Friday, May 30, 2008

Transit Saturn for bad karma

A blooper! Sharon Stone told the press that maybe bad karma caused the earthquakes in China. Now Christian Dior, her employer, apologised in public and her pictures will not be shown in China any more. This happens with transit Saturn tightly square her natal MC and if anything is the aspect of bad karma, this is.

Who's second wife wants a divorce

Bill Murray (Main character in one of my favourite movies: 'Groundhogday') was born September 21, 1950 in Wilmette, ILL, USA. His second wife wants a divorce. Reason: abuse, his wife says and his addiction to alcohol and drugs.

A pity, no birth time available...but I can see that progressed Mars is opposition natal and progressed Uranus this year. Mars-Uranus conflicts are one of the 4 indications in a males chart for a divorce (the others are Moon-Saturn, Moon-Neptune and Venus-Neptune). You see his progressed positions and the birth positions on the outside of the circle. Notice that his Uranus was retrograding in progress and returned to the birth position in 1999 (P Uranus conjunct Uranus). In 1999 he wrote his autobiography. Uranus is important in his chart (no major aspects in sign and in orb 5 degrees, biquinile Mercury).

For the addiction I like to point at the calling Moon. The Moon does not make Ptolemic aspects in sign or orb. Moon is the symbol of needs and habits. Without major aspects the needs may reach any level.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

now in wax...

Marlene Dietrich was born 27th December 1901 in Berlin at 21h15 CET and is reborn again in wax in Berlin this week. The lady who was oriented at love from her feet to her head (bin von Kopf biss Fuss auf Liebe eingestelt) had Uranus rising before the Sun. In my book Astro I.D. I give more examples of people with Uranus oriental, who became very old. Marlene died May 6, 1992, age 91. When WWII started in 1939 she moved to London.

Marlene was showbizz and maybe that is the reason why we find Saturn, end dispositor of the MC, in the fifth (Leo) house of shows and strong in sign? I like to point at Mars, tightly trine the Midheaven, also in the 5th house.

Marlene had a husband (and a daughter) and she also had a lot of affairs, a.o. with the Spanish writer Mercedes de Accosta. She was a lesbian and a vamp, a controversial combination that is shown in the controversy of Sun opposition Neptune, the most prominent planets.

BTW Her husband lived with a mistress. Her Venus is in Aquarius sextile Uranus to demonstrate 'free love'. And artistic qualities...Because lots of singers (and she sang, too) have Venus related to Uranus.

Marlene had a 'calling' Sun (not making major aspects in sign or within orb 5 degrees), with an out of sign opposition with Neptune, prominently placed square Aries Point. As you may have read in the article about Fritzl, Sun-Neptune afflictions tend to 'produce' double lifes, one of them fake. But as she was an actrice, it is obvious that she was not really the woman she appeared to be. She was a true media star who knew how to draw attention and to keep things a secret, meanwhile. Even her wax image is not as real as it looks like:)

who spent her life in an iron lung

Dianne Odell lived in an iron long for 58 years, since age 3 and managed to write a book and to complete highschool. Read about it ...

But failure of electricity stopped the machine that kept her alive and now she died. There are 4 significant aspects on her dying day.

Transit Neptune was conjunct her Sun (weakness; I read that lately she was less healthy and weaker) and transit Pluto semi square Mars (using force), transit Pluto conjunct progressed Mars (using force; a challenge for energy) and transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Mars (death, end of energy...).
You see the Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination for unnatural death. Interesting, considering the fact that she had an unnatural life.

Without an hour of birth there is of course no complete idea about the astrological indications for the way she had to live. We need the position of the Ascendant and MC to find astrological conditions and circumstances.

But there are some clues in the positions on her day of birth (Februay 13, 1947).
We see for example Saturn semi square Uranus for limited freedom, with Sun and Jupiter sesquisquare the midpoint Saturn/Uranus. Sun square Jupiter and sesquisquare Neptune might point at being religious or an idol. She was rather well known. Her Astro I.D. shows Mars semi square Aries Point and oriental. Mars is the symbol or iron., as it happens. It is also the symbol of drive, energy, muscles... And I like to point at the positionn of Pallas, symbol of wisdom, conjunct Mars.

Look at the chart and see how amazingly Mars, Saturn and Pluto are related to the symbol of electricity, Uranus, through Mars, the most prominent planet in her chart. BTW the midpoint Sun/Saturn is in line with the midpoint Mars/Pluto.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

and the disadvantages of passion in his chart

On October 19 oktober 2005 I wrote about CHRISTIANO RONALDO, born February 5, 1985 on the island of Madeira. At that time he was arrested for supposedly rape (during Transit Uranus conjunct progressed Sun and right after transit Neptune conjunct natal Sun and coming back...). This time Ronaldo is a 'hot item'again. His voluminous and 'exhausting' girl friend is being blamed for the lack of conditon of Ronaldo, who missed a penalty recently.

Transit Saturn is right now inconjunct his Venus AND Mars. You might read that as 'disadvantage - Saturn - of passion - Venus and Mars -'. Also transit Mars is inconjunct his progressed Sun. And that explains. Mars is the planet of sports and energy. And the way he lives (Sun) is not in balance with Mars.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

29th May 1917, Kennedy born

On May 29 1917 at about15 hour EST John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline. He had a calling Sun (leadership), a calling Saturn (management, ambition), a calling Neptune (ideals and belief) and a calling Pluto (money, power and politics). Jupiter was oriental in his chart for the international.

In the combination of those most prominent planets you can see the progress (Sun, Jupiter and Pluto), the hard political confrontations (Sun, Saturn and Pluto), his addicition (Sun, Saturn and Neptune) and the fact that he was an idol (Sun, Jupiter and Neptune). Of all those, Saturn is the most prominent planet (conjunct the MC).

Kennedy died. He was murdered in the year that his wife Jackie lost her baby Patrick in August 1963. She went to Greece to shop and cruise and met Onassis. General de Gaulle once accused Aristoteles Onassis of being the man behind the murder of Kennedy. And it is indeed strange to see that the midpoint Mars/Saturn (=death) of Onassis (born January 15 1906) is tightly conjunct the Sun of Kennedy. And even stranger that the Pluto of Onassis is tightly conjunct the progressed Mars of Kennedy on the very day of the murder! Coincidence? It might just be so...

and the indications on the day of his birth with a birth chart without hour...

Colin Campbell Eadie Ross was born October 11, 1892, probably in or near Melbourne. He was hanged on April 24, 1922. And the suspicion that he was hanged for a crime that he did not commit has been confirmed by DNA-material. The hairs on his pillow were not those of the victim. And he already had an alibi. If there is any statement against death penalty, this is...

What made people misjudge him this way? With Sun opposition Jupiter judgements were not often in his favour, though it is also an aspect that indicates progress, together with the Sun trine Mars (he owned a bar at age 28!). Was it perhaps Saturn semisextile Uranus, introducing the theme of limited freedom? Or should it be the tightest aspect: Mercury opposition Jupiter. Did he simply had bad luck? It seems even the way he was executed was a torture.

His Astro I.D. shows Saturn rising before the Sun and Mars semi square Aries Point. Mars and Saturn are the most prominent planets on the day that he was born. It is a combination for working hard and often a combination of death. In particular when Pluto joins this combinaton, and Pluto does...Pluto is opposition the midpoint of Mars/Saturn, creating a midpoint Yod with the theme of unnatural death.

They arrested him on January 12, 1922. On that day Jupiter was conjunct his Sun, semi square Venus. And the transit Sun was square Jupiter. This highlights the Sun opposition Jupiter in his chart, but is still nog an explanation at all. Maybe he just did not see how it would end, on that day. Transit Mars inconjunct Pluto is another story...
On the day of his execution we see the transit Sun trine Venus (for rest in peace) and not a tiny piece of evidence for the longlasting painfull way to die. So let us look at the progressions. Transit Saturn semi square progressed Sun. And the other transits are rather wide or not related to personal planets.

