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Living example of Uranus-Pluto: Dieudonné M'bala M'bala

Uranus is square Pluto, still and Mars adds some fuel. You can see it in the New Year's chart. 
Some of what happens these days perfectly mirrors Uranus-Pluto. This post is about a man born in 1966. That was with Uranus conjunct Pluto. 

Remember the post on 'Resonance',  the effect of the interaction between mundane transit aspects and natal aspects?*) 
When a transit repeats a natal aspect combination, this transit resonates the natal aspect. It sounds and resounds. It sounds harder on fruitful ground.
The generation of the mid-sixties is likely to be 'hit' by Uranus-Pluto's square. M'bala M'bala is one of them.

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala was born in the decade of the 'protest generation' and is now the example of a ‘living Uranus-Pluto’. He is one of the most controversial persons in France today. I'll tell you why. 

He is the inventor of the ‘quenelle’, a salute that reminds us of the Nazi salute. He is said to be an anti-Semite because what he says is anti-Semite. He is supporter of and supported by the regime in Iran, they say. He has been convicted seven times on antisemitism charges. He is friends with the right wing, while he used to be an anti racist left wing activist. 
When the polemics started, in 2002, his progressed Sun was changing sign. That is the mark of a changing life style, a new period in life. … For more you just have to Google him.

That is one side of M'bala M'bala. He also has a lot of fans and followers (copying his gesture, the quenelle). Jupiter inconjunct Neptune, in aspect with the Sun is one of the  indications for this. People all over France (and in the USA) are making selfies with the quenelle, on spots related to Jews. 

 This is his chart, with today's transits and progressions.

His natal chart is very Uranus-Pluto:

  • 1.     Sun Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) with Moon in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) for a rather radical character
  • 2.     Uranus is conjunct Pluto in his natal chart

Right now there is Uranus square Pluto and Mars is adding some fuel to this aspect. This combination hits his Progressed Sun and Mercury. In the progressed chart that you see here, Mars is inconjunct Uranus-Pluto. That is a sign of crisis (see the links for more examples).

Also, the Progressed Sun is conjunct Eris (the symbol of discord). 

1. The exact square between Sun and Neptune in his natal chart really causes confusion. People like Woody Allen seriously think that M’bala M’bala is just joking (http://www.legorafi.fr/2013/05/15/woody-allen-dieudonne-est-le-plus-grand-humoriste-juif-de-tous-les-temps/ )
Is it an act? Then who is the real M’bala M’bala? For more on Sun-Neptune and being 'double': http://astromarkt.net/sun-neptune.html

2. I checked what happened when Uranus hit Pluto in history (here: http://www.astromarkt.net/uranus-pluto-history.html ). The mid sixties, when Mao had his cultural revolution, in the time of the beat-generation. 

3. More on M’bala M’bala on Wikipedia:
and here: 

*) 4. On resonance

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Monday, December 30, 2013

The best days of Capricorn 2014

In addition to the best days for Scorpio and Sagittarius, here are those for Capricorn.

Capricorns born between January 3 and Jaunary 19 will have a pleasant start of the New Year, even if they aren't enjoying a holiday and even it they are not in love. That is because Venus is in their sign! 
Earlier born Capricorns already enjoyed the nice influence of Venus in November or December 2013. And those born on January 18, 19 or 20 will have to wait until Venus goes direct, in March 2014. 

Capricorns have good times in March or April, too, when their Progressed Sun is in good aspect with Venus. Also, the period from the end of May until the final week of June is perfect for holidays and meeting new people (or lovers). And it just doesn't end. The good times return in September and in December (from 10-end). Now, isn't that good news? There is even more good news for some generations. They will have Jupiter on their Uranus. Read about it here: http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2012/12/the-good-news-of-2013-and-2014.html

The position of Jupiter in Cancer (a sign opposite Capricorn) allows the Capricorns to join in the happiness of other people. That doesn't mean that there is nothing left for the Capricorn. A person is not a sign and a personal chart has it's own indications of progress or decay. Also, the elder Capricorn might be supported by Jupiter in Cancer. If you were born on January 1, 1954, for example, your will have a beautiful trine of Jupiter with your Sun. That is a great help! There will be a similar moment like that early August 2014, for the Capricorn born on December 30, 1929. 

