Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Princess Estelle's fairy tale chart

This is about the chart of Princess Estelle of Sweden, born on February 23, 2012 at 4:26 a.m. in Stockholm. She is the first granddaughter of the King of Sweden and supposed to be the Queen one day. She was born with the Sun square the midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven so that her star will shine...It is a midpoint combination for a leader or someone drawing attention, and she will, of course. She will be in the center of the attention, wherever she goes.

There is something special about the chart. The natal chart has no tight squares, not within 5 degrees of orb. That means that there might be a tendency to choose the easy way out and avoid conflicts. However, there is compensation for that. There is a minor aspect (Mars quindecile - 165 degrees- Uranus) telling us that she might be impulsive, have a short fuse sometimes and is prone to taking risks (driving fast, for example). The Mars-Saturn-Pluto midpoint combination also tells us that it is good to be careful and take precautions. But for the rest: it is the chart of a fairy tale princess. 

Fairy tale princesses are basically beautiful, kind and romantic even if they are Princess Fiona in Shreck. Estelle will be a fairy tale princess, too. She will be charming at any possible level (that is because Venus doesn't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees: Venus calling!). Maybe even, she will have a special kind of beauty (that is because Uranus is 'calling' too). An overdose of passion (Venus inconjunct Mars) and a romantic/idealistic approach of life (Neptune rising before the Sun) in combination with the Sun and Moon in Pisces make her a very sensitive person when it comes to love and emotion.

Anyway, she is a princess, so she will be the kind of person that we see in magazines and newspapers or from a distance. In fairy tales they often show up in a tower, with the knight or hero looking up at her. In reality we watch them in magazines, on tele and in the papers: from a distance. The 26th degree of Sagittarius on her Ascendant seems to be related to illusions and... bravery when it comes to defending the nation. 

Here is the natal chart:
See the Bernadotte Chronicles on the site of Kjell Pettersson for all about the Swedish Royal family

Chart of the King of Sweden, Carl Gustav, here... and about the period with Saturn square his Sun... His name is also mentioned in the post about April Taurus (and Jupiter-Pluto).

See the post about Victoria's wedding here...

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Friday, February 24, 2012

The transit 150 degree aspect alert

The aspect of 150 degrees (quincunx, or inconjunction) is the kind of aspect that is mirroring lack of balance. I don't think that it is a nice aspect. When I see it coming, I consider it as a alarm bell ringing.

See the examples here and on my site Astromarkt: the quincunx is an aspect that doesn't offer the chance to act and do something about the situation. I am not surprised that I found so many unpleasant inconjunctions in the charts of people in trouble. You see, the 150st degree is related to the 8th and 6th house cusp. The eight house is the symbol of all about 'issues of life and death' (but not only that). The sixth house is the symbol of illnesses (and more). The challenging themes of those house are reflected in the way that the inconjunct transits and progressions show up whenever there is a crisis (8th house) or whenever someone is due to give up the daily patterns and schedules (6th) because of being ill (6th again). Even when there is joy, an inconjunction shows what had to be given up or what was the price of joy.

One inconjunction doesn't make a winter (just autumn:). But, when a person has more than one inconjunction by transit or progression, especially with Saturn or Pluto or Neptune, weaknesses, deficiencies or stress might cause illness or simply a retreat from daily business. That is in particular a risk at a certain age. But even when you are young, you can't endure to many hard transits and/or progressions at the same time and certainly not when they are inconjunctions.
In 'The reflections of difficulties' the example chart receives two inconjunctions with more afflictions. That makes it hard to remain standing in difficult times.
The chart of Prince Friso at the time of the ski-accident that caused serious brain damage, has 3 inconjunctions of which 2 between positions of Mars and Uranus.
I recently noticed 2 inconjunctions and 1 quindecile in the chart of a person who can't continue to live as before because there was lack of balance.

When I had transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Mars it was like an energy drain and I was ill. I think that I was lucky not to have a second inconjunction at the time. Whenever I see such an aspect coming my way, I take care care and more care (but I can't avoid it all). And I also know that the quincunx or inconjunction points at the result of something that was already out of balance before I noticed that I was getting out of balance.

