Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Uranus-Pluto and the NSA

NSA's day of birth isNovember 4. 1952. The baby was a deep diving Scorpio with a curious Moon in Gemini:).

The transits of Uranus and Pluto in Capricorn, challenging institutions to make a change, will hit the Progressed Sun of NSA in 14th of Capricorn next year. General Alexander has announced to leave the institution and that is a significant change already. Probably there will be reorganizations in 2014. That explains Uranus-Pluto a bit.

The other side of it is the mundane side. Uranus square Pluto signals a time of change in history and the chart of the NSA says that it will also THERE time of change, revolt, upheaval and dramatic ways to pop up in the news. In a post about experiencing Uranus-Pluto I wrote:
Uranus+Pluto means turbulence,  revolt and forced changes. It is red alert time now. Uranus+Pluto signal stress and nervousness.

If we take 00:00 hours for the start of NSA, there have been hits of the Uranus-Pluto square with progressed Ascendant and Midheaven already. Transit Saturn crossed over the natal Scorpio Sun, earlier this year, too and that is confronting an institution with mistakes, criticism and the end of a period in history.

Progressions and transits pass bye; we may expect that the NSA will have better transits and progressions after next year.

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The 12th house boarding school in Paris Jackson's chart

A few years ago I payed attention to Paris Jackson's dramatic chart and now that I read in the papers that her stay in a clinic probably will be prolonged for years, I had a look at the progressions, transits and natal of the child that lived with late Michael Jackson and doesn't even know who her biological father is.  She tried to commit suicide earlier this year and is now living in a therapeutic boarding school for some time. Does her chart show this? Yes, it does, certainly given her extraordinary circumstances.

Here is the chart (click to enlarge):

The combination of Mars-Saturn-Pluto (Mars tightly conjunct Saturn in 12 and sesquiquadrate Pluto) in the 8th house is a strong indication for the theme of untimely death and a danger for taking dramatic steps. This combination is dangerous. See the examples:

After she tried to take her life, I mentioned the importance of this combination and concluded
So, it is important to watch her carefully. She tends to drastic measures. 
Moon inconjunct Uranus is the key to exceptional overreacting.

There is more about the Moon inconjunct Uranus. Moon inconjunct Uranus is also pointing at not being like the rest of the family (read this...). I think it also refers to alienation. In the case of Paris Jackson the mother was out of sight for years and the biological father is unknown. As an orphan she is now living far away from what she used to see as her family. This aspect must be harder for a Moon in Cancer with the need to belong and feel close.

The death of her father had great impact: and happened when
a. transit Saturn conjunct progressed ruler 8th house: death (8) of a parent (Saturn).
b. solar return Mars opposition Saturn on Midheaven (repeating her natal Mars-Saturn)
c. progressed Midheaven changing sign

1. Uranus-Pluto transits
Her natal Moon is at 10.66 Cancer. Her Sun is at 13.61 Aries. Mercury and MC are in the 19th of Aries and Capricorn. 
With transit Uranus and transit Pluto hitting those degrees in the next years. First the Moon (again), then the Sun and later Mercury and Midheaven. There is also transit Uranus conjunct her Ascendant in May 2018, there is indeed a continuum of nervous challenges to be expected. 

2. Progressed sun changing sign and later square Neptune
Her progressed Sun is at 28d59 Aries, moving to the next sign (Taurus), where the first important aspect will be the square with Neptune. When the progressed sun sign changes, life style changes, life itself changes, there are new prospects and with that: YOU change. It won't be easy in the next years, because Neptune confuses. With progressed MC conjunct Neptune she got out of the eyes of the public and with progressed Sun square Neptune it will be hard to fight disillusions and uncertainty. There is a sent of isolation with Neptune. As this all happens in the important period of the teenage years, the impact is enormous. 

3. Right now progressed Moon in 10 in Capricorn is almost exactly square her natal Saturn (and that doesn't sound like being happy now). There may be even more concern for how and what she feels.

There happens to be a range of more than average changes, challenges and difficulties. 
Nice girls shouldn't have to be sad for so long...

There is a lot of 12th house and Neptune in her chart. The classical idea of the 12th house includes asylums, clinics and other places of seclusion. The planets in her 12th house, the elevated ruler 12 Neptune and the upcoming square of progressed Sun with Neptune tell us about privacy and isolation.

A therapeutic isolated boarding school is very much in line with the 12th house and Neptune and seems to be a good place behind the scenes (and maybe screens:)  to be right now.  Hopefully one day she will be able to deal with "life" again. She got an important Jupiter and Venus to help her see the bright sides!