I must add that the Uranus-Pluto square hits many Capricorns born between December 31 and January 6, next year. Please read about that square, about the transits and their meaning and prepare for some hectic times with lots of nerves and changes. It might even look like in a thriller sometimes! So you may need those nice days of 2014...

I hope that the information about your 'best moments' will guide you throughout all that in 2014!

Have a great new solar year!

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The chart of New Year 2014

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. It is not a special astrological moment, like Zero Aries (the beginning of the Astrological New Year), but for many of us it is a special moment that we celebrate with bubbles and good wishes. For those who consider the 0h0m of January 1 as the overture of the year to come, the chart of that moment is  an important one.  So let's create them! However, every city, town or village has it's own New Year's chart. Here is the NY-city New Year chart.
Click to enlarge
In Western Europe the Ascendant is in early Libra, but in Eastern Europe and the Middle East the Ascendant at 0 hours is in hard aspect with Mars and Pluto. So it is in New York. On the angles are Mars, Pluto and Uranus and that looks quite alarming. But, there was no such thing in the NY New Year chart of 2001! And that is why I say that a New Year's Eve chart is valid as long as your resolutions are. Take my word for it: that is not very long!:)

The New Year's chart is valid for thAt specific moment. Four times a day the Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination will be on the horizon and meridian of many cities in the world, these days. We see terrorist attacks in Volvograd, riots in Turkey and danger all over the world. The Uranus-Pluto square is a mundane signal of upheaval, arrests, protests and rebellion. Mars adds some fuel to this square, now.
The Mars-Pluto square is exact in the New Year's chart. This aspect hits the 10-12 degrees of the cardinal signs and the 25-27 degrees of the fixed signs and urges to be alert if you have a chart position there. Mars-Pluto hits my Sun/Moon midpoint and my husband's Sun. We will have to be careful not to bite in hard nuts and bruise our teeth, not to get hit by someone's firework or car and just like with Xmas we will count to 10 until we drop. In that case, I'll be back in 2014! Meanwhile: have a great Year End Party.

Jupiter, the bright star that you will see these nights, is the symbol of hope. This symbol is right above your head when the New Year starts. You might regard that as a signal, like someone watching over you. Be safe and keep hoping!

PS The picture above is of Gustav Klimt and is named Hope.
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Transits and progressions of Michael Schumacher's accident

The German F1 racer Michael Schumacher had a terrible ski-accident and is now in coma. The doctors say there is nothing more they can do but wait. Accidents don't come alone: they are accompanied by more than 2 important transits or progressions, always. The former Stigg had a number of dramatic aspects yesterday. They indicate being confused or isolated, warn for getting hurt and needing a cure. They also include challenge, danger and problems.

1. Progressed Sun is exactly square progressed Neptune. 
This aspect often accompanies a period of withdrawal or isolation. In the natal chart the Sun is semi square Neptune and Neptune is angular. That increases the importance of this progression. 
He is in coma and in hospital and that seems to correspond with the nature of Neptune.

2. Progressed Mars and Progressed Pholus both semi square transit Pluto
This aspect warns for danger of injuries. 

The two aspects above are valid even if the hour of birth is not completely correct. For the other transits and progressions, it takes more than that.

3. Transit Pluto on natal Sun/Moon midpoint (if the time of birth given by Astrodatabank is correct)
Sun/Moon is the point of heart and soul and of being motivated or not. Pluto intensifies motivations. The Sun/Moon-Pluto combination highlights crisis, issues of life and death and challenges in general.

