Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Saturn and Pluto mark this point...

Saturn and Pluto often markt the step back of a politician or at least hard political confrontations and having to pay for making mistakes. Read all about Saturn and Pluto or go to the reading of the chart of Mr. Giuliani, former candidate for the presidency of the USA. BTW He will be better of (astrologically) in November.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Nice day for Djokovic, winner of the Australian Open today. He had a solar transit square Venus (for the nice day) and Pluto inconjunct Sun and opposition Mars (for an intense battlefield). It was not an easy victory. But in a way the positions of the planets Jupiter and Mars on the day of his birth (22nd May 1987 Belgrade) tell us about a man having successes. Just look at the oriental Jupiter biquintile Mars square Aries Point: a statement for prominent succes in the chart of an entrepeneur or sportsman...


Christian Brando, eldest son of the late Marlon Brando, died with transit Mars opposed to Saturn and trine Jupiter, and transit Jupiter opposed to the progressed Sun (for medical assistance) after being hospitalised for pneumonia 14 days ago (with Neptune square Sun and Ascendant). Lung problems also caused the death of his father in July 2004. The parential connection shows in the Eastpoint of Christian conjunct his fathers' Ascendant, and Christian's MC conjunct the Nodes of Marlon Brando.

Christian Brando was in prison for 10 years after killing the friend of his half sister in May 1990 with Progressed Moon opposed to Neptune and an almost stationary Saturn qas square Mercury at the time. In that period Mars was also in a hard aspect with Saturn (square), just like today. He also admitted that he abused his wife. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

A crucial Sun on the descendant, an oriental Mars conjunct Moon in Pisces in the 4th house and a tight inconjunction of Moon and Uranus mark his chart (for May 1958, 19:36 Los Angeles). It tells us that he drew attention (Sun), was first of all agressive/assertive (Mars) together with emotions (Moon). The sign of Pisces is the sign of romancing, beliefs, the immaterial and (as Neptune rules Pisces) of addictions.

Moon in 4 inconjunct Uranus refers to the hectic domestic situation. In the chart of his father Marlon Brando (born April 3, 1924, Omaha, 23 hours) we see Uranus in 4, conjunct the IC, the Moon also in the 4th (Placidus). It seems Christian was raised by the servants and that there was no family life. Also it appears that Marlon Brando abused Christians'mother.

Ambassadors with Venus prominent

David Beckham was born May 2, 1975 at 9:30 a.m. London.
George Clooney was born May 6, 1961, at 2:58 a.m. in Lexington

Both have a position as ambassador in a world wide organisation. Ambassadors and diplomates have an astrological relationship with Venus (planet of diplomacy) and Jupiter/Sagittarius (for travelling). So have Beckham and Clooney. Venus is prominent in their birth charts.

George Clooney (Messenger of Peace) has an oriental and calling Venus. Venus is prominent in his chart because the planet rises before the Sun AND is not making any major aspects. That is 'astrological' for being orientated on the estetic side of life and having a vocation for those things that make life better and nicer. Venus is also symbolic for rest, diplomacy and ....peace.
Jupiter is semi square the MC in Sagittarius (for travelling).

David Beckham (Unicef Goodwill ambassador) also has a calling Venus. The international Jupiter rises before the Sun. Jupiter also symbolises support. This planet is quintile Venus, planet of peace and diplomacy. Venus is also important in the chart of Beckham because Venus is the end dispositor of the Midheaven.

Clooney's most important astrological mark is the unaspected Sun semi square Zero Aries. That is pointing at ' drawing attention' as a leader or on stage.

Beckham has a crucial Mars placed right on top of the Midheaven. Mars symbolises a.o. sports and the male gender. Ruler of the MC is Neptune in the fifth (house of games and children).

Zero Aries, Aries Point

The president of Indonesia had the chart for dictatorship

Suharto died. He was born 8th June 1921 in Yogyakarta, time unknown. His astrological I.D. shows Uranus oriental (for being controversial, independant and for having a chance of getting real old) and a square between Sun-Mars and Saturn. The Sun-Saturn square is what he shares with Stalin, Putin and Chavez. The Sun-Saturn square often confronts the individual with restrictions in early life (poverty - sometimes due to the early death of a parent or a divorce-, health conditions etc.) that makes him or her aware of the disadvantages of life and overly carefull and mistrusting. That is why politicians with too much power and a Sun-Saturn affliction in their chart, might end up being a dictator. The Mars-Saturn square is a sign for the hard liner and for all those who work with or against the limitations of the law.

Jupiter trine Pluto...

Obama won twice as much votes as Hillary Clinton did, yesterday in South Carolina. In my 'guess chart' for 14:02 we see Jupiter tightly trine PLuto, the planet that is conjunct his MC, Mars is heading towards a trine with the Progressed MC next week and Mercury is trine MC already. Mercury rules the Midheaven.
Hillary Clinton had Jupiter inconjunct East Point yesterday, together with the longer lasting opposition of Neptune with Saturn (heavy disappointments) and Pluto on the descendant (for challenging opponents:). Still, there is also the effect of the support given by the NY Times, shown as Jupiter trine Progressed MC and Venus conjunct progressed Sun. That explains why why she did not weep for long. She is still full of hope.

Yesterday Caroline Kennedy (born 27th November 1957) announced that she will support Obama. and not Hillary Clinton. Looking at her birth chart compared to those of Obama and Clinton that is rather surprising, perhaps. There is a Venus trine Mars connection between Caroline and Obama and Mars in her chart is rising before the Sun (men first, orientation on men) that might explain this in an astrological way. However, there are various hard aspects between their charts...

Her Mars is square his Sun, his Chiron is square her Sun, her Moon opposed to his Sun, her Mercury square his Mars and (this must be IT:) her Venus trines his Mars. On the other hand her Neptune is conjunct the Sun of Hillary Clinton and her natal Sun is exactly square the Midheaven of Hillary Clinton.

Chart of Obama
Chart of Hillary Clinton

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jupiter trines her progressed Midheaven...

The influencial New York Times is supporting the candidacy of Hillary Clinton (brilliant but sometimes hard, they think) who is very knowledgebable and more experienced than Barack Obama is. This support comes now that transit Jupiter is trine the progressed MC of Hillary (if born exactly at 20h it will be perfecting within a day). Jupiter is the symbol of support and successes.