On the 3D characteristics of her chart:

Earlier post on Paris:
and all posts on Mars-Saturn-Pluto

On resonance (impact of transits and progressions between planets in aspect in the natal chart)

 Read about my Saturn-Moon experience...

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Astrology and Sixto Rodriguez

Yesterday I watched a documentary about the search for Sixto Rodriguez, a singer and guitar player unknown in his own country but famous in South Africa, where he ‘sold’ as many as a few million records without any payment. American and South Atrican cooperation led to Detroit. After they located the singer, they found that he worked for a  demolition company and had given up all aspiration after being fired in in the early 70s. He had given it another try in Australia, in 1979-1981 (together with the Midnight Oil) and then continued ordinary life. Unfortunately his alcohol addiction kept him from real success, again.

This is the chart of his day of birth, July 10, 1942 in Detroit, where he still lives. The astro ID is clear about it:

  • Jupiter rises before the Sun and is ‘calling’: there is an international, a positive person with the potentional of success at any possible level

  • Sun is calling (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees): he draws attention, somehow, anyhow

  • Moon in Cancer, possibly in aspect with Venus AND Neptune could be part of the pattern of artistic talent

  • Sun semi square Uranus points at the fact that he was an outsider drawing attention. As a demolition  worker, sometimes dressed in smoking.

  • Mercury square Neptune, an aspect that is great for text writers, but confusing when contracts are involved and addresses must be found. 
  • There is also Sun opposition Pholus for the questionable turning points in life (initiated by others)


The amazing thing is that when he had his concert in South Africa in March 1998, transit Saturn was square his natal Sun, transit Jupiter was square Saturn (natal Jupiter is semi sextile Saturn) and transit Pluto inconjunct his Jupiter.  Pluto inconjunct Jupiter points at disproportional success (without getting rich, in this case). Jupiter-Saturn is an effort for late success. Saturn-Sun talks about endings, goodbyes, restrictions, walls, shortcomings and criticism instead of living happily ever after. Anyway, it is because of 'Searching for SugarMan' that I heard about Rodriguez. Maybe he was TOO modest? 

There is also transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Sun. That is the aspect combination of his natal chart (Sun semi square Uranus). 'Resonating' transits like this (and Jupiter-Saturn, see above) mark an important moment in his life/agenda. But, it is an inconjunct. He may have looked ‘cool’ and happy on stage, but there was something uneasy or nervous about it (it was sudden, shocking, strange!).  

Nevertheless: transit Jupiter trine natal Jupiter helped to get him and his family members to South Africa and have a good time.

The documentary said that Sixto Rodriguez continued to work as he did, in Detroit and what he earned he gave away to family and friends. Wikipedia in Dutch says that his performances in 2012 and 2013 failed due to alcoholism. The English version mentions an honorary doctorate in May 2013. But it is certain that he receives royalties from now on...

It would be great to know the hour of birth to see what the chart has to say about this strange career!

LINKS 2012 interview with Rodriguez

Ronny James Dio was born on the same day and also a heavy metal singer (and actor). He died in 2010.
Mirjana Markovicć was also born on July 10, 1942. She was the wife of Slobodan Milosevic Wikipedia about the life of Sixto Rodriguez

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The best days for Sagittarius in 2014

Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius. It is the planet of too much, fat, let's go, positive drives and optimism. It is also the planet of the international, journeys and improvements in many ways, but only if you don't 'challenge' your fortune and avoid to cheat! Often, Jupiter is also the planet of good luck. The angle of Jupiter with your Sun gives us information about fortunate moments. 

There is good luck for the person born with Sun in Sagittarius before the 15th of December in the second half of 2014 and again in the first 7,5 months of 2015 for those born between December 10 and 22. Maybe that takes too long, even though Saturn in Scorpio, rising before the Sun in Sagittarius calls for patience? Then, try the best moments with Venus! Venus is the planet of fun, joy, love and entertainment. Go for a holiday with Venus and you will likely enjoy it. Best days for such a lovely holiday:
May (2-28)August 12 - September 5November 16 - December 9Two of those periods happen to be in holiday time!

If you want MORE of those days, check your progressed Sun! For example, because of the position of the progressed Sun, the old Sagittarius could have a great holiday in March or October of 2015, too!

A sun sign is just a sun sign and not a person. Your personal chart with time of birth, transits, progressions and your personal circumstances, age, culture or position in society could inform you more about the best days to start a journey, do an exam or have a party. If you have that information (it is free on, have a look at the interaction between Venus and Jupiter or see the transits of Jupiter and/or Venus with your natal Ascendant. Don't forget to include Mercury's position! It is way too much for a blog post, that is why I stick to the sun sign here!


