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Uranus-Pluto aftermath

Uranus-Pluto was NOT exact when the French Revolution (July 4, 1789) happened. Uranus was exactly square Pluto in the year 1792, two years later, when France became a republic. In the two years following the exact square, there was the Reign of Terror, led by Robespierre, who ended his violent life on July 28, 1794, when Saturn was square Uranus. The next square between Saturn and Uranus now is in February of 2021!

We had 7 times Uranus square Pluto and many revolts. It stopped. No more Uranus-Pluto squares for the time being:). But this hasn't brought peace and quiet. Instead, there are still growing Reigns of Terror. It seems that Uranus-Pluto is the start of a nasty period and not the end, or better: it is a follow up of a new terror regime. And Saturn-Uranus (breaking free) is the moment of the real end of the unrest and the beginning of a new status quo. At least, that is what happened in the 18th century. I'll be back in 2021, I hope, to remind you of this.

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1. http://www.astromarkt.net/uranus-pluto-history.html and revolt
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Grand Crosses, Mars-Eris, nuances and New Moon chart 2015

Yesterday, I was surfing on the Internet when I found an interview with an astrologer who said to fear the Grand Cross of April, and particularly on April 15 and in the USA. I was confused. There is no Grand Cross in April.
Then I realized that it was about the Grand Cross of April 2014. On April 15 the Grand Cross wasn't exact. I think that 'April 15' was mentioned because of the lunar eclipse (visible in the America's and Australia/New Zeeland only). Well, on April 15, 2014 there was no catastrophe in the USA (not a natural one and neither in politics) but there is always one somewhere. This time, in Africa, Boko Haram abducted hundreds of girls and ruined their and their family's lives. The day after there was a disaster with a cruise ship in Korea. But nothing that changed the world in the USA.

Now I learned that major earth quakes have rather mediocre charts for the day of the event (see about catastrophic eruptions: http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2011/02/mediocre-chart-positions-of.html Those were the kind of eruptions that caused hunger all over the world for years!). So, given these historical facts, I don’t expect a catastrophe when there is a Grand Cross, because I ask myself:
How many catastrophes happened with a tight Grand Cross? (And how many without?)**)

The aspect reflects tension, but not necessarily an event of Grand Importance on the specific day. However, here is some nuance: big events have a long shadow ahead. 
Charts of Astrological New Year and the First New Moon of the year, carry information about the months ahead. So it was in 2014.

2014 was the year when the conflict in Ukrain turned into civil war and the nations with nuclear power choose their sides. On June 29 ISIS renamed itself Islamic State and we know what happened next. And on July 17 hundreds of innocent civilians lost their lives when a rocket hit their plane above Ukraine. Nobody could have predicted these events in details. But there is a danger of conflicts in the important charts of 2014. Here are some posts on Astropost, published ahead of that danger:

1. The New Moon chart (Mars opposition Eris and Eris inconjunct Saturn)
In March 2014, I wrote about the New Moon with Mars and Eris prominently placed in the 1st New Moon of the Astro New Year’s chart: http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2014_03_01_archive.html
The chart had Mars opposition Eris and Eris inconjunct Saturn. It is not a pleasant chart.


In ‘Cycles repeated, history repeated?’ http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2014/03/cycles-repeated-history-repeated.html in March 2014 I asked myself the question if there would be conflicts again in July. Because (quote):

‘Around the 10th of July Mars will be opposite Uranus and square Pluto again. And later that month Mars will again be opposite Eris. Does that promise conflicts again in July? I hope not.’

2. Putin and the Grand Cross
In April of 2014, I wrote about the Grand Square (or Grand Cross) hitting the chart of Vladimir Putin in 2014. He is still around, and there is still the danger of a growing conflict in Europe as his troops and the troops of NATO keep testing at the edge of dangerous borders. In 2014 he conquered Crimia.