More about the birth chart of Hillary Clinton...


Yesterday I saw a documentary about the history of heavy metal. In that documentary Tipper Gore showed up. She used to be one of the concerned mothers trying to forbid this music! I was surprised to see a democrate do that, so I looked at her chart...

In Tipper Gore's (19 August 1948 at 2h40 a.m. Washington) I see Sun conjunct Saturn (rising before the Sun). That might explain enough already (a conservative orientation), had not her Moon in Aquarius been in opposition with Saturn. Her need to change the world is in conflict with her conservative orientation. It must not have been an easy choice to fight heavy metal:).

The Venus of spouse Al Gore (born 31 March 1948 at 12h53 in Wahsington) is tightly square her Sun and Saturn and her crucial Venus - on the ascendant - squares his Sun while her Neptune opposes his Sun. They have been married since 19 May 1970.

More about Al Gore...

Same issue, same birth charts?

Recently Jérôme Kerviel caused a damaage of at least 5 billion euro to the French bank Société General. Nick Leeson in 1995 caused the end for Barrings Bank (fraud: 1,5 billion).

The positions on the day of birth of Kerviel show the picture of a man who will be trusted and who has confidence. A creative entrepeneur, playing with the rules...He is also creative in money affairs. At a certain moment, however, he became arrogant and finally the dream was over.

Leeson is a dreamer with enterprise, a person who beliefs in his own dreams. He can be dragged away easily and will not always be reasonable or sensible. Money became important in his life after 1990 and soon the limitations of life showed up. At last he saw that his optimism (Jupiter) was wrong (Neptune).

Except for a sharp mind and passion the charts of Leeson and Kerviel don't have much in common. If Kerviel was born in the early morning, he and Leeson would share the Moon in Virgo (for a need to offer services). In the charts of both men Saturn is prominent (related to Zero Aries, Aries Point. That is a signal for the importance of hierarchy, management and rules. I think it is interesting that in both charts Mars and Neptune are rising before the Sun.

The progressed charts: Neptune in a hard aspect with Jupiter, right on the day that the fairy tale ended. Jupiter-Neptune is a combination for speculations that is also found in the charts of religious people and in the charts of idols (like Tom Cruise, who is both idol and religious, see message below). The hard aspect might point at the negative consequences (Neptune) of arrogancy (Jupiter).

Kerviel was born January 11, 1977 (no time, no place available). So he recently had his birthday.

Jérôme Kerviel is a Capricorn with the Sun in a tight trine with Jupiter and Saturn is sesquisquare Zero Aries. The Sun-Jupiter trine points at self confidence and being trusted...Right now his progressed chart is square to Jupiter (too much, too much...) and transit Neptune is making a square to his natal Jupiter.

Saturn is prominent and so is Mars (rising before the Sun). Mars is biquintile Saturn. We see enterprise with creativity and perhaps a game with the rules. There is also a creative biquintile between Venus and Pluto in his chart. Right now Saturn opposes Venus and Pluto is making a quindecile of 75 degrees with natal Pluto. Saturn and Pluto (serious problem) on the financials (Venus and Pluto. This is obvious even without a DOB. And of course, this man was working at a bank! So these aspects had a desastrous effect.

Nick Leeson is a Pisces with Sun trine Mars: an entrepeneur and a dreamer...for Neptune is rising before the Sun and that makes a person focus on the immaterial (dreams, ideals, beliefs). We see Venus on Aries Point (Zero Aries), close to Saturn. For the money axis all I see right now is Pluto in a midpoint yod with Sun/Venus (intensifying desires).

Over 60% of his positions are in watersigns. There are no placements in air signs. That makes him easy to be influenced and dragged away. Also he is not always a reasonable person. Still, communications are important. He wrote a book about his events. The 'missing element' is conspicuous in absence. Read about that HERE. Now that Kerviel repeated these sort of event, the media try to contact Leeson. Leeson has the progressed Moon trine Jupiter in 2008 and sure will benefit from that.

Nick Leeson was born on 25 February 1967 in Watford. From 1992 on he started his secret speculations. At that moment in time the progressed Sun was changing sign and later conjunct Venus (part of the money axis). It did not take long. Soon there was Sun conjunct Saturn...

On January 16, 1995 (with transit Neptune in a zero orb trine with Uranus) he bought an option. The day after the indices in Asia tumbled down due. There had been an earth quake in Kobe! In a final attempt to make it up, he ended loosing 1,5 billion (half of the bank's capital!). On February 23 1995 he ran away (transit Neptune opposed to progressed Jupiter). And just like is the case with Kerviel today, it was not far from his birthday.

Venus en Pluto

Thursday, January 24, 2008


It used to be a public secret were the NATO was hiding nuclear material in Belgium, but today the Belgian minister of Defense (Pieter De Crem, born 22 July 1962 in Aalst) revealed the location so that it is now a public fact. In his natal chart Mercury is the most prominent planet (rising before the Sun and without major aspects in sign, so calling! and oriental). It means that speaking and writing is his orientation and that it could be done at any level. Today transit Neptune was inconjunct his Mercury, together with transit Mercury. It is very telling, this combinaton of mis(Neptune)-communications (Mercury)!

Missing elements, not aspected planets and their impact

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Michael Jackson has released a new version of 'The girl is mine'. He is planning shows in London, too. You might call it a come back. So let us see if Pluto (the come back dwarf) is present in his chart.

There are severable probable HOB's (birth times) for Michael Jackson, but I think the one Astrothème offers (10 a.m.) could be the right one. In that case the progressed MC is near conjunct the prominent progressed Pluto and that is a sign for a come back.

On the other hand there is a version of his HOB being 23h55. That would fit too. In that case the prominent Solar Arc Pluto is about to trine his natal MC. I have always preferred that one, the 23h55, because it has Moon in Pisces on top and because he is famous for his Moon-walk (Pisces for feet). But it needs correction, too. I found out that an HOB of 23h50 with an MC of 20d40m Aquarius (Ascendant between 16 and 17 Gemini) gives a progressed MC about 10 Pisces for the day that he was cleared of all charges (14th June 2005). On that day he must have felt relief and that shows! That Progressed MC was inconjunct Jupiter and conjunct Uranus (the 'Thank God' combination:).

