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Pluto, Mary J. Blige and Michael Jackson

Recently I saw ‘This is it’ and I was deeply impressed by the show and by the interaction between the energetic and professional Michael Jackson and all the people involved (excellent musicians, dancers, perfect organization).
I don’t know if they cut the nasty pieces, but Michael Jackson was always polite, kind and grateful to the always worshipping group of people that worked with him. He showed an admirable control over his behaviour and over the show as he wanted it, without being arrogant or nasty. On the contrary! (And what a drive, what energy!) Michael Jackson was great AND real nice.

What a difference with the way that Mary J. Blige, a great singer with a heartbreaking voice, treated her own band! See the Daily Mail… After they started playing she made them stop and asked when they were going to play the real Mary J. Blige music.

Mary J. Blige now has progressed Sun inconjunct Pluto, right after a square with Jupiter and recently transit Jupiter was conjunct the progressed Sun. Perhaps that is a little too much success and stress. Progressed Sun inconjunct Pluto is reflecting a period of lack of balance in self esteem. Maybe that is it. Or it is more easy to be polite and kind when people need nOt to be convinced that you are a person who deserves the very best? Or when you have been trained to control yourself in public so much, that you are just not capable to explode anymore? Michael Jackson had Sun square Pluto from the start and he controlled it by means of medication.

Anyway, Pluto can be the symbol of stress and difficulties and maybe that explains the anger of Mary J. Blige. Here above is the chart of the day of birth of Mary J. Blige, progressed and with transits (no hour of birth available). For Michael Jackson’s chart, click here…


Chart of John Edwards

There seems to be a sex tape made during the campaign, showing Edwards and his lover. That is news, and that is why we see Uranus on his Midheaven. Uranus is often there when there is some kind of a revelation. John Edwards tried to keep it a secret and he denied for a long time that he is the father of the baby of his lover, Rielle Hunter. John Edwards is now divorcing his wife (who is a breast cancer patient).
Transit Pluto is inconjunct progressed Mars and quindecile (165 d) natal Sun now that the sex life of senator John Edwards, former candidate for the presidency, is highlighted (again). The inconjunction between Mars and Pluto forces him to defend himself (at the cost of energy) and the quindecile between Pluto and Sun shows the obsession with his sex life right now.
Where are the astrological excuses? And is his chart the right chart?

In an accurate chart we can count on the positions of Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven in the natal and progressed chart. The accuracy of the time of birth of John Edwards is in question, so we can't trust some of the data. However, there are a few indications corresponding with what happens and they are related to the positions of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven. So, the Astrodatabank chart might be correct.

1. Moon
The Moon sesquisquare Saturn and Neptune seems to be very appropriate considering the fact that his wife is seriously ill. The aspects of the Moon with Saturn and Neptune are also two of the four indications that the astrologer Ram mentioned as indicative for possible divorce (or not marrying at all) in the charts of males.
The other two are hard aspects between Mars and Uranus and between Venus and Neptune; John Edwards has Venus quindecile Neptune (and Saturn)! That is 3! But, Capricorn is on the Descendant! See 2.

2. AC
In the Astrodatabank chart Cancer is the Ascendant. The dispositor of Cancer is the Moon. The seventh house is ruled by Saturn as Capricorn is on the cusp of the Descendant. Afflictions between the rulers of the first and seventh house are also difficult for a marriage. Yet, he didn't divorce at once. Capricorn on the seventh house might have kept him in a marriage because of responsibilities, parenthood or other obligations. Capricon is for consistency! And the ruler, Saturn, is in Libra. Libra is the sign of 'being together'.

3. Progressed Sun/Moon
The progressed Sun/Moon midpoint was square progressed Saturn recently. That is an indication for a depressing period in family life.

4. Midheaven
Last but not least: transit Uranus (ruler 8th house in 1) on Midheaven doesn't seem wrong for a period in life when you are in the news with sexual activities related to your career.

John Edwards is a good looking Mr. Nice Guy and probably well to do. That is attracting a lot of ladies. With Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter rising before the Sun, he is the popular and positive looking guy. John Edwards also has Venus quintile Uranus, so he has a creative desire for 'something new', 'excitement' and adventures. Uranus is on the Ascendant shows the individualistic approach and an independent and free presentation. The unbearable load of being married, in the chart of good looking individualist...that is asking for problems. It may be lonely at the top sometimes, but not alone!:)

Look at Mars (square MC): Mars is not making aspects within 5 degrees orb. Mars is 'calling', reflecting energy (drive, work or sex) at any possible level. Jupiter is rising before the Sun and Mars is 'calling': that is a statement for success in life and.. for reproduction. He officially has five children now.

There are probably a lot of astrological 'excuses', but I think that Saturn ruling the 7th in Libra and quindecile Venus are what kept him in a marriage that might have ended sooner if his wife hadn't been ill and if there hadn't been children or other material or fundamental issues to remain man and wife. There is a very strong focus (if not an obsession) to be officially married and keep it that way. Also Ceres is on his natal ascendant and Ceres is the symbol of motherly love and care and (in the chart of males) of women.

There are strong indications for separation or adventures and equally strong indications for feeling responsible and sticking like glue to a marriage that in fact might have ended. They match with the story of his life as we know it from the press.

The Astrodatabank chart gives a golden yod between Jupiter, Pluto and Midheaven, with a focus on Pluto, the symbol of power, politics, money and sexual potential. It is the combination for a creative way to achieve success, pointing at Pluto (politics, money). John Edwards tried to become a (vice-) president twice, but he didn’t succeed. One might wonder about the effect of golden yods. They sometimes seem to reflect the opposite (in this case: the difficulties, challenges and problems of the man in a position of wealth and fame).

About hard aspects between Moon and Saturn (also an aspect for 'keeping up appearances')...
Astrology, Love and Romance blogspot.comAnd see the labels below the post on my blog...


Friday, January 29, 2010

Michael and Cameron Douglas: Uranus opposition Saturn

Michael Douglas’ son pleaded guilty in the case about selling chrystal meth and using drugs. He can get life in prison for this (more than a rapist or a murderer gets)! It must be hard for the family to see a son in jail.

Some of the transits of Michael today:
Transit Jupiter inconjunct Sun and square progressed Mars
Transit Saturn will soon be conjunct Sun and square Moon again (highlighted worries)
Transit Uranus about to be inconjunct Midheaven (upheavel)
Transit Neptune opposition Midheaven (negative publicity)
Michael Douglas has Sun conjunct Neptune and square Moon, reflecting his own addiction and the fact that addiction is ‘ in the family’. Cameron also has Sun conjunct Neptune (he was born December 13, 1978). Neptune is the symbol of visions (fantasy, movies, religion, ideals, art, dreams and...drugs).

Michael Douglas’ Jupiter rises before his natal Sun and that means that he is first of all on optimist. Nevertheless, transit Saturn’s passage is reflecting a difficult period. His son has Neptune rising before the Sun, That doesn't make it easy to get a grip on life.

Here is the chart of Michael Douglas with the transits of the day of birth of Cameron.