Did it take that little to become the victim of a bad judgement? Just Mars and Saturn prominent and Pluto opposition Mars/Saturn? Of course we do not know his hour of birth and are therefore unaware of crucial placements and progressions or transits with Ascendant, MC or Moon. Still, it is amazing how this could happen and how the people who brougth him into this position could get away with it.

For those interested I sum up some of the related midpoint combinations.
Sun and Mercury conjunct Saturn/Uranus, Jupiter opposition and Venus semi square; Saturn and Uranus are repeating the combination in the 22.5 degree range. A lot of times the theme of limited freedom...
I already mentioned the midpoint yod Pluto opposition Mars/Saturn. And I like to point at that mysterious spot that I discovered to be so important in cases of violence, Vulcanus...It is an imaginary spot, once used by George Bode and therefore part of my (Dutch) computer program. Vulcanus is opposition Sun/Saturn and conjunct Mars/Pluto in this chart. And that, I think, is very telling, though also very odd.

Monday, May 26, 2008


It seems that Madonna (16th August 1958, Bay City, 7:05 a.m.) and Guy Ritchie (September, 10, 1968, Hatfield, time unknown) are not having the most pleasant time of their relationship. Madonna has difficult transits like Uranus inconjunct Sun (not matching will to be independant) and Pluto inconjunct Venus (test for a relationship) and sesquisquare Mars (all in all a difficulty in passion) right now. And the inconjunction is known for ending things. So th e press might be right.
Guy has Transit Uranus inconjunct Mars. I have indicated here before, that Mars-Uranus conflicts are causing trouble in relationships in the birth charts of males. And in their transits. In the charts of females Mars-Uranus might (not necessarily!) indicate the 'wrong' man, sometimes a relationship with a gay man.

What made the couple come together and what is the problem?
His Mars is almost exactly conjunct her Sun. She is the boss.
Her Saturn is square his Sun. She is older.
His Neptune is square her Sun: she is his 'muse', his inspiration.

It does not mean that any relation with an elderly woman is born to die. It means that in THIS situation and relationship it is a possible problem.

Right now, her progressed Sun is in the middle of his Mercury and Venus. His progressed Mars is almost conjunct his Sun and...her Jupiter! It doesnot sound too bad, I am afraid. However: if this is Guy Ritchie first longlasting relationship, their might be trouble. Because he has Moon conjunct Saturn and Venus semi square Neptune (for the artist and for love affairs). Two of the four indications for breaking up!*)

*) The others are Moon afflicted by Neptune and Mars in conflict with Uranus.

PS: What I forgot to mention is the match between them. There is little. The Suns and Moons do not match, neither does Mercury. Venus matches Venus (something had to match, or else they would not have started their relationship). But there is also a wide square between Mars and Mars. Often such a relationship starts with sexual attraction and ends up fighting each other.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

with a crucial Mars for sports...

David Beckham is ( on May 2, 1975 at 9:30 a.m. in London. That places Mars on top of the MC. And the planet of the businessman, Saturn, is crucial on the Ascendant, is trine the prominent Mars. It seems that one of the good characteristics of Beckham is discipline.

Jupiter is oriental, so he is an international. The Englishman plays in the USA (Los Angeles Galaxy) and scored from a 60 meter distance! Look also at the calling Mercury and Venus. Venus is for the fact that Beckham is good looking and often used in commercials (with his Pisces MC for the media).

and what made him climb Mount Everest at age 76?

On June 20, 1931 Min Bahadur Serchan was born in Nepal and recently he climbed the 8848 high Mount Everest! He is the eldest men ever who conquered this mountain. And he did it with transit Jupiter conjunct Saturn, for successes at old age:), in the year that his progressed Sun and Venus were conjunct his progressed Mercury to make a wish out of his student years come true.

Even for a sherpa and a native Nepalese, climbing Mount Everest at age 76 is extraordinary. What extraordinary indications were there on his day of birth?
- Uranus is the oriental planet.
In my book Astro I.D. (in Dutch) I give several examples of people who became very old and had Uranus oriental. It seems to stimulate vitality.
Uranus is oriental. Venus and Mercury, the planets that rises before the Sun and soon after Uranus, are not exceptional or prominent in this chart, but Uranus is.
- Sun is calling!
There are no major aspects in sign or orb (5d) made by the Sun. The Sun is calling! That means that in this life you might expect leadership, drawing attention, being a star somehow...and apparently, sometime!:)
- Look at Mars...
Sesquisquare Uranus and Saturn, semi square Pluto. He must have had injuries due to a special drive to gain and win no matter how.
- Fanatism
Of course he has a strong will. This is expressed by Sun semi halfsextile Pluto.

As you see, mr. Serchan was born on a special day for special efforts and I bet that the moment that he was born was marked with crucial placements, too.

for memorial day...

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and also in The Netherlands there is a ceremony to remember the American soldiers who died in the war against the Nazi's. The ceremony will be held in Margraten (see picture).

Because of the memory of World War II, I present the birth chart of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the general who had Mars on top of his chart, because he was above all a soldier.


Manual Marulanda, founder of the Colombian movement FARC, died. He was born May 12, 1930 with Mars conjunct Uranus oriental for an orientation on quick changes. In the article about Mars and Uranus on my site Astromarkt, you can read about the effect of Mars-Uranus in the charts of rebels, freedom fighters, short tempers and terrorists. Manulanda died of cancer.


Hans-Joachim Sewering was born January 30, 1916 in Bochum (Germany). During World War II he worked in Eglfing-Haar where they did a euthanasia project. Some organisations accuse him of killing at least one and probably a lot more children as a participant in this Nazi euthanasia program, soon after finishing medical studies. It gave him a carreer boost. Since that time he has been protected, promoted and honoured. And no one ever tried to even seriously study the possibility of committed crime, though there is a strong case against him, according to 'Bad Nazi Doctor'. This week the BDI honoured him, again.

Astrology is not able to produce a 'who done it'. The theme of death and violence is as frequent in the charts of victims as in those of murderers. But with the help of astrology we can deduce the marks of a man who's word was more valuable then that of his accusers.

The euthanisia program ordered the transfer of 900 Roman Catholic girls out of a sanatorium to Eglfing-Haar “Healing Center”, where they died. "The so-called healing center at Eglfing-Haar was directed by Dr. Herman Pfanmueller, a psychiatrist in Munich. Dr. Pfanmueller was enthusiastic about his work, conducted tours of his institution, and expressed great pride in his method of killing children sent to Eglfing-Haar. The method was a combination of starvation and sedation, with drugs like Luminal, until death came from inanition and infection.", says Bad Nazi The first allegations began in the fifties.

Several organisations want him to face the judge. Instead, this week the BDI, a German medical organisation, honoured Sewering for his works. And the Bavarian state government is said to protect mr. Sewering. On AEKSH.DE you can see a picture of him with the subtitle 'Hohe Prominenz*): (v. r. n. l.) Dr. Ulrich
Oesingmann, BfB, Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Hans-Joachim Sewering, Ehrenvorstandsmitglied*), Prof. Dr. Karsten Vilmar, Ehrenpräsident, im Hintergrund Dr. Klaus-Dieter Wurche, Ärztekammer Bremen'.
*)higly prominent: dr. Hans-Joachim Sewering, member of honour.

Look at the chart. It is a time unknown chart with a nice Astro I.D. and hard aspects that demonstrates the life of a succesful man who was honoured more than once. And the life of a man who's life and character has tough and hard sides.

You can see the Astro I.D. of the radical man. Uranus is semi square Aries Point and Pluto is square Aries Point. Uranus is sesquisquare Pluto. The oriental position is for the Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter is calling. Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are prominent in the chart of a man who has been protected and honoured. Moon is for commitment and care, Jupiter and Pluto - he was a senator in Bavaria - for the carreer boost and Uranus for being controversial.

