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Chart, progressions, transits of Anne Frank

Almost everybody knows who Anne Frank was and what her short life was like. Many of us grew up with the diary of Anne Frank.

Here below is her chart. The chart doesn’t inform us about her actual circumstances and about the war and the holocaust. So, we have to read the chart giving the circumstance that she was a Jewish girl in a country occupied by an army sent by people who wanted to eliminate Jews. Hard and difficult transits and progressions are harder for those in difficult circumstances. See for example the post about transit Saturn in times of war that I wrote before. In this post I want to show how the transits and progressions corresponded (and are still corresponding) with her life and legacy.

On August 4, 1944 Anne Frank was arrested. There is one ‘harmonious’ or ‘ soft’ transit on that day: Progressed Ascendant trine Uranus, the culminating planet in her chart. It could be interpreted as ‘an easy way to independence and freedom’ and in a way she was ‘ freed’ from the attic. But, there is also P IC inconjunct Quaoar: an unbalancing new reality related to her home…The combination of Uranus and Quaoar with Midheaven suggests sudden new realities.

There was unfortunately a very bad sign: transit Saturn is on her Sun and about to square Midheaven. Saturn is the symbol of endings. A period in her life ended and it started to end her life. Pholus is in the 21st of Capricorn, quindecile Saturn and Sun. Pholus refers to turning points and an aspect of 165 degrees informs us about obsession or intense focus: on endings and separations.

Here is her birth chart with transits and progressions for the day of her arrest.

She didn’t die that day. She died in March 1945, of typhus. In those days Pholus was square her progressed Midheaven and transit Neptune was square progressed Sun and sesquisquare natal Sun. Neptune was also close to the IC. She was ill and weak and Neptune rules the 8th equal house, the house of life and death.

We all get such aspects and transits sometimes, but then there is a doctor, antibiotics and we haven’t been starved to death before. That is why the Saturn and Neptune in Anne Franks’ case hit that hard: awfull circumstances. It is the oriental Jupiter that is reflecting the positive and international known girl that she will always remain. Transit Jupiter was inconjunct progressed Midheaven (and trine Pholus) when she died. The inconjunction is always unbalancing and sometimes refers to a lost.

Through her diary the memory of Anne Frank has been kept alive. Her progressed chart keeps corresponding with events related to her and to her diary. On the day that her diary was first mentioned in a newspaper (April 3, 1946) her progressed Sun was exactly square Midheaven and transit Jupiter was about to be in opposition with progressed Midheaven (that when a publisher was found). With P Sun trine Saturn and Uranus trine P MC in July 1999 she became one of the 100 most important persons. And when a group of persons tried to save the tree before her house, transit Jupiter was opposition her natal Sun with transit Saturn inconjunct natal Midheaven. Even today Anne Frank is an important icon. CNN writes about ‘ her’ tree today (see the picture of it above). (Link to CNN about the tree and Anne Frank

ALSO READ: chart of the late Miep Gies...the woman who found and kept the diary of Anne Frank and handed it over to Anne's father when it was clear that Anne would not come back.


Algol, George Clooney, dead bodies and bombs

George Clooney has been confronted with issues of life and death related to his house lately. First they found a dead body near his house and now they discovered a large amount of arms (bombs and granates) less than 15 meters from the walls of his house. This happens to him with:
- transit Pholus in hard aspect with AC/MC (crucial turning point; the catalyst to basic changes)
- the progressive Scorpio Moon square Jupiter and 75 degrees from Uranus (moment of relief)
- progressed MC in minor hard aspect with Vesta
(indicating domestic issues)
- transit Node trine Sun and progressed Sun sextile Node
(good relationship with the community)
Also, the progressed Ascendant is conjunct Algol, the 'demon star'. In classical astrology Algol is considered to be a (or should I say: THE) most unfortunate -binary -fixed star. Maybe that explains?

Here is the progressed chart of George Clooney. For the birth chart and talent of George Clooney,see the post on Art&Astrology.

For more posts about fixed stars, see the labels


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gordon Brown and the Elections
of May 6, 2010

The chart below is the natal chart of Gordon Brown with transits and progressions of Election day (May 6, 2010). On September 30, 2009 when it was expected that the elections would be in June, I wrote about the astrological situation and that prognosis hasn't changed. The past few months I have been especially interested in Pholus and now I like to add that transit Pholus is sesquisquare his progressed Sun. That is reflecting a turning point in life. As his progressed Sun sign is changing, another way of living is to be expected (his life style is changing). The third sign of change comes from the transit of Pluto on his natal Midheaven. Third time lucky is not the case...
A chart is hardly needed when there are polls, but still: the correspondence between the polls and the astrological positions is interesting. Now let us wait and see what happens...

Here is what I blogged before. I quote:
There are more and more signs that Gordon Brown will loose the elections and that he will have to get used to another life style, just like his progressed Sun (changing sign!) tells us that he will. The combination of transit Pluto on Midheaven and Progressed Midheaven inconjunct Saturn is at least a difficult one. There is stress (Pluto) and there is a big chance of losing status (inconjunction with Saturn). Saturn-Pluto-combinations in politics often reflect the hard sides of politics. Falling down is a hard thing. And there are no helping transits whatsoever
Unless a miracle happens, Labour will see of lot of the voters switch to another party.

Here are a few of the posts about Gordon Brown, who managed to make a big mistake yesterday when he insulted a lady who voted for Labour before. Here is the link to the posts with ‘Gordon Brown’ in the text:

And here are some of the posts strictly about Gordon Brown and the elections.
Gordon Brown and the elections
Dated Sep 30, 2009
Nevertheless, even with such difficult aspects Gordon Brown made it to the top of the UK, just like George W. Bush managed to be in charge of the nation. See the topic about Sun and Saturn, managing to be in charge. ...

Astropost: Sun inconjunct Saturn (like Gordon Brown)
Dated Feb 21, 2010
When I read about Gordon Brown and his complaining staff, I remembered his natal Sun inconjunct Saturn. This inconjunction is about finding balance (inconjunction) between you and your position and life/lifestyle, however high or low, ...
Synastry Brown-Blair (Mars inconjunct Saturn
Dated Feb 25, 2010
Did, by any chance, Tony Blair ruin the life of Gordon Brown? Perhaps. With Mars inconjunct Saturn and Moon opposition Moon there are enough problems to solve between then, in spite of the Venus and Jupiter of Blair. ...

ALSO: about his opponents:

Astropost: David Cameron on June 3
Dated March 13, 2010
You see, his opponent, Gordon Brown, also has the progressed Sun in the final minutes of the sign. The inconjunction with Saturn in his chart is just as unpleasant as the transit of Saturn is in the chart of Cameron. ...\

(!Attention: the transits and progressions are for June 3, while the Elections are on May 6…)

Astropost: Liberal Nick Clegg
Dated Apr 16, 2010
The people of England have more than just two choices on May 6, election day. There is Gordon Brown, there is David Cameron and there is the winner of the debate today: Liberal Nick Clegg, born January 7, 1967, time unknown. ...


