Sunday, November 30, 2014

True and not true sun signs

Interesting research done by a second date site showed that 2.5 times more members were Capricorns than Sagittarius. It seems strange that the serious Capricorns are more true than the freewheeling Sags but I think that there is more than 1 explanation. Take the horns...for example. Venus and Mars should be considered, too. But, we know that Capricorns mind their status and position and the status quo. When they would like some more adventure, they wouldn't want to risk their mortgage, pay alimony and lose a reputation. That could be a reason to search for a secret date with an odor of 'decency' (instead of sex dates). Long lasting marriages can be boring, of course. Sagittarians would, perhaps, separate sooner.

The second sign on top of the list is Aquarius (adventure, something new) and second last is Scorpio (deeply true). Aries and Taurus are third. Of course, people are not sun signs and stats like these can't be used to accuse any sign of being untrue. There is more in a chart, and much more in a secret dater's chart!

It is an interesting study, because apart from a few famous examples we can't really know who is true, can we?

for the list of members and their signs with the names of the signs in Dutch.


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Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Moon, Sun-Neptune and Maddy McCann again

Yesterday it was New Moon in Sagittarius. This week (on Thursday) the Sun will be square Neptune. 
The New Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct the Sun of Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela. This promises hope for a new start. The solar return of Yulia Timosjenko however has an exact Sun square Neptune, showing delusion. The Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Sun wants us to always look on the bright side, even if you have to see things upside down, and that is where I will start.

We all have our own charts and ways to deal with the transits and cycle of the Moon. Those born with New Moon take good care of themselves and those who are in their heart. New Moons in Sagittarius have the Sun/Moon midpoint in Sagittarius, too. They will want and need space and hope for 'better' somehow, just like we all do these days.  The New Moon in Sagittarius can be the perfect moment to start making plans for the future. It is also the moment of taking care of your ischias or hip bones and not to overdo things, even though your enthusiasm wants you to. Sagittarius and Jupiter are symbols of 'giving advice' and not everyone wants to take it. So I spare you the details and do as Moon in Sagittarius does: pretend that all will be well in the end. The Sun/Moon Sagittarius is full of hope, but...

For some odd reason the negotiations with Iran take place in Sun-Neptune square periods, as if some astrologer is forcing the world leaders to chose the worse moment possible for a clear view, open eye and positive results. In November 2013 I wrote about the 'Sun-Neptune agreement' on my Dutch site Astromarkt (see: ) in a negative way a (like I should, taking Neptune's affliction in mind:). Again, even though the Moon in Sagittarius wants to see the bright sides, I have my doubts. But, of course, there is also a bright side on transits of Neptune, just follow the link.

PS I read that the police is interested in Robert Murat again (see as a witness. When people get very involved somehow (as a witness, as a victim, as the actor, as the investigator or as a suspect), we use to see connections between charts. See it in the 2007 post:

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bill Cosby's Pluto

Sleeping dogs wake up when Pluto hits charts. Bill Cosby is being confronted with accusations of rape dated 20 years or longer ago and the number of victims increases. Pluto is the ruler of his 8th house, the house of life and death, the house of sex and crisis. Pluto is all around in his chart today. When there are more than 2 indications pointing in the same direction, there is almost always a noticible event.* Here is the chart with transits and progressions for now:
Click and open to see the larger picture

1. Progressed Midheaven trine natal Pluto (aspect for a strong position)
2. Transit Pluto on Natal Midheaven (status or conditions changing in an intens way)
3. Progressed Mars is inconjunct natal Pluto (lost intense battle)
4. The 3 Plutonic aspects are accompanied by Transit Neptune square natal Venus (affairs)
5. Progressed MC semi square Uranus for controvery and news

Earlier, when the first rumors popped up, Tranit Neptune was inconjunct progressed Sun (extraordinary negative light).

The 3rd aspect (P Mars inconjunct Pluto) is especially strong because of the fact that there is a minor aspect between Mars and Pluto in the natal chars: Mars 112.5 d Pluto (square + half semi square). Minor aspects often signal the not so visible characteristics of a person that may have major impact at a certain point in life, like in the case of O.J. Simpson...