3. The sad day: Mars afflicted in July 2014
On July 17, 2014 I wrote about ‘Mars fighting’ a few hours before the tragic plane incident in Ukraine happened. http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2014/07/mars-fighting-chart-of-today-july-17.html

Grand Crosses may not directly ‘inflict’ or ‘cause’ international catastrophes, but there is tension and that shows. So don’t expect the catastrophe to start at the very moment of the aspect, but be aware of what happens next, especially in regions of tension and (more personal) when you are in a stressful situation. Grand Crosses are rare and so are catastrophes, but they don’t necessarily occur at the same moment. The Grand Cross of April 2014 for me personally didn’t bring much tension. I was preparing for a holiday. The degrees didn’t ‘hit’ my chart. If it hit yours, tension might have thrown a shadow ahead for the next period in 2014. 

In the light of what is been written above, it’s not a good sign that Mars is conjunct Eris in the chart of Astrological New Year 2015, either*) But maybe I should explain that there are
conjunctions of Mars and Eris every (about) 2 year and that doesn’t start a World War. There are military conflicts going on all the time. Conflicts don’t need a Mars conjunct Eris to begin. 

I decided to publish the chart of the first New Moon in the new astrological year, because I found that chart more descriptive for the year than the chart of Zero Aries. As New Moon was on 'New Year's Eve' of the Astrological New Year, we have to wait till April 18 for that First New Moon. In the chart of that moment, we see Sun conjunct Moon (of course), both trine Quaoar and biquintile Saturn. Now I know that it is ‘just’ Quaoar and ‘just’ a minor aspect but I like to see the symbol of new horizons, for all, and the aspect of creating stability. It is so much better than Mars conjunct Eris. So let’s believe in that chart! It might help. Why else do politicians in India offer gift to the gods in order to make their bad charts work better on April 23 (elections***)? They do so for ages and I haven’t read (yet) that it is no use:). Here is the chart:
I added the picture of the balloon catastrophe by Henry de Montauk, Petit (19th Century) because of the square shape, the catastrophe and because balloons are in the sky, like Grand Crosses. 

Did you know that Mars and Eris were on the angles of the chart of Pearl Harbor?
Mars is opposition Midheaven (on IC, conjunct Varuna, the god of the waters). Eris is exactly square the Ascendant. And in 1941, no one even had heard of Eris...

Now that doesn’t mean that war had to begin that way or that it had to be war. Quote:

One of the charts of the USA in Astrodatabank is the chart of July 4 at 17:10. The  USA chart for July 4, 1776 at 17:08:15 (105 seconds earlier) has progressed Mars conjunct natal Midheaven on December 7, 1941 and transit Eris at 4d13 Aries would be square the progressed Ascendant at 4d25 Cancer. A conjunction means a start. MC (Midheaven) is the symbol of a position/condition/status. And Mars means war (sometimes).

**) Maybe a good idea for a joint study, anyone?

***) http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=121720  April 23, 2015 seems to be an important date for India politics. I am not into India politics, but I like to mention this article that links astrology and offerings to politics.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Robert Durst's day of birth and the confession

Robert Durst, a billion-dollar real estate man, was arrested on March 14 2015, after speaking to himself (in a microphone) saying that he 'of course killed them all'. That was during an interview related to a six-part documentary titled 'The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Dur'. 'Deaths' refers to the death of his wife, friend and neighbor. Here is the chart of the day of birth (April 12, 1943). I like to point at the most narrow aspect on that day: 

a. the tight square between Sun and Pholus (the symbol of point of no return and shooting your own feet
b. Mercury inconjunct Neptune (one of the 'suspicious aspects'; Mercury-Neptune is the combination of confusing testimonies and statements, among others) 
c. Venus square Mars, for passion.

His Mars is rising before the sun for enterprise, action and aggression, adding importance to Venus square Mars, fueling the passion and the drive to act. Pluto is Out of Bounds (intensity) and Saturn is 'calling' (no aspects in 5 d orb or in sign for ambition at any possible level), so that Mars, Saturn and Pluto are the VIP planets. The combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto issues the theme of unnatural death as an important theme in life. 