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bobby Brown lives

Bobby Brown is an R&B singer-songwriter, occasional rapper, and dancer (watch the Venus-Uranus opposition for sense of rhythm), the ex-husband of Whitney Houston. The news about Bobby (real name is Robert Barisford) is that he is alive. That is what Seven-sided Cube reports after twitters about Bobby Brown’s death. Fact: he did see the doctor in hospital, there were pictures of him in bed and his representative said that Bobby had a heart attack. Bobby says that he is alive and kicking.

Charts, transits and progressions mirror the actual situation, like the water in the fjord mirrors the hills. There is a difference between the mirror and the real situation (shaped and coloured by other elements than the mirroring water in the picture). Every astrological reflection needs knowledge of the material situation in order to ' read' the possible interpretation in real life. We don't know the hour of birth of Bobby Brown and we don't know all the circumstances. That is why it would have been easy to misjudge the composition of astrological indications in the chart below. It is not an easy going chart. Several serious transits and progressions accompany the news about his supposed death and the interesting thing is that these transits and progression are like a warning. Saturn and Neptune (combination of illnesses) are linked by Uranus and Sun (news/health). Also the Mars, Saturn and Pluto combination is reflecting danger (or fear) of death. Maybe his short stay in hospital helped him understand to take better care of himself, who knows.These combinations don’t imply death or near death. They just indicate the fact that the issue of death and being ill is a very hot item in this period of his life.

Virtually he WAS (considered to be) death for a few hours and his chart could be read as 'supporting' the rumours. As Mars is inconjunct Saturn in his natal chart, the theme of death and hitting too hard already is important. One of the persons he slapped was his wife Whitney Houston. (More about Mars-Saturn and slapping on this blog...)

Here is the chart drawing and a list of the transits with the positions on his day of birth and progressions:

Progressed Sun trine Neptune (seems that he is in ‘ isolation’ because he is working on a new album and perhaps he is living in dream land, finding inspiration:)
Transit Saturn opposition progressed Sun (a period ending? The opposition is the question mark…)
Transit Uranus conjunct progressed Sun and trine Neptune: the hype…(physical: danger of losing consciousness)
The combination of Saturn and Uranus could point at limited freedom or the will to break free (out of hospital?)
Progressed Sun in the final degrees of Pisces…life style changing
Transit Pluto square Jupiter (the price to pay for success)
Transit Pluto semi square natal Mars and 105 degrees from natal Saturn (in the natal chart Mars inconjunct Saturn); this might be the reflection of pain or fear.

Bobby Brown is the ex-husband of Whitney Houston. His Venus is oppostion her Juno, there Suns are also in opposition and the Moons are inconjunct. More about the match of the famous couple on Astrolgy & Love (link).
Whitney Houston seems to be attractive in the eyes of violent males. Here is part of my reading of Osama Bin Laden's chart:
In August 2006 an 'ex-sexslave' of Osama told the media that he was obsessed by Whitney Houston and even planned murdering her husband. It is astrologically a case of counterparts. Whitney Houston is a Leo and Osama a Pisces (difficult combinations basically). The Moon of Whitney is in Aries and his in Cancer (difficult to live together or to get used to the different habits.) His Mercury is opposed to hers (problems communicating). Her Venus is in a very narrow inconjunction to his Venus (they cannot match preferences). Her Mars is sesqui square his (good for a fight or not longlasting sexual attraction). Her Pluto opposes his Venus and Mercury (that makes the attraction very intense). Check it yourself: Whitney Houston is born 9th August 1963.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Princess Madeleine's ended engagement

Swedish Princess Madeleine had a fiancé, but he had an affair and now the relationship has stopped. There are several transits and progressions reflecting the situation. Some of these indications were there when the engagement was announced (with transit Pholus on the progressed Ascendant, see the second chart of this post). Short lists:
Mercury-Saturn, Pluto-Ascendant, Mars-Saturn, Pluto and Saturn with Juno, Pholus with Venus, and the solar return chart with Saturn ruler 7 opposition Midheaven. There is more about those aspects and transits when you scroll down.

Jonas has Mars rising before and conjunct Sun in Aquarius, opposition Jupiter. I think that the transit of Saturn inconjunct his progressed Sun perfectly describes how a mistake had a very unbalancing effect on the continuation of his way of life.

But, did her chart match the chart of Jonas Bergstrom? More on Astrology&Love …

A keen indication for the separation is 1) transit Saturn square progressed Mercury (combination for a goodbye) and for the revelation in the newspapers: transit Uranus square and Neptune trine her progressed Mercury.
In the natal chart Mercury is in the 7th house of the now cancelled marriage, opposition Uranus in the first house. And that is what the news is about: she opposition her partner.

Also 2) the progressed Ascendant in the 10th of Sagittarius (with fixed star Antares) is semi square natal Pluto, mirroring the difficulties in relationships. 3) In the progressed chart Mars was conjunct Saturn last year and that is one of the 4 signs for separations in the chart of a woman, maybe at the time of meeting her fiance.

Juno is the symbol of marriage. 3) Transit Pluto (ruler 1st house) is now exactly conjunct Juno and recently transit Saturn was square progressed Juno.

Also 4) transit Pholus was opposition Venus for a turning point in love...In the solar return for the coming solar year (after her birthday), Pholus holds a prominent place on the IC. The past year's solar return had Saturn on the IC..
So there is enough reason (3 or more) to expect hard times in love.

The announcement of the engagement on August 11, 2009 was with transit Pholus exactly conjunct the progressed Ascendant, with the Progressed Sun about to square Saturn. Was that the sign of shooting her foot and regret later?

PS One of the less 'fitting' transits is Jupiter opposition her Midheaven. In the natal chart Jupiter is in the equal 12th house and the Placidus 11th. Perhaps she is happy or prosperous in another field than love right now.

PS One of the less 'fitting' transits is Jupiter opposition her Midheaven. In the natal chart Jupiter is in the equal 12th house and the Placidus 11th. Perhaps she is happy or prosperous in another field than love (perhaps international) right now.

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for the announcement of the engagement,


Chart of serial killer Ronald Janssen

Ronald Janssen is a teacher and most probably a serial killer, but certainly a rapist. He was born February 6, 1971 at 12h15 in a place near Hasselt, says John Timperman, Belgian astrologer in Aquarius May-June 010. Janssen has been arrested this year and admitted to have killed two of his neighbours, among other violent crimes. He said that they made him angry. Mars is the symbol of aggression and sex, the soldier and the man in general. Mars is very important here. Why?

Mars is conjunct Aldebaran,
Mars is opposition Ascendant
Mars is the first rising outer planet
Masr is semi square Sun/Moon and
Mars doesn't make aspects within a 5 degree orb.

That makes Mars extremely important in the chart and the issues of a ' calling' , oriental and angular Mars on Aldebaran will be the issues to deal with for the chart holder. Ronald Janssen is motivated by Mars at any possible level and Mars (energy, production, aggression) is of crucial importance for him.