There are no placements in earth. You can read more about the effect of the missing element on my site Astromarkt. The missing element 'earth' points at materialism (one is very eager to get what is missing: certainty, security and solid basics). Sewering managed to get it.

When you look at the aspects in his chart, you notice the hard aspects. See Sun quindecile - 165d- Mars, inconjunct Saturn and biquintile Pluto for the 'die hard', the life with hard confrontations, the disbalance between position and honour, the creative way to do win and the importance of the theme of unnatural death in his life. Looking at the minor aspects help you find another 'unnatural death' construction of Mars, Saturn and Pluto: Mars is semi square Saturn and septile Pluto. So that is two. Pluto 135 Sun/Mars and 67.5 Sun/Saturn completes the rule of 3!

The nuns said that everybody knew what happened in Eglfing-Haar, including the victims themselves. Sewering, however, says he did not know. There is a picture of Hans-Joachim as a member of the SS at age 22 (in 1938). He became a member in 1933 (progressed Moon trine Jupiter; always an indication for a fortunate move).
Around 1937 his progressed Sunsign (and so his lifestyle) changed when he became a student. In the year of the picture his progressed Sun was trine Pluto: a good year for politics and strategy. On November 1, 1943 he admitted Babette (born July 7, 1929) in his 'hospital'. She had Saturn opposition Saturn that day. He had Jupiter conjunct Mars (he did a succesfull job) and transit Pluto opposition Sun (there was a stressy situation, he was confronted with problems, questions of life and death of others - opposition! -).

The amount of difficult aspects would almost make you overlook the harmonious aspect in Sewering's chart: Venus trine Saturn (longlasting relationships and sympathies). In the year of the accusations by nuns (in 1993) you might expect difficult aspects and transits, but: progressed Sun is semisquare Venus, instead. Because, in that year (1993) he was honoured in public!

The BDI honoured him again this week. Let us look at his transits and progressions. Transit Sun semi square Jupiter for a happy day. But Mars is opposition Sun and Node. Neptune is opposition Mars. Pluto semi square Uranus (the Uranus-Pluto combinationagain). These transits might point at the attacks (Mars) in the media (Neptune). Progressed Sun semi square Venus (just like in 1993!) and progressed Mars trine Jupiter are more likely expressing the honour.

We have a 'die hard', age 92, who managed to be an honourable member of society in spite of accusations of crimes against defenseless children. In correspondence with that we see a chart with:
- 3 times the theme of unnatural death
- showing a die hard materialist
- with a call for successes, the need to be succesful (Moon in Sagittarius) and a lot of good luck (Jupiter/Uranus) and fortune (Jupiter/Pluto)

Bad Nazi Doctorprovides a time line of his life that might be usefull to study the progressions and transits.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Father Pio's birth chart of May 25, 1887

In november 2007 I published an article about the birth chart of father Pio, entitled: Holy or Fake? This is what I wrote:

"Dutch newspaper Trouw reported on the 8th of November that Saint Padre Pio (born May 25 1887 at 16h10 in Pietrecina) cheated his audience. He applied the stigmata himself. Also it has become known that Pope John the 23rd was not conviced that Pio sticked to the celibate status of a roman catholic priest. Let us have a look at the chart of a roman catholic priest who still has many believers and followers who worship him.

The birth chart of Padre Pio shows us a man with a lot of self confidence and a strong ability to convince others. Jupiter is 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign). Pluto is rising before the Sun. The prominence of Jupiter and Pluto, making a creative quintile between them, applies to a succesful man.

In religious charts ('fake' or not) there are always combination of Jupiter and Neptune (conviction + immaterial). The closest aspect in the chart of Father Pio is that of Jupiter inconjunct Neptune. Sun, Saturn and Pluto all three make a hard aspect - in the 22.5 degree serie- with the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune.

Even after death, when your reputation is being discussed, transits and progressions stay alive. Now that there are doubts about Saint Pio because of the statements of drugstore owners at the time who delivered material that could be used to produce stigmata, we see transit Pluto inconjunct the natal Mars-Neptune of Pio. The progressed Sun is beginning to change sign and next year (right after the square from Jupiter) this Sun will receive a square from Pluto. Is not the circle round? Important moments in time are often marked by come-backs of astrological aspects in/with the natal chart. BTW: in Pio's solar return chart for 2007 Saturn sits on the midheaven. "

But what happened later?
On March 3, 2008 the body of Pio (40 years after his death) was exhumed. We see transit Saturn semisquare his natal Saturn 0.0 degree of orb on that day for the disadvantages of age and position, with transit Venus opposition MC (a wish coming true). Three weeks before the exhumation the progressed Sun changed sign. A new period of or about his lifetime and/or fysics then started.

And I like to add this:
Jupiter INCONJUNCT Neptune is astrological for a disbalance or indiscrepancy in religion and/or in the fact that he has fans and followers. And that might be the serious doubts that have risen now and before...


John Prescott (born time unknown on May 31, 1938 in Prestatyn) recently 'confessed' that he had bulimia, an eating disorder, in his memoires.

John Prescott was a controversial deputy prime minister under Blair. And he keeps helping the newspapers to fill the pages...Uranus, of course, is oriental in his chart, conjunct Mercury. Uranus is also prominent because of the semi square with Aries Point. And Uranus is the symbol of controversy and news. It is no coincidence that his progressed Sun in 16/17th degree of Leo is in between a square with natal and progressed Uranus. Uranus is the key to his revelations and autobiography.

Besides, the Sun is also calling in his chart and so is Mars, so is Pluto, too. Sun, Mars, Uranus and Pluto all prominent..., that is the recipe for a rather impulsive and radical leading person. Also Uranus is quintile Pluto (for being creative in making sudden changes).

The Moon is in Cancer, symbol of food, youth, eduction and emotions. The eating disorder might have something to do with the position of the Moon. But bulimia also has to do with sudden impulse. And there is a lot of sudden impulse in his chart.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Motherly love and agriculture (cereals) , heirloom and seed

Since I 'discovered' the effect of Ceres, I see Ceres everywhere around. In my own chart with Transit Ceres trine Sun (tightly) my sister became a grandmother. Ceres is for heirloom and seed.

I saw Ceres at work in the chart of the 'LSD-man' Albert Hofmann, who discovered LSD when he was doing investigations about cereals. Is it just coincidence that CEREals and CEREs start with the same 4 letters? No it is not. The word cereals derives from Ceres, the goddess of agriculture and motherly love.

Ceres has the same position as Pluto, in the eyes of an astronomer. I highly valuate the effect of Pluto, so why not that of Ceres? When the Queen of The Netherlands, Beatrix, watched her mother Juliana sign her abdication documents, Ceres of Beatrix was spot on the Midheaven of the moment (Transit MC conjunct natal Ceres).
Yesterday, the Dutch prime minister showed the 'harvest' of his one year old government with transit Ceres conjunct his progressed MC.

The founder of the dynasty of the 'Oranges' (the Dutch royal family) was born 24th April 1533 in Dillenburg at 8h50 a.m. LMT with Ceres
on top of his chart. Queen Victoria (24th May 1819, 4h15 a.m. LMT London) had Ceres conjunct her Ascendant!

And what about Mother Theresa? She had Ceres conjunct the IC and in a tight semi sextile with the Northern Nodes.

Ammachi, the hugging mother, born 27th September 1953 at 9:10 a.m. in Valikkalu has Venus in 3d38 Virgo and Ceres is at 2d38 Virgo. And this is the only major aspect Venus or Ceres makes in sing in this chart! Motherly love conjunct love...

PS (added end of June)
See Bob Marks for very interesting findings about Ceres in aspect.

The world not allowed to help...