4. Transit Mars square natal Moon
This is for a moment with a risk of getting hurt.

5. Transit Chiron is conjunct Progressed Moon, mirroring the need to heal.

6. Progressed Venus is inconjunct Progressed IC and in a growing sesquisquare with progressed Neptune.

There is no involvement of the 8th house, except for Pluto (natural ruler of 8) and Mars (ancient natural ruler of 8). In January and April/May transit Jupiter will be on the Progressed Ascendant (provided that the hour is correct!). Jupiter is the symbol of doctors, helpers and sometimes of hope that things will be getting better. His Jupiter, however is the ruler of the 8th house of life and death and of crisis. Given the situation, we will have to wait, see and hope for the best…

Here are the charts (a click to enlarge them):
Natal transits and progressions 
Progressed chart and transits
Dutch Prince Friso was in coma for a long time after a ski-accident.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Xmas-night chart

Click for a bigger picture
Above is the Xmas-night chart for December 25, 0 hours at Bethlehem. Almost right above the heads of those in Bethlehem is Jupiter, the planet of hopes. Jupiter is in the sign Cancer (the sign of the traditions). Sounds great and the beautiful trine of Moon in Virgo - symbol of the Virgin) with Venus (peace and harmony) seems to complete the picture of holy night, silent night. In all countries of Western Europe (MET-zone)  Quaoar is opposition Miheaven and that could be the sign of creating a new status. Even Quaoar seems to fit in the Xmas picture: a new world is born. The chart is a perfect chart for a Xmas-night. But...

There is always a 'but' and that is the fact that there is an explosive Mars exactly opposition Uranus, later that night and that both are on the angles of Xmas charts in the Middle-East and in Turkey where the unexpected arrests of sons of ministers was followed by firing police chiefs, prohibiting journalist to enter police stations and the resign of one of the ministers. This Mars-Uranus hits my Uranus today and my Mars is quatronovile Uranus, so I intend to let my husband drive the car and count to ten all day long. I am paying a visit to my mother, whose Mars receives an inconjunct from transit Uranus and we go by car.

There are more persons with this challenging aspect during Xmas. I think of those with a natal or progressed Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus, Sun/Moon midpoint, Ascendant or Midheaven in the 9th degree (8-9) of the capital signs Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. That includes, for example, those born on December 29. If you were born on or around July 1, October 2 or March 29: keep counting your blessings! Have a lot of chocolate if you have a placement in those degrees, keep cool and stay cautious. The opposition is exact between 20 and 21 hours GMT in 8d37 Libra (Mars) and Aries (Uranus). For most of the Europeans, that will be AFTER dinner. Not too much pepper, please! Avoid the risk of technical problems with machines, motors, cars or electricity and you will look back at a busy but pleasant Xmas. Take care if Mars or Uranus is prominent in your chart, especially if there are at least 2 more warnings in the chart. But why hurry, get angry and be irritated with Christmas, uh:?  
Remember: it very much depends on your character, situation and conditions how a transit will manifest. You don't HAVE to be ruled by a transit. You are in charge!

With transit of Venus, Jupiter or midpoint Venus/Jupiter, on the other hand, you have a better chance of having a lovely or great Xmas. Those born on July 8,9 or 10, the Pisces of March 7 and the Scorpio's of November 9 might meet a jolly good Santa this year. If you were born on or around October 17, your natal Sun is right in the middle of the transiting combination of the 'party': Venus/Jupiter. And those born on January 18, September 21 or May 19 may see there wish come true: a nice Xmans. 
Only if you eat too much or too fat or if you spend more than you can afford, this Venus-Jupiter transit hurts (later), but meanwhile: enjoy! Have a pleasant final week of 2013!


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What's wrong with Venus Retrograde?

Moonwalking women in London

It is almost Winter Solstice time. Later (!), Venus goes retrograde. It is like if she is doing the moonwalk. What's wrong with that, I wondered…I checked, found some links and share my thoughts.