Astrology sometimes helps. I wouldn't take a risk if I had a double Mars-Uranus inconjunction by progression or transit. But that is me. I wouldn't go bungy jumping either. An inconjunction with Jupiter could make me fat, but I prefer that instead of an inconjunction with Saturn, Pluto, Uranus or Neptune. A diet with an inconjunction of Saturn might harm you because you eat to little. With Pluto you might get hurt because of your own fanatism and stress. You can see it coming, but can you stop it? It all depends on situation and character, I suppose. Anyway, I am planning to take the weekend off for astrology and restore the balance after 'throwing bread crumbs' on my site (a job of a few hours). Happy weekend to you all and if you are in times of inconjunctions: see what weighs more to get back that balance in your life!

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See Astromarkt for the quincunx or inconjunction in the natal chart or for  obese in the chart.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The reflection of difficulties

In times of trouble the transits and progressions are reflecting the situation. The chart of Princess Mabel (the wife of Prince Friso, who is in hospital in serious condition and still being kept asleep) is no exception. I count over 18 transits and progressions in this period, as I already mentioned on my site Astromarkt (in Dutch, just translate using the bar...), including those with asteroids like Orcus and Pholus. Her progressed Sun is now conjunct her husband's natal Sun. Transits with his natal Sun are also transits with her Progressed Sun. This sort of relates her life experience to his, stronger than ever. 

The main aspects are:
- Transit Pluto inconjunct Ascendant
- Transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Sun
- Transit Neptune opposition progressed Mars
- Transit Saturn almost conjunct progressed Moon
- Transit Uranus conjunct natal Moon

When there are more than 2 difficult transits you may expect difficulties. Inconjunctions are sometimes shocking. Neptune is reflecting the misty situation. There are a lot of indications for the present, unhappy times.

Update: press conference of the hospital in Austria with bad news. Serious brain damage might keep her husband in coma for long if not ever.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Progressed Sun - what it is and how

I can see that someone is desperately seeking information about how to calculate the progressed Sun on this blog. By the time that I finished this post it will probable be to late for him or her, but maybe it is a good idea to tell some more about the progressed Sun, because I often use the positions in the progressed chart (next: what is a progressed chart....but later...). 

I have written about progressed Sun before, on this blog:

HOW TO FIND YOUR PROGRESSED SUNOn this blog there are several examples of the effect of changing sun signs that you can find by clicking on the label 'changing sun sign'. If you don't have the means to calculate a chart, go to to find the degree of your Sun. Every sign has 30 degrees. If your Sun was in the 15th degree at birth (that is when you are born around the 7th of the month), it will take the progressed Sun about 15, 45 and 75 years to move into the next sign. When you were born on the 23rd of the month you will be about 30, 60 and 90 when your progressed Sun sign changes. 

Also visit: about progressed Sun aspect where you find this:

The progressed Sun is the position of the sun x day after birth for x year after birth. The new position of the sun creates new aspects (distances with a meaning) with Moon and planets in the natal and progressed chart. Those aspects of the progressed Sun create a new situation or state of mind. 
And still, that is too simple if you want an exact date for the progressed Sun to change sign or for calculating an aspect between progressed Sun and natal or progressed positions in the chart. If you want to do it by hand (and who wants that?!:) you use the time of birth and an ephemeris. Every (about) 4 minutes later than ephemeris time (noon or midnight) is (about) a day earlier in real time. So if you were born at 1.00 a.m. the notification in the ephemeris for your day of birth is meant for your day of birth minus 15 days. And if you were born at 23h55 you'd better use the position of the next day (in a midnight ephemeris, I mean) and take those positons for you day of birth + one. Are you still around?:) I am beginning to long for a computer program! 