Than Shwe is the leader of the Myanmar junta. He was born in Mandalay, February 2, 1933. It was not a special day with special placements. Maybe he was born at a crucial moment, but we don't know. So in this case the combination of time and place must have been perfect to produce a person who is unwilling to help his own people because he is anxious to keep Myanmar (Burma) a secret, hidden and isolated place without influences from abroad. I found the components of his behaviour in the positions of the day of his birth.

50% of his placements are in earth signs for a materialist and realist. He has a strong will (Sun Aquarius, Moon Taurus) and the strongest (most tight) aspects are:

1. Mercury conjunct Saturn and inconjunct Neptune
When he was young he had a traumatic experience in wartime. He has been treated in a psychological hospital (around 1950, when his progressed Sun was moving to another sign). Saturn-Neptune is the combination for illnesses and Mercury is symbolic for the mind (= mental illnesses). Also Saturn is the symbol of borders, limitations and fear. With Mercury (communication, contact) and Neptune (illusion, fantasy, immaterial) the combination Mercury-Saturn-Neptune might lead to unrealistic (Neptune) fear (Saturn) for contact and communications (Mercury). Particulary since the inconjunction is the aspect that is connected to disbalance and illnesses.

2. Venus trine Jupiter (and sextile Pluto)
He may not be very popular world wide, but in his group he apparently managed to get support (or else he would never have been a leader). Venus with Jupiter and Pluto points at being loved by many and at being wealthy. Although the people are poor, mr. Shwe (who they call 'king' sometimes) had a splendid reception for his daughters' wedding.

3. Mars inconjunct Uranus
This very tight aspect is a disturbing one. Mars - Uranus indicates an explosive nature and special energy. The inconjunction adds disbalance and discrepancy. Rebellions, 'freedom fighters' and terrorist seem to need this aspect, because most of them have it: the drive to make an immediate change. In this case the freedom and independancy that he fought for, has been attacked by himself. It does not really fit. More about Mars-Uranus...

4. Jupiter sextile Pluto
Many of his contemporaries were born with this lucky and promissing aspect. Not many will have this connected to a personal planet (in the case of Than Shwe with both Venus and Mars for passion).

There are some minor and wider aspects about his chart (and him) that could be of importance:
- Sun biquintile Mars (and conjunct Saturn, almost out of orbs) for being a creative fighter.
- Jupiter sesquisquare Saturn for a longlasting carreer (a question of hierarchy, he was the next person in charge when a general stepped back in 1992)
- Jupiter quindecile Nodes (for the obsessive support and protection of his group and the advantages of it)
- Saturn quintile Uranus (being creative with the protocol or the limitations of freedom....i.c. creating his own prison)

On the 4th of January 2007 he did not show up to celebrate independance day as he was ill. That was with transit Pluto semi square his Sun (a frustrating fysical problem).

Right now his Sunsign is on it's way to another change, due in 2 years time. It will change his life. Progressed Venus will be conjunct his Sun within a year. The biquintiles in his progressed chart (Sun and Venus biquintile Jupiter) point at a creative way to have a good time. But how about the disaster in his country? It might have stopped the protests against his government for a while. On the 3rd of May mr. Than Shwe had transit Jupiter and transit Ceres tightly trine his natal Jupiter: a fortunate combination. Other observations for that day: Transit Pluto was trine progressed Mars and semi square progresses Saturn for the theme of violent death. Transit Saturn conjunct Mars, for death. And transit Uranus trine Pluto for an easy complete change (an easy way out?).
I don't want be cynical, but in fact this disastrer helped him to keep his position of power and punish the rebellious people.

BAN KI-MOON (born Ban Ki-moon 13061944 062600 JST Seoul)
Today mr. Ban Ki-Moon will try to convince mr. Shwe to accept foreign aid. In his chart Uranus is square Sun and sesquisquare Pluto to indicate the attempt to make a change. Transit Jupiter and Uranus are both inconjunct the natal Jupiter of Ban Ki-Moon. That expresses un unbalanced and disproportional optimism and relief. Also notice Saturn square Mercury for bad communications. And how about Mars semi square Sun and conjunct Pluto for using force and pressure. So many people have already died and suffered in vain...
It is nog an easy job for the chief of the UN, who was born June 13, 1944 at 6:26 a.m. JST in Seoul with Jupiter biquintile Uranus for a creative look at the future.

The interaction between Ban Ki-Moon and Than Shwe is visualised in the chart below.

You see the birth chart of Ban Ki-Moon and the positions of Than Shwe on the outside.

Notice the tightest aspects:
Ban Ki-Moon Than Shwe
Sun sq. Jupiter (getting his trust)
Mars opp. Sun (an attack)
Jupiter semisex Jupiter (unbalanced support or optimism)
Pluto opp Saturn (hard confrontations)

The progressed Mars of Ban Ki-Moon is in between Mars and Jupiter of Shwe. Uranus of Shwee is square the progressed Moon of Ban Ki-Moon. All of this does not promise an easy conversation, I am afraid. But the fact that Ban Ki-Moon has been allowed into Myanmar is the first good sign in days. Than Shwe says he needs 7 billion dollar. Ban Ki-Moon wants him to open up the borders in return. Soon we will know the results. With the oriental Jupiter of Shwe it would not be surprising if he left the country. If he does, it will not be without the money.

AUNG SAN SUU KYI (born 19061945 120000 NST Rangoon)
For those interested I added the birth positons of Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the Burmese opposition who has not been allowed to leave her house since she won the elections. She has an oriental Uranus (for an orientation on changing the world) and her Sun conjunct Saturn/Uranus for the theme of limited freedom...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

now that they are digging

Now that the police is digging to find more victimes of the Charles Manson group, I thought it was time to translate my reading of the chart of Charles Manson, a man who had many followers (5 midpointcombinations with Jupiter and Neptune!) who did all he wanted and more. He never seems to have killed himself. In jail he devoloped into a writer and a singer. I like to show you the effects of his birth chart (12111934 164000 EST Cincinatti). The most significant observations of this chart are these:
- there is no harmonious aspect at all (a hard life and character),
- Vulcanus on the Ascendant and square Moon (unusual violent aproach).
- Uranus/Neptune with Mars (for the influence of drugs,)
- Sun/Mars/Pluto 3 times (the theme of using and abusing force is strong in his life).

Circumstances and situations directed the man with this chart right into the arms of crime.

Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter are on a crucial place in his chart. Jupiter also is the oriental planet (international, pubishing, conviction).
The Moon is high above, conjunct Northern Nodes (relationships with females or family on top)
These four prominent positions point at a great vocabulary, and successes. Considering his awfull background and family life (mother alcoholic, father unknown), in a way he made it. He had followers and influence.

But the closest crucial placemant is that of Vulcanus, conjunct Ascendant. And you also see Pallas there.

50% of his placements is in watersigns. Watersigns are easy to be seduced, they go with the flow. But Charles Manson had 40% in Scorpio. You can hardly consider Scorpio weak. It is a fixed sign. Keywords for Scorpio are: to defend, all or nothing, reorganising, reproduction, challenge and problem.

You show your Scorpio sun :
- by making life difficult for yourself
- having high demands on yourself and others
- not avoiding challenges
- showing courage
- wanting to be the strongest (mentally and/or physically)
- be the last man/woman standing
- if you boldly go where no one would go if he/she was not a Scorpio
- to take the lead when things get difficult
- to want to be a winner (you hate loosing)

Charles Manson has Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio. And all(!!!) of his planets are heavily afflicted!. There is no harmonious aspect, it is all struggle, trouble and fighting. But the tightest aspect Notice Sun square Saturn (for ruling on your own and for the disadvantages of your own you). It is an aspect that he shares with Chávez, and Osama Bin Laden. Saturn in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) adds the theme of limited freedom and resistance against it.