Cameron’s Saturn is opposition Michael’s Uranus and Cameron’s Pluto is conjunct Michael’s Mars. Cameron’s natal Mars is quintile Pluto. Michael’s Saturn is trine Cameron’s Venus. The combination of this tells us that there is the love of a parent, firework (…) and a typical father-son opposition. The aspect introduces the issue of restricted freedom and trying to break free as part of their relationship. A few months ago, Michael Douglas said that he hoped that the period in jail was a wake up call for his son. But he also mentioned the fact that his son now lives amid hard criminals.

In The Huffington Post Anthony Papa pleads for treatment instead of prison for Cameron Douglas and other drugs offenders…

Post about Sun-Neptune combinations...('Am I who I think that I am, or am I who they say that I am?)


Lottery winner with bad luck

One of the most desired things in the world is: to win the lottery. But sometimes the results are sad. Abraham Shakespeare (born April 23, 1966) was found murdered and there are reasons enough to relate his tragic faith to winning the lottery (an amount of 31 million dollar). Read the story on Polk Sheriff.... There is no indication for a lucky (!) winner in the natal chart, transits and progressions.

I have written about winning the lottery before.
I wrote (and quote):
The three charts convinced me that you need to have a ‘lucky chart’ to start with. All three of them have Jupiter-Uranus as the reflection of winning the lottery. Jupiter-Uranus is accompanied by Mercury-Jupiter and Mars-Jupiter aspects. Those are - in general - lucky combinations for successful decisions. Yes, some persons seem to have all the luck…
Abraham Shakespeare was not lucky. There were dangerous people after his money…He disappeared in April 2009 and it seems today that they found his body burried in a garden in Plant City. The transits of Saturn and Pluto with natal Mars and the square of progressed Sun with Uranus are reflecting the fact that he is in the news today (Uranus) because of unnatural death (Mars with Saturn and Pluto).

In November 2006 when he won the lottery there were little indications for joy. Progressed Jupiter was square natal Mercury (for successful idea), but Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter/Pluto both were semi square the natal Saturn. Also, transit Saturn was inconjunct natal Saturn. That is reflecting the bitter side of success and ‘sudden windfall’… and the disadvantages of status and ambition.
Another bad sign is transit Pluto square natal Saturn. There is an affliction of transit Saturn and Pluto with his natal Saturn and Nodes. It doesn’t ‘ sound’ like a happy winner at all. Those are aspects reflecting serious problems.*)

In the natal charts of the other 3 lottery winners I found:
1. Mercury-Jupiter
Abraham Shakespeare has no combination of Mercury-Jupiter.
2. Mars-Jupiter
There is no such combination in the chart of Shakespeare
3. Jupiter-Uranus
But, Abraham Shakespeare doesn’t have a Jupiter-Uranus aspect or midpoint combination. Mabye Jupiter and Uranus are in aspect with the Ascendant, but we don’t know.

4. Venus-Saturn
Venus is making a wider conjunction with Saturn> (the sextile with Neptune is the bridge between the two).
5. Venus-Pluto
The combination of earning or getting money is Venus-Pluto.
Abraham Shakespeare has Venus opposition Pluto, tightly!

In fact, Abraham Shakespeare has only 2 out of 5 of the above mentioned aspects: Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces and opposition Pluto. Of course, I don’t know if the other winners had problems because of the demands of family, friends, neighbours en the danger of criminals who were after the money. But Abraham Shakespeare had all of those problems. And it is easy to read Venus, Saturn and Pluto together as the nasty side of having and wanting money. There is no compensation for this (like in the charts of the other winners, as reflected by successful combinations of Jupiter with Mercury, Mars or Uranus!)

Saturn is the oriental planet and Saturn is inconjunct Quaoar. Perhaps this is a ‘ mene tekel’ : bad luck is linked to changes with a lost involved.
Somehow this chart doesn’t seem to be a lucky winners’ chart at all.

*)(I read that a former co-worker accused him of having stolen the winning ticket and he had to defend himself in court in 2008 for this. He has Mercury sesquisquare Neptune and that is the kind of combination that I see more often in the charts of suspects)

Be careful what you wish for and don't buy (or find) a ticket in the lotery if your chart doesn't reflect lucky changes. Or just wait for the next post about lottery winners. Maybe this is just an exceptional example of the way that money doesn't make happy. And the bones that were found have not yet been identified...

For more about Venus and Pluto combinations, see the label below this post on my blog Astropost.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Biography John Paul II (flagellation)

The biography of John Paul II mentiones that he hit himself with a belt and slept on the floor from time to time, this in order to come closer to his faith. John Paul II was a religious person above all. That is why Neptune is on his Midheaven (conjunct Jupiter) and quintile the Sun (he had a creative imagination and was creative in being ' a saint' ). Six quintiles/biquintiles in his chart are reflecting a special creativity!
The combination of Jupiter and Neptune refers to a belief (having a conviction related to the amorphous) and to having fans (devoted supporters or a believing audience). It is an aspect (or midpoint combination) that is often seen in the charts of religious persons like popes are.

Uranus is important in John Paul’s chart. It is the first outer planet rising before the sun. In his natal chart Uranus is inconjunct Midheaven: he wanted to make changes, but (there is always a ‘ but’ when there is an inconjunction) when he died conservatism returned. Now that his biography is being mentioned, transit Uranus is inconjunct his progressed Sun. This flagellation news might disturb the process of ' becoming a saint'. Or maybe it is in the news to highlight his devotion? Uranus often reflects a person's peculiarities. For a ' saint to be' being devoted enough to harm yourself might just be a pro!

Sun and Mars don’t make Ptolemaic aspects (the major aspects) and that means that he can be a ‘ star’ or a ‘leader’ or someone drawing attention at any possible level. And that there is a drive, aggression or sexuality at any possible level, too. We know that popes don’t have sex. So the ups and downs of energy and drive had to find another way to express itself. Mars is on the Ascendant. He hit (Mars) himself (Ascendant).

See the labels! And read about planets without aspects and 'missing' elements in ' Conspicuous in absence', on Astromarkt.


Tony Blair's tense transits

It is a stressful period for Tony Blair, now that transit Uranus is conjunct his progressed Midheaven and transit Pluto is inconjunct his natal Ascendant. Those are two different difficulties, reflecting two different things.

First: there is a lot of fuss about the ways that the former socialist MP earns his millions. Uranus is in the 3rd Placidus house of communications (he is mostly doing speeches for about 2.000 pounds per minute) and in the 2nd equal house (of money).

Second: transit Pluto, inconjunct the natal Ascendant, is in line with the investigations about the Iraq war. Uranus and Pluto are the symbols of tension related to upheavel, news, incidents, inqueries and (political) problems.

The fact that transit Uranus AND transit Pluto are making an aspect with the natal and progressed chart tells us, that it won't be easy for him to have to face the Chilcot Committee. However, transit Saturn is trine his natal Ascendant. And transit Jupiter will soon be making a square. Maybe it is tense, but Tony Blair is a 'die hard' and he will be supported by the best lawyers money can buy.

