Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Uranus for shock or 'shriek'? That is true! Personal examples? Here they are. Old ones and a recent one. And I have over a hundred examples of other persons, too, if you like.

In times of tension, transits of Uranus have presented themselves strong enough to be able to do a time correction for my chart.

1. With transit Uranus on 20d24 Sagittarius*) my father died. It was a shock. This shock tought me to trust astrology. Transit Uranus conjunct 20d24 Sagittarius had pointed at surgery and attacks. The doctors had said everything was fine now, but there was still one more hit to go...

2. With transit Uranus exactly square my Sun lately, there was a mouse in the house (shriek!). The mouse died.

3. And what happened on September 19 2008, early in the evening with Uranus 20d24 Pisces? I let myself fall down on my back in my hotel bed and misjudged the distance to the wall (boink!). It caused a slight shock of the brains called concussion, I found out 10 days later. As I did not exactly rest in the following days, the headage is growing still.

Uranus is also the symbol of astrology. In the intense and hectic times of Uranus'transits, I intensified the study of astrology. In the year of the death of my father I studied the relationship between the elements and aging (or not)**). I also 'discovered' Ebertin in that year. Isn't Uranus also the symbol of all that is 'new'?

When I hit my head it was the eve of the seminar with the famous astrologer Noel Tyl! Uranus is for shocks, shrieks and astrology as it seems... I had a wonderful time in Lisbon. Perhaps the góod side of Uranus is astrology and the bad side is all the rest:)

Uranus is causing upheavel, sometimes you become 'news' and often Uranus is making you nervous in times of tension. In those hectic times you might rush things and events, before time is ripe. Untimely and unexpected events are also part of the meaning of Uranus in astrology. It is the surprise that causes the shock. But there can also be an overload of insights (especially when you have a concussion, your brains need a rest!). Or, as the Waterboys sing in a song that perfectly fits the situation of a seminar about the 'stars' and a concussion:

You stretched for the stars
and you know how it feels
To reach too high
too far
Too soon
you saw the whole of the moon!

I did not see a moon, but I saw little stars when I hit the wall in that room 10 days ago! Saturday, October 4, the square of Uranus with my natal Sun will be exact. And there is a final 'hit' (sic...) in December. I am putting a helmet on!

More about Uranus?
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And 103 other examples of Uranus at work

*)20d24 Sagittarius should probably be the corrected Midheaven as it corresponds with my mothers'idea of me being born 3 minutes later than the official record says.
**) see Old the article about aging.


Where is Bernanke and where is the sound of Greenspan in the middle of the financial crisis in the USA (and the world)? Bernanke 'suffers from' transit Uranus square his natal Sun. So maybe he is in shock, too.
Last April he had transit Pluto semisquare his progressed Sun and Saturn opposition progressed Mercury. It would have been fortunate if he had transits of Jupiter coming up, but in fact it is transit Saturn who will be square his natal Sun soon. Will he step back in a few weeks time? Earlier Greenspan (and not Bernanke) warned for a recession*).

Today Bernanke has transit Neptune sextile Sun. In his natal chart he has Sun sextile Neptune. Discretion and silence are related to Neptune and to the position of Bernanke, who keeps a lot of secrets. Staying at the background and keeping quiet, doing what needs to be done, is perhaps the best thing to do when there is a financial crisis and you are the chief financials of the country's bank. The media (Neptune) seems to be soft for Bernanke now. In a Dutch newspaper they name him an expert on fighting this crisis as he studied the economical recession of the 30's.

Hard aspects always seem to hit harder than the soft ones. So it is in this chart. I read an explanation on Bob Mark's site about Uranus transits. He advices not to decide too soon during a transit of Uranus. We might expect a man in his position to have good advisors and to consider and reconsider before he agrees with the suggested solutions. Let's hope Uranus gives flashing insights and not just nerves.

Bernanke made it to the top of the financial world. Only his HOB could tell us if he might fall down right now. But it is certain that Saturn will be like a heavy load pulling him down, within a few weeks time. Saturn is the planet of business and taking responsibilities. That aspect of Saturn might be showing up shortly. Hard times are coming. And there may be little time to waste with a transit of Saturn.

Above you see the positions of his day of birth, the progressions and the transits. Bernanke was born in Augusta on December 13, 1953.

*) About Bernanke and Greenspan...

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Koo Stark, a NY actrice who once was involved with Prince Andrew, seems to be in financial trouble. I think her chart shows that there have been hope and faith or speculations (Jupiter and Neptune) with increasing challenging and serious life changing problems (Pluto, Uranus and Saturn). And now the spotlight is on her unbalanced status (inconjunction Saturn).

She was born April 26, 1956 and her HOB is unknown. When you look at her progressed chart you see Jupiter conjunct Pluto and both sextile progressed Sun this year, followed by a progressive trine of Sun and Neptune. Not bad, not? There is only 1 'but: she has a progressive inconjnction of Sun and Saturn. Does her prominent Saturn, retrograded to Scorpio, have such an influence? Apparently! (Or maybe sextiles are not as 'harmonious' as their reputation is? but that is for later...)

She has progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Saturn, too and that seems to be the problem. It is a retrograding Saturn. In her natal chart Saturn was in Sagittarius and 'calling' (not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). This prominent Saturn for prominent ambition has regressed now and is highlighted by the progressive Sun. Koo Stark is a photographer now. This 'astrological photo' of Sun inconjunct the calling Saturn shows that status is an important issue and it shows the decay of it in the spotlight of today.

Saturn related to Jupiter and Pluto might indicate the limits of 'the treasure’. Given these transits and progressions it is to be expected that her status and position is unbalanced and could be lost and gone (Saturn, inconjunction) and that there are big money issues (Jupiter and Pluto). Still, even in the mess of bankruptcy we find the help of the hotel manager (Jupiter!) who allows her to stay in his hotel until she solved her problems. That is the Jupiter effect. And there might be financial aid coming up, too. However, in due time transit Saturn will be sesquiquadrate her natal Sun and square her natal Venus. First Pluto, now Saturn..it will take a 'die hard' to overcome all these kind of problems. And then there is also the influence of transit Uranus. That planet will aspecting Sun and Venus later.

Of course there are more people who deal with these transits these days. Unfortunately Saturn and Uranus are aspecting the same degrees at about the same time. But Koo Stark also has Sun inconjunct Saturn in progression. She seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place these days. Remember that her personal and individual chart with the position of Moon, Ascendant and MC should be taken into consideration as well, but the general idea is that there may have been hope and faith or speculations (Jupiter and Neptune) with increasing challenging and serious life changing problems (Pluto, Uranus and Saturn).
How did that happen?

Koo Stark had breast cancer two times and underwent two mastectomies, in 2002 and 2003. Pluto was transiting her progressed Sun conjunct Venus at the time. In those years she founded 'Keep Abreast', an awareness centre. Maybe that is also when her money problems started (Transit Pluto conjunct Venus). The combination of her natal Sun and Moon in Taurus and Scorpio reflect money issues, as the dispositors of these signs are Venus and Pluto. For an act rice and model the mastectomies most have been even harder to deal with as for most women. Venus and Pluto in aspect (transit or progression) are challenging the value of aesthetics in general and force you to make difficult choices sometimes. In times of Venus-Pluto issues, money flows. That is another side of Venus-Pluto. More about Venus-Pluto...

