Thursday, May 22, 2008

Motherly love and agriculture (cereals) , heirloom and seed

Since I 'discovered' the effect of Ceres, I see Ceres everywhere around. In my own chart with Transit Ceres trine Sun (tightly) my sister became a grandmother. Ceres is for heirloom and seed.

I saw Ceres at work in the chart of the 'LSD-man' Albert Hofmann, who discovered LSD when he was doing investigations about cereals. Is it just coincidence that CEREals and CEREs start with the same 4 letters? No it is not. The word cereals derives from Ceres, the goddess of agriculture and motherly love.

Ceres has the same position as Pluto, in the eyes of an astronomer. I highly valuate the effect of Pluto, so why not that of Ceres? When the Queen of The Netherlands, Beatrix, watched her mother Juliana sign her abdication documents, Ceres of Beatrix was spot on the Midheaven of the moment (Transit MC conjunct natal Ceres).
Yesterday, the Dutch prime minister showed the 'harvest' of his one year old government with transit Ceres conjunct his progressed MC.

The founder of the dynasty of the 'Oranges' (the Dutch royal family) was born 24th April 1533 in Dillenburg at 8h50 a.m. LMT with Ceres
on top of his chart. Queen Victoria (24th May 1819, 4h15 a.m. LMT London) had Ceres conjunct her Ascendant!

And what about Mother Theresa? She had Ceres conjunct the IC and in a tight semi sextile with the Northern Nodes.

Ammachi, the hugging mother, born 27th September 1953 at 9:10 a.m. in Valikkalu has Venus in 3d38 Virgo and Ceres is at 2d38 Virgo. And this is the only major aspect Venus or Ceres makes in sing in this chart! Motherly love conjunct love...

PS (added end of June)
See Bob Marks for very interesting findings about Ceres in aspect.

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