Friday, April 16, 2010

Dick Advocaat's switch to Russia

Dick Advocaat is Russia’s coach as from May 2010. They seem to like Dutch coaches over there. Guus Hiddink is the coach now (he left to coach Turkeye, see the post about that move...). It seems that Mr. Putin himself asked him to leave the ‘ Red Devils’ in Belgium alone. It might also be important that the Russians offered tol pay him 10 times as much as the Belgians do.

With transit Neptune square Midheaven and inconjunct Mars it is no surprise that the media and the public is not happy with his decision. They are filetting him! Very much in line with an inconjunction of Mars… Another interesting thing: the deal with the Russians hasn;t been completed yet, but Dick Advocaat already resigned. (I hope that the Pholus on his Ascendant means shooting WITH his foot and not shooting his own foot:)... Isn't he cheaper now that he resigned, I wonder?)

Here is the chart with progressions and transits.


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