Most astrology sites tell me to take care during Venus retrograde, especially when it comes to desires, buying things or in relationships. Money and love are Venus-related in astrology. When Venus goes retrograde, this is considered as a warning for all that you appreciate. The general advice during Venus retrograde is not to start anything new, like meeting a new lover or start decorating the house. When you travel, you want to get back to where you came from. When you purchase something, the price will fall later (grrr@!). And you might have to reconsider a lot. It is also hard to cure Venus-related ailments (kidney, bladder) and I am glad that I meet the beautician in the week before!:)
Venus Retrograde seems to be good for donations and meeting old lovers and friends. Xmas time happens to be the time for that, too. So after all, Venus Retrograde may be the charity organization's pleasure!

Now, if you come here more often, you know that I love examples, tests and investigations. I will start with me:).

Retrograde periods of Venus happen 'all the time', about every 20 months.  I checked the last time that Venus was retrograde in Capricorn. All that I found was that a few weeks later (Venus direct and running) I catched a cold and ended with pneumonia. The Venus Retro period, however, was OK!

I wondered about Transit Venus going retro. Usually, with Venus direct, there is only 1 hit. Now this transit of Venus has a double efollow-up! When transit Venus is retrograde there is 3-times hit! First we see how she moves direct, than she does the moonwalk and returns. A retro Venus hits you 3 times! What is wrong with that? Is it because 3 is a cloud when it comes to luv?:) We use to see Venus as a beneficial planet, giving us comfort and pleasure. All good things come in 3, don't they? And all is well that ends well, isn't it? Perhaps, in the end, Venus grants us an extra feel good moment!

So the upcoming Venus retrograde isn't scaring me.  In fact, I volunteer! I happen to have planned a new kitchen, some decoration and a new door, all bought in Venus direct time, but to be installed in January, right in the middle of the Venus retrograde period. There is always something unexpected when you are renovating a house…Venus direct or retrograde. But if the effect is worse than ever, I'll blame Venus. Of course, there is a risk that my husband and I fight each other over details or because we can't cook for a few days (and will have to eat fast food all the time:). Who knows what happens…I hope that I can resist the temptation of overspending on decoration! 

It is not (just) that I like to take risks. It is just that I can't see what can be wrong about a triple hit ot transit Venus! This time it will also be a personal hit. Transit Venus will be conjunct my Mars 3 times, because of the retrograde phase. There has been a first hit already (yesterday) and nothing special happened…On December 29 the retrograde Venus will hit my Mars and AC/MC again and the final hit will be on March 2. 

Perhaps there is something wrong when you are born in a Venus Retrograde period? A natal Venus retrograde  makes you shy or not very sociable, they say. The power of Venus is weak. That doesn't seem to be a good starting point for
1. a Queen to be like Princess Catherine (retro Venus applying to square Jupiter) or
2.  a celebrity like Dan Brown (who happens to live behind big walls).
3. Susan Boyle was born with a retrograde Venus  in a separating tight square with Saturn. In the progressed chart there is 15 degrees orb now... It seems that she is shy.
4. Natal Venus retrograde is in the chart of a successful Dutch TV (Albert Verlinde) man who loves to tell all about the love life of celebrities. Early December it was all about his husband, spotted when kissing a younger person…But is that because of Venus Retrograde in the  natal chart? *)

Retrograde planets are considered to have an inward effect. I would have loved to see something more 'measurable' than this. Perhaps, when Mercury goes retrograde communications don't come easy. When Venus is retrograde, socializing could be uneasy. I think that there might be luxury problems. You know, the kind of problems that disturb those with real trouble. Unless LOVE, LUXURY, PLEASURE and FUN is so important for you (maybe because you work in the field), that you sense it when Venus 'stays behind' for a while.

Here is the Winter Solstice chart for Greenwich.
Click to enlarge
Venus is about to go retrograde, but still going direct, in the Winter solstice chart.

Personally, I noticed important years when a progressed planet changed direction from retrograde to direct and vice versa. I had that with Mercury going direct and Saturn going retrograde in 1981. The year that Neptune (my ruler 1) happened to be important also. I never experienced a progressed change of direction of Venus.

