Saturday, June 28, 2008

and the present changes in his life

Bill Gates left Microsoft (well, he left the management, he still has the stocks). It must be quite a change in his life, because it IS in his chart.

First of all, the progressed (secondary) Sun is now in the 29th degree of Sagittarius, about to change sign. The two to three years before and after the change of the sun sign is a transformationale period.

Second, transit Uranus has crossed his Midheaven. The MC is pointing at the planet of changes...

And 3: transit Pluto is sesquisquare the progressed MC for a transtormation with frustrations.

There is even a number 4: The progressed Sun (sextile Neptune and) trine Pluto and progressed Pluto for giving up and make an easy and swift change in lifestyle.

Notice that the progressed Pluto is returning to the position of birth.

Of course there is even more to see in his chart, but I like to stop here. Uranus-Pluto is the combination of a revolution, the Sun is pointing at another way of living and the Pluto trine is just about enough.

If you want to read more about Bill Gates, his chart and the progressions that lead him to being rich and famous, follow this link to the reading of Bill Gates' chart on my site

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