Friday, January 25, 2008


Yesterday I saw a documentary about the history of heavy metal. In that documentary Tipper Gore showed up. She used to be one of the concerned mothers trying to forbid this music! I was surprised to see a democrate do that, so I looked at her chart...

In Tipper Gore's (19 August 1948 at 2h40 a.m. Washington) I see Sun conjunct Saturn (rising before the Sun). That might explain enough already (a conservative orientation), had not her Moon in Aquarius been in opposition with Saturn. Her need to change the world is in conflict with her conservative orientation. It must not have been an easy choice to fight heavy metal:).

The Venus of spouse Al Gore (born 31 March 1948 at 12h53 in Wahsington) is tightly square her Sun and Saturn and her crucial Venus - on the ascendant - squares his Sun while her Neptune opposes his Sun. They have been married since 19 May 1970.

More about Al Gore...

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