Koo Stark and Prince Andrew shared the Moon in Scorpio and probably felt comfortable in each other’s presence. Her Saturn square his Sun, his Moon opposition her Mercury, her Neptune square his Venus and the absence of other compatibilities in sign didn't help to maintain the relationship. Andrew later married and divorced Sarah Fergusson. I wrote a post about the relationship and the match with Sarah Fergusson that you find HERE

Smooth operator with Mars in Pisces

Casanova was a superman who managed to impress a lot of ladies. He had and has a mythical reputation. He is a real historical controversial person who was very skilled in seduction and getting into trouble (and out again). He had Mars in Pisces. When Mars is in Pisces, action won't be direct. There will be persuasive action and energy to get things done. Mars in Pisces sometimes is a smooth operator, especially when Mars is 'calling'. And his Mars called him! There are no Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degree with his Mars.

I think his 'calling' Mars in Pisces, quindecile Pluto opposition Aries Point inconjunct the Ascendant is a perfect description of a sexually/agressively obsessed person with misbalanced behaviour in that matter. He lead a dangerous life and spent months in prison*). Casanova was manipulative. This manipulation goes together with Neptune square Ascendant (a double or dubious presentation).

Neptune and Pluto both aspected the ascendant and the midpoint Neptune/Pluto is sesquisquare MC: he had a mysterious way of doing things and actually made belief that he had occult powers for a while. And he is still a mythical person.

Pluto is on the cusp of the eight equal house (inconjunct the Ascendant) and Pluto is opposition Mercury. 'Let us talk about sex', that is the song that comes to my mind, when I see this. But, Casanova did not just talk, as it seems.

Should it be just coincidence that transit Saturn is now square his MC and opposition his Mars? There is also transit Jupiter sextile his prominent Mars. So let me end with saying something nice about the man:). In everything he did, he was an artist. He wrote part of a libretto. He was the son of a violinplayer and his mother was acting! He had an artistic background and music is in his chart. His Sun/Moon semi square Venus and square Uranus tell us that he is in heart and soul a diplomat with artistic aspirations. Undoubtly, Casanova was an artistic, creative person (Venus<>Neptune, dispositors of the Midheaven), Sun/Moon with Venus...
Maybe the 4 planets in Pisces in the first house (Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter) opposition Pluto say enough about having an enormous succes with his stories about passion. It is because of his stories that we know him up till today. The 'calling' lack of placements in air signs may have contributed to that**)
Still, it seems that his adventures were not invented or just fantasy, but real experiences.

See his picture with bedroom eyes and his CV in Wikipedia.
He doesn't look like attractive males of today. For the charts of those males, see:
Post about Happy Valentine (David Beckham)
Actors and politicians and Rudolfo Valentino
Actors playing James Bond
Chart of Brad Pitt

*) Saturn quintile Uranus, ruler Ascendant could be related to his escape from the prison of Inquisition after 15 months of imprisonment. The midpoint ASC/MC is related to Jupiter and Saturn for ups and downs.

**)See my article on Astromarkt

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Paul Newman died today with transit Jupiter conjunct Ascendant in a period of a changing progressive sun sign (for a change in life or way of living*). In his natal chart Jupiter is in the 12th, conjunct his Ascendant**). Jupiter is the symbol of the doctor (help), of happiness and the symbol of travelling (passing away). The presence of Jupiter in times of death is not uncommon when suffering ends. See the chart drawing below for more transits and progressions at the time of his death. Click for more about the natal chart and life of Paul Newman

*) Sometimes, in certain circumstances or at a certain age, the progressive sun changing sign terminates life as it was before.
**) At important moment in life (such as death is, for example) natal aspects are being 'activated' by transit or progression. Jupiter-Ascendant with Jupiter in 12 could be considered as a 'way out'. In the study of Ken Gilmore ('Who will survive?')Jupiter on the Ascendant is present in the chart of the survivers of a shooting. They were close to a way out (a door or a room). I have Jupiter on the Ascendant and most of the time in public situations I sit at a place with space (end of the table) or near a doorway. The 'way out' seems to be one of the meanings of the Jupiter-Ascendant combination.


John McCain has transit Uranus exactly conjunct his Saturn, ruler of the 3rd house of communications. Experts in my country say that he lost the debate and Barack Obama won (but they are most of the time in favor of Obama). Generally this aspect changes status quo and John McCain may want to start all over with his strategy of communications.

Obama had transit Mars (ruler of the 3rd equal house) sextile Uranus, dispositor of the ASC, and square Saturn (12 in 12) for an attempt to change the status quo. He also has transit Saturn exactly inconjunct his progressive Moon for unbalanced worries.

When you see those transits, it looks like there is no real winner or loser, because there is no sign of triumph on either side. Both sides claim victory, however.

Again, the Saturn-Uranus combination that is so obviously dominating the chart of Election Day, is present. It is repeated in the charts of the candidates.

More about Saturn-Uranus pattern... and the chart of Election Day.
I found an article on Astro Future trends about the issue of Saturn-Uranus, too.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


The financial crisis forces the president and the possible presidents-to-be to come together and discuss a solution for the future (the next presidential period). It seems to be the only way and the chart of George W. Bush looks like he will succeed in his efforts to save the nations' economy.

October 4, that is the day that George W. Bush will have transit Jupiter exactly opposition Sun for a success with question marks, but still: a success. It might be the rescue of the Western economy. In his solar return chart we see Jupiter on the Midheaven opposition Sun. So it is an important issue. Help is on his way.

This is the final year and these are the final months of his presidency. He cannot leave the country 'behind' in a state like this. And he probably won't because Jupiter is also trine his progressed Sun, inconjunct his Progressed Pluto and trine his progressed Venus. That seems to be a good sign for helping (Jupiter) with a lot of money (Venus and Pluto).

It makes me believe that Western economy will survive, in the end. Let's keep in mind, that it will be a long run till Jupiter will make a good aspect with Pluto and trust (Jupiter) will be restored (Pluto) again. In fact, that might take some (about 3,5) years. Nevertheless, there are fortunate aspects with the natal and progressions of Bush.

As president Bush is the political leader of the nation there might be hope for the USA's position with those transits. But then, how does the crisis show in his chart? Hmm,...Transit Saturn - for worries - in his second house! The next president will have transit Uranus in the second house (Obama) - for 'casualities - or transit Pluto - for challenging problems - (McCain). Those are slow moving transits. Whoever the next president may be: he will have to deal with financial changes. A lot! The second house blues is a lengthy song.

about loudness in music
and how it sounds in the chart

What big organists (example of the workshop with Noel Tyl in Lisbon) and heavy metal drummers have in common is hitting the material hard, to produce loud music. Classical loudness is produced by organs and kettledrums. In pop music the loudest music is heavy metal, even louder than hard rock is.