The transits and progressions are for the day that his wife disappeared (January 31, 1982). What you see is:
- the progressed Sun changing sign (changing life style) and
- transit Saturn opposition Sun (end of a period related to other persons, the nasty side of life) and 
- on January 31, 1982 Saturn was exactly at the midpoint Mars/Pluto
- the Yod produced by transit Neptune and Pluto inconjunct natal Venus (mystery related to a woman, love after death) . 
- Because of the natal square between Venus and Mars, the same transit of Neptune and Pluto is in harmonious aspect with Mars. 

The documentary came in a period shortly after the change of his sign of his progressed Sun (changing life style). At the time of his arrest (March 14) the dangerous Mars, Saturn and Pluto combination pops up like this:
1. Transit Saturn sesquisquare progressed Mars
2. Transit Saturn trine Pluto
Also Pholus was inconjunct Venus and sextile Mars, hitting the important Venus-Mars square. Also: Mars square Jupiter and Uranus quindecile Neptune. It takes more than 2 transits and progressions for an important day. Here (without knowing the positions of Moon, Midheaven or Ascendant) we already have 6 very tight minor and major aspects. They show a combination of danger (Saturn-Mars-Pluto), a subconscious obsession (Uranus-Neptune), success (Mars-Jupiter) and a turning point after shooting his own feet related to the fiery passions that came first in his life (Pholus-Venus-Mars).

There is no other known person born on the same day as Robert Durst. The unknown others probably never killed 3 persons or got arrested for such a crime. That is because the backgrounds of the charts are important (social-economic position, gender, genes, circumstances) and perhaps Mr Durst has a psychiatric problem that highlights the worst case scenario in this chart. Charts are no tool for judgement. If you were born on that day, take care what you say or sign and try to avoid to force yourself into a 'point of no return', control your anger and tendency to 'do something about it'. It is a lot of do's and don't's...

He has been arrested. But what if he never talked to himself? And did he kill all of them, like he told himself? How did he get away with murder, before? Mercury-Neptune quincunxes tend to remain confusing.


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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton, Mars-Pluto, Neptune, Mercury-Saturn and elections 2016

Yesterday, I looked at the charts of children who died within 3 days in a fire, and I decided not to publish about it because I can imagine the pain of the parents, still. This week I was studying the chart of an executioner (born August 17, 1988) and I had found the same aspect combination in his chart as in the charts of the children. He has Mars inconjunct Pluto (and Pluto semi square Saturn, by the way, to complete the combination of untimely death). They had Mars square Pluto (and one of these 2 on an angle). Mars-Pluto aspects add stress to work and action and danger to acts. It is also an aspect that symbolizes a strong drive to win (at any cost) and to (have to) defend or protect yourself. In politics it means that there is always a strong (and sometimes dangerous) competition to deal with. Hillary Clinton faces problems now, in March 2015.

Hillary Clinton has Mars conjunct Pluto in her chart. This aspect is square Venus.
That means intense (Pluto) passion (Venus and Mars). It is the combination of the item of the use and abuse of force, influence or violence (Mars-Pluto) and the money issue (Venus-Pluto). Or a passion (Venus-Mars) for politics, that, too. See the number of examples (just click the label 'Venus Mars Pluto'). There is also a danger in Mars-Pluto (injuries, enemies and ... difficulties with men).

