Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pholus and Saturn when you retire?

Today it is the 74th birthday of Queen Beatrix and just like every year there is speculation about her possible abdication in favor of her son Willem-Alexander. The previous abdications were with Saturn 'around'. But that doesn't mean that every time that Saturn is of importance in the chart of a queen, she is about to finish her job. For example: you need to be old enough:)!  

In http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/06/astrological-signs-of-changing-times.html I mentioned that it takes three or more of the aspects of change (like for example: Sun-Uranus) to mirror a life changing effect. I don’t know if it is advisable to choose a period with hard indications of change to retire, start another career or abdicate, but  it is not a matter of free choice for all. 

Changes such as retirements don’t pop up on one day. There is a period of considerations and calculations before the decision is made to step back, on THAT day. Saturn is always there when a function or status or period in life definitely ends. Saturn is also around when a responsibility becomes part of your life. That is why we see Saturn on the meridian of Queens around coronation time and again when they decide to abdicate. Saturn is a ‘must-have’ ingredient for such changes. But as you may see, Pholus is also around.


A. Abdication
The chart of Dutch Queen Juliana at the moment of abdication in favor of her daughter Beatrix shows:
  • Transit Uranus inconjunct Ascendant (There were riots in Amsterdam, so a lot of nerves)
  • Progressed Quaoar conjunct Progressed Ascendant (A new perspective on the way…)
  • Progressed Sun inconjunct Descendant ‘sounds’ like sunset. 
  • And Progressed Ascendant trine Progressed Moon tells us about a moment of appearance to remember. 
  • As it happened on her birthday, the Sun was conjunct her natal Sun so that she was ‘in the spotlights’. 

B. Coronation
The picture in the sky is not as spectacular as it was when she became queen. At that time, Pholus made 4 aspects:
. T Pholus inconjunct P Venus
. T Pholus sextile P MC
. Progressed Pholus inconjunct Progressed MC
. T Pholus at the Progressed Descendant
They mark an important change for her as a wife, in her position and in the way that others see her. In the months before progressed Sun sextile Saturn and sextile Quaoar and Saturn on her IC mirrored the ‘duty’ that she faced.
I like the fact that on the specific day transit Sun was conjunct Progressed Sun (it was her progressed birthdayJ).

The abdication of her mother Queen Wilhelmina was with transit Saturn trine Saturn and transit Pholus square Saturn.

So maybe we need not expect ‘spectacular’ and lots of indications for the moment that Queen Beatrix, steps back in favor of her son, Willem Alexander. However, Beatrix is a different kind of woman and more ambitious. It might be harder for her to step back (if she ever does).

Beatrix became Queen. What did her chart show on that day?

. Transit Pholus (change) was conjunct Progressed Ceres (dynasty)
. Progressed MC was semi square Saturn
. Transit Neptune was on the Progressed Descendant
. Transit Venus was square her Progressed Sun
. Just like her mother, Beatrix had Saturn near the (Progressed) IC.

It was a difficult moment in Dutch history. In church you could hear the people shouting and it was rather dangerous at a certain moment.

Every year at Beatrix’ birthday and around Queen’s Day (April 30) there is a lot of speculating about the yes or no abdication of Beatrix. On April 28 this year Beatrix will have 
  • transit Uranus exactly square her Midheaven, 
  • transit Pholus square Progressed MC and 
  • transit Pholus inconjunct Progressed Ascendant, 
  • Saturn (again) opposition progressed Sun and 
  • Jupiter sextile Progressed Ascendant and 
  • Jupiter sextile Progressed Midheaven. 
There might be surprising or shocking news and it might well be a 'present' for her sun: abdication. His chart:
  • His MC square Ceres, 
  • transit Pholus opposition Sun and 
  • transit Pluto square Progressed MC 
This, on his birthday might point at change as well. But in fact, there is such a moment of possible change, every year. Next year, for example:
  • with transit Saturn on his Ascendant, 
  • Pholus still opposition progressed Sun, 
  • transit Uranus on the progressed IC, 
  • transit Jupiter trine progressed Mars 
2013 might be a better choice, because transit Neptune is still on his midpoint Sun/Moon this year (though I noticed that Neptune was 'there' whenever there was a coronation). His mother will have a solar return with Sun square Saturn and Moon on IC in 2013. So I'd guess that 2013 might be 'the' year, but I wouldn't bet my money on it (maybe a chocolate bar:).
Natal, transits and progressions in 2012
Natal, transits and progressions in 2013