And the Moon in 17d04m Pisces is on top and square the Ascendant in the natal chart. That is a crucial position for the Moon in the sign of the feet (Moon-walk!). Chiron is right on top of the MC and Ceres on the lowest spot of the chart. Chiron and Ceres might refer to the extraordinairy position of this man.

The most prominent parts of his chart (Pluto, Moon, Saturn and Uranus) tell a story of problemous behaviour, severe education and rebellion.

Pluto rises before his Sun. That is symbolic for a focus on money, sex, influence, power and (in some cases) politics. It is also a planet of transformations. Venus in his chart is conjunct Uranus, a sign for pop artist and singers. And (in the astrological vocabulary) Venus-Uranus is symbolic for beauty-surgery, too.

If he was born at 23h55 the Moon on top is exactly (!) inconjunct Venus. That adds estetic senses (with a discrepancy included) and places the need for privacy (Pisces) and the family matters (Moon) above all in his life. Moon is ruler 1 in this chart and ruler 1 in 10 is also telling: he performs in public. He also uses clips and video's...not material performances...Pisces again!

What is also an issue in his life is that he was suspected of child abuse. Look at Neptune in his fifth, sesqui square the Moon on top...It is one of the aspects the Dutch famous astrologer Ram mentioned as unfortunate for relationships with females in the chart of a man. There are more of such indications in the chart of MJ: Moon square Saturn is another one and Mars square Uranus (within orb because Venus is translating the light). With these aspects it is likely that he won't marry at all or have one or more divorces.

Neptune in the fifth tells us that there is a lot of romance, secrecy and 'gossip' involved in his love affairs and it also reveals that music and fotografy or movies (Neptune!) are part of the show (V). Neptune rules the tenth equal house. Apart from the Moon inconjunct Venus, Neptune is making the tightest aspect, with Pluto. It is a supposed to be generational aspect, but this one is connected with the Ascendant and with the Moon. Moon is also related to Pluto by a quindecile of 165 degrees. A connection of Moon with Neptune and Pluto often implies paranormal sensitivity or...high sensitivity. And it is known that MJ suffers from allergies. But Neptune/Pluto combinations also involve mass media (the immaterial influence).

How about his changing appearance and 'beauty' surgery? Look at Venus conjunct Uranus. The midpoint is sesquisquare Zero Aries and semi square the Ascendant. It means that he is known for beauty operations and/or singing. Venus semi square Mars/Uranus means 'surgery on a female' but Venus is not just 'female' but also 'beauty and estetics'.

There are a lot of indications for successes as an artist. First of all Venus is quintile Jupiter for a creative way to be fortunate in love or as an artist. Secondly we see VEnus semis square Sun/Jupiter and Jupiter/Pluto.The closest midpoint combination made by Venus is a semi square with Neptune/Pluto.

The Jacksons were a group of brothers and sisters sort of being forced by the father to perform on stage.Sun conjunct Pluto in the 3rd house, the afflicted Moon on top and the crucial position of Mercury (siblings) on the IC (background) refer to that.

Michael Jackson is a controversial person (Uranus rules the MC and is sesquisquare Zero Aries). People love him or disload him. In 1993 (with the Midheaven changing sign) and in 2003 there were serious accusations about young boys but in 2005 he was cleared of all charges. That was on the 14th of June 2005 ( On that day there was a very telling match with the birth chart for 23h55.

Jupiter 9.6 degrees Libra (15d from N Node), inconjunct P MC
Venus about 6 degrees Gemini (105 d from MC)
Mars about 10 degrees Pisces, on P MC
Uranus 10.35 degrees Pisces, on P MC
Neptune (17.5 Aquarius) opposed to Venus and semi sextile Moon

In this 23h50m chart we see the crucial Saturn square MC in a hard aspect with the most individual midpoint: Ascendant/MC. That explains how he climbed and fell. And maybe Chiron on the MC tells a story about the wounded celebrity. For his carreer line we find Aquarius (techniques, provocations, changes) - Uranus (quindecile 75d Jupiter)- Sun <>Mercury on IC. Communications in a modern way...Gemini on the Ascendant is helpfull for dancing and is also pointing at his eternal youth (the Peter Pan syndrome as well as the outlooks).

So now Michael Jackson wants a come back, if only to pay his debts. Solar Arc Pluto trines his natal MC, but transit Neptune is conjunct his MC. Usually Neptune is confusing, weakening and disappointing. But as Neptune is the planet of the artist, maybe it will not be so in this case and the conjunction is offering another starting moment. Besides, this HOB is speculation anyway. So let us look at his solar return chart. Hmm...using 23h50 he has Pluto on the MC and the Moon on the Ascendant: a come back Solar Return chart. If Solar Arcs work, then he will be a succes: SA Jupiter square Moon and trine Venus!


Have you read the article about relationships and progressed charts yet? No? Well, you should, as it is related to this drawing of the progressed chart of Hillary Clinton with the birth positions of Obama wrapped around hers. Notice how his Neptune is on her progressed meridian (his negative approach towards her goals) and his Pluto is conjunct her progressed Mars (for having a political - Pluto - fight - Mars -). Mars is in conflict with Pluto in her natal chart and this political competition activates that aspect of having to defend herself, using/abusing influence and power. She meets her equal. He has a 15d quindecile aspect between Mars and Pluto in HIS birth chart. That promises to be a real intense fight for power!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Suzanne Pleshette died, age 70, early in the evening of the 19th. She was born 31st January 1937 at 22h24 ( Since August 2006 it was known that she was being treated for lung cancer (that was with P Moon square Pluto, just before the progressive New Moon and a few months after Sun semi sextile Saturn). 18 Months earlier the progressed Sun inconjunct Neptune announced a vulnerable health. Transit Pluto squared the Progressed MC last year.