The second important observation: there are minor aspects between Saturn, Mars (157.5; sesquisquare and half semi square) and Pluto (sesquisquare) so that the combination of death threat and unnatual death is in the chart, including the most important planet of the chart! Minor aspects often reveal hidden issues...He appeared to be a normal teacher.

The third thing: PHOLUS. Pholus is on top of the chart. Not long ago, transit Pholus crossed the Descendant and Mars. In the progressed chart Pholus is the first rising object! Pholus seems to have a similar effect as Pluto, but in a more ' vigorous' way.

Difficulties in the relationship with women might be indicated by the conflicts of Pluto with Moon and Venus. The Venus-Saturn-Pluto combination together with the minor Mars-Saturn-Pluto makes passions rather cruel. Janssen is a divorced father of two.

The chart is the chart of a man who has problems with women, but he is even more the kind of man who is aggressive without much control.


'Calling' Mars and selected firing squad

Death row prisoner RONNIE LEE GARDNER, dob: Mon, 16 Jan 1961 (source: choses a firing squad for his execution in the USA state Utah*).

(the symbol of arms, fire - and the words related to fire - and of shootings**) is ‘calling’ in his chart (no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). It means that Martial issues are important in his life at any possible level. For the death threat: transit Pluto is about to retrograde to an opposition with progressed Mars, followed by a transit of Saturn.

**)Mars is also important in the charts of shootings that you can see here...

*) The USA is one of the few - if not the only one left of the - Western nations that still practises death penalty. Utah is the only state where this method of execution is ‘available’.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Belgian bishop quits

Roger Vangheluwe quit his job (bishop) after confessing the abuse of a boy (a family member). There are questions about his involvements in covering up similar cases of other professionals in the R.C. Church. His step of course changes his life in many ways and his progressed chart shows it.

His progressed chart has the Sun in the final degree of a sign (that is a sign of a changing life style) and the progressed Sun was recently opposition natal Pluto (difficulties, challenges). Together with transit Pholus square Venus - a turning point in sympathies and preferences - there are 3 signs of changing times in his chart right now. Also progressed Venus is conjunct Saturn, resonating the Venus square Saturn in the natal chart. It is a combination of regret.
More aspects right now: transit Saturn and Uranus in a soft aspect with progressed Sun - breaking free-.

- The combination of religion is in his chart. Sun is novile Jupiter and sextile Neptune.
- Mars is rising before the Sun. That is often the sign of an activist, a soldier or the promoter. Mars is also the symbol of sexuality and men or manhood. The orientation is on that symbol. Mars is in Virgo and in minor aspect*) with Pholus (105 degree).
- The tightest aspect is Venus square Neptune (one of the indications for divorce or not getting married in the chart of a man). It is also a combination of artistic talent. In the chart of a priest this might point at a conflict between preferences and beliefs.
- Jupiter conjunct Nodes indicates support of the community.

Without hour of birth there is not much more to add. Just that he said that the abuse was in the period before and after he became a bishop. That was December 15, 1984, with transit Pluto sextile progressed Sun and the progressed Sun in minor aspect with the Venus-Neptune square. See the chart here below.

*) Minor aspects often point at something hidden, latent or unseen.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Astrology chart of Bilal (Franck) Ribéry

Bilal (or Franck) Ribéry has three reasons to be 'in the news':
1. a scandal about a minor aged prostitute (while he is married with children)
2. a deserved red card (he stepped on another man's foot real hard)
3. a decision about his future with Bayern Munich (he is ready for change)
I found about 10 astrological reasons for trouble and change in the natal chart. For the list and chart scroll down. Here are some observations about the natal chart. This chart is showing the importance of women, the genetic qualities and successes, the religious change, the scars caused by an accident and ...It shows an intriguing variation of the meaning of Pholus (the Centaur who shot in his foot): to shoot using your foot...:)

Cherchéz la femme in the chart: Moon is rising before the Sun, Venus is 'calling' (without major aspects), Ceres is on the Ascendant. Female symbols are of vital importance in this chart.
The calling Venus in Taurus is biquintile Pluto, reflecting a creative way to earn money.

His brother is also a well known soccer (European football) player. Apparently the men have the right genetic material for this sport. Perhaps that is why we see Ceres (symbol of what you inherit) on an angle, on the Ascendant.

Indications for successes in the chart: Jupiter ruler of Midheaven square Sun/Moon (motivated for successes,travelling, the international), Jupiter on Midheaven (growing in society).
Also Midheaven = Jupiter/Uranus *)- sudden windfall- = Antares,fixed star of fame.

His Algerian wife is Muslim. Franck converted to Islam in 2002. Transits of Jupiter and Neptune (combination of religion) accompanied transits of Pluto and Pholus (for change). Uranus (in Sagittarius!) is conjunct Midheaven (and Jupiter!) in the 9th house. The position of Uranus in the 9th house is an indication for conversion in the field of conviction. (Another example is Youssouf Islam (Cat Stevens). See his chart on Art&Astrology...) The conjunction with Midheaven makes the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction important for his position in the world.

When Ribéry was 2 years old he got hurt in a car accident. The accident left him with scars on his face. I found no date of the accident.

There is a tough and difficult combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in his natal chart that is growing in progression and with the transits. But, Jupiter and Uranus are on Midheaven and this combination is THE reflection of 'luck' with an accident and relief. Also transit Jupiter was sextile Pholus and close to the Ascendant at the time. Progressed Mercury and Mars were square natal Lilith and opposition transit Pluto (Mercury conjunct Mars).

Just like in the chart of Dick Advocaat, I see an important Pholus (conjunct the Sun). Football is about shooting and feet and so is Pholus:). Pholus is the object of orientation in this chart.

- transit Pluto conjunct progressed Midheaven
- transit Pluto sesquisquare progressed Mars
- transit Saturn sesquisquare progressed Sun
- transit Uranus semi square progressed Sun
(- transit Neptune 75 degrees progressed Sun)
- transit Neptune on his AC/MC for the scandal
- progressed Moon square natal Saturn and conjunct Lilith (Saturn is square Lilith in the natal chart)
- transit Lilith square Venus
Saturn is about separations and endings, Saturn-Uranus about wanting to break free and Pluto is so challenging and intense that he often causes stress. The Mars-Pluto combination is perhaps reflecting the fact that he has to defend himself in the prostitute case (the girl was not 18 yet, but he didn't know).

Nicer transits are:
- transit Jupiter sextile Venus
- transit Pholus sextile Ascendant
There is an opportunity for celebrations and for a turning point in his situation. And if this h.o.b. is correct, the progressed Midheaven is now in hard aspect with Jupiter/Pluto (for a lot of profit).

PS The ninth house is the house of Jupiter/Sagittarius. Astrologers always have Jupiter-Uranus combinations prominently in their charts. As astrology is the sort of conviction that you learn (and usually is not thought at young age) you could consider the Jupiter-Uranus connection with astrology as the reflection of a conversion of conviction. See the labels for more.