More about Blair:
Tony Blair and religion - 2007-
The autobiography of Cherie Blair - 2008-


Could Stieg Larsson write?

Stieg Larsson (real name: Karl Stig-Erland Larsson) is a famous Swedish author. He wrote best sellers like 'The girl who played with fire'. He died five years ago and his long time partner, Eva Gabrielsson, was left without a penny. She now wants part of the millions saying that she did more than just editing his detectives...Now a journalist (Anders Hellberg) says that Stieg Larsson couldn't even write! So the question is: what does his chart say about writing talents?
(For more background info about the controversy, see the links below.)

There is no hour of birth for Stieg Larsson. Here you see the chart with the positions at noon on his birthday and the transits for the day that he died with transit Saturn exactly inconjunct Mars ('unbalancing end of energy, with a lost involved'). There were a few calling planets in his birth chart: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. This trio is the combination of having a talent for communications. He was a communicator at any possible level (Mercury without major aspects), he was talented (Venus calling) and he was a success (Jupiter). There are 2 quintiles on his day of birth: Sun quintile Saturn and Venus quintile Uranus. Quintiles promise creativity in a certain field. His chart shows possible talent and success. The isolated Moon in Pisces with the ' calling' Venus in Libra is part of the pattern of artistic talent that is so common in the charts of authors, artists and musicians (as you can see on Art&Astrology).

It is also clear that he would write detectives or mysterious books. The Sun is sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto. The combination with Neptune and Pluto is the combination of the 'silent force' and is often seen in the charts of discrete people who deal with secrets and mysteries, like Agatha Christie. I also like to point at the combination of Sun quintile Saturn and sextile Neptune (illnesses) and Sun quintile Saturn in combination with the conjunction with Pluto (the 'die hard'). The effect of the combination don't only show up in the nature of his books, they also match with the way he lived (on a secret address because of death threads coming from ultra right extremists; Larsson was a communist.).
The first planet rising before his Sun is Mercury, 'calling'. Next is Uranus. He was a journalist first, communicating news items. Later he started writing thrillers (very Uranian).

Maybe the syntax really was mad and the language as bad as Dagens Nyheter journalist Anders Hellberg says on Lesley Riddoch's site. Maybe it is true that Larsson asked him to have 'a look 'at what he wrote, because he was a weak writer. And maybe it was his partner who did most of the writing. But then, how did he manage to become a famous and wealthy author? Was he so good at delegating? Mercury is semi sesquisquare Neptune in his natal chart. It is a combination of planets that seems to be part of suspicion and rumours. It is also the combination of miscommunications (weak - Neptune - writing - Mercury-). Also the Sun is quintile Saturn. That is the combination for a creative manager, someone who is creative in being the one in charge. The minor aspects in his chart show us a man with fantasy who might communicate (write and speak) at any possible level, with a frustrating 'mist' around his words. He was successful in finding editors. Jupiter is 'calling' and Jupiter is the planet of the helpers and...editors.

His critics say that he was good at research and a bad writer. Perhaps that is true. But he was also a creative person with great ideas (Mercury and Jupiter 'calling') and he managed to earn a lot of money (Jupiter semi quintile Pluto) with HIS name on the cover. The chart of the day of his birth shows the potential of a creative writer or at least a messenger with talents.

Charts don't judge. Charts show potentials. Charts also show controversies. The chart of the day of his birth shows the potential of a creative writer, someone with great ideas or at least a messenger with talents. It's also the chart of a creative manager and of someone who doesn't write or speak clearly. I would have loved to have his hour of birth and to know the day of birth of his partner Eva Gabrielsson to see how they cooperated and matched. It is an interesting mystery...

Read about it on The Local or read the interview with his partner on Publishing Perspectives

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Now that there is a movie based on one of his books (see this link: and his partner is demanding her part of the millions, transit Uranus is inconjunct his Sun, Pluto and Neptune. There is a lot of upheavel in Sweden about the position of Larsson's 'widdow' and there is even a site that asks you to donate for her.
*) (I wonder why she didn't ask her lover to acknowledge her as a co-writer when he lived? And why she didn't ask for an arrangement in his will? Well, too late now...)


Monday, January 25, 2010

Keith Richards gives up drinking

For some reason I like Keith Richards and I use to follow the news about the man 'who will be lucky if he manages to become as old as he appears to be' (quoting someone on the net). Now I read that he quit drinking a few months ago. Did he? That must be have been hard to become sober! So I am not surprised to see hard aspects made by hard planets right now.

As you may see in the chart below, he has a Saturn-Pluto conflict and Neptune semi square Ascendant in the natal chart. Neptune-Ascendant might reflect apparent weaknesses (such as addictions are). Saturn with Pluto is the combination of the ' die hard' (see Astromarkt).
Transit Saturn and Pluto (in the 5th degree of Libra and Capricorn) are making hard aspects with the natal Neptune (5th of Libra) of Keith Richards right now and also with his natal Ascendant in Scorpio. The same ' die hard' combination as in his natal chart is now in aspect with his Neptune-Ascendant (apparent weaknesses). Let us read Saturn-Pluto afflicting Neptune as ' death end to 'alcoholism'...or is it: the disadvantage of an inquiery about addiction?

Luckily, transit Jupiter will very soon be conjunct his natal Sun. Jupiter might reflect help, support and success! And if he won't succeed to beat his addiction, maybe he will be happy, too:). Anyway, the progressed Sun changed sign a few years back, mirroring another lifestyle. Perhaps this attempt to quit drinking is part of that.
A few months back there were stories about Keith falling off a tree just like that (how did he get into that?:). Maybe his doctors gave him advice about the risks of using alcohol.

There is more about Keith Richards on this blog and on Art&Astrology. See the post about Keith and Johnny Depp in ‘ The pirates’ …I quote:
Keith Richards (18th December 1943 at about 6 in Dartford, UK) has Jupiter on top and Neptune is oriental (sort of a reverse of Depp!). Now that he finally can be and actor Keith has both Mars and Pluto trine Jupiter (a combination of success).
For music we see in the chart of Richards: Venus and Uranus both in aspect with the MC. And as astrologers we are immediately struck by the combination of Moon, Jupiter and Pluto on top: indication for an enormous popularity!

I also wrote about the friendship between Keith and Mick Jagger
I quote:
In spite of his wild reputation, the Moon on Midheaven in Virgo reflects the need for perfection in his job. The artistic talent is shown by the aspects of Moon conjunct Midheaven, sextile Venus (sense of art related to the career). Venus is semi quintile Neptune (conjunct Venus/Jupiter) for succes in arts and again: creative artistic talents.

You see, Keith Richards happens to be one of the world’s greatest guitar players and his chart tells us about sense of rhythm (Venus-Uranus), artistic talents (Venus with Jupiter and Neptune) and popularity (Moon, Jupiter, Pluto)! And about apparent sensitivity that easily turns into being too soft to handle alcohol and drugs. It is one of the ways to reflect Neptune semi square Ascendant


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jupiter return

Transit Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter is Jupiter return. Everybody has a Jupiter return every 12 year. My Jupiter return charts give some indication of the way that I developed or grew in the Jupiter return years. I grew when I was pregnant in 1974. I grew 12 kilo after that I quit smoking in 1986 (Jupiter inconjunct Moon in my return chart). My salary grew in 1998 (Sun on top in the return chart). And today I have another Jupiter return (see drawing) and I wonder: will I grow again!@?