She was a beautiful actrice (Notice the MC in Cancer ruled by Moon in Libra on the Ascendant, ruled by Venus in Pisces in 6 conjunct Aries Point, ruled by Neptune in Virgo, ruled by Mercury in Capricorn and back to Neptune through Saturn in Pisces. So the Moon is ruling, Neptune is end dispositor of the MC and the Moon is square the MC with Mercury crucial on the IC for the use of communication methods. Artistic or immaterialistic keeper of memories with on orientation on communications, that is what could be read in this chart.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Scott Macartney had his 30st birthday today but it was not his lucky day. In his natal chart the Sun is inconjunct Saturn and of course that nasty aspect is due to repeat itself on his birthday. Saturn is the symbol of falling. Watch the movie...he fell real hard and is seriously wounded. As we donot have his HOB we cannot see if his Ascendant was involved in any way and we can only observe. Let us hope for the best...These are the observations:

Apart from the Solar transit with Saturn, transit Pluto was active. Pluto was semi sextile his Sun and sextile Progressed Sun and trine the natal Saturn. That might be a life saving aspect, as Pluto is well aspected and implies surgery and survival. It is the combination for the 'die hard'. But any aspect coming from Pluto is a challenge and transforming your life somehow. Maybe the drive to win (Pluto) even without not feeling too well (Saturn) caused the fatal unbalance. The quincunx or inconjunction is btw the aspect of unbalance....The Sun AND Venus are his chart the Apex of a closed Yod with both Saturn and Jupiter, indicating the disadvantages of fortune and the help and support in case of a fall. Jupiter and Saturn were today trine to each other and both were in aspect with Mercury, in a positive way.

The prominent Uranus (sesqui square Aries Point) quintile the Apex Sun and Venus might refer to the item of freedom and independancy. Let us hope that his injuries allow him to survive and stay independant. Because sport is calling in his chart (Mars without major aspects in sign).

Thursday, January 17, 2008


It is been reported that Tom Cruise is considered to be the 'Jesus of Scientology', a modern prophet. A prophet is no more or less than a person communicating about his beliefs and trying to convince others. I found a destiny for communicating about convictions and a lot of religious drive...

Tom Cruise was born July 3 1962 at 12h05 in Syracuse, according to my database. He is a Cancer with a Sun trine Jupiter and Neptune. That does not just give successes (Jupiter) in the movies (Neptune). The Jupiter-Neptune connection is also there in all of the charts of the popes that I investigated. It means: progress in an immaterial field. And Tom Cruise has a grand trine of Sun-Jupiter-Neptune! Also: there is a midpoint yod of Sun opposed to Jupiter/Neptune. But as not any moviestar turns into a religious icon, there must be more...

Like these?

- The MC is opposed to the Galactic Centre, a mystical point in the Milky Way.
- Jupiter is in Pisces (another Jupiter-Neptune connection)
- Ruler of the MC and tenth house is Mercury. Mercury is in the 9th house of convictions
- The Sun-Jupiter-Neptune connection is related to Saturn and Pluto. That adds the 'die hard' to it all. It also adds power/money and management/ to it all. Scientology claims to add scientific (Saturn) therapy (Pluto) to beliefs (Jupiter/Neptune). Tom Cruise is the perfect scientologist.
- There is a calling Moon in Leo waiting for a moment of leadership and for being the center of it all.
- There is an afflicted Mars rising before the Sun, square Uranus and semi square Sun. This might indicate a person with an extraordinary drive and perhaps being 'explosive' or a person who is impatient to make changes (a revolutionary person). Mars square Uranus is one of the signs that a divorce in this life is probable. The drive BTW is situated in the 9th house of convictions.
- Mars is also connected to the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune
- Jupiter is oppposed to Sun/Neptune and Neptune is opposed to Sun/Jupiter...

This is the chart of a man who can have followers or fans (Jupiter/Neptune often produces the amazed crowd). He beliefs in himself and his conviction in a rather fanatic way. Maybe we should point at Pluto quintile the MC for that.

This could be a prophets'chart as Mercury, planet of communications, rules the MC, is in it's own sign, in the ninth house of conviction. That makes the goal in his life (Midheaven): to communicate about convictions.

I found the birth chart of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology on the site of Shaphan and noted 13 March 1911, 2:01, Tilden, Nebraska. Let us have a look.

L. Ron Hubbard has a crucial Venus, ruler MC on IC; a crucial Sun square Ascendant, Chiron oriental (but let us skip Chiron and look at the oriental Mars); Jupiter is prominent (ruler 1 and sesquisquare Zero Aries). The tightest aspect is Mercury trine Jupiter and both are connected to Neptune, making it a grand trine that involves the Jupiter-Neptune connection for having fans/followers and for growing in the immaterial field. This connection is fortified by Mercury in opposition with the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune.

In May 1950 the (science fiction) writer Hubbard published his theory of unhypnotising, a method to get rid of the influence of traumatic memories. That was with his progressed Sunsign changing (a sign for a change in lifestyle)! That he was a writer, an artist, is seen from Venus crucial and Jupiter prominent and of course the Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune grand cross that tells us that he communicates about his great fantasies or...beliefs.

I knew nothing about mr. Ron Hubbard and I won't try to pretend I do. I am just looking for 'conviction', 'leadership'and the match with Tom Cruise. What I find is Jupiter-Neptune, several times. It is not just the Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune connection. What about Sun in Pisces and Sagittarius Ascendant? What about Moon in the equal ninth house?

So Hubbard shares a grand trine involving Jupiter/Neptune with Cruise. And just like Tom Cruise, L.Ron Hubbard has tight a Mars-Uranus aspect. Also Saturn-/Pluto is present. They form a septile. Sun, Moon, Ascendant and MC are connected (in the 22.5 range) with the midpoint of Saturn/Pluto, that I consider to be telling for the scientific (Saturn) therapy (Pluto) that is connected to the Scientologists. Both have an oriental Mars for activism, in aspect with Uranus. In my astrologers' eyes there is a match and a connection.

Charts of popes
Sharing aspects in a relationship
Aspects and midpoints of Mars and Uranus

PS In the chart of Elvis Presley there is a so called small grand trine between Sun, Jupiter (rising before the Sun) and Neptune (on top) AND a quindecilee (165d) between Mars and Uranus, AND Pluto connected to the MC (a sextile); very similar connections for an also worshipped person.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A testimony with question marks...