- About accidents and astrology ...
- See the labels for more about football

BTW I found the h.o.b. on


Thursday, April 22, 2010

The potatoeman

This is the chart of the day of birth of Evo Morales, the Bolivian politican with controversial ideas (Mercury square Uranus),who has seen to many potatoeman perhaps and now thinks that eating potatoes makes you loose your hair. And by the way: you will also turn into a homosexual if you eat to many potatoes and chips. I am not surprised that Quaoar (symbol of creating new realities) is rising before his Sun.


Mars-Saturn and slapping

What's Mars-Saturn got to do with slapping? I see it in the chart of the bishop who resigned after having to admit to have slapped children. A Dutch criminal who used to beat up those who didn't want to pay for protection has Mars square Saturn and a bad heart. I see it in the chart of a mother who used to beat her children. I noticed it in the chart of my late dog (very nice doggy, never been hit, never bit me, but I know that she had been bitten in her ears often by her brothers and sisters when she was a little puppy).

It is about restricted energy, being cut short, about discipline. I saw the more beneficial aspects in the charts of heroe soldiers who were brave in hard times and beat obstacles. It is also the aspect in the chart of men who worked hard (and sometimes gained little): they were blocked when they tried to beat the status quo. Sometimes Mars-Saturn is hard labour, sometimes the aspect is reflecting being beated by parents or other father figures.

So let us say that discipline and being disciplined is the magic word. That explains why the effort to discpline (hard) is an issue in the chart of a man who wanted to dicipline the hard way. An aspect doesn't tell 'who done it'. It is just illustrating an issue in a person's life.

BTW With transit Pholus inconjunct natal Mars there is a chance to get hurt and to hit a turning point at work.See the Pholus files (click the label). That is what happened with Walter Mixa: he resigned.

For more about Mars-Saturn or Pholus,just click the labels.


Yves Leterme had a chance to fall

Again, the government of Yves Leterme has fallen. I found the birth data on (with thanks to Zus Luycz) (link). Yves Leterme was born Octboer 6,1960 at 10:18 in Wervik, Belgium. See his chart (scroll down) with transits and progressions.

The combination of the bad press (Uranus and Neptune, in mutual reception) is now in aspect with his progressed Midheaven (inconjunction and trine) and natal Sun (sesquisquare and quindecile). It must be a tragedy for a man with such a prominent Pluto (on Midheaven and rising before the Sun): the prototype of a politician. Transit Pluto is now trine his natal Midheaven (transformation time; come back time, too?) Belgium is of course a difficult country so he can’t have all the blame. But with Sun square Saturn he does have the aspect of being (found) responsible. He was in charge, after all. When he started this period of government he had transit Saturn sextile Sun, resonating the Sun-Saturn square and offering him the chance to fail again. Politicians with Sun-Saturn afflictions (like Putin and Chávez) tend to want to be ruling alone and control it all.

Also interesting is the conjunction of Mercury,Neptune andVenus trine Mars and Pluto. The talent to make up stories, discussion techniques and the ability to change opinions ….those are the kind of tools that politicians can use. But, one of the things that the Wallons (the French speaking part of Belgium) holds against him is that he is not flexible. With 50% of his positions in fixed signs and the Moon in Taurus it is hard to believe that they are wrong. In a country divided by two languages flexibility might be even more needed....But that is beyond astrology: let us just note the positions and see what happens...

For more about Sun-Saturn ,use the label...


Steven Seagall under fire

Steven Seagall's hour of birth is X-rated (his astrologer quotes him after he called his mom about his BC, so I wonder why it is an X-rating). The chart has Saturn inconjunct Midheaven, Mars is the first outer planet rising before the Sun, Pluto is on the Ascendant square Mars. Mars is sesquisquare the 'calling' Venus. The prominence of Mars-Pluto is evident and that prominence is in line with the martial arts (a fighting strategy).Mars-Pluto also reflects the issue of using force.It is the kind of aspect that goes with dominating men (strong muscles, using the power of money and influence). Mars-Pluto is also about the drive to win and having to defend himself. That is right now, in court, against 3 ladies who accuse him of molesting them. See ABC's video Seagall under Siege...about the accusations of one of them.
Several transits and progressions accompany this accusation.

Venus is sesquisquare Mars in the natal chart. Progressed Mars is now inconjunct natal Venus, resonating the natal combination. This combination refers to frustrated passions.

Progressed Sun is inconjunct natal Mars and sesquisquare progressed Mars.
This aspect is highlighting Mars two times. Mars is the planet of fighting, work, men, sex and fire... This combination shows that he is the target.

Transit Pluto and Saturn were and will be moving over his progressed Ascendant and Midheaven, with transit Pluto sesquisquare natal Ascendant.
Saturn-Pluto-combinations are one of the most difficult combinations to deal with.

Transit Pholus opposition progressed Mercury: a mental turning point with the danger to hurt yourself in communications with others.

Inconjunctions have an unbalancing effect and are often reflecting disproportion. At the moment there are two inconjunctions by transit.

If the h.o.b. is correct, Saturn is inconjunct his natal Midheaven. That is a signal of the danger of public embarrassment. The tightest aspects in the natal chart are Moon opposition Jupiter (popularity) and Sun opposition Neptune. There is a complete article about Sun-Neptune combinations on my site Astromarkt. Click this link to go there...

For more about the mentioned aspects,see:About Pholus (all posts)
The Pholus files ...

All posts about Saturn-Pluto's effect or a specific article about Saturn and Pluto on my site Astromarkt

The effect of the inconjunction (disturbed balance)


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jupiter in the first house and growing

Lately I experienced transit Jupiter in the 12th house and transit Jupiter conjunct Ascendant, when nothing happened (links below). Now Jupiter is in my first house and like always when Jupiter is there: I grow (and grown-ups can grow in one direction only)…That is in line (...) with the look of the planet (the biggest) but not with the statues of the Roman god. Santa Claus however has a big belly and he is very much a Jupiter-look-alike for modern times.

The first time that Jupiter was in my first house, I was a baby and then I had to grow, OK. I remember the 3rd time, too: that is when I quit smoking and gained 20% (a happy 20% because I was too small then). But another time I grew just like that, because I felt happy and careless and I didn’t mind. Every time Jupiter is in my first house, I grow. I am not complaining: I have seen pictures that convinced me that I could have grown much more!

Now I have gained 3 centimetres and I am desperately trying not to spoil myself any more and get strict and firm. This time Jupiter’s transit came after a period of Mexican Flue and an icy cold winter that kept me at home, behind the computer. For a few months I spoiled myself and then: I recovered my measuring-tape. Ay: I grew one size and summer is coming!

Getting better is nice, getting fatter is not better. More moving, eating less: sounds simple, but I wonder if Jupiter helps in this case. Jupiter is the reflection of growth, being BIG and fat. In many countries being fat is a way to show that you are well to do and healthy. In the West being fat is a shame. That makes me wonder about the meaning of Jupiter. Jupiter is the symbol of overweight, overload and too, too, too much. Did Jupiter help me or did I help the symbol of Jupiter? Now that Jupiter has been square my Sun and Midheaven and is moving towards a square with Venus 3 times (every time that I have a planned trip or holiday: great!) I am using the interval and do my very best not to grow any more. And I hope that the Placidus system is not right and the equal house system is. That is because I have a very very large first house in Placidus:). But maybe I can expect some help, though, as transit Jupiter is right now square progressed Ascendant. Or...???Oh no! Never mind, I feel great anyway:)!