Venus retrograde's moment of changing direction are at 13d33 on January 31, going direct (a degree of harmony, says Janduz) and at 28d58 Capricorn on December 21 in a degree of contemplation. Any correspondence with the positions in your chart? Then watch what happens and if you like: post a comment and share your experiences.


Interesting study of Classical Ideas about Retrograde planets:


*) I see that Lilly mentioned a 3rd person (with Mercury Rx) and I wonder about the 3rd person in a relationship with Venus Rx...

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The cruel dictator in Stalin's chart

I just added an article on Joseph Stalin's chart to Astromarkt (in Dutch( and decided to mention something about him here, too, on the 18th of December, his birthday. The natal chart of Stalin has all of the ingredients for a cruel dictator IF given total power and IF there is no control. Just like the Chinese dictator Mao he has an important combination of Saturn and Pluto in the chart. It is a combination for a 'die hard'. 

The natal chart of Stalin has a DD-rating given by Astrodatabank. For a long time it wasn't even certain on what day Stalin was born. As he was poor and not yet important when he was born, nobody noted his hour of birth, so the Ascendant, Midheaven, Moon and house positions are nothing more but a guess. That leaves us the positions on the day of birth…and those have to be seen in the light of that time in history, the culture and the man's genes. 

Here is the natal chart with transits and progressions of an important day in his life (April 3, 1911) when he escaped an arrest and 'vanished'. Watch Neptune and Pholus!(Click to enlarge)

There is a very important Mars in this chart. Mars rises before the Sun and has a few very narrow aspects: 
- a quintile with Jupiter
- a trine with Saturn
- an opposition with Pluto
- a semi sextile with the Sun
I know that we CAN read this as: a successful (Jupiter) very driven (Mars-Pluto) dictator (Sun-Saturn), but maybe that is too fast too soon. Perhaps another day I'll be back for more on his chart. Meanwhile, I like to point at the labels below, for more background information on Sun-Saturn, Sun-Pluto, Mars-Pluto and Mars-Saturn. This survivor didn't trust the outside world and got too much power. Lenin was too late and died before he could stop the rise of Stalin, a an responsible (Saturn) for the abuse of power (Mars-Pluto) that eventually killed millions. 


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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Astrology of Jang Sung-taek's execution

Here are the chart, transits and progressions of the late husband of Kim Young-Un's aunt: Jang Sung-taek. The man who was referred to as a 'dog' used to have a position of power. His life style (women, booze and fraud), the officials said, was the reason for his execution. A few weeks earlier, the ex-lover of Kim Young-Un was executed because of acting in a 'porn' movie. Kim Young-Un's year of birth is 1983 or 1984, so it is hard to have a look at HIS chart, though every January 8' chart has the natal Sun opposition the Mars of 'uncle' Jang. Sun-Mars conflicts between men refer to competition.

There is unanimity about Jang Sung-taek's data. He was born on February 2, 1946, with a revolutionary chart with 4 positions in Aquarius opposition Pluto and trine Uranus. Now is the time of Uranus square Pluto, so that it is likely for people born on February 2, 1946 to have to face an episode of stressful change now.

When Jang Sung-taek died, the mundane Uranus square Pluto transit hit his Neptune and his Pluto.
1. Transit Uranus was opposition his Neptune;
2.  transit Pluto was inconjunct his Pluto;
3. transit Pluto was also quindecile his progressed Mars;
4. progressed Mars was  inconjunct progressed Pholus;
5. progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Chiron;
6. progressed Venus inconjunct progressed Juno (mirroring the importance of his marriage; his wife was spared).

You see? There were 3 quincunxes pointing at losing balance and danger of a loss. Mars was involved twice (hurt, action) and Pluto also twice (danger, challenges). Even without explaining all of the transits and progressions, it is easy to see that he was in the middle of a difficult period. Anyone born on February 2, 1946 should pay attention to his health and safety right now, but...
You don't HAVE to be murdered when you are born on the same day.