Paul Burrell was the butler of the late Princess Diana and born 6th June, 1958 in Grassmoor. Yesterday in court as a witness in the investigation of the death of Diana (that more and more seems to be the investigation of her love life) he testified contradicting himself a few times. He said he had a secret that he would carry with him to the grave, and later said he forgot what the secret was. He said he would not show his diaries and later that he never had one. He could not prove that Diana wrote to him, either, and was sent away to get the letters to the court (today).
For these mysterious statements: look at Mercury inconjunct Neptune in his chart. Secrets, hiding, cheating and being unclear...these are possible manifestations of this connection between Mercury and Neptune. Maybe just because he forgot facts.
Transit Uranus is exactly conjunct his Sun these days. This transit is producing a lot of tension for 'being in the news'.
Looking at the synergie with Diana: Paul Burrell's Jupiter is exactly on the MC of Diana. That implies that he was trusted and that he supported her. On the other hand her position (MC) was in his favour (Jupiter), too.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Judge sents her to jail

MESSAGE IN MARCH (not knowing the HOB yet)
Marion Jones goes to jail. The judge was very hard on her and gave her the maximum sentence of 6 months. Why? Notice the Saturn square Uranus aspect in her chart. There is only 2 minutes of orb. That aspect is frequent in the charts of those who deal with the theme of limited freedom in their life. There are varioius examples on my blog and site (sarah Jane Moore, the Yahoo case and of course there is Natascha Kampusch, the kidnapped girl in Austria).

Apart from that indication in her birth chart, she has transit Neptune square progressed Sun right now. This kind of transit brings shame and scandall and often isolation. It is also a bad sign for press moments. The public opinion is very hard on her, too.

How did this happen?
Marion Jones was born 12th October 1975 in LA with Sun opposed to Jupiter. This aspect is also there in the charts of Rasmussen and Floyd Landis. It says that they want succeed no matter how, and that it might be a succes with question marks...

Look at Pluto oriental (for a focus on winning) and the prominent, calling Mars (no major aspects in sign)square Aries Point! This chart is telling us that she just had to be an athlete with a (overly) strong drive to win. It is a pity, such a disgrace that happened to a young woman who used to be regarded as the fastest woman in the world.

And PS:
On March 11, the day that she has to surrender to start her time in jail there is transit Uranus inconjunct Sun AND transit Saturn is in a tight sextile with her progressed Uranus (activating the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in her chart). Sextiles and trines...sometimes they make it just easy to go to jail.

UPDATE MAY 9, 2008:
Astrodatabank provided the birth time (8:01 a.m.) and I published my comments there like this:
Marion Jones'chart says: crucial limitations of freedom, an orientation on winning and gain, and a vocation for sports and using energy at any possible level and a need to 'climb' the social ladder (at any level). It is because her birth chart is marked by these 5 items:

1. Sun opposition Jupiter
This is the second tight aspect in her chart. It is the same affliction as in the charts of Floyd Landis and Rasmussen (bikers, who did not exactly follow the rules as well). It says that they want to succeed no matter how, and that it might be a succes with question marks...

2. Saturn square Uranus on the cross of the chart
Saturn square Uranus on the corners of the cross point at the crucial importance of the theme of limited (Saturn) freedom (Uranus) in her chart. Saturn afflicted by Uranus is frequent in the charts of those who deal with the limitations of being free. There are various examples: Sarah Jane Moore, the Yahoo case, and of course there is Natascha Kampusch, the kidnapped girl in Austria.

3. Pluto rising before the Sun
Look at Pluto oriental (for a focus on gain and winning, strategy; not uncommon in the charts of politicians and those who are dealing with money and influence).

4. Unaspected Mars square Aries Point
Look at the prominent, 'calling!' (no major aspects in sign) Mars square Aries Point! Mars without aspects points at energy, activity and any level! This chart is telling us that she just had to be an important athlete with a (overly) strong drive to win.

5. Unaspected Moon in Capricorn
She has a need to be respected (and that need can be very strong).

(Sun, Moon or planets without major aspects in sign are prominent in charts).

I. That Saturn-Uranus square was being activated by transit and progression and indirectly by the solar return chart of 2007.
For example: on March 7, 2008, when Marion Jones went into prison, she had
a. transit Saturn semi square Sun and
b. transit Uranus inconjunct Sun, perfecting in 2 days time,
c. also on that day there was a solar transit sesquisquare both Saturn and Uranus
d. AND transit Saturn was in a tight sextile with her progressed Uranus (sextiles and trines...sometimes they make it so easy... to go to jail)
e. In her solar return chart for 2007 we see Moon conjunct the radix ascendant and Uranus, square Saturn (again: Saturn and Uranus).

II. Saturn-Midheaven is activated as well:
. transit Saturn conjunct progressed MC: the disadvantages of a certain position or condition ....activating the conjunction of Saturn and natal MC! And maybe these transits were referring to the transit of Saturn square her progressed MC when she won her first golden medal in 2000

III Neptune is active
a. Neptune is on the descendant of the solar return
b. transit Neptune square progressed Sun: brings shame and scandall and often isolation or being a suspect. It is also a bad sign for press moments.
And maybe these transits were referring to Neptune conjunct her natal IC, pointing at drugs, fake, secrets and...the first 2000.

IV Jupiter
In 2006 the Sun oppositoin Jupiter in her natal was being activated by progressed Sun inconjunct Jupiter (a disbalanced judgement). That was when she was allowed to continue her efforts, though there had been doubts about her test results.

Conclusion: her chart shows her strong ambitious drives and the trend to not stick by the rules. These trends were activated at a certain moment in time.

PS See the update with the chart with hour of birth

Friday, January 11, 2008


Edmund Hillary has died. He was the first man on the top of Mount Everest (on May 29, 1953) and climbed that mountain together with sherpa Tenzing Norgay. Hillary was born 20th July 1919 in Auckland, New Zeeland at 2:30 p.m. In his chart Mars rises ahead of the Sun (Mars is oriental) and Saturn is on the MC (for climbing, literally).

On May 29 1953 Hillary had transit Jupiter sextile progressed Jupiter, transit Mars on the descdendant and transits from Neptune and Saturn in opposition with his natal Moon in Aries (expressing the need to be active). The same combination of Saturn and Neptune with the Moon is also there on the day that he became a knigt (on July 16, 1953). These aspects of modesty and shyness still dominate the image that the world and the press has of this man. It is not surprising, as Saturn and Neptune are prominent in his chart (see drawing).