Now what makes a musician do heavy metal or hard rock (apart from not being the romantic kind of beautiful guy)? The force and power of the beat must be important in the chart of the musician. And it is there! I found 3 good examples of it in the charts of 3 members of Iron Maiden. The name refers to a rather obscure object for torture and perhaps some of you have tortured ears listening to heavy metal or hard rock:)

1. Mars in Scorpio quintile Pluto in the chart of Nicko McBrain (born June 5, 1952 in London). He is the drummer of Iron Maiden and uses (Mars) force (Pluto) in a creative way (quintile). He was converted to Christianity in 2000, when his progressive Sun changed sign to change his way of living.

2. The singer of the band, Bruce Dickinson born August 7, 1956 in Worksop) doesn't have to use force, but still has Mars trine Pluto and Saturn (in Scorpio). The singer is usually the leader of the band. That is why he has a 'calling' Sun semi square Aries Point. The Moon might be square Saturn and conjunct Pluto to express the hard emotional confrontations.

Mars and Pluto are needed when it takes real power to 'do it', that's clear, even without hours of birth. Nicko and Bruce both did heavy metal...

3. How about Dave Murray, born December 23, 1956? We see Sun trine Pluto and an oriental Saturn. With progressive Sun 75 degrees away from Neptune he quit school and started his career in music, playing the distorted guitar. Mars in Aries trine the oriental Saturn gives him the energy to strike hard:) Had he not had the poor background that he has, he could have become a cricketer and of course now that he has the money, he has become a cricketer for fun. Sun square Jupiter and trine Pluto made him fanatic enough to study daily until his strong fingers good handle the guitar as he does and the physical strength to perform in loudness on stage.

Probably there are more examples of loudness in music indicated by Mars and Pluto or Mars and Saturn or Saturn with Pluto, like in the chart of Ludwig von Beethoven (born 16th December 1770 in Bonn). He had Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn semi square Aries Point and Saturn inconjunct Pluto. You might consider his music as rather loud, compared the music of other composers. And perhaps the prominent Saturn and Pluto contributed to that. He didn't produce loudness, he made others produce it. Perhaps that is why Mars is not involved directly. Beethoven didn't need muscles to write his symphonies.


Would we immediately have considered him to be a stuntman and magician? And if he lives long enough, will he be doing these kind of ‘magical performances’ all of his life? Probably not. So let's get back to where reading charts should start always as we cannot (IMO) make a difference between a person and the job that he does. Not when it is an unusual job like this. Characteristics sometimes lead you to the job that you have. So let us see how the elements, the combination of lights and Ascendant with the tightest aspects, the prominences (Astro ID) and specific midpoints, quintiles or yods lead us to the complete picture of David Blain.

We see a self promoting active male (Aries Sun and Moon) who is basically expressive (airsigns and firesigns). He does not create things, doesn’t produce matter; no, he expresses or communicates. Still, his activities cannot be done without preparing, imagination and keeping it a secret how he does it (the twelfth house for discretion and vision). It is the kind of man who needs seclusion or being anonymous sometimes.
(And a fact is that he has himself buried alive from time to time)

Conclusion: an expressive, materialist/realistic, self promoter in the field of the anonymous/ amorphous.

Astro I.D.:
In his chart 'material' (business) is calling! He has got no placements in earth signs, so material security is 'conspicuous in absence'. Read the article on Astromarkt about this effect. Without basic security a person is eager to earn money and very ambitious.
(This ambition might drive him to take the risks that he takes).

The prominent Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus make us think of an inventive person, and of opportunities in life. The Moon adds the need to do something (Mars) special (Uranus). All in all the Astro I.D. points at a person who is above all successful in enterprise (Mars and Jupiter), who has a call for making a difference (Uranus).

: an ambitious person who needs to do something special.

- Sun/Moon opposition a planet is what I call a 'midpoint yod' and the planet is the apex of the combination. Again we see Uranus is a prominent position, pointing at the ruler of the tenth equal house, calling! and final dispositor of the MC. This man just has to be special! But there is a certain danger: the combination with the sesquisquare with Neptune...The combination could indicate philanthropy, but it is also a sign for sudden weakness in case of taking the risks that he takes. This combination is dominating the chart of Klaas Bruinsma, the late Dutch top drugs dealer.

- Saturn, ruler Midheaven, square ASC /MC makes us aware of the ambitions of David Blain.

Conclusion: an ambitious, inventive and very special newsmaker!

Total conclusion: the birth chart of David Blain shows an ambitious and special person. We don't know much of his background, but certainly what he does is one of the ways to be very special.

Janduz called the 23rd degree of Capricorn (the degree of his MC) a degree of danger. The 7th of Aquarius (Mars in his chart is there) is a degree of vulnerability. The 8th of Aquarius (Jupiter in his chart) is a degree of inner independence (the book of Koppejan has the picture of a gladiator fighting a lion for this degree). Fifteen of Aries (his Sun) has the picture of a man who is fighting against the danger of drowning and that reminds me of one of his stunts. It is amazing (...) that 4 out of 10 of the positions has an element of danger and courage in it. I think it is amazing and worth pointing at it.

Birth chart of Evil Knievel,stuntman
Astrology chart of David Blain - part 1-
David Blaine's site to watch his video's.

a most peculiar man with a prominent Uranus

On India Divine I found an HOB for David Blain, the illusionist and/or stuntman who has just completed a period of hanging upside down for 60 hours (only interrupted for food, toilet and medical check).
When you consider what he does, it is mostly: impressing the people, stunning them, confusing them in acts and putting his body at risk. It is not supposed to be good for your health to hang upside down, to stay in the water until your skin starts dropping off or to have an icy stay in a cocoon for days. He started as a magician, but now he is performing with his life at risk. He must have an amazing good health. He is different from other magicians or illusionist. His business (Capricorn MC) is to make a living with EXCITEMENT (prominent Uranus square MC) and the amorphous (Neptune, symbol of mysteries). I will explain more about the chart and in a second post I will do a reading from the start to show you how every way leads to controversial adventures.

The birth chart of David Blain tells us that he is a self promoting person full of enterprise who needs to get material security. The tightest aspect combination in his chart is with Mars-Jupiter-Neptune, referring to doing a successful job in the world of fantasies and illusions (including religion, movies and chemical industries) and to being happy in spite of wasted energies and infections. In my Dutch book 'AstroTrio' I name two popes as an example of this combination. Popes and actors have in common that they have an audience with vision, fantasy or beliefs. Note that part of the Mars-Jupiter-Neptune combination is on top of his chart! He is above all a man with a lot of energy.

David Blain is as amazing and exciting as Harry Houdini was in his days. Houdini had Uranus on the descendant. In the chart of Blain, Uranus is 'calling'(not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) and square his MC. Uranus is the symbol of excitement and surprises. So it does not surprise astrologers that he needs to amaze the public and to be different from the rest.

