Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jupiter in the first house and growing

Lately I experienced transit Jupiter in the 12th house and transit Jupiter conjunct Ascendant, when nothing happened (links below). Now Jupiter is in my first house and like always when Jupiter is there: I grow (and grown-ups can grow in one direction only)…That is in line (...) with the look of the planet (the biggest) but not with the statues of the Roman god. Santa Claus however has a big belly and he is very much a Jupiter-look-alike for modern times.

The first time that Jupiter was in my first house, I was a baby and then I had to grow, OK. I remember the 3rd time, too: that is when I quit smoking and gained 20% (a happy 20% because I was too small then). But another time I grew just like that, because I felt happy and careless and I didn’t mind. Every time Jupiter is in my first house, I grow. I am not complaining: I have seen pictures that convinced me that I could have grown much more!

Now I have gained 3 centimetres and I am desperately trying not to spoil myself any more and get strict and firm. This time Jupiter’s transit came after a period of Mexican Flue and an icy cold winter that kept me at home, behind the computer. For a few months I spoiled myself and then: I recovered my measuring-tape. Ay: I grew one size and summer is coming!

Getting better is nice, getting fatter is not better. More moving, eating less: sounds simple, but I wonder if Jupiter helps in this case. Jupiter is the reflection of growth, being BIG and fat. In many countries being fat is a way to show that you are well to do and healthy. In the West being fat is a shame. That makes me wonder about the meaning of Jupiter. Jupiter is the symbol of overweight, overload and too, too, too much. Did Jupiter help me or did I help the symbol of Jupiter? Now that Jupiter has been square my Sun and Midheaven and is moving towards a square with Venus 3 times (every time that I have a planned trip or holiday: great!) I am using the interval and do my very best not to grow any more. And I hope that the Placidus system is not right and the equal house system is. That is because I have a very very large first house in Placidus:). But maybe I can expect some help, though, as transit Jupiter is right now square progressed Ascendant. Or...???Oh no! Never mind, I feel great anyway:)!

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blueditty said...

I've always noticed that Jupiter is completely ineffectual in my transits.
I think of it more as a philisophical planet anyway. I'm pretty sure people like Alan Leo
inflated the poor old thing with a lot of hyperbole.
Oh well.

Astromarkt said...

Hi Blueditty, exaggeration is one of the 'meanings' of Jupiter. Indeed, perhaps Leo made Jupiter even greater and bigger than he actually is and caused too much expectations doing so:)