Now what do you do with this new day-month found for Greenwich Time and ephemeris time? This new date enables you to quickly calculate the next aspect by using the aspect table in the ephemeris. For example, when there is an aspect on your day of birth at 2:30, then it takes about 37 days after the new found ephemeris-date or table time to complete that aspect (2.5 x 60 = 150 /4). Computers and machines can help you to find the exact moment. And I am happy with computer calculating programs and the free charts provided on the internet, because I know by experience what it takes to calculate by hand! 

Found a pdf about calculating secondary progressions by Robert P. Blaschke. 

You can also go to for more about Progressions! Or buy a book about calculating charts. It is good to know what a chart is. Another word for these kind of progressions: 'secondary progression. The movement of the Sun, Moon and planets in one day provides a preview of the developments in one year. 

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The accident and the chart of Prince Friso (with update)

UPDATE: today, August 12, 2013 Prince Friso died in The Hague

earlier: press conference of the hospital in Austria with bad news today (February 24, 2012). Serious brain damage might keep him in coma for long (if not forever). 

Today is a sad day for Dutch Prince Johan Friso and his family. Prince Johan Friso (or just: Friso) was born on September 25, 1968 at 8:48 a.m. in Utrecht (Netherlands) as you can see in the video. His mother is Queen Beatrix. The geboortecertificaat (Dutch for Birth Certificate) is shown in the end. Special thanks to AstroLogics for mentioning this video! 

The Prince was the victim of a snowslide or avalanche, covering him for about 20 minutes. He is now stable but still in danger. And the doctors aren't able to tell us what will happen next. It's of course a horrible situation for the royal family. Here you see the natal chart and transits, the progressed chart with transits and progressions and the event chart (12:15 this afternoon in Lech, Austria) with the positions of the day of birth of Friso. 

The earlier post was about the special effect of aspects in the natal chart being repeated by transit or progression. This accident happened with a double transit/progression between Mars and Uranus. They are the most important planets in the chart, as Mars is 'calling' (not aspected) and Uranus is rising before the Sun. That makes Mars and Uranus prominent in this chart. Together they are often involved in accidents and when injuries occur. Here:
  1.  Progressed Mars is inconjunct natal Uranus. 
  2. Transit Uranus is inconjunct natal Mars. That is a double inconjunction. 
  3. There is also transit Saturn semi sextile Progressed Mars AND Progressed Uranus. Mars-Saturnus-Uranus is the combination of the serious accident or incident. There is even more...
  4. Transit Uranus opposition Progressed Uranus and 
  5. Transit Uranus opposition natal Sun...
  6. Transit Neptune on the Progressed Ascendant. 
  7. Transit Pholus sesquisquare progressed Ascendant (Pholus is also in aspect with his mother's Ascendant and opposition the Progressed sun of his elder brother William Alexander) and 
  8. Transit Pholus square Jupiter. 
  9. Transit Chiron inconjunct Midheaven (the third inconjunction, sign of a loss of balance). 
  10. The event chart's Ascendant and Midheaven are inconjunct the Neptune and Pluto of the Dutch Prince.
  11. Saturn is not far from the Ascendant and conjunct Progressed Mercury.
It is a long list of unfortunate transits and progressions for a man who went out in the snow when there was a high risk of avalanches. An accident never comes alone...

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ring! Your chart activated...

When transits or progressions are between planets and positions just like in your natal chart, there is a stronger effect. That is natural. For example: when you are a dreamer, you will be more disappointed to find out that real life is not like in the movies.

Speaking of dreamers...When you have a natal Sun-Neptune aspect, you will strongly notice the Sun-Neptune conjunction of this weekend. There is 'Neptune' in the air and you were born when Neptune was being highlighted by aspect. You could use this weekend to get a clear view (if possible, with Neptune) of your ideals and dreams. Maybe you will have more vivid dreams this weekend. I had (and they were very strange!).

A progression or transit of Neptune with your Sun will have a stronger effect for you. You are a 'dreamer' with that aspect in your natal chart and that part of you will be highlighted during such a transit or progression. Those who don't have a major or minor aspect between Sun and Neptune in their chart (and who are not a Pisces), won't be disappointed as hard as the Sun-Neptune person will be when the dreams don't come true or the ideal failed to be an ideal. It is logical, because when you are not an idealist or if you don't have a romantic view of life, you won't be surprised that dreams are only dreams.