Jupiter is on top, with Mars in Aquarius (for technical inventiveness!). Mars is 105 degrees away from Uranus (again the techniques!). Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are prominent in this chart for being inventive in a successful way.

Secrets, mysteries and discrete actions are often related to Neptune and Pluto, like in the charts of Robert Houdin (Neptune oriental), Criss Angel (Neptune oriental) and David Copperfield (Neptune and Pluto tightly connected to the Midheaven). Neptune is semi square Midheaven in the chart of David Blain. Neptune is also sextile Jupiter, 15 degrees from the MC. And Neptune is close to the cusp of the eight house (the house of Pluto). Neptune/Pluto is square Mars (ruler of the Sun and Moon, on top with Jupiter).
Pluto impresses with a biquintile with the Ascendant (creative way to be an authority). He combines a profession that takes secrecy and mystery with a creative way to impress others.

In 1999, when he first started to do stunts, he had progressive Sun square Jupiter. Jupiter promisses growth, success and progression. His solar return chart for this year has Sun, Mars and Jupiter angular. Next year, Uranus will be square his solar return ASC, all the way down in the chart. His progressive Sun is going to be inconjunct his prominent Uranus in the year to come and that is another warning. His will to be someone special in his field (Uranus) might be done with a lot of 'but's'.

Today he has transit Saturn inconjunct the natal Sun. Maybe someone can ask him to take better care of himself? How long can this be going on, taking more and more risks, one performance more impressive than the other? In a few years time his progressive Midheaven changed sign. Perhaps that is a good moment to start another kind of business.

David Blaine's site to watch his video's.

PS about Uranus
When I had Transit Uranus square my natal MC and progressed Ascendant the surprise (and shock) was that there was a mouse in the living room.

Uranus in the shape of a mouse:)

Part 1 of the reading of David Blain's chart

50 year old and getting married

On the 19th November 2005 I wrote:
Today Albert of Monaco (born March 14, 1958 at 10h47 a.m.) became officially the Prince of Monaco. A range of transits and progressions accompanies the coronation.

Transit Pluto tightly square Sun
Transit Saturn square Vertex
(of course the death of his father initiated this moment
Progressive Sun square Venus and soon sesquisquare Saturn (for the responsibilities)
Transit Mars conjunct progressed Sun (to act)
Progressed Venus tightly semi square progressive Sun

The Sun is on top of his chart and in Pisces and that seems to fit a man in his position, drawing the constant attention of the media.

Now I read that he is about to announce his plan to get married (at age 50!). It is not his first relationship (he even has children), but it will be his first official marriage. Venus in Aquarius square Neptune and opposition Uranus. And Saturn in the 7th, square ruler 1 Mercury. Conflicts between the 1st and 7th house and/or their rules, conflicts between Moon or Venus with Neptune and hard aspects of Moon with Saturn are (in the charts of males) indications for having more than 1 serious relationship with a woman and so does a conflict between Mars and Uranus (he has a quindecile). The multiple indications for divorce may have kept him from marrying sooner (and prevented divorce).

'Sources' say that he will shortly announce his marriage. He is to marry Charlene Wittstock, born 25th January 1978 in Southern Africa. Her Sun is tightly square his Neptune (his Sun-Neptune is sesquisquare), her Pluto trine his Ascendant and her Mars square his Jupiter. Very soon transit Uranus will be conjunct his natal Sun. What does it mean? It means that they might see each other with pink glasses on, that she has influence on his behaviour and that they probably will have children. His life will be changing now and there might be just one little scandal in the end of his bachelorship before he settles down. Uranus is full of surprises, always...And Uranus is dispositor of his Midheaven, so very important for his position in society. An official marriage will of course improve his position and status. The conjunction is the symbol of the fresh and surprising (Uranus) start. And that can be at any age!

Birth chart of Grace Kelly, mother of Albert of Monaco

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

with transit Mars oppositon Sun

Dogs are like family. When a dog has to go to hospital, the family is worried. Chelsea is my son’s dog, but I consider her my 'grandchild':) She is energetic, all Aries (Sun and probably also her Moon), and looks amazingly young (her Venus in Gemini?). And she loves to travel (Jupiter oriental). Lately, in Switzerland, you could watch her smile. She does not like other dogs, except for male hush puppies with deep dark voices. But she just loves children, as all Dogues de Bordeaux do.

And now she is in hospital. Tuesday, early in the morning, my son noticed that Chelsea was unable to move her legs. She was shaking all over. It seems to be polyartritis. This all happens to her with transit Mars opposition natal Sun, so it seems the doctors in the veterinarian hospital are right and there is some infection. The doctor said that Chelsea is in an amazing condition for her age (9, 5 and the average age of a Dogue de Bordeaux is 8, 5), has a strong heart, a good skeleton and bright eyes. She only has that silly arthritis. A quick glance on the Internet tells me that arthritis is usually linked to Gemini. Hmm...Maybe it is her Ascendant, because she is rather intelligent and communicative. Chelsea can communicate by telephone, knows who she is talking to (really!) and expresses joy, sympathy, or irritation. She uses me as an intermediary when her boss does not want to do as she wishes soon enough. I guess we communicate that well because her Mercury is square my Venus.

Wonder why my son wanted her? Her Venus is trine Neptune and both are related to his (and my:) Moon! Moon, that is were her home is. We hope she will be back soon. In the meantime: read all about the signs and your dog on my site Astromarkt:)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Just got back from a weekend in Lisbon. It is a beautiful city and unlike my country now (where it is raining and 16 degrees) it was sunny and warm (>25 degrees). Still, it was a COOL weekend:) with a world famous astrologer who is righteously proud to be one and an international group of devoted astrologers, gathered for a seminar with Noel Tyl!
Noel Tyl explained the examples in his book 'Vocations' and answered all sort of other questions. His vocational profiling method is unique. I enjoyed the concept of it, and so did the rest of the group. Most of them were students of Tyl, willing to become 'the best astrologer they can be'. The organizer, Ana Cristina, recently graduated, did a splendid job and was awarded with applause. Obrigada!

Here above you see the chart of the moment of the seminar. From the importance of Venus and the Moon you might guess the majority of women in the group (LOL!:)

Thinking about Lisbon: there was an earthquake in Lisbon in the 18th century. I wrote a post about the chart of that moment (click for the link).

For documentary 'Natalee Holloway'

The Emmy Award received by Peter R. de Vries, the Dutch crime reporter (Case of Natalee Holloway), yesterday, shows the importance of transits over progression. These are the transits over the natal positions:

transit Uranus conjunct his prominent Mars on the MC
transit Neptune still within orb square the Natal Sun

And where was the award? Here it was...

Transit Jupiter*) trine progressive Midheaven within 10 MINUTES of orb
Transit Saturn trine progressive Sun

The transit of Neptune square natal Sun refers to the negative publications in the Netherlands about the way the documentary was made and about the (little) effect it had. No arrests have been made since and there is still no vital evidence against Joran van der Sloot. The body of Natalee Holloway remains missing. Because of retro gradation of the planets the same combination as in February is active now, now that he is being rewarded for the documentary that he released in February 2008. At the time he was invited to come to the USA and his documentary was shown on American television. As he said yesterday: 'They seem to appreciate this in the USA'.

