Saturday, January 23, 2010

Savviest, sanest: Julianna Moore

Times Online names her the most savviest and sanest star…The paper uses superlatives for Julianne Moore while her progressed Midheaven is in aspect with the symbol of female wisdom and art: Pallas. Julianne Moore has an AA rated chart on Astrodatabank that you see here:

Observations show the pattern of artistic talents constructed by aspects between Moon, Venus and Neptune with the Pisces Midheaven:
1. Neptune is the first outer planet rising before the Sun and ruler of Midheaven
2. Neptune is quintile Venus
3. The Moon is rising and ‘ calling’
4. Moon is 105 degrees from Midheaven (semisquare and sextile) and Neptune is trine Midheaven
5. AC/MC 211d =Sun/Moon 167 =Venus/Neptune= 257: all in all in heart and soul an artist; art is a crucial motivation and she is very sensitive.

6. Moon/Venus square Jupiter successful beauty
7. The Gemini Ascendant keeps her young!

Why is she not like most of the other movie stars? It might just be Jupiter and Pluto related to Midheaven and making a trine. That makes it so easy to be successful! She doesn’t have to make efforts in order to pretend to be a star, she IS one. Also Neptune sesquisquare the ASC makes a bit shy, hiding away from the crowds. She is not the kind of person to ' show off'.

And last but not least: the Moon is in the 12th house. She just needs privacy. As the moon is conjunct the Ascendant, she has a habit of presenting herself like the girl next door and still keep her privacy. I like the way Café Astrology puts it:

BTW, watch that Jupiter in the 7th house for marrying more than once, with two of the four possible indications for divorce in the charts of women: Sun afflicted by Mars (sesquisquare) and Mars opposition Saturn. She married twice.

For more about the pattern of artistic talents see Art&Astrology...


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