Fact: I read that her husband Bill has a mistress and that he refuses to stop the affair so that his wife has a better chance to become the next president of the USA. That is rather difficult. So is divorce. How about a female President without a husband in 2016? International Women's Day is not celebrated because there is no need to improve women's positions. It is crazy, but a female President with a cheating husband seems to do better in the polls. And her (wide) Venus square Saturn maybe helps her to stick to her man. Quoting my own blog 'Astrology&Love'):
Just an observation: Hillary Clinton has a tight conjunction of Mars and Pluto. Bill Clinton's Mars is angular and Pluto rises right before his Sun. That shows the importance of their political (Pluto) activities (Mars) for both of them. 
Bill and Hillary don’t match, at least: their signs don’t match. Their long lasting relationship is exceptional, also in astrological terms. It is a relationship between two very ambitious political strategists and idealists who joined forces. You can see that: there is a minor aspects between their Mars, a septile. Septiles have to do with inspirations.What Bill does inspires Hillary and vice versa. Even their competition is inspiring to them. 
Oh well, that is what is to be expected with Mars quintile Mars. We only see the outside of the relationship, so we can't be sure, can we? We can't even be sure about her hour of birth. Here is the possible chart (source is Astrodatabank, telling us we can't be sure...):
See: http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Clinton,_Hillary_Rodham

MERCURY-SATURN for limited communications.
Last week the newspapers reported about Hillary's emails not being sent the correct way while she worked for Obama. Any correspondence is ruled by Mercury, in astrology, and hers is on the Ascendant (if Astrodatabank is correct about her hour of birth), so very important. Saturn - the planet of timing- is exactly square that Mercury so it took some time for the email problem to 'emerge', exactly now that she plans to launch herself as a candidate for the presidency.
It probably won't stop her. She has a strong drive (Mars for drive joining Pluto for force). And Mercury-Saturn isn't bad for politics at all. Her Scorpio Mercury square Saturn is perfect for the politician who uses a communication strategy (which means not telling to much or before it has maximum effect).

There is more in her chart that helps to win elections. Her Moon 112.5 d Jupiter is a help to get support (though it won't be too easy). And how about that 'calling' Jupiter and Sun? It is a statement for self confidence at any kind of level. For more on the chart of Hillary Clinton, see the post on the leader in her chart.

Within a year from now (and that is long enough before the elections of 2016) her progressed Sun will be square Neptune and that is bad. It means negative press, scandal and disillusion (dreams not coming true). I don't know in what period of the pre-elections this is and if it will hurt her. Because on November 6, 2016 there are more than 3 good signs in her chart.
1. Transit Jupiter will be square her Sun/Moon and
2. transit Jupiter will be square Progressed Sun and
3. her Progressed Sun is then conjunct her Sun/Moon.
4. Also, transit Jupiter will be square her Mercury
5. and Progressed Sun will be conjunct her Mercury).

That sounds like success or being happy (anyway:).

There is a nice future ahead of Hillary Clinton, but she will have to make it through the secondary progressed Sun square Neptune periode that, if I am not mistaken, started already with the revelations about her private email account being used while she was Secretary of State, with all the risks involved (thinking of Mars-Pluto) and with all the possible doubts and rumors (Neptune!). The best way to deal with negative press and rumors is to keep things clear and open and have no secrets to reveal...The former First Lady has a Scorpio Sun and a Pisces Moon and is likely to be very discrete with this combination.

There is a 'Presidential potential' (see http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2010/10/leader-in-chart-of-hillary-clinton.html )
 but as always conditions, circumstances, gender, age and (in politics) the attraction of the others make the difference. Just like the Mars inconjunct Pluto aspect in the chart of the executioner doesn't mean that all born with that aspect will become an emotionless killer, the potential in a chart is not predictive. The fact that she is a top politician with influence and many supporters AND the wife of a former President, is the difference between her chart and that of all those who where born on her day of birth, like:

  • 1947 – Ricardo Asch, Argentinian gynecologist and endocrinologist (unethical practices in a fertility clinic and attempts to send him out of Mexico in 2010); Jupiter! (calling, for the international)
  • 1947 – Ian Ashley, German-English race car driver (dangerous job: racing driver and pilot - had severe crashes); Jupiter! (calling, for the international)
  • 1947 – Reg Empey, Irish businessman and politician, Lord Mayor of Belfast (life peer in the House of Lords, no longer active)
  • 1947 – Trevor Joyce, Irish poet and scholar (classical Chinese poetry, too); Jupiter! (calling, for the international)

I wonder in what way Progressed Sun square Neptune  and the lucky aspects with Jupiter in the autumn of 2016 will manifest in their charts...It will be different. They don't want to have the number 1 position in Western politics.