There is more about the case of the missing American girl and suspect Van der Sloot in the post about missing people. I wrote:

"Another case of missing persons is that of Natalee Holloway. She vanished after a wild night in the Caribbean. Suspect is Joran van der Sloot, but there is no body to proof that Natalee is death, even. I mentioned in the article about sharing aspects this:

"He is born August 6, 1987, Willemstad. She is born 21-10-1986 Birmingham USA. He was the last person who saw her alive, it seems. As he suspected his and her faith are connected and so are their charts. Apart from the fact that his Mars squares her Pluto and Venus (...) they share:
- Sun conjunct Mars (he) and Sun square Mars (she)
- Sun square Pluto (he) and Sun conjunct Pluto (she)
- Both have Mercury conjunct Venus
- He has Jupiter sesquisquare Saturn, she has the square"

When she disappeared Natalee had transit Mars semi square Mars and sesquisquare Pluto, activating the dangerous Mars-Pluto connection in her natal chart. Joran had Pluto conjunct Uranus that day and sesquisquare Venus. He also had Mars sesquisquare Pluto. So coincidentally they had the same sort of transit on the same day, added with the aspects they already shared. Joran van der Sloot remains a suspect and was recently arrested for the second time, without any results. On December 8, 2007 they released him for the second time."

Above is the (at the time with HOB unknown!) chart with the progressions in February/March 2008. You also see this chart of Peter R. de Vries in the former post about him and more in an earlier post about Peter R. de Vries.

*)For those who are not familiar with the interpretation of planets and their transits: Jupiter is almost similar to success. And to 'travelling and international'. Jupiter seems to perfectly express the USA Emmy Award for the Dutch crime reporter. The investigations that he does on television (the public eye) are nicely symbolized by Neptune/Pluto opposition Aries Point, Neptune dispositor of the Midheaven in Scorpio ruled by Pluto.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Astro.com man...

Alois Treindl is the founder of Astro.com (Astrodienst), the most famous website in astrology land. Thanks to his efforts we are able to make free charts on his site. Just like in the chart of Walter Pullen Jupiter is a prominent component of his chart. Today transit Jupiter is trine ruler 10, Saturn. A good moment to say thanks for what Astro.com offers.

Let us have a look at his chart.

He was born 7th March 1950 at 9h15 in Regensburg, Germany with Sun opposition Saturn, Mercury/Jupiter on top and Jupiter also oriental and semi square Sun/Moon, the midpoint of 'heart and soul'. Uranus square Aries Point is end dispositor of the MC-routing. That brings us to Jupiter and Uranus, the combination for astrology (an avant garde conviction:), confirmed by Jupiter's position in Aquarius. Uranus is the first planet to be 'touched' by the Ascendant on his day of birth.

Alois Treindl combines technological knowledge with spirituality. For that spiritual influence we see his Sun as the Apex of a Yod with Neptune and Pluto, and of a midpoint yod with Neptune/Pluto, too.

And about his Saturn square MC
(just like George W. Bush)

The position of Gordon Brown has not been easy from the start and is even uneasier today. His natal Saturn, ruler MC, square MC seems to have the same effect on him and his nation as Saturn square MC has in the chart of George W. Bush. Like GWB he manages to remain in function. And like George W. Bush he managed to be in charge of a nation. How did he manage? And will he step back? If he does, he will do so in good conditions. A vital change might save his position, but: there are always ‘but’s’ and ‘however’s’ in the chart and life of Gordon Brown.

On the 17th May 2007 , when he became a prime Miniser, I wrote about Gordon Brown:

"His Sun is inconjunct Saturn in his chart and I wonder if that is a good position for a man in charge. His ambitions might not catch up with his health or he cannot combine leadership with administrations and control. He is first of all a man with ideals (Neptune is oriental) and his calling Jupiter will make him want to travel, publish and 'be international'. Mars is now opposition Saturn and at the same time semi sextile the Sun in his chart and sesquisquare Pluto soon. It seems there is a hard struggle going on or a lot of work to do. At the same time Jupiter is making a trine with Progressed Pluto and square to Progressed Nodes. Pluto on the other hand is square his Progressed Jupiter. It is easy to see the successful combination of Jupiter, Pluto and Nodes (the party). Gordon Brown was born in Edinburgh on 20th February 1951".

On May 2, 2008 I continued:

Now I know that he was born at 8:40 a.m. in Giffnock.
And now there are serious doubts about his abilities and transit Saturn is opposition the natal Sun (activating the Inconjunction of Sun and Saturn in his birth chart). Also the progressed Midheaven (changed sign seven months ago) is about to make contact with the Sun inconjunct Saturn (end of August till in October).
His progressed Sun sign will change in about two years time and again there will be (progressed) Sun inconjunct Saturn a year later.

Today, Gordon Brown seems to be in even more serious political trouble and he lacks support. His natal, progressed and transits at fist sight seem to be contradicting the reports in the papers. We see Progressed MC conjunct Sun. Transit Jupiter and transit Pluto are on either side of the natal Midheaven (Transit Jupiter/Pluto = MC).

Progressed MC conjunct Sun however is, due to the natal Inconjunction of Sun and Saturn, also a progressed MC inconjunct Saturn! I guess that there must have been and still are ‘but’s ‘and ‘however’s’ in the life of Brown, always. Yet, he became a prime Minster. Let us keep that in mind. Saturn is the dispositor of his Midheaven and square Midheaven. Saturn is opposition Aries Point. Brown is very ambitious…His Jupiter is calling (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) and Neptune is oriental. The angular Uranus is crucial. We see 4 very important planets in his natal chart: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Transit Jupiter is now inconjunct natal Moon, so that he will experience support, eh…but…not without however’s and but’s.

It is funny that just like in May 2007 he is helped by Jupiter and Pluto, now. Today, those two planets are in opposition with Uranus on the IC. In other words: Uranus = MC = transit Jupiter/Pluto. That is a combination for successful changes of the status quo. And maybe a complete transformation is what he needs to save his position. Another possibility is that he manages to step back under very fortunate conditions.

Gordon Brown seems to know how to survive crisis with the help of supporters in the party. But with Saturn square Midheaven in his natal chart he has the same difficulty as George W. Bush has in his chart and the disadvantages of the top position are clear for both. And that makes his period in government a difficult one, not only for himself, but also for the people. The chart of a leader, of the man in charge, is important for the situation of the people who depend on his successes. In modern times less than in the middle ages, but still...

The chart you see was produced on the site of www.astro.com

PS October 4: Gordon Brown rearranged his team...See under 'Jupiter and Pluto'... he did it again!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Thanks to Walter Pullen for everything that he does to promote astrology. He offers free programs like Astrolog and various insights and tools! I am happy to have found such a person today. He is the good news in astrology world. As it happens, transit Jupiter is conjunct his ASC. So time for a tribute, is not it?