Read also: - transit Jupiter and nothing happened
- Obese and astrology, why we are fat and how to blame the chart...on my site Astromarkt.
- About the Moon and your diet...

BTW Found a nice picture of Sailor Jupiter fat here...


Friday, April 16, 2010

Dick Advocaat's switch to Russia

Dick Advocaat is Russia’s coach as from May 2010. They seem to like Dutch coaches over there. Guus Hiddink is the coach now (he left to coach Turkeye, see the post about that move...). It seems that Mr. Putin himself asked him to leave the ‘ Red Devils’ in Belgium alone. It might also be important that the Russians offered tol pay him 10 times as much as the Belgians do.

With transit Neptune square Midheaven and inconjunct Mars it is no surprise that the media and the public is not happy with his decision. They are filetting him! Very much in line with an inconjunction of Mars… Another interesting thing: the deal with the Russians hasn;t been completed yet, but Dick Advocaat already resigned. (I hope that the Pholus on his Ascendant means shooting WITH his foot and not shooting his own foot:)... Isn't he cheaper now that he resigned, I wonder?)

Here is the chart with progressions and transits.


John Cleese and the taxi:Mercury-Saturn

John Cleese has to work to pay his ex-wife and that is why he was in such a hurry to get to Brussels from Oslo, that he took a cab. Because of the vulcanic dust he could not go by plane and there was no place left in the train. It was so expensive that he has to do another show, I am afraid. See ABC news... His progressed Mercury in Sagittarius is suare transit Saturn. That is blocking transportations and making it difficult to keep an appointment. There will be delay, somehow, just like in the chart of Danish Queen Margrethe (birthday today, royal guests can't come by plane).
Mercury - Saturn also produces slow answers as you can see in the post about that aspect.

I wrote about the chart of John Cleese and his expensive divorce on Astrology & Love before.
For the artist in the chart of John Cleese, see this link to Art&Astrology...


Queen Margrethe and the vulcano

Here is the chart with transits of Queen Margrethe, Queen of Denmark, who is celebrating her 70th birthday today. Many of her guest could not come to her party the easy way, by plane. That is because there was an erruption of a vulcano on Island.The dust makes is impossible to fly. So the (royal) guests arrived by train.

Whenever plans, appointments or transportations seem to become a problem related to timing, we see a Mercury-Saturn combination. Transit Saturn is now opposition the natal Mercury of the guest of honour.

Liberal Nick Clegg

The people of England have more than just two choices on May 6, election day. There is Gordon Brown, there is David Cameron and there is the winner of the debate today: Liberal Nick Clegg, born January 7, 1967, time unknown. On the day after Election day we see this:

- His progressed Sun has changed sign (a new way of living)
- Transit Jupiter is conjunct his natal Uranus and his progressed Venus
- Progressed Venus conjunct natal Uranus
- Progressed Mars square natal Jupiter
- Transit Chiron on progressed Sun

Without hour of birth these positions are only part of the story. Still, those are (mostly) good signs of sudden pleasant surprises (a nice windfall) and of success. His chart is the most postive one of three in this matter: he gains votes, I guess (or he has a very pleasant party at home:). He has already outpolled Labour once, so he is a serious candidate.

His ‘ calling’ Mercury enables him to communicate at any possible level and that is important for a politician. Mercury is in aspect with Jupiter/Pluto (for a great vocabulary). Maybe sometimes he says too much (Mercury-Neptune) or is not ‘ clear ‘ enough, but this definitely was not so yesterday, in the debate.

I think that Jupiter holds a special position in his chart (symbol of the international). He speaks 5 languages, has a Dutch mother who was born in Indonesia and a Spanish wife (he met her in Bruges). He also worked for the European Commission. That is why I would not be surprised to see the symbol of the international (and in his chart the leading planet in an open angle pattern) on one of the angles in his personal chart. However, he also has that Sagittarian Moon to express the need to be liberal and international.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Pholus files

This post is dedicated to Pholus. I have collected about 15 posts labelled ' Pholus' now. These posts show the 'Pholus-effect' in natal charts and in transit. Pholus is (just) an asteroid. Pholus was a centaur in the myths. In astrology Pholus is the symbol of turning points (of no return) - the catalyst - and of shooting your own foot... Pholus is there when a bottle is uncorked. That is the theory. And I think that the following examples are in line with the theory.

There is an interesting page on Wikipedia dedicated to Pholus. Pholus is linked to:
- the small start of a major event (like the butterfly and the huricane)
- a turning point (like the first domino stone in a range)
- a situation involving three generations at the time (grandparents, parents, children)
- curing addictions
- something happens that you can't get a hold on and that is escalating (like the first stone in a revolution)
- the catalyst (something that triggers a lot of events)
I read somewhere that Pholus might also reflect an intense Pluto. Pholus often seems to be mirroring sexual issues. Above you see the chart of Pope Benedict, with Pholus on Midheaven and transit Pholus square progressed Midheaven today...

As you can see on the web Pholus is very very small and orbs should be taken equally small. Pholus is one the additional objects that you can choose on when you make a chart there.

Here are the examples of Pholus 'activities', taken from, without the chart drawings and focussing on Pholus only. You can see all these post, the charts and complete texts by using the label ' Pholus' or by searching this blog with the tool on the left.

The examples are of Pholus with ...:
- Pholus + Sun: turning point in honour or lifestyle/health, something starts changing your life. In some cases the persons sex life was in the spotlight*)
- Pholus + Mercury: turning point in communications, something starts changing your ideas
- Pholus + Jupiter: turning point in conviction; something starts changing your convictions
- Pholus + Mars: turning point in a battle (and with the inconjunction: getting hurt!) or sexlife; something starts changing your drives and energy
- Pholus + Midheaven: turning point in a (domestic) career; something or someone changes your position in society
- Pholus + Venus: turning point in preferences or relations (with women); something or someone changes your preferences
- Pholus + Ascendant: coming out (at a certain point)
- Pholus in synastry: the strong influence of someone, changing your life in a direct way.

The example charts are those of Whoopy Goldberg, Berlusconi, John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Yoko Ono,
L.Ron Hubbard, Susan Boyle, Father Murphy, Maradonna, John Terry, John Boehner, John Sheehan, Dennis Kucinich, Ricky Martin and the Dresden bombing in WWII. I think that Susan Boyle's chart is the best example of them all: Pholus on Midheaven.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
The Venus and Pholus of Whoopi Goldberg
Oops, Whoopi Goldberg confessed that she has been untrue, too! I couldn’t believe it just like that, I just had to see her chart. And there he was: Pholus, now conjunct her progressed Mercury (symbol of communications). It was perhaps a statement that was ‘ bubbling up’; sort of a message in bottle, uncorked just like that...
The conjunction of Progressed Mercury and natal Pholus reveals a mental turning point. Pholus is also semi sextile her progressed Sun and transit Saturn is semi square her natal Sun/Moon midpoint (and that might make her family life a little colder today).