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The Sagittarius astrologer: Olivia Barclay

In the series of astrologers by sun sign I like to present the chart of Olivia Barclay, a horary and classical astrologer and designer who was born December 12, 1919 and died in 2001.  Her Sagittarius Sun semi sesquisquare Uranus in Aquarius and trine Jupiter represents the Jupiter-Uranus link that I find in almost all charts of astrologers. Her progressed chart for 1980 has the progressed Sun exactly in hard aspect with the midpoint Jupiter/Uranus. That is when she started her study of Lilly. 

The classical theme and TIME (horary) is presented by Saturn, calling*)! In the 2nd house and semi square her Sun/Moon midpoint. Design is mirrored by the Moon sextile Venus and half semi square Neptune, trine MC (with Venus opposition MC). There is a prominent Jupiter on the Ascendant, ruling the 5th house. Speculative/predictive advice? 

Now in what way was Olivia Barclay a typical Sagittarian astrologer? Almost all astrologers either publish or teach or do consultations. That is maybe enough '9th house stuff' for a Sagittarius. This astrologer also founded a correspondence course for prediction using horary astrology.  Here is her chart (click to enlarge):


Lilly's Christian Astrology can be found here:

Also visit: about Jupiter-Uranus: Perhaps one of the reasons why Jupiter-Uranus is so frequently found in the charts of astrologers is that they use to give advice or teach (Jupiter) about astrology and it's techniques (Uranus).

*) Calling means : no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Sagittarius' advice

Sagittarius is my sun sign. I have written about Sagittarius before (see that post) and now I like to tell you about Sagittarius giving and getting advice.
Sagittarius shows you the way. THIS direction is obligatory...
Sagittarius job is to show the way as a guide or a guru. A good Sagittarius shares his or her 'wisdom' by given advice! Yes, sometimes they do so unwanted, o when nobody asked for a 'good' advice. It is not their fault that nobody listens or follows the advice. They understand. That is because Sags tend to ask for advice (what would you do if you were me?), knowing that nobody  could know what to do if they were a Sag. Most of the time the Sagittarius simply goes his or her own way, neglecting the advice. They say that the advice helped them to make up their mind! Perhaps you can see the Sagittarius as a person who helps you to make up your mind...

This bird eats snakes. Name is Sagittarius Serpentarius
Now that the time of the Sag has come, I thought it wise to tell you this and not without an advice for you how to deal with Sagittarius:)! When I say Sagittarius, I mean the sign and not all persons born with Sun in Sagittarius. You can have a lot of placements in Sagittarius, a Sun/Moon midpoint in Sagittarius or a prominent Jupiter to explain your persistance in telling the world what is best for them:).

Beethoven is one of the most well known Sags and here is something on the loudness in the music and the chart: Recently I went to see a concert and heard the Fifth.

On this blog you also find
Tina Turner

And here is the one of Sagittarius Ozzy Osbourne (Moon sextile Venus square Neptune and trine Midheaven for the pattern of the artist):
I can't help it that they are loud. It seems that the voice of a Sagittarius is also loud. Maybe that is the connection with the teacher and the preacher and the singer?

Are you born with Sun in Sagittarius? How do you deal with giving and getting advice?

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Chiron progression and return

In "The healing that you need with Chiron" I attributed Chiron's transits and progressions to ailments and illnesses and I gave a few examples. Of course, serious illness doesn't go along with just one transit or progression of Chiron! Usually there are more (at least 3) serious indications in such a bad period in life. Chiron's transits and progression can be psychologically painful, too. If we see Chiron as a teacher, we may see transits and progressions of Chiron in periods of 'a lesson learned' (or learnt, if you are British). Maybe Sun-Chiron makes you face 'where it hurts', where the pain is and what causes it. Need examples?

It happens to two politicians right now! Also, Chiron is almost conjunct the position of 50 years ago, when President John F. Kennedy was murdered (10Pi14).  It's the painful Chiron return period, reminding us of a never clearly solved murder case. Here is the chart of the moment of the assassination with the transits of November 22, 2013. Click to enlarge!