Walter Pullen was born November 19, 1971 at 11h01 a.m. in Seattle with an oriental Uranus on top of the chart. Uranus not only symbolizes astrology but also technology. Mercury conjunct Venus and Moon sextile Uranus are his tightest aspects, so that he is good at communications and has a feeling for technology and astrology.

There is a lot of Sagittarius in his chart (50%) and Jupiter is conjunct the midpoint ASC/MC . He is truly spreading the word and publishing, is not he? Jupiter is also the final dispositor of the MC-routing and strong in Sagittarius, sextile the prominent Uranus on top. A very interesting 'case' of generosity with astrology.


On the 11th February 2007, I wrote*) on my site Astromarkt:

A new chief commander in Iraq has been asigned: general Petraeus, son of Dutch immigrants and born in New York on 7th of November 1952. He is a Scorpio with Sun opposition Jupiter, both related to Aries Point (an international leadership). Mars is opposition Uranus in his chart and that seems to make him the right person in a conflict with terrorists and rebellion. Within a year his progressed Sun will trine Jupiter and make him succesful, if his HOB will not prove otherwise

I still haven't got his HOB, BTW.
Today I read that his job in Iraq ended and that he will be in charge of the Central Command (for military operantions in the Middle East, the Gulf region, Africa and Afghanistan). Petraeus did a successful job. He is seen as the man who prevented a civil war in Iraq and as a great military strategist. Even Hillary Clinton praised Petraeus. That was in March. It seems that Petraeus has been as successful as his progressed Sun trine Jupiter promissed him to be in the year of his command in Iraq. This progressed trine confirmed the existing Sun-Jupiter aspect in his natal chart.

*) Just Google 'Astromarkt Petraeus' to get on the right page.

Independent and as cool as it gets

Venus in synastry is the planet of sympathies and kindness. Venus sometimes is important in the connection between the charts of men. Karl Rove’s Venus in Capricorn is in mutual reception with Saturn in Libra. That brings business and cool facts into the world of sympathies and joy. Venus-Capricorn-Saturn is also the combination that we find in the charts of attractive males!
It gives him a realistic and somewhat cold approach when sympathies are involved. And in business he will be a diplomat. Karl Rove is in the news again and Venus is of importance in that matter. In matters of sympathies Rove knows how to keep his head cool.
Let us see what his Venus does with Obama and McCain.

Karl Rove's Venus is inconjunct the natal Sun of Barack Obama (sympathy, but...) and the Venus of Obama is opposition the Sun of Rove (question marks with sympathy). The Venus connection maybe contributed to Rove’s statement that McCain had gone too far with sleaze ads. There is no such Venus connection with the chart of McCain. McCain's Venus is opposition the Node of Rove (question marks with good teamwork). Rove's Saturn is conjunct his Mercury, his Pluto is inconjunct McCain's Saturn.

Karl Rove is the controversial advisor of George W. Bush and I noted once 4:14 a.m. Denver, December 25, 1950 for his data. His Sun is sextile Jupiter, square Saturn and sesquisquare Pluto. The midpoint combinations with the MC are Sun/Mars, Mars/Saturn and Pluto/Node for hard confrontations. ALL of his planets are afflicted and harmonious aspects are rare*). The tightest aspect is Sun sextile Jupiter, however. I see that as another indication of the validity of narrow aspects. He DID improve his life and have success, whatever political opinion you may have about him. At the time of the Bush campaign it was said that Karl Rove was the man behind the sleaze ads of those days...

Karl Rove did not have an easy personal life and yet managed to get on top of the USA administrations. That is maybe the effect of hard aspects. They force you to move on. But it sure was the effect of the fact that Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are prominent in his chart.
See Jupiter angular (on the IC). Jupiter is inconjunct Saturn (for the hierarchy and the disadvantages of success). Mars is calling!, inconjunct Uranus (for special efforts and a short circuit). And notice that Pluto is on top of this chart. Politics, money, influence and power above all...The combination of Mars calling, Jupiter angular and Pluto on top is the combination of Mars-Jupiter-Pluto, a success combination! Pluto is the Apex of a midpoint yod with Mars/Jupiter for another success combination.

With Uranus on Sun/Moon we get the confirmation of the fact that he is a controversial person, independent and ahead of the others. In this specific matter of sleaze ads, his words come as a surprise and Uranus is full of surprises.

His relationship with George W. Bush seems to have been one of forcing an opinion to each other. They share an aspect between Mercury and Pluto. Mars of Rove is on the Ascendant of Bush. And Rove's Venus is there again, opposition the Sun of Bush. That is the other way around of the Sun-Venus synastry with Obama.

Rove's progressed Ascendant is connected to Jupiter right now, so that the way people see him (Ascendant) is improving (Jupiter), but mid January 2009 he will have the progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn. Should that be an indication of Republicans losing, I wonder? Anyway, this aspect will make him lose control or status somehow. Notice that he has Jupiter inconjunct Saturn for ups and downs or are they downs and ups?

*) Sun sextile Jupiter, Venus biquintile Pluto (both tight) and a wide trine of Jupiter and Uranus (valid for a longer period of time)

Monday, September 15, 2008


In the Saudian newspaper al-Madina a member of the supreme board of clerics demands death by the sword for the TV-astrologers, say a few western papers. It seems to be a fatwa against 'sorcerers', black magic and predictions. The demand includes the program makers.

Since all over the world programs with paranormal advisors are called 'ASTRO TV' astrologers are associated with magic and glass bowls. I don't know if it helps to explain the differences. In most religions astrology in general is forbidden, too, according to interpretations of the books. Scientists also disapprove of astrology. Nevertheless I know of priests and vicars and of scientists who study astrology.

Here are the sources:
Arabian business
Gulf news

Sunday, September 14, 2008


ONE YEAR AGO, on September 15, 2007, I wrote about Grace Kelly.

Received 09/15/2007 14:25

Grace Kelly (Princess Gracia of Monaco since her marriage) lived from November 12 1929 (Philadelphia 5:31 a.m.) untill a stroke combined with a car accident killed her on the 15th September of 1982 at age 52. There are several expositions these days in her rememberance.

Jupiter in the eight house of house of life and death; Uranus - planet of the unexpected - in the 6th equal house of illnessees - and most prominent Neptune - planet of the movies, rising before the Sun; these three are not aspected by major aspects and you see how these prominent planets indicate the highlights in her astrological I.D.

Her birth chart shows that she was an actress. See the oriental Neptune, unaspected (calling!). And see the Moon in Pisces in the 5th - also indicating the importance of becoming a mother (for the dynasty in Monaco)-. Pluto is the end dispositor of the royal Leo MC and that points at the prominence of politics, power, sexuality, influence AND her death in her life.

The way and the time of her death is indicated by the birth chart, the progressed chart and the transits. In her natal chart Sun and Pluto are connected to the Ascendant by quindeciles. Sun and Pluto trine.
This is telling us that she had a rather easy 'passing' or 'transformation process' due to unforseen circumstances.