Thursday, April 1, 2010
L.Ron Hubbard's chart (again)
LAFAYETTE RON HUBBARD, founder of Scientology, was born 13 March 1911, 2:01, Tilden, Nebraska USA. I had a look at his chart before (related to the chart of Tom Cruise, one of his followers), but it is almost Easter and time for fresh new looks, isn't it? Also, Scientology is news again (and Uranus is square his progressed Sun), and I like to see where Pholus is in charts.
Did you know that Jupiter is conjunct Pholus in his chart and that this is the tightest applying aspect? It is the reflection of a twist in conviction with a bubbling effect:).
And that in 1951 when he turned from pop therapist to religious leader, transit Pholus was square progressed Sun.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Chart of Ricky Martin's coming out
Ricky Martin’s coming out is reflected by Pholus and Quaoar (now at 21d35m Sagittarius) on either side of the Descendant, both symbols of new realities and turning points like coming outs/breaking trough, things that come out of the closet, or ... important changes in general. Pholus is semi square AC/MC: there is a vital turning point. Progresses Sun/Moon is semi square transit Pluto for being motivated to transform (and for the stress that this change brings, too). There were at least 3 signs of changing times.

Berlusconi's winning chart
I have been reading Berlusconi's chart before , so I just refer to that today, now that he won the regional elections in spite of what the media predicted (maybe wishful thinking?). How come?
(There are a lot of astrological reasons, but this one is for Pholus):

Pholus sextile his progressed Mars on AC/MC
Easy twist of faith in a battle, but with the danger of shooting own feet.

It seems that easy aspects of Pholus help you win the polls.

Maradonna's dog bite

I don’t want to ' blame' Pholus for everything, now that I recently ‘ discovered’ this object. Fixed star Sirius also was important in the incident with Diego Maradonna's dog. Neptune contributed, too. And there were supporting transits avoiding worse than bitten lips. But still, transit Pholus is exactly inconjunct the natal Mars of Maradonna, now that he has been bitten by one of his own dogs. I think that bite might change the way that he plays (or fights) with his dogs form now on..
Other indications for getting hurt and animals are transit Neptune almost and transit Chiron exactly square the DD-rated Ascendant given by Astrodatabank.
Lucky besides: progressed Venus is conjunct natal Pholus, maybe that helped and so did transit Jupiter conjunct the Moon in Pisces (and square Mercury). Maradonna had some lucky stars on his side (though it might feel bad:(

With Sun conjunct Neptune there might be a tendency to be too close to animals in general, especially in times when progressed Mars is conjunct Sirius, like here. Sirius is one of the fixed stars related to dog bites (see

Sunday, March 28, 2010
Pholus and Susan Boyle
I am a Pholus-fan these days, so I post a lot about this astroid, without getting bored or tired, sorry!:) It is because I find so many examples that convince me of the effect: a turning point, starting change.
Today I had another look at the chart of Susan Boyle, who is moving out of the house that she has always been living in (with transit Uranus on top of her chart and Pholus sextile Midheaven. She is almost celebrating her birthday.

Here it is: Pholus on Midheaven.

Has there been a better example of a turning point like in the life of Susan Boyle, yet? Pholus is also quintile Venus: the turning point was related to talent in a creative way. And it was! In line with Pholus' meaning, it was like if the cork dropped off a bottle of champagne.

Father Lawrence Murphy's passions
Astrology and statistics never work the other way around. Here is an example of a priest who abused hundreds of boys without a Venus-Pluto aspect in the natal chart, like in the cases mentioned in an earlier post. However, Father Murphy (not the television character) had progressed Venus quindecile Pluto at age 25, when he became a priest. And he had Venus and Mars calling; that is for passion at any possible level, somehow and anyhow.


Now we have the portrait of a priest who is forbidden to have sex, a priest with passion at any possible level. With so much passion and drive, perhaps with homosexual fantasies he became the father (Saturn rising before the Sun, conjunct Saturn) of many poor boys with the restriction that he shouldn’t marry, during a transit of Saturn square natal Sun in 1950 and progressed Sun inconjunct natal Pluto. That was also with transit Pholus conjunct his progressed Venus: a turning point in love, preferences, and in the way that he dealt with women. Transit Pluto was square progressed Mars in that year, too. Who knows what happened? The two forces of his passion (preference/desire and drive) came together with the two forces of change (Pholus and Pluto) in the year that he was down or being restricted while his life (progressed Sun) changed (Pluto) in a disproportionate way (inconjunction).

In 1952 he started the abuse, he said. That was when progressed Mars reached the Sun-Saturn conjunction and sex (Mars) came into his life as a father. In 1952 Progressed Mercury was conjunct Pholus and transit Pholus was semi square the natal Sun: there was a twist of mind and a frustrating turning point in life and sex was being highlighted after efforts to control the drive.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Pholus, Quaoar and The Beatles

The Beatles were a turning point in the history of music and they shaped a new reality in the business of entertainment. Maybe that is why Pholus and Quaoar are so important in the charts of the main songwriters of the group.

Pholus seems to be the symbol of the turning point, a moment in life to remember. John Lennon and Paul McCartney both lost their mother when they were teenagers. That is something that they share. Their charts have an A-rating in Astrodatank and that is not an AA-rated chart, but if they are correct, these are the similarities related to Pholus, the lost of their mother and the impact of their careers in music.
Pholus is in the 4th house (also a house related to a parent) of Paul McCartney.
Pholus is on top of John Lennon’s chart (in the 10th house, a parental house), semi square AC/MC and square natal Sun: his life is strongly and possibly in a challenging way, connected to the symbol of Pholus and what this asteroid is representing.

Progressed ruler 1 and 10 (Mercury) was inconjunct Pholus when Lennon’s mother died.
Transit Pholus was sesquisqare progressed AC/MC of McCartney when his mother died.
This is marking a crucial turning point.

It doesn’t surprise me much that Yoko Ono’s Pholus is exactly on the IC, square the Ascendant in the 9th degree of Capricorn (same pattern as John has), quindecile the Midheaven of Paul McCartney and less than 2 degrees from the MC of John Lennon. Pholus, the issue of the turning point, joined their lives.

Monday, March 22, 2010
John Boehner's Pholus
Hell, no! John Boehner, leader of the Republicans, yesterday. But there was a yes…That happens with his progressed Sun conjunct natal Pholus, reflecting that he is on a turning point in life. And it happened with transit Uranus quindecile Mars (for rather obsessed short fused anger).

Friday, March 19, 2010
The Pholus of John J. Sheehan
With Pholus in the air it seems to be easy sometimes to shoot in your own foot, like Pholus did...
Pholus' name looks a bit like phallus. I read somewhere that Pholus works like a strong shot of Pluto. Perhaps that is why this is the second example of sex as the catalyst of a lot of fuss. The first one was John Terry's transit Pholus conjunct natal Sun. John Terry's Pholus transit highlighted his personal sex life. Former general John Sheehan's Venus opposition Pholus was triggered by a Pholus transit(not a conjunction) yesterday. He spoke of the sex life of others. Opposition often deal with 'others' and their effect on you.