The charts of the politicians are of:

1. President Barack Obama

His health care (!Chiron) program doesn't work as it should and his popularity is declining. This happens exactly with progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Chiron. It must be painful to see how the key project of your presidency fails to be supported by the majority. Even more disturbing is that progressed Sun will be inconjunct natal Chiron in a few years time. The inconjunct is slippery and sliding. I don't think that it is easy to be the President of the USA right now and his chart mirrors that. See the latest post: Her is his progressed chart:

2. Silvio Berlusconi

He has lost support, his party is deteriorating and his power and influence fading. His progressed Sun is square natal Chiron right now. In his natal chart Chiron holds an elevated and important position.
To enlarge, click on the image
All post with 'Kennedy'
and see the labels for more background information.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Chart of the day of the switched baby

A 60 year old Dutchman, supposedly born on February 3, 1953 (2 days after the flood disaster in the Netherlands), finally got the confirmation of what he always thought. His DNA doesn't match the profile of DNA of his 'parents'. His mother once told him that he was switched in hospital (and switched back) and as he always thought that he was different, this story kept puzzling him. Soon after the death of his parents he wanted to know the truth. The hospital doesn't want to help him to find his true family, for privacy reasons. And so he remains 'different'.

In astrology Uranus is the symbol of alienation, being different and of sensational and surprising news. His chart covers the news.

1. In the natal chart the Sun is inconjunct Uranus (being different as an issue).
In the progressed chart the Sun is square Uranus and progressed Uranus.
When the progressed chart or transits repeat an aspect combination, this points at an important period in life. In this case there are nerves, there is a shock, he is in the newspapers and he is being confronted with being different, indeed.

2. Transit Saturn is inconjunct Sun and square progressed Sun  (end of a period, with loss of certainties)

3. Jupiter and Pholus are in aspect with progressed Mercury (turning point, being right, confirmation)

The real son of the family was perhaps born on the same day, or a couple of days sooner or later. Maybe the man involved was born on one of those days, instead. He has the same problem, but doesn't even know yet.
All others born on February 3, 1953 were probably given to the correct mother. They also have that Sun inconjunct Uranus aspect in their charts. The theme of alienation and/or being different than the rest might be the theme of their life and they all are or were confronted with that sooner or later in the period starting 6 months ago, more or less shocking, depending on their situation and on their time of birth.

 I have some examples:
a. (a politician who resigned two times after a scandal)
b. a football trainer in Germany (born in Yugoslavia)
c. an Austrian author

And not one of them was changed at birth...

PS James 'Whitey' Bulger, the brother of a USA democratic senator, was sentenced to 2 times life in jail + a few years for leading a murderous gang. He is in his 80s now. He was born with Sun exactly inconjunct Uranus and definitely not like the rest of the family.


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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Home is where the heart is (Tina's Vesta)

Today the press writes about Tina Turner's change of nationality. She is Swiss now, instead of American. For a long time she lives in Switzerland and she speaks German fluently.

In the post on Astro Click Travel lines ( ) I asked the question: does it work? Most of you said yes. But Tina's lines don't seem to correspond with those lines. There is no line over Switzerland, for example. Here is her astro click portrait:
In the natal chart Saturn is conjunct Vesta in the 9th house and the Sun (ruler 1) is in 4. Ruler 4 Pluto is in 12. And now Transit Neptune (ruler of the 8th house) is inconjunct Pluto (ruler 4)!  Progressed Sun square Uranus adds some more change and controversy or: NEWS. There is also progressed IC trine Uranus. How much more change of background (IC) would you like?

Perhaps most of the explanation is in that, but I choose to look at the progressed Vesta. Vesta is in her 9th house (the house of 'over there, abroad'). Progressed Vesta, still in 9, gradually moved to an inconjunction with her natal Sun. Her domicile (Vesta) gradually reached her heart (Sun), but (inconjunct!) in order to get to a point where she and her domicile became one (LOL, forgive my free thinking) there was something to give up (inconjunct).

I like to see Vesta as the symbol of home (where the fire place is) and the Sun as heart. Home is where the heart is and what you want to give up (inconjunct) your birth nationality for. 
To enlarge the pictures, click them!


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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Transit Jupiter inconjunct Sun story

It's not that I am fond of the quincunx, but (sic) the inconjunct pops up every time that I see a chart of someone who accomplished or achieved somethig, BUT with a loss or a complication involved. I wrote about the negative positive Jupiter, before, in cases of positive doping tests, when the success (Jupiter) was followed by deception, disgrace and sometimes even prosecution. So, when I see transit Jupiter inconjunct Sun, I see a risk: Jupiter slipping.

Amy Robach, born February 6, 1973,  had transit Jupiter in Cancer inconjunct her natal Sun in Aquarius last October 1, when she had a mammography on television in order to stimulate women to do the test. This was her rescue: she was found positive on breast cancer.

Jupiter is the symbol of doctors, remedies and advice. See:

Jupiter-Sun highlight success.
Jupiter saves and judges.
Inconjuncts symbolize the need to give up on something (even if it is for a short while).