It will be nice to see what choice will (or won’t) be made. Charts of royals and official moments like this are great tools for the study of astrology. Saturn and Pholus seem to mark moments of official change of status. I have such a moment mid 2013 and I am curious! I also wonder if you, reader, had a moment of 'abdication' or retirement and also noticed Saturn (and Pholus) as the keys in your (progressed) chart. 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Venus-Saturn and Stepford Wives

The controversy about the latest book of Mark Driscoll 'inspired' me to write about Venus opposition Saturn (and about Mercury-Uranus). Just like Ted Haggard, Mark Driscoll has a difficult aspect between Venus (in Scorpio) and Saturn. In his latest book Driscoll says that he dreamt about the sins of his wife (before they married) and that he woke up vomiting, sick of it. Really, a lovely description of Venus conjunct Neptune (dream) opposition Saturn. He wants women to be submissive housewives, fulfilling their husbands' wishes. It is almost the Stepford Wives, a book written by Ira Levin (Venus in Cancer inconjunct Saturn on his day of birth, August 27, 1929). Is that just coincidence, I wonder? Do Venus-Saturn men want women to be functional perfect dolls? Maybe a good question for the next poll!:)

With Venus-Saturn people often tend to stay safely married, even if the marriage had better times and even if they think that the partner is not exactly perfect. When there is a hard aspect between Venus and Saturn the wall between two persons grows and grows, but for some - often material or parental - reason is seems harder to be separated. The semi sextile between Venus and Saturn (rising before his sun) in the chart of Seal might have helped to stay in the marriage with Heidi Klung longer, too, for example. Read Astromarkt about Saturn in a long lasting relationship. Saturn is sometimes the glue that keeps a couple together.

Here is the chart of Driscoll's day of birth. 

Venus sextile Mars (and Mars conjunct Pluto) symbolize the intense passion and desire (or strong hormonal activitiesJ) that turns any relationship into a challenge, even more with Saturn opposition Venus. 

But, can we see the controversy? Yes we can!

Mercury is conjunct Uranus and they rise before his ‘calling’ Sun (Sun without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). He will draw attention at any possible level and is first of all someone with independent and controversial ideas. And what better way to upset an audience than this way?

There is also an astrological reason for being discussed now: his progressed Sun is conjunct natal Neptune and transit Neptune is square his progressed Sun. That might isolate him, he might be seen in a negative light. Or has this already happened? He has been accused of pornofying the church (see this link: http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/56609176.html) and that's not the only blog...

Unlike other preacher men there is little Saturnal fatherly or managing tendency.

Evangelical priest Ted and his wife Gayle Haggard divorced after his coming out. I quote:
"There is an inconjunction between his Venus and Saturn. She has Venus trine Saturn. They share Venus-Saturn. That might indicate marriage of convention (for the sake of the children and status) and might be one of the components that keep them married though he is a homosexual.Venus and Saturn may be untrue sometimes, but the combination makes it also hard to separate from each other."

See Astromarkt or Cafe Astrology about Venus-Saturn aspects. For Venus-Saturn's impact when you are young, see Astrology&Love.

Read about Mercury Uranus by using the labels. Here is an advice about how to deal with Mercury-Uranus (that I should have followed more myself!)

With Mercury-Uranus what you say or think may be wrong, shocking, crazy or a provocation (in the eyes of others). Sometimes Mercury-Uranus is the aspect of the eye-opener and a few times the expressed ideas are simply bright. (But that is an exception!:) In an oppressive society, having a Mercury-Uranus in the chart is a burden. People with this aspect often have to learn (Mercury) to change their mind quickly, depending on the receiver of the message. Or they have to learn that you can't just interrupt a discussion or a speaker. 

Mercury-Uranus can be manifested in the small circle of home, where the Mercury-Uranus person always feels the need to see the other side of what the rest considers to be the truth and/or provokes discussions about those differences of opinion. Mercury-Uranus in science: you come up with ideas untimely, before the time is 'ripe'. Mercury-Uranus works when you interrupt discussions or the flow of a conversation. Mercury-Uranus just can't wait to hear a (long) answer...Another possible problem is that you are disturbing others with talking...