Dark Astrology wrote about Mars conjunct Pluto and gave some examples: http://darkstarastrology.com/mars-conjunct-pluto/

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pisces astrologer Susan Miller

Pisces Susan Miller is a very popular contemporary (sun sign) astrologer with a crowd of dedicated and sometimes depending followers. What in her chart helped her to become an astrologer and a famous one, too? And what in her chart tells us about the lack of sleep to do all that she does (daily horoscopes, celebrity horoscopes, consultations, interviews, hosting Astrology zone etc.et.)
Let’s see. 

I’ll use my usual method to read charts (also see: http://www.astromarkt.net/chart-analysis.html

1.     Astro ID
Uranus conjunct Ascendant and Pallas (symbol of seeing patterns) on the MC. Jupiter doesn’t make aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. Now we have a prominence of Uranus (angular) and Jupiter (calling!). Jupiter-Uranus is the combination that is linked to (many if not most of the) astrologers, mirroring a helicopter view (‘from above’). For more examples, see Astropost (http://astropost.blogspot.nl/search/label/astrologers for more charts of astrologers)

Mars is also ‘calling’ (no aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) AND Mars is rising before the Sun on her day of birth. That points at the importance of the planet of energy twice and mirrors the active workaholic, someone who is very productive. An entrepreneur pur sang.

Now we have the Astro ID that could fit on an astrologer or an astronautJ

2.    Character
50% in mutable signs, Sun Pisces, Virgo Moon*) and a Gemini Ascendant, Sun/Moon midpoint in Sagittarius, square Mercury
Mutable =movable
J Sensitivity and mediagenic Pisces with ‘at your service’ Moon and communicative (forever young) Gemini Ascendant.
The midpoint Sun/Moon in Sagittarius square Mercury combination will be motivated by doing it her own way, by ideas and success and because of Mercury this involves communications.

Sun in a narrow square with Uranus and Uranus quatronovile (160d) Jupiter connect the important Uranus and Jupiter (see 1. Astro ID) and repeat the combination of the helicopter view that I found in the charts of (some modern) popes, astronauts and astrologers.
There is Mars inconjunct Saturn as a warning for working too hard!

A dedicated communicator with a helicopter view, motivated by successful communications and: with a tendency to work too hard!

3.    Patterns and points, specials
There is an OOB Pluto biquintile the Sun. Biquintiles are double quintiles and quintiles are the symbols of creativity. A creative way to be a master? Strong willed creativity? You name it.

Aquarius is the sign on cusp X (Midheaven) and Uranus is prominent (angular) in Pisces, so we have independence and originality coming out. 
Successful combinations in astrology are of course those with Jupiter involved. Jupiter-Uranus combinations help you to look far ahead (your helicopoter view) and see what is needed (like in case of astrology) and that is a help. Jupiter-Pluto combinations intensify confidence and so: success (Jupiter in Scorpio – ruled by Pluto – is ‘calling’). A lot of followers and fans will be shown by Jupiter-Neptune (her Jupiter/Neptune midpoint is semi square her Sun/Moon midpoint). Mercury-Jupiter helps to spread the word (and she has the Moon conjunct Mercury/Jupiter midpoint).

Venus opposition Saturn in 3-9 is very tight, but not part of this article that concentrates on the astrologer in the chart. And on how the sun sign manifests itself. She said that Sun Pisces = philosophical and that led her to astrology. With the Pisces Sun biquintile Pluto we get a spiritual compound in her chart.

Of course, with her chart she didn't HAVE to be an astrologer. Circumstances, situations, culture: it all contributed to her chosen career. 


*) Universal Tao says of this combination: a compulsive purist http://universal-tao-eproducts.com/mp/files/sun-moon_pisces-virgo.pdf
My Sun-Moon combination is that of a pathfinderJ

http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/Pallas21.2.html On Pallas in sign/houses and recoginizing patterns. 

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