Maybe you don''t believe in the existence of Vulcanus, but I see Vulcanus every time that there is exceptional public violence. In the chart of Charles Manson Vulcanus is tightly conjunct the Ascendant and square Moon (1d of orb): unusual (Moon afflicted) violence (Vulcanus). It is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name - Ascendant - of Charles Manson. His birth chart is not a pleasant birth chart. The radix shows a life full of doubts, crime and fighting. There is no harmony in this chart. But with Mercury and Jupiter on a prominent spot you can learn fast and communicate succesfully. It is a pity that the midpoint is square Vulcanus and Moon again...And Moon square Vulcanus shows the need of violence.

In the chart of the famous Dutch drugsdealer Klaas Bruinsma, Uranus and Neptune are very important. So it is in the birth chart of Charles Manson. Mars is conjunct Neptune and semisquare Uranus for being explosive under influence. The combination is repeated several times in midpoint combinations.

Intriguing is that the Moon, the Midheaven and the Northern Nodes are in a sabian symbol (Janduz) of...artistic ideas. Here is the link to his music.

Sun with Venus/Saturn, Mars/Uranus, Mars/Pluto, Uranus/Neptune and Neptune/Pluto
Moon with Sun/MC, Mercury/Jupiter, Mercury/Node, Mercury/ASC, Venus/MC, Saturn/MC, Node/ASC
Mercury with Moon/Uranus, Moon/ASC, Venus/MC, Jupiter/Pluto, Uranus/Node, Uranus/ASC, Node/ASC
Venus with Mars/MC, Neptune/Pluto and Neptune/MC
Mars with Moon/Uranus, Moon/Pluot, Mercury/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto, Uranus/Node, Pluto/Node, Pluto/ASC, Uranus/Neptune
but very important: SATURN = Mars/Uranus=opposition MARS/PLUTO (a midpoint yod) =Uranus/Neptune = Neptune/Pluto

I will use some of the interpretations of the midpoint combinations to explain the violent impact.

Mars/Pluto/Ascendant: Fanatic aproach, enormous expression of energy bumping with the outside world. Sometimes violent relationships.
Uranus/Pluto/MC: radical change of profession or a professional radical. Born to be wild.
Uranus/Pluto/Node : Sudden change of social group, rebellion against group codes.
Mars/Saturn/Uranus: Suddenly no more energy, burn out, heavy accident or complicated surgery, death that strucks you.
Mars/Saturnus/Pluto: Exhaustion, using or abusing violence, will to conquer resistance
Pluto/Ascendant/MC: A fanatic, fascinating personality

There is a 3-fold combination of using (Mars) violence and influence or force (Pluto): Sun/Mars/Pluto. It says that there is a very strong energy and drive and that this person is a (sexual) powerfull man.

The excavations in a certain area are being done during transit Uranus sesquisquare the natal Jupiter of Charles Manson. This is a 'Thank God' construction for a positive change (but I don't know in what way). Soon transit Saturn will be inconjunct his progressed Sun and semisquare his progressed Mars and that might not be good for his fysical health.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a malignant brain tumor discovered with P Pluto semisquare P Neptune

To the reading of Edward Kennedy's chart, where you can find this updata:

Today, May 20, 2008 with progressed Pluto at 20d12m46s Cancer tightly semi square Neptune at 5d12m46s Virgo in the eight equal house, the doctors said that Edward Kennedy suffers from malignant brain tumor.

Pluto's progressions and transits often indicate challenging, endangering or problemous discoveries.

The Saturn-Pluto effect and the small trine

Demjanjuk, born 3rd April 1920 in Kiev, has to leave the USA and go back to where he came from, if they want him. On May 19, 2008 the U. S. Supreme Court denied Demjanjuk's petition for certiorari, declining to hear his case against the deportation order.

The 88 year old is suspected to be a war criminal in Treblinka (but their are doubts about his identity). Transit Neptune sesquisquare progressed Sun (a frustrating disappointment) and transit Mars inconjunct progressed Uranus (for sudden attack) accompany the message that he will be expelled.(But still, IS the man that they send away the man with this chart?)

At his first trial in 2005/2006 progressed Sun was conjunct progressed Pluto and sextile Saturn. The Saturn-Pluto combination for hard confrontations... It changed his life and endagered it, but... he is a die hard!

During the war Demjanjuk had progressed Sun trine Pluto and sextile Saturn, with transit Saturn conjunct progressed Sun and transit Pluto square progressed Sun. The Saturn-Pluto combinations sometimes includes having to pay later...
In 1988 Israel condommed him to death, but later in 1993 there was not enough evidence and he was released. On April 30, 2004 a judge in Ohio found him guilty again.*)On December 21, 2006 this happened again and now it it time to go.

On his birthday 50% of the placements were in watersign. Uranus is the oriental planet (so he probably will get old and he already is). Saturn is opposition Uranus (the theme of limited freedom) and biquintile Sun (a creative way to lengthen life...he had been convicted 20 years ago!). There is a threefold midpoint combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in the birth chart of Demjanjuk. This combination points at the theme of violent or unnatural death, 3 times. Notice that Saturn and Pluto are part of this dangerous combination.

In his chart Mars, Saturn and Pluto are involved in a harmonious small trine. I have stated before that the tight small trine produces 3 midpoint combinations. When difficult planets are part of that tight small trine, there are 3 difficult midpoint cobminations. How to read that?!
I think that the midpoint combinations point at actual events and hard times. And that the small trine symbolises the way you deal with it.

So in this case, Demjanjuk did everything to get things done his way during his time in Treblinka, where he abused, killed and was feared (or in his eyes, respected) because of it. He could get away with it for a long long time. And that is the effect of the small trine.

Again, I very much doubt that trines and sextiles point at good characteristics and squares and oppositions at bad ones. The fact that inmates have a lot of harmonious aspects (as an investigation showed) proofs that some of us choose for the easy way out. Anyway...It was very easy to impress prisoners in Treblinka.

Wikipedia about Ivan Demjanjuk
Saturn and Pluto
Mars and Pluto

PS dated April 2 2009: he has been sent to Europe today.
*) He was not found guilty for being in Triblinka but in Sobibor. See:

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Steven A. Spielberg is a director and his business is movies (like Indiana Jones number 4:). How can we see that in his chart? Well, it is pretty obvious (once you know it...)
These are the indications:

- MC in Pisces (the immaterial, religious or idealistic field) (square Uranus for being controversial sometimes)
- Neptune on a crucial spot (the lowest spot in the chart) (fantasy and immagination is crucial)
- Sun without major aspects in sign (within 5d of orb) is calling! (a star, a leader, someone in charge)
- Jupiter is the oriental planet (conjunct Venus) (an international, publications together with estetics)
- Moon (ruler 1!), Venus and Jupiter (prominent planets) in the 5th house of (pro-)creations and show
- Mars square Aries Point and 'calling' for the enterpreneur

Sun, Jupiter, Neptune is the combination of the person with fans or followers. Sun, Mars, Jupiter is for succesfull actions and Sun, Mars, Neptune for hidden or not touchable work and Mars, Jupiter, Neptune for producing (Mars) great (Jupiter) fantasies (Neptune). Spielberg was born 18th December 1946 in Cincinnati Ohio, at 18:16 EST.

Harrison Ford is the actor who impersonates Indiana Jones, the adventurer. Harrison Ford was born July 13, 1942, 11h41 a.m. CWT in Chicago Heights with Mercury (communicating, speach,writing) calling! and square Zero Aries AND conjunct MC, the Moon (keeping the memories alive or ... imitation, reflection) ruler MC (history, pretending, feeding, educating) and strong in Cancer, Venus sextile Mars tightest aspect (passion). Mercury is very prominent , so that he could not miss the theme of the 'messenger' or 'interpreter'. And why movies? I think the sextile aspect should have an even smaller orb than I use to use (5d), maybe 3,5 for the max. In which case Neptune would be calling in this chart. On the other hand, the placement close to the Ascendant is an important indication as well. Notice that Mars is conjunct the midpoint Ascendant/MC and Jupiter/Neptune (semi square MC). Jupiter/Neptune, again, is pointing at fans and followers, succesful 'fake' or 'make belief' etc. and very fortunate for an actor.


