Monday, November 25, 2013

The best days for Sagittarius in 2014

Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius. It is the planet of too much, fat, let's go, positive drives and optimism. It is also the planet of the international, journeys and improvements in many ways, but only if you don't 'challenge' your fortune and avoid to cheat! Often, Jupiter is also the planet of good luck. The angle of Jupiter with your Sun gives us information about fortunate moments. 

There is good luck for the person born with Sun in Sagittarius before the 15th of December in the second half of 2014 and again in the first 7,5 months of 2015 for those born between December 10 and 22. Maybe that takes too long, even though Saturn in Scorpio, rising before the Sun in Sagittarius calls for patience? Then, try the best moments with Venus! Venus is the planet of fun, joy, love and entertainment. Go for a holiday with Venus and you will likely enjoy it. Best days for such a lovely holiday:
May (2-28)August 12 - September 5November 16 - December 9Two of those periods happen to be in holiday time!

If you want MORE of those days, check your progressed Sun! For example, because of the position of the progressed Sun, the old Sagittarius could have a great holiday in March or October of 2015, too!

A sun sign is just a sun sign and not a person. Your personal chart with time of birth, transits, progressions and your personal circumstances, age, culture or position in society could inform you more about the best days to start a journey, do an exam or have a party. If you have that information (it is free on, have a look at the interaction between Venus and Jupiter or see the transits of Jupiter and/or Venus with your natal Ascendant. Don't forget to include Mercury's position! It is way too much for a blog post, that is why I stick to the sun sign here!


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