct the actual MC, too. Will he cause upheavel or will there be tension, a surprise, something unexpected? There are no signs of joy and transit Neptune opposition his Sun might point at a disappointing period in life. Maybe he does not even play!

No, the chart of the Dutch Van Nistelrooij is more fortunate with the Sun on the descendant of the final moment of the game. And Marco van Basten'Sun is close to the MC of the final whistle.

So my guess is that the Netherlands win this game, maybe in a game that causes tension and excitement in the final minutes. I will see it tomorrow! And don't think it is bias. My prognosis for Netherlands-Romania is completely different.But I will have to check the Rumanian coach as well, of course.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Neptune - for gossip - is still active

His Saturn and his Neptune are making hard aspects with David Miscavige's Sun. Should that explain the influence that biographer Andrew Morton attributes to the leader of Scientology of today? Tom Cruise has Sun inconjunct Saturn and his Saturn is square Miscavige's Sun. Miscavige is born 30th April 1960 in Philadelphia.

Being short (he is 1.70m, David 1.68 m) should be an issue and so should be the fact that Cruise's father left his family and was an alcoholic. This might indeed be true as Sun inconjunct (! for lost!) Saturn is one of the tightest aspects in the chart of Tom Cruise (03071962 120500 EDT Syracuse). I have read his chart before, please read that message if your interested in Tom Cruise or the founder of Scientology and the religious part of his chart.

Transit Neptune has almost ended being opposition the progressed Sun of Tom Cruise by now. It means that a period of being put in a negative light - in the media and through gossip - has came to an end. But Solar Arc Midheaven has yet to complete a square with natal Neptune on the 20st of September. So September might be crucial for Neptune-things like religion, movies, romance and dreams or...desillusions, or his marriage (as Neptune rules the 7th house).If Solar Arcs' work, he might have to give up on a certain position or standard.

Wiki about Andrew Morton.

NELSON MANDELA, HIS CHART and the transits on June 12, 1964

On June 12, 1964 Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison. Here you see his natal chart (source is Noel Tyl: Vocations) with the transits of June 12, 1964. His life in prison started with transit Saturn opposition MC (for the lowest point in his life) and Uranus close to the MC (for a shocking change). Saturn and Uranus together are the symbols of freedom and its limitations*).

When he was released, 27 years later, on February 11, 1990 there was transit Jupiter conjunct Jupiter,ruler 1 - for pure hapiness. But there were hard political confrontations at the same time. They are symbolised by transit Saturnus sesquisquare the Midheaven and progressed MC conjunct Moon and sesquisquare Pluto. This is what made him drive straight towards the head office of ANC on the day and hour of his freedom. Pluto is for a comeback and Saturn certainly did not make it easy.

Oh yes..And of course the combination of Saturn and Uranus is present again: progressed Ascendant conjunct Uranus and opposition Saturn!

In Februari 1994 he was elected president of South-Africa with progressed Moon conjunct Midheaven. Later (in summer) the progressed MC made two squares. One with progressed Uranus and one with progressed Saturn! Is not it typical that at that time he got the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

BTW...notice the position of Pluto, oriental in his chart for the impact of politics, influence, power, strength etc, that made him first of all a politician.

*)More examples of the limited-freedom combination are to be found on the left, Labels, Saturn and Uranus...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poll McCain-Obama

Vote for president is a poll that allows Americans and all other inhabitants of this world to select a president. Will it be McCain or do you prefer Obama? Make your choice!:)

Swiss coach views his team losing in the final moments

Here you see the chart drawing of the final moment of Switzerland-Turkye surrounded by the natal positions of Jacob Kuhn (trainer of the Swiss football team in the EC2008). What does it tell us?
- his Pluto square the moment (problem or challenge)
- his Saturn close to the Sun (a solar transits that points at depression or fear)
- Vulcanus (here he is again:), on the IC, for a public 'punishment' or 'slaughter'

And there are no good aspects at all...Very clear, is not it? And all of that while the position of Neptune high above the chart of the final moment would have been enough to visualise desillusion.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

in a starring role in Bern last night...

Giovanni van Bronckhorst was the star in Bern last night. It was not just a good day for him (transit Sun square Jupiter and square progressed Sun) but it will be a good year in general, too. His progressed Sun is steaming up towards a conjunction with Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of progress and successes.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst was born February 5, 1975 in Rotterdam, a good day for a football player to be born. Why? The Sun does not make major aspects in sign or orb (for performance and leadership). Mars is rising before the Sun for an orientation on activitities and prominent energy. But is not just Sun and Mars that draw attention on his birth day. Mercury (communications), Jupiter (the international...) and Uranus (making the world a better place right now) are 'calling'. They are not making Ptoloemeic aspects in sign or orb. The succesful combinations of prominent planets (Sun-Mars-Jupiter for example) are confirmed by midpoint combinations such as Sun conjunct Mars/Jupiter and semi square Jupiter/Pluto or Aries Point square Jupiter/Pluto.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Here you see the chart of the final moment of The Netherlands - Italy in the European Championship 2008, played this evening (Holland won with 3-0!:). Outside the circle are the natal positions of Marco van Basten, the Dutch coach.

To predict the results I have tried before to look at the final moment of the game and the positions of the natal or progressed planets of the trainer, in this case Marco van Basten. I think Holland will win the match Netherlands-France, because I see his Sun on the actual Midheaven in this chart, just like it will be on July 9 (Holland-France). But ...

The Netherlands-Rumania on the 13th might be disappointing for Van Basten (as his Neptune is by then conjunct the actual Midheaven of the final moment). We will see...To be complete I should also check the charts of the Rumanian and France coach, of course...Maybe later.

PS The predictive system WORKED: Holland won, France lost!