Saturday, April 10, 2010

Air crash kills Polish President

Here is the A-rated chart with some observations about the transits and progressions of Lech Kaczynski, President of Poland, who died in an air crash today with transit Pluto inconjunct natal Mars and progressed Mars semi square natal Saturn (ruler of the 8th house). Transit Mars was sextile the natal oriental Mars. Also transit Pholus wsa semi square Jupiter. In the natal chart Jupiter is conjunct Pholus (out of sign) and Mars is square Saturn.

His twin brother Jaroslaw was born 45 minutes earlier. He is also a politician. He was not on board of the plane and has transit Saturn trine Midheaven now.



Elsa said...

comments on this here:

Astromarkt said...

The Swiss Efemeris apparently doesn't have a CEST (mid eastern summer time, valid for the summer of 1949) in stock, so that the charts have the wrong Ascendant and houses.
It doesn;t change much of part one of the post (about the President's transits), but it completely alters the second part (about his brother's Midheaven).

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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