Still there is some self confidence and ambition in this chart. Look at the Sun conjunct Jupiter! And in his solar return for 1952/53 Jupiter was square and Pluto conjunct the Midheaven (MC). That is a combination for succes (Jupiter-Pluto-MC).
There was a progressed quincunx between Mars and Uranus for a special act with some difficulties.

Notice the oriental Mars conjunct Pluto (for being a strong man in the first place) and notice the calling Neptune...His filantropical efforts to help the sherpa people are well known. And the calling Saturn on the MC sure made him climb: he made it in society and he made it to the top of the world.

Edmund Hillary lost his wife and daughter on March 31, 1975 due to a plane crach in Nepal (when they came to visit him). Transit Pluto was square Mars and transit Northern Node square Saturn on that day.Notice Mars and Pluto in the seventh house!

Tenzing Norgay, the sherpa, was born 15th May 1914. In his chart Pluto was calling (= no major aspects) and square Zero Aries. In the year of reaching the top of Mount Everest Norgay had the progressed Sun changing sign (for a change in life) and conjunct his prominent Pluto (for a challenge). Transit Pluto was making hard aspect with the tightest aspect in his chart (the square between Mercury and Jupiter). The combination of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto is, again, a combination for succeeding. Tenzing's son Jamling climbed the mountain again in april 2003, together with Peter Hillary (son out of his second marriage) to celebrate that it was 50 years ago that their fathers became famous by conquering Mount Everest.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

3rd divorce coming up...

With his progressed Ascendant changing to another sign - sign for a change in relationships - John Cleese is divorcing for the 3rd time, after 19 years of marriage. Looking at his birth chart (27th October 1939 at 3:15 CET a.m. Weston-super-Mare) we see Jupiter (for 'multiple) in the house of marriages, the seventh house. Notice that there is an aspect that is frequent in the charts of those who marry more than once or never: Mars square Uranus. Mars in this chart is prominent (semi square Zero Aries and in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). There is a very tight square between Sun and Pluto in this chart that makes me think about the hotel manager of Fawlty Towers: short tempered - Mars + Uranus - and fanatic - Sun + Pluto. This difficult square is trine and inconjunct Jupiter, so that a combination is built of Sun, Jupiter and Pluto (a key to sucesses). Saturn in his chart is calling! That tells us that he is ambitious and serious. You can see that he has the I.D. of an artist by looking at the oriental Neptune in the first house and Venus (just like Mars) semi square Aries Point. Venus and Neptune in prominent positions add to the idea of artistic talents. But besides Venus, Mars, Saturn and Neptune there is even a fifth prominent planet: Jupiter, conjunct Aries Point, in the 7th. This amount of important parts of his individuality tells us that John Cleese just had to 'make it' somehow.


Astrodatabank has provided the HOB of Bilawal Bhutto. It is 9:30 a.m. (Ascendant 10d09m Scorpio), Venus even more prominent on top and Pluto sitting on the Ascendant. This is a chart for political leadership (Sun is end dispositor of the MC, Pluto is prominent and Venus for diplomacy on top).


With the help of transit Jupiter trine his progressed MC Hugo Chávez managed to liberate Clara Rojas!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Transit Pluto square Moon and opposition ascendant

The present transit of Pluto square her Moon and coming from the descendant is crucial for Hillary Clinton. The degrees of the Ascendant, Pluto and Moon are in hard aspect with Zero Ares. That makes these degrees most prominent. With the Moon on top in Pisces and square ascendant, I never believed that Hillary Clinton is without emotions anyway, but today she sure felt emotional pressure coming from Pluto (the planet of power, influence, winning and...politics).

For more about Hillary read the message of January 4 here below or go to the reading of her chart

Sunday, January 6, 2008

GEORGIAN PRESIDENT AND WIFE: their natal astrological positions

The Georgian president Michail Saakasjvili (21st December 1967) is married to a Dutch woman, Sandra Roelofs (born 23 December 1968 in Terneuzen) and they share an oriental Neptune (for idealism, for example). Also her Venus is conjunct his Mars. And the midpoint of their suns is on zero Capricorn, square zero Aries. That means Pluto has a lot of impact right now.

Transit Pluto is conjunct the natal sun of Saakasjvili today, when he is winning the elections. As his Sun squares Uranus (for wanting to change the world) this aspect refers to a revolutionary change in life. In January 2004 he was elected president. Later his opponents complained about changes going to fast and about corruption. One of the ways he ended the complaints was the destruction of a television broadcasting station. Notice that the prominent Sun and Mars (sesquisquare Zero Aries) in his chart are both connected to the midpoint Saturn/Pluto. That refers o.a. to a heavy struggle for power.

With the prominent Sun and Mars, the oriental Neptune and the tight squares between Sun and Uranus AND Venus and Mars the Georgian president has the astrological ID of a leader, a man of action and enterprise but with passions and ideals. Given the fact that his birth time is unknown we are left with half a fingerprint. But it is enough to see that the coming year is not going to be easy.In his solar return chart Pluto is also conjunct his Sun.

related charts, related results?

As it seems, Clara Rojas will not be released, but her son (with a FARC-father) will be with his grandmother soon. This happens with transit Mars opposed to her Sun and transit Saturn is still conjunct her progressed Uranus. Jupiter and Pluto moved away from her Sun. In her solar return chart the tightest aspect was that of Sun conjunct Pluto. Often that is a challenging and sometimes a dangerous aspect. Let us hope she will be free later this year, before progressed Sun inconjunct Progressed Pluto later this year (and in the circumstances in the jungle).
Jupiter and Pluto transit Sun
Jupiter conjunct the Sun, combined with Pluto is very stimulating for confidence and trust. There is a person (Ernest Louwes, born 13th August 1953) in jail in my country (Holland) who had Jupiter and Pluto trine his natal Sun when the Supreme Court was investigating a testimony. He and the persons who believe he is innocent were very hopefull that this could lead to a review of his case. But now the transit has gone and the man is still in jail, without being given notive of the results of the investigations. In his solar return the Sun opposes Neptune.
We should consider the special circumstances of both (in jail) and the dangerous position of Rojas in the hands of criminals.
Chavez, Saturn on IC
Unfortunately there is no hour of birth available for Clara Rojas or her son, so that only half of the necessary data is there. We do have the chart of Chavez, however. It would be a succes for him if she had been released. This combination of transits influence his chart right now: transit Jupiter inconjunct Sun, transit Saturn oppsosed to the MC. That means that Saturn sits on the lowest spot of his chart (and so is his status). HIS chart couldd have told us before that he would not succeed, perhaps. The faith of the common people in political cases relies on those with power...
His progressed chart is connected to her natal (see drawing) with Mars conjunct Mars (a joint fight?). Let us hope that Clara Rojas is happy to know that her son (there is another DNA-test being done in Spain) is alive and well!