Kenian politician Alpha_Oumar_Konaré, an American comedian named Clark and businessman Constantine Papadakis (died 2009 - cause pneumonia) were also born on Februari 2, 1946, but not in North Korea, where it is so easy to get executed in the name of the grandson of the first leader

A difficult natal Pluto and a position of power, a dictator and a hard synastry with the dictator's chart may get you in a difficult situation...

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Selecting a wedding date

Today is a special day: the 11th of December of 2013 (11-12-13 in Europ). Numerous couples tried to schedule their marriage at 14h15. Here is more on the chart of that moment in Amersfoort (Netherlands) , when 9 couples will get married. It is a good chart for a wedding.
click to enlarge
There are a few reasons why this is a good chart for a wedding ceremony:
1. Venus doesn't make aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees.
2. Jupiter is elevated
3. Mars is also 'calling' (no aspects in orb 5 degrees)
4. Vesta is on the horizon
Venus and Jupiter are always 'in' for a party. The prominence of Venus and Mars points at the passion of that moment. And Vesta conjunct Ascendant presents the perspective of a warm house.

Of course, there are also lesser aspects. Eris in the 7th house might be indicative for the jealousy of not selected couples. Uranus and Pluto on the corner stones of the chart present high tension (the media is interested, there are a lot of couples getting married at once...). And how about Mars in Libra? Sometimes there is just too much 'fire'. But don't worry...

Wedding charts are just one of the charts involved in a marriage. More important are the charts of the partners, their synastry and the shared aspects. It also matters how the progressed charts and transits of each of the partners are. And then the exact day or hour is of minor importance. I got married with Juno on the Ascendant of the wedding chart and on a Venus conjunct Jupiter day. Juno was conjunct Saturn and opposition Mars. It was on December 31 1970, icy cold. Perhaps that is how the marriage remained fresh:).

For a wedding party (and any other party) it is best if it is on a day with an aspect between Venus and Jupiter or with Venus or Jupiter in aspect with the positions in the charts of the partners involved. Don't forget to have a look at the position of Juno!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The damper in the chart

This post is about  growing tight hard **) Venus-Saturn or Jupiter-Saturn aspects. They often promise dampers. Let me explain...

If you have a natal Venus or Jupiter in a tight and applying aspect with Saturn, any aspect (transit or progression) with Venus or Jupiter will always be followed by an aspect with Saturn. As Venus and Jupiter or the symbols of joy and success, while Saturn is the symbol of reality and setbacks, there is almost always a damper, something frustrating or a "but", every time that there is a party, a pleasant event or trip.
There are exceptions. This rather cold follow up won't occur in case of a transit with a progressed Venus or Jupiter retrograde, having passed the point of the exact aspect with Saturn. In those cases, things changed in the course of life.

Picture your progressed Sun trine Jupiter, followed by a square with Saturn a few weeks or months later. It doesn't undo the prosperity and positivism of Jupiter, perhaps (though it  cAn), but it certainly makes you aware of the nasty sides of life soon enough, so that the period of optimism won't last for long.
Or what if progressed or SA Venus hits your Jupiter, immediately followed by a bump with Saturn? Ohw!&@&€! It is like the wicked fairy on the Sleeping Beauty's birthday party.

But, could you see this inevitable follow-up in another light? Aren't those people with tight Venus-Saturn or Jupiter-Saturn afflictions already used to expect something nasty, always?
First there was the day that you were born with a tight hard aspect between Venus or Jupiter with Saturn. Venus-Saturn restricts the way that you sympathize or enjoy things. You might be just too serious, materialistic or afraid to simply enjoy, love or admire. Maybe when you were a baby, you felt alone and cold or something hindered you in your most intimate and happy moments, who knows. We can't know for sure, but with Venus-Saturn or Jupiter-Saturn your chart tells you to be cautious and wait for more stabile and sure moments to arrive and not to have too much fun. Jupiter-Saturn is like a journey with too many stop overs and too much administration. You are just too cautious, scared or ambitious/materialistic to really go for it. The sleeping beauty waited 100 years for Mr. Right to kiss her, involuntarily and without knowing it, not growing older at all, but still: she had to bide her time.
Physical problems, matters of time and age, your status or parents or your position in society might block the easy flow of the planets Venus or Jupiter and when you come of age you might experience the benefits of Venus-Saturn or Jupiter-Saturn. That leaves little time to enjoy it.