There were the following indications at the time of death:
- Jupiter and Venus inconjunct Uranus (luck combined with an accident);
- Mars semi square the progressed Sun (injury or attack);
- Mars conjunct Saturnus in the progressed chart (death);
- Progressed Mars and Saturnus trine the progressed Neptune (blocked energy);
- Progressed Jupiter in a sextile with Uranus (relief, swift change);
- The progressed MC in a hard aspect with the midpoint of accidents: Mars/Uranus...

The chart of Grace Kelly is below. (source data: Astrolab).

Accidents and astrology

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Attractive modern entertainers and actors, (those males who know and use their appearances), often have the hot planet Venus in a cool sign like Virgo or Capricorn. And they have Saturn in aspect with Venus or the Ascendant. We admire them from a distance. Males with closer contacts with women have more placements in Taurus and Libra. Examples? Read on...

Take Obama. Barack Obama is good looking. His prominent Venus (square Aries Point) is sesquisquare his Ascendant. He is however not 'cool or sexy' in his behaviour. He does not earn a living with being beautiful, does he? Not like Brad Pitt does, or one of the James Bonds. The James Bond actors all have indications for the strong, cool man (Pluto, Saturn, Capricorn, Mars-Saturn). One of the Bonds, Sean Connery has Saturn on the Ascendant in Capricorn, even.

The beauties among the men have the same cool appearance and know how to link beauty or appearance to business (ASC or Venus with Saturn).Brad Pitt has Moon and Venus in Capricorn (for being 'cool'), Justin Timberlake has Venus in Capricorn in mutual reception with Saturn. Robert Redford has a Pisces Ascendant AND Saturn in the first house. Robert de Niro has Venus in Virgo, opposition Saturn.

JFK had Venus trine Ascendant and the Moon in Virgo. That was cool and charming enough and people found him attractive. There was no connection with Saturn. He did not make a living thanks to his looks.

It seemed to be a nice theory. Then I noticed the charts of GWB and Bill Clinton. Did women find George W. Bush attractive, I wonder, with Saturn on his Ascendant ('cool')? Or did his status attribute to the reactions of the ladies? George W. Bush is not ugly and he is distant enough to be cool and under control.

Bill Clinton however, did not have any cool aspects or signs. His name will always be named together with the name of Monica Lewinsky and cigars. Taurus and Libra are the diplomatic and nice signs. Taurus and Libra are sensual signs.

We admire the beauty and charms of those who are on the screen and beyond reach. In the beginning of the (soundless) movies, it was important to demonstrate feelings and passion. A cool person would not have impressed the public in those days. Drama and over-acting was needed because the expression was all they had to tell the story. In a love story, it was needed to see the warmth and the passion! That is why they had a Taurus + Libra Valentino, for example.

Rudolfo Valentino, the sexy man in the age of the silent movie, was not cool at all. He had Venus in Gemini, Moon in Libra and Libra Ascendant. In his movies you see him melt away all women just by looking into their eyes. That is what happens when Venus/Mars is in aspect with Zero Aries and Ascendant...passion!

This is the chart of Valentino:

There is a lot of good taste, love and sweetness in his chart. Venus is right between Jupiter and Pluto for success with the ladies. There are no positions in fire signs. Mars is in Cancer, conjunct Jupiter in the tenth house. When he was a teenage boy he tried to become a soldier but his chest was too small...

For romance we find Moon in Libra trine Neptune. He is good looking and charming and seems to be romantic at first sight. Venus in Gemini made him marry twice. The first time the marriage lasted one night only. The lady was a lesbian. He was not divorced yet when he tried to get married for the second time. He was arrested for bigamy!

Posts about elections, charts Obama and McCain

Thursday, September 11, 2008


What is a feminist? Can a housewife be one? Can an independent woman not be one? To find the answer I studied the charts of 3 well known women in the world of women's lib and compared those with the chart of Sarah Palin. I found a lot of Aquarius and Aquarian influences in all of them! So how can Aquarius/Uranus mean democrats? That is another post:)

Betty Friedan died on February 4, 2006, age 85. She was born on February, 4, 1921 (no HOB available). I took a look at her chart to see if she compared with Aletta Jacobs, the first female student and doctor in my country. She was born 9th February 1954 in Sappemeer and she never married (she had a ‘free marriage’ and Venus septile Uranus). She received many threats in her life. So did her family members.

Today I read the blog of Gloria Steinem on LA Times.com, about Sarah Palin. It was written with passion. Gloria Steinem isn’t an Aquarian, like Betty and Aletta are. She was born on March 25, 1934 in Toledo USA at 22 hours, an Aries, with Venus in Aquarius square the Scorpio Ascendant. Gloria used to be a journalist and her first job was undercover playboy bunny:) With Venus square Ascendant a person sure looks good enough to do that! Venus’ position goes together with a Moon on top in Leo. Saturn is the oriental planet. Could the combination of Moon/Venus and Saturn indicate ‘women’s business’? With Mercury and Neptune in mutual reception, as end dispositors of the MC, her carreer was disposed of interaction between writing and vision or fantasy.

ALETTA was a realist and had energy at any level, since she had 50% of her placements in earth signs and no placements in fire signs. Jupiter was her oriental planet, Pluto was calling, so that the combination for success was prominent inher chart. She remained financially independent al of her life as a doctor in one of the first openly LAT-relationships in the middle class.

Betty Friedan was different. She, like Gloria Steinem, had the Moon and Venus prominent in her chart and the Sun was semi square Zero Aries: leadership.

It is not easy to find mutual agreement in the charts of these three important women and of course: feminism is not a vocation. Much of what they were doing depended on the situation, the time, their class and their gender.

Betty Friedan was a political activist with Marxist background. Aletta Jacobs fought for her individual right to be a doctor (and distributed means for anti conception). Steinem is still active and involved in politics (she votes Obama now) and was driven by the remembrance of her mother’s illness. Different women, different lives, different charts but united in the way they ment something for women’s lib! Was that on purpose? Because I see another thing that they have in common. They had a carreer of their own in times when women used to be a housewife…

Aquarius, in spite of what people want to believe now that the Age of Aquarius is near, is not the sign of liberty and freedom for all. It is for independence, and independence makes us free. But only if we want to. And it does not mean that others are equal to us and should be equally free, either. Some will always be more equal than others!:) Sarah Palin is an Aquarian. She is not a feminist.

Sarah Palin has a lot of placements in Aquarius, among others: Sun and Moon. She has the Moon oriental, just like Betty Friedan. Venus on Aries Point draws attention, just like Steinem’s Venus. She can support herself and has a carreer of her own, even with 5 children. But she is definitely not a feminist, says a feminist. Or is she a very conservative feminist? Who knows. She manages to live the life of a mother and a top politician and only she knows how. With that, she seems to be the vivid role model of a liberated woman! She is an exception in the conservative world that she lives in. And that is typical for Aquarius: being different.