See the other message about Clara Rojas...
For the synergy in progressed charts reed the article about the right or wrong moment for meeting persons seen in an astrological light.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Jupiter personalised is a.o. a doctor, someone helping, coaching or healing you.

Today Britney Spears has transit Jupiter exactly opposed to her Midheaven so I guess she is in good hands. But look at her progressed chart with the Moon on the lowest spot and with Saturn and Pluto around her progressed Ascendant. It is indeed a difficult and depressing period for her. The Moon on a crucial spot in this chart tells us how crucial motherhood is in her life today.

See the message about the birth chart of Britney, dated October 19, 2007, with a quick scan of her chart and the drawing of her birth chart. I would like to add, that it is easy to see why she is a 'fatal woman'. Venus is end dispositor of the MC and the tightest aspect in her birth chart is Venus square Pluto. More about Venus-Pluto...


I wrote about Pamela Anderson before, when I had my doubts about the astrological conditions for marrying, and now the newspapers report that she is seriously trying to divorce her latest husband.

with Saturn conjunct Pluto...

Obama won in Iowa with Saturn conjunct Pluto (referring to a hard battle and the need to be a 'die hard') in a rather fortunate year (of progressed Sun trine progressed Jupiter and progressed Moon conjunct Jupiter).

In the article about his birth chart (time still unknown) I mentioned that he has good chances, seen in the astrological light of his aspects, but ...that the former elections learnt that predicting the results of the elections based upon the progressed charts of the candidates is very hard to do. The mesage about Hillary Clinton (see below) shows why...

More about Obama's chart...

with Jupiter conjunct progressed Sun!

Hillary Clinton lost in Iowa, but she lost with Jupiter conjunct the progressed Sun. Is not that strange? It seems, that 3 out of 4 presidents, including her husband Bill, lost in Iowa before.
This transit shows that predicting the future in elections is not easy to do...:)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

and the strange interaction with Hillary Clinton in progress...

Attention: hour of birth is 11:00 hours, see reading and the source is his mother!

John McCain is named as the most possible candidate for the republicans at the moment. He leads the polls right now. He was born 29th August 1936 at about 9 a.m. (according to Astrodatabank) in Cocosolo (Panama) in a family of generals and he spent over 6 years in a Vietnamese prison after being shot down on a mission as a naval aviator. That is in line with Mars - the soldier - rising before his Sun.

Pluto is on top so that he is above all a politician. The Moon - dispositor of the 10th house and MC - in Capricorn is in a tight opposition to Pluto. This refers to being a 'die hard'. McCain not only survived Vietnam, he is also condisered a heroe for his behaviour in Vietnam. He is also a strict republican (against abortion, pro guns, for example). Moon in conflict with Pluto does not make a person flexible. Instead with this aspect changes are hard to deal with. Moon-Pluto = fanatic behaviour. The same behaviour that is considered heroic in difficult times. Saturn is exactly sesqui square the Mars/Pluto midpoint in his chart, referring to violent death as an important issue in his life. The fact is that he was in the military for years.

Mercury does not make major aspects in sign and that is what I call a 'calling' Mercury. That is an indication for having communication qualities.

Other than the presidents in my study John McCain does not have a Moon-Jupiter aspect or a Mercury-Saturn-Pluto combination. Instead he has a prominent Mercury and Pluto on top. Will that be enough to be a president, being a communicative die hard in politics? The solar return for 2008 has Saturn on his descendant and the progressed MC will sextile progressed Pluto in autumn (on the 22nd of February the Progressed MC will sextile natal Pluto). In september (from September 1 till 4 the Republican congress elects the candidate) he has the following aspects in the progressed chart:

P Jupiter conjunct P Ascendant
P MC and P Moon sextile natal Pluto
Looks like a positive change...
(NOTE: This is not valid for 11:00 hours!)

I think the fact that Moon and his prominent Pluto (in his birth chart connected by opposition) are involved and that Jupiter is ruling the progressed ascendant give him a very good chance of becoming the republican candidate or the 'second man'. And if not, he is likely to start a new carreer.

it is interesting to see how the progressed charts for November 6 of John McCain and Hillary Clinton interact. Picture this:

His progressed MC opposition her Moon on his P IC
His progressed Ascendant opposition her Uranus on his P descendnant
His progressed Moon opposed to her Moon
His progressed Jupiter opposed to her Uranus
His Uranus conjunct her progressed MC
His Sun conjunct her progressed Mars It is about her natal Moon, progressed Mars, natal Uranus, progressed Mc and about his progresed MC, progressed Ascendant, progressed Moon, progressed Jupiter, natal Sun and natal Uranus.

Should it be coincidence? With these narrow aspects?? I thought it was worth mentioning it. IF they are the final candidates I will be back on the subject.

Meetings and (progressed) charts, an article that shows how the meeting and influence between two persons is related to the aspects between progressed charts.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

who had surgery these days...

With transit Jupiter inconjunct Mars and transit Pluto trine the progressed Sun, Paul McCartney (born 18th June 1942 in Liverpool at 0h30 or 14.00 hours) had surgery (angioplastics). In his birth chart for 0h30 Paul has Neptune in the sixth house in a tight square with tge Sun. Lately Paul was in the news regarding his divorce. Click for more about that, including the chart drawing....

In the 0h30 chart transit Mars would now oppose his Progressed MC. Mars is ruler of the 1st house in this chart.

In the progressed chart of the 14.00 hours alternative the MC is close to Neptune,dispositor of the sixth house of health. Also, if the 14.00 hours chart is correct, transit Uranus is inconjunct his natal ascendant. Uranus is in his 8th natal house. You may choose:)

PS dated 21st January 2008: Paul McCartney wrote a public letter to explain that his surgery was just a test for a minor irregularity. That is in favour of the 14.00 hours chart, as Neptune is the media (exagerating, acc. to Paul) making news (Uranus) about his health (6th and Ascendant).


