Thursday, June 12, 2008

Neptune - for gossip - is still active

His Saturn and his Neptune are making hard aspects with David Miscavige's Sun. Should that explain the influence that biographer Andrew Morton attributes to the leader of Scientology of today? Tom Cruise has Sun inconjunct Saturn and his Saturn is square Miscavige's Sun. Miscavige is born 30th April 1960 in Philadelphia.

Being short (he is 1.70m, David 1.68 m) should be an issue and so should be the fact that Cruise's father left his family and was an alcoholic. This might indeed be true as Sun inconjunct (! for lost!) Saturn is one of the tightest aspects in the chart of Tom Cruise (03071962 120500 EDT Syracuse). I have read his chart before, please read that message if your interested in Tom Cruise or the founder of Scientology and the religious part of his chart.

Transit Neptune has almost ended being opposition the progressed Sun of Tom Cruise by now. It means that a period of being put in a negative light - in the media and through gossip - has came to an end. But Solar Arc Midheaven has yet to complete a square with natal Neptune on the 20st of September. So September might be crucial for Neptune-things like religion, movies, romance and dreams or...desillusions, or his marriage (as Neptune rules the 7th house).If Solar Arcs' work, he might have to give up on a certain position or standard.

Wiki about Andrew Morton.

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