Sunday, May 18, 2008

And Saturn-Uranus for protocol in the charts of the royalty

Limitations, barriers, blockades and limited all belongs to Saturn and Uranus, cooperating. Even in the charts of a few kings and queens, who are living in a golden cage...The protocol is limiting their freedom.

Look at the positions on the day that Doña Sofia of Spain (the eldest child of King Paul I of Greece) was born on November 2, 1938. On that day the Sun, Saturn and Uranus did not make major aspects in sign within an orb of 5 degrees. So, these planets are prominent and 'calling'! Uranus is the most prominent planet, as Uranus is semi square Aries Point. Does THAT make her a stranger forever? Yesterday she had to express her sentiment of feeling 100% Spanish, although sometimes she spends a holiday in Greece (the country that reminds her of her childhood). She lived almost 2/3 of her lifetime in Spain, since she married Juan, whom she met in 1964 (with progressed Sun conjunct Venus and sextile Mars).

Look at the most narrow aspects in her chart:Mercury sextile Neptune and square Jupiter. She is know for being religious (the Jupiter-Neptune combination) and for speaking English, French, German, Greek and Spanish fluently. Mercury's most narrow connection iw with the symbol of heirdoom and seeds: Ceres. I guess that either Mercury or Ceres is prominent in her chart. Without birth time, I do not know for sure....

Another example of the protocol limiting freedom is found in the chart of Maxima, the Dutch queen to be. There is a tight conjunction of Sun and Saturn and Sun is sesquisquare Uranus in her birth chart (17th May 1971, 20:04:10 BZT Buenos Aires, Argentina).

And the Belgian queen to be, Mathilde (born 20th January 1973 in a place close to Brussels; here above next to Philippe) has Sun in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus), sesquisquare Saturn.

Kate Middleton, William's close friend, was born January 9, 1982 and on that day the Sun was square Saturn and semisquare Uranus...

But the British Queen Elizabeth just does not seem to mind much. She can live with it. She has Saturn conjunct MC TRINE Uranus. The limitations are present, but they are rather easy to deal with for her.

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