My experience with Jupiter return is that there is little measurable effect on the day of the return itself. I was pregnant already in 1974 and pregnant women grow... More direct effect had 1998. But in 1986 the moment of Jupiter return had it's effect weeks and months later! To quit smoking and grow 20% you need to have confidence first, stop it later and start growing...

Jupiter return is not reflecting a specific event.
Jupiter return offers some insight in a possible development, mostly in the years that everybody has to make choices for the next step: 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72...schooling, profession, career, midlife crisis ending, preparing for pension, etc. Jupiter might help to make the right choices, because Jupiter is the big positive advisor. With a positive attitude it is easier to succeed. Jupiter gives hope for the future and the conjunction starts a brand new period of new goals to reach.

A solar return chart is drawn for the moment that transit Sun is conjunct natal Sun. This moment might give insight in the year to come. Jupiter's return might give insight for the next 12 years.

I wonder who noticed the effect of Jupiter conjunct Jupiter on the specific day of the Jupiter return....In my opinion the conjunction just mirrors an awareness of possible positive developments, stimulated by an advice or book or just a compliment? Today, when I was surfing I noticed a few words about positive thinking. This reminded me of calculating the Jupiter return moment and when I did, it was on right on Jupiter time. So maybe my Jupiter conjunct Jupiter is for calculating Jupiter's return:) That would be in line with the position of Jupiter in the 12th house of the return chart. Recently I noticed that Jupiter in the 12th house sometimes doesn't have an effect at all. So I guess that I shouldn't expect too much of this Jupiter return of mine. But that is not positive thinking, is it?

More about Jupiter in the 12th house...


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Savviest, sanest: Julianna Moore

Times Online names her the most savviest and sanest star…The paper uses superlatives for Julianne Moore while her progressed Midheaven is in aspect with the symbol of female wisdom and art: Pallas. Julianne Moore has an AA rated chart on Astrodatabank that you see here:

Observations show the pattern of artistic talents constructed by aspects between Moon, Venus and Neptune with the Pisces Midheaven:
1. Neptune is the first outer planet rising before the Sun and ruler of Midheaven
2. Neptune is quintile Venus
3. The Moon is rising and ‘ calling’
4. Moon is 105 degrees from Midheaven (semisquare and sextile) and Neptune is trine Midheaven
5. AC/MC 211d =Sun/Moon 167 =Venus/Neptune= 257: all in all in heart and soul an artist; art is a crucial motivation and she is very sensitive.

6. Moon/Venus square Jupiter successful beauty
7. The Gemini Ascendant keeps her young!

Why is she not like most of the other movie stars? It might just be Jupiter and Pluto related to Midheaven and making a trine. That makes it so easy to be successful! She doesn’t have to make efforts in order to pretend to be a star, she IS one. Also Neptune sesquisquare the ASC makes a bit shy, hiding away from the crowds. She is not the kind of person to ' show off'.

And last but not least: the Moon is in the 12th house. She just needs privacy. As the moon is conjunct the Ascendant, she has a habit of presenting herself like the girl next door and still keep her privacy. I like the way Café Astrology puts it:

BTW, watch that Jupiter in the 7th house for marrying more than once, with two of the four possible indications for divorce in the charts of women: Sun afflicted by Mars (sesquisquare) and Mars opposition Saturn. She married twice.

For more about the pattern of artistic talents see Art&Astrology...


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown and Barack Obama

Republican Senator Scott Brown was born on September 12, 1959. Here is the chart of Obama with on the outside of the circle the positions of the day of birth of Scott Brown. Let us see how the synastry between their charts is.

Obama's Ascendant is afflicted by Brown's Mars (sesquisquare) and Uranus (opposition) and Sun (inconjunct). Maybe we should read this as the unbalancing (inconjunct) influence of a person (Sun) who is making (Mars) a sudden change (Uranus)? Anyway, even though we see Venus sextile Venus, there is little match between them and the situation of Obama (represented by the Ascendant) indead changed because of the election of Brown. More about the effect of Mars-Uranus on Astromarkt (or click the label below this post on

At the moment Obama has Uranus sesquisquare Midheaven in the progressed chart. Maybe that shows the frustrations in the attempt to make changes; it is an indication for hectic and nervous conditions, anyway. Mr. Brown seems to be the representative of bad news (Uranus afflicted) for Obama. Mr. Scott Brown came into his life and altered his political situation. That is often the effect of someone's Uranus on your Descendant.

Here is the progressed chart.


Chart of the earth quake of Haiti

An important event, incident or accident always is the combination of three or more indications at the time. The chart of the earth quake on Haiti shows more than three indications at the time for the possibility of danger and disaster. Here they are in short:
1. The most prominent positions are for Mars, Saturn and Pluto, the combination of unnatural death.
2. The tightest and most important aspect is Saturn square Pluto.
3. Midheaven is semi square Neptune.
4. The IC is quindecile Uranus.
5. Sun/Moon is semi square Neptune.

But of course, what really counted is the earth plate and the fact that Haiti was not prepared for an quake at all.

Usually, when an important local event takes place, we see important angular aspects, very tightly. The angles (Midheaven, IC, Ascendant and Descendant) have a strong relationship with the exact place of the event at the specific hour. Uranus is the planet of shocking events. So there is a reason to expect an important role of Uranus in the chart of an earth quake such as in Haiti.

When the earth trembled, the planet of shocks and disaster (Uranus) was quindecile (165 degrees) from the IC, within half a minute orb. Uranus was also within orb for a 112.5 degree aspect (square + half semi square) with the Ascendant. However, on Haiti there is such a position each day and an earth quake like this happened 200 years ago.

The important midpoint Sun/Moon at 9.5 Capricorn was almost exactly semi square Neptune and Midheaven. Such a combination is less frequent. Even rarer is the combination of Uranus and Neptune with Sun/Moon and MC! Together Uranus-Neptune, Sun/Moon and Midheaven mean: a disaster (mourning and dissolution).

The most tight major aspects, besides the aspects with the angles, are Sun sextile Uranus*) and Saturn square Pluto. Saturn square Pluto can be mean. This aspect is the most important Ptolemaic aspect in the chart. That is because the positions of Saturn and Pluto are important. Saturn is angular, conjunct Midheaven (the conjunction had been tight almost 20 minutes before the quake) and Pluto is the first outer planet rising before the Sun.
There is another important planet in the chart and that is Mars. Mars doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That is what I name a 'calling' Mars and it means that the effect of Mars can reach any possible level. Mars is the planet of aggression, war and injuries.
Mars, Saturn and Pluto define the Astro I.D. of the specific moment of the earthquake. Together they are the combination of death and destruction.

