Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Transit Jupiter and 6th house: happy with pets

When my puppy entered our house, transit Jupiter was trine my Midheaven from the 6th house (and I didn't pick that day on purpose).
Last time that I had a puppy transit Jupiter was conjunct my Ceres. In the solar return chart for that year Sun and Jupiter were conjunct Midheaven with Sun ruling the 6th house.
There are two more trines of Jupiter with my MC next year, but I don't plan to have more puppies.

I think that the Jupiter-6th house combination makes you happy about pets, the household, the daily routine or health. Maybe it is about pets in my case because of Jupiter in Pisces 12 conjunct my Ascendant. But I find it an interesting 'coincidence'.

Transits of Jupiter don't always promise BIG events. They just let you count your blessings. Actaeon wasn't really blessed. He was hounted by his own dogs after Artemis transformed him into a deer. O dear! I won't let that happen to me:)

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