Former general John J. Sheehan (with Sun conjunct Mars, Pluto rising before Sun and Venus and Mars semi-sextile Pluto) is a real macho and has his preferences. He is strongly against homosexuals in the army. And he bases that on experience, he said. He attributes the fall of Sebrenica to homosexuals in the Dutch army. Yesterday he told the Senate Armed Services Comity that ‘the Dutch’ also told him so and named one “Hankman Berman" as his source. The former chief of staff Henk van Breemen, denies to have said so. You can see Sheehan and what he said on this video:

Now: was this Pholus (again)? Yes indeed.

Pholus has a prominent position on the day of birth of Sheehan: all alone against all others
…and in strong opposition with the planet of love and preferences: Venus!

Right now transit Pholus is making aspects with 4 positions in his natal chart.
Transit Pholus is now in the 16th degree of Sagittarius (15+) and that is inconjunct the natal Pholus and progressed Pholus and …transit Pholus is the Apex of a Yod with the radix Venus and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of Sheehan. In the natal chart of Sheehan Pholus is sesquisquare the Sun, opposition Venus and trine Jupiter and Saturn within less than 1 degree orb. So this transit of Pholus hits the Sun (105d), too.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Dennis Kucinich changes his mind: Pholus?
Now that I am in the mood for Pholus, I see Pholus everywhere. I see Pholus in the chart of Dennis Kucinich now that transit Pholus is sextile his Sun and trine his Ascendant, now that he changed his mind about the Health Care Bill, not because it is the best bill there is, but because he doesn't want to stand in the way of progress. See The Huffington Post.... That is substantial change during the transit of Pholus. Robert von Heeren mentions 'a turning point in life' for this transit and in this case he is certainly right.

Dresden, Pholus and Varuna
Not more than 200.000 but 25.000 people of different nationalities (Germans and prisoners) were killed during the bombings of Dresden on February 13, 14 and 15 1945, an investigation team found out and published in an official report. It happened decades ago and Dresden has been restored, but at the time it must have been like living hell. Many of the bombs were incendiaries and they created a fire storm. The bombing has always been controversial, because of the number of lost lives of civilians. Pholus, Varuna and Uranus were in tight aspect with the meridian of that moment in wartime, reflecting destruction.

The first bomb was dropped at 22:13 CET. The chart of that moment has Uranus semi square Midheaven. Pholus is exactly opposition Midheaven and square Varuna.

John Terry (again): Pholus?
John Terry is in the news again, see Times online ...He was breathalysed after coliding with the car of a Chelsea security staff memeber, leaving the man with a broken leg. He went on driving and later went to the police. Should it be the effect of transit Pholus on the natal Sun? Pholus*) seems to have the effect of Pluto, but harder.
*) 'unusual and thoughtless action', that is what I read in the interesting article about Pholus (one of the Centaurs) on

*) Pholus is on 19th Century King William II of the Netherlands' Sun now that his extravagant sexlife is being highlighted on tele. Pholus is also on the Sun of John Terry (cheated his wife with his best friends' partner).

I know someone who was real good at astrology but suddenly she dropped it with transit Pholus opposition progressed Sun.
My activities on the web started with Pholus square my natal Pluto and Progressed Sun in a life changing year. Pholus will be on my natal Sun and Midheaven this year, trine Pluto. Any ideas?:).


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hours, dates of birth and times zones

Charts are sometimes tricky tools and that is because it takes a lot to create them. You need an event or a birth, the right day and year and place, preferably the exact clock hour and minute of the event and you need to know the time zone.

In my country the hour of birth is noted, but not the exact hour. They use a 5 minute interval. Before 1945 they used an interval of half an hour, so that is improvement. When we go back in time the difference between the day of birth and the day as noted in the birth certificate might be 2 to 3 days: they used the date of notification or even the day that the little one was baptized. The hour, day and year of Jeanne d’Arc is in fact unknown. Just google the internet and think: she was born poor, a peasant girl. She lived in a period in history when the personal individual chart was not important at all. What mattered was the chart of a king or queen and mundane astrology. Why would they even bother to note the hour of birth if they didn’t mind about the day of birth. Jeanne d’Arc was born about 1412 or January 6, 1412 or circa January 6 1412 or probably (Catholic Encyclopedia) and yet there is a chart (DD rated) on Astrodatabankwith even an hour of birth based on a story about roosters singing when she was born at sunrise. But, wasn;t that just a bad omen? You know: peasants didn’t have watches at the time and the fact that the hour of birth was linked to roosters tells me that they didn't have a clock either. That is why it is a DD rated chart. A DD-rated chart is far from specific and correct. The degrees of Ascendant, Midheaven or Moon in such a chart can't be used at all.

A-rated charts are often ‘ from memory’ . I have a mother in law who remembers that her 3 children were all born around 7:30 a.m. but the father remembers that one of them was born at about 10.

AA-rated charts are charts with a birth record. That means that the doctor noted the hour and minute of birth. But what if his/her watch was not pointing at the correct minute? My watch doesn’t, I always have to set it.

I posted about Richard Ramirez some time ago and used a February 28 date. Someone told me that it should be 29 and when I quickly checked the internet I thought that she was right and removed the post. Google it and you will see. However, astrotheme and Astrodatabank both mention 28, it is an AA rated chart. But when you double check it, you get confused...

A while ago I thought to have found the chart of a Dutch politician and a few months later I read that it was a guess chart that had been taken over without mentioning that. Guess chart often look like the right charts, when they are not. I could have know. In my country the use a 5 minute interval in the BC and this one had even seconds! A recent example of the importance of times zones is the post about the death of President Kaczynski. The chart could not be made with CST for Poland, not in my program and not on, as the Efemeris just didn’t have CST in stock. The A-rating had not been changed yet. Ay, problems, problems…

Anyway, I deleted the post about Ramirez, but I kept the story in Word. And I won’t read the chart of Jeanne d’Arc, ever...
Next chart will be an AA-rated double checked one, at least… Or shall I just skip charts to avoid this?:)

What I mean to say is that calculating charts is tricky business, even more when even days or years of birth are not certain. You need to have a when and where and what to start reading the story. Once upon a time and place is not enough when you want to use progressions and transits. It takes a lot of time to check, check and double check. The effect will be: less posts. Or more without charts, like this one.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chart of judge Baltasar Garzón

In Spain a judge has to appear before court because ultra right groups like Manos Limpios (Clean hands) have accused him.

Judge Baltasar Garzón is leading the corruption inquiry named 'Gürtel'. The accused are linked to the main right wing Partido Popular. Now ultra right admirors of General Franco (the late dictator) accuse Garzón of twisting the rules of law and overreaching powers when he investigated the case of dissappeared victimes in the period of Franco (the civil war). He is been accused of ignoring the Ley de Amnistía of 1977 (a law that permitted the crimes to be left unpunished). This is a very delicate matter in Spain (as in Argentina).
The killers of unarmed enemies have never been on trial. But Garzón: he has to face the judge. "No entiendo nada. ¿Al final va a volver a ganar Falange?" (I don't understand this. Is the Falange going to win in the end?) There is a lot of upheaval in the media, mirrored by Uranus square his Sun. See El País for more and for pictures...