An example of Sun-Uranus resonation in today's news: Christian Wulff was the German President until he was forced to step back after a lot of fuss about abusing his position. Transit Uranus was sesquisquare his natal Sun. In the natal chart, the Sun is semi square Uranus. The transit 'sounds' like the natal aspect. That gives a much stronger effect. Say that Sun-Uranus is the aspect of the outsider (one of the possible meanings). Transit Uranus in a frustrating aspect with the Sun  resounds 'alienation'. He is no longer part of the scene. A Sun-Uranus affliction in a VIP's chart often brings the person in the news (and rarely in a nice way).

A Venus-Uranus example:
Someone with a Venus-Uranus conflict in the chart will be very tense and ready for love during a transit of Uranus over Venus or a transit of Venus over Uranus. That is because this person was born with a love for anything that is exciting and new. Uranus is mirroring excitement and Venus is mirroring fun. The transits will be stimulating to go out and seek the excitement. When you don't have a Venus-Uranus aspect (minor or major) you might want to buy a new gadget or have fun, but it won't have the same impact. You'll not fall in love that easily!

When you consider the impact of a transit or progression, have a look at the natal chart first. Well, you always do, don't you?

PS This Sunday (February 19, 2012) the Sun is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Babies born on that day will also have a Moon rising before the Sun. They will be sensitive and able to create their own world of dreams and illusions. May they use this to give us the opportunity to step out of the treadmill from time to time to keep us going.

Also visit: for example about
or Sun-Neptune or
Neptune in Pisces.

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Transit Mars square Sun

Transit Mars was subject of an earlier post, but I have an addition to what I said about the cutting, hurting and injuring...(here: ). Here is a 'diary' example for you showing Mars as the symbol of being assertive, fighting for your 'rights' and giving the drive to stand up for yourself. The positive side of Mars is that he doesn't want to compromise for ever...

This week, exactly on Valentine's day and the day after I had transit Mars in Virgo in the seventh house, square Midheaven (first) and Sun. It turned out to be a border conflict with the neighbors who planned their fence in our front yard. They did it in the back yard last summer, and we didn't ask them to remove it because it was only 10 meter long and 4 inch wide (1 m2 in total, still a few hundred euros here, though), but we should have, because they did it again. This time we were in time. They had just begun to construct it and said they didn't see why it was a problem for us. Now, thanks to transit Mars, we stood up for our rights. Thanks, Mars! It is a pity, though, that the fence has become the vivid picture of the wall between us now. And it was such a nice and peaceful and lovely Valentine's we had to be assertive, yak!

More about neighbors erecting fences on your land (so many:) and what to do next:

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sun-Pholus, Whitney Houston and Obama

Pholus keeps me occupied:). It might be because transit Pholus is almost conjunct my Sun and Midheaven and because Pholus is conjunct my midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven and Mars in my natal chart, but Pholus makes me curious. Maybe you got interested, too?  Here is something about Sun opposition Pholus, Sun-Pholus synastry and Sun-Pholus progressions regarding Whitney Houston and Barack Obama. It seems that Sun opposition Pholus might be mirroring the catalyst, turning your life upside down. 
Barack Obama had transit Pholus opposition progressed Sun when J.F. Kennedy was murdered and he said later that this moment changed him. He wanted to become a president like his hero was. (See about the retrosprective impact of Pholus:


Have I already mentioned the importance of the Sun-Pholus opposition in the chart of Whitney Houston here on Astropost? I guess that I kept this for astrology&love, my other blog. But it is rather important now. You see, Whitney Houston died February 11, shortly after transit Pholus on her Midheaven. She had Sun opposition Pholus (just like Barack Obama) and once married a guy who’s Sun was conjunct her Pholus. His name was Bobby Brown. Quoting myself:
She might risk ‘ shooting her foot’ more often and he is the living proof of how she did that. On the other hand, he may have been the catalyst of some inner and outer process that we are unaware of. Who knows..And perpaps things are even more complicated. Bobby Brown says that she introduced him to cocaine! Anyway, the complications of their relationship are reflected by the complicated aspects between their charts.”