Domenico Dolce (September 13, 1958) and Stefano Gabbana (November 14, 1962, Milano) are suspected of attempt to fraude. They should have tried to avoid to pay over 260 million euro's taxes. They are among the richest Italians and officially earned 29 million euro in 2005. The Italian justice is busy investigating.

Domenico and Stefano established Dolce & Gabbana in 1989. Transit Jupiter was square MC and trine progressed MC of Dolce. Transit Jupiter was opposition progressed MC of Gabbana and square his natal MC. Jupiter is the symbol of growth, progress and successes. And they made it.

Stefano Gabbana was born on a 'creative day' with Venus, Mercury and Neptune rising before the Sun to indicate the possible artistic talents. The Moon (fashion!) did not make major aspects in sign and was calling! So was Saturn, the symbol of administration and managing. Mars is semi square Aries Point for the entrepeneur. So that he eventually managed a fashion company.

Fifty percent of his placements are in watersigns and none in capital signs. He must be very sensible for the latest ideas and needs of the people.

Today, transit Pluto is sesquisquare this prominent Mars and Uranus is trine the Sun. Transit Uranus is conjunct Solar Arc Saturn and inconjunct Solar Arc Uranus: the combination of limited freedom and independance.

Domenico Dolce also has Venus and Mercury rising before the Sun, but instead of Neptune, Pluto is rising with them. Money first? Venus trine Pluto and sextile Jupiter and Neptune symbolises gaining and earning money, profit etc. Mars does not make major aspects in sign, so Mars is calling! Look at Sun square Saturn for the limitations that he felt and see the 60% placements in earth, with no placements in airsigns. It points at materialism, realism, production and sometimes it must have been hard to reason with Dolce. Communicating was important as a theme in his life.

Now today transit Uranus is square his progressed Sun and Saturn (for the limitations of freedom) and Pluto sesquisquare progressed Uranus sometimes points at an arrest.

They used to live together, but seperated. Domenico Dolce's Uranus is conjunct Gabbana's Mars. His Sun is sesquisquare Gabbana's Saturn, who's Uranus is conjunct Dolce's Venus. They must be a stimulating couple.

...Due to difficulties with there are no chart drawings included...


Angelina Jolie is expecting a twin. She is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her chart (June 4, 1975, 9:09 a.m.Los Angeles) shows that.

Look at Venus tightly conjunct the Ascendant in the feminine sign of Cancer (Venus rising out of the sea, it reminds one of the classical interpretation of how Venus was born). Venus and Ascendant are both square Uranus, the planet that is crucially placed on the lowest spot of this chart. Notice how Jupiter ruler 5 (house of children and entertainment) is conjunct her MC and Moon*). The Moon is positioned rigth in between Mars and Jupiter. See Mars ruler 10 trine Neptune for activism and being active in harmony with the field of arts, idealism, religion and/or...movies. Her Astro I.D.has Venus and Jupiter, Moon and Uranus prominent. Jupiter is most prominent of them all. It refers to travelling! Angelina and Brad are in France now and her daughter Shilo was born in Namibia. In between they were in India. They are travelling around the world!

*) Jupiter is on the descendant of her solar return chart for this year.

I hope for the sake of the children that my observations of the synergie between Angelina and Brad might be interpreted other than my way. I see Sunsings that do not match, Moonsigns conflicting, Venus opposition Venus, and tightly Mars square Mars (with the Jupiter of Brad conjunct her Mars). Also, his Pluto is square her Sun.
This shows attraction and competition. I have several examples on this blog of the way Mars in conflict with Mars ended up in fighting each other in court.

Angelina has Sun quindecile Uranus, Venus on Ascendant tightly square Uranus, Moon ruler 1 square Saturn ruler 7,
Mars square Saturn (out of my usual 5 degree orb, but with translated light from the Moon). Five indications for problems with longlasting relationships.

Brad has the following prominent placements and aspects:
- Sun without major aspects in sign (calling); for the star or the leader (square the Midheaven with end dispositor Mercury = communications)
- Tightest aspect: Mars trine Uranus; for exceptional energy and drive to be free
- Venus sesquisquare Uranus; maybe he can sing? It might also refer to exciting women
- Biquintile Jupiter-Neptune; fans or followers!
- Uranus on top of the chart; the opposite of Angelina's Uranus...wanting to make the world a better place
- Neptune rising before the Sun and sesquisquare Zero Aries; an artist or idealist first of all or ... an illusion, like moviestars are:), sextile Mercury (for being good at telling tales)
- a 'cool' Venus and Moon in Capricorn, just like some of the James Bonds.

With his Sagittarius Ascendant and Sun, he might not be too unwilling to travel around, too.

Brad Pitt doesnot have as much indications for a divorce as Angelina has, but still: he did have a divorce. Notice that Venus is conjunst Sun/Saturn and semi square Saturn/MC.

Earlier message: 27th May 2006, when SHILOH NOUVEL JOLIE-PITT was born:
"Saturday night in a rather unpopulated part of Namibia, the daughter of Brad Pitt (18th December 1963, 6h31 in Shawnee) and Angelina Jolie (4th of June 1975, 09h09m in LA) was born, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. Nice to see that the positions in her birth chart correlate with the charts of her parents.

Her Venus squares her mothers Venus conjunct Ascendant and her Mars is close to that position..

Her Pluto is conjunct her fathers’ Sun

From this we read joy and happiness and (likewise Tom Cruise, who had Pluto on the IC when his baby was born the 22nd of last April), the father is very impressed. "

May I add, that Pluto represents the events that make the difference between life and death (such as giving birth and dying)?

And Saturn-Uranus for protocol in the charts of the royalty

Limitations, barriers, blockades and limited all belongs to Saturn and Uranus, cooperating. Even in the charts of a few kings and queens, who are living in a golden cage...The protocol is limiting their freedom.

Look at the positions on the day that Doña Sofia of Spain (the eldest child of King Paul I of Greece) was born on November 2, 1938. On that day the Sun, Saturn and Uranus did not make major aspects in sign within an orb of 5 degrees. So, these planets are prominent and 'calling'! Uranus is the most prominent planet, as Uranus is semi square Aries Point. Does THAT make her a stranger forever? Yesterday she had to express her sentiment of feeling 100% Spanish, although sometimes she spends a holiday in Greece (the country that reminds her of her childhood). She lived almost 2/3 of her lifetime in Spain, since she married Juan, whom she met in 1964 (with progressed Sun conjunct Venus and sextile Mars).

Look at the most narrow aspects in her chart:Mercury sextile Neptune and square Jupiter. She is know for being religious (the Jupiter-Neptune combination) and for speaking English, French, German, Greek and Spanish fluently. Mercury's most narrow connection iw with the symbol of heirdoom and seeds: Ceres. I guess that either Mercury or Ceres is prominent in her chart. Without birth time, I do not know for sure....

Another example of the protocol limiting freedom is found in the chart of Maxima, the Dutch queen to be. There is a tight conjunction of Sun and Saturn and Sun is sesquisquare Uranus in her birth chart (17th May 1971, 20:04:10 BZT Buenos Aires, Argentina).

And the Belgian queen to be, Mathilde (born 20th January 1973 in a place close to Brussels; here above next to Philippe) has Sun in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus), sesquisquare Saturn.

Kate Middleton, William's close friend, was born January 9, 1982 and on that day the Sun was square Saturn and semisquare Uranus...

But the British Queen Elizabeth just does not seem to mind much. She can live with it. She has Saturn conjunct MC TRINE Uranus. The limitations are present, but they are rather easy to deal with for her.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

who has been rushed to hospital today

Edward Kennedy has been transported to hospital quickly today with transit Saturn opposition Sun and sesquisquare Uranus *)(tightly) and a tight semisquare of Pluto and Neptune in the progressed chart, where Pluto is close to the IC. I hope for him that there will be no brain damage that causes a sort of an 'imprisonment' in the mind.