Eddy Murphy married on New Yearsday with Tracy Edmonds. Apart from the longlasting difficult progressions in his chart (Pluto inconjunct progressed Sun, Mars inconjunct progressed Saturn) happy transits and progressions accompanied the wedding moment. The tertiary *) Moon was in an exact trine with Jupiter (the best aspect for a good moment) and the transitting Sun was sextile to a romantic Neptune.

Look at the most prominent planets in the chart of Murphy: Venus and Jupiter. In combination they are promissing succes in art or love...

Secondairy progression = 1 day for 1 year after birth.
Tertiary progression = 1 day for one lunar month after birth.


The Amsterdam University 'Vrije Universiteit', newspaper 'Dag' and 'Xs4all' developed a method to find your best candidate for the USA presidency. In a few minutes you know who to choose. I noticed it and like to share this tool with you.
Link to the electoral compass to discover your position in the political landscape for the USA presidential election of 2008.

It seems mr. Mitt Romney (Detroit, 12th March 1947) has the best chances for the caucus in Iowa tomorrow. And John Edwards (10th June 1953, 7h02 a.m., Seneca or 7h23...see Astrodatabank) said that he is the only democratic candidate who is able to beat any republican. There are many candidates running right now, and only one can be the winner. When there is only one republican and only one democratic candidate left, it will be interesting to have a look at their chances seen in the light of astrology. Let us hope it will be candidates with a known time of birth! Above you see the possible charts of John Edwards.

Apart from the difficulties with HOB'S, there is another problem: the fact that in the USA the moment of the publications of the final results is unknown. That,too, does not make it easier to do any predictions. Bias is also a problem (show me a 100% objective person;), but I am sure all over the world attempts will be made and there is a 50% chance of selecting the right president:).

For the time being you can find the following relevant readings:

Birth chart Hillary Clinton
Birth chart Barack Obama
Birth chart Rudy Giuliani

and the study of former American presidents and what astrogical components they share.

More later...

Link to the electoral compass to discover your position in the political landscape for the USA presidential election of 2008,

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Asif Ali Zardari is the widower of Benazir Bhutto. He was born 21st July 1957 and today the newspapers report that HE instead of his sun, will lead the party now that his wife passed away. It seems that Bilawal Bhutto has turned back to Dubai to complete his study and leave the present political struggle to his father. So let us have a look at the birth chart of Asif Zardari. As we donot know his hour of birth this look will be limited to the positions on the day that he was born.

Asif has the Sun square Neptune*) in a tight aspect; Jupiter is calling (without major aspects in sign). Transit Pluto is inconjunct his Sun and Mercury now. This is very telling for the situation that involves violence, death, politics, power, threats and security. Transit Pluto trines his progressed Pluto and that aspect means: an easy (trine) gain (Pluto) of power (Pluto). Like in his son's chart besides Pluto there is activity from Mars. His progressed Sun is opposed to progressed Mars: symbolic for a fight that someone else started and for the possibility also of an attack (or a heart attack).

*)Sun square Neptune = being in a negative light, being a suspect sometimes even...and might be an indication for a weak hearth and bad health. And in this case some of the ways this hard aspect presents itself are seen in the life of Asif Zardari. Mr. Zardari has been in prison for some years after accusations of blackmailing a businessman and later he was held in custody for murder charges and corruption. See Wikipedia. His health and honour both suffered from the years in prison.

Given these facts the present twist of faith that makes him an important political leader is rather unusual. I wonder how his MC and Ascendant are aspected these days, because I expect a major role for Uranus and Pluto and/or a changing sign on the MC, maybe connected to a transit of Pluto. But, that is only speculation, as his HOB is unknown.

PS September 2008:
Sun square Neptune is the same aspect as in the chart of Angelika Merkel, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. I think that what they share is the fact that they are 'larger than theirselves', a sort of a living symbol and that they all have been underestimated (at first). The media have an important part to play in the lives of these politicians, but so have their own ideals, beliefs and visions. They are being idealized so much that they will always in a way be disappointing the crowds.

Saturn-Uranus at work...

Another example of the effect of a tight aspect between Saturn and Uranus is that in the birth chart of Sarah Jane More, born 15th February 1930 in Charleston (West-Virginia), unknown time. Sarah Jane More tried to kill president Ford on September 22 1975, but she missed. Today she was released. Saturn is for limitations and Uranus for freedom and independancy. The combination is often seen in the charts of those who have to deal with the theme of breaking free.

It is not surprising that transit Saturn is inconjunct her Uranus right now. On the day of her arrest transitting Pluto afflicted the Saturn-Uranus combination. Uranus-Pluto is a combination for a revolutionary change (sometimes forced by an arrest). In the year of the crime her progressed Sun was exactly conjunct Uranus and square Saturn AND semi sextile to the prominent Mars.

Mars is oriental in her chart (for being first of all agressive or active, a do-er, willing to act) and Pluto is calling (without major aspects in sign). Pluto is symbolic for life and death, politics, sex, danger and challenges. Their positions make both planets prominent in her chart. Mars and Pluto comined refers to the use and abuse of violence. More about Mars and Pluto...

Incredible loss of weight

Andy Fordham the darts player who lost a lot of weight in 2007 is called 'the incredible shrinking man' in The Daily Mail. He lost so much by drinking less since cirrhose was diagnosed.

Andy Fordham was born February 2, 1962 in London. 60% of his positions are in the airsign Aquarius. This stellium in Aquarius could be regarded to be completely square Neptune, by translation of light. But the closest square is between Sun and Neptune and that square never moved and remained vital and vivid in the life of Andy Fordham. Neptune went retrograde around his 11th birthday and moved slowly backwards, always being within 1 degree of orb with his natal Sun. Neptune is a.o. the planet of addictions and alcohol. Neptune is prominent in this chart (sesqui square Zero Aries). Uranus is dispositor of Aquarius and in his chart 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign). Progressed Sun inconjunct Uranus and progressed Neptune square natal Sun marked his 2007. Fortunately 80% of his positions is in fixed signs and that will give a strong will to succeed in regaining health.

About alcoholism and astrology: there is a study done by Astrodatabank....