Or, more important, just like Obama’s Pholus in 13d28.2 Aquarius will ‘hit’ you when your personal planets or angles are in tight aspect with that degree. Just like Whitney Houston, Barack Obama has Sun opposition Pholus. The aspect perfected in the first year. Barack Obama’s life certainly has an important turning point early in life, when his parents separated because of his father’s move to Harvard University. (They divorced later). An inconjunction between his progressed (SA) Sun and Pholus followed in 1993. That is when Obama joined an attorney law firm as an associate. The summer of 2005 brought transit Pholus on his natal Midheaven and this was during a vital move to Chicago (See Wiki:” Applying the proceeds of a book deal, the family moved in 2005 from a Hyde Park, Chicago condominium to a $1.6 million house in neighboring Kenwood, Chicago.[288]”
That seems to have been a turning point for his career…

Susan Boyle has Pholus on Midheaven and we all know how her position and status turned upside down, all of the sudden. When the show that was to be broadcasted in April was recorded in January 2009, she had transit Pholus trine her Sun and her life started changing. That is another signal that Pholus is important when you look back at the moment that transit Pholus hit your chart. In this case: recording in January, famous in April.

Just read Astromarkt for more about Pholus:

Choose Obama in the labels to see more about his chart.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Another lucky winner's chart

Like a lot of people I’m interested in lottery winners and their charts. Not just to see if I make a chance, but also to see what their charts have in common. I have already studied a few of these charts (see Astromarkt: and I noticed that there are a number of similarities in the natal charts of lottery winners. The most important was that they all have midpoint - or aspect combinations of Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.As Jupiter-Uranus is the combination of the sudden windfall, this must be the key aspect. Jupiter-Neptune is the combination of speculations. And that is not all. A lucky fixed star and a lot of trines complete the picture.

This new lucky lottery winner’s chart was provided by and has an A-rating. We see the same kind of combinations in the natal chart as in the charts of the earlier study. Have a look:

1. Just like the other winners he has a Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune combination (Sun square Jupiter and square Uranus and biquintile Neptune). This is a combination for those with hope, believing in sudden change. Probably that is what it takes to buy a ticket!

2. There is more. He has a prominent Mars in Sagittarius (opposition Midheaven), mirroring the Mars-Jupiter aspects of the other lucky winners (a positive attitude?).

3. Also, ruler 5 (Saturn) is in the 9th house. The combination of the houses 5 and 9 are just as lucky as the combination of Sun and Jupiter. This relationship between 5 and 9 is important. On the day of the lottery transit Jupiter on the 5-9 Saturn resonated the natal lucky position.

And I like to add that the midpoint Jupiter/Uranus is square the midpoint Quaoar/Pholus. This happens to all persons born in the same week and can’t be more than an addition. More individual: Venus/Jupiter midpoint on Midheaven promises social advancement.

On the lucky day we see more than just one lucky aspect! Here they are:

1. A 5-9 houses combination
Transit Jupiter was conjunct ruler 5, Saturn. Remember that the 9th and 5th houses are the lucky houses? The fifth house is the house of games! This is the transit that resonated the natal 5-9 relationship.

2. A Uranus influence for surprising change
2 a Transit Uranus opposition the progressed AC/MC: surprise, excitement!

2.b Progressed AC/MC = natal Sun/Moon to indicate an important development regarding motivation and life style.

2.c Transit Uranus is also opposition Sun/Moon (an indication of sudden change).

3. Joy!
Transit Venus and transit Jupiter were inconjunct Moon to indicate an extreme joy. Transit Neptune trine Moon makes it a fairy tale lucky moment.

4. More change…
Transit Pholus inconjunct MC and semi sextile Moon: a joyful turning point that completely alters the position.

5. More fortune and joy…
5.a Progressed Jupiter square the Sun (on his way): fortune ahead…

5.b Progressed Sun 75 degrees from Venus is a minor aspect that tells us about a wish coming true.