Dampers happen mostly always with such aspects. So it is not surprising that when your progressed Venus meets Jupiter or vice versa, you don't trust it. You dare not jump into the pool of fun, hesitate to sign the papers before consulting an expert, take care not to get hurt too much...

But, still, there is that party, there is the success and there is the joy of that moment and you - somewhat - like it (you just have to agree with that:). The follow-up (the damper) doesn't come unexpected. So you don't even cry. It will be just another confirmation of what you thought it would be like.
(And then they say that it is YOU who causes it, because YOU were not positive enough. Funny, really.)

I think that life is more fun with separating almost exact narrow aspects of Venus or Jupiter with Saturn... Even the wider growing hard aspects don't 'sound' as 'happy go lucky'. Jacqueline Bouvier (who married Kennedy and Onassis) had Venus in a growing opposition with Saturn.

More examples?
Bashar al-Assad (the Syrian leader) has Venus sesquisquare Saturn, applying. In 2004 his progressed Sun reached Venus, but the meetings with the Israeli leaders didn't lead to peace after all. He started good, but it did't last.

Bob Geldof has Jupiter Retrograde in the natal chart. The progressed planet met natal Saturn in the early 70's. His progressed Jupiter changed direction in 2007. In 2006 and 2008 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize. Those years happened to be the years of controversy (see Wikipedia), too...

Sixto Rodriguez has Jupiter tightly semi sextile Saturn, applying. He didn't benefit much of his successes in South Africa, and had 'late success' indeed, but..., well, read the post about it.
Funny how Geldof and Rodriguez both dealt with the disadvantages of 'the international' Jupiter. Geldof because he couldn't become SIR. Rodriguez because he never heard of his success, being in the States.

Steven Hawking has a tight applying square between Venus and Saturn.

Susan Boyle has a separating tight square between Venus (retrograde) and Saturn. In the progressed chart there is 15 degrees orb now...

Dutch terrorist Tanja Nijmeijer has a tight and applying Jupiter sextile Saturn. The sextile perfected in progression when she was about 14 years old. That is when she dreamt of becoming a religous sister. (Interesting, because Jupiter-Saturn is one of the symbols of a religious profession). From that moment on, Saturn came first and Jupiter later. Though the publishing of her diary was seen as the prelude to her execution, instead she became a top member of the FARC.

Natal symbols of easy ways (out) and creative cooperation have a different effect. Here are some examples of them:

1. Monika Lewinsky's tight Venus sextile Saturn hasn't brought her much luck or fun up to now. The sextile is applying. In 2002 her progressed Sun was first conjunct Venus and later sextile Saturn. That is when she showed up on TV telling her story and got a contract for (first successful and later failed) TV shows.
! I noticed Venus-Saturn progressed aspects in the chart of Michael Jackson (Venus trine Saturn in the natal chart) in the years that he went into business (buying rights of songs).

2. Malala was born with Jupiter Retrograde. The progressed Jupiter is now at 19Aqu14 (still retrograding) and Saturn remains in the 21st degree of Aries. The natal sextile brings her an opposition with Jupiter and than a trine with Saturn in the 2030's, and that sounds good. Saturn's trines bring at least respect. Jupiter sextile Saturn helps her to find ways out of restrictions.

3. Pope Francisco has a natal quintile between Jupiter and Saturn, applying. The quintile indicates a creative way to join the planets. He ended (Saturn) with success (Jupiter). He is creative in finding a way to see the positive sides of duty and set backs.