Advice: take a notebook and pencil with you (write it down instead of speaking). And think twice before publishing your ideas, especially when you are afraid for what others might think of you. Or simply count to 10 and ask yourself if you need to say what you think now, to this person. Unless you want to rebel and be discussed, of course.

BTW  A lot of  astrologers have a Mercury-Uranus aspect and a lot of them heard shocking opinions about astrologers:)...

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ailments: Transit Chiron conjunct Ascendant

During several months transit Chiron has been conjunct my Ascendant and in fact: that is where Chiron still is. It won't take long, he will be gone in a few weeks. I am grateful that Chiron won't be back! Because, in the past months there have been many ailments that I like to contribute to Chiron. I hope that if he moves on, so will the ailments!:)

From last summer till now I have constantly been unable to do what I wanted because of a continuing flood of illness and accidents. I won't mention them all here, but it is a range of ailments from feet to ear and all that is in between, from spring 2011 till now. Of course, as I always say, there is more needed to reflect illnesses and there is (like Saturn square my Mars and Saturn inconjunct progressed Mars, for example; limiting energy). Transits of those kind of symbols should move faster, as far as I'm concerned:). Ailments are not as bad as life threatening diseases, but one can do without...

Many astrologers speak of important lessons to learn during bad transits.  I would have wanted a speedy training instead of this. I also believe that there are lessons to learn by means of blessings! So, what is the lesson (if there is any)? If it was a lesson, the teacher forget to give a clue. I have been ill before (and worse), so I don't need Chiron to tell me about vulnerabilities:). If, when Chiron leaving my ascendant, it is examination time, I know that I will fail.

The question is: am I right about ailments and Chiron or is it just me?

This transit Chiron conjunct Ascendant doesn't happen often. Not everybody will experience this transit, it is a privilege! It took Chiron almost a life time to travel trough the zodiac signs.
Have you ever had transit Chiron conjunct the Ascendant? See the list...Now here comes the question: did you notice an increasing amount of ailments in that period? Please do the poll.

Chiron's position:
January 1, 1980   9 Taurus 17m retro
January 1, 1985    4 Gemini 8m retro
January 1, 1990    13 Cancer 50m retro
January 1, 1993    23 Leo 0m retro
January 1, 1995    26 Virgo 21m
January 1, 1997    0 Scorpio 12m
January 1, 2000    11 Sagittarius 33 m
January 1, 2005    25 Capricorn 32m
January 1, 2010    23 Aquarius 6m
January 1, 2012    1 Pisces 54m

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Cruises, Pisces, Neptune and Varuna

A few months ago I booked a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. We will sail from Venice to Barcelona, via Athens, Istanbul, Izmir, Napels and Rome. It will be our fourth cruise. Earlier we went to Norway (twice) and to the Baltic (Saint Petersburg,  Helsinki, Stockholm, Kopenhagen and Tallinn; we plan to 'do' all European capitals, so still some to go:). 
My Pisces Ascendant conjunct Jupiter might explain why I like cruises, even though I get seasick when it storms. This position makes it easy to spoil yourself, too! So it is perfectly in line with a relaxed (I hope!) trip at sea. 

The sea is part of Pisces in the astrological vocabulary and so is Neptune. Disasters at sea happen now and then, but this ship (Costa Concordia) and the Titanic hit something solid with a (not exact) minor aspect between Neptune (god of the sea) and Varuna (the symbol of the god of the waters). The Titanic disaster had Neptune sesquisquare Varuna. Costa Concordia had Neptune biquintile Varuna. Also, the position of Varuna on January 13, 2012 is square the Ascendant of the moment when the Titanic sank. And there was Sun opposition Varuna on January 13...
Titanic (sinking) and transits of January 13, 2012

It might just be coincidence. But it was reason enough for me to have a look at the astrological positions during my cruise, as Neptune (and Varuna) move slowly. Luckily there is no connection between them. 

Now I wonder about captains: are Neptune, Pisces and Varuna good positions for a captain or an officer on board? Will they be attracted by the sea? Or do people with these influences act like I do: avoid a profession with lives at risk and try to have important data checked by another person, because they know that it is hard not to 'drift off' or forget about things. Neptune/Pisces is very distracting. For example: I should have done that checking when I thought to have found the day of birth of the captain of the Costa Concordia. He looks younger than he is!:) 

Transit Mercury opposition Neptune and what happens when you travel…

About Varuna and floods:

Also visit: Astromarkt.net about the history of Neptune in Pisces (and revolutions).