6. He won on a day with transit Sun opposition his Jupiter (oh happy dayJ.

There are even more aspects, but it seems enough to mention the above.

So, you have to have a lucky natal chart AND lucky transits/progressions. And that's not all. In order to win millions you need to buy a ticket at the right moment. This lucky winner did that. That makes him what he is: a lucky winner. 

PS Now I wonder about partners winning a lottery. Does it take two lucky winners’ charts and two very fortunate progressed charts and transits if you are married? Because if one chart is up and the other one is down (read that post...) how can they both be lucky winners...


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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The affairs in the chart of John F. Kennedy

This week Mimi Alford published a book ('Once upon a secret') about her affair with President John F. Kennedy. What in his chart tells us that it would be hard to keep his marriage promises? There are (at least) four reasons:

1. His chart has more than 2 indications for divorce and it was his first marriage.

John F. Kennedy’s Moon is square Venus and both are semi square Neptune. That means (see chart) that Neptune is in the middle of Moon and Venus. Neptune with Moon or Venus is one of the indications in a male’s chart for divorce (the third indication is Mars afflicting Uranus; also watch the afflicted Venus in Gemini for flirtations). Moon with Venus and Neptune is a great combination for an artist, a painter for example. There are many examples on Art&Astrology. The other side of this combination might be a need to have affairs, a desire for romancing and dreams about ideal women. Men with Moon in conflict with Venus could have difficulties to see there wife as beautiful or as a lover once that they have children together. Venus in Gemini and Moon in Virgo (!) also has a preference for what is young. Mrs. Alford was a virgin until she met JFK. She was an intern in the White House and had an affair with John F. Kennedy sr. for months. They even used the bed of Jacqueline.

2. The number of positions in the 8th house
When you are a president, women seem to queue up for you. And, as a president (of a nation or a factory) you seem to have plenty of time available to handle the queue! Maybe I am na├»ve (sure I am!) but I always wonder where the leaders of nations find the time to have sex with so many girls as in the meantime there is almost a was going on. However, looking at this chart, it is obvious that sexual activity would be part of the deal, no matter if he would be the nation’s number one. You just can’t overlook the 8th house with the personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars, with the Sun and with Jupiter. The 8th house is the house of life and death and of sexuality. And there is more, like the mentioned Moon-Venus-Neptune combination. And Venus/Mars = Neptune, adding secrets, fantasy and illusions to passions. It looks like the chart of a person who is almost addicted to having sexual affairs.

3. Cheating, not divorcing: prominence of Saturn and fixed signs

Funny that Mrs. Alford mentions that JFK and she kept a certain distance and never kissed. The elevated Saturn on Sun/Moon and conjunct Midheaven tells us that he was above all someone who wanted to be in control, in charge and managing. He was motivated to be respected, to have responsibility and to do his duty. Above all conservative and decent though first of all open, positive and ‘international’ he also managed to keep his affairs from the media, unlike for example Bill Clinton. The difference is time. He wouldn’t have gotten ‘away’ with it in our days. Time, btw, is also mirrored by Saturn.

Fixed signs tend to hold on to what they got or want. People with fixed signs won’t easily give it up, even it is not an ideal marriage.

4. Venus novile Saturn or…
It is a pleasure to have some stability (like a partner).

Here is the chart of JFK with progressions and transits for today. In the sixties, many women all over the world idolized him. They wore a penny with his picture on their chest. They fancied him. He knew how to present himself. On the outside you see a positive open person (Jupiter rising before the Sun), well mannered (Libra Ascendant) and charming (Venus trine Ascendant). Saturn and Moon in Virgo also gave him that cool impression that he shares with 'wanted' men:) like Brad Pitt (see:

There is more about JFK (and his marriage) on:




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Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy with your ascendant sign?