The most important aspect, the most important planets AND the combination with Uranus and Neptune together create the picture that corresponds with a destructive and desastrous moment in time on that particular spot on earth. But it could never have happened if Haiti was NOT an island on a risky place and if the houses on Haiti had been prepared for that risk.

Could this have been predicted? NO WAY! The positions in the chart just happen to reflect death (Mars, Saturn, Pluto most important) and disaster (Uranus, Neptune related to MC and Sun/Moon). Perhaps such positions occur on various places and times on earth without such an effect. A chart can only be read if you know conditions and situations. A birth chart can't be read without knowing gender (very important!) and social-economic starting position, historical and political context etc. That is because a chart is nothing more or less than a (selective) picture of the sky that we relate to an event, the character of a person who is born at that time or place and to certain actual influences on people. To relate the picture you need to know if the chart has been drawn for an animal, a company, a human being (man or woman), an event or an earth quake. It is also impossible to draw charts for every place and every moment on earth every day, to relate it to the situations and conditions of that place and to interprete these charts, if we wanted to, and then we still wouldn't be certain about the kind of effect, disaster or event. Statistics and charts don't function the other way around. Statistics and charts don't cause the event. Charts just report the correspondence between what happened and the reflection of positions in the sky.

See the chart of the historical earth quake of Lisbon...

*)Sun sextile Uranus can be read as an easy way out in order to make a change. Read about sextiles (click on the label below this post on Astropost.There are so many examples of Mars-Saturn-Pluto on this blog now, so I created a label for that combination today.

For the time of the earth quake see Wikipedia...


Monday, January 18, 2010

Transits and (progressed) chart of Préval (Haiti)

Tonight there is a special Larry King on CNN at 8 p.m. ET, with Mick Jagger, Sarah Ferguson , and many others. It is about Haiti and how you can help. More info...
Meanwhile President René Préval lives at the airport and fails to lead the country that was not prepared for this disaster, in spite of warnings two years ago. His progressed Sun is opposition transit Saturn and soon transit Pluto will be square the progressed Sun. These transits are reflecting the serious (maybe cruel) problems that he faces (and the possiblity of being urged or forced to step back). With Sun -Saturn transits and progressions there is often a spotlight on what you did wrong (or on what you failed to do). Political enemies won't hesitate to blame him for, I am afraid. Also Transit Uranus square Mars is illustrating the incident and the tension (even revolt, or revolution). See the chart of the day of his birth, the progressions and the transits. Remember that it is a time unknown chart and that the positions of natal and progressed chart are estimated (in particular the position of the Moon) and calculated for noon.

The hour of birth of Preval is unknown. But the natal chart, progressions and transits seem to be in line with the difficult situation of the nation. Often, the charts of leaders are reflecting the condition of the people, like the charts of coaches are corresponding with the results of their team. That is logical, since they are fired if the team keeps loosing matches. More examples of coaches and their teams? See the label ‘football’ below this message on my blog Astropost.


Astropost: Chart of the day of birth of Miep Gies (100 today)

Today Miep Gies has been cremated. We know her name because of what she did for Anne Frank. There is a message on this blog about her chart, posted when she became 100 yhears old. Just click on:Astropost: Chart of the day of birth of Miep Gies (100 today) to see it.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moon, Saturn and hard aspects

Oops, this post flew away before I ended it...Maybe it was high time that it went? I was just thinking out loud about Moon and Saturn.

A day before yesterday (for others yesterday) I wrote about Pat Robertson. I mentioned the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in his chart (together with his Sun inconjunct Neptune), related to blaming the Haitian victims. Later I spoke to a family member with Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn, on the Ascendant. That makes the aspect important in her chart. She said she didn’t know if Robertson was right or wrong (hesitating). I also saw a comment about a fan of Mr. Robertson, also with Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn. It is Moon-Saturn time!
I have a family of Moon-Saturn people and some of them have Moon conjunct Saturn. From this point of view, I see Moon conjunct Saturn as emotions hiding behind a stone wall. There may be door, but the door only opens for close, intimate and trusted happy few persons. You may enter the circle if you are close, but strictly on their terms and once you hurt them, you are out (unless you are needed). Others just face the bricks and hit the wall or a decent, polite smile. When a Moon-Saturn ages, it is obvious that he/she love regularity more than others do. The Moon-Saturn seems to be happier with old age than others are. That might be because rules, limitations and restrictions simply suite them. They are not fond of surprises, big parties and a crowded living room. Consistency in habits, that is what they want, and time schedules. Moon-Saturn people are great at taking care for the elderly, too. Their old fashioned manners are a great help on the job!

Often those bricks in the wall were built with tears shed in a long forgotten period; most of the time however it is the Moon-Saturn who keeps placing new layers of bricks on the wall. They construct them with the concrete of nasty experiences and fear, felt offenses, and the fear to be rejected. This is even stronger when the Moon and Saturn are angular or rising before the Sun. It takes a lot of smiles and warmth to break the ice around a Moon-Saturn. Those who don’t follow the Moon-Saturn’s rules will never really belong to the inner circle. Rules and traditions and time plannings need to be respected in the house of a Moon-Saturn. They often don’t need a crowd around them and don’t mind being alone for a period of time. That makes it easy to shape a distance.

For a Moon – Saturn it is easier to remember the nasty and bad events than to have good memories. Ask a Moon-Saturn about a recent party and they start complaining about the food, the waiter and the fact that someone sat on their chair. The aspects of the Moon in a chart don’t show what really happened, they show the response and the memory. It just might be that their company had a splendid night. In a family one child can have Moon-Saturn and the other one Moon-Jupiter and though they had the same parents the first one will remember the difficulties (and feel deserted) and the last one might be the most wanted child and feel great (whatever happened).

It is easier for a Capricorn Moon conjunct Saturn to break up with parents and family than it would be for a Moon Cancer conjunct Jupiter person, even in the same circumstances. With a tight conflict between Moon and Saturn it is also easy to feel guilt and shame about errors of the past. That is why they like to keep a distance, stick by the rules and be as ‘ normal’ and ‘ decent’ as they can be.

Even with an easy trine between Moon and Saturn it is hard not to control feelings and cry in public, for example. Believe me, I know! I have Moon trine Saturn and when I get tears in my eyes, I walk away or put dark glasses on. Of course, with a Moon-Saturn family, it is always been ‘ not done’ to cry (“ why? You are old enough not to cry, aren’t you?”) Moon-Saturns have the feeling that they were thought not to show emotions and that it is better to keep it that way and they pass this message on to the next generation. Why? They don't want to look silly. It is very important for the Moon conjunct Saturn what the neighbourhood or family members might think of them. It is a bit like mrs. Bouquet in ‘ Keeping up appearances’ (the television serie is one of Queen Elizabeth’s favourites☺. But it is not about looking richer than you are, it is about looking cooler than you are.

In general, Moon-Saturn is afraid of personal emotional commitment, to avoid grieve. They start worrying when they have feelings for a person. So it is good for a Moon-Saturn person not to feel close and not to care unless the law or parenthood or feelings of guilt make it a necessity. Is that wrong? Is that hard? Is it cruel? Maybe. And yes, it is hard to hit a wall.