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Romance, progressions and transit Neptune

This post is about progressions in the (no time, no name) chart of a member of a government. He is in love and the subject of discussions in the papers and on the web. It is because he is so much older*) than she is...His transits and progressions are completely in line with what happens. 

The progressed chart shows development and how we grow during life. Transits with the progressed chart influence the development and the way that we grow. This example shows how the transits and progressions go along with real life events. In short:

Venus (love) and Juno (spouse) came in to join the Sun and introduce a partner. There are three indications in the progressed chart for love and three transits of Neptune (romance and ... rumor). They color the picture (rose, pink), even without hour of birth. Neptune's inconjunctions put a high weight on romance and make it 'cost you'. Inconjunctions get you out of balance.
For the longer version, continue...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pretty nice example

Just like statistics astrology doesn't 'work' the other way. There are a lot of influences (gender, social level, age and more) making differences. But sometimes charts 'strike'.
Yesterday I was in a perfume store where a lady (I estimated her age around 70) was buying make-up and cream. She was well dressed, had lipstick and mascara on, a nice powdered face and...she was proud to mention her date of birth (in order to get a customer's card). I noticed that it was March 5, 1923 and decided to have a look to see how the chart corresponded with this 88 year old lady's need to look good. Her chart (below) is a pretty nice example of how astrology works sometimes:)!

  • Her Venus doesn't make major aspects (like a trine or a square) in sign or orb 5 degrees (that makes it a 'calling' Venus for beauty and charm at any possible level, somehow, anyhow, because this person is looking for kindness and sympathy). 
  • Her Moon is in Libra for the need for beauty, charm and decoration.
  • Sun conjunct Uranus and Uranus rising  before the Sun: that is what I have seen more often in the charts of those who reach an old age and keep their vitality (like the pope).
  • Sun in aspect with Jupiter and Uranus is one of the combinations which are frequent in the charts of the very old, too. It is a positive one!
  • Sun biquintile Saturn for a creative way to live with restrictions and ...age!

Because of her Sun Pisces, Moon Libra, calling Venus and Venus-Uranus semi square she might have been a dancer when she was young (an artist perhaps).
It was just an observation and a date, but I found what I expected to find: a lady who is young at heart and who likes the world and herself to look good corresponding with more than a few indications for vitality and charm.
And I also found this picture of a magical mirror (Louvre collection) on Wiki Commons. This mirror was used in the 12th Century in Iran to 'predict the future'. Now that is forbidden in Iran...Watch the astrological signs...

Also visit: Astromarkt.net for example about 'calling planets' or aging or about Jupiter-Uranus.

LINKS to relevant posts on this blog:

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Progressed charts

Last year January was the month of progressions on this blog. One of the posts was about changing progressed signs. In short, when the Sun sign changes in progression, life style changes. When Mercury changes sign, interest changes. When Venus changes sign preferences change. A progressed Mars changing sign could change the field of action and style of using energies. The changing sign of planets. Ascendant, Midheaven and Sun alters the way that you express the energies of the objects and corner stones in the chart. Have a look once and a while ar your progressed chart to see how the picture changed. Barack Obama's chart changed in progression so that the progressed chart mirrors the man in charge more than the natal chart does. We grow and change. More later...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Putin and Surkov, the synastry and Orcus

Vow by Henri Leys (Hermitage)
Last week there was a very interesting development in Russia. Putin appointed Surkov in his government. Surkov is the founder of a radical pro Putin movement named Nashi (see Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nashi_(youth_movement). He is also the 
architect of Putin's policy to 'manage democracy' (see Wiki). The reason that I write about their chars is because of the synastry with Orcus and the similarity in their charts. And because of the strange timing of the appointment.

It is clear that Surkov and Putin are strategic political comrades. What they share is the will to be in control, always (and what they don't want is criticism). 

Both have a Sun-Saturn conflict in the natal chart (Putin the conjunction, Surkov the inconjunction). You know that Sun-Saturn conflicts have a problem with criticism and want to be in control, always. The fact that they share this aspect means that they will join forces to keep the status quo as it is. They are managers and they manage to be in control. 