Mars-Pluto is often involved in cases of brutal force and the drive to master and win. Nevertheless, charts can't be used as a tool to tell if a person is wrong or right, as both victims, prosecutors and thos 'who did it' often share this aspect of the theme of intense drive and aggression in their charts. Circumstances, gender and conditions have to be considered as well.

Bill Cosby's Pluto is indeed challenging! The threefold presence of Pluto in his chart today tells us about a confrontatational crisis. Damage control may be needed or more... When Pluto is around and sleeping dogs wake up, you may have to defend yourself. It is not the first time that Bill Cosby's name is mentioned related to sexual assault. The first time was in 2000. And that happened to be with Progressed MC square Pluto. Here you see it:

The case of O.J. Simpson...(Quote: ' the chart behind the chart') with examples

* I say "almost always" because there are, always, exceptions.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Minor aspects, major effect and Kim Kardashian's transit Uranus

I like November, especially when I am in my house:). Outside it is stormy weather and it smells a bit like decay and rotten leaves. It is getting darker all the time.. So it is nice when there is something light and funny to talk about this time. It is about Kim Kardashian's behind, of course. Everybody is talking about that picture. So why not me? I wondered if there was a Uranus (typical this name) transit to explain the fact that the world is so obsessed about one woman's oily bottom. And of course, there was. It is a minor aspect and it is a special one. The quindecile (165 degree aspect) is the aspect of obsession and strong focus. The world has it's focus on her, right now. It is unexpected, it is controversial, people laugh about it and it is in the news. What more do you need to cry: Uranus? 

Kim Kardashian’s birth chart is AA-rated on Astrodatabank, so the time must be right. With that Pluto rising before the Sun, and Moon opposite Jupiter on the meridian, her chart 'covers' the popularity and fame. I wouldn't dare to point at the Ascendant for the behind, but it IS a Sagittarius Ascendant with Jupiter prominently on MC! Maybe you see more clues to the story. If you do, tell me, please. Here is the chart for you to see and calculate. Transit Uranus 14th degree Aries. Sun 29th degree Libra. 209-14=195-360=165. There you are.
Such a transit on the right moment makes me happy to use minor aspects. 


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Transit Jupiter and 6th house: happy with pets

When my puppy entered our house, transit Jupiter was trine my Midheaven from the 6th house (and I didn't pick that day on purpose).
Last time that I had a puppy transit Jupiter was conjunct my Ceres. In the solar return chart for that year Sun and Jupiter were conjunct Midheaven with Sun ruling the 6th house.
There are two more trines of Jupiter with my MC next year, but I don't plan to have more puppies.

I think that the Jupiter-6th house combination makes you happy about pets, the household, the daily routine or health. Maybe it is about pets in my case because of Jupiter in Pisces 12 conjunct my Ascendant. But I find it an interesting 'coincidence'.

Transits of Jupiter don't always promise BIG events. They just let you count your blessings. Actaeon wasn't really blessed. He was hounted by his own dogs after Artemis transformed him into a deer. O dear! I won't let that happen to me:)

and use the labels for more on pets or transits of Jupiter

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The many happy moments in a year

Heavy transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are most often long felt. Happy transits of Venus don't last long, but may have a long lasting effect when you realize that there are many of such transits. They happen more often than the transits of the slow planets. I just calculate mine for 2015 and I had more than 20 (!) happy transits of Venus (and Jupiter) in one year! And than I didn't count the solar transits (transit Sun conjunct or trine or... Venus or Jupiter). Long term progressions with Venus or Jupiter may be rare, but there is always the joy of the little things in life.

Right now, Venus is in Scorpio and that is a comfort and a joy for those who have the (progressed or natal) Sun, Ascendant, Moon or Midheaven in Scorpio, especially when the placement is in the same degree as Venus is right now.

And how about Jupiter in the 21-23 degree of Leo in November? Transit Jupiter may not always be generous with the kind of help that you want, but at least transits of Jupiter protect a person from more evil. There is always protection or good advice, a remedy or a something else that makes you more positive and happy than you were before. The Scorpio of November 13 has a solar return with Jupiter conjunct Sun, to guide him or her through the year. It is a positive starter!