Let me give an example. A Moon conjunct Saturn lady noticed a woman, silenty crying over her food in a senior resident’s restaurant. ‘Oh, there she goes again’ she said with tight lips. ‘Her husband died two weeks ago and she hasn’t been able to stop crying, she says. But when she does, why in the restaurant? Is it just to draw attention…? Why doesn’t she move over to the ladies room when she feels it coming? How can she be so sad about a man who wasn’t even kind to her? You know, she complained about him a week before he died and now she misses him.’ No, she didn’t reach out. A professional did and gave the sobbing lady a handkerchief. ‘Ah’ said the Moon-Saturn, reaching for her bag, ‘ if you need some more, here they are…’. Moon-Saturn is very efficient in supplying what is needed, except when it is about emotions. Often they have had their share in their eyes and that is enough. Imagine that nurses would show and feel emotions all day. It would be unbearable (at least, in a Moon-Saturn’s eye:). They keep a certain emotional distance for professional reasons. Moon-Saturns do it for personal reasons, too.


Another Moon conjunct Saturn (in Cancer), lost her mother when she was a young mother herself. She had broken with her mother soon after marriage, but they got together again (Cancer! They need a family). It is very hard for her to get connected to the remaining family members. She is only child and lives miles away from the rest. But, with Moon conjunct Saturn she also never shows feelings or mentions them.

Famous Moon - Saturns? I don’t know many of them, and that is because Moon-Saturn people are rarely popular. Like late Theo van Gogh, murdered because of his sometimes offending opinions by a muslim terrorist: Moon opposition Saturn. And like J.K. Rowling: Moon opposition Saturn. She manages to keep her private life for herself. Amanda Knox has the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius (and that probably is of influence in the way that people see her; they don’t understand the lack of emotion on her face). George W. Bush has Moon 112.5 Saturn (square + half semisquare!).

And of course there is a seemingly exception: Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, with Moon in Aquarius square Saturn (and Sun conjunct Saturn). People often mention her spontaneous and cheerful ways. Venus trine the Sagittarian Ascendant gives her beauty and charm. That compensates a lot of what is efficient and cool, especially now that she is still ‘young’ and not in function as a queen. (Saturn is rising before her Sun, too: duty, protocol, ambition and status first, always with a charming presentation). It is a so much different style and moods than those of Princess Diana (who also had a late Aquarian Moon, but opposition Uranus.) It is all in control, and when she cried at the wedding it was one tear, caught in a handkerchief, and silent, of course, very decent. Royalty doesn’t cry. Nelson Mandela has a 12th house Scorpio Moon square Saturn. He also has a compensating Venus opposition Ascendant. That makes him a beloved person. See more about his chart…

Final example: Queen Mother Elizabeth (born August 4, 1900 at 00:30 GMT) had Moon in Scorpio semi square Saturn. Read about the relationship with her daughter in law…

Is there something good about Moon-Saturn? Yes there is. They are orderly and they are caring parents, though they won’t demonstrate their feelings. They use to stick to the law and the rules and they won’t keep you awake in the middle of the night because they are having a party. When they commit themselves, it is enduring and consistent. That is what I see in a Moon conjunct Saturn. It is just one little aspect in the complete picture of the chart. But when the aspect is prominent (on an angle, oriental) it is very very important for personal relations.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pat Robertson blames the victims (but why?)

Here is the chart of the day of birth of a man without much compassion: Pat Robertson. He is a vicar and he has a television audience in the USA. He often has something cruel to say about those who don't follow his rules and ideas. He sort of blamed the victims on Haiti by saying that the earth quake is a result of what their ancestors did in 1791. There is no hour of birth, but we have a Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn and an oriental Mars to blame for his attitude. The fact that he likes to draw attention (Sun 'calling', no major aspects in sign) related to religion and beliefs (Neptune) in a disproportionate way (inconjunction) contributes to the effect that a famous vicar can have in the internatonal press.

Mars is rising before the natal Sun, and that gives him the aggression and drive. Sun inconjunct Neptune shows that there is little proportion in his relationship with the media and his beliefs. In fact, his lifestyle might not be in balance with his ideals or vice versa.
Sun inconjunct Neptune...Susan Boyle has it, too. I wrote about it the disappointing effect of this aspect -sort of a 'fallen angle' - (this is the link).

At the moment transit Saturn is exactly square the natal Mars of Robertson. He is in the news, because he blames the victims of Haiti by referring to a myth about Haiti, dated 1791. It is about a -never proven- voodoo ritual in 1791, about slaves offering a pig to their deity (Erzulie Dantor, a local Black Virgin, goddess of love). They asked Erzulie Dantor to free them from the French. Mr. Roberson names Erzulie Dantor a 'devil'. Mr. Robertson says that his God punishes the people on Haiti for this now.
His image of what his God is, is rather martial. Mars makes a hard aspect with Jupiter/Neptune, the combination of religion (for 'driven by faith'). Mars oriental is often seen in the charts of activist, soldiers and of people who act first, think later (at worst). Saturn's square blocks, restricts and limits his energy now that the world expressed anger about his statement. Mars rules his Sun, Saturn rules his Moon in Capricorn, conjunct Saturn.

Why do people blame victims instead of feeling sorry for them? I saw it with the Tsunami, too. They said that the victims had bad past lives. There is no evidence about past lives, it is a belief. Disasters happen, they ' come from the stars' (that is the meaning of ' des astres;). To say that an earthquake is the result of what people do in a religion, is a cruel and not logical or realistic thing to say. It is an offense and it hurts people (even if they don't take him seriously). It seems to me: a sort of shaping emotional distance between you and the victim, so that you don't need to care, feel sad or offer some money to help them out. It is easy to do and it doesn't cost a penny. It is often about money and security. Who needs to give some help or money when God himself punishes the millions, eh? And yes, Moon in Capricorn is an economic moon, they say:) His Moon is conjunct Saturn. CafeAstrology mentions: ' holding people at arm's length' (click to see the interpretation of Moon-Saturn aspects on Let us say that he is not exactly reaching out...

Cold feet and chocolate story

Ending an affair (or making a decision at all) can be difficult. It is difficult for Libra. It is difficult for people without squares. And it is even more difficult when you have too much sextiles (5), no squares, and a Libra Moon, Venus and Mars. Libra is the sign of relating, being together, balance and company.
Someone I know was about to settle down, but he was not 30 yet and a Sagittarius with a Sagittarian Ascendant and Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius, too, very Sagittarius. Very Sagittarius males want to be or feel free, at least when they are young. So he got cold feet, but he was too polite (Moon Libra, Venus Libra) to tell her directly. Or maybe he was just cruel enough not to tell her directly (he has Saturn and Pluto without major aspects, and Pluto = Venus/Saturn, so that makes him a ‘die hard’ in love). Or maybe he just waited until he found a replacement for his need for company (Moon Libra!). The easy way out was steeper than he had imagined, I suppose. She threw him out when he did a ‘Tiger Woods’.

