Monday, May 12, 2008

13th May 1950: STEVIE WONDER

The natal chart of Stevie Wonder (born 13th May 1950 at 16h20 EST in Saginaw) is a good example of the value of crucial placements. Look at his chart.

Venus and Neptune are both crucial (on Descendant and on Ascendant). So even though the oppostion between Venus and Neptune was out of orb, the combination of Venus and Neptune is prominent and show artistic (Neptune) abilities (Venus). Neptune is tightly square the MC (so art was strongly connected to his carreer).

Singers often have a combination of Venus and Uranus and or Neptune in their charts. Venus in THIS chart is right in the middle of an out of orb square with Uranus (6d13 orb) and an opposition with Neptunue (6d7 orb). So there is a very tight midpoint combination of Venus sesquisquare Uranus/Neptune. Also, Sun is conjunct the midpoint of Venus/Uranus.

He was very young when he started his carreer (12). In 1962 the progressed Sun was square Jupiter and quintile Pluto. The importance of Jupiter and Pluto being 'hit' by progressed Sun or MC in order to be succesful, is also visible in the birth and progressed chart of Bill 'Microsoft Gates. about the midpoint yod created by the Ascendant, Moon/Venus and Sun/Jupiter?

Stevie Wonder has the Sun tightly trine Mars. I think that is a great symbol for being a producer. Also Mars is the end dispositor of the Midheaven (through Cancer, Moon Aries...etc.).

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