In times of trouble the passage of Venus may be nothing more than comforting words or caress or a hot cup of tea that makes you feel better, for a while. It is a pleasure to have a transit of Venus when you go to the hair dresser or beautician, but you'll have to come back one day. Transits of Venus symbolize the 'mitigating factors' while transits of Jupiter symbolize the more profound helping factors. Jupiter helps, even when you are a dog. Recent observation: a homeless dog found a boss with transit Jupiter conjunct her Sun (born August 11, 2006, found a boss in the second half of  October, 2014!). On the other hand, I experienced transit Jupiter on my Midheaven twice when I became the owner of a new car. It is about improving conditions/status and contentment, even in bad times*).

All that it takes to fully enjoy the beneficial effect of transits of Jupiter and Venus is: to be aware of little things that make you happy and count your blessings.

Astrology, like statistics never works the other way. Sometimes nothing seems to have happened. Jupiter and Venus aren't Santa or Fairy Godmother. Their transits over your chart are just symbols for being ready for the theme of happiness and joy, even it that comes in the shape of a big fat ice cream or a tasting meal. But you CAN use the ephemeris and plan your party or wedding or celebration on those happy moments in a year. The transits of Venus and Jupiter, however, could also symbolize gaining weight after an overdose of fat and sugar, so be warned:).

Happy moments are to be cherished and remembered, because they help you get trough times of horror, death, illness and loneliness. So, even in dark hours, celebrate and remember life's happy moments. The transits of Venus and Jupiter offer an opportunity to do so.  There are plenty of those moments in a year. Just check the ephemeris!

*)  Recently a family member passed away with transit Jupiter on his AC/MC midpoint as if he was guided on 'the last voyage'.

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Restrictions, freedom and Saturn/Uranus

Today we remember that 25 years ago the European communist regimes started to fall with the Berlin Wall to begin with. Here is the chart for that moment. Watch Saturn conjunct Neptune (detachment, mostly involuntary and in this case: the end (Saturn) of an ideology (Neptune)).
Click, open in new window and make this picture bigger!
Very much in line with the event is the horizon. Ascendant conjunct Ceres (the importance of dynasty, genes, family) and opposite Saturn/Uranus midpoint (the midpoint of restricted liberty and the rebellion against it). 

Saturn/Uranus midpoint is now sesquisquare my Sun. A little black dog is sort of restricting my liberty, while I sometimes have to limit hers. See her protest below! And think of it: circumstances (political, economical, social) are the key to the way and the degree of restricted liberty. Mine is rather nice and probably temporarily. Hers will be less strict when she knows where to pee. And that is how transits go by. For many people in the world there is no freedom on the horizon. But it was on November 9, 25 years ago, for the people of the communist part of Germany. 

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Marathon, the Sphinx, Jupiter and fixed signs

November 4, 2007

This is what I wrote in 2007:

With 60% of the positions in the fixed signs on his birthday (29th October 1978 in Kapsaber, Kenya) Martin Lel is born to be persistent. That seems a good sign for a marathon man. 
Today he won the New York Marathon with transit Jupiter semi square to the Sun.
When you are a runner and transit Jupiter is in aspect with your Sun, you might win...That is because Jupiter means help, success, satisfaction and progress.

When you are a marathon man, you'd better have indications for persistence in your chart. Placements in the fixed signs are such indications. Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. They go on and on.

The famous Sphinx has a human head (Aquarius) and we see the lion (Leo), eagle (Scorpio) and ox (Taurus) in the sculpture.

Just a short post to point at the positions of Sun, Moon and Progressed Moon in the chart of Mubarak (still the President of Egypt, born May 4, 1928) and the eternal sphinx, the combination of all four fixed signs in astrology (see this link to Astrology weekly, about it)...Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. They share a strong will and persistence. President Mubarak has the Sun in the astrological tropical sign Taurus, Moon in Scorpio and at present the Progressed Moon in Scorpio and we can't accuse him of giving up immediately, can we?

In 2008 I wrote about Hillary Clinton and not giving up. Why not? Of course: her fixed signs!

Hillary Clinton won in West Virginia and she won't give up. This determination is not surprising. She has 60% of her placements in fixed signs (in her case in Scorpio or Leo). Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are in fixed signs. And now that we are looking at qualities and elements: she does not have any placement in an earth sign! It points at the need to gather material things, security, certainty. For more info...
An interesting view on the Sphinx and more symbolism:

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mars-Saturn-Pluto synastry (sinester?)