That was with transit Saturn square progressed Sun, a perfect transit to end a period, say goodbye and break up. Transit Saturn came right after transit Uranus inconjunct Venus (reflecting an affair, an adventure, falling in love, but*…yes, but he had another!).

Cold feet. There are 5 sextiles in his chart and there is no square. Some other girl had to help him out and open the door to freedom again. He couldn’t decide for himself and almost had a giant mortgage. Sometimes, when Saturn comes bye and breaks something , it is maybe better. Mortgages may be scary, but there are other kind of restrictions, responsibilities and limitations now. He also is a bit lonely, now. The other girl was just ' the other girl'. Sigh...

This kind of thing also happens at work. There are persons who can’t decide to leave a job, even it they know that if they stay, they will turn into slaves. They keep hanging on, because they are too loyal or because they are afraid of changes or because they like to hang around and feel at home (like with Venus in Cancer). A lot of them are waiting for the lottery to release them. Some manage to be fired. Others find comfort in hobbies and pleasures or they eat a lot of chocolate. Hmm, if the young man of this story had not found an available girl, he would have had to stay and make the best of it. He would have to eat a lot of chocolate to make it feel good. He has Moon and Venus sextile Jupiter, he would love the chocolate, lots of it!

* inconjunctions have to do with a ‘ but’, often. The inconjunction is between a trine and an opposition, between an easy flow and asking yourself questions. Venus-Uranus is for falling in love and a preference for a change or excitement. There is something out of line with an inconjunction. There is a ‘ but’, something that hinders the easy flow


Friday, January 15, 2010

Passion in the spotlight: P Sun conjunct Mars square Venus

Scott Ritter, famous anti-war UN inspector in Iraq, is a suspect now. A so called 15 year old on the web was in fact the police... There are a few transits, progressions and natal aspects in line with the events. They are reflecting: spotlight on intense passion and unbalancing suspicion for now, even without hour of birth.

1. His progressed Sun is conjunct Mars in Virgo (the Mars that likes to keep it clean, neat and like a virgin) and square Venus in Gemini (the Venus that prefers 'youth').
The progression of the Sun shows us where the attention is in a certain period of life. The Sun now sheds a light over his passions (Venus-Mars). In fact, the progression brings his passions into the spotlights! From the police's point of view: his passions (Venus-Mars) drew their attention (Sun).

The natal chart has Venus square Mars and both are afflicted by Pluto: that is reflecting intense and challenging passions, probably causing problems. Also Mars conjunct Pluto is an aspect that is strongly related to the use and abuse of power, influence, money, politics and force. Mars-Pluto in the chart of this man might be related to his political fight against war, too. The combination of Mars and Pluto gives an enormous energy and drive. Ebertin related Mars-Pluto afflictions to 'victims of war'. It is also a combination for making political enemies. There is always more than one way to see the effect of a person's aspect...The same drive can be used in various ways. For more about Mars and Pluto, see Astromarkt...

2. Transit Neptune is inconjunct his progressed Mercury.
Mercury-Neptune combinations often pop-up in cases of suspicion and in the charts of suspects. And I would like to add: in case of gossip going around. Famous example: Friedman case.
I wrote about Mercury-Neptune before in a post about lies and Mercury's role:
(...)Sometimes people with a prominent Mercury-Neptune combination in their charts become the victim of false information or others simply don't believe what they are saying because it sounds like if the person is inventing it (thinking too long, known for having a fantasy etc....).

3. There is a combination of 'restricted freedom' in the natal chart: Sun opposition Saturn and semi sextile Uranus, reflecting a possible period in jail or limitations as he sees them.

More about Scott Ritter on Wikipedia


Quaoar and the chart of Obama

The Ascendant represents situations, the world that you live in and the way that you present yourself. Quaoar is an important asteroid. Quaoar reflects creation, shaping new worlds. Quaoar is trine the Ascendant of Barack Obama. His progressed Ascendant is now opposition Quaoar. Here is the chart of Barack Obama with the important position of Quaoar**), in aspect with the natal and progressed Ascendant.

Some scientists attribute great influence to Barack Obama (and the Climate Conference). Their Doomsday Clock pointed at 5 minutes to Midnight, but it is now 6 to midnight...they say. They made a change:). Mr. Obama has a world wide influence. And his 'calling'**) Quaoar is reflecting a mission to shape another world. Now President Obama apparently shaped (Quaoar) a new situation (Ascendant) and his name (Ascendant) is now related to the creation of another (better) world.

Quaoar doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees in his natal chart. I name that a 'calling' Quaoar. A 'calling' planet is important for our mission and vocation. The calling planet has a strong influence and can reach any level (up or down). For more about the effect of a planet without major aspects, see Astromarkt: Conspicuous by absence (about missing elements and aspects)...

PS Mark Andrew Holmes created a fine glyph for Quaoar that you can see here . I like that glyph. The line of the glyph corresponds with the dancing lady and the lighting, see the site.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birthday today: Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer was born on January 14, 1875 in Kaysersberg and he died in Africa. He is a famous person because he managed to control his temper (Mars-Saturn-Uranus) and because he had a creative way to control his moods (Moon quintile Saturn)). I quote himself:" I had to fight hard against my hot temper. I remember many events of my childhood which still humiliate me and keep me watchful in this struggle." Mars-Uranus-Saturn...: control (Saturn) over a hot temper (Mars-Uranus)..

The chart is clear about it’s owner: it is a gifted and sensitive person with a drive to convince others and his goal is to collect money*) He is an idol, still and that corresponds with Sun quare Neptune, the same aspect as in the chart of Barack Obama. Perhaps he is not exactly the person that the world believes he is, might be true. If he is really a hero and a saint' this chart proofs that you can use any hard aspect in a positive way. Sun square Neptune in your chart might just enable you to make your dreams come true...And dr. Albert Schweitzer is a good example of that.
My files tell me that he was born at 23h50 and I wonder if that is correct, because there is no angular planet in his chart. But let us see if there is an artistic pattern, because he was only 7 when he composed a psalm. This talent was inherited. His father and grandfathers played the organ. Just like in the charts of other artist. There is a pattern of artistic talents in his chart (Moon, Venus and Neptune related to Midheaven.) More examples of the patterns of talents are to be found on my blog Art & Astrology.

Albert Schweitzer was a very ethical and sensitive person. Ethics, he said, was nothing more than a reverence for life (being in awe for life).

Jupiter is 'calling' in his chart, because Jupiter does not make any Ptolemaic aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. That makes Jupiter an important planet in his chart. Jupiter symbolizes travelling!

Sun and Neptune and identity

Last year's post about Schweitzer

Mars and Uranus in aspect
Art & Astrology, patterns of talent

In the charts of 3 famous preachers (Johannes Maasbach 5 December 1918; Karel Hoekendijk, 1 December 1904 and Benny Hinn 3 December 1952) I found:
Sun in Sagittarius
Aspect between Mars and Jupiter
Aspect between Mercury and Uranus
Jupiter-Neptune combinations

Schweitzer has a prominent Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in aspect with Mars,Mercury is binovile Uranus and there are combination of Neptune with Sun/Jupiter and Venus with Jupiter/Neptune. It is apparently a sort of a 'preacher's pattern'.