Quoting myself on Astromarkt about sharing aspects http://www.astromarkt.net/sharing-aspects:
Sun and Saturn shared makes you worry a lot if the aspect is hard. Maybe you do this, due to sharing nasty life experiences or feeling the same limitations and responsibilities. Nice trines or sextiles make you the serious couple, the parents perhaps. You go for a long time relationship and for getting old together and you are consistent in that! Your perseverence is highlghted. 
Both have Pluto rising before the Sun (and then Uranus) for strategy and policy first (and for a certain amount of radicalism). Now the synastry…and the starring role for Orcus.

They have Mars biquintile Mars, for cooperating in a creative way. They have Venus square Venus for a sort of a mutual sympathy, even though their sun signs don’t match (and neither do their moon signs*). Notice that Orcus of Putin is square the Sun of Surkov and vice versa. It says that vows, oaths and promises will be a key issue in their relationship. (There is more, like the Jupiter of Surkov inconjunct the Mars of Putin. That makes me think that the support of Surkov lead them to success but with a loss for Putin on the way). 

Why did Putin make him the First Deputy Chief (see the news: http://english.ruvr.ru/2011/12/27/62994237.html) now? Isn’t it strange that this happens now that Surkov’s progressed Sun is sextile Pluto (come back, survival) and trine Orcus? And that that is shortly after transit Neptune inconjunct Surkov’s Sun? Inconjunctions of Neptune show deceptions and rumors or bad press. Demonstrations in Moscow show that the strategy isn't perfect. Surkov's progressed Sun of Surkov is applying to a square with Neptune and in my eyes, that is a sign for a bad press within 1,5 year. Again...(but maybe his personal chart with hour of birth has a better prospect for him...).

Here is the C-rated (! Take care, that means that the hour of birth might not be correct) chart of Putin. The transits are the positions on the day of birth of Surkov.

*) Which means that they are not two of a kind and that they shouldn’t get married but as there is also no conflict between the suns there won’t be a question about ‘who is the boss’.

There is a post about Orcus with examples here... The symbol of Orcus is still an object of astrological studies. 

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lottery and chart

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2012 be as you like it and make you feel happy!

On New Year’s Eve there are lotteries all over the world and the next morning people wonder why they were not as lucky as that winner of millions or thousands on television. The answer is clear: there is a minor chance to win. You have more chance to be stricken by thunder and lightning! But, what if your chart or horoscope doesn’t correspond at all with lucky winners? Could you stop spending money on lotteries? I bet not! It is fun. And lucky winners have been losers more often. So their charts don’t say much. However: what is all that Jupiter doing in their charts, transits and progressions? 

There is an article on my site Astromarkt about three lucky and one unlucky winner of the lottery (http://www.astromarkt.net/astrology-and-winning-lottery.html). Mercury-Jupiter, Mars-Jupiter and Jupiter-Uranus were important in the lucky winners’ charts. Their were also Venus-Saturn and Venus-Pluto combinations in the charts of all four of them. Midpoint combinations with Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter/Neptune completed the picture and there was even more (like a fixed star). Today I add another example to the list. I found the chart on Astro.com in their files. It is a French winner (in 2000) who shares the same kind of and the same amount of aspects with the winners in the first article. Here is the radix with progressions and transits. 

I made a list of the aspects. Don’t miss:

Sun square Jupiter and Uranus
Minor aspect Mercury and Jupiter (108 degrees)
Venus wide trine Pluto
Venus and Saturn rise before the Sun
Moon and Quaoar in the second house of money
(What he doesn’t have is Mars-Jupiter)

(6! And notice the angular Jupiter-Uranus!)
Progressed Jupiter and Uranus (on Ascendant) sextile progressed Sun!
Progressed Ascendant semi square Sun/Moon
Progressed Moon sextile Pluto
Progressed Mercury trine Mars
Progressed Venus conjunct Mars and P Mars

Transits (9! 3 with Jupiter)
Pholus (turning point) trine Progressed MC
Pholus trine Sun
Jupiter square Pholus
Jupiter inconjunct Quaoar
Jupiter inconjunct Second House Moon (getting out of balance due to positive financial change)
Neptune trine Moon and trine Midheaven
Uranus trine progressed Venus and opposition Progressed AC/MC
Transit Node conjunct Progressed Sun
Venus and Mars semi square Sun/Moon and Mars

So now you know that it takes a lot to be a winner...:)


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