Ten years ago today, movie director Theo van Gogh (born July 23, 1957 at about 12:10 in The Hague, Netherlands) was brutally murdered in Amsterdam. His killer (March 8, 1978) had his Mars on the Midheaven of the victim and his Pluto on the Ascendant of the victim. Ergo, his Saturn was on the midpoint Mars/Pluto of the victim. This midpoint combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto generally warns for danger. But is that combination always so sinister?

Of course there was more in the case of Van Gogh.
Both killer and victim had an important Mars. The killer's Mars was out of bounds. The victim's Mars was semi square the natal midpoint Sun/Moon and widely conjunct Mercury.

When he died Theo van Gogh had transit Pluto square his progressed Mars and trine natal Mars. He also had the transiting ruler of the 8th house, Venus, conjunct his progressed Mars. This way, the old and new ruler of the 8th house in astrology were active.  On that specific day there was a more than average risk to get hurt or to die.
His killer was born on March 8, 1978 and 26 years old. He had the progressed Sun conjunct his Eris with transit Saturn exactly on his progressed Mars as a manifest of discord with an issue of death (and punishment). He serves life in prison.

There was a double dangerous aspect combination in the synastry.
1. The killer's Mars + Pluto with the angles of the chart of the victim.
2. The killer's Saturn on the victim's Mars/Pluto midpoint.

A few years ago I published a book about midpoint combinations in Dutch and I told the public that Mars-Saturn-Pluto combinations express:
"exhaustion, working too hard. There is a tendency to get into violent situation or to use violence. Wants to win in spite of resistance".
One more example:
Pim Fortuyn, a Dutch politician, was murdered by an activist whose Saturn/Pluto midpoint was semi square his Out of Bounds Mars. His victim had an OOB Pluto and Saturn conjunct MC, close to Mars and Pluto.

A recent third example was mentioned by Dr. Phil a few months back. 6 year old Max fell in a most peculiar way over the balcony at home, riding his little bike. After a period of coma, he died. Two years later his stepmother Rebecca Zahau born March 15, 1979, was found hanging from the balcony, with hands and feet tied. The police still thinks it is suicide and also that the death of the boy was an accident. Now where is the Mars-Saturn-Pluto theme?

The stepmother's chart has Mars opposite Saturn and biquintile Pluto. 
Max's chart (June 7 2005) has an out of bounds Moon, Mercury and Venus, with Mars trine Saturn and square Pluto. In 2011 his progressed Sun was opposite Pluto. 

Now the synastry: her Sun is conjunct his Mars. Her Sun is square his Pluto and trine his Saturn. 
click and open in new window for a larger picture

There is a strange connection between the two lives ended the unnatural way, their charts pointing at the danger of death and the synastry that relates the life of one person with the untimely death of the other. 

I am glad that my puppy's Mars/Saturn on my Pluto is the only nasty synastry between us:). Her Venus is trine mine. She bites a bit, though...
Please consider that any Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination is a warning, not an omen that  should be seen in the light of circumstances, characters, situations, genes, culture and all else that is more important than the warning in a chart. The exact time of birth is also very important. Such aspect combinations mirror what sort of thing might happen, but it depends on many factors IF, HOW and WHAT exactly will happen or HOW this combination influences a relationship. Or else, we would all die the same day! It also depends on the prominence of Mars, Saturn or Pluto and on the question if your actions might have a boomerang effect, I guess.
If she bites with those little teeth, again, I will tell her to stop!:)

Van Gogh was a director and an author. Both professions require creativity and style. It also takes the ability to 'direct' to be a director. Those qualities are in the chart:

1. His Sun is 'calling' (no Ptolemaic aspects in sign). That is for drawing attention and leadership.
2. Cancer on Midheaven with the Moon in Gemini for communications. 
3. Venus sextile Neptune and in minor aspect (75 d) with the Moon for the pattern of artistic talent, together with Venus semi quintile MC and biquintile IC. 
4. Jupiter in between Venus and Neptune for fans and followers
5. Mercury and Mars both connected to Sun/Moon midpoint highlights discussions and the 'sharp tongue'

70 percent of the placements in fire signs show the tendency to take risks. Mercury with Uranus/Pluto mirrors the sometimes radical opinion that was an excuse for the slaughter of a controversial newsmaker who also happened to be a loving father and an artist. 


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