4. Tina Turner's Venus trine Saturn is tight and applying and that worked for her!:) A professional and respected artist who loves her work and married late:)..

5. Susan Boyle has a separating tight square between Venus (retrograde) and Saturn. In the progressed chart there is 15 degrees orb now... 

I wonder: do you have a damper in your chart? And how do you deal with it?

**) Hard aspects are: conjunct, square, opposition, quindecile, semi square, sesquisquare and inconjunct.

*) A retrograde planet in your natal chart or by transit might first meet Saturn in the Venus-Saturn or Jupiter-Saturn aspect and make an aspect with Venus or Jupiter later. The progressed retrograding planet has a long lasting effect. The transit will eventually turn and start the 'damper-procedure' as always...

On Venus + Saturn on Astromarkt: http://www.astromarkt.net/venus-in-aspect-with-saturn.htmlhttp://www.astromarkt.net/venus-in-aspect-with-saturn.html

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quaoar and new worlds

This is the chart of Edward Shackleton, a courageous explorer and role model of a leader keeping his team together (and rescuing them). This Aquarian had Quaoar on his Descendant. The axis Ascendant-Descendant can be seen as 'your horizon' and Quaoar is on that spot: 'new worlds on the horizon'. His new worlds were icy cold and perhaps the Capricorn Ascendant likes it 'cool':). 
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Quaoar is a dwarf planet (like Pluto now) in the Kuiper Belt, named after a Tvonga deity of cretions (another name for Quaoar is Chiniqchinix). If Quaoar is prominent in your chart, creating and shaping new worlds, possibilities and realities is a key theme in your life. 

Here are some ideas about aspects with Quaoar, with examples. 
  • Sun-Quaoar
    When Quaoar is the first object rising before the Sun (the object that your finger meets when you move your finger clockwise over the chart, starting with the Sun), you are probably a person who finds more possibilities and perspective than others do. This enables you to 'shape your own life'.
    Difficult aspects between Sun and Quaoar could reflect the person who creates his own problems. I think of Dominique Strauss Kahn with Sun inconjunct Quaoar.
  • Moon-Quaoar
    President Obama has an aspect between Moon and Quaoar in the natal chart. This enables him to shape the emotional atmosphere and ...it gives the need to create new possibilities and realities. Unfortunately the aspect is a sesquisquare and that is frustrating him. This aspect might also mirror difficulties in adapting to new situations. Ernest Shackleton had Moon inconjunct Quaoar. 
  • Sun/Moon-Quaoar 
    Midpoint Sun/Moon in hard aspect with Quaoar is motivating strongly to create new perspectives. This urge to shape a 'new world' is present in the chart of David Cameron, the British PM. 
  • Mercury-Quaoar
    A beneficial aspect between Mercury and Quaoar could work out like in the chart of Steve Jobs (Mercury trine Quaoar) as 'creative ideas'. 
  • Venus-Quaoar
    First I had no examples for this combination that could make the world a better place, but then I remembered the song of Michael Jackson ('make the world a better place, for me and for you...lalalala'), who's chart has Venus in a narrow sextile with Quaoar. 

  • Mars-Quaoar
    How to shape competition? Mars afflicted by Quaoar is an aggressive drive to fight to create new realities. Ahmadinejad's chart has Mars semi square Quaoar. 
  • Ascendant-Quaoar
    Barack Obama has Ascendant trine Quaoar and he is the man of the new perspectives. Think of Shackleton's Quaoar on the Descendant, opposition Ascendant and how he explored new worlds. The Quaoar trine is much easier. It is the symbol for a man who sees the light sooner than others do. 
Quaoar is essential when this object is in a square, conjunction or opposition with midpoint Ascendant/MC or when there is an aspect with both Ascendant and Midheaven.

Where is your Quaoar? Find out here: http://www.astro.com/swisseph/quaoar.htm



Also visit: Astromarkt.net All rights reserved