Edward Kennedy was born 22nd of February 1932 at 3h58 a.m. EST in Dorchester MA, USA. Mars is oriental in his chart, Jupiter is sesquisquare Aries Point, Saturn does not make major aspects in sign (so Saturn for government is 'calling'!) and Uranus is end dispositor of the MC.

Edward Kennedy never could reach the top because of the Chappaquiddick-incident. He got a probational punishment for leaving the scene of an accident (and Mary Jo Kopechne), maybe because he drank too much. That was on July 19, 1969, with Mars square Sun and sesquisquare Uranus, Uranus semisquare Jupiter and Neptune semi square Ascenant. Also transit Chiron was inconjunct his natal MC, transit Ceres was square that MC. The progressed Moon was close to Saturn. With Mars, Jupiter and Saturn prominent you can easily see the rise (Jupiter) and fall (Saturn). The MC is conjunct the midpoint Jupiter/Saturn.

In his natal chart you can see the desillusion. Notice Sun opposition Neptune and {Neptune conjunct Moon} sextile MC. The tightest aspect is Moon conjunct Neptune (not benificiary for staying married and probably pointing at addiction).

No damage, it seems Edward Kennedy had a small heart attack. And that shows that Saturn and Pluto transits and progressions do not necessarily harm or kill, unless ruler 8 and the eight house are involved. Of course it depends on being a VIP, too, the country you live in etcetera. Could we read this as a blockade (Saturn and Uranus) of the bloodcirculation (Sun)? But, with Saturn opposition Sun and the Midheaven close to an opposition with Pluto Edward Kennedy should be very careful.

*) 13/14 October 2007 Edward Kennedy had transit Saturn inconjunct Uranus (now sesquisquare). In October 2007 he had surgery to end a blockade...

Today, May 20, 2008 with progressed Pluto at 20d12m46s Cancer tightly semi square Neptune at 5d12m46s Virgo in the eight equal house, the doctors said that Edward Kennedy suffers from malignant brain tumor.

ANOTHER PS dated May 22, 2008
I suddenly remember that my father had Progressed Saturn inconjunct Uranus in the year that he suffered from several heart attacks that finally (of course with other progressions and transits, too) ended his life.


Margaret Thatcher - The Long Walk To Finchley, to be shown on BBC4 is a story about the carreer of Margareth Thatcher and ... her attempt to seduce Edward Heath (in vain) as a sort of an explanation for the icy relationship that they seem to have had. BTW: Heath never married and rumours say that he was gay.

I bet that the Iron Lady is not amused. Her later years are very uncomfortable. Just remember the affair with her son Mark, for example (see below). She had transit Uranus inconjunct her natal Sun last March (when there was an order for his arrest), Saturn conjunct Midheaven and semi square Sun, transit Pluto semi square Ascendant (still active). Rightnow,transit Neptune is tighly opposition Neptune and the media (Neptune) presents a questionable secret (Neptune) that is not in her favour. As it happens, Neptune is also the symbol of romance and affairs.
For the upheavel and scandal in the news we see transit Uranus opposition progressed Uranus (perfecting tomorrow). Also, the sign on her progressed Midheaven is about to change.

Couuld all of this could have been 'predicted'? In her birth chart Neptune is the top planet and ruler of the IC (past and life end). But let us have a look at her birth chart.

We see Saturn near the Ascendant and sesquisquare Aries Point, Neptune on top, Moon conjunct the MC (in another sign), Mars oriental and without major aspects in sign, just like Uranus. Mars and Uranus are 'calling', Moon, Saturn and Neptune are crucial. She has five prominent planets all together of which Mars and Saturn are the most important. It is funny that Mars and Saturn fitt the nick name of 'Iron Lady'. She is first of all assertive and it is crucial that she is serious, ambitious and a manager. Saturn is the symbol of administrations and governments, too. And Mars is also the symbol of sports and/or war.

The closets aspect in her birth chart is Jupiter opposition Pluto (for the main question: does money and fame make you happy?). Well, if Margaret Thatcher makes it till February 2009 she will feel happy. At that moment the progressed Moon is trine Jupiter and sextile Pluto.

Edward Heath was born 9th July 1916 in Broadstaris at 23h55 MET with Pluto conjunct the IC and oriental: the planet of politics, influence, money and strategy on a crucial place pointing at being orientated on power.

Moon square Neptune and quindecile (105d) Saturn aren't fortunate aspects for a male, when it comes to relationships with the other gender. In his chart the afflicted Neptune is in the fifth house (the house of the other gender). But there are more reasons why Edward Heath and Margareth Thatcher did not match but could get involved in a tale about a romance.

Her Sun is square his (Libra - Cancer)
Her Moonsign is square his (Leo - Scorpio), but there is no aspect
His Saturn is square her Sun
His Venus is square her Mars (hey?! maybe some attraction...:)
His Mars is opposition her Uranus in the 5th (rather intruiging synergy, as Mars-Uranus is one of the aspects in a man's chart that doesnot make it easy to get or stay married with a woman*). This aspect might point at the importance of sexual diversity in their relationship.

Above you see her chart with his position on the outside of the frame.

The Daily Mail reported early March 2008 that Mark Thatcher had been named related to a complot theory for a coup to bring the Guinea government down, together with his friend Simon Mann. It is a long storyg but very short in 'astrological'. Transit Neptune oppositon his natal Sun highligthed secrets and made him a suspect. In his birth chart (15 August 1953, time unknown) Saturn is square Uranus (for the item of limited freedom...) and the Sun close to Pluto with Mars oriental (like his mum); a compostion for the use or abuse of power. Margareth's Uranus in the fifth house of children is inconjunct Mark's Sun. And that shows the upheavel that Mark will bring in her life, and that there is not much that she can do about it (inconjunct).

*) Moon in conflict with Saturn or Neptune, Venus in conflict with Neptune and Mars in conflict with Uranus are (with conflicts between rulers and houses 1 and 7) indications in the chart of a male for not getting married at all or for the possibility of a divorce if he does get married. More of these conflicts, more possibilities...

Sharing aspects with a partner
Mars and Uranus

Friday, May 16, 2008

and how Saturn overruled the beauty surgery of Venus and Uranus

Dailymail shows the pictures of Faye Dunaway in 2005 and now and there is a hugh difference. As it happens...her progressed Sun changed sign in 2006 and earlier this year her progressed Sun was trine progressed Pluto. That explains the transformation as far as astrology is concerned:), but I noticed that in 2001 Faye Dunaway also looked spendlid...So what really changed? That we know that Faye Dunaway even alters her cheekbones and teeth when she is to be seen in public, I guess. This site: Cityrag says she is suffering from 'Madamism', a puppetlike look caused by too many facelifts. Still, that did not explain her looks in 2005 unless the photographer did his very best to make her look very old. But I found the reason why. Transit Saturn is opposition her natal Sun in 2005. And Saturn is for aging...:) The spotlight (Sun) was on her 'bad' side (Saturn)...

The Astro I.D. of Faye Dunaway:
1. Her most prominent planet is Venus. Venus is square Aries Point, end dispositor of the MC-routing and oriental. Beauty, charm and diplomacy come first in her life and determine her carreer. With Venus in the 5th house it is pretty obvious that show, performance and entertainment would be part of her profession.

2. She has a crucial Uranus on the Midheaven
I wondered what that Uranus is doing there. Uranus IS the planet of change and certain surgery. And maybe Uranus is on top to demonstrate the importance of it in her life? Venus AND Uranus are prominent in this chart. One of the definiations of Venus-Uranus is beauty surgery. It is no wonder that Venus-Uranus-combinations are frequent in the charts of f.ex. singers and popstars. Her Taurus MC conjunct Uranus is an alternitave statement for the same combination of Venus and Uranus.