It is all there in her chart. Jupiter is the first outer planet rising before her Sun and that makes Jupiter special. It is for the international and the optimist and most of the time a great help.

The position of Sun and planets is all we know when there is no hour of birth. There are usually more than 2 important transits and progressions at important moments in life.  Without birth time it remsins unknown if that is so in this specific case.

For all about transit Jupiter:

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Inconjunct synastry

Inconjuncts (aspects of 150 degrees) between a couple's chart positions are difficult to deal with. The quincunx in synastry makes me think of a seesaw with both parties sitting on one side, trying to get each other up by moving down. In a balanced position there is no fun at all. Depending on the nature of the aspects involved, there is a lack of balance in a certain area of the relationship. I take 2 degrees orb (very small) for the inconjunct. When it comes to signs you may as well take the whole sign as inconjunct (Aries-Scorpio, Aries-Virgo, Taurus-Sagittarius, Taurus-Libra, Gemini-Capricorn, Gemini-Scorpo, etc.) but you need to take into account that there ARE aspects contradicting this 'verdict'. For examples, see Astromarkt.

Please understand that it takes more than just one inconjunction to split you up! You don't NEED a quincunx to separate. 
The inconjunction simply says that it is hard to stay on each others' level and still enjoy the interaction. That is why I added this picture of a seesaw. Picture that… Try to climb up a seesaw and you will see how easy it is to slide down.

Also visit: for more inconjunct aspects. Due to Mercury R there are no pictures in that article...:(

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Venus Return charts: predictive?

Last night, while I was sleeping, transit Venus was conjunct the position of my natal Venus. It is like Venus looking in the mirror. What do you think about the importance of the Venus return chart?

On that specific moment of Venus return, Uranus and Pluto were on the angles. As Venus didn't make any major aspect at all, Venus was 'calling' in this chart. Should I spend time on delineating the Venus Return chart, I wondered. Time to see, if Venus Return charts are important and predictive, so: I checked the Venus Returns of my past. I have some past, so I can look back at many Venus Returns.

I started with the Venus return valid for the year that I met my husband. Then I did the Venus Return chart valid for the year of my marriage. And I compared those to the Venus Return of today.

1. First: the Venus return chart valid for the year that I met my husband, a long long time ago:).
- Uranus and Pluto were on either side of Midheaven.
- Venus was lost in space:).
- Venus was square Uranus and Pluto and
- Sun was inconjunct ruler 7 in the earlier Venus Return Chart.
We almost married in that year. Instead, we got engaged. We started rather dramatically, if I may say so.

2. Next: the Venus return in the year right before the year of my marriage. The return was more than 1 year ago, so maybe that is too long ago according to the rules. In that Venus Return chart:
- Venus was angular, conjunct IC, but not tightly,
- Venus was tightly square Pluto.
- The IC was conjunct natal MC (orb 2 degrees).

3. This year, 2013, there is an angular Uranus-Pluto square, but not in aspect with Venus.
Last Solar Return also had an angular Uranus-Pluto. My next SR has Venus and Mars angular, with Venus quintile Pluto. This seems to point at the importance of Venus.

I should check all the Venus returns of my life to see if a Venus Return helps to find the important years for love and that is some job. I would if I thought that it would add something to what I already have, but I am a bit disappointed by the results so far.
If the Venus return was significantly indicating marriage, divorce, meeting your lover, than why isn't the Venus Return before my marriage more outspoken?

They say that if Venus is conjunct Sun or on an angle, it will be an important year for love or marriage. That seems to have been correct for me, but it can't be correct for this year. 'They' don't say anything about Uranus and Pluto on angles. I consider that as a statement of intense tension or radical change.

You need to see the Venus return related to the natal chart, they say. Well, that is about the same thing as checking the transits during a Venus return. In that case, the Uranus-Pluto angularity in my Venus return today, is even more important, as Mercury (my natal ruler 7) is conjunct transit Pluto and square Uranus. If my Venus Return is right, there will be an important 'event' in 2013/2014. If that is correct, I'll remind you of this post. And if it's not, I'll do the same!

I am curious about other person's experiences or studies, especially when it is with Uranus and Pluto on the angles of a return chart. That is personal interest, because Uranus and Pluto were on the angles of my solar return chart and in the next one, Venus is on the Descendant. I am also interested in your experiences with Venus Return charts in general. Are they indeed meaningful? Does an angular Venus in the Venus or Solar Return chart point at a crucial year for love?

There is a poll on the right!

LINKS Contemplating about the angular Uranus-Pluto in my SR Finding an answer...

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