Saturday, June 14, 2008

And here is the birth chart of Obama, with this hour of birth

Obama launched his birth certificate on the official Obama site 'Fight the smears'.

My comments at first sight: it is a disappointment in my astrologer's eyes. I see a popular leader, rather controversial (Uranus square MC), who wants to make changes - just like he uses to say - and is highly idealistic (Neptune high, square Sun). But I miss crucial placements that point at power, force, succes and 'government', at least: at first sight. Where is the president in this chart? *)
Somehow this chart arouses the same questions as a lot of people have about Obama: who is he, what sort of a president will he be (if he will be a president)? It takes a deep dive into the chart to see the man behind it.

Also: the aspect that gave him a boost (progressed Sun trine progressed Jupiter) was perfecting LAST YEAR and on November 9 or 10 I see progressed Mercury square progressed Saturn (the sign for a goodbye), though there is hope for the Democrats with his Jupiter square the progressed Ascendant, too.

Does anyone know the hour on November 6 when the offices close down and you cannot vote any more? I like to study thAt moment to see what it does with the charts of Obama or McCain.

PS on second thought:
The chart of McCain shows a strong man who is not too popular. The chart of Obama shows a popular man who is not too strong. As it is not CLEAR who will win in November, I guess the results will be as misty as they were at the beginning of the second term of George W. Bush. So the Democrats migth have better chosen for Hillary Clinton, who has Moon trine Jupiter AND a 'calling'Sun AND Pluto semi square Aries Point (so that she has Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in the same range of importance as GWB and JFK) ....and who's true hour of birth is still unknown...It might be very important in these elections to make the right choice for the second 'man', the vice-president to be. I wonder who that will be...

*) Click on the label 'Obama'(below) to see more posts about Obama and how the president was 'found' in his progressed chart!


Anonymous said...


I checked for this information on a terrific political astrology website which focuses very much on mundane astro. Judy Johns, who sadly has passed away recently, used 8 PM, in Washington DC on **4 November 2008. Another astrologer said that she uses the time that the polls OPEN. Also, last US polls close in Hawaii - 6 pm HIST.


Astromarkt said...

Wonderful Debra, thanks! Using 4th November 2008 at 20.00 hours in the capital of the USA, Washington the picture is clear.

Jupiter of Obama on the Moon of that moment.

Saturn and Neptune of McCain on the meridian of that moment.

Obama is positive, McCain is negative.

What is your opinion?

Astromarkt said...

Another positive sign is the progressed Ascendant of Obama square transit Jupiter and the fact that the 4th of November is a solar transit square Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, Marga. I have been studied Astrology for long time. I've never seen a famous person who doesn't carry any planet on his 10th house. Neither Sun much less the Moon which indicates popularity. Unless he end up becoming a big disappointing for all of us, I don't know how far his charisma will be able to lead himself. Congratulations for your blog. Hugs. Sandra