It is not world news, but I think it is interesting to see how Venus-Uranus symbolises plastic surgery and how Saturn is strong enough to overrule the effect.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Her times are challenging and changing...

Cynthia Nixon's progressed Sun is changing sign. That might point at another way of living. Her progressed Venus is conjunct natal Sun, while transit Pluto is inconjunct progressed Sun. And the progressed Sun is involved in a 105 degree quindecile with Pluto. Maybe time to be spotted with her (female) partner, activist Christine Marinoni? But, it was no secret that Cynthia Nixon separated the father of her two children in 2005, to start living with Christine (though it must have been a secret for the Daily Mail:). Nevertheless it appears to be a time full of changes and challenges for Cynthia Nixon. Or should we read this the other way around, like this:

Spotlight on (Sun) questions of love (Venus) and sex (Pluto) or the choices you make in that field...
(Note that Jody Foster now has Venus semi square Sun and that the spotlight is on her lovelife right now, too.)

Two years ago, Cynthia Nixon was diagnosed for breast cancer. Pluto is typical astrological company when it comes to cutting away what is dangerous and having to make a fresh start again later. Two years ago she had progressed Venus inconjunct Pluto and now a combination leading to Venus and Pluto. Venus and Pluto is not only the financial axis. Venus and Pluto also refer to what you consider valuable. The combination of Venus and Pluto intensifies sympathies and antipathies and sometimes restores relations. It also could change the idea of what is really nice, lovely or beautiful. Sometimes it makes you buy an awful lot, too:)

More about Venus and Pluto...

!!!!4 times Jupiter

It is a party for trainer/coach Dick Advocaat. At his 60st he managed to win the UEFA-cup with Zenit Saint Petersburg! This victory could have been predicted by any astrologer There are four (4!!!!) fortunate aspects with Jupiter.
1. Transit Jupiter tightly conjunct his Ascendant
2. It was a solar transit - Jupiter and Venus day, a day for a celebration (transit Sun opposition Jupiter and sesquisquare Venus)
3. Transit Jupiter is trine his progressed Ascendant
4. Transit Jupiter is conjunct progressed Midheaven
And all of this within 1 degree of orb! Yes, I believe that it takes tight orbs...:)

Earlier this year he had transit Saturn in affliction with progressed and natal Sun at the same time. That was when he was suspended for his behaviour during one of the UEFA-games. You see the chart of that moment here below. Soon (in June and July) the Saturn transits will be repeated (as Saturn is retrograding) but not at the same time, like in March.

Dick Advocaat was born 27th September 1947 around 16 hours in The Hague (source: Astrolab).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coming out and closing doors...

With transit Saturn inconjunct her progressed Ascendant, on the way up to a 150 degree inconjunct with natal MC...and Progresses Moon inconjunct Venus, Jody Foster ended her relationship with Cydney Bernard, after 14 years.

She recently told the public about the fact that her partner is a woman. That was in December 2007, with transit Neptune square her progressed MC and Neptune on the lowest spot of the solar return chart. Neptune is the oriental planet in Jody's birth chart, conjunct Venus. This screems 'art'! And maybe also 'secret romantic affairs'...? Also notice that in her progressed chart Venus and Neptune are on both sides of the Midheaven. And right now, now that the secret was revealed, the relationship apparently crashed!

Jody Foster was born 19111962 081400 PST in Los Angeles. Above you see her birth chart.

and how about her chart?

Justine Henin is born 1st June 1982 in Liège, Belgium, at 12h30 p.m. (according to Astrothè Now that:
- Saturn crossed her Ascendant two times and is about to come back again...
- Transit Neptune is square her natal Midheaven...
- Solar Arc Saturn is inconjunct Sun...
this number 1 tennis player decided to end her carreer.

Saturn, the planet that makes what is heavy a load and Neptune, champion in giving up with the inconjunction, the aspect of lost and leaving behind (because of inconsequences or discrepancy).

A link...

Real Clear offers opinions coming from both sides and the latest polls!

It is because of the fixed signs in her birth chart...

Hillary Clinton won in West Virginia and she won't give up. This determination is not surprising. She has 60% of her placements in fixed signs (in her case in Scorpio or Leo). Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are in fixed signs. And now that we are looking at qualities and elements: she does not have any placement in an earth sign! It points at the need to gather material things, security, certainty. For more info...

And if she was born at 8 p.m. (a time of birth that is not certain any more) Saturn would be in her second house (the disadvantages of and separation from earnings and belongings). I read that she spent a lot of her own money (millions!) for her campaign.

Saturn is an important planet and even more in the birth charts of those who do not have a placement in an earth sign. Saturn represents material and solid things. If Hillary Clinton is born at 8 p.m. Saturn is close to her IC, opposition MC and she will give up in the first half of July. In that case, Saturn was opposition MC in October 2007 and in February 2008, too. In fact, transit Saturn would be oppositon MC again and again. If this is her hour of birth, it is obvious that she will be defeated in the end and that it cost her a lot of money (Saturn in the equal 2nd house).

Also, Saturn is square Mercury and Mercury is supposed to be ruling the first house in the 8 p.m. chart. Saturn is disposing of the 8th house! It is an unfortunate and very tight aspect.

All this said, Hillary Clinton has already had her part of the cake. She has been living in the White House, she is a potential president and she has many supporters. I can see that 8 a.m. might be a possible birth time, too (Pluto ruler 1 on top, for example). But that places Mercury ruler 8 on the Ascendant and transit Saturn would be close to the Midheaven for the 3rd time.

The birth chart of Hillary Clinton should represent her position and her brilliant carreer as a wife and as a woman. She made it, even if she loses this fight and a lot of money. How many women in the world did what she did? So....I'd love to see her have a chart with Mars and Pluto on top, Saturn conjunct MC and Venus (ruler 7th house) on the Ascendant, a 7h15 a.m. chart, with transit Jupiter right now inconjunct her Midheaven (for winning with certain doubts and consequences). Pluto would be conjunct her progressed Ascendant rigth now, representing the political struggle. It looks like the chart here below and it is only an astrologers' dream.

Monday, May 12, 2008


With transit Saturn tightly square progressed Saturn Pope Benedict 16th stumbled and fell during the celebration of the mess last Sunday. Saturn is a planet that symbolises falling and aging. The Vatican said that there is no need for worries about the Pope's health.

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Cherie Blair has written an autobiography and from day to day the reveals some of the contents. Today it was that she forgot the pill and got her son Leo (conceived at Balmoral), and that Tony Blair insisted on letting the press know that his wife got a miscarriage in order to avoid speculations about the reason of the delay of their holidays.

Cherie Blair was born 23th September 1954 with Pluto rising before the Sun for strategy and for sex, money and influence or politics...first. Her Sun is opposition Zero Aries and the Moon is in Leo. That is the reason why she wants attention for her position in life. If she is born after 13h30 the Sun is not aspected by major aspects in sign and that points at drawing attention by being a star or a leader at any possible level.

Recently her position changed and she had to move out of Downing Street 10. Transit Pluto is square her Sun and transit Neptune is square her progressed Sun. She might have difficulties with the change. Also notice that the press (Neptune) is not always kind to her. And not only the press...Her revelations about the relationship of mr. Brown with Mr. Blair has not been welcomed by Labour MP's who support Prime Minister Brown at all!

Cherie and Tony Blair have been married for a long time. Her Jupiter is conjunct his IC and square his Mercury. And her Venus opposition his Sun. Probably her Moon is square his Sun or opposition his Moon, but without HOB we don't know for sure...Also his Saturn is conjunct her Mercury. Does that mean that her book embarrasses him?
Recently transit Uranus was conjunct his progressed MC for a possible shock effect. I wonder if he knew:)

The gossip (Neptune...) is that Cherrie published parts of her biography sooner to gain more money than she would have if she waited till October. Because in October they expect Gordon Brown to have been forced to step down. And that is strategy again, and money (and is not that very Pluto?...).