There are a few transits and progressions of interest:

- Transit Uranus square progressed Sun (upheaval, news about you)
- Transit Saturn retrograding towards a square with progressed Sun
- Progressed Midheaven will be square Saturn again this year
- Progressed Ascendant is inconjunct the natal Sun
- Progressed Ascendant trine natal Uranus
(and now we see the combination of restricted freedom, being stopped and the fight against it)

- Transit Jupiter inconjunct Vesta
(perhaps for the overload of dedication that is not in his favour now?)

- And a progressed Sun moving to the final degrees of the sign to indicate that his lifestyle will shortly change
- Progressed Sun trine natal Jupiter (for being supported and ... judged)
- Progressed Sun will be trine Pluto within one year
(this is the combination of success and winning or being valued)

- Transit Pluto is conjunct progressed Mercury (mental stress)

- Progressed Moon trine Neptune and conjunct transit Neptune (hope and sentimental or negative feelings, the influence of the media).

It is not surprising to see so many reflections of an important event like this.

Garzón has a 'calling' Moon, Mercury and Mars, with Neptune rising before the Sun and in aspect with AC/MC. This is not the combination of being without bias. He is a compassionate idealist fighting for a cause. He also tried to 'get' Berlusconi, Henry Kissinger, ETA and army officers in Argentina who tortured students to death. This dedication is also the reason why he makes enemies (but perhaps he likes to fight them: Mars novile Pluto).

The political and strong willed sign Scorpio is on Midheaven, with Jupiter and Pluto quintile the MC, mirroring creative successes. With Sun square Uranus he is different than the rest, also in his conservative branche (inter non pares). With Mercury quintile Uranus his ideas are also considered to be controversial, though he has creative ways to express them. He may be right, but in his society he is rather controversial. Moon inconjunct Uranus also gives the need to be different and sometimes that need causes so much controversy that the goals won't be reached.
See Cafe Astrology about Moon inconjunct Uranus...

Garzón is also dedicated (Vesta) and fanatic (Scorpio). The symbol of decidation, Vesta, doesn't make any aspect and transit Vesta is now on top of his chart, trying him. Read 'Una injusticia en España'(Injustice in Spain) - easy to be translated by Google - here.

His case reminds me of Simon Wiesenthal. He also had a 'calling' Moon in the 2nd degree of a sign (105 degrees from Uranus), Pluto in aspect with Midheaven and Mars inconjunct Pluto to illustrate the strongly driven personality, fighting for justice for victims of war. One of the notes of Reinhold Eberting regarding the Mars-Pluto combination is 'victims of war'. The issue is important in the lives of Garzón and Wiesenthal. For more about the combination of Mars and Pluto, see the label.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Air crash kills Polish President

Here is the A-rated chart with some observations about the transits and progressions of Lech Kaczynski, President of Poland, who died in an air crash today with transit Pluto inconjunct natal Mars and progressed Mars semi square natal Saturn (ruler of the 8th house). Transit Mars was sextile the natal oriental Mars. Also transit Pholus wsa semi square Jupiter. In the natal chart Jupiter is conjunct Pholus (out of sign) and Mars is square Saturn.

His twin brother Jaroslaw was born 45 minutes earlier. He is also a politician. He was not on board of the plane and has transit Saturn trine Midheaven now.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Camilla's broken leg

The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, married to Prince Charles, broke or at least injured her leg. This happened yesterday when she was hillwalking, even though it was a bit slippery. This is just a B-rated chart, but it has Mars on the Ascendant, very much in line with an accident, an injury and pain. Mars is also square her progressed Moon (exactly square Ascendant). Any Progressed Moon in Scorpio square Mars and Ascendant is showing that it is no time for overdoing things, but I bet that she had not seen her horoscope today. The situation (Ascendant) did the rest.

Prince Charles and his Camilla (on Astrology&Love)


Chart of shooting

Eris is the symbol of discord and is on top of this chart.
Mars is the symbol of knifes, guns and fights and is sesquisquare Midheaven.

This is the chart of the moment when someone tried to leave a store with what he had stolen. He got stuck in the revolving door. When the guards approached, he used his knife in an attempt to break free, but in the end police officers shut him in the legs. For more about the importance of Mars in the charts of shootings, see this link...
(with links to more examples).


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chart of Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is going to have a 6 week radiation therapy starting in May. She said that she was angry about losing control and that the doctors are positive about the chances to beat the cancer.

She has a typical combination in her chart reflecting the present situation: the (progressed and natal) angles of the chart are being hit by a number of transits of Saturn, Neptune and Pluto…and by Pholus.

- Pluto is in the sixth house. Transit Pluto is conjunct Midheaven (because of an illness: a challenging, stressy or dangerous condition or position, survival and forced come back or …a therapy).
- Neptune is now conjunct progressed Midheaven (isolation, negative condition)
- Saturn is square progressed Ascendant (depressing situation)
- Progressed midpoint AC/MC is in hard aspect with Neptune (dissapointment)
- Also transit Pholus in the 16th degree of Sagittarius is quindecile the progressed Ascendant of Navratilova and mirroring the fysical turning point. Pholus is retrograding and will than square Venus (again).
- Transit Chiron is opposition natal Pluto (therapeutic healing)
- Transit Jupiter is almost square the progressed Sun (and that is positive). Also progressed Sun will be square Jupiter in 2 years time, to make life better.

Martine Navratilova is a tennis legend. Mercury or Gemini use to be important in the charts of those who use their arms and hands as much and profressional as tennis players do. Navratilova has Mercury on an angle in Libra, in mutual reception with Venus. Mercury is square Midheaven. The Moon in Aries is opposition Mercury and on the Ascendant, conjunct Ceres (symbol of the genes). This shows the importance of the female roots for her fysical condition. Her mother and grandmother also played tennis! This Moon conjunct Ceres on the Ascendant is also mirroring the importance of the habits of nutrition: she is a vegatarian.

Martina is also famous for her coming out as a lesbian in 1980, when progressed Sun and progressed Pallas conjoined, transit Saturn and Neptune ‘hit ‘ natal Jupiter and Jupiter was square Saturn. The earlier post today was about the disadvantage with the advantage joined in Jupiter-Saturn combinations and perhaps that is what she experienced at the time (when she lost a few sponsors).

She also changed nationality. She originated from (then communist) Chechoslovakia, went to the States in 1975 (with Saturn square Ascendant and Jupiter inconjunct Quaoar, semi sextile Ascendant: pro’s and contra’s of a new reality) and became a USA citizen in 1981, but in 2008 she gave that up again for her former nationality.

Could that be the reflection of Uranus inconjunct Midheaven or Quaoar on the Descendant or both (Uranus sesquisemisquare Quaoar and 105 d from Ascendant). This combination of Ascendant-Uranus-Quaoar feels like a sudden and repeatedly - on and off - changing creation of new concepts of being and presenting herself.