*)I quote himself:" I had to fight hard against my hot temper. I remember many events of my childhood which still humiliate me and keep me watchful in this struggle." Mars-Uranus-Saturn...

QUOTE: Happiness is good health and bad memory.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mars, Iraq and the Ascendant of Dutch PM

Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende's speedy reaction after the final report of the Davids commission about the political support for the Iraq War stunned Dutch politicians and journalists, yesterday. For the backgrounds, see the link. This post is about Mars on his Ascendant, reflecting the way he presented himself yesterday. Mars happened to be the God of war for the Romans. And yesterday, the report and the discussions happened to be about a war, too. Mr. Balkenende is already regarded a 'lame duck' since the installation of the first European President. And the polls don't make it any better. The events seem to have an effect on the position of British Labour, too.

He angered the opposition and the members of the Labour party. Labour is now member of the government, at the time of the decision to support the USA, Dutch Labour was in the opposition. Why was he so quick and assertive? The answer is Mars in Leo, right on his Ascendant. Mars is the symbol of aggression, action, fighting and attacks. Of course, the findings of the Davids commission stimulated the opposition and the journalist to 'attack' him. When Mars is on your Ascendant, by transit, you might get hurt.
On March 3, 2010 there will be local elections and then we see transit Mars square his Midheaven. So maybe the results will stimulate him to show his assertive reaction again. Now and then transit Mars square Midheaven is reflecting resignation. But as the parties of the coalition don't benefit from new elections (on the contrary) everybody is expecting them to try to hold on and survive.
There are more transits and progressions, like transit Uranus conjunct Progressed Moon on the Descendant, for a sudden experience and a moment of upheaval. Transit Jupiter inconjunct natal Uranus mirrors a certain relief, but...(there is always 'but' with an inconjunction) with a lot of upeavel.

On March 3 (local elections), transit Uranus will again be conjunct Progressed Moon. The polls are predicting bad results for the members of the present coalition, especially for Labour, but also for the Christian Democrats of Balkenende, who is been named a lame duck after the transit of Saturn inconjunct Midheaven (when he didn't become the first president of Europe). More about that in an earlier post...
The Davids report seems to have a bad effect for British Labour, too. Mr. Gordon Brown’s progressed Sun sign is changing, and in March 2010 transit Saturn will be inconjunct his Midheaven (right after transit Pluto on Midheaven in February). Another lame duck?


Monday, January 11, 2010

218.000.000 blogs keep getting better and better...

Hi Bloggers, did you ever get this comment?

your blog keeps getting better and better! your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Just Google and you see that it has been posted 218.000.000 times! When I got that comment on an English blog and a day later on one of my not-English blogs, exactly the same word, I copied the text and googled it. I'd love to see the chart of the fanatic lover of blogs. Or is it some code, a virus? I wonder.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Lunar Eclipse and Mrs.Robinson's past affair

The Lunar Eclipse of last December (at 9CAP15) was conjunct the Jupiter of PM Robinson. This eclipse might have the potential to twist his political (and domestical) fate. And the eclips certainly revealed a big problem, coming from the past. His wife admitted that she had an affair two years ago. Allegations about financial affairs related to this, forced her to tell the world about it. Peter Robinson’s political enemies are very willing to benefit from the situation, of course. Mrs. Robinson (what is in a name?) suffers from depression now. How important can an affair be in poliics?

There is no hour of birth, so there is no complete info. However, there is some insight in the situation by comparing their natal positions.. I wouldn't want to add more to the fire, so I stick to linking to the relevant posts on this blog. They managed to stick together in spite of the revealed secrets and yes, their suns are matching. There is information on Astromarkt about sharing Mercury-Neptune (sharing secrets?) and Sun-Saturn aspects (for consistency). That explains. Also see the posts with examples about Mars opposition Mars in a relationship. Conflicts between Mars seem to have an effect that starts with stimulating each other and easily ends up with competition and fighting each other. In the charts of Iris and Peter, Mars doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That contributes to the impact of the opposition between their Mars.

The positions on the day of birth show the conflict between the status of marriage and Iris Robinson falling in love (Venus 105 Uranus), but hidden (minor aspect). At least, it was hidden until the Lunar Eclipse.

More from BBC about the Robinsons

*)About Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, with more examples of conflicting Mars-Mars in a relationship...
More about sharing aspects…
More astrology and love…
About Mercury-Neptune and other aspects with Mercury...For more about minor aspects, see the label below on this blog:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

An hour of birth for Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is one of the few characters in a book with a date of birth and it is January 6, 1854. Read about the reason why it is January 6. I started looking at the chart without hour, and than I got the idea to find a suitable hour of birth. It is a complete fantasy, I know, pure fiction but: 9:45 a.m. fits the man of the books of Conan Doyle and of the latest movie. It is an ambitious intellectual, sometimes overdoing it when he talks about his methods. He is married to his job and very dedicated. He also has a close male friend who is a doctor. It is all in that chart.

On that specific day in history Mercury and Saturn didn’t make major (Ptolemaic) aspects and Mercury was inconjunct Saturn. Now that is an aspect that is very interesting for the detective who used certain scientific methods to find out who ‘done it’ . The calling Mercury inconjunct Saturn is reflecting scientific (and sometimes restricted) information at any possible level and without balance coming from an ambitious intellectual. Very Sherlock!:)

The ambitious intellectual is an optimist and a traveler who goes for success. Jupiter is oriental to reflect that. Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter together tell us about the mistakes and the glory of his intellect. Jupiter in the 11th house gives him a friend who is publishing about his successes and who is a doctor (very Jupiter).

Watch Venus quindecile Mars! That is a guarantee for a strong focus on a passion (a dedication) or an obsession when it comes to making love. Mars is in the 7th house, afflicted by Venus and Pluto (Mars is sesquisquare Pluto). Mars is the focal planet in a pattern (funnel), in Virgo (…) and in the 7th house. Partner (7) is male (Mars) and it is complete decent, really (it is Virgo). That explains his relationship with woman and the dedication to his work. He was married to his work!

The 20 degree Aquarius Ascendant is in the middle of Neptune and Pluto? He is always dealing with matters that require discretion and he is investigating (Pluto) hidden and obscure things (Neptune). Neptune is square Midheaven, because there is some secrecy about the man and because he is after all just a fantasy. The Sun is on AC/MC, and he IS a star!Sun/Moon = Venus and that means that he is motivated by pleasure fun love talents and diplomacy or art. And of course, Sherlock Holmes IS fun! He also likes citing Shakespeare, so there is a need for beauty and art. He is well dressed and he smokes a pipe (see the picture:). I can explain why he is smoking. It is Neptune in the first house in Pisces!

Now I almost forgot to mention Jupiter ruler 10 trine Uranus ruler 1. It is a combination for being inventive and for successful techniques used in his profession. That completes this post. Sherlock Holmes did it! He must have been born at 9:45. Case closed. Here is the chart. And here is the link to the trailer on YouTube.