Are you happy with your Ascendant sign? I'm not. I blame my Pisces Ascendant for all of the caught colds and viruses, even though there is of course more that attributes to this. Like living where I live, working in a sick building and other indications in the chart. But, if I would have hurried up and had a, say, 27 degree Aquarius Ascendant instead, Venus would be sextile my Ascendant (would spare me the money for make-up) and I wouldn't have a sensitive and vulnerable body. Those silly 12-15 minutes would have made such a difference! Now my Saggy sun doesn't feel at home.

It is impossible to change your natal Ascendant. In the progressed chart the sign changes. Mine is now in Gemini. And that didn't help much.

The bright side of Pisces Ascendant is sensitivity, but I am willing to give that up. If I was an artist or o clear voyant I would have loved to be sensitive. But I don't need that in my job, it is just distracting! Fantasy must be left at home, useless. Dreaming is not done at all! Great to be able to see a horse's head in the marble stone during a meeting but who cares? Pisces is the opposite of Virgo, the sign of being usefull, adecuate and efficient. Most of the time I am as cool, efficient and useful as I can be with this dreamy Pisces Ascendant, but then I am drawn back to the Pisces way of representation: sniffy, tired, watery eyes..and something pops up to make me ill and drain my energy. Jupiter on my Ascendant might be like a guardian angel (and yes, how many times people say that I am lucky for this or that;) but still:
I can do without Pisces!

How about you and your Ascendant? Are you happy with your ascendant sign? And what is that happy ascendant sign?

PS yesterday in my garden it was like in the movieThe Birds!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lunar effect, Pholus synastry and Chiron-Ascendant

Scientists have studied the effect of the full moon and they found that there were less births in the weekends:). The old belief that there are more children born when the moon is full, has been proven wrong. In our days, children are born between 9 and 5 from Monday to Friday, if the doctors had it their way. It is more convenient and it can be done without harming the mother or the child, so why not. But now I will never know if there would be a natural tendency for more births at Full Moon (not all, just some more). Maybe it is not so, not even in the middle of the jungle without electricity or doctors.

Who cares about the position of the moon, anyway, these days? 
I remember that I was on the road at night. I parked and watched a partial lunar eclipse (a cloud hanging before the moon) and I noticed that nobody noticed. They were eating, drinking, checking tires, walking dogs, going to the toilets...but nobody was staring at the sky or pointing at the moon to tell their children about it. They didn't know or didn't care. I notice the full moon when I can't sleep at night, in spite of curtains, and I know of more people who 'notice' but maybe I and those people are wiped out immediately when it comes to statistics, who knows? Time for a poll!
There is no lunar effect for births and no more murders with full moon...Another myth gone...(but how about wolves, uh?)...Native Americans named the full moon in January 'Wolf moon' because the wolves howled (of hunger). But not in February, I wonder? Questions, questions...

Someone asked me about Pholus - Sun in synastry. The question was: who has the Pholus 'effect' on who when one person's Pholus is conjunct the Sun of the other person.
On Astromarkt I wrote about that:

Pholus in synastry: the strong influence of someone, changing your life in a direct way.

My late sister's Sun was square my Pholus. What does it mean? She was too close to tell you this. There is no 'helicopter view', especially because she died age 49 and thinking about her still hurts. But I know that it means that on and around the day of her birth the Sun was square my Pholus and that was so every one of her birthdays. I was almost 3 years old and I think that it was quite a surpise for me, having a sister. A sudden 'freed' bubble?:)

Last solar transit (you know, the daily motion of the Sun) conjunct my Pholus: that was the day that I died my hair (red). Transit Pholus will be on my Midheaven soon enough to tell you all about what popped out of the bottle (or not). There is less popping out of the pen (or keyboard) lately. Sorry for that (and I think it will be better when Saturn moved to Scorpio). If you want more Astropost, then follow Astropost on Twitter for short messages that might interest you.

Speaking of effect: 70% of the answers in the poll about Chiron conjunct Ascendant showed an effect of this transit. 30% not. Is that proof?:) Thank you for giving your answer!


PS if you still want to hear about a lunar effect, try BBC

Pholus and aspects on Astromarkt about Pholus in astrology

Every day has another 'color' (Sun is in aspect with your chart):

Wikipedia about the lunar effect

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