In my article about basic astrology on my site Astromarkt you find a rather harse characterisation of Aquarius:

You show having Sun in Aquarius by:
- being just a little different from the rest (of the family or neighbourhood)
- openly having another opinion than the group has
- revolt against suppression
- hearing, seeing and smiling (silence is not your style); being observant
- not showing emotions soon or trying to prevent it
- having to change everything every time
Like Placido Domingo, Neil Diamond and Oprah Winfrey, also Aquarians.

Moon in Aquarius: You have an independent soul and you sure do not like being obligated to have family meetings and so on. You may know a lot of people, but you keep a certain distance when it comes to emotions. Sometimes you have the nasty feeling that you can laugh about your own misery. As a mother you are more of a friend and sometimes distant, too. You seem to care more about situations far away or abroad than about those close to you.


A few days ago I posted about how to predict winners or losers in an election, thinking about the general meanings of successes and lost. But today I found Planetlines.com and the very insightfull study they did about winners or losers in elections. I added this to my previous post:

PS dated September 11, 2008:
On Planetlines I found an interesting study about transits with the Sun and winning or losing elections! Ken Irving found that to become a president a candidate needs a Ptolemaic aspect of Saturn with the Sun.... The only problem is, that neither Obama nor McCain will have a transit or progression of Saturn with the natal Sun:( any more. I guess that promisses exceptional elections...However, McCain HAD that transit.
Sarah Palin has transit Saturn inconjunct Sun in that period and that is a minor aspect.

And BTW, following the rules of Irving, it is a good thing that Hillary Clinton did not become a VP, since she will have transit Jupiter square Sun just before Inauguration Day...Jupiter does not seem to be of help to be succesful at all (so Nobama) and Neptune should mean scandall and not winning (Sarah Palin...), while Saturn at the beginning of the election period (even a conjunction or square) will mean that this person is gonna win (and McCain had that!).

Very interesting stuff, mind provoking, highly recommended!

The fallen dancing Minister

Matt Brown, an Australian Minister had a parlimentary party and danced in his underwear on a couch, drunk. That seems to be enough to lose a job.
A newspaper found out and published it. Brown denied inappropiate behaviour towards a female worker at the office, but agreed that he made a mistake. The Australian mentions that Prime Minister Rees forced Brown to step back. It seems that Brown did not tell the truth immediately, and that Rees started making phone calls with those who attented to the specific party. And: what were the transits?

Transit Uranus is conjunct Sun. Uranus' transits often involve 'being in the news'...There are also transits with the progressed chart: Transit Jupiter inconjunct P Mars and Transit Saturn square P Mars. Saturn is the symbol of endings and an inconjunction points at a loss.

Look at the chart of March 10, 1972 (when he was born). Mars is inconjunct Uranus and sextile Sun. A perfect combination for acts on impulse. Afflictions of Mars with Uranus and Venus with Neptune (he has an inconjunction) are specific in the charts of males who have more than 1 serious relationship.

Matt Brown is only 36 years old. He is rather young to end his carreer for good this way. With the Moon in Capricorn for ambitions, rising before the Sun, he will probably be back soon, somewhere. Pluto is tightly trine Saturn and that is the combination for the die hard in politics.

Seen in the light of my prior post (about Saturn and Neptune) I find it interesting that Matt Brown has Sun quintile Saturn and quindecile (105 d) Neptune with Sun sextile Mars, however. Does this indicate losing control (Saturn-Neptune) at work (Mars)or giving up a job?


It may not be a hot topic, 1989, but yesterday this year drew my attention. It was a very important year. It was the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was the year of a new episode of the Internet. And it happened to be the year of the Saturn-Neptune conjunction, too. That combination of planets seems to be involved with Internet and communism.


There are several historical moments related to the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989.

1. Minister Schabowski said at 18:53 hours, in answer to the question of a journalist, that the borders should open at once ("Dass tritt nach meiner Kenntnis ...ist das sofort, unverzüglich"). Hot news and that is why Uranus is right on the Descendant.
2. At 21:30 hour people started to cross the border. They lost their passport if they did,however. The MC is conjunct Jupiter (for joy, international, travel) opposition Saturn and Neptune.
3. At 23:30 hour Pluto is on the IC (opposition MC). Pluto is the most prominent planet of the day already, strong in Scorpio, sesquisquare Aries Point and oriental (rising before the Sun). At 23:30 hour the first Eastern German is allowed to travel and cross the border and allowed to get back if he wants to.
4. The official timing was supposed to be on November 10, at 4 a.m. That is with Chiron on the MC and Jupiter on top.
The event chart above is the chart of 23:30 hours and shows the changes this way:

1. Sun in Scorpio semi square Uranus and Sun 22.5 Uranus/Pluto; a day of frustrating changes and an impuls
2. Pluto's position (oriental, sesqui square Zero Aries and crucial (angular) for a prominent change
3. Jupiter opposition Saturn (orb 36 minutes): travelling (Jupiter) with limitations (Saturn) and a question of moving
4. Jupiter opposition Neptune (orb 23 minutes): question of ideological conviction
5. Saturn conjunct Neptune (orb 13 minutes): start (conjunction) of fall(Saturn) of an ideology (Neptune)

The aspct of Saturn conjunct Neptune comes back with an interval of about 36 years. Before 1989 that was in 1953, the year that the Russian dictator Stalin died. That ended a period of severe supression. In the year 2026 it is time for the next Saturn-Neptune conjunction. The opposition of Saturn and Neptune was in 2005/2006. That was when Angela Merkel became the prime minister of Germany. She grew up in Eastern Germany! It seems that Saturn-Neptune conjunctions and oppositions are related to communism.

Neptune is the symbol of ideology and belief, the collective and all things that go 'beyond', far or 'without limitation'. Saturn's symbol could be that of the fall and the end (of a period in time). The conjunction is the aspect of the beginning. Jupiter in opposition with Saturn/Neptune adds joy.

In 1989 ARPANET stopped and the Internet became the standard for the world wide web. In 2005 (Saturn opposition Neptune) the second fase of WWW, Net 2.0, started. Web 2.0 will somday end the need to have personal software. It will be available on the Internet!

In personal charts a close aspect of Saturn and Neptune often refers to illnesses, if not your own, than of illness as an important issue in your life or carreer. When you compare that to the way Saturn-Neptune combinations effect the world, you could see same resemblance (the decay of a system). Noel Tyl tried to describe Saturn-Neptune in a positive way. In Solar Arcs even Tyl speaks of 'suffering, losing focus, giving up, denial, depression' etc.

Still, I have seen Saturn-Neptune being mentioned in connection with the Internet, as well. That might be because of the unlimited business or because of the viruses that circle the net:)

If in close aspect (within 1,5 degree) and if Saturn or Neptune has a prominent place in the chart (for example: angular or oriental) the issue of illnesses could be important in your life, just like losing focus or control at some moment in your life.

In 1989 Saturn was conjunct Neptune within 1.5 degree of orb at different moments between mid February and December 6. That was also between November 1952 and Septembder 1953. See your efemeris or Astro.com for the right moments